A Martial Odyssey Book 3: The Stellar Sanctuary Chapter 89

The Creation Universe Force

Yi Ping and the Great Lord Xuan Yuan were slashing furiously at each other, swinging dozens of displays rapidly, their furious thunderous clashes in their red, white and golden hues were flashing dazzling in all directions!

But what was the most astonishing thing was that they had not moved three steps from their fighting positions as they evaded at dazzling speed!

They were fighting with dazzling lethal strokes and with grim determination, refusing to back off from each other’s powerful techniques as they took direct damage from it! 

The scantily dressed heavenly maiden was stunned at the sight of their duel! 

She could barely even comprehend their fighting speed as she gasped in disbelief, “This is really a duel of the expert of the experts, a fight between the geniuses. Who is this Yi Ping? What is his title? Why did he have the sword of the Great God Pangu who is our mortal foe…”

As Yi Ping blocked with his swords and Golden Invincible Force to catch up with the pace of his opponent’s killing strokes, he had an inspiration. “Why don’t I channel my Golden Invincible Force as an offensive force? Can it be done?”

Without a moment to lose, he had channeled two hovering golden discs to each of the tip of his divine swords with the sheer will of his Divine Revelation and he had mustered the martial force of the Martial Emperor Unifying Force, causing his air to be surrounded with shimmering sparks!

The Golden Invincible Force was an inertia protective force that would offer protection and enhance his martial strength but to channel it to his divine swords, its powers could quickly dissipate or weakened. Therefore Yi Ping had thought of using the Martial Emperor Unifying Force to reunify the martial forces of the Golden Invincible Force and the Martial Emperor Unifying Force together!

No sooner had Yi Ping done that, the tips of his divine swords exploded into a thunderously golden light that suddenly increased the martial power of his strokes by an extraordinary three folds!

And the might of this new technique was even more powerful if he was to use the Ultimate Heavens Encompassing Stroke and Asper Divinity combined but at a much lesser drain rate! 

He had lost no time to muster new golden discs to replace the dissipated ones to the tips of his golden swords once more! 

The Celestial Alice seemed to be exuberated by this new technique that it began to reverberate soundly as golden rainbow halo hues surrounded it, imploding the Annihilating Force like a shield around Yi Ping and causing the Great Lord Xuan Yuan to be startled!

It was because the imploding strength of the Celestial Alice had suddenly increased so much that it had even exceeded that of the Fantian Sovereign! 

The sanctorum powers of the Celestial Alice had further enhanced the power of this new technique that was just invented by Yi Ping! 

The Great Lord Xuan Yuan regained his composure quickly as the intensive of his Annihilating Force was doubled as he pushed his Annihilating Force from the sixth level to the ninth level in the next instant. He shouted through the deafening martial implosions, “You didn’t think that you are able to defeat me just like this? I am expecting you to do better than this!”

Yi Ping could feel an overwhelming force had suddenly appeared as the ground beneath kept collapsing. He shouted back as another dozen of strokes were exchanged in a blink of an eye, “I don’t think it is easy but you don’t intimidate me at all!”

But he was secretly alarmed!

It was because the pain that he had been receiving had suddenly increased several folds and his body did not seem to be responding as well as before! 

The scantily dressed heavenly maiden was stunned this time because the Great Lord Xuan Yuan had actually his Annihilating Force to the ninth level. Now the ninth level was said to be the most destructive force in the universe, able to annihilate all living things and immortals that were injured by it, would even cease to regen for a time!

She instinctively moved away from them as the tiny vegetation in the vicinity disintegrated into nothingness in a matter of seconds! 

Even her divine dragon was howling anxiously! 

For some reasons, she was fearful for this Yi Ping…

She shook her head, “Why should I be anxious for him? The Great Lord Xuan Yuan is where my destiny lies. We will take back the three known heavens back and be freed from this accursed desolate realm. And the Great Lord Xuan Yuan will be one of the Great Gods that will lead us to victory.” 

The Great Lord Xuan Yuan smirked coldly, “Even Ninth Immortal Immortals like the Great God Pangu and the Great World Ruler Fu Xi have to stand aside when I use my Annihilating Force to its zenith. Surrender to my might and bow before me. I can spare you on account that you are a worthy warrior but only if you make a blood contract to serve me as your lord!”

Yi Ping growled, “Don’t be absurd. I will never do it!”

The Great Lord Xuan Yuan hummed coldly, “Then you have to face my wrath!”

As soon he had said that he had swung his crimson blade and dozens of zapping red sword energies flew out like lightning bolts!

Such was the furies of this display that the blue dragon behind the scantily dressed heavenly maiden was sliced to pieces while the scantily dressed heavenly maiden had managed to block only the first zapping sword energies before she was tossed screaming in the high by the second!

Yi Ping was startled as he flew to intercept the second zapping sword energies and he was struck in the back by another zapping crimson sword energies that caused him to scream aloud in pain!

The scantily dressed heavenly maiden dropped to the ground in shock, more shocked because Yi Ping had just leapt to save her life!

She stared at him in disbelief as she thought with great bewilderment, “Why did he save me? Doesn’t he know that we are on opposing side? Doesn’t he know that he is in the middle of a life and death duel? Why did he…”

Yi Ping clutched his swords tightly as he turned around, only to be greeted by crimson flames that were burning throughout the vicinity!

The Great Lord Xuan Yuan walked through the incinerating flames as he said coldly, “These flames are even fierier than the Divine Trinity Fire. Your body should be burnt by now…”

All of a sudden he stopped in his tracks as he stared at Yi Ping!

It was because Yi Ping was being surrounded by a white aura that was extinguishing the flames to nothingness. 

The scantily dressed heavenly maiden was clinging to Yi Ping’s leg and her eyes were bleary as she looked at him in astonishment. The white aura was soothing and she was not affected by the burning flames. She stared at him in disbelief as she thought, “He can survive the Ninth Level Annihilating Force of the Great Lord Xuan Yuan?…”

Yi Ping was also astonished by the faint white aura that was around him. He knew that this was the outburst of the Creation Universal Force that was within him and it was being brought alive by the opposing power of the Annihilating Force. 

This time, it was his Fantian Sovereign that was reverberating with a melody humming and a white stellar light could be seen radiating from its middle!

Even Yi Ping was awed by it!

But he knew that this was the faint animus of the Creation Universal Force that was enveloping him! 

It was so soothing, refreshing and revitalizing, having the combination of Xingyue’s Divine Rejuvenation Force and the Heaveness’ Divine Invigoration Force! 

When Yi Ping was being imparted the Creation Universal Force, the truth was that he could only gain only a tenth of the original Creation Universal Force. That was the law of the universe, the law of diminishing return. Powers gained was always full of risks and every new heights of attainment were only too difficult and only increase a little of the practitioner’s strength. Only if they could reach the end of their attainment level then they could be stronger than the rest and they could still be killed by the rest or by the Divine Calamity. 

But in this universe, the Creation Universal Force was a lawful force that directly opposes the Chaotic Desolate Force and the Annihilating Force was actually a branch of the Chaotic Desolate Force! 

Before the life force energies of the Creation Universal Force could be dissipated, Yi Ping had the timely fortune to encounter an opponent of the Chaotic Desolate Force. This immediately revives the shattered Creation Universal Force that was within him to surge to 70% of the absorbed. At the same time, his Absolute Equilibrium Force that was suppressing the desolate strength of the kirin blood that was in his vein had also lost control, allowing the desolate strength that was within him to surge but this time he did not go berserk; the Creation Universal Force was in total control now as the conflicting Desolate Energies were now tamed by the Righteous Essential Energies of the Creation Universal Force!

That was not the end. Because the Fantian Sovereign Sword was actually from the Great Beyond and was bathed with the Righteous Essential Energies of the Creation Universal Force, it began to release its own Creation Universal Force with its own sanctorum power, enabling Yi Ping to double whatever energies of the Creation Universal Force that he could muster to 140%! 

At 100%, that was the peak of what the Great God Pangu could achieve when he had reached the Tenth Immortal Positioning!

At 120%, he could be able to develop the Creation Universal Force into a visible animus! 

At 140% exactly like what he had now, he was able to a divine force that could be projected into a field of radius that could be capable of protecting the others!

The scantily dressed heavenly maiden had never seen this phenomenon before. She was amazed, terrified and most important of all, she wanted to ask a question and she did ask with trembling voice, “Why did you save me? I have tried to kill you earlier…”

Yi Ping answered without turning around, “I am sorry that I cannot save your dragon in time. I am sorry that I have allowed you to come to harm. This is our battle. I am sorry for dragging you into it.”

The scantily dressed heavenly maiden was startled by Yi Ping’s reply for she had never seen anyone with such a big heart as him. She did not know if he was pretending but her instinct told her that he was really sincere about it. This righteous air that was around him was unique and it gave strength to her…

She lowered her head to say quietly, “I am the Goddess Aeris of the Bahamut Clan…”

The Great Lord Xuan Yuan had suddenly interrupted coldly, “I am impressed that you have survived my Annihilating Thirty-Three Degree Technique. This is just the foreplay and I have not fully displayed all my techniques yet.”

All of a sudden he was raising his arm and blazing martial force exploded into hellish flames all around him!

Yi Ping said quickly to the scantily dressed heavenly maiden as he raised both his divine swords, “Goddess Aeris, please stay behind me!”

His mind quickly paced to think of a counterattack as he thought, “The Golden Invincible Force may be powerful but I think it may be insufficient against him. He is truly the most dangerous foe that I have ever fought. Now that I have the Universal Force to protect me, I can finally use my Thousand Memories Swords. Alas, if only I can use both the Golden Invincible Force and the Thousand Memories Sword at the same time…”

He silently made a resolution to research how to do so one day. But first…

He raised his divine swords with a whirlwind force as six white shimmering phantasm swords began to form around him!

As he summoned the six shimmering phantasm swords, he was a little startled to find that these six shimmering swords seemed to have a life on its own. His Creation Universal Force seemed to be materializing these swords into real swords. Instinctively he knew that if he could find six more divine swords as hosts then this Thousand Memories Swords Technique could even be more powerful than the current!

But he had no time to ponder over all these now because the Great God Xuan Yuan was flying to him at a startling speed and the air behind him had the manifestation of a gigantic crimson firebird! 

The Great God Xuan Yuan grinned, “This is my another technique, the Soaring Fire Phoenix. You will be incinerated into ashes at the moment of impact. You can’t block this!”

That was not a boast. The impact of this technique could incinerate any immortals that were of the Seventh Immortal Ranking and below, mortally wounded any immortals that were of the Eighth Immortal Positioning, however given Yi Ping’s present strength he could still block this technique and survived. 

But Yi Ping was not prepared to fight this battle on an equal ground with his opponent as he was still conscious of the fact that he had only two-third of his strength. So any battle had to be swift!

An attack for an attack. That was what Yi Ping had been taught by the Celestial Fairy in the past!

Yi Ping immediately readied sent all his Thousand Memories Swords to fly in a straight line toward the Great Lord Xuan Yuan!

The Great Lord Xuan Yuan laughed as he continued his charge, parrying and blocking the six attacking swords aside, “Your sword energies lack the strength…”

All of a sudden a white beam of light struck his chest as he stumbled backward in disbelief!

He touched his chest and looked at the crimson blood that was in his hand as he stared blankly, “It has been ages since my golden body had last been wounded…not since the last battle with the Great God Pangu…“

He looked up to see that Yi Ping had merged his two divine swords into one long white gold divine sword! 

Yi Ping had channeled the deadly sword energies of his Thousand Memories Swords through his Heaven Defying Sword. The sword energies were so intensified that it was like a beam of white light that directly penetrated through the sword energies aura of his opponent divine sword and his Annihilating Force!

The Great Lord Xuan Yuan halted in his track but the crimson flames that were around him did not die down. This could only mean that he was not mortally wounded. It was not easy to kill a Great Desolate Immortal after all.

He looked coldly at Yi Ping, who did not continue to make a move, before smiling coldly. “What a good technique. Unfortunately you did not manage to kill me. That is because I would not fall for the same technique twice. Why did you make a move after you have an advantage?”

Yi Ping gave an honest reply, “That is because I have no confident of overcoming you. Moreover I don’t want to take an advantage out of you.”

The Great Lord Xuan Yuan said, “But if the duel persisted, it may be hard to know who will be the eventually victor, do you agree with me?”

Yi Ping nodded and said, “Or there may be no victors.” 

The Great Lord Xuan Yuan smiled coldly, “Very good reply. You are a strong opponent. Perhaps that is not something that I want to find out today.”

He paused to look at Yi Ping, “Your two swords are actually a single divine sword. I don’t know how you do that. Let me ask you this. How did you get your hands on the Fantian Sovereign?”

Yi Ping replied, “I have found it just a few weeks ago.”

The Great Lord Xuan Yuan was perplexed but this Yi Ping did not look like he was lying. He said, “It seems that times have changed. Ever since the World Ruler Fu Xi and I had reached the Ninth Immortal Positioning, it seems that there are several others that have reached the same immortal ranking as us. The borderland immortals have been fighting the desolate monsters for thousands of years so I am not surprise at their advancement. However it is weird, isn’t it? It is obvious that your strength is that of the Ninth Immortal Positioning but why is that I can only sense that you are only of the Seventh Immortal Ranking?”

Yi Ping gave a weak smile before answering, “That is a long story.”

The Great Lord Xuan Yuan said as he glanced at the Goddess Aeris, “Since we have no real feuds and tomorrow is also a day of honor for me, why don’t you come with me to the Ancient Fortress? I am curious about the vast borderlands. You can surely tell me all about it.”

Yi Ping secretly thought, “A Great God such as him will surely know more about the Borderlands than even the immortals that are there. The problem is, I don’t know a thing about any Borderlands except what I have heard from the Goddess Aeris that it is a scorching place. If I go with him then I am surely done for…”

The Great Lord Xuan Yuan smiled wryly, “Or are you afraid of coming with me?”

Yi Ping was perplexed as he paused to ponder, “I can’t stay in this place for too long. I need to find a way to return to my companions…”

The Great Lord Xuan Yuan looked at the Goddess Aeris and said, “Come over here.”

The Goddess Aeris turned pale immediately and Yi Ping automatically moved defensively in front of her.

The Great Lord Xuan Yuan sheathed his divine sword as he said coolly, “What are you afraid of? I won’t eat you up. After all, you will be my consort tomorrow. You are defying me?”

The Goddess Aeris followed her head as she walked toward him, “My lord, your humble goddess has just got a fright and is just disorientated.”

Yi Ping was speechless as he watched her walked past him. He sighed softly to himself and asked himself, “What right do I have to stop her?”

All of a sudden the Great Lord Xuan Yuan grabbed the Goddess Aeris, groping her and kissing her forcefully while saying, “You are mine. Weird, why is that I seem to have taken a great interest in you all of a sudden?”

Yi Ping suddenly said, “Wait! I will go with you!”

No sooner had he shout it loud, he had regretted it immediately!

The Goddess Aeris gasped softly as she shook her head lightly…

The Great Lord Xuan Yuan looked at Yi Ping and lit a wry smile, “Very good. I shall show you a grand welcome to my palace in the Ancient Fortress. It seems that I didn’t find an answer to the celestial omen that is seen earlier but I have found a friend in you.” 

Yi Ping could only smile weakly…