A Martial Odyssey Book 3: The Stellar Sanctuary Chapter 74

The Heaveness Tear

Dark smog enveloped the entire vicinity, blurring even the stellar light of the manifesting Flower of Life as deafening echoes caused the entire vicinity to shake! 

At first this smog was white but now it had turned to dark! 

This dark smog was generated whenever martial forces were generated by the practitioners, seeping through the ground and the ceiling! 

Right now, Lingfeng, Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Lie Qing, Yunzi and Youxue were fighting against the Great Khan Heavenly King and there were no others in sight!

Even though they were startled by the dark smog and the reverberating disturbances of the Pangu Monument, they had no time to pay any attention to it!

However the Great Khan Heavenly King seemed to speak what were in their minds as he fought them off effortlessly, “At first I thought that this smog is caused by the disturbances of our martial forces but it doesn’t seem to be the cause. Even these reverberating disturbances are not caused by our martial forces but are self-generating whenever we exercise our martial forces.”

Lingfeng gasped softly as she was forced to stumble backward by the tremendous attacks of the Great Khan Heavenly King before she hummed coldly, “What takes you so long to figure it out? The Pangu Monument is absorbing our martial strength and this smog prevents us from seeing each other if we wander too far. Also, these reverberations actually block our acute hearing.”

Yunzi nodded and said, “And once a fight breaks out in this place, basically everyone will be isolated unless they are near to each other.”

The Great Khan Heavenly King looked at Yunzi and Lingfeng as he said, “You have some brains. Much better than most. Why don’t you join me and I may consider sparing the two of you?”

It was because he had already noticed that this Lingfeng and Yunzi seemed extremely bright. They did not need to express their intelligence through words but through their intricate flexible strokes, he was able to tell!

That was because in just a short time, he had already analyzed all his opponents’ tactical skills and strengths!

Lingfeng and Yunzi shouted at the same time, “Fat hope!”

The Great Khan Heavenly King gave a grin as he raised his battle axe as he smashed it thunderously on Lie Qing which sent her to fly backward with a soft cry as three of her hovering discs exploded into nothingness!

Youxue gasped out. She stepped forward hurriedly with her palm as she clashed with the Great Khan Heavenly King but she too was forced several steps backward!

The Great Khan Heavenly King knew that these two maidens were perhaps the most skilled fighters in their group. 

This Maiden Lie Qing had the most powerful defense and martial power through her Invincible Divine Force. Also she was also an expert in sword energies. 

As for this Maiden Youxue, her martial strength and power were equally startling. Not only was she quick in her movements, her attacks were extremely unpredictable!

If it were not for these two maidens then this group would be wiped out in just a matter of time!

Mei’Er said dryly as she jumped out of harm’s way, “If only Sister Ye Yin and Sister Xingyue are here with us!”

All the other maidens nodded silently!

It was because the Ascension Goddess Ye Yin and the Fiery Phoenix Xingyue were two of the most talented fighters ever. Even if their opponents were stronger than them, they were not deterred easily. 

The Ascension Goddess was able to sense incoming attacks more acutely than most. Even the Dual Inertness Intricacy of the Eclipse Heaven Goddess Yu’Er and the Axis Heaven Goddess Mei’Er were not able to reach the level of her energy senses. Just how big was their gap? Huge! It was because the Ascension Goddess could even fight with her eyes closed! Coupled with her Denunciation Force, her newly acquired Martial Emperor Unifying Force and her Blessed Heaven, she was easily the most powerful celestial fighter in the Celestial Realm now!

As for the Fiery Phoenix Xingyue, she had her Divine Rejuvenation Force which could steal and replenishes her martial strength even in this place. Her movements and speed were also insanely quick that could strike anywhere she pleased. Also she was also capable of executing two of the most powerful divine skills, the Big Dipper Hands and her unique divine skill the Starlight Divine Finger! 

Now for the first time all these proud maidens wished that they were friendlier to Ye Yin and Xingyue when they had the chance. Now it seemed that Ye Yin and Xingyue were particular close even though they were not on the best of terms in the past. 

Lie Qing and Ye Yin had fought together. If there was anyone other than Xingyue that Ye Yin respected then it had to be Lie Qing. Therefore they could still talk but Ye Yin did not like company and so did Xingyue. So that was a reason why Ye Yin and Xingyue prefer each other’s company. 

As for Xingyue, she would still talk to Yu’Er and Mei’Er as they were all Supreme Celestials of the Holy Ascension Sect but she was a loner most of the time. 

Xingyue intellect was not beneath Lingfeng and she was exceptional sharp. The other maidens would prefer not to talk too much to her or else they would surely get the receiving end of her sarcastic wit. It was a lucky thing that she preserves that for her enemies most of the time in the examples of Zuo Tianyi and Lu Baiyun. 

Xingyue, Ye Yin, Yu’Er and Mei’Er when they were together, they could form the Four Aggregates Sword Formation, a formidable divine swords formation that only the Supreme Celestials could execute! 

But unfortunately, the two most key crucial members were all not presented! 

Yunzi executed dozens of sword energies and deflected tens of imploding forces before she collapsed on the ground, “…It…seems…that…today…the New Virtuous Palace will be…annihilated…”

She closed her eyes to mutter, “I…am sorry…I am too weak…”

Youxue was startled as she charged forward again to protect Yunzi from further attacks, “Sister Yun!”  

Yu’Er and Mei’Er were startled too as they redoubled their strength to enforce their Divine Emerald Skill!

However, the Great Khan Heavenly King displayed an epitome stroke to send Mei’Er and Yu’Er scurrying backward as he smirked coldly, “Your little tricks matter little to me!”

Mei’Er cursed softly as she tried to pick herself up but she was too weak, “Fancy a big man like you picking on the weak, especially the weaker sex!”

Yu’Er grabbed Mei’Er just in time as an energy projectile exploded where she was, “Sister, be careful!”

The Great Khan Heavenly King said coldly while fighting off the advances of Lingfeng, Lie Qing and Youxue at the same time, “So what? Do you know that there is a heavy price to pay for offending a Heavenly King! You will curse at this very day for the remnants of your life. Well if you survive of course.”

Lie Qing broke into cold sweats as she mustered all the remaining of her strength; she turned a radiant golden as she mustered all her martial power to unleash a great multitude of cold beaming sword energies at the Great Khan Heavenly King to no avail as she gasped, “Why didn’t he fall?”

The Great Khan Heavenly King had swung his battle axe as bursts of sword energies exploded around him. He smirked, “Know this. I am one of the eleventh most powerful Heavenly Kings. I am gifted with formidable strength and my Inertia Manifest Force protects me from most attacks. While my Inertia Manifest Force may not be as powerful as your Invincible Divine Force, it is part of my inherent strength. At this point while your Invincible Divine Force is faltering and is sapping your strength but I have barely even used any real strength. Your mistake is to fight me here, in the Pangu Monument!”

Lingfeng yelled softly as she raised her right hand to execute the strokes of the Divine Horizon Hands, “I don’t believe!”

The Great Khan Heavenly King hummed coldly as he punched her strokes back, “Then you have better believe…”

All of a sudden there were three bursting rings of martial force around her as she unleashed the Asper Divinity with her left hand which exploded with a thunderous impact when it struck the fists of the Great Khan Heavenly King!

The Great Khan Heavenly King was so startled by the thunderous impact that he took a step back but immediately Lingfeng had followed with another three bursts of explosive force around her as she executed the Asper Divinity again but this time with her right hand!

Lie Qing, Youxue, Yu’Er and Mei’Er were startled as they all thought at the same time, “When did Lingfeng learn Yi Ping’s Asper Divinity? And she was even able to use two Asper Divinity at the same time!”

They knew that Lingfeng had once stolen Yi Ping’s secret manual but they had all thought that Lingfeng had never peeked into its contents. That she was able to execute it now, could only mean that she had always been secretly practicing it all this while! 

They had always known that Lingfeng had the knack to use two different martial forces at the same time. How did she manage to do it continues to baffle them today but executing two Asper Divinity was even more astonishing! 

The question was; could her heart withstand the pressure of executing two Asper Divinity at the same time? Even for Yi Ping, he could only executed it one at a time!

They knew that Lingfeng was desperate now, very desperate! 

However this time the Great Khan Heavenly King was prepared as he cleaved through her explosive generated forces as he made a slash on her!

Immediately Lingfeng coughed out blood but not before she had quietly slipped her invisible divine sword from her sleeves to her hand as she pierced his chest with it!

The Great Khan Heavenly King was stunned by the attack. Immediately he retaliated by stomping the fallen Lingfeng a few times much to the horror of Youxue, Yu’Er, Mei’Er and Lie Qing who had all redoubled their attacks on him!

Youxue gasped as she raised her Divine Nine Cauldron Sword to intercept the Great Khan Heavenly King, “Sister Lingfeng!”

Lingfeng did not seem to hear her as she coughed out blood. She stared intently at the Great Khan Heavenly King as she said weakly, “How does it feel…to be injured?”

The Great Khan Heavenly King hummed coldly as he reached out for the divine sword that had pierced his chest while swinging his battle axe expertly at the rest of his attackers, “I don’t know how you manage to locate the temporary weakness of my Inertia Manifest Force. But it is just a futile attempt. My wounds have already healed. I just have to pull out your sword and that is…”

All of a sudden the Great Khan Heavenly King had a tiny twitch in his expression as he tried to pull the sword out of his chest, “I can’t pull it out…impossible!”

Lingfeng was extremely pale. She muttered weakly as she closed her eyes, “You…just have to kill me to pull it! Qing’Er, Youxue, Yu’Er, Mei’Er…leave me alone and go! Ping’Er…where are you…”

The Great Khan Heavenly King roared angrily, “Very well then I just have to crush you now!”

Lie Qing gasped out as she quickened her attacks on the Great Khan Heavenly King, “Lingfeng no!”

It was because she knew that Lingfeng must be lying to the Great Khan Heavenly King! 

Youxue was also startled as she panicky tried to bypass the formidable defenses of the Great Khan Heavenly king to no avail. Every time they engage him, they could only do so briefly before they had to display their swiftness skill to its fullness to disengage and every time that they did so, it was at their own personal risk! 

She knew that Lingfeng was only telling half the truth but she also understood the reason why Lingfeng had done so. So she tapped lightly on Lie Qing, Yu’Er and Mei’Er quietly and pointed her sword at the opposite direction as an indication for them to flee!

By now, Lie Qing, Yu’Er and Mei’Er had also understood Lingfeng and Youxue intention but they stubbornly refused to abandon Lingfeng!

Only Lingfeng knew what would happen. It was the truth that if the Great Khan Heavenly King had wanted to pull her divine sword out, he would have to kill her. But she did not mention to him that if she was dead, her divine sword would also exploded into smithereens at the same time!

Even if he was the most powerful Heavenly King, it was impossible for him to survive this explosion!

She had deliberately calculated all her moves and techniques. This was the only way for them to win and to defeat the Great Khan Heavenly King!

She knew that all it took was just one powerful hit from the Great Khan Heavenly King to kill her now and he could accomplish it in just a blink of an eye!

Lingfeng closed her eyes as she smiled dreamily, recalling in a flash all the memories that she had with Yi Ping…

But that moment of death never occurred!

It was because she was suddenly swept off her feet by a strong familiar grip!

She opened her eyes lightly and was startled to see a familiar figure with two divine swords on his back; it was Yi Ping!

Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Lie Qing and Youxue were all gasping, “Yi Ping! Ping’Er!”

It was indeed Yi Ping but there was something in his eyes that were terrifying to behold!

The Great Khan Heavenly King was startled. It was because he had never even seen him making his approach! 

But he did not hesitate at all as he raised his battle axe to cleave at the weaponless Yi Ping!

But no sooner had he done so, he had struck nine beaming golden discs that had burst with a thunderous sound in front of Yi Ping! 

And the impact of his battle axe created a sizzling golden fiery sparks that was so earthshaking that the surrounding was hit with secondary explosions!  

Yu’Er almost fell to her knees and Mei’Er had almost fainted while Lie Qing had coughed out blood as she was unable to control the flow of her vital energies anymore!

They were fearful for Lingfeng and Yi Ping!

When the plummet of sizzling fumes had cleared, Yi Ping was still carrying Lingfeng and the Great Khan Heavenly King still had his battle axe on top of Yi Ping’s nine hovering discs!

It was as though as if they were just as it was before the attack!  

Then Yi Ping began to howl aloud as his martial force began to envelop and swirled around him like a towering pillar!

His howling was agonizing and terrifying to behold!

Even the Great Khan Heavenly King was startled as he took a step back, “This much martial force…this strong…I have never seen anything like this…”

But he wasted no time to muster all his entire martial power as he yelled aloud to smash at Yi Ping!

Again the same thing happened as the air around them exploded thunderously but this time the Great Khan Heavenly King was forced to take three steps back!

When the plummet of fumes had cleared, the nine golden shimmering discs that were around Yi Ping seemed to have glow even brighter and even bigger!

This was not the most startling. The residues of the martial energies aftershocks that were around them were whirling into Yi Ping as though it was being sucked by a vacuum!

The Great Khan Heavenly King was stunned as he simply could not believe his very eyes! 

It was because it was as though this Yi Ping was absorbing all the martial forces into himself! 

He stared in disbelief, “This…this is impossible! Only the Great God Pangu is able to use the Universal Harmony Force to gather the chaotic energies and to take it as his own…”

All the maidens who were witnessing this scene were all startled. It was as though they were seeing an extremely powerful version of Xingyue’s Divine Rejuvenation Force! 

Lingfeng was also stirring and was startled. It was because she could feel warm intricate energies coursing through her! 

She tried to will her thoughts to Yi Ping and to ask him what had happened but all she could see was a great dark void!

So she called out weakly to Yi Ping, “Ping’Er? Ping’Er…”

But Yi Ping remained stoned and did not seem like he was able to hear her! 

Lingfeng knew immediately that Yi Ping had lost control of the emotions in his heart and had lost his free will. She was immediately saddened; she was weeping and her heart was bleeding!

The Great Khan Heavenly King was astonished for he had never seen anything like this before!

But before he could even react, Yi Ping had suddenly seized him by his throat and had banged him with a tremendous force against the pillar!

As he tried to muster his strength again, he was seized again and was banged against the pillar for seven more times in a blink of an eye! 

These impacts were so thunderous that black smog was practically enveloping the two of them and everyone could hear shrieking echoes that rung nonstop! 

The Great Khan Heavenly King gasped in disbelief, unable to believe that he could be so powerless. He was virtually trembling as blood trickled from his head! 

He had been struck by the entire startling force that was surrounding Yi Ping!

But even before he could react, the nine hovering golden discs had suddenly moved and punched him straight in the face one by one with an explosive impact so terrible that he was now screaming! 

In the end he could only gasped out, “Spare…me…I am not…a Dark Asura…”

But Yi Ping continued to choke him relentlessly and the nine hovering golden discs continued to explode into his face, choking the life out of him! 

Yi Ping was heard saying coldly, “So might is right? So might is right?”

The Great Khan Heavenly King could not answer him for each time a golden disc exploded in his face, Yi Ping could muster another to replace it, hitting him again and again!

Yu’Er held onto her mouth, stunned by the brutality of the attacks!

Mei’Er who was attending to Yunzi, was stunned as well. Even Yunzi who had just regained her senses was on the brink of tears as she gasped, “Ping’Er, is this you?”

It was because the Yi Ping that Yunzi had known would stay his hands on a defeated opponent and he was not like this…

Even Lie Qing could not bear it as she gasped panicky, “Ping’Er, it is alright now. We have won…”

Everyone was calling panicky to him but he seemed like he was being possessed!

At this moment all the others had also arrived and they were all stunned by what they were seeing as the Great Khan Heavenly King was banged on the pillar again and again, punched by explosive impact on his face again and again!

Even Xian’Er was stunned!

Xian’Er called out, “Ping’Er?”

Even Alice, Asura, Isa, Nuwa and all the rest were calling out for him but he was not responding!

They dare not approach him because they knew that Yi Ping had totally lost control of himself and he would attack them if his consciousness perceived them to be a threat!

The killing intent of these Heavenly Kings were too malevolent, too powerful and their actions were simply too despicable! 

And all these had caused Yi Ping to fly into a rage and lost control of himself! 

Aiel had a frightened expression as she shook her head, “No, this isn’t him…”

Alice said quietly and was at a loss, “It is the Kirin Blood that is magnifying his rage emotions. And what’s more; inside this Pangu Monument, all afflictions are enhanced a further ten folds…”

The Jade Emperor, the Western Paradise Heavenly King and the other Heavenly Kings were all stunned by what they were seeing…

The Jade Emperor said solemnly, “Is this his true potential? He is summoning his martial force again and again…”

The Western Paradise Heavenly King said quietly, “There is no such thing as unlimited martial strength. He will sooner die of exhaustion if this continues…”

The Avant-garde Heavenly King said gravely, “We must all attack him now. If he turns upon us then that will be terrible…”

But he quietly kept quiet when he noticed that the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa, Alice, Isa, Han Lin, Xian’Er and many others were all staring coldly at him!

Nuwa said quietly, her voice was trembling lightly. “We can try to seal him…this is better than to lose him completely…”

Asura was muttering incoherently, “Yi Ping, it is alright now…our child is alright…please come back to us…”

All of a sudden Lingfeng had gripped Yi Ping’s hand as she mustered her strength to say tearfully, “Stop it!”

To the astonishment of everyone, Yi Ping had suddenly stopped banging the Great Khan Heavenly King and even his hovering golden discs had ceased to attack him!

Lingfeng cried out as she trembled in his grip, “I know that you have not completely lost yourself! Or else you won’t be carrying me now. But even if I lose you, I will still wait for you! Can you hear me? Can you hear the thoughts that are in my heart? You are supposed to be able to hear me because we are one! We are promised to each other through our celestial duality!”

Yi Ping was suddenly shivering!

Lingfeng cried out again as her tears trickled on his hand, “Do you remember how I had ended my life? After such a long wait, we are together again. But now, you are leaving me without saying a word of farewell to me? How dare you!”

She mustered her feeble strength to slap his face hard and kicking him hard at the same time, “I don’t care even if you become crazy enough to kill me now! My life is yours to claim anyway. How many times have you helped me already? How many times have you saved me already?”

Everyone was shocked that Lingfeng had the tenacity to slap and kick the berserk Yi Ping now!

The Universal Old Man panicky said coarsely, “My Heaveness! Don’t provoke him anymore!”

All of a sudden Lingfeng softened her trembling voice, “You…you…I won’t blame you even if you were to take my life now. I won’t blame you. For if I lose you again, I will take my own life once more. You know I will do it. I have done it before. I don’t care for any attainment. Do you know…do you know that knowing you is the happiest day of my life?”

At the moment, several of the maidens had already turned their heads away as they wept silent tears when they had heard Lingfeng the Heaveness!

Even Alice who was known for her coldness and aloofness had turned her head away!

Lingfeng laughed hysterically as she gave him a soft kick, “Yi Ping…Yi Ping…Yi Ping…”

“Do you always have to kick me like this? I will appreciate a harder kick next time.”

Lingfeng and all the others were startled!

It was Yi Ping!

He was rubbing his nose as he gave Lingfeng a pat on her head at the same time while heaving a soft sigh, “Thanks for bringing me back. Now that I am back so please don’t cry anymore, alright? I have heard what you have said…”

Lingfeng was gasping. She slapped him hard and kicked him even harder before hugging him tightly in her embrace, “Ping’Er! Ping’Er!”

Yi Ping heaved a soft sigh as he held her soft hands, “Lingfeng, Lingfeng…Now don’t cry anymore or I will lose it again…”

Lingfeng could feel his warm hands as she cuddled to him, “I dare you to lose it again. I will hate you forever…”

Yi Ping smiled, “That is because your Great Emptiness Translucence isn’t such a great skill after all…”

Lingfeng laughed softly as she kicked him hard, “That is because you are such a bad protégé of mine!”

Yi Ping smiled gently but he quickly said quietly, “Next time don’t be reckless and use your life as a stake. I really don’t know what I will do if you are not around…”

Lingfeng chuckled softly as she said shyly, “Stop it. You won’t! You have so many beautiful maidens around you! And they are not invisible. Can you please pick a better time for this? Like in the bed chamber or something?”

At this moment, everyone was really envious of them but they were all nodding to each other and giving this quiet moment to them!

At the same time the Celestial Liege and Ye Ling were looking at each other, the Ancient Heavenly Sage King and the Sacred Embodied Heavenly Goddess were looking at each other, so were the Nirvana Heavenly Queen and the Heavenly Pagoda King!

“Shouldn’t I be the main lead?”

Everyone was startled for they had recognized Lele’s voice!

Indeed she had appeared from the dark smog. Her face was glowing and she was stroking her hair, “Why is everyone surprise to see me? Don’t you want to hear about the true secrets of the Stellar Sanctuary?”

Yi Ping was startled, “Lele!”

Lie Qing was smiling, “So it is our dear Sister Lele, making a dramatic appearance as always!”

Yi Si was overjoyed, “Mother!”

The Jade Emperor was also overjoyed, “Lele!”

The Celestial Liege smiled, “Isn’t this my sister.”

Ye Ling looked at him as she smiled, “Indeed, indeed!”

Lele yawned softly as she flew into the embrace of the Jade Emperor, “Grandpa! How I miss you so much!”

The Jade Emperor laughed, “Same here. I miss you more than you miss me. So how many Heavenly Relics have you taken from me. And how are you going to repay me then?”