A Martial Odyssey Book 3: The Stellar Sanctuary Chapter 81

The Heaven Defying Sword

The strong winds beat against Yi Ping, threatening to lift him up to the vortex above.

He was now clutching onto his swords and staring at the monstrous monster in front of him. It was so monstrous that the dozens of spiraling tornado vortexes did not even have any effect on it. But where else if Yi Ping was struck by one of the tornadoes, it would be disaster for him! 

The power and strength disparity between them were simply too great!

The monstrous monster had now opened its jaws to roar thunderous and its roar shook the heavens and the earth!

And its two long elongated horns that extended outward like an elephant were attracting dozens of lightning like a lightning rod, spiraling before annihilating everything in its path!

Yi Ping murmured weakly, “So that is the manifestation of the Heaven Sundering Divine Calamity?”

However, he was also spirited because he had just survived the Golden Lightning Calamity and that he knew that this was the last tribulation that he had to overcome. He was thankful that he was still alive. 

He looked up and grinned to himself, “So I am battling against the Heavens now? It seems that I can’t surrender now. But I wonder if you will want to surrender to me?”

He swung his right arm and looked fondly at the golden blade of the Celestial Alice. He had first obtained her when he had first reached the Celestial Realm but it really seemed like he had known the Celestial Alice for a long time. It was true because the Celestial Alice was the divine sword of the Dark Chaos Lord and the Goddess Celestial Alice. The imagery of the intricate strokes that had been displayed by the Celestial Alice and the Dark Chaos Lord now flashed in his mind…

He muttered fondly, “Alice…”

Next he swung his left arm and looked at the white beaming reflection of the Fantian Sovereign with nostalgia. He had obtained the Fantian Sovereign in the Stellar Sanctuary but this divine sword was no stranger to him; it was used by the Great God Pangu and he knew that his previous incarnation was the Great God Pangu. Uniting with the Fantian Sovereign now had only made his resolute will even stronger. It seemed like nothing was impossible for him!

He looked at the reflection of the Fantian Sovereign again and smiled, “Xian’Er, after such a long time and after so many tribulations, we are finally together. I cannot fail now or I will be letting you down and…also letting myself down.”

Finally he lifted his eyes to look at the approaching monstrous monster with an ironic smile as he thought of Lingfeng aka the Heaveness, “Things wouldn’t be completed without you. Lingfeng, I have let you down once more. Forgive me.”

He recalled with a delightful smile, “We are always arguing and fighting. You really didn’t resemble the Heaveness at all. Or is it because you have suppressed all your exalted self just for me?”

With a deep sigh, he muttered. “Maybe it is because I am hovering at death door so everything is so clear to me now. I have finally realized who I have been searching for and waiting now. I have let you all down…”

He clutched his divine swords, “If I die here then I wouldn’t be able to tell Xian’Er, Alice and Lingfeng how dense I have been. So I mustn’t fall…”

All of a sudden he had an inspiration as he murmured, “Maybe I can try this…”

With that he raised the Celestial Alice and the Fantian Sovereign high up. There was a brilliant rainbow halo that were reflected off the golden glare of the two divine swords and at the same time, powerful shockwaves ruptured from around him, dissipating the furious howling winds in an instant!

That was because the two divine swords had merged into a white gold divine sword that was doubled the length of his two divine swords. 

He sighed softly as he thought of the fight that he had with the Guardian Divine Naga and the Infernal Demon Beast, “This is the third time that I have attempted to merge the Fantian Sovereign and the Celestial Alice as one. Hopefully this time, I will be able to unleash it without any interruption. The last time that I have merged it, the fight was already over…”

With a mighty shout, he displayed dozens of sword arcs with the new divine sword as sword energies flew energetic around him as he murmured, “The name of my new divine sword is the Celestial Sovereign. Your full name will be Heaven Defying Celestial Sovereign Sword…”

As sword energies exploded around him, white beaming phantasm swords shot up from the ground one after the other!

Once again, he had displayed the Thousand Memories Sword as he mustered the last reserve of his entire strength, “Take all my strength, the Heaven Defying! This may be our last battle. Our will as one!”

As the sword energies intensified by the shouts of Yi Ping, the white beaming swords began to reshape as it took new forms!

First to emerge was the Blue Heavens, the divine sword of the Fiery Phoenix Xingyue! 

It was followed by Lie Qing’s divine sword, the Eternal Light and the Blessed Heaven, the divine sword of Ye Yin the Ascension Goddess!

Next were the Lele’s Divine Echo and Yunzi’s White Phoenix, followed by Alice’s Astronomic Eulogy and Yixian’s Heavenly Tear!

It was followed by the divine swords of Lingfeng, Isa, Yu’Er and Mei’Er!

Altogether, there were ten beaming phantasm swords!

Yi Ping coughed out a bout of blood as he thought, “I have extended the limits of my Thousand Memories Swords to ten?”

But he wasted no time to think about it as he could only maintain the Thousand Memories Swords for a short while as he charged at the monstrous monster, accompanied by ten hovering flying beaming swords around him!

As he sped toward the monstrous monster, the sword energies that were igniting out of the Celestial Sovereign gained new shape as it formed into new phantasm swords around him, protecting him from the furious lightning bolts!

He lifted himself with his all strength to execute the fastest swiftness movement that he had ever forced himself as he sped from boulder to cliff, cliff to mountain and until he was at a most high point as he jumped down onto the Heaven Sundering Demon below him! 

By the time he had leapt at the monstrous monster with the Celestial Sovereign, accompanying by the ten hovering divine swords, there were literally hundreds of glowing phantasm swords that were scattered all over the ground and on the walls of the mountains! 

But before Yi Ping could hack at the Heaven Sundering Demon, he was struck by a powerful wall of static but he continued to persist as he willed the Lyrical Whisper, the Harp Whisperer, the Blue Heavens and the Blessed Heavens to tunnel through the statics field, displaying the sword strokes of the Four Aggregates Sword Formation! 

He was all too familiar with the Four Aggregates Sword Formation, having duel with Ye Yin, Xingyue, Yu’Er and Mei’Er on numerous occasions. In fact, if he wanted to, he would even display the Four Aggregates Sword Formation on his own but unfortunately, he could not split into four…

The Heaven Sundering Demon roared thunderously as it stared malevolently at the leaping Yi Ping. Immediately, its two elongated horns glow an electrifying blue as two streaks of blue lightning charged at Yi Ping!

These two blue lightning flashed thunderously at Yi Ping, its light were blinding and it was even more powerful that the Golden Lightning Calamity, so much that the entire heavens were supercharged by thousands of lightning forks that were immediately chained to the two blue lightning! 

It was already too late for Yi Ping to dodge and he could not, for he was still in mid-air. Therefore, he could only fight it straight on. He sent the six other flying swords to collide with the two blue lightning! 

There were a thunderous impact and the collision was as brilliant as ten thousand suns!

Yi Ping was hurled onto the ground with a thunderous impact, as mushroom cloud exploded at where he had landed as all ten of his Thousand Memories Sword were scattered into nothingness!

He coughed out blood as he lay on the ground weakly. He was convulsing as he gripped his divine sword, saying weakly. “I have failed. In the end, I cannot even get close to it and I am mortally wounded. I have no more strength left…”

But the Heaven Defying Celestial Sovereign Sword that was in his grip was resonating and was warm in his hand. It was as though it was protesting against its own fate!

Yi Ping turned to gasp weakly, “You still want to fight? But I have no more strength…”

All of a sudden he saw that there were hundreds of white phantasm swords around him and that these swords were emanating lightning! 

He forced himself to stand up weakly, supported with the aid of his divine sword, “These swords have mitigated the lightning attacks by absorbing it…”

Indeed the ten divine swords had channeled the blue lightning attacks to the ground before shattering!

He muttered, “There are still residues of my Thousand Memories Sword left…”

Even though he had expended all his strength and could no longer maintain the Thousand Memories Swords but the sanctorum power of the Fantian Sovereign was its ability to materialize the surreal. When merged with the Celestial Alice, the will of the Fantian Sovereign continued to persist even after Yi Ping’s will had already faltered. 

The Heaven Sundering Demon roared thunderously again as it marched toward Yi Ping! 

Yi Ping muttered as he clenched his fist, “I can still fight…”

He was determined not to waste the precious seconds that the Fantian Sovereign had granted him! 

He raised his divine sword high up. All of a sudden hundreds of lightning zapped from the hundreds of phantasm swords onto the Heaven Defying Celestial Sovereign Sword before forming into a brilliant white lightning before bursting forth at the Heaven Sundering Demon!

He shouted as he swung his sword into the Ultimate Heavens Encompassing Stroke, “Celestial Alice! I am now depending on your strength to magnify the remnants of my final stroke!” 

The Heaven Sundering Demon reacted by discharging two brilliant blue lightning at Yi Ping!

Once again, it was like ten thousand suns had exploded as the heavens and the earth shook thunderously!

But this time, the Heaven Sundering Demon was dissipated into nothingness and even the howling winds had completely stopped now!

There was a brilliant purple glow on Yi Ping’s forehead as he received the mark of the Ninth Immortal Positioning! 

He gasped weakly as he collapsed onto the ground, “I…I have won…”

In his ears, he could hear the exciting cries of the maidens that he had loved before he slumbered into a deep sleep!