A Martial Odyssey Book 3: The Stellar Sanctuary Chapter 70

The True Celestial Alice!

Except for the stellar light that provided a sense of direction; the entire hall was covered with thick plumes of debris, filled with brilliant flares that appeared and disappeared just as suddenly as deafening sounds of endless explosive impacts could be heard resounding throughout the gigantic hall!

The Tribute Heavenly King flashed his Dark Catastrophe as he flanked the Goddess Celestial Alice and the Goddess Isa aside, sending them scurrying backward!

He said coldly, “So is that all you got? Alice? Isa? I am so disappointed. I am expecting more from you.”

With another move, he had raised his sword to exchange fourteen explosive strokes with Alice and Isa again before he sent them slamming onto the floor while kicking the Golden Kirin Cub out of the way!

The Golden Kirin Cub moaned softly as it hit the ground with a slamming impact before it remained motionless! 

Alice grasped her abdomen as she coughed out blood as she tried to pick herself up, “You…have already attained the Seventh…Immortal Ranking!”

The Goddess Isa was extremely pale and before she could pick herself up, the Tribute Heavenly King had dragged her up by her golden hair as he laughed icily, “For the past ten thousand years, you are not the only ones that have shown improvements. Even though we are all at the Seventh Immortal Rank but there is still a huge gap between us. This is the difference between a first generation immortal and a second generation immortal!” 

Alice’s wrist was trembling but she mustered all her strength to swing her Astronomic Eulogy at the throat of the Tribute Heavenly King while Isa lifted her Divine Constellation upward at the same time too!

The Tribute Heavenly King raised his divine sword to send the divine swords of Alice and Isa flying out of the way as he mused, “You may be thinking how brilliant you are in luring me out of the way of your group. However, the truth is that I am unwilling to let the other Heavenly Kings know of my true strength. While I sit on the fence, I am going to have my fun in watching the Jade Emperor and the rest tear themselves apart.”

He raised Alice and forcefully kissed her on her lips and did the same to Isa as well, “I am short of a heart of an immortal practitioner of the Seventh Immortal Rank to attain the Eighth Immortal Rank…”

Alice screamed, “You…are a Dark Immortal!”

The Tribute Heavenly King grinned coldly, “Isn’t it too late to realize it now?”

Isa kicked the Tribute Heavenly King in fury, “Don’t touch me!”

The Tribute Heavenly King laughed coldly, “The two of you are the most beautiful maidens in the Immortal Realm. It will be such a pity to kill the both of you. Unfortunately only one of you can live to join my Unification Plan and the other must die. The first one that begs me will live and get to Dual Celestial with me. So Alice and Isa, quickly decide on your fate now!”

Isa was startled as she gasped breathlessly, “The Unification Plan? You…are with the Ascetic Heavenly King and the…Dark Primordial Heavenly King?” 

The Tribute Heavenly King laughed, “I am not only with the Ascetic Heavenly King and the Dark Primordial Heavenly King, I am also with the Lord of the Enigma Chaos and that is not all; I am also their overlord! You may address me as the Dark Catastrophe Emperor!”

He gripped Alice’s chin to kiss her violently while moving his hands into her bodice, “Alice, surrender your soul and body to me! Do you know that I have covet you since the beginning!”

Alice struggled weakly as she caught hold of, “I won’t…yield! Kill me!”

Isa kept completely quiet as she was completely disgusted by him. She was trembling nonstop as she muttered wordlessly, “Yi Ping…I will not surrender to anyone but you…”

The Dark Catastrophe Emperor smiled coldly, “How strong willed. Then don’t blame me Alice. Why is Isa keeping so quiet? Are you shy? Or are you secretly hoping to become my chosen?”

Isa willed her last remaining strength as she zapped him with a blue streak of thunderous lightning that exploded resoundingly as she gasped, “Fat hope! I will…sooner die than be defiled by you!”

The Dark Catastrophe Emperor mused wryly, not affected by the lightning attack. “Your feeble struggle is futile. It is just the two of you. I will break your golden bodies and consume your souls…”

All of a sudden a dark figure was flung from within the dusty debris and was slammed onto the floor with an incredible thunderous impact!

The dark figure landed next to the Dark Catastrophe Emperor and was recognized as the Lord of the Enigma Chaos who crumbled motionless on the ground!

And another figure in white flashed angrily from the thick smog. It was Yi Ping!

He shouted angrily, “Let them go! At once!”

Alice and Isa were startled as they cried out at the same time, “Yi…Yi Ping!”

The Dark Catastrophe Emperor was startled as he stared at the motionless Lord of the Enigma Chaos, “What…the…”

Before he could recover from his astonishment, Yi Ping had already drawn his swords on him at an incredible speed that sent him flying backward to slam upside down on the wall with a thunderous impact!

As the Dark Catastrophe Emperor shook himself up from the surprise attack to stare angrily at his attacker, Alice and Isa had already picked up their divine swords as they leaned onto Yi Ping! 

The Goddess Celestial Alice looked at lovely dovely at Yi Ping, “You are here!”

The joy in her eyes was unmistakable! 

The Goddess Isa was equally elated as she leaned intimately with her bosoms on Yi Ping’s left arm, “I know that you will surely come in my darkness hour of need…”

Her eyes were filled with deep moving passions as she looked passionately at him! 

Yi Ping replied softly, “I am not so far away. I have heard your cries, Isa. I am sorry that I have come late. I will avenge your honor for you…”

The Goddess Celestial Alice murmured softly too, “And for my honor as well…”

Yi Ping nodded as he tightened his grip on his divine swords in teething rage. It was because for an unknown reason, hurting Alice brought an unspeakable fuming rage in his soul. It was as though he could feel the Dark Chaos Lord in him, reprimanding him of his failure to protect her!

And his failure to protect Alice brought a double guilt in him because Alice was the one that had enlightened him, unsealed the Celestial Alice of the Dark Chaos Lord for him and she had also given his group the precious Negative Core Divine Pills so that they could elevate their attainment as True Celestials!

The Dark Catastrophe Emperor hummed coldly as he flexed his entire strength, “Big words. You may be an Eighth Immortal Positioning immortal but my immortal body is superior to yours. In my eyes, you are only at par with only the Goddess Celestial Alice and the Goddess Isa…”

Yi Ping said quietly, “You are a Dark Immortal and have killed countless number of immortals to reach your present attainment. If you have set your heart to seek true enlightenment, you would have attained the same attainment too.”

The Dark Catastrophe Emperor said coldly as he flashed to attack Yi Ping, “Then very well then. Since you are here, I will eat your heart instead. As for Alice and Isa, I will make slaves out of them…”

The Dark Catastrophe Emperor had raised his dark sword and with a blink of an eye had unleashed a torrential of flurrying attacks that were aimed at Yi Ping’s critical areas!

Yi Ping did not move an inch; he raised his right hand that was gripping the Fantian Sovereign Sword as he swung his sword to parry dozens of times, causing brilliant bursts of lights to burst thunderously around him!

The Dark Catastrophe Emperor was startled as he thought, “He can see through all my strokes?…”

All of a sudden Yi Ping had swung the Celestial Alice with a flurry of explosive strokes to send the Dark Catastrophe Emperor scurrying backward as flurries of wind blades struck his sword and the impact of this force was so thunderous that it was like a mountain crashing down!

The Dark Catastrophe Emperor was secretly startled as he did not expect his opponent’s strength to be so strong!

But even before he could recover from the attacks, six beaming swords out of nowhere had flown out from the swung of Yi Ping’s Fantian Sovereign and flew towards him!

Isa clapped, “The Thousand Memories Swords!”

The Dark Catastrophe Emperor shouted thunderously as he raised his sword, “I am impervious to all sword energies!”

The six beaming swords seemed to have swayed as five of the beaming swords exploded with a thunderous impact as the Dark Catastrophe Emperor parried it!

But the sixth beaming sword had struck the left shoulder of the Dark Catastrophe Emperor, exploding thunderous into fragments of blades as smothering plumes rose from the thunderous explosion!

The Dark Catastrophe Emperor took a step back as he looked over the broken blade that was struck in his left shoulder and was further startled, “This is a real sword!?!”

All of a sudden there was a malevolent dark flash in the eyes of the Dark Catastrophe Emperor!

Alice had caught this malevolent dark flash and was alarmed. She quickly said to Yi Ping panicky, “Yi Ping, hurry and merged the Fantian Sovereign with your Celestial Alice before it is too late. You must slay him now…”

The Dark Catastrophe Emperor shook with anger, “This is already too late! I will never let you forget the price for injuring me!”

All of a sudden a dark aura seemed to have surrounded him as his dark sword seemed to grow even longer, as long as the Goddess Isa’s divine sword!

Isa gasped, “Too late! That is his Desolate Heavenly Relic!”

Yi Ping was startled, “The Desolate Heavenly Relic?”

The Dark Catastrophe Emperor laughed and his voice had suddenly increased a great many multitude, shaking the vicinity. “You must be surprised that I am in possession of an ancient desolate artefact. This is my true strength. Not to worry, I won’t let you die so easily.”

While he was saying, zapping electricity and powerful fluxes of energy vortexes had gathered around him! 

Yi Ping panicky said to Alice and Isa as he mustered seven beaming golden discs around him, “Stay behind me!”

But he had made no attempt to merge the Fantian Sovereign and the Celestial Alice together! 

Alice caught hold of his fingers as she trembled with a smile, “This…feeling. Don’t tell me you have…”

Yi Ping nodded lightly, “The Celestial Alice is finally whole now. The Celestial Antonym Alice and Celestial Synonym Alice will never be separated again. I have merged their sanctorum abilities into one now…”

The Goddess Celestial Alice appeared to be extremely moved while the Goddess Isa was startled to see the trembling emotions that accompanied for she had never seen Alice in such an emotional state!

Isa murmured, “Alice?”

Alice was beaming with tears as she grasped Yi Ping’s hands to her bosoms as she said with great melancholy, “Yes! The Celestial Alice is finally whole and so is my heart as well!”

At this moment only Yi Ping and Alice were able to understand the significant of the whole Celestial Alice! 

That was because Alice had aided the Dark Chaos Lord to re-forge his two swords into divine swords at a costly price to her own attainment. Later on, she would seal the two Celestial Alices as one again and only the true Dark Chaos Lord would be able to unseal the Celestial Alice! 

But that was not all. The Goddess Celestial Alice had actually placed a second seal on the Celestial Alice; if the Dark Chaos Lord could harmonize perfectly with the Celestial Alice then he could be able to feel her heart desire to unite the Celestial Alice between them as one again because she had already given her heart and soul to him! 

And Yi Ping did!

By doing so, the Celestial Alice would never be separated again and their souls would be linked together as one forever!

This new Celestial Alice would also boost the two sanctorum powers of the Celestial Antonym Alice and Celestial Synonym Alice, becoming an immortal sword that could rival the Fantian Sovereign and the Heavenly Tears immortal swords! 

Alice muttered with emotional heartfelt, “We…will never be separated again. You have…finally felt my heart…”

Yi Ping was equally emotional as he clasped her hands tightly, “Yes, we will never be separated again…”

Isa muttered, “I am so envious…” But she had actually turned aside to swipe her beaming tears. She said weakly, “Will an immortal cry? I am actually crying for Alice?” 

All of a sudden the Dark Catastrophe Emperor had raised his dark sword to hurl dozens of speeding energy projectiles onto Yi Ping!

Yi Ping had immediately raised the Fantian Sovereign to parry one of the energy projectiles which immediately exploded like a brilliant nova over him and the impact was so violent that it seemed that the entire floor was shifting! 

And Alice and Isa were thrown back by the first nova explosion as they were flung with thunderous impact as they hit the walls! 

Isa and Alice gasped at the same time, “Yi Ping!”

Even before the first nova explosion had settled, dozens of nova explosions were already exploding on Yi Ping as more and more energy projectiles flew at incredible speed on him!

When the dozens of energy projectiles had settled, a dark figure was still standing in the midst of the burning air and seven discs of golden wisps could still be seen hovering around him!

In the next moment, Yi Ping’s scarlet eyes and his golden animus with nine encircling golden dragons could be seen flashing briefly!

This was Yi Ping’s Golden Impervious Body, the Golden Invincible Force and the Nine Divine Golden Dragons of his Dark Emperor Robe! 

The ground around Yi Ping was completely leveled to a depth of a metre except for where he was standing!

Yi Ping said coldly, “Is that the best that you can do?”

The Dark Catastrophe Emperor was stunned, “Impossible!”

It was because the destruction that he had caused was enough to level even a mountain and could even damage the impervious floor of the Stellar Sanctuary! 

He had unleashed sixty energy projectiles in a blink of an eye and every single energy projectiles were parried aside by this Yi Ping!

And what’s more, this Yi Ping had withstood sixty most destructive blasts that could move the mountains without even flinching!

Yi Ping murmured as he summoned another two hovering golden discs, “You have come to the Stellar Sanctuary to claim the Essential Righteous Energy of the Great God Pangu?…”

Isa was so startled when she saw that there were nine hovering golden wisps around Yi Ping now that she gasped excitingly, “Yi Ping has advanced his Golden Invincible Force to the Ninth Level!”

Yi Ping continued, “But do you know that I have already claimed the Essential Righteous Energy right at the very start?”

The Dark Catastrophe Emperor bellowed maddening, “Rubbish! No one will be able to obtain the Essential Righteous Energy without reaching the very top! None other shall be the next Great God Pangu except for me!”

He immediately unleashed tens of energy projectiles to speed at Yi Ping! 

But Yi Ping began to flash forward as he raised his swords to parry volleys after volleys of deadly energy projectiles, deflecting and imploding the energy projectiles with deadly accuracy all around him!

This caused the whole vicinity to shake so violently and the thunderous explosives were so brilliant that it was like the noon sun! 

Altogether the Dark Catastrophe Emperor had unleashed ninety energy projectiles before Yi Ping made contact with him!

And in just three blinks of an eye, a further two dozen sword strokes took place between the Dark Catastrophe Emperor and Yi Ping!

Before the Dark Catastrophe Emperor had even realized it, all his sequence attacks were all dismantled by Yi Ping as he received tremendous slashes one after another by Yi Ping that were so powerful that it exploded even more thunderous than his energy projectiles!

Yi Ping shouted as he swung his two swords with great agility and speed, “This is for Alice and this is for Isa!”

The Dark Catastrophe Emperor had taken more than seven deadly slashes before his golden body broke under Yi Ping’s relentless attacks. All in all, Yi Ping had slashed at him twenty times in just three blink of an eye!

He simply could not believe his eyes; even with the protection of the Desolate Heavenly Relic, this Yi Ping’s slashes could be so powerful as to break through his golden body and had caused him such agonizing pain!

Most importantly; after the twenty strokes exchanges, this Yi Ping seemed to be able to anticipate the rest of his strokes and techniques, causing his defenses to completely break down!

He could only stumble backward in a hurry as he gasped pathetically, “How did you know which way I am going to move my…attacks…”

But before he could get his answer and before Yi Ping could answer him, a gigantic Golden Kirin had suddenly appeared from behind him and swallowed him whole!

Yi Ping, Alice and Isa were startled by the sudden happenstance!

This gigantic Golden Kirin was beautiful and bigger than all the other Golden Kirins that Alice had ever seen. She gasped in disbelief, “This is a Divine Golden Kirin! And…”

Isa gulped, “This is our…Xiao Ping?”

Indeed this was their Golden Kirin Cub!

The Golden Kirin Cub had suddenly revived and had suddenly burst into gigantic proportions to swallow up the Dark Catastrophe Emperor!

Yi Ping smiled weakly at the gigantic Divine Golden Kirin who seemed only too happy to see them!

It shook its beaming golden scales that radiated halo of golden before giving Yi Ping and Alice a hearty rub!

Yi Ping was startled by the tremendous strength of the rub that he had just felt. It was a lucky thing that they were high ranking immortals or else this gentle rub would have immediately crushed them! 

He muttered weakly, “Did it just swallow an ancient desolate artefact…”

Alice patted it, “Xiao Ping! You are now a divine beast! Excellent!”

Isa was literally speechless, “How strong is this divine beast?”

Alice seemed to ponder as she stared at it for a while before she smiled weakly, “As strong as an immortal of the Eighth Immortal Rank…it gains so much power for swallowing the Dark Catastrophe Emperor and the Desolate Heavenly Relic…”

Yi Ping was stunned as he muttered, “Luckily it is on our side…”

All of a sudden, the stellar light in the middle of the hall was glowing even brighter and it seemed that the entire hall was seemingly moving!

Isa was alarmed, “It seems that someone has triggered the formations of the Flower of Life!”

Alice was also alarmed as she quickly moved her fingers in quick succession to divine for answers. With great disbelief in her eyes, she turned quickly to Yi Ping to say. “The Universal Harmonic Chain is the key to unlock the Flower of Life! And someone has already used the Universal Harmonic Chain to move the formations!”

Yi Ping was startled, “Lele?!”

It was because the Universal Harmonic Chain was with Lele!

Isa was stunned, “She is the key?!”

Yi Ping panicky said, “We have to go to the middle of the hall now!”