A Martial Odyssey Book 3: The Stellar Sanctuary Chapter 73

Might is Right

As the Heavenly King of Furies sent the Marshal Heavenly King smashing headlong onto the ground with a thunderous impact, he himself was stunned by the combined attacks of the Yun Dingzhong and Old Man Xuantian!

Yun Dingzhong had raised his Mayhem Divine Force with his Triple Trinity Invocation as he raised his fingers to unleash his Divine Scattering Impact, not on Yi Ping and his group but on the Heavenly King of Furies!

At the same time, Old Man Xuantian had also mustered his Dark Primordial Force to strike the Heavenly King of Furies at the back of his head with a thunderous cracking impact!

Even before the Heavenly King of Furies could recover from his startled surprise, Yun Dingzhong and Old Man Xuantian had already hit him a dozen times, each hit more powerful than the last!

In normal circumstance, even though their epitome attacks were extremely powerful but it may not be sufficient enough to bring down the Heavenly King of Furies. But they were inside the Pangu Monument now and the afflictions that they received would be multiple by tenfold!

In that single blink of an eye, they had literally sent the Heavenly King of Furies to his death knell as they broke through his golden body, ripped his heart out as they quickly consumed half of the heart!

Yun Dingzhong laughed aloud as he flashed forward to where Lele was, “While it is not possible to regain our martial strength here but we can!”

Old Man Xuantian laughed creepily, “Yes, by drinking the blood and consuming the vital heart of the others!”

While the others were startled by this happening, they were not really surprised and everyone was now rushing to the dissipating prismatic walls to be as near as possible to the epicenter of the Flower of Life! 

As the unconscious Lele was descending slowly, the shimmering prismatic wall was also shrinking in proportion! 

The Undeniable Heavenly King mustered a great shout as he exercised his entire martial power to push the startled Crescent Heavenly King into the prismatic wall, shocking all the onlookers as the Crescent Heavenly King disintegrated into tiny mushroom dust! 

The Undeniable Heavenly King hummed coldly, “For competing with me, that is what you deserve. But your death will not be vain for you have helped to test the Pangu Celestial Formation!…”

But no sooner had he said that, Yi Ping was already upon him and gave him an implosive strike with the Fantian Sovereign Sword!

As the Undeniable Heavenly King screamed out in pain, Yi Ping had already slashed him a dozen whirling strikes with both his Fantian Sovereign Sword and the Celestial Alice Divine Sword to send him smashing into the prismatic light, disintegrating him!

The Great Khan Heavenly King was intercepted by Lie Qing, Youxue, Lingfeng, Yunzi, Yu’Er and Mei’Er at the same time!

The Great Khan Heavenly King raised his palm and aimed at Lie Qing, “You may have the Invincible Divine Force to protect you but against my strength, you are still nothing!”

Yunzi cried out to Lie Qing, “Watch out!”

It was because Lie Qing was standing right in front of the prismatic light and she knew that if Lie Qing could not withstand the palm strike of the Great Khan Heavenly King, she would be pushed back into the prismatic wall!

She quickly unleashed several bouts of Negative Ley Sword Energies on the Great Khan Heavenly King before whirling her divine sword into a flying sword on him!

The Negative Ley Sword Energies had little effect on the Great Khan Heavenly King as he shook the sword energies away and as for the flying sword attack, he had simply smashed it aside!

But that was enough for Youxue, Lingfeng, Yu’Er, Mei’Er to join hands with Lie Qing as they joined their attacks against the Great Khan Heavenly King!

Barely had the Great Khan Heavenly King exchanged blows with them, they were joined by the Yi Si, the Nirvana Heavenly Queen, the Heavenly Pagoda King, the Sacred Embodied Heavenly Goddess, the Ancient Heavenly Sage King, the Goddess Isa, the Goddess of Mercy, Aiel and Han Lin!

The Great Khan Heavenly King gasped out in bewilderment, “You are all ganging on me? Don’t everyone wants the Flower of Life for themselves?!”

Lie Qing raised her Invincible Divine Force to the twelfth level, displaying twelve shimmering blue discs as the two of them clashed thunderously. She said softly, “Maybe I do want the Flower of Life later but that will naturally have to wait until you are dead!”

While she was secretly startled with the martial power of the Great Khan Heavenly King, she showed no sign of it. It was because deception was itself a strategy. 

She thought secretly, “It is a lucky thing that he is distracted by the rest and is unable to focus fully on me. If Lele is here, what would she do?”

For the first time, she was hoping to borrow a thing or two from Lele. Dirty fighting or not, she knew that she could not afford to lose this battle…

The Great Khan Heavenly King was actually equally startled by Lie Qing’s martial strength. When he saw that she was being surrounded by twelve shimmering blue discs, he knew that her martial strength must be equal or above that of the Western Paradise Heavenly King!

Moreover, he was secretly alarmed when he could sense the Flawless Sword Energy of her divine sword as he thought, “Impossible! If she has attained one with her sword then she may even be able to kill me…”

And when he took a closer look at her divine sword, he turned ashen!

It was because he had recognized her divine sword as the Eternal Light; a divine sword that had once mortally injured him!

While the owner of the Eternal Light was different now but a divine sword such as the Eternal Light never forgot its battles; it would be able to guide and defend its owner especially if its owner had already achieved oneness with it! 

At the same time Old Man Xuantian and Yun Dingzhong were now fighting with the Jade Emperor, the Goddess Asura, the Goddess Celestial Alice, the Divine Golden Kirin, the Western Paradise Heavenly King, Nuwa and Xian’Er!

The battles between them were fierce, startling even the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa and Xian’Er as well!

Yun Dingzhong laughed wickedly, “What? There are so many of you and yet you cannot just the two of us?”

Old Man Xuantian laughed as he knocked back the Jade Emperor and at the same time he had already jumped onto the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa as they exchanged dozens of blows!

He jeered, “What? Where did your earlier arrogance gone to earlier? I can sense that you are faltering!”

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa was a little startled as she secretly whispered to Xian’Er and Alice, “Weird. It seems that they have not only regained their strength but they seemed to have grown stronger…”

Xian’Er and Alice were equally perplexed but they were not able to reply her as they were flashing to and fro!

Everyone seemed to be everywhere as martial explosions exploded in all corners. Literally hundreds of blows and dodges were displayed in a blink of an eye!

Even the Divine Golden Kirin was not spared from the furious attacks as it bellowed aloud in rage!

All of a sudden the Goddess Asura clutched her stomach painfully after receiving several kicks as she rolled onto the floor! 

Alice was startled as she quickly stepped forth to intercept Old Man Xuantian but a startling martial force overwhelmed her and had sent her flying backward!

But the timely intervention of Xian’Er saved the Goddess Asura!

Xian’Er said coldly to Old Man Xuantian, “Just who are you? Why are you concealing your true strength?”

Old Man Xuantian and Yun Dingzhong were laughing aloud as they said, “Just who we are?”

Yun Dingzhong smiled wryly, “Very well then. I will let you know so you won’t die in vain!”

Everyone could see that a dark insignia had appeared on the foreheads of both Old Man Xuantian and Yun Dingzhong!

At the same time their divinity had also increased to the Seventh Immortal Positioning!

Nuwa was startled, “The divine marks of the Outcast Desolate Immortals?! Impossible!…”

She had turned ashen. It was because the Outcast Desolate Immortals were Dark Asuras who fed on even the rest of the Desolate Immortals. She had thought that they were all destroyed a long time ago…

Yun Dingzhong laughed, “You are too strong and leaving us with no choice but to reveal ourselves. We have long forsaken the light. By a lucky chance, we have found the body of a Desolate Immortal in the icy wastes of the Immortal Realm…”

Old Man Xuantian cut in as he laughed, “We have carefully preserved the heart of that Desolate Immortal that we have found, consuming it after we had been sealed by the Great Goddess Fantian.”

Xian’Er said quietly, “The two of you actually have the patience to hold on to your lofty ambitions till the very last…”

Old Man Xuantian laughed as he stared coldly at Xian’Er, “If we don’t then the others may discover our secrets sooner or later.”

Yun Dingzhong waved his white black plum fan as he laughed, “But now, we are stronger than anyone in the Three Known Realms. Even if the Great Goddess Fantian is here today, we do not fear her!”

The Western Paradise Heavenly King shouted angrily as he charged forward with his golden rod, “How dare you!”

Xian’Er had also leapt forward as she displayed several strokes at them!

Nuwa raised her fingers as she flashed next to Xian’Er, “Don’t forget about me too!”

Yun Dingzhong laughed, “Who is afraid of who?”

Immediately the vicinity imploded with thunderous explosions as the five of them clashed at the same time!

When the debris had cleared, Xian’Er, Nuwa, the Western Paradise Heavenly King, Old Man Xuantian and Yun Dingzhong were scurried back at the same time!

Xian’Er gasped as she quickly hid her trembling fingers in her longer sleeves as she thought, “Such power…”

Even Alice, Asura and the Jade Emperor were startled by the martial forces that were generated!

Alice cursed softly as she trembled, “This accursed place has sapped so much of my strength…”

All of a sudden, a lone black figure had suddenly appeared in their midst and he was trembling with rage!

It was Yi Ping!

His eyes were a deep scarlet and electrical charges were zapping around him!

Xian’Er said to him, “Ping’Er? Calm down. We are alright…”

Asura gasped weakly, “Yi Ping?”

But Yi Ping seemed not to hear them but he was muttering, “Asura, Asura…”

Asura gasped silently, “I am here, Yi Ping…”

Nuwa whispered panicky to Xian’Er and Alice, “No good! He seems…to be out of control…”

Yun Dingzhong laughed as he quickly displayed his Divine Shattering Impact at Yi Ping, “So we have another one that is here to die…”

As he flickers his devastating Divine Shattering Impact to strafe upon Yi Ping, he had also raised his other fingers to execute dozens of energy projectiles!

But Yi Ping simply raised his sword and in a single blink of an eye, he had seemingly moved his divine swords in arcing strokes dozens of times as he parried aside dozens of explosive energy projectile, without even bulging! 

Yun Dingzhong was startled, “What the…”

But before he knew it, he was slashed furiously by dozens of strokes as three rings of martial power burst furiously around Yi Ping, dissipating all the remnants of his Divine Scattering Impact!

Old Man Xuantian was startled as he immediately leapt forward to assist Yun Dingzhong!

Yi Ping simply swung his Celestial Alice as six flying swords burst forth from his divine sword to strike and pierced the Old Man Xuantian with an irresistible force! 

Old Man Xuantian immediately coughed out blood as his eyes widened, “Why is that…my martial force and golden body not…protect me…”

Yi Ping was bellowing with rage as he cut down Yun Dingzhong and Old Man Xuantian, “Yun Dingzhong! Old Man Xuantian! Why did you hurt my still unborn child?! Why are you forcing me? Why are you hurting all my friends? If might is right then I will show you what is might and what is right!” 

Asura gasped as she turned ashen, “Ping’Er, calm down!”

Xian’Er had turned very pale, “No good! He has lost control!” 

Meanwhile as the Marshal Heavenly King picked himself up, he was faced with the Lord Supreme, the Immortal Saint of Swords, the Universal Old Man, Skylord Jun, the Martial Sage, the Celestial Liege, Ye Ling, the Ascension Goddess Ye Yin and the Fiery Phoenix Xingyue! 

He shouted as he sent them all knocking back except for Ye Yin and Xingyue, “How dare you belittle me! Do you think that the whole lot of you can stop me?! What a joke!”

The Ascension Goddess Ye Yin hummed coldly as she raised her divine sword to slash at him furiously while still saying casually to Xingyue, “Hmph! Didn’t we kick the butt of that whatever Fury Heavenly King earlier?”

Xingyue smiled as she raised her palm as she clashed thunderously with the Marshal Heavenly King with her Big Dipper Hands, “Oh um, his name is the Heavenly King of Furies.”

Ye Yin yawned softly, “Whatever…”

The Marshal Heavenly King was a little startled as he displayed dozens of strokes on Ye Yin but it was as though he was fighting the air itself. It was as though this maiden could anticipate all his attacks!

He stammered angrily, “Who…are you?!”

Ye Yin winked, “I am the Ascension Goddess of the Holy Ascension Sect. Remember that!”

All of a sudden the air around her exploded furiously as she kicked and slashed the Marshal Heavenly King, startling him!

The Marshal Heavenly King gasped with disbelief, “This is…the Martial Emperor Unifying Force!?”

Ye Yin hummed coldly as she flashed her Blessed Heaven, enveloping it with the burning martial force of the Martial Emperor Unifying Force as the ground beneath collapsed with earthshaking violence, “Consider it your honor to be slain by the Ascension Goddess!”

The Lord Supreme, the Universal Old Man, the Immortal Saint of Swords, Skylord Jun, the Celestial Liege, the Martial Sage and Ye Ling were all startled by the martial power that had just burst forth from the Ascension Goddess that they had all stepped back panicky! 

Xingyue raised her eyebrows, “You are able to awaken the sanctorum power of your divine sword on your own?”

Ye Yin winked at her, “Do you feel surpass by me? I won’t lose to you. My Blessed Heaven and the Martial Emperor Unifying Force are one since the very beginning. With my Purity Spirits and my practice now, it isn’t too hard…”

Xingyue smiled angelically, “It remains to be seen yet.”

The Marshal Heavenly King interrupted as he shouted angrily, “Do not belittle me!…”

All of a sudden there was a lightning flash as Yi Ping burst forth from the gray smog as dozens of sword strokes were executed in a few blinks of an eye, literally tearing the Marshal Heavenly King apart!

When the Marshal Heavenly King had died, his eyes were still wide-opened with disbelief!

It was because in that single instant, Yi Ping had simply cut him down with an irresistible force and had seeming become an enraging berserker!

Xingyue and the others were all startled as well!

It was because none of them except for Ye Yin could really see his strokes! 

And Yi Ping was looking different now!

He had a look of despair in his eyes and he was muttering to himself, “Lele! Lele! I won’t allow anyone to hurt you!”

The look on his face was frightening and beholden to look upon! 

Even Ye Yin and Xingyue were shocked at his transformation and they were too stunned to move!

Yi Ping continued to mutter, “I…I don’t want to kill you but you are leaving me with no choice…”

He was grasping his chest, “I have…killed another…”

All of a sudden he turned to his left as he muttered grievously, “Qing’Er!”

With a quick flash, he had disappeared into the dark smog and the next thing that they had heard was the terrifying scream of the Great Khan Heavenly King!

Everyone began to turn ashen immediately!

Xingyue was shivering as she fell onto her knees and so did the Ascension Goddess Ye Yin! 

They were now weeping silence tears!

The Celestial Liege was looking at the Lord Supreme, the Skylord, the Immortal Saint of Swords, Ye Ling, the Martial Sage and the Universal Old Man…

All of them had a grave expression on their faces! 

The Universal Old Man was trembling, “As practitioners, we must always keep our emotions under control or we will invite self-destruction upon ourselves. The heart emotion exists in all the divinity stages. The higher our attainment, the greater is the risk…alas, he is really too sentimental…”