A Martial Odyssey Book 3: The Stellar Sanctuary – Chapter 8

The Unchained Melody

Yi Ping had taken the first initiative to attack by preparing the Heavens Horizon Stance as he slashed at the monstrous giant with all his martial power! 

Immediately the ground beneath him broke apart by three rings of sheer explosive martial outburst as he followed up with his most powerful attack stance, the Asper Divinity! 

At the same time Shen Xingyue, the Ascension Goddess, Yu’Er and Mei’Er had displayed the Four Aggregates Sword Formation as they attacked the bellowing monstrous giant!

Yixian, Lele and Lie Qing had also joined in the battle against the monstrous giant as they grouped themselves into a formation; the Celestial Star Formation!

Lele laughed softly, “Finally we are able to fight together again! How long has that been?”

Yixian smiled gently as she unsheathed her beaming white blue Icy Heavenly Divine Sword in a ringing echoing while raising her left fingers to display the Icy Jade Fingers at the same time, “Um didn’t we fight together as one just a few days ago?”

In a blink of an eye, Lele had evaded three swinging stomping attacks from the monstrous giant as she protested, “I mean the very last time that we have grouped together to form the Celestial Star Formation!” 

Lie Qing stroked her long flowing hair aside as she surrounded herself with ten hovering blue wisps, “Oh well, does this counts? The formation may be the Celestial Star Formation but our attacking strokes are still our own…”

A few days ago, Lele had hastily gathered them to form the Celestial Star Formation as she solemnly requested, “Sisters! Our opponents here may be too overwhelming for our martial strength to handle. If we don’t buckle up, how are we going to help Yi Ping? We may even be a hindrance to him!”

Lie Qing asked, “So what do you suggest?”

Yixian smiled gently, “You have a plan?”

Lele replied happily in anticipation to the question, “My two loving sisters! Yes, I do have a plan! We still have the Celestial Star Formation to practice and improved upon!”

Lie Qing almost gave Lele a kick as she moaned, “Not again!”

Lele gave her a hurtful look, “Sister Qing’Er, you don’t agree?”

She looked at the Celestial Fairy Yixian, “Sister Xian’Er, you too?”

Yixian smiled weakly, “Well I suppose we can try. If our opponents are stronger than us and with a defensive formation like the Celestial Star Formation to fall back upon, we can at least delay or buy our group some valuable time.”

Lele clapped her hands happily, “See! Even Sister Xian’Er likes my plan! Sister Qing’Er, what do you think?”

Lie Qing smiled weakly as she sighed softly, “Do I look like if I have a choice?”

Yixian took out a golden scroll that Lele had given them the last time as she said gently, “The Celestial Formation has a total of seven celestial levels. I am almost on the sixth level now.”

Lie Qing smiled weakly, “That is fast. I have not been practicing it. I am only on the forth level.”

Lele grabbed hold of Lie Qing and Yixian at the same time, “Don’t worry! I am already on the seventh level. Let me spearhead the Celestial Star Formation this time!”

Yixian asked curiously, “This time?”

Lele nodded as her eyes lit, “Right, right! The Celestial Star Formation used to be spearheaded by you. You are my eldest sister and Sister Qing’Er is my Second Sister. I am the last so I never have the opportunity to initiate the Celestial Star Formation since I am the least experienced. But this time, it is different!”

Lie Qing was smiling weakly as she looked at Yixian, “Why is that I am anticipating a disaster to happen?”

Yixian had immediately realized the consequences of letting Lele to initiate the Celestial Star Formation that she quickly said, “Lele, the Celestial Star Formation is a defensive formation…you mustn’t be hasty and forget about it…”

It was because in a formation everything must be orderly and everyone must follow the leadership of the lead who was in charge of making changes to the formation! 

And Lele was obviously not a defensive exponent who would quietly adapt her fighting style! 

But Lele was not paying any attention as she was already planning how she was going to lead her sisters to glory after glory, victory after victory! 

Lie Qing moaned with complete resignation, “Lele! Are you paying any attention or not?”

And back to the present, Lele had initiated the offensive part of the Celestial Star Formation as she said playfully, “The Four Aggregates Sword Formation is just so and so. Four does not mean better than three!”

The Ascension Goddess flashed past Lele as she moaned softly, “Are we fighting this monster together or are you dueling with us?”

Lele almost got distracted and got hit when she tried to speak as furious explosive impacts erupted around her that was caused by the towering giant, “Hey! Did you just lure the giant purposely to me?”

Yixian had stepped in the nick of the time, displaying the Absolute Defense Stance with her Icy Heavenly Divine Sword as she tanked a powerful punch that was directed at Lele!

But so great was the punch that Yixian had immediately taken seven steps back before she coughed out blood!

It was a lucky thing that this monstrous giant had taken a lot of damage from the earlier battle with the Goddess Isa, the Goddess of Mercy and the Goddess Celestial Alice that its physical strength, movement and speed had effectively dropped by half or else the Celestial Fairy would not be able to survive this hit!

The same goes for Lele too!

If the attack speed of the monstrous giant did not slow down then it would not be possible for Lele to dodge the attack when she got distracted! 

Yi Ping shouted panicky, “Xian’Er!” As he increased his martial power to swing his Celestial Alices at the towering giant!

Shen Xingyue muttered under her breath, “Holy crap! This fight has barely started and all our formations are now screwed up!” 

Lingfeng, Yunzi, the Celeste Wind Maiden and Youxue had also joined in the battle; they were fighting alongside Yi Ping as they quietly watched over him!

Yunzi was reciting the Ley Negative Sword Energies and she was enveloped in deadly sword energies!

Yi Ping was startled at the level progression that was shown by Yunzi! 

Even the Celeste Wind Maiden was startled by Yunzi as she said, “The Ley Negative Sword Energies of the Infinity Sword Celestial Clan is indeed impressive.” 

Lingfeng whispered to Yi Ping, “Ping’Er, whether or not this is our last battle you mustn’t die!”

Yi Ping was startled, “Lingfeng…”

Youxue knew that Yi Ping was anxious about the outcome so she recited the opening verse of the Absolute Spirits to remind him that he must retain his composure at all times, “With heart as clear as ice, in absolute tranquil and iron will, clear the thoughts from all distraction!”

Yi Ping quickly composed himself as he said quietly, “Whether or not we survive, my heart will never change for anyone of you…”

All of a sudden he could feel a renewal of his martial strength as his entire body began to shake!

When he had calmed himself, he had unconsciously awakened his Seventh Cosmos Heaven Eyes again hence he could feel the renewal of his martial strength!

Yunzi, Youxue and Lingfeng were startled by the powerful tingling energy aura around Yi Ping!

Yi Ping grasped tightly the Celestial Antonym Alice and the Celestial Synonym Alice as he tried to muster all his martial power once again, “Lele, Ye Yin…step aside!”

Lele and Ye Yin who were entangling the monstrous giant had heard Yi Ping; they quickly disengaged and at the same time Yi Ping had leapt forward as he struck the towering giant with a double slash of the Heavens Encompassing Stroke! 

Immediately there was thunderous impact that exploded across the body of the monstrous giant! 

As Yi Ping fell onto the ground, he was quickly grabbed by Yunzi, Youxue and Lingfeng and barely avoided getting hit!

Lele said happily, “Look! Yi Ping is able to hurt it!”

Lie Qing had just been knocked aside after she had given the monstrous giant several quick slashes, was shaking her head. “This thing seems to be protected by an inertia force that renders my sword energies useless against it. Even Ping’Er was not able to bring it down…”

Yi Ping coughed out blood as he wept bitterly, “It is no use…I am so useless. I am still not able to bring it down…”

Yunzi gasped breathlessly, “Ping’Er, don’t despair. Surely we will have a way…”

Youxue had leapt forward, “Let me distract it…”

Lingfeng nodded, “Let me help you too! I don’t believe that we cannot bring this thing down!”

The Celeste Wind Maiden had already raised her divine sword forward as she joined Youxue to attack the monstrous giant!

The Universal Old Man called out from behind, “My Heaveness, no wait!”

He could only shook his head as he thought, “She has changed. She has never taken any unnecessary risks. We all know that the trials of the Stellar Sanctuary cannot be overcome simply by brute force. Alas…”

He was trembling as he struggled to exercise his remaining martial power!

The Goddess Aiel gasped, “What are you doing?”

The Universal Old Man ruefully replied, “I am so useless. I should be in front, fighting for everyone but instead I am here…I am one of the seven top ancient celestial fighters!”

All of a sudden Lady Winter Plum slapped him hard!

The Goddess Aiel, Jing’Er, Shi Shi, Han Lin, Yang Min and Old Reverend Vanquishing Sage who were at the back were stunned!

The Universal Old Man was even more stunned as he stared blankly at Lady Winter Plum, “Why did you hit me for?”

Lady Winter Plum said coldly, “You really think you are useless? I don’t think so. Who the one that tanks for me and all the rest earlier? You have saved our lives and we all know that. It is time for you to take a little rest!”

Han Lin said tearfully, “Do think that I like to be at the back too? If I am not wounded by the Esper Formation earlier, I would surely go in front to take a swipe at that stupid monster to vent my anger!”

The Goddess Aiel muttered, “Han Lin…”

The Universal Old Man was clenching his face painfully, “Alright I understand now but…you don’t have to slap me so hard…”

Lady Winter Plum was suddenly blushing shyly as she protested, “If I don’t slap you hard enough then how do I know if you will wake up your senses?” 

The shy expressions that were on Lady Winter Plum did not escape from the Goddess Aiel as she thought, “She likes him?”

Old Venerable Vanquishing Sage said all of a sudden, “Alas, I am so useless too…”

But instead of getting words of comfort, the Goddess Aiel and the Universal Old Man said at the same time. “Yes, you are so useless!”

All of a sudden Yi Ping gave a booming martial shout, “Ziyan! Maiden Gusu! Isa!” but before he could fully mustered his martial strength, he had coughed out blood halfway!

Yunzi gasped panicky, “Yi Ping! Don’t force yourself!…” 

All of a sudden there was an earthshaking implosion that shook the entire hall, startling everyone!

It was because someone had blown up a huge hole in the body of the monstrous giant!

“The Fifth Seal of the Astronomic Eulogy! Thirty-six Celestial Stems and Terrestrial Branches!”

Yi Ping was startled to hear this familiar voice; it was Maiden Ziyan!

Indeed it was Maiden Ziyan! 

She had burst through the monstrous giant from its back! 

Immediately the monstrous giant began to disintegrate into tons of sands right in front of everyone! 

There was a sparkle of light that had suddenly appeared from the debris of the monstrous giant!

The Goddess Celestial Alice gasped softly as she fell onto the ground, “The Universal Harmonic Chain…”

She tried to stand but it seemed that she had already used up her very last martial strength. No sooner had she tried to pick herself up, she had fallen onto the ground! 

Behind her were the Goddess of Mercy and the Goddess Isa; they were all breathing weakly as they stumbled on the ground at the same time!

It seemed that at the very the last moment these three maidens had heard Yi Ping called out their names and they had made one desperate attack at the monstrous giant! 

Yi Ping stumbled forward, “Ziyan, Isa, Maiden Gusu…”

The Goddess of Mercy was muttering incoherently, “…Yi Ping…Yi Ping…”

The Goddess Isa was also muttering feverishly, “…without you, we would be so happy…together…Alice…since…you don’t cherish him…in the past…why can’t…why you…he’s mine…”

Suddenly there was a brilliant flare as the Universal Harmonic Chain flew straight into Lele before disappearing, stunning everyone!

The Goddess Celestial Alice was staring blankly at Lele, “…the Universal Harmonic Chain has…actually picked her…as its mistress?”

Lele was startled that everyone was suddenly looking at her as she protested weakly, “I…I didn’t do anything…”

All of a sudden Lele could feel that her awareness seemed to have expanded considerably; she had attained the ninth staging of the Holy Pureness, the Unchained Melody! 

Yunzi said coolly, “Well, this settles the ownership of this immortal artefact.” 

The Goddess Aiel was not slowed to react; she had quickly moved to assist the Goddess of Mercy and the Goddess Isa as she popped a pill into their mouths!

But when she had moved to the Goddess Celestial Alice to assist her, the Goddess Celestial Alice said weakly to her. “I don’t need your help…I don’t deserve it…”

The Goddess Aiel forced the pill into her mouth as she said quietly, “This is not the time for arguments. I am not pitying you. I am also not belittling you. If you want to settle any score with me, at the very least you must recover your strength first.” 

The Goddess Celestial Alice fell into silence. It was because the Goddess Aiel had once been punished by her and was stripped of her immortal divinity. She knew very well that the Goddess Aiel was actually one of kindest immortal practitioner in the Immortal Realm. Therefore for her own good she had decided find an excuse to banish her to the Celestial Realm so that she could stay clear of the immortal conflicts that were plaguing the Immortal Realm. 

She muttered, “You don’t hate me…for banishing…you?”

The Goddess Aiel moaned softly, “Why should I? I quite like being your Celestial Priestess. You really think that I do not know that you have banished me for my own good? My dear Eternal Goddess, I think I am really in trouble this time round and have broken one of the most sacred rules of the Goddess Theocracy. Do you think you can really make an exception for me this time?”

The Goddess Celestial Alice muttered weakly, “You should have kept it hidden from me. You know that with my sacred oaths, I cannot make an exception for anyone, including for you…”

She paused briefly before continuing, “….but what it is? Maybe…I can make light punishments for you…”

At this moment Yi Ping had stumbled next to them as he kneeled besides her, “Maiden Ziyan… are you alright? I…have…finally found you…”

At this moment she had also noticed that the Goddess Aiel was flushing shyly when Yi Ping had suddenly shown up. She muttered, “Don’t tell me…”