A Martial Odyssey Book 3: The Stellar Sanctuary – Chapter 42


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Dual Divine Harmonizing!

The Sovereign Cloud Heavenly King had already flashed toward Yi Ping with a burning malevolent aura, “But first, you got to return me my sword!”

Yi Ping was already grasping the two Celestial Alices in his hands and he had been staring at the Fantian Sovereign Sword for some time as he wondered, “I have already handling two swords in my hands, do I have a third hand to handle another sword?”

But when the Sovereign Cloud Heavenly King had suddenly attacked Yi Ping, he simply combined the Celestial Alice into one again and grabbed the Fantian Sovereign Sword!

The Fantian Sovereign Sword felt surprising light in his hands and as the Sovereign Cloud Heavenly King closed in to him, he began to display his Perfect Swordplay with his dual wield swords!

Alice and Youxue nodded to each other as they actually stepped aside for Yi Ping and the Sovereign Cloud Heavenly King to fight it out with each other!

As Yi Ping lifted his swords forward in a whirling torrential slashes, white and gold streaks sped around him as he clashed furiously against the Sovereign Cloud Heavenly King! 

Yi Ping had only unleashed a torrential of 24 slashes before he stopped; it was because the Sovereign Cloud Heavenly King was not able to withstand his hits and had already slammed onto the ground with the thunderous impact, stunning everyone!

It was because not only did this duel ended quickly but they had all noticed that Yi Ping was fighting with his eyes closed! 

The Sovereign Cloud Heavenly King coughed out blood as he trembled weakly, “You have won…you have won…if you don’t end me now, you will surely regret it later!”

But Yi Ping simply said, “You may go but for this Fantian Sovereign Sword, you can’t take it away. Even if I would like to return to you, you know that it is impossible for I have already divine harmonized with it.”

Youxue laughed softly, “Ping’Er, you can divine harmonize with two divine swords? What is the Sanctorum Manifesting ability of the Fantian Sovereign Sword?”

Yi Ping smiled weakly, “Later I will tell you…”

The Sovereign Cloud Heavenly King got up weakly as he stared at Yi Ping, Alice, Isa before looking at Yong Le, “Alas! I have truly lost and two of my sworn brothers are also no longer around…”

He looked at Yi Ping as he bowed with his hands respectfully, “I have never respected anyone before in my life, not even the other Heavenly Kings or the Jade Emperor! But today I am truly convinced!”

All of a sudden he gave a martial shout as he mustered his martial power as he flashed toward to the corpse of the two other Heavenly Kings as he lifted them up, “ “Even if you have died, I will never allow anyone to defile your bodies further…”

He turned to look at Yong Le, “Farewell!”

Yong Le was stumped as he quickly said, “Have you forgotten how I have helped you to overcome the Jade Pagoda Heavenly King?”

The Sovereign Cloud Heavenly King hummed coldly, “I have not forgotten. In return, I have helped to deliver his heart to you! We are only in here together because we want to make use of you to reach the top of the Stellar Sanctuary…”

He paused for a while to laugh aloud, “But we have overestimated ourselves too much. If we can form an alliance then won’t the other Heavenly Kings make their own alliances? Moreover…”

He turned to look at Yi Ping with a soft sigh before continuing, “Moreover, with the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa being loose in the Stellar Sanctuary, there is not a chance to reach the very top. So farewell!”

Yong Le said coldly as he waved his silver fan, “What if I refuse to let you go? Do you think that you can escape from our encirclements at your current condition?”

The Sovereign Cloud Heavenly King hummed coldly, “You can try but trust me, it won’t be easy!”

Yi Ping said quietly, “Old Senior, you can leave in peace! I will cover your back!”

The Sovereign Cloud Heavenly King smiled as he nodded, “Farewell, Immortal Hero!”

As he walked away, he turned around to appraise Yi Ping again before whispering almost audibly, “Or should I call you the Great God Pangu…”

He gave a smile before he turned around once again to display his movement swiftness skill! 

Yong Le shouted, “Stop him!”

But none of his men made a single move!

Yong Le shouted, “Are all of you rebelling against me? How dare you!”

An Immortal among the bystanders said coldly, “My Lord, have you forgotten that the duels between Yi Ping and us have not ended yet? If you still cannot send a good representative forward then we may consider that you have conceded instead!”

Another Immortal said coldly, “We are forced to join you only because you have the backings of three of the Heavenly Kings but it seems that you are now on your own!”

This Immortal was even more blunt than the others! 

Yong Le hummed coldly, “Don’t forget that I still have five hundred fighters here and that I have eaten the heart of a Heavenly King!”

Yet another immortal scoffed, “What is the point of consuming the martial essence of a Heavenly King when your state of divinity is still at a lowly state?”

And yet another immortal said among the bystanders, “My vows to my clan come first. That is to exterminate the dark practitioners!”

Yong Le turned ashen. These Immortals were all indeed rebelling now that the Heavenly Kings were no longer around. He cursed silently at their double standards!

He turned to look at the six other leaders of their respectively clan, “What are you waiting for? Hurry and volunteer yourself or your fighters for the duel!”

The Skylord Jun said wryly, “We are still waiting!”

Lie Qing had already stepped forward as she stroked her long braided hair, winking at the celestial clans on the side of the Martial Deviant Clan, “I will be the next challenger. So who is going to be my challenger?”

Yi Ping gasped out, “Qing’Er, be careful…”

Lie Qing fingered with her Eternal Light as she laughed softly, “I am a mere Golden Celestial. There is nothing to be afraid of, am I right?”

Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Lele and all the maidens were laughing and whispering among themselves!

Yong Le shouted, “She is just a Celestial and not an immortal. What are you afraid of? If you can defeat her, you can have her divine sword! Are you afraid of a mere maiden?”

An old celestial who was the elder of the Heartless Manor had stepped forward with his long sword raised as he said coldly, “Then let me be the challenger!”

Immediately there were several shouts of encouraging praises from the crowd that was with the Martial Deviant Faction!

This old celestial was Old Sword Sage Ning who was also a powerful sword practitioner. When he saw that his opponent was just a mere Celestial, he was quick to step forward as he looked covetously at her divine sword!

He could see that the divine sword that was in her hands was truly a fine divine sword!

The Lord Supreme quickly warned aloud, “He is one of the su