A Martial Odyssey Book 3: The Stellar Sanctuary Chapter 88

The Martial Unifying Level

All of a sudden, the scantily dressed heavenly maiden flipped her long whip and lashed at Yi Ping!

Yi Ping was startled as he quickly skipped backward, “Maiden, why did you attack me?”

The scantily dressed heavenly maiden hummed coldly as she rippled the air with explosive lashes before lashing her whip at Yi Ping, “That is because you are a liar!”

Yi Ping flipped backward while blocking her attack with the Celestial Alice at the same time. Judging by the martial force that had struck his sword, he estimated that she was at least of the Seventh Immortal Positioning but she was nowhere near to the combat finesse of Alice and Isa. 

All of a sudden he caught the reflection of his face on the Celestial Alice and he was startled. He thought, “My eyes are golden? I have thought that after I have attained to the Eighth Positioning, it have already turned scarlet?”

Immediately, he realized what was going on. His physical body was still in the Stellar Sanctuary and that his soul had flown out to explore the realms. He had heard that the soul body had only a third of the strength of the real self. So it was no wonder that he could only exercise a third of his strength.

Therefore no wonder his scarlet eyes had reverted to gold. Does it mean that he was actually weaker than her?

Yi Ping was still trying to cope with what was going on as he thought, “When I have awakened to the Tenth Positioning, my mind is also trying to fathom the realities of the Six Realms at the same time. So this isn’t the reality and I should quickly return to my body but why am I experiencing pain? Is it because it is related to the ability of the Tenth Positioning to fathom the surreal space?”

All of a sudden the scantily dressed maiden changed her strokes and whipped him hard, sending him to smash against the cliff with a thunderous impact!

The scantily dressed heavenly maiden hummed coldly, “What a tough body. You didn’t get slice into halve by my whip!”

Yi Ping rubbed his face as he coughed out weakly, “You are not so tough after all…”

The scantily dressed heavenly maiden displayed three looping lashes at Yi Ping in a blink of an eye as she cried out, “I will like to see if you are able to be so arrogant after this!”

Yi Ping naturally was not prepared to be killed by her so he acted on his instinct as he flashed past her three lashes in a blink of an eye, “Then forgive me for being rude…”

He had dodged past her attacks and was upon her in the next instant, startling her with his speed!

But before he could swing his swords at her, the blue dragon at her back had suddenly slammed him flat on the ground with a thunderous explosive outburst!

Yi Ping had clearly seen the incoming attack but his reaction was a little slow and hence he was struck fatally!

If he was back in his physical body then he would surely have avoided the attack!

Just as he was groaning in misery under the giant claw of the blue dragon, the scantily dressed heavenly maiden had stepped on his face as she said coldly, “Really, this is too easy. I am expecting you to do much better than this!”

Yi Ping’s face was reddened, not from embarrassment of his failure but because he was looking at her revealing underneath! 

The scantily dressed heavenly maiden saw his redden face and she smirked, “So you are angry now? You should be because I am now thrashing you under my foot! Beg me for mercy, will you?”

He struggled to get up with all his strength but the weight of the dragon claw was too firm and heavy!

The scantily dressed heavenly maiden said, “So you are a rare human that has managed to awaken as Gold Eyes. Not the first or the last but your resistance is futile against us. A slave is just a slave. In our eyes, you are just like filthy animals. I will gorge your eyes out. After your sight is healed, I will gorge your eyes again and again…”

Yi Ping was moved to anger by her words. He felt his strength doubled as his rage boiled and with a shout, he had grabbed her foot and had pulled her down before giving her a tight slap!

He shouted angrily at her, “Your heart is too vicious!”

The scantily dressed heavenly maiden was outrage as she found herself under Yi Ping’s arm as she cursed venomously, “You animal! Let go of me, now!”

All of a sudden she was startled, “Your eyes…”

Yi Ping loosened his grip on her a little when he had noticed that she was not struggling anymore. He asked coldly, “What about my eyes? I have already known that you look down on golden eyes…”

The scantily dressed heavenly maiden quickly said, “Your eyes have turned scarlet…”

Yi Ping could not see his own eyes so he answered coldly, “So?”

He had not realized that his eyes had indeed turned scarlet again when he was moved to anger. In that very instant, he had regained another third of his strength, doubling his current strength!

The scantily dressed heavenly maiden said quietly, “How about you let me go and I ask my divine beast to let you go?”

Yi Ping looked at her coldly but he was soon guilty because he could sense that her animosity seemed to have vanished all of a sudden. So he said, “Only if you agree to let go of me first.”

The scantily dressed heavenly maiden nodded as she called out, “My Divine Asper, let go of him.”

The blue dragon roared thunderously before it reluctantly lifted his claw that was upon Yi Ping. 

Yi Ping quickly got on his foot and at the same time, he had let go of the scantily dressed heavenly maiden. 

The scantily dressed heavenly maiden smiled wryly as she raised her whip, “Courageous indeed. Now we are even but you are now outnumbered two to one. Do you think that you still have a chance now?”

When Yi Ping saw her smiles and her glance that were upon him, he trembled a little. That was because he was most afraid when a maiden were to give him such a lingering look. He said quickly, “You can try but this time I won’t be careless again.”

The scantily dressed heavenly maiden smiled mysteriously, “Do you dare to come to my abode?”

Yi Ping thought, “Maybe she knows that she is not able to overcome me and is setting me up for an ambush? If I were to flee now, she may not be able to catch up with me.”

There was a hint of hesitation in his eyes. It was because he was very good in accepting challenges. Even though he knew that he was now in the company of dangerous foes, he was not afraid. Sometimes he wondered himself if he knew the meaning of fear. 

But for a person that had been wounded grievously quite a number of times and was still unafraid of death, he was actually standing on a higher level of pinnacle than most of his opponents. It was not to say he was foolish but he was overcome by his great appetite for martial knowledge!

Now that he had expanded his dimension of thoughts to the fourth dimension, he was able to see through his own strength and weakness, just like an observer that was viewing himself. He was exceptional good in fighting since he was young. He may be inexperienced when he had first made contact with the real Martial Fraternity but his indomitable will to learn was all too overwhelming. He had the guts to fight stronger foes. In reality, he had already attained the Martial Unifying Level (See Chapter 7), enabling him to remember all his opponents and moves. 

His only problem was that sometimes his own body would not catch up with his mind! 

That was also why the same moves would not work twice against him!

That was also why all his other consorts were all secretly alarmed that Yi Ping seemed to be picking up their skills rapidly and learning their own tricks. Therefore, they were unwilling to spar with him and had secretly stayed a hand or two! 

That was why if the scantily dressed heavenly maiden and the blue dragon were to attack him at the same time, he would already have readied a counterattack. Moreover, he had already regained another third of his strength!

After Yi Ping had further attained the Martial Unifying Theorem (See Chapter 186), his martial achievements had become more and more outrageous; he was inventing and evolving new extraordinary martial strokes on the spot to combat his opponents!

The Creation Universal Force that he had just absorbed had pushed his immortal positioning from the ninth to the mystical tenth level. 

He was only the second person to have reached the Tenth Immortal Positioning after the Great God Pangu. Or rather, he was simply chasing after his own shadow; this was the actually the second time that he had reached the Tenth Immortal Positioning!

Because of this, when the scantily dressed heavenly maiden had interrupted his ascension to peek into the Great Beyond, he had also reached a new level of martial visualization. He was able to see himself on the move just like an observer. Naturally, he was also able to observe his opponent too!

Now that was something very difficult to imagine but that was exactly his level of martial attainment now!

That was why he was not afraid of this scantily dressed heavenly maiden and the blue dragon. He had already nailed their movements down and had formed one conclusion; he was still able to overcome them even though he had just two-third of his strength left!

The scantily dressed heavenly maiden asked again, “Are you afraid?”

Yi Ping did not reply to her. It was because a perplexing thought had just crossed into his mind; a hidden sense of a great danger that was within!

The scantily dressed heavenly maiden smiled wryly, “So you are really afraid…”

All of a sudden, her eyes flashed emotionally as she raised her voice, “Hey! Are you even listening?”

Yi Ping was startled by her and promptly replied, “Why should I be afraid?”

The scantily dressed heavenly maiden smiled as she finally got his attention, “Naturally you shouldn’t be at all. I won’t eat you up even though I am curious about you. Why did you have gold eyes earlier and now you have scarlet eyes?”

Yi Ping looked at the reflection of his swords and saw that his eyes were indeed scarlet again. He could only smile weakly, “I don’t know either!”

The scantily dressed heavenly maiden was looking at him curiously, “Are you from the borderlands? I have never seen you around before.”

She paused for a while, “How silly I am. You must be or else you won’t be able to get your hands on not one divine sword but two. It must have taken you ages to collect them. But are you sure you are able to wield two divine swords well? Why not give one of your divine swords to me?”

Yi Ping smiled weakly, “Why should I give you my divine sword?”

The scantily dressed heavenly maiden muttered softly, “That is because tomorrow, I am going to be consort to the Great Rift God Xuan Yuan!”

She smiled as her eyes beamed with happiness, “Do you know him?”

Yi Ping was alarmed. How could he not know? The Great Rift God Xuan Yuan was an ninth immortal positioning Great Desolate Immortal! 

He nodded, “Yes, I do…”

She laughed softly, “Naturally you do. Everyone does. He is one of the most powerful lords here. It is every goddess’ desire to be his consort!”

Yi Ping quickly bowed with his hands, “Then congratulations!” 

The scantily dressed heavenly maiden was startled as she flew her whip at him almost immediately!

Yi Ping was startled and he dodged just in the nick of time as he shouted, “Why did you attack all of a sudden!”

The scantily dressed heavenly maiden flushed with anger and said, “Then why did you show me that rude gesture?”

Yi Ping was perplexed as he thought, “What rude gesture? I was merely congratulating her…”

The scantily dressed heavenly maiden said coldly, “How dare you try to take liberties with me! You are lucky that I am in a good mood today or else I will tear you to pieces now. Tomorrow, I will be the goddess of goddesses and will be the consort to the Lord God Xuan Yuan…”

Yi Ping quickly protested, “I know, you will be…”

The scantily dressed heavenly maiden said icily, “You know? Then how dare you suggesting that I will be joined to you?”

Yi Ping was a little perplexed, “What do you mean by joined to you?”

The scantily dressed heavenly maiden was blushing as she mocked bitterly, “If you want me to join you in the bed chambers, it is already too late. I will be joined to the Lord God Xuan Yuan tomorrow. You look like a decent person but you are too full of indecency. If you have such a need, I can give you a few pleasure slaves from my holdings tonight.”

Yi Ping was flustering as he thought awkwardly, “Does it mean that when I join my hands together, it actually mean just a thing? Alas, I can’t cleanse myself now that I have plunged into the Yellow River…”

All of a sudden the scantily dressed heavenly maiden said melancholy as she lowered her eyes, “The Great Prophetess once said to me that I am destined to be the consort to the Lord of Lords. To this end, I have been trying very hard to reach the Eighth Immortal Positioning. It is only because only an Eighth Immortal Positioning Goddess is fit to be a consort to the Lord of Lords and can be joined to him. But now…”

She paused for a while but did not seem like she was willing to continue…

Yi Ping could sense a great sorrow in her and he was curious. So he asked, “But now what?”

But he quickly felt he was being too rude so he hurriedly said, “You don’t have to tell me…”

But the scantily dressed heavenly maiden said quietly, “But now I have met him…”

She lingered for some time before saying melancholy, “The Great Prophetess had divined that I will meet him in a most unexpected circumstance and that he will have both gold and scarlet eyes…”

She looked up suddenly and stared at Yi Ping!

Yi Ping was startled as he thought, “Why is she looking at me like this? Surely she is not referring to me?”

She said slowly as she emphasized, “Tomorrow is the day of my ascension as a Great Goddess. I will be the consort to the Great Lord Xuan Yuan. My destiny is to the Lord of Lords and not to a nobody like you. That is my predestined fate. Do you understand?”

Yi Ping observed her carefully and did not know what to reply. It was as though she was emphasizing to herself and not to him…

He sighed softly to himself as he looked at the strange heavens that were above him as he thought, “So this is the Desolate Realm. I have heard from the Lady Nuwa that it always the same heavens. One half of the Desolate Realm is always under the eternal night while the another half is always under the scorching sun…”

“What do we have here? Two lovers basking under the stars?” A cold voice said suddenly from the top of the mountain ledge. 

The scantily dressed heavenly maiden immediately turned ashen while Yi Ping was startled by the stranger that could approach near him without alarming him!

He quickly looked up and saw a refine man in a finery garb standing loftily above them, his malevolent had suddenly flared into a terrifying presence!

The scantily dressed heavenly maiden stumbled for words, “Great Lord…Xuan Yuan, I…no…it isn’t what it seems…”

Yi Ping was even more startled as he thought, “So that is the Great Lord Xuan Yuan? What fearsome aura that he has got there!”

He had been forewarned of two Great Desolate Immortals. They were the Great Rift God Xuan Yuan who had elevated his Desolate Force to the Annihilate Force and the World Ruler Fu Xi who possessed the Great Desolate Force! 

He took a glance at the scantily dressed heavenly maiden before he said quickly, “Don’t misunderstood. I am new to this place and we have only just met!”

All of a sudden this Great Lord Xuan Yuan had flashed on top of him as he brandished a long blade!

There was a mighty thunderous impact as bright red hues flashed between them as Yi Ping raised his Celestial Alice to block the attack with one hand!

At the same time Yi Ping had raised the Fantian Sovereign Sword to return a counterattack, with a flurry of upward slashes!

The Great Lord Xuan Yuan turned his blade immediately and knocked the upward slashes with his palm that imploded the air with another series of explosive forces!

The scantily dressed heavenly maiden moved back several steps as she gasped, “This is the Annihilating Force of the Great Lord Xuan Yuan! It is so mighty!…”

She had expected that Yi Ping would crumble under the mighty divine force that had just been unleashed by the Great Lord Xuan Yuan but to her startled astonishment, Yi Ping had not only tank the sudden attack unscathed but he was actually retaliating against the Great Lord Xuan Yuan as a dozen other strokes were exchanged and their immediately radius were exploding continuously by their martial strokes!

She stared in disbelief at Yi Ping as she murmured, “Who is he? Good heavens! I have never seen anyone that can hold up to Great Lord Xuan Yuan. He is not for real when we have fought earlier?”

She gasped all of a sudden because the Great Lord Xuan Yuan were now surrounded by a red animus, an indication that he was releasing the true strength of his Annihilating Force!

The Great Lord Xuan Yuan said coldly as he unleashed three more rolling impact explosive waves, each of his waves was like a titanic hammer that exploded thunderous, “This is my divine blade, Unregrettable. Rest in peace.”

Yi Ping moved back three steps as he mustered six shimmering hovering discs before he jumped forward with his divine swords, imploding the first two rolling exploding waves with a piercing thrust of the Celestial Alice and slashing the third rolling exploding wave with the Fantian Sovereign!

The Great Lord Xuan Yuan lifted his eyes to stare coldly at Yi Ping, “You can dissipate my Annihilating Force?”

Yi Ping had used all his martial strength to muster the Golden Invincible Force. At his current strength, this was the maximum golden discs that he could muster!

He gasped to himself, “What a frightening force that this guy possesses. To say that this is his true strength is really an underestimation. He has barely even got serious yet!”

The Great Lord Xuan Yuan said haughtily, “I have only utilized my Annihilating Force to the third level. There are altogether ninth level to my Annihilating Force. Usually, this level is good enough for most except for you.”

Yi Ping raised his two divine swords in a combative stance as he replied coolly, “Indeed, indeed. Why don’t you try harder?”

The Great Lord Xuan Yuan said coldly, “Do you know why you must die today?”

Yi Ping smiled weakly, “This is because you have seen something you shouldn’t have. But I can tell you this, you are mistaken. We have only just met!”

The Great Lord Xuan Yuan replied coldly, “Indeed I have seen something that I shouldn’t have but you are also mistaken.”

He looked at the scantily dressed heavenly maiden to say coldly, “To me, she is just a plaything, just like the mortals. I can even give her away if I so desire. The reason why you must die is because you have the Fantian Sovereign Sword.”

Yi Ping glanced at his shimmering white sword, “You know my sword? Just because of my sword, I must die?”

The Great Lord Xuan Yuan answered coldly, “Indeed. The Fantian Sovereign Sword belongs to our sworn enemy, the Great God Pangu. This sword shouldn’t be here at all!”

He stared at Yi Ping before answering, “Anyone that is possession of that sword is naturally to be utterly eradicated from existence. It doesn’t matter who you are.”

Yi Ping tapped the Celestial Alice gently to the ground and lifted the Fantian Sovereign lightly as he exclaimed coolly, “I am Yi Ping. This golden sword is the Celestial Alice while this white sword is the Fantian Sovereign. I don’t intend to be killed by you though. But if you are to be killed by me, then you should very well know who I am and the names of my swords!”

The scantily dressed heavenly maiden stared in disbelief at Yi Ping, scarcely believing what she had just heard!

Because she was at the Eighth Immortal Positioning, she was able to tell that Yi Ping was only a Seventh Immortal Positioning Immortal and he was now challenging a Ninth Immortal Positioning Immortal!

But somehow she was unsure if she was right about Yi Ping’s immortal positioning. It was because if he was really a Seventh Positioning Immortal, he would have already been killed by now! 

The Great Lord Xuan Yuan answered coldly as he raised his divine blade, “You didn’t understand the disparity between the two of us, didn’t you? Then very well, you can go meet your maker soon!”