A Martial Odyssey Book 3: The Stellar Sanctuary Chapter 54

The Guardian Divine Naga

Yi Ping had led them through many corridors and finally to a dangerous steep corridor that was howling with furious windforce and below was a bottomless abyss!

But as they continued their way in a single file on this steep corridor passage, they saw a large platform below them. And in the middle of this platform was a gigantic winged serpent!

He whispered softly, “This is the epicenter of the celestial formation? This is the guardian of the Ten Thousands Celestial Formation?”

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa gasped, “I can’t believe it. You have actually led us to safety all the way into the epicenter of the Ten Thousands Celestial Formation? That means you can actually lead us all the way to the end point too…”

Lingfeng hummed softly, “I say that he is just lucky this time!”

Yi Ping grinned, “I guess that I am lucky.”

Xingyue was flushing as she looked at Yi Ping to defend him, “Sister Lingfeng, in the past the White Sage has an uncanny ability to avoid even the most deadly celestial formations…he was renowned for that in my time…”

Lingfeng laughed softly, “Sister Xingyue, why are you so eager to defend him today? You really want to marry this rascal? He is just a look alike to the White Sage.”

Xingyue said exasperatedly, “Sister Lingfeng, have you forgotten that we…”

She began to fluster as she lowered her voice, “…that we have all married to Ping’Er…”

Lingfeng giggled, “Oh really? I have thought that is just a mock wedding to deceive the Ascension Goddess!”

Xingyue said, “Sister Lingfeng, the wedding may be mock but our pledges are from our heart!”

Lie Qing could not resist saying smiling enchantingly, “Right, right!”

Lingfeng stole a glance at Yixian and Yi Ping as she flushed lightly, “Who wants to be with this rascal forever.”

Yi Ping grinned, “I don’t think you have a choice.”

Lingfeng let go of a fluster smile, “I shall not argue with you. What are we going to do now? This guardian beast looks leagues above our capability to handle. Who knows if we may perish in here?”

Yixian looked at Yi Ping shyly, “I don’t mind being with the one that I love.”

Lie Qing nodded with an enchanting smile, “Same here!” 

Lingfeng whispered, “You are only spoiling him…”

Yi Ping had already turned solemn as he stared at the monstrous shape of the winged serpent. He looked quietly at everyone as he appraised the current strength of everyone…

The current strength level of the status of the group:
Yi Ping (20%)
Yixian (50%)
Lingfeng (60%)
Lie Qing (60%)
Xingyue (60%)
Nuwa (10%)

Finally he asked, “Lady Nuwa, do you know what monster is that? Is it hard?”

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa nodded, “That is a Guardian Divine Naga. A formidable monster. It is as powerful as a Desolate Immortal and I wouldn’t dream of messing with it even if I am in a tip-top condition.”

She lowered her glances, “Let’s turn back. We have no chance against this thing…”

Yi Ping interrupted her with a grin, “Maybe. But if we don’t try how do we know if we aren’t up to it?”

Lingfeng gasped, “Are you serious?”

Yi Ping was trembling lightly as he nodded, “We may preserve our lives if we turn back now but for how long? What about the others who are trapped in this celestial formation as well? Lele, Yi Si, Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Yunzi, Youxue and the others may be in mortal dangers even as we hesitated.”

Yixian asked, “Yi Si? Who is she?”

Yi Ping slapped his head hard as he whispered excitedly, “Xian’Er! I am so forgetful. I have forgotten to tell you that our daughter Yi Si is in the Stellar Sanctuary as well! She has ascended and is a Golden Celestial! She has come with the Jade Emperor and the Celestial Liege!”

Yixian gasped softly and there was a hint of tear in her eyes, “Lele’s daughter is in the Stellar Sanctuary? I really can’t believe it. I have been thinking of her. I wonder how she looks like.”

Lie Qing cursed herself softly, “I have forgotten to tell you too. Yi Si is now a beautiful maiden. Also Youxue is now an immortal. I can’t believe that she has stolen a march on us to become an immortal too!”

Yixian was gasping, “Oh really? Wonderful! So much have happened since I am away?”

Lie Qing smiled, “Yes! I have even perfected my Invincible Divine Force to the twelfth staging!”

Yixian was even more astonished, “The twelfth staging of the Invincible Divine Force!…”

Xingyue smiled, “I am afraid that even I am not Sister Lie Qing’s match anymore!”

The Great Goddess Desolate Goddess Nuwa stole a secret glance at Lie Qing before muttering something incoherent. And then she said sharply, “Don’t forget that we are still in the middle of something serious.”

Yi Ping smiled weakly, “True…”

He pointed to the steep wall before he continued, “All of you shall stay here first. I will jump down to challenge this thing. If something is amiss, I may need help from Xian’Er, Xing’Er and Lingfeng to pull me up to safety.”

Lie Qing was startled, “But Ping’Er, not at your current condition!”

Yi Ping smiled as he looked at her, “Qing’Er, do not worry. I will be alright.”

Lie Qing looked at Yixian, “You are not stopping him?”

Yixian smiled gently as she held onto Lie Qing’s hands, “Let him go first.”

Yi Ping was thankful as he immediately unsheathed his two divine swords as he leapt down the slopes of the steep walls to the epicenter of the chamber below!

This action of his did not escaped notice from the Guardian Divine Naga which immediately opened its red diamond eyes and it was hissing dark vapors from its mouth!

Yi Ping quickly displayed a forward sword stance with the Celestial Alice Divine Sword and a defensive sword stance with the Fantian Sovereign Sword to ready himself for a fight with the Guardian Divine Naga!

His forehead was glowing; he knew that he could only exert a few minutes of forced strength. He was now sustaining his strength just by his sheer willpower and endurance alone! 

He was startled when Yixian, Lie Qing, Lingfeng, Xingyue and the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa had all appeared next to him with alluring smiles!

He gasped, “What are all of you here for? It is dangerous!”

Yixian smiled gently, “Ping’Er, we are here to fight alongside with you.”

Lie Qing brandished her sword next to Yi Ping, “Now I know why Sister Xian wants me to let you go first.”

Yi Ping sighed as he looked at Yixian and Lie Qing before he looked at the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa, “You too?”

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa hummed coldly, “You have better keep an eye on that monster. It is fast stirring up!”

Barely had she warned Yi Ping, the Guardian Divine Naga had sprung toward them with a startling bursting of explosive force! 

Shen Xingyue shouted, “Look out!”

Yi Ping had already flashed in front of the monstrous Naga with his swords as he unleashed a flurry of brilliant sword slashes!

The armor of this Guardian Divine Naga was hard and all his slashes bounced off harmlessly off without even slowing it down!

Because of that by the time he had executed twenty strokes, he was swept by the irresistible force of the Guardian Divine Naga! 

At the same time the Guardian Divine Naga was shrieking aloud as it attacked maddening at Yi Ping with its mouth, wing talons and coiling tail, sending plummet of explosive debris everywhere!

Yi Ping immediately used his divine swords to guard himself and at the same time he had mustered the Golden Invincible Force as six beaming hovering discs protected him from the stampede of the Guardian Divine Naga!

But this only caused the Guardian Divine Naga to increase its fury as it slammed its tail onto Yi Ping, causing his Golden Invincible Force to dissipate and sending him flooring to the ground!

Yixian gasped, “Ping’Er!”

She had immediately executed several bursts of blue streaks with her Icy Heavenly Tears against the gigantic tail of the Guardian Divine Naga and at the same time she had shielded Yi Ping from further attacks with her Absolute Defense!

As she grabbed him, he noticed the purple shimmering glow on her forehead immediately. He was so startled that he muttered, “Xian’Er, you are at the Eighth Immortal Positioning?”

Yixian gasped weakly, “Yes…”

Lie Qing had also appeared next to Yi Ping with her twelve hovering blue discs and there was a tremendous explosive force as she stopped the Guardian Divine Naga dead in its tracks and at the same time she had executed several sword techniques in successive to counter!

Yi Ping was in awe as he thought, “So that is the true strength of her Invincible Divine Force?!”

Yixian, Xingyue, Lingfeng and the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa were also startled that Lie Qing was able to stop the Guardian Divine Naga in its track. This gave them the chance to seek out attack points to make their attacks!

But he quickly regained his balance as he raised both of his divine swords to Sanctorum level as rainbow hues enveloped both his divine swords. 

In the next instant he had mustered his Asper Divinity with three startling burst of martial power as he displayed the Heavens Encompassing Strike!

Immediately there were two streaks of startling explosive that ignited several times across the body of the Guardian Divine Naga!

This sent the Guardian Divine Naga to shriek aloud as the entire ground exploded in a burst of mushroom cloud by its monstrous size and the shockwaves of its terrifying shriek! 

This was the first time that he had used the Fantian Sovereign Sword with his entire martial strength and by now, he was sure that he had the right combination to bring out its fullness divine strength with the Celestial Alice Divine Sword!

That was because he was unsure if he could bring out the full divine power of the Celestial Alice Divine Sword if he did not split it into two; the true sanctorum power of the Celestial Alice Divine Sword lies in the Celestial Antonym Alice Sword and the Celestial Synonym Alice Sword. Therefore the strength of the Celestial Alice Divine Sword was actually a fraction if he did not awaken the Celestial Alice Divine Sword into two!

The sanctorum power of the Fantian Sovereign Sword was to materialize the surreal into the substance. He had realized bitterly that if he was a practitioner of the sword energies then the Fantian Sovereign Sword would be able to enhance the strength of his sword energies several folds!

But it was a pity that he was not a practitioner of the sword energies. Only Lie Qing and Yunzi were true practitioners of the sword energies. He thought, “What if Yunzi were to display the Inverting Eternal Occurrence and Qing’Er were to display the Flawless Sword Energies Techniques?”

He had shivered at that thought!

But after experimenting with the Fantian Sovereign Sword and after the earlier experience when he had released the sanctorum power of the Fantian Sovereign Sword, he was more confident now of grasping mastery over its true divine strength. 

“I think I may be able to do more than that. I must hurry and think fast. I have only a brief opening time while this monster is stunned…”

Therefore as he slashed the Guardian Divine Naga with explosive slashes, he had suddenly released the Fantian Sovereign Sword from his left hand as he split the Celestial Alice Divine Sword into the Celestial Antonym Alice and the Celestial Synonym Alice as he slashed furiously at the same spot where he had unleashed the Heavens Encompassing Strike! 

Everyone was startled when Yi Ping had suddenly split the Celestial Alice Divine Sword into two and had seemingly dropped the Fantian Sovereign Sword. As they stole a quick glance at him, they were startled that there were nine sparking golden dragons that were displaying alongside with him!

And that was not all, the Fantian Sovereign Sword did not drop to the ground but was striking as hard and as quick as both the Celestial Alice Divine Swords as though it was held by an invisible third arm! 

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa gasped, “He has the Dark Emperor Artefact in him?”

Yi Ping naturally did not notice the slight visible glow of the nine dragons that were around him for his entire focus was upon the Guardian Divine Naga; he simply had to take down this monster before he had exhausted his martial strength!

He was slightly started when the Fantian Sovereign Sword was striking the Guardian Divine Naga on its own but he was not entire surprise. It was because he had thought, “If my Thousand Memories Swords is a surreal sword technique then the sanctorum power of the Fantian Sovereign Sword is its ability to enforce the surreal then why don’t I use the Fantian Sovereign Sword as part of my Thousand Memories Swords?”

“If the Dark Chaos Lord is here, how is he going to defeat this beast? No, I am the Dark Chaos Lord…”

Lingfeng had just stabbed the Divine Guardian Naga with her invisible divine sword and was forced to retreat when she noticed the new technique that Yi Ping was using, “That is the Thousands Memories Sword? No, it isn’t quite so!”

That was because she had noticed when Yi Ping had done a double slash on the Divine Guardian Naga, the Fantian Sovereign Sword would make exactly the same move and even replicate the same explosive power. She gasped, “He had become one with the Fantian Sovereign Sword? It is like fighting against someone with three swords…no eleven swords!”

It was because she had noticed that Yi Ping was being surrounded by the eight hovering swords and all eight swords were rotating with startling speed exactly like Yunzi’s flying swords at the Divine Guardian Naga!

They had never seen anything like this and the flying swords were whirling nonstop around Yi Ping, slashing and protecting him from the furious beating of the wing talons of the Divine Guardian Naga while Yi Ping displayed one slashing attack with the Celestial Alice Divine Swords and the Fantian Sovereign Sword!

All of a sudden to the astonishment of the onlookers, the Fantian Sovereign Sword had disappeared and seemingly merged with the Celestial Antonym Alice and the Celestial Synonym Alice and it seemed to glow with brilliant long and the two divine swords seemed to be doubled in length as well!

Just as everyone was anticipating the armor of the Divine Guardian Naga to break, the encircling flying swords that were around Yi Ping dissipated into thin air and Yi Ping seemed to be in a daze, all of a sudden the enraging Divine Guardian Naga had lifted itself as it slammed its weight onto Yi Ping with a thunderous explosive impact that splattered the ground like an earthquake! 

Everyone was gasping with shock! 

The sheer weight of this Divine Guardian Naga could crush anyone!

Everyone except the Great Goddess Desolate Nuwa was all gasping, “Yi Ping!”

The Divine Guardian Naga shrieked with its deafening sonic wave in trumpet as it repulsed everyone backward!

Yixian lost her cool as she raised her Heavenly Tears Divine Sword in a blue streak of light as she pierced at the broken armor parts of the Guardian Divine Naga that Yi Ping had afflicted upon earlier!

At the same time Lie Qing had knocked aside the gigantic wing talons of the Guardian Divine Naga with her entire martial force as she lifted her Eternal Light Divine Sword with several streaks of deadly sword energies bursts!

Her eyes were filled with malevolent and tears as she executed the Exalting Obliteration out of desperation, the most power sword energies technique of the Ceremonial Saint Sword Heavenly King!

Lingfeng and Xingyue were startled; Lie Qing’s divine sword had suddenly turned a brilliant white and the surroundings were filled with deadly sword energies!

Lingfeng gasped, “Qing’Er has awakened the sanctorum power of her divine sword?”

Lie Qing’s Eternal Light and Ye Yin’s Blessed Heavens were ancient immortal swords that already had a sanctorum stone imbued in it. So once the wielder gained mastery over the awakened divine sword, it was just a matter of time for them to awaken the sanctorum power of the divine sword! 

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa was shouting to everyone, “Everyone, do not move recklessly! We are surrounded by deadly sword energies everywhere!”

Even though everyone understood the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa but the Divine Guardian Naga failed to understand as it rampaged through the invisible sword energies as it continued to attack enraging at everyone! 

Needless to say even as the Guardian Divine Naga exploded its fury at Lie Qing, it was being exploded by deadly sword energy bursts at the same time!

As Lie Qing shielded herself with her Invincible Divine Force as she stumbled back weakly, the Guardian Divine Naga was also crumbling to stones at the same time!

She fell to the ground and murmured weakly, “Ping’Er, I did good? But it is a pity that we cannot be together anymore…”

When Yi Ping was crashed by the Guardian Divine Naga, she was so shocked that she displayed the untested Exalting Obliteration. She had no idea if she could gain mastery over the erratic sword energies of this divine sword energies technique. At that moment, she thought nothing of her own safety. Even if it meant that she had to be afflicted by phenomenon deviation, she had to pay this monster pay dearly!

Everyone was stunned by the stunning brilliant sword energies of the Exalting Obliterating that they had just seen!

The intriguing intricate principles of the Exalting Obliterating had aided Yi Ping to create another sword technique which was the Thousand Memories Swords but this Exalting Obliterating that Lie Qing had just executed was the real thing!

It was the highest epitome level of sword energies and was even more powerful than the Inverting Eternal Occurrence!

Lingfeng thought, “No wonder the Ceremonial Saint Sword Heavenly King and the Martial Emperor Heavenly King invoked so much awe from the Heavenly Kings that we have met…”

But she was soon melancholy and a burning heart ache could be felt in her heart!

It was because what good was this victory when Yi Ping was no longer with them?

Yixian, Lie Qing, Lingfeng, Xingyue and even the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa were all quiet. This victory had meant nothing to them at all!

All of a sudden Yixian and the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa gasped at the same time!

It was because they could hear a heartbeat! 

A heartbeat of a man!

Upon seeing their expressions, Lie Qing, Xingyue and Lingfeng appeared to be startled too!

And at the same time Yixian and the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa had flashed to a pile of debris and had quickly cleared it!

Yi Ping was lying in a small pit and covered by debris. He was bloodied and his breathing was extremely weak but his eyes were opened as he gasped weakly, “Xian’Er…Lady Nuwa…you are alive…what about the rest?”

Yixian and the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa had quickly invigorated him with their internal energies! 

He was quickly comforted when he saw Xingyue, Lingfeng and Lie Qing who were all gasping with happiness as they called out his name, “Ping’Er! Yi Ping! You are still with alive!”

He muttered, “We have won?”

Xian’Er held her fingers to her teary eyes, “Yes! We have won!”

Yi Ping was surprised as he muttered, “We have won?”

He had only remembered that he had overextended his strength as he willed the Thousand Memories Sword and at the very last minute he had faltered and that the Guardian Divine Naga had recovered. The next thing that he had remembered was that a gigantic weight had crushed upon him and he had thought that he was dead!

Xingyue laughed as she wiped her tears with her long sleeves, “Yes we have won! Thanks to Qing’Er!”

Lie Qing was beaming with tears, “Not just me. It is thanks to all of us. It was already injured by you. Also the monster was too stupid and too big. It just walked into my arrays of sword energies so I didn’t really do much.”

That was the truth. After Lie Qing had used the Exalting Obliteration, she was actually faltering and would not maintain the energies of the Exalting Obliteration. Moreover her heart was weakened by Yi Ping’s supposed death. In an emotional rage she had executed the Exalting Obliteration but she could not maintain it. In fact if she were to persist a little longer, she would have raised the Exalting Obliteration to the next sword level by arranging the sword energies array to a single focused sword stroke!

Lingfeng touched Yi Ping gently, “Are you alright?”

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa said quietly, “Don’t worry he won’t die. It is lucky that he is being protected by his golden body. I am also surprised. Do you know that not even an immortal can survive such a crashing impact like that?”

Yi Ping muttered, “My golden body? Why did I ever acquire a golden body…”

Lie Qing smiled, “You have already mastered the Golden Invincible Body. So naturally you have also mastered the Golden Body as well!”

Yi Ping smiled weakly at that realization, “Alas, I see…”

Yixian smiled at him as she helped him to get up gently, “Be careful…”

All of sudden several lights in the vicinity were glowing as it gathered into a brilliant light before it revealed a crystal shard, three rainbow prisms and nine pills. Everyone knew at once that it was the Feather Sword Shard, three Sanctorum Relics and Nine Mystique Core Divine Pills!

Everyone was stunned by the rarity of the loots! 

Lingfeng caught hold of them as she gasped, “So this is the Pangu Artefact, the Feather Sword Shard? And three Sanctorum Relics and Nine Mystique Core Divine Pills!”

Xingyue gasped, “And we have three Sanctorum Relics now?! This is the most precious of the heavenly metals! I can’t believe it!”

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa was also surprised, “One is rare enough but three…I don’t believe it…”

Yi Ping smiled weakly, “After all this is a Guardian Divine Beast and this is the 60th level. Maybe the rewards are also great too. Lingfeng, quick give me the Nine Mystique Core Divine Pills!”

Lingfeng kicked him lightly, “Are you dumb? Even though the Mystique Core Divine Pills are extremely rare but they can’t be rarer than the Sanctorum Relics!”

Yi Ping sighed softly, “I want to give them to Shi Shi and Yang Min…”

Lingfeng, Yixian, Lie Qing and Xingyue were startled but they quickly nodded silently to each other. They knew that Yi Ping had never forgotten about them. Precisely because Yi Ping had each of them in his heart that they were able to forgo the selfishness of their hearts and have only him in his heart! 

Lingfeng interrupted with an alluring smile, “Say. I am more curious about the Feather Sword Shard.”

She held the Feather Sword Shard for them to take a closer look, “The edge of this Feather Sword Shard is extremely sharp. It looks more like a weapon. What did the Great God Pangu tells you?”

Yi Ping looked at the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa as he grinned, “He told me not to let it falls into the hands of the Desolate Immortals!”

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa scoffed coldly, “Why you…”

But she was not upset at all as she said gently, “It is exactly like the Great God Pangu has said. These Feather Sword Shards contain an unimaginable power that can change the Three Known Realms. Don’t say I didn’t warn you first.”

Yi Ping nodded and he felt an appreciation for the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa, “Thank you!”

All of a sudden Yi Ping had popped a Mystique Core Divine Pill in her right hand as he said, “You need one to recover your strength.”

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa lowered her glances, “I can recover on my own…”

Yi Ping said gently, “Your internal injuries are not light. Moreover when you have helped Youxue to attain a breakthrough, the vital energies that you have expended are not something that you can regain through time alone. Nothing short of miraculous pill can gain you full recovery.”

Lie Qing nodded gently.

She had understood this all too well!

In the past when she had failed her Divine Calamity, she had lost much of her vital energies. Only by absorbing the vital energies of the practitioners of the Divine Virtuous Force, was she able to recover her lost vital energies or else it was as good as training all over again which could take decades! 

For the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa, it may take her centuries simply to regain her lost vital strength and not advancing!

Yi Ping said quietly, “And despite your injuries, you have joined us to fight the Guardian Divine Naga without complaining. And it is something that you don’t have to do.” 

Even though it had happened all too quickly, he had caught sight of the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa dealing a powerful blow that stunned the Guardian Divine Naga briefly before she got swept away. It was this crucial brief time that gave him a breathing space and time to execute his attacks!

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa grasped the Mystique Core Divine Pill with her trembling hand, “Then…I shan’t be polite…”

All of a sudden she had noticed that everyone was looking at her…

She quickly said, “Why aren’t you looking at the Feather Sword Shard? Why are you looking at me?”

Yi Ping muttered, “Right, right!”

As they were about to examine this Feather Sword Shard more closely, a shimmering blue portal had opened in the middle of the platform and five other beams of light had flashed around them!

The first beam of light had teleported Yi Si, Yu’Er and Mei’Er; they were dazzled but when they saw Yi Ping and their group, they were immediately rejoicing! 

Yi Si called out, “Father! Sister Nuwa! And this…”

Yu’Er and Mei’Er were gasping, “Master Yi Ping!…Protégé mistress!”

The second beam of light had teleported the Goddess Asura, the Goddess Isa, Skylord Jun and the Goddess Celestial Alice!

Their group was all immortals of the highest level and was an overkill group! 

They too gasped, “Yi Ping!” and were gasping with surprise, “The Celestial Fairy!”

Alice smiled, “Or is it the Great Goddess Fantian?”

The third beam of light revealed the Sacred Embodied Heavenly Goddess, the Goddess of Mercy Xiang and the Lord Supreme. They too were surprised when they saw Yi Ping and the Celestial Fairy!

The forth beam of light teleported Youxue, Ye Yin, Lele and Yunzi as a group. They were beaming with startled happiness when they saw Yi Ping and Yixian!

The last beam of light teleported the Universal Old Man, the Immortal Saint of Swords, Han Aiel and the Goddess Aiel as a group. And this group was the nosiest as everyone could hear the Universal Old Man and the Immortal Saint of Swords breaking into quarrels while Han Lin and the Goddess Aiel were also arguing with each other!

From the look of their group, they had been through some hardships!

The Universal Old Man was saying, “You should have listened to me and take that other passage or we couldn’t be in this mess…”

The Immortal Saint of Swords was saying, “You ungrateful oaf. Did I just save your sorry ass? You are an immortal practitioner now. To think that your skill level is just this little? How are you going to survive your next heavenly tribulation?”

The Goddess Aiel was throwing a temper, “Han Lin, I will never want to travel with you ever again!”

Han Lin was humming coldly, “As if I have a choice! I want to go with my Brother Ping’Er! I am so sorry that I have been such a light bulb that I spoil your chance to be with the Universal Old Man!”

The Universal Old Man was grinning when he had overheard Han Lin, “Aiel, Aiel, I think we are destined to share the same fate…”

All of a sudden they realized they were in a different place and everyone was looking at them with wry amusements…

The Universal Old Man blinked his eyes as he immediately patted the Immortal Saint of Swords, “We are brothers and having a brotherly discussion!”

The Immortal Saint of Swords muttered weakly, “Brothers indeed!”

Han Lin and the Goddess Aiel were both caught unguarded as they began to flush, “Good sisters!”

Yi Ping beamed with gladness as he could see that everyone was still alive. He forgot his pain and even how tired he was!

“Yi Ping! Sister Xian’Er!”

As everyone regrouped quickly, they asked. “Where are we? What is going on here?”

“Yi Ping, why are you in this state? Are you alright?”

“Sister Xian’Er, you are back! We all miss you…”

Immediately the entire place became extremely lively as everyone tried to talk at the same time!

“We have just been through a horrible experience. What about you?”

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa muttered, “This group is too noisy for my meditation!”

Yi Ping laughed weakly as he pointed at the blue shimmering portal, “Let’s enter that portal to the next level first! We can chat and share as we move along!”

Everyone immediately approved of this decision unanimous! 

But when they had all entered through the shimmering blue portal and found themselves in another passage hall, they began to turn ashen immediately; it was because the black stele that were next to them had indicated to them that this was the 78th level!

They had skipped an astonishing 18 levels!