A Martial Odyssey Book 3: The Stellar Sanctuary Chapter 67

Deadly Duels

A dozen attackers had immediately sped to attack Yi Ping and his group and their movements were all dazzling fast!

The Lord of the Enigma Chaos retorted, “We will like to see how many can you hope to save!”

Yi Ping was immediately alarmed and at the same time, the Great Insight Heavenly King gave a wicked laughter as he exploded a wave of martial force onto Yi Ping which sent him knocking backward!

He immediately retaliated with several bursts of sword energies at the Great Insight Heavenly King!

The Great Insight Heavenly King simply imploded the sword energies into nothingness with his sword but not before exclaiming with shock, “You know the Flawless Sword Energies?” 

But before Yi Ping could see where the Great Insight Heavenly King was heading to, he was attacked on three sides by at least six Heavenly Kings!

Xian’Er gasped as she attacked the two Heavenly Kings who were attacking Yi Ping, “Ping’Er!”

But Yi Ping turned to the others behind him as he shouted panicky, “Everyone! Group yourself in three and don’t come near me! Form the Celestial…”

Yi Ping was amused as he left his last remarks unfinished. It was because he wanted to ask everyone to form the Celestial Star Formation but he had suddenly realized that not everyone knows how to form the Celestial Star Formation, “Look at me, I am so silly. I am becoming more like Lele!” 

The Lord of the Enigma Chaos had flashed towards Han Lin and the Goddess Aiel with startling speed as he rained ten bursts of explosive forces onto them!

With just a look, he knew that they were among the weakest of the group!

Aiel was startled as she raised her divine sword to defend herself while Han Lin did the same!

Aiel was thinking, “Is this the end of me now? Is love so hard for me to attain? Yi Ping…”

Han Lin was also startled as she made a feeble attempt to defend herself. It was because she was aware of the martial prowess of these first generation immortals. If they wanted them dead, to them it was a really simple thing! 

Han Lin was almost in tears as she saw the Lord of the Enigma Chaos and several others tearing through the defenses of their group. She knew instantly that they were aiming for Aiel and her. Against these opponents, they were totally helpless to defend themselves! 

She muttered her last prayer, “Yi Ping, I know that I don’t deserve you. Not even your tiny attention. I want to say to you all this while…I love you…farewell…Yi Ping…”

The Lord of the Enigma Chaos smirked wickedly as he flashed onto Aiel and Han Lin with his long black spear from an unhindered position as he shouted, “You two little damsels are not fit to wield your divine swords. Why not give me to melt it into a superior heavenly relic to aid my divinity progress!”

Just as the Goddess Aiel and Han Lin were grasping panicky at their imminent doom, Yi Ping had flashed just in time between them to intercept the Lord of the Enigma Chaos with a startling martial impact with his Fantian Sovereign Sword and the Celestial Alice Sword!

The Lord of the Enigma Chaos was thrown back by the sudden appearance of Yi Ping as he crashed on the wall behind him with a thunderous impact!

He gasped in disbelief, “What the heck!” 

It was because just a moment ago, Yi Ping was being tied down by four other Heavenly Kings and he was astonished by how fast Yi Ping was able to break free from his encirclement! 

Aiel and Han Lin gasped with heartfelt emotions, “Yi Ping!”

At this very instant, Aiel and Han Lin took a step forward and would almost fly straight into his embrace. It took them considerable effort to restraint their throbbing heart! 

But Yi Ping did not turn around. Instead he had engaged the Lord of the Enigma Chaos immediately and their clashes erupted thunderously in the hall!

Aiel pursed her lips as she muttered, “I am so useless. I am an immortal with a divine sword. I live in vain all these years…”

Han Lin chuckled, “You mean you have slept in vain all these years…”


The Heavenly King of Furies was furious, really furious!

Ye Yin the Ascension Goddess laughed softly, “Are you trying to hit me or are you trying to hit her? If you are trying to hit me then you must be terribly bad at it.”

But even before the Heavenly King of Furies could answer her, he was struck by several sword thrusts of the Xingyue the Fiery Phoenix!

He quickly turned his sword to unleash dozens of sword energies implosions on her but she blinked out of his way in an instant! 

Xingyue struck him another blow on his back as she said coldly, “Only Yi Ping can touch me. Not you!” 

He was astonished at how fast this maiden could move and executed her moves!

He could only gasp before he was struck by both Ye Yin and Shen Xingyue at the same time, “Who are the two of you…”

Ye Yin spat as she gave him a sudden slap, “You think you are fit to know my name?”

The Heavenly King of Furies was stunned by the sudden painful slap. This slap was not really painful but the fact it had breached his natural defenses stunned him and he had recognized this martial force as the Martial Emperor Unifying Theorem!

He gasped with shock, “How did you know the Martial Emperor Unifying Theorem? Do you know the Martial Emperor Heavenly King?”

And the strength of her Martial Emperor Unifying Theorem was not beneath the Martial Emperor Heavenly King! 

Indeed Ye Yin had quickly reached the highest level of the Martial Emperor Unifying Theorem due to her acute energy sense! 

Ye Yin replied, “He is my grandson!”

The Heavenly King of Furies was furious as he exercised his real martial strength, “Rubbish! By provoking me, you are only playing with fire!”

The Great Insight Heavenly King was startled by the stubborn retaliations of the Universal Old Man, the Lord Supreme, the Immortal Saint of Swords and Skylord Jun!

No sooner had he engaged one, the other three would engage him fiercely to save the other!

There were several thunderous impacts as the Great Insight Heavenly King clashed with the Ultrapowerful Force of the Universal Old Man, the sword techniques of the Immortal Saint of the Swords, the fighting stances of the Lord Supreme and the Skylord Jun!

The Great Insight Heavenly King laughed coldly as he sent them flying, “The four of you must be the top fighters of the Celestial Realm and the Immortal Realm. But it is a pity, I am no ordinary immortal. Honestly speaking, you are not even close to the Goddess Celestial Alice or the Goddess Isa. Your resistances are futile…”

Skylord Jun hummed coldly as he coughed out blood, “So…what takes you so long then to settle us…then…”

The Immortal Saint of Swords sundered the vicinity with his sword energies and deadly sword strokes but those had no effect on the Great Insight Heavenly King!

Even the Lord Supreme, the strongest Celestial in the Celestial Realm was also faltering! 

The Universal Old Man was slammed onto the ground as his protective martial force was broken with just a single hit from the Great Insight Heavenly King. He was muttering almost incoherent, “My Heaveness, Yi Ping…to think that I will meet my end today…”

He knew that it was due to the fierce resistances that were put up by the four of them that they had survived so far. 

There was a little tear in his eyes as he suddenly remembered the Lady Winter Plum, “She is really a lovely lady…now it is too late…”

Youxue, Yunzi and Lingfeng had grouped together to face an old man with long whiskers. 

They were perspiring and were helpless against him.

This old man with long whiskers was laughing jovially, “It is futile to fight against me. Little beauties, why don’t the three of you join my harem? I, the Crescent Heavenly King will surely treat you well!”

Lingfeng the Heaveness gasped as she flashed next to him to deliver dozens of strokes, “Shameless!”

The Crescent Heavenly King laughed jovially as he parried her secret sword strokes with his hands, “You may be the loveliness but you also have a quick temper. This is really no good for your future attainment…”

Lingfeng was furious as she gave him a powerful kick to the left but it was quickly blocked with just a simple gesture from the Crescent Heavenly King. 

Yunzi flashed next to Lingfeng as she executed a flying sword on the Crescent Heavenly King and her divine sword struck the body of the Crescent Heavenly King before it rebounded and landed with a thunderous impact on the ground!

She gasped with shock and disbelief, “His body is as hard as steel!”

The Crescent Heavenly King laughed, “Little beauty, your sword skill and techniques are indeed formidable. But it is a pity that you are just a lowly Celestial while I am a mighty immortal…”

Just as he was laughing haughtily, Youxue had slashed his face and drawing blood with a golden flash of light as she materialized the Nine Cauldron Divine Sword!  

The Crescent Heavenly King was startled as he touched his face as he stared at Youxue, “What is your sword?”

But when he saw the shimmering golden sword that was in her hand, he quickly recognized it as one of the ancient desolate artefacts that existed since time memorial, “This is the Divine Nine Cauldron? How did you come to possess it?”

As he tried to grab the Nine Cauldron Divine Sword from her, his hand was scorched. He was shocked that his impervious protective force could be burnt by the divine animus of the Divine Nine Cauldron just like this! 

Youxue said, “You must think that we are all weaklings but today, you will pay for the price of offense!”

The Crescent Heavenly King quickly mustered his internal strength as he launched dozens of martial projectiles on her but Youxue dispersed his attacks with a swing of her sword.

Youxue said coldly, “Is that the best you can do? You don’t dare to come close to me?”

The Crescent Heavenly King roared with anger, “I don’t dare to come close to you? Little beauty, I just don’t want to hurt you. But you have really provoked me!”

With just a flash, he had skipped past the relentless attacks that were coming from Lingfeng and Yunzi, appearing next to Youxue in the next instant!

He had appeared in the blind spot of her sword attacks to say coldly to her, “I am appreciative of your mesmerizing beauty but you are leaving me with no choice!”

In the next second, he had slammed onto her with his huge hand!

But Youxue had quickly retaliated with her hand and there was a sudden explosive force that sent both of them backward!

The Crescent Heavenly King was startled as he stumbled three steps back as he stammered with shock, “The Great Desolate Force?! You are a Desolate Immortal?”

Youxue said coldly, “Hmph! Isn’t it too late to realize your folly now?”

The Tribute Emperor Heavenly King said coldly, “We have met again. You are Alice and you are Isa. How many years have it been?”

This was not a question at all. He obviously knew them well. 

Alice answered calmly, “Ten thousand years.”

Isa was quiet as she gripped her divine sword, not making a move. 

The Tribute Emperor Heavenly King nodded, “The Goddess Theocracy is one of the first immortal clans in the lofty Nine Heavens. Your position in the Immortal Realm is unique among the immortals. You are the high priestess of the Great Pangu and holder of the mysteries of the Stellar Sanctuary. Many immortals have courted you and you did not yield.”

Alice gave a simple nod.

The Tribute Emperor Heavenly King said, “Do you still remember the purpose of our existence?”

Alice replied, “To transcend to the forbidden realm of the Eternal.”

The Tribute Emperor Heavenly King nodded, “And now we are all here. You are going to oppose us? Have you forgotten the reason why we have opposed the Jade Emperor?”

Alice said coldly, “That is another matter. I am still opposed to him. Without my permission, any immortals that trespassed upon the Stellar Sanctuary will be punishable by death.”

The Tribute Emperor Heavenly King smiled coldly, “Really? You have indeed grown stronger since the last time that we have met. Your immortal sword may give you the strength to contest most of the immortals and even the equal of the lesser Heavenly Kings. But without the full strength of the Goddess Theocracy backing you, even if you have already attained the Seventh Immortal Positioning, do you think that you have a chance to contest against me?”

The Goddess Isa said coldly as she flashed her newly acquired Dragon Silver Robe, “Why don’t you try the strength of our Seventh Immortal Positioning beforehand instead of wasting your breath with us? Or are you afraid of meeting the same fate as the Old Dragon Heavenly Sage?”

The Tribute Emperor Heavenly King asked solemnly, “He is dead now?”

Isa replied calmly as though she was undeterred by the commotions around her, “Indeed.”

The Tribute Emperor Heavenly King merely gave a nod as he materialized his divine sword in his hands, “Brother Ouyang (Old Dragon Heavenly Sage), to think that you have met your end here against this puny group. I really cannot believe it.”

The Goddess Celestial Alice said quietly, “It seems that you are determined to avenge him.”

The Tribute Emperor Heavenly King smiled wryly, “That is needless to say. Alice, I wonder how your Mystic Stratosphere will fare against my Life Catastrophe Divine Skill?”

Alice took a deep breath as she closed her eyes, “Isa, I need your help…”

Isa said knowingly, “So you are prepared to unleash the seventh seal of your Astronomic Eulogy Divine Sword?”

Alice muttered, “Our opponent is too calm and a calm opponent is a dangerous opponent…”

Isa gritted her teeth as she stared coldly at the Tribute Emperor Heavenly King before she cursed softly.

The Tribute Emperor Heavenly King said, “Have you say your last already? My divine sword is the Dark Catastrophe. Today, I am going to drink your blood to quench my thirst and further my attainment with your heart…”

The Sacred Embodied Heavenly Goddess was knocked back by the furious blows of the Great Khan Heavenly King and the Undeniable Heavenly King!

Yu’Er and Mei’Er were also swept aside at the same time! 

The Great Khan Heavenly King roared with laughter, “For a moment, I have thought that you should have improved somehow since you have attained the Seventh Immortal Position. But you are such a disappointment.”

The Undeniable Heavenly King delivered dozens of blows on the Sacred Embodied Heavenly Goddess that forced her to take several steps backward as he amused, “You are just as weak as ever!”

But when he tried to strike her again, a figure blocked his attacks that forced him to scramble backward in a hurry!

A handsome man had stood in his way and at the same time he had also forced the Great Khan Heavenly King to scurry backward! 

The Sacred Embodied Heavenly Goddess gasped, “You have come to help me?”

Indeed it was none other than the Ancient Heavenly Sage King!

He said solemnly, “Even if I am the most iron hearted of man but I cannot allow anyone to bully you!”

The Sacred Embodied Heavenly Goddess was delighted and was extremely touched. Her eyes were beaming as she said excitedly, “I know that you will not leave me in a lurch…”

Yu’Er and Mei’Er looked at each other. It was because they could see from the eyes of the Ancient Heavenly Sage King that he was fond of the Sacred Embodied Heavenly Goddess yet he had carefully avoided eye contact with her.

Yu’Er had suddenly recollected the times when she was the Eclipse Heavenly Goddess. Her situation with the White Sage was the same as the Sacred Embodied Heavenly Goddess…

Mei’Er was also beaming as she whispered almost incoherently, “Don’t make the same mistake as we did with the White Sage…”

The Jade Emperor, the Goddess Asura, Lele, Yi Si, Ye Ling, the Celestial Liege and the Martial Sage had joined hands against Old Man Xuantian, Yun Dingzhong and four other Heavenly Kings!

Lie Qing had also joined in to help Lele as she forced her way through the confusion!

She was dazzling with her nine hovering discs around her!

The other Heavenly Kings were gasping, “The Invincible Divine Force!” 

The Celestial Liege gasped, “Qing’Er…”

But he was quickly interrupted by Lie Qing who did not even turn to look at him, “I am not here to help you but to help my sister and niece. You should treasure Ye Ling with all your heart. Yi Ping is my soulmate now. If he is the boundless sky then I am his vast earth. Till the oceans dry and the rocks crumble to dust, I will only have him in my heart.”

She quickly flashed away as she engaged a Heavenly King, knocking him out of the way with a thunderous implosion. 

The Celestial Liege was startled that Lie Qing’s martial strength now surpassed several of the Heavenly Kings and could even matched Old Man Xuantian and Yun Dingzhong! 

The Goddess of Mercy Gusu Xiang was fighting alongside with Xian’Er against three other Heavenly Kings who had surrounded them while the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa too, was faced with three other Heavenly Kings. 

These six Heavenly Kings were startled by the martial strength of the Celestial Fairy Xian’Er and the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa as they were beaten back repeatedly!

Xiang mused to herself, “Why is that I am feeling that I am being used as a bait against these Heavenly Kings?”

But at the same time she knew that the Celestial Fairy and Nuwa were also protecting her against the powerful Heavenly Kings that were randomly picking targets to attack.