A Martial Odyssey Book 3: The Stellar Sanctuary Chapter 75

The secrets of the Stellar Sanctuary

Xian’Er and Yi Ping asked at almost the same time, “Lele, are you alright? Do you feel anything amiss?”

All of a sudden they were looking at each other with tender smiles. 

Lele smiled wryly, “Nothing is amiss. Why is everyone looking at me in this manner?”

The Jade Emperor said, “Lele, you have not only obtained the Flower of Life but you are also the Alma of the Great God Pangu now.” 

The Celestial Liege smiled as he looked at the rest, “And of course, the true secrets of the Stellar Sanctuary. That is the most important thing that everyone is interested in. Am I not wrong to say so?”

The Western Paradise Heavenly King beats his chest, “I don’t want to be pretentious. I really like to know about the secrets of the Stellar Sanctuary!” 

The Ancient Heavenly Sage King laughed at the same time, “That goes for the same here for me as well!”

Yi Ping rubbed his nose, “Lele, same here as well.”

Lele chuckled softly before she lowered her eyes with a faint flush, “Oh very well then…”

All of a sudden she had become solemn, “Of course I have known that I have become an Alma of the Great God Pangu. Why shouldn’t I know? You guys are chatting incessantly in my mind like buzzing flies!”

At first, Yi Ping and most of the group did not know what she meant. But very quickly, Yi Ping, Lingfeng, Alice, Nuwa and Xian’Er were looking at each other?

Xian’Er was the first to ask by secretly whispering to them, “Lele, you can hear our celestial duality whispers?”

Lele chuckled in their minds, “Naturally I can! Since I am the Alma of the one and only Great God Pangu!”

Alice whispered, “So you know.”

Nuwa whispered with sarcasm in their minds, “Welcome to the real family then!”

Yi Ping quickly said aloud, “Lele, be serious!”

Lele gave him an unhappy look as she ignored his remark. But she quickly beamed with delight as a golden animus was seen faintly around her!

As she moved slightly, two faint golden wings flashed and disappeared in a blink of an eye! 

The Jade Emperor was startled, “This is the Sovereign Celestial Force!…”

The Celestial Liege and Ye Ling were equally startled for they were practitioners of the Celestial Force and they knew they were witnessing the highest epitome level of the Celestial Force!”

Lie Qing yawned softly, “That is interesting, sister. As soon as we can get out of this place, let us have a friendly spar.”

Yi Ping was startled because he seemed to have seen this imagery before!

His thoughts immediately returned to the time when he was in the Inner Holy Chapter of the Holy Hex Sect. At that time he had seen and was awestruck by the visual beauty of the two statues that were depicting two maidens with feather wings on their back!

He quickly stole a glance at Yu’Er and Mei’Er who were constantly looking at him…

Yu’Er and Mei’Er were delighted when Yi Ping had suddenly looked into their way and they were beaming joyously! 

But they did not know that Yi Ping was seeing something far beyond into the future and that the two of them were like Lele as well! 

He thought to himself, “Besides Lingfeng, Yu’Er and Mei’Er were the only ones that are able to recall their past memories. That is because the attainment that they have achieved in the past far surpassed any others. They were in the mortal realm for ten thousand years, the same as the immortals…”

Ever since Yu’Er and Mei’Er had regained their memories as the Eclipse and Axis Heavenly Goddesses, their demeanors were quieter now. It was because that was actually their true nature. They had only one wish in their minds; to ascend to the Immortal Realm and be with Yi Ping whenever he may be! 

Xian’Er smiled gently, “Lele, I am presuming that you have also attained to the Seventh Immortal Positioning?”

Lele laughed softly, “That is right!”

Almost immediately almost all the immortals in the group had a weird expression on them!

It was because it took the Goddess Celestial Alice, the Jade Emperor, the Western Paradise Heavenly King, the Sacred Embodied Heavenly Goddess and the Goddess Asura a long time to reach the Seventh Immortal Positioning. The tribulations that they had to overcome were too many to be told and the number of lonely years that they had to endure was too heartrending to be revived! 

Moreover, the Joyful Goddess Lele as an immortal now was very different from them. She had received the cleansing of the Flower of Life and her body constitution was now the same as the original Desolate Immortals!

Even though now she was only a Seventh Immortal Positioning Immortal but it was a lot easier for her to attain the Eighth Immortal Positioning than the rest of them! 

Moreover, she had the aid of two Ancient Desolate Artefacts to aid her; the Universal Harmonic Chain and the Flower of Life, not mentioning that she was also the chosen Alma of the Great God Pangu!

The Ascension Goddess Ye Yin was blunter as she commented casually, “Why is it that all the good things and all the luck seem to go to her.”

Xingyue sighed softly, “If only my own luck is half as good as her…”

Lele laughed softly as she said shamelessly, “That is because I am the Joyful Goddess, the most blessed goddess in the entire Three Known Realms. Did someone mention just now that I am also the chosen empress of the Three Known Realms?”

The Jade Emperor was startled but he quickly said, “Indeed, indeed but whether you can be a real empress of the Immortal Realm is dictated by the wishes of the others and not solely because you are the strongest. I am a good example of it.”

Alice smiled, “She can take the title of the Eternal Goddess if she wishes. I have no wish to be involved in the lofty affairs of the Immortal Realm.”

Skylord Jun and the Goddess of Mercy took a quick look and nodded at each other.

Skylord Jun said, “The Arhat Practitioners have no wish to interfere in the affairs of the Immortal Realm either. All we want is a place that we can meditate in peace.”

The Goddess of Mercy said coolly, “All we want is peace between the Zen and the Arhat Practitioners. I don’t know what the Heavenly Kings think though since they are back now.”

The Western Paradise Heavenly King said, “I will only heed the commands of the Great Goddess Fantian.”

Almost all the Heavenly Kings nodded in agreement at the same time.

Lele was delighted as she winked at Xian’Er, “Since Sister Xian’Er is my best sister, well I guess that I can be the new empress of the Immortal Realm then?”

The Jade Emperor smiled, “Not so fast, my dear.”

Lele was stupefied, “Grandpa! But you say that…”

The Jade Emperor laughed, “I guess that we can nominate you to be the new empress of the Immortal Realm or even support you but shouldn’t you tell us what you have learnt from the Stellar Sanctuary first?”

The Universal Old Man was laughing jovially, “That is right. We have all almost lost our lives here. If you do not at the very least tell us something about it, that won’t be too nice of you. Am I right?”

Lingfeng laughed softly, “Old man, you are talking sense. I fully agree with you!”

Lele winked at Yi Ping, “Ping’Er, what do you think?”

Yi Ping rubbed his nose, “Actually no matter what we will say, we have to go along with you. You are already the empress of the Immortal Realm.”

Lele laughed softly, “Smart! Why are you so smart today!”

Yi Ping smiled weakly, “That is only my guess.”

Everyone was talking at the same time, buzzling among themselves!

Mei’Er asked Yi Ping, “Young Master Ping, can you tell us? Your Mei’Er is unable to figure it out!”

Yi Ping sighed softly, “We are all trapped in the Pangu Monument and only Lele is able to get us out of here. If we don’t nominate her to be the Empress of the Immortal Realm then we can forget about getting out.”

Lele laughed, “That is right!”

She was quickly muttering to herself, “But then I should give myself a more fitting title. The Joyful Goddess is maybe too mundane for me now…”

Nuwa interrupted impatiently, “Hurry and tell us what you have learnt or known.”

Lele was a little afraid of this Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa so she forced through a smile as she said, “Well, listen carefully…”

When she had said that, everyone began to lean forward eagerly to listen for they did not want to miss a single word!

Lele inhaled deeply as she closed her eyes to say melancholy, “The Stellar Sanctuary is an Ancient Desolate Artefact that exists since the beginning of time when the great void is just a desolate chaos. It is even more ancient than the Great God Pangu himself.”

She smiled at Yi Ping before continuing, “The Great God Pangu chanced upon the Stellar Sanctuary and tamed it as his own. He soon realized that the Stellar Sanctuary is not an ordinary artefact and it is also host to a force that he has never seen before; a mysterious force that he later named the Universal Harmonic Force. Realizing the significant of this find, he began to meditate upon it. Time passed, he was soon able to cultivate his Desolate Force into the Universal Force and even achieved a breakthrough to the Ninth Immortal Positioning. He soon becomes one of the most powerful of the Desolate Immortals as he defeated numerous others with his newly acquired strength.”

Nuwa nodded as she trembled lightly, “That’s right.”

Yi Ping asked all of a sudden, “Lele, how did you know this?”

Lele smiled gently, “This information is part of the collective memories of the Stellar Sanctuary.”

Yi Ping nodded, understanding it now.

Nuwa sighed softly, “His newly acquired strength will eventually become his curse.”

Lele nodded, “That is because the Great God Pangu isn’t the only immortal that has attained the Ninth Immortal Positioning and had an ancient desolate artefact. There are the Great Rift God Xuan Yuan who had elevated his Desolate Force to the Annihilate Force, the World Ruler Fu Xi who possessed the Great Desolate Force and a few others. A battle between them was bound to happen one day and it did.”

She turned to look at Xian’Er, “Practitioners of the Desolate Force believe in spreading chaos and that might is right but the Great God Pangu disagreed and wanted to forge order out of chaos. There were many among the Desolate Immortals who were weary of the chaos and wanted a respite. Soon it escalated into a great war between the Great God Pangu and those that opposed him. The Great God Pangu eventually lost.”

The Universal Old Man and Skylord could not resist gasping, “The Great God Pangu would actually lose?”

Even the Heavenly Kings and the Jade Emperor were feeling awkward as they listened. To them, the Great God Pangu had no equal and he was the one that had partitioned the desolate realm into the present Three Known Realms.

Yi Ping shrugged his shoulders as he rubbed his nose, “Well…”

Lele seemed to be looking in the distant as she said, “Time once again passed. One day, the Great God Pangu was able to observe a rare celestial phenomenon of the alignment of the nine planets. The five elemental planets, the Water Planet (Mercury), the Metal Planet (Venus), the Earth Planet (Saturn) and the Fire Planet (Mars) had lined up with the Wood Planet (Jupiter), so did the other Four Annexing Planets. For the very first time, all these planets were in perfect harmony with the Wood Planet. Then…”

She inhaled softly as she trembled lightly, “One of the Annexing Planets disintegrated and become two celestial swords, the Heavenly Tears and the Sovereign Sparks. These two celestial swords would later be known as the divine swords of the Great God Pangu and the Great Goddess Fantian.”

Yi Ping seemed to have felt the warmth of the Fantian Sovereign Sword that was on his back as he thought, “So that is the origin of my sword…”

He did not know why but there was a surging of emotions in him as he looked at Xian’Er who was listening attentively to Lele…

Lele continued, “It was also at this time that the Great God Pangu had a sudden breakthrough as he advanced to the Tenth Immortal Positioning! That was because he had advanced his Universal Force to the Universal Harmonic Force!”

Everyone was gasping. So that was the true attainment of the Great God Pangu, the Tenth Immortal Positioning!

Not even the Great Goddess Fantian had ever attained to this Immortal Positioning before. To everyone, it was simply too mind blowing as they had no idea how to accomplish that!

Nuwa shifted lightly, “You have no idea how difficult it is to advance from the seventh to the eighth and from the eight to the ninth. Until now, I am only in the Eighth Immortal Positioning.”

Everyone was smiling weakly. Of course they knew how difficult it was. In fact, they were all astonished that Yi Ping, Nuwa and Xian’Er had actually attained the Eighth Immortal Positioning! 

The once opposing Heavenly Kings looked at Yi Ping, Nuwa and Xian’Er and noticed that unlike the others, they were still looking refreshed. They sighed softly for they all thought that they may actually have a chance against them since they were in the Pangu Monument. It seemed that their recovery rates were astonishing even if they could not regain their martial strength. 

Nuwa lowered her glances as she muttered softly, “That is indeed the first among the Desolate Immortals. Even for me, I was attracted to him. Might is right. I don’t care about his ideals. But finally, a third powerful force that appears to break the deadlock of the Great Rift God Xuan Yuan and the World Ruler Fu Xi. There were only the three of us though.”

She smiled to herself, “We have countless fights and quarrels. He wanted me to cultivate the Universal Force just like Fantian did. I refuse to as I am not prepared to give up my hard gained cultivation and to start all over again.”

Yi Ping and the others were startled by this revelation as they did not know that the Great God Pangu and Nuwa actually having this human emotion side to them. It was because Nuwa seemed all too callous.

Yi Ping had suddenly noticed that there was a teary spark in her eyes and he was startled. He sighed to himself, “No wonder the Great God Pangu had wanted me to take care of her. I wonder what has exactly happened in the past.”

Lele had noticed the expressions that were in Yi Ping. Whatever had happened in the past between the Great God Pangu and the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa, Lele was determined not to tell Yi Ping. He had to sort it out with her on his own, naturally. 

So she continued, “The Great God Pangu warned the Desolate Immortals that if the world’s chaotic desolate forces cannot be tamed then they would soon invite destruction upon themselves. Naturally, they refused to believe him. After a long time, the Great God Pangu eventually won. He banished the surviving remnants of the Desolate Immortals in the Ancient Fortress and cast it to the Great Void.”

Nuwa nodded and she sounded melancholy, “But not all the Desolate Immortals are sealed within the Ancient Fortress. There are many others that are sealed in various secrets with the desolate artefacts.” 

The Jade Emperor asked curiously, “Why not sealed everyone in the Ancient Fortress?”

Nuwa smiled and replied coolly, “That is because he couldn’t. The Ancient Fortress doesn’t belong to the Great God Pangu in the first place. Moreover, you can imagine the consequences when all the Desolate Immortals with their ancient desolate artefacts are together?”

The Jade Emperor was startled as he looked at the other Heavenly Kings. They had been forewarned by the Great Goddess Fantian to prepare for the return of the Ancient Fortress and until today, they had no idea what to expect. And after witnessing the strength of the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa, their morale took a beating!

The Nirvana Heavenly Queen smiled weakly, “If the Ancient Fortress doesn’t belong to the Great God Pangu in the first place, how did the Great God Pangu managed to seal the Desolate Immortals then?”

She mustered the courage to speak and her question was a question that everyone was also interested to know!

Lele smiled weakly, “I don’t know…”

Nuwa said coolly, “The Great God Pangu didn’t need their permission. He simply uses the Stellar Sanctuary to cast the entire city to the Great Void.”

The Nirvana Heavenly Queen was startled, “A city you say? How big and how many Desolate Immortals are there?”

Nuwa replied coolly, “As vast as the Stellar Sanctuary and as many as a hundred thousand.”

Everyone was stunned, including Yi Ping!

A question popped out in their minds; how were they going to deal with such a large numbers? 

Nuwa hummed coldly, “Why wrong with all of you? There is nothing to be afraid of. The Three Known Realms had already been formed. The desolate might of the Desolate Immortals are restricted here. There aren’t so many Eighth or Ninth Ranked Immortals anyway.”

Everyone smiled weakly. They already had difficulty in dealing with one Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa and they could scarcely imagine dealing with her supposedly, “Aren’t so many.”

Lele continued, “What exactly happens next, you have probably known. The Great God Pangu partitioned the desolate chaos into the Three Known Realms, taming the chaos into order. This monument effort cost him his life but he did not have any regrets…”

She looked at Yi Ping, Xian’Er and Nuwa before muttering, “Almost…”

She beamed, “At the top of the Stellar Sanctuary is a spark residue of the Universal Harmonic Force. Whoever can gain that spark will be the next Great God Pangu and have the might to move the Three Known Realms. But first, there is something about the Stellar Sanctuary that I ought to say to everyone.”

“The Stellar Sanctuary is not only a place for the Celestials to face their tribulations but it is also a trap to eliminate the greedy immortals.”

When she had said that, many of the Heavenly Kings bowed their heads in shame!

Yi Ping asked, “A trap?”

Lele nodded, “Why do you think everyone ended up here? There are nine identical Pangu Monuments place in the entire Stellar Sanctuary at various levels. The Pangu Monument cannot be missed by the acute Immortals but a Celestial may miss it altogether.”

The Jade Emperor and all the immortals were startled. Now this was beginning to make sense.

Lingfeng said, “So that is the reason why we can’t regain our martial strength in the Pangu Monument. This entire place is designed to kill us all.” She looked at Yi Ping with a smile before adding, “How vicious, how cunning!”

Yi Ping groaned softly, “Why did I have the feeling that you are making a personal attack on me?”

Lele giggled softly, “Did I?”

But she quickly said, “You must know that once you are inside the Pangu Monument, there is virtually no escape. Unless you are able to obtain the Flower of Life, of course.”

Yi Ping was solemn, “But without the Universal Harmonic Chain, it is impossible.”

Lele shook her head, “Not entirely but almost there.”

The Jade Emperor was perplexed, “So that is the true secret of the Stellar Sanctuary? To bait us into a trap?”

Again Lele shook her head, “The Stellar Sanctuary is a place for trials and great treasures lie within for the wise. However, many had also fallen and become part of the Stellar Sanctuary. Whoever can reach the very top of the Stellar Sanctuary will be able to unravel its deepest mystery and obtain the Pangu Intricate Energy.”

Everyone was looking at each other. They were now on the 84th level of the Stellar Sanctuary. Just a few steps more to reach the very top…

Lele knew what the newly joined Heavenly Kings were thinking so she smiled wryly, “Only one can truly obtain the Pangu Intricate Energy and everyone has a chance to obtain it and become the Great God Pangu.”

Her words seemed to have a magical hold on the hearts of everyone as it echoed back, “Only one can truly obtain the Pangu Intricate Energy…and become the Great God Pangu…”

Yi Ping smiled weakly to himself as he thought, “I don’t really want to be the next Great God Pangu but do I have a choice?”

Xian’Er was thinking to herself as she observed Lele, “Why is Lele planting the seeds of doubts in everyone? That isn’t like her…”

Even Lingfeng was suspicious and she was looking perplexed. 

Lie Qing had the same suspicious too as she thought, “Why is Lele doing this playacting? Only Yi Ping should rightfully obtain the Pangu Intricate Energy and gains the Universal Harmonic Force…” 

Everyone had failed to notice that Alice was ashen as she muttered silently to herself, “The 100th level of the Stellar Sanctuary, the 100th level of the Stellar Sanctuary…he had died in that place…”

All of sudden Yi Ping asked, “Lele, you have obtained the Flower of Life so are you able to get us out of here?”

Lele smiled alluringly, “I can move you everywhere in the Stellar Sanctuary that you want.”

Yi Ping was startled, “Really?!”

Mei’Er asked excitedly, “Even to the 100th level?”

Lele grinned, “Yes, even to the 100th level of the Stellar Sanctuary!”

Mei’Er was startled, “Come, let us all go now!”

Immediately the Jade Emperor and all the Heavenly Kings were looking at Lele excitingly!

Yi Ping was staring at Lele in astonishment, “Really?”

If Lele could take them to the 100th level directly then it would save them plenty of hardships and risks!

Lele smiled to Yi Ping as she extended her hand, “So do you want to go there now or not?”

Everyone was looking at Yi Ping eagerly now as he looked back at everyone!

The Universal Old Man gave Yi Ping a pat, “Ping’Er, don’t look at me like this. I am not going to stay out of the Stellar Sanctuary while you have the fun.”

The Lord Supreme looked at Yi Ping, “I seek knowledge. If I don’t get to see what is on the 100th level floor, I will regret it forever. It is better that you kill me now!”

Han Lin, Aiel, Yu’Er and Mei’Er were flocking around Yi Ping as they looked at him with pleading eyes!

Yi Ping closed his eyes to ponder…

Lingfeng muttered, “He didn’t want to make us take any more risks. He is always like this. He rather goes to the 100th level floor alone…”

Lie Qing turned to Lele to say, “If he asks you to bring us out of the Stellar Sanctuary, don’t even bother to listen to him!”

The Martial Sage beats his cheat, “Young hero, we have met once more. It seems that the destiny of everyone is in your hands now. If you don’t go to the 100th level floor, there won’t be another chance. What if the Ancient Fortress were to descend upon the Immortal Realm?”

Alice was trembling, “Maybe it is better not to go to the 100th level floor. The Dark Chaos Lord went there and he never returns.”

The Goddess Isa was startled and she too, was staring blankly in thin air, “He never returns…”

Alice said, “Through the Celestial Alice, I know that he did reach the 100th floor but he didn’t return. That is because…”

She looked at Yi Ping as she said quietly, “That is because only dead men don’t return from the Stellar Sanctuary.”

All of a sudden Yi Ping opened his eyes as he said, “That is enough. We will continue to go to the 100th floor of the Stellar Sanctuary and as a group.”

Almost everyone was overjoyed except for Alice and Isa!

Lele said coolly, “If that is your decision then so shall it be!”

Alice sighed softly as she looked away…

Yi Ping looked at Alice for a while before he turned to look at everyone, “But first, we have to get out of here. We have to recuperate first and regain our strength first. Am I right?”

The Universal Old Man immediately slammed his fists, “That is right! I am almost half-dead!” He purposely looked at those Heavenly Kings who he fought earlier while saying so.

Yi Ping inhaled deeply, “But before we go to the 100th floor of the Stellar Sanctuary, we must go to the 90th floor of the Stellar Sanctuary first. Is that alright?”

Everyone was startled by Yi Ping’s requests but as all the maidens returned a baffled look, many of them broke into smiles!

The Universal Old Man was perplexed as he asked Lingfeng, “My Heaveness, what is wrong with them? Why are they so happy? Shouldn’t we go to the 100th floor first?”

Lingfeng whispered to him, “Have you forgotten what is in the 90th floor? There is one more Feather Sword Shard to be found…”

When the other maidens had heard Lingfeng, many of them began to blush and turned their heads away!

Even the Goddess Isa had an excited look in her eyes!

Lie Qing was shaking her head as she muttered, “I got a very bad feeling about this. There are so many of us and yet there is only one Feather Sword Shard…”

Even though her voice was extremely soft but it was precise in everyone’s eyes. 

The Goddess Aiel laughed softly, “As long as there is a chance, who cares about it?” 

Han Lin laughed, “That is right. Mistress, I am not going to give way to you this time.”

Aiel was amused, “When did you ever give way to me?”

Han Lin winked at Yi Ping as she replied Aiel, “Don’t expect me to give way to you. Let’s compete it fair and square.”

Youxue turned to Yunzi to say coolly, “We must be wary of them. They may plot to get rid of us first.”

Yunzi laughed softly, “I think they are pretending to have a little quarrel and to put us down our guard.”

Aiel and Han Lin began to flush lightly as they quickly protested at the same time, “It is not!” 

Lie Qing yawned softly as she looked at the Ascension Goddess Ye Yin and the Fiery Phoenix Xingyue, “It is going to be interesting.”

Xingyue smiled coldly, “Indeed, indeed!”

The Ascension Goddess Ye Yin laughed softly, “Don’t look at me like this. I am so shy!”

She winked at the Goddess Isa, the Goddess of Mercy Gusu Xiang and the Goddess Asura, “Aren’t they the more dangerous opponents?”

The Goddess Isa, the Goddess of Mercy Xiang and the Goddess Asura pretended to look the other way as though they were not bothered!

Yu’Er said to Mei’Er, “My good sister, I have not really competed with you in anything but this time, I have no other choice.”

Mei’Er smiled, “It is alright, my good sister!”

Xian’Er muttered softly, “Yu’Er, Mei’Er…”

All of a sudden Alice said coldly, “The highest level that I can ascend is the 89th floor. Floor 90th and above is another league altogether. Even a Heavenly King may not survive there. Moreover, there are just too many of us. You can imagine the strength of the trials that we will face. If anyone doesn’t want to die then they have better leave the Stellar Sanctuary while they have the chance.”

Mei’Er asked, “This is all too easy. We can always ask Lele to disable the celestial formations of the Stellar Sanctuary for us. It will be a breeze…”

Lele was smiling weakly as she interrupted, “Unfortunately, I can’t. I can only bring you as close as possible to where you want to go. Only the destined Great God Pangu can truly control the Stellar Sanctuary.”

Mei’Er and the others were slightly startled as they looked at each other…

However, Yi Ping said aloud, “Let’s get to the outside first.”

He looked at the unconscious Great Khan Heavenly King as he lifted him up, “Let’s bring him along too. It is too cruel to leave him in this place.”

Lie Qing said, “He tries to kill us just now. If he goes outside and regains his strength, it will be very hard to restraint him…”

The Western Paradise Heavenly King laughed, “When he regains his strength, so will we. With so many of us here, he won’t be so foolish and may even join us.”

The Nirvana Heavenly Queen shrugged her shoulders to say, “He isn’t that bad compared to the rest of the Heavenly Kings. He is just too insolent.”

Yi Ping nodded, “Too many have perished today. Even if he doesn’t want to be our ally, he is free to go so long as he doesn’t have the intention to fight us.”

Xian’Er nodded gently, “I agree with you, Ping’Er. If we leave him here then it is as good as killing him.”

The Avant-garde Heavenly said at the same time, “I agree with the Great Goddess Fantian.”

The Formosa Heavenly King nodded, “He may be insolent but he is not foolish enough to oppose us.”

Nuwa said, “Then what are we waiting for then? Do as he said then. He is the leader of our group!”

Lele nodded, “Oh well then…”

All of a sudden the ground beneath her was shaking and Lele was being enveloped by a beautiful angelic light that seemed to pull everyone to her. She was heard saying, “Stay close to me and follow the light if you are unsure or are lost!”

Immediately everyone seemed to be pulled by a mysterious force that was sapping their strength! 

Yi Ping smiled weakly as he suddenly asked, “Lele, is this dangerous?”

Lele seemed to be in a truce as she paid no heed to Yi Ping or the others who were calling out to her! 

Lingfeng was ashen as she fell against Yi Ping. She murmured, “Why didn’t I remember to ask her that…I seem to have forgotten that she has never used this celestial formation of hers before…”

Lie Qing had immediately mustered her Invincible Divine Force to steady herself while cursing, “Whatever it is, it is too late for regrets now…”

Han Lin said ruefully, “We didn’t get killed by our enemies but we are soon going to be killed by Lele…”

The Jade Emperor had turned very pale as he murmured, “We have so many of us here. If it is just a few then it is alright. I am afraid that Lele may not have the celestial strength to get us out of here!”

It was because it was too obvious to everyone that this celestial formation that was forming at the moment was too unstable and it looked as if it would collapse onto everyone at any time! 

The Universal Old Man was muttering miserably, “I don’t believe…I don’t believe…”