A Martial Odyssey Book 3: The Stellar Sanctuary Chapter 63

The Old Dragon Heavenly Sage

The Golden Kirin that was next to Alice roared back, immediately dissipate the fearsome air of the Old Dragon Heavenly Sage!

The Old Dragon Heavenly Sage was stumped as he stared at the little Kirin, “What is this beast?”

Yi Ping had stepped in front of the group as he interrupted the Old Dragon Heavenly Sage, “What if I refuse to heed you and will like to face your wrath?”

The Old Dragon Heavenly Sage laughed aloud as he swung the Heavenly Tears Divine Sword, “Then I will break your golden bodies and pull out your spine tendons. But of course you won’t die just yet. I will be making sure of that. You will be begging me to end your life but you can’t because you won’t even have the strength for that…”

Yixian said coldly as her malevolent cold aura swept through the vicinity all of a sudden, starting the Old Dragon Heavenly Sage. “Isn’t that enough already? Shouldn’t that be the opposite? You have picked the wrong group to mess up with.”

Yi Ping was a little startled as he looked at Xian’Er; the coldness of her Eternal Heavenly Tears was extremely piercing!

Old Dragon Heavenly Sage asked solemnly, “Who are you?”

Yixian raised her right hand and all of a sudden the Heavenly Tears Divine Sword flew out of the hand of the Old Dragon Heavenly Sage into hers!

The Old Dragon Heavenly Sage was startled as he stared at his bloodied palm! 

He muttered, “It is impossible. With my martial strength, no divine swords will be able to escape from my grip…”

Xian’Er said coldly, “Now it has. Now go!”

Yi Ping had a flinching expression as he muttered, “Xian’Er wait…”

Xian’Er and Nuwa suppressed their urge to giggle. It was because they were now spirit linked to Yi Ping and they could tell that he was eager to fight with the Old Dragon Heavenly Sage! 

Yi Ping smiled bitterly as he looked at the group, “We should at the very least ask him for more information…”

The Old Dragon Heavenly Sage gave a martial shout, “Fat hope!”

He began to point his crooked finger at Xian’Er as he stared coldly at Alice, Isa and Xiang. “Alice, who are they? And why are you on their side!”

The Goddess Celestial Alice flashed her golden eyes, “My lord, I am not your subordinate. Have you forgotten that we are on the opposing side during the First Immortal Wars? Hmph! The Goddess Theocracy only answers to the Great God Pangu!”

The Old Dragon Heavenly Sage cursed angrily, “You will pay for this, Alice…”

He stared coldly at the Goddess of Mercy Xiang, “Xiang, you too? Of them all, you should be on my side. Come on and tell them who you are!”

Yi Ping was startled as he looked at Xiang. He thought, “It seemed that she was quite familiar with the Old Dragon Heavenly Sage…”

Xiang said quietly, “I am a chess-piece of the Old Dragon Heavenly Sage. I…I am sent to spy on the Zen and the Arhat Practitioners…I am sorry…”

All of a sudden her golden eyes began to blaze brightly as she looked at Yi Ping, “But no longer. I have found my life quest purpose. I am not afraid of you anymore!”

The Old Dragon Heavenly Sage roared angrily, “How audacious of you! I will make sure that all of you have wished that you have never offended me!”

Yi Ping interrupted, “Where is the Jade Emperor? Where are the rest of the Heavenly Kings and how many of you are there?”

The Old Dragon Heavenly Sage stared coldly at him, “How did you know of the Jade Emperor? Strange. It seems that you are an immortal but I have never seen you before. And the ones behind you as well. Did I sleep for so long that even the mortals are able to ascend as immortals now…”

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa hummed coldly as she folded her arms, “Hmph! Mortals indeed. I am never a mortal in the first place. You stupid fellow. Why don’t you be my slave and kiss my foot!”

The Old Dragon Heavenly Sage was startled as he roared angrily, “Kiss your foot? My ass! Just who do you think you are? The whole lots of you are ignorant and stupid!”

Xian’Er asked coldly, “You didn’t realize that you are the one that have fallen into our trap?”

The Old Dragon Heavenly Sage roared thunderously, “What do you mean?!”

Xian’Er replied coldly, “We know that there is a lurker but we aren’t sure where you are hiding. Therefore we plan a diversion strategy for you to witness. Also I have purposely thrown my sword in your direction to bait you into showing up. And you did.”

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa hummed coldly, “And you did. If you are not stupid then what are you?”

Yi Ping rubbed his nose. That was indeed the case. They had all got into an act together to lure him out. 

Yixian and Nuwa were the first to detect the lurker and they had immediately swept their glances to the group. They dare not use their great whispering skill because they knew that while there was little chance that their secret whispering skill could be picked up but the lurker may be alerted. Therefore they decided to deploy a ruse to bring the lurker to the open. 

Yi Ping knew that something was wrong because he knew that Xian’Er had always been level headed and would not pick a fight recklessly or be provoked by anyone; if she wants to fight then she will act swiftly and wordlessly! 

He smiled, “Did I act well?”

Immediately all the other maidens said at the same time, “No!”

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa giggled, “You were just too terrible. I can’t believe it!”

Isa fingered her saddle sword as she shook her head, “You move so clumsy, gosh! Your playacting is simply too fake!”

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa smiled wryly, “Regardless we have lured him out now. I thought that he will be something but he is like a mad dog and an old oaf!”

The Old Dragon Heavenly Sage laughed all of a sudden, “Lass, you are too insolent. Your name? I am beginning to like you. So what if it is a trap? Do you think I am really bothered with it at all? You really think that angering me, you can take advantage of my irrational to exploit an opening? That is too amateur, too lame! Haha!”

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa raised her burning eyes as she stared at the Old Dragon Heavenly Sage, “Who am I? Do you think you are fit to know my name?”

The Old Dragon Heavenly Sage had a flinched expression as he saw her golden eyes turned to scarlet and that her Heaven Eye was also beaming with an enticing scarlet in an instant, “Violet eyes! Who are you?! This is the Eighth Immortal Positioning?!”

He took a step backward when he saw that it was the same for Yi Ping and the extraordinary heavenly maiden that was next to him!

He gasped out, “Just who are you?!”

Yi Ping said, “I am Yi Ping.”

Xian’Er replied, “I am the Celestial Fairy!”

Nuwa lifted her fingers, “I am a Desolate Immortal. You can address me as the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa, the lifter of the Encompassing Heavenly Skies.”

The Old Dragon Heavenly Sage gasped, “You are Nuwa! Impossible! The Great God Pangu has sealed you!”

Nuwa said coldly, “Indeed he has but now I am freed. I have heard that this fortress is built to contain the Desolate Immortals, am I right? I will like to see how, really. Hmph!”

The Old Dragon Heavenly Sage laughed all of a sudden as martial force exploded around him and a beaming grey sword was suddenly in his grasp, “Haha, good! To think that today I will be able to feast on the flesh of the Great Goddess Nuwa! Imagine the attainment that I will achieve! This is my celestial sword, the Dragontooth Blade!”

He flashed a dangerous look at Yi Ping and the Celestial Fairy, “And I got two others. What a stroke of luck for me!”

The Sacred Embodied Heavenly Goddess shouted all of a sudden, “Watch out! He is coming!”

All of a sudden the ground below the Old Dragon Heavenly Sage exploded thunderously and he had jumped directly towards the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa with an explosive sonic boom! 

Nuwa gasped aloud, “What’s the…”

Yi Ping shouted, “Not so easy!”

He had suddenly jumped to intercept the Old Dragon Heavenly Sage with his raised swords and on impact there was a thunderous explosive boom that rocked the entire vicinity!

Both Yi Ping and the Old Dragon Heavenly Sage both skidded backward with a startled look in their eyes!

Yi Ping gasped breathlessly, “So strong…”

He had felt his martial strength being sapped away when they had clashed with each other!

The Old Dragon Heavenly Sage croaked, “What? You can withstand my Sky Dragon Strike?”

Isa, Alice, Xian’Er, Asura, the Sacred Embodied Heavenly Goddess, Nuwa and Xiang had immediately surrounded Yi Ping as they gasped panicky, “Are you alright?”

Isa said, “Yi Ping, are you alright? I don’t believe that if we all attack him at once, we are not his match!”

Alice said quietly, “The Dragontooth Blade is a formidable celestial sword whose divine strength is almost without parallel. Coupled with his Divine Dragon Strength and his Formidable Dragon Force, you can well imagine his strength. Moreover he is protected by his Impervious Dragon Silver Robe, we got to throw in our everything against him…”

The Old Dragon Heavenly Sage smiled wryly, “Unfortunately, you can’t exercise your martial powers here while my already formidable martial power is further enhanced. A little unfair and I don’t like it…”

All of a sudden Yi Ping unsheathed his Fantian Sovereign Sword with the other hand, “I don’t like this too so why don’t we fight one to one?”

Xiang gasped, “Yi Ping!”

Isa shook her head and said, “No!”

The Old Dragon Heavenly Sage stared at the Fantian Sovereign Sword, “This is the Pangu Sword? How did you have it?! Give it to me! You are not fit to have it.”

Yi Ping said solemnly as he stepped forward, “If you are able to defeat me then you can have the Fantian Sovereign Sword naturally.”

Without turning back, he lowered his head to say quietly. “You have seen his power? None of you will be able to handle him. Rather than sacrificing any of you, why don’t I fight him alone?”

Nuwa cursed softly, “If I have the Divine Nine Cauldron Sword, I will surely be able to fight you…”

Xian’Er raised her Heavenly Tears Divine Sword, “Ping’Er, I can fight alongside with you!”

But Yi Ping had already lifted the Fantian Sovereign Sword high up as three encircling bursts of martial force had surrounded him, “Xian’Er, no please. He is too formidable.”

He divine whispered to Xian’Er and Nuwa, “Help me to restraint the others. If we joined in together then it will only be in his advantage and our movements will be restrained and even predicted by him. Trust me, I have a way to win this.”

Xian’Er nodded reluctantly…

Nuwa said quietly, “Let him be. Everyone move back!”

The Old Dragon Heavenly Sage hummed coldly, “Very well, I accept your challenge then!”

Immediately the two of them were encircling each other rapidly! 

And they walked more and more rapidly until they were a blur!

Everyone was holding their breath!

All of a sudden Yi Ping and the Old Dragon Heavenly Sage exploded into clashed with each other as their vicinity exploded with their thunderous sword strokes and martial energies! 

Yi Ping flashed his Celestial Alice and the Fantian Sovereign Sword while the Old Dragon Heavenly Sage raised his Dragontooth Blade!

Their clashes were titanic, causing the ground below and their forward swings to explode with their martial forces! 

In no time, they had exchanged dozens of fast strokes! 

Yi Ping gritted his teeth as he absorbed the martial force impact with his own martial force that he was generating!

The Old Dragon Heavenly Sage shouted furiously, “It is no use! I am more powerful and more experienced than you here!”

He had further amplified his martial power again as a series of explosions were flung at Yi Ping!

But to his surprise Yi Ping was surrounded by five hovering golden discs!

He gasped, “What is this? The Golden Invincible Force? How the heck did you learn this skill?!”

He was so upset that he displayed his Dragon Heaven Explosive Technique and immediately the area that they were fighting exploded into a thunderous black vortex that rocked the entire vicinity in a big bang!

Everyone gasped panicky!

It was because they knew what the Old Dragon Heavenly Sage was up to; by imploding the area, he was in effect causing Yi Ping to take an avoidable hit and the afflictions that Yi Ping would receive from his special technique would be further amplified by ten times! 

It was a death blow for sure! 

A 100% certainty! 

No wonder the Old Dragon Heavenly Sage was so sure of victory and so sure of himself!

But to his utter surprise, a bloodied Yi Ping was surrounded by the rainbow of his divine swords that had merged into the length of a saddle sword and surrounding Yi Ping were nine other swords that were hovering protective around him! 

The Old Dragon Heavenly Sage was startled, “What the heck?! You can withstand my martial force? I don’t believe it!”

Once again he raised the Dragon Heaven Explosive Technique and another massive black vortex exploded like a huge fireball that engulfed the two fighters!

Immediately the two fighters were flung off and struck the wall with the furious impact!

A bloodied Yi Ping coughed out blood as his Thousand Memories Swords were dissipated while the Old Dragon Heavenly Sage had also coughed out a bout of blood and there was a crack in his Old Dragon Heavenly Sage!

Almost immediately, the two fighters were staggering and encircling each other again!

The Old Dragon Heavenly Sage gasped, “What are you? You are so bloodied and yet you didn’t die? You are not afraid of pain?”

Yi Ping coughed weakly, “Indeed, my threshold of pain has always been better than most.”

They had just taken a few second of rest and then they were suddenly drawing swords again! 

The Old Dragon Heavenly Sage roared, “Foolish! You are so weak now. Do you know that techniques matter more than just simple strokes!”

He had mustered his martial strength to explode headlong into Yi Ping with a single thunderous flash!

But to his surprise, Yi Ping had suddenly parried his attacks away!

The Old Dragon Heavenly Sage was stunned that a weakened Yi Ping could actually parry his attacks so effortlessly! 

He rained down dozens of strokes at Yi Ping and sending martial explosives to fly everywhere!

But to his astonishment Yi Ping could always evade or parry his attacks!

Unlike the earlier fight, this time he was like fighting against the surface of water! 

The Old Dragon Heavenly Sage roared in disbelief as he displayed the Dragon Heaven Explosive Technique again, “No one can survive my Dragon Heaven Explosive Technique three times! Not even the Jade Emperor!”

And this time he had decided not to toy with this Yi Ping anymore as he mustered all his martial strength and amplified his martial power to its zenith!

The vicinity was so heated up that when the black vortex had exploded, it was like ten big bangs occurring at the same time! 

But all of a sudden everyone could see that the black vortex was seemingly split into two and pushed away by dozens of Yi Ping’s furious swordplay as he displayed the Asper Continuum! 

The Old Dragon Heavenly Sage stared in disbelief, “This is impossible…your sword strokes are so precise…”

But that was the last thing he was able to mutter because Yi Ping’s divine swords had already pierced through his heart!

Everyone was grasping with stunned astonishments…

It was because they had noticed that around Yi Ping were nine golden celestial dragons!

Isa said excitingly, “That is the Dark Emperor Robe…”

Alice said, “No, that is the warrior-god genes of the Dark Chaos Lord…”

Yi Ping gasped weakly, “I am sorry. You have forced me…to awaken…because you are too powerful, my natural instinct has taken over me…”

The Sacred Embodied Heavenly Goddess was staring in disbelief as she muttered, “Impossible! How…how is it possible for him to pierce through his Impervious Dragon Silver Robe, his Heavenly Golden Body and his Divine Dragon Force at the same time…”

Yixian said quietly, “When the Old Dragon Heavenly Sage has used his Dragon Heaven Explosive Technique, there is a time when he will be vulnerable but that is only one hundredth of a second…”

All of a sudden Yi Ping said alarmingly as his body became rigid, “Who is that? Come out of there!”