A Martial Odyssey Book 3: The Stellar Sanctuary – Chapter 40

The Eighth Immortal Positioning! 

The Sovereign Wind Heavenly King had exchanged secretly with the Sovereign Cloud Heavenly King via the Great Secret Whispering Skill before the Sovereign Cloud Heavenly King had decided to join in the fight, “We got to join hands. I can feel that this Yi Ping isn’t that simple! Did you not see how that Yi Ping has killed the Sovereign Thunder Heavenly King?!”

The Sovereign Cloud Heavenly King mocked, “I have told him many times not to underestimate his opponents. But he wouldn’t listen. Serve him right!”

The Sovereign Wind Heavenly King was getting impatient as he was still focusing on exchanging blows with Yi Ping, “Are you helping or not?”

The Sovereign Cloud Heavenly King mocked, “Now you are biting more than you can chew now? You really think that I do not know that you want his heart for yourself so that you can elevate your immortal state?”

It was obvious that the Sovereign Cloud Heavenly King was unhappy with him for seizing the initiative to fight with this Yi Ping after seeing his Seventh Cosmos Positioning! 

The Sovereign Wind Heavenly King whispered, “Hurry and give me a helping hand! You can have his heart after we have dispatched of him!”

The Sovereign Cloud Heavenly King whispered back, “Now you really got my interest!” 

The Sovereign Wind Heavenly King quickly said, “But you got to give me the Green Dragon Sacred Sword!”

The Sovereign Cloud Heavenly King whispered back, “Fine. Since I have already got the Fantian Sovereign Sword, you may have the Green Dragon Sacred Sword then!” 

These exchanges had taken place in secret via their Great Secret Whispering Skill and because none of the other practitioners here were on their level, no one had known of their quick secret conversation which had taken place! 

When Yi Ping saw that the Sovereign Cloud Heavenly King had the intention of joining the battle and that he knew that his group would definitely join to protect him. That was what he did not want to happen because they were being surrounded by hundreds of opposing practitioners so this battle would definitely go against them…

Therefore he gave a mighty martial shout that instantly shook the entire vicinity, “Hold!”

The Sovereign Wind Heavenly King smirked coldly as he stepped next to the Sovereign Cloud Heavenly King, “What is it? Are you afraid?”

Yi Ping said angrily, “We have an agreement…”

Lie Qing walked over to tap Yi Ping gently on his arm as she turned to say coldly, “This is supposed to be a one to one duel so when did it become a two versus one duel? Moreover fancy two Heavenly Kings taking on a mere Celestial, aren’t you shameful about it?”

Youxue was also saying, “There are so many eyes here and yet are all of you blind? Didn’t we have an agreement earlier?!” 

Hundreds of onlookers fell silence or lowered their gazes!

Lele did not mince her words as she scolded, “Despicable!”

The Sovereign Wind Heavenly King hummed coldly, “He has killed our blood brother. What makes you think that I will let him off?”

The Sovereign Cloud Heavenly King said coldly as he appraised Yi Ping anew, “He has to pay the price somewhat or another!” 

The two Heavenly Kings were secretly looking at each other. It was because they had been isolated for so long and were used to get things their way that they had almost forgotten that they were in the presence of the other immortals!

The Sovereign Cloud Heavenly King was a little mindful of his reputation so he said coldly, “Well, well, I have almost forgotten. To defeat him, there is really no need for the two of us to handle him together!” 

Yi Ping said, “At least you have still remembered that!”

Yong Le laughed it off, “Sometimes in the thick of a battle, it is easy to forget about the trivial. Don’t put it to heart. We are naturally going to keep to our sworn agreements. Don’t you worry too much about it!”

The Sovereign Wind Sovereign King laughed aloud, “Indeed! It is all my fault that I have just barged in just like this. You must forgive me for my eagerness to avenge my blood brother. So that doesn’t count. Let the duel continues then!” 

At the same time Alice, Isa and the other maidens had all quickly stepped next to Yi Ping!

Alice and Isa had a weird expression in their eyes as they looked at Yi Ping quietly…

What were they thinking?

It was because earlier when Yi Ping had retaliated against the Sovereign Thunder Heavenly King and had displayed the dazzling whirling strokes that had sent him to the death knell, they had recognized the signature attacking strokes of the Dark Chaos Lord himself! 

Isa’s was lifting her trembling fingers to her eyes as she looked at Yi Ping’s back as she trembled while thinking, “You are really back now…”

Even though she had already known that Yi Ping was the reincarnation of the Dark Chaos Lord and was a better person than him but somehow, she just felt that Yi Ping lacked the arrogant confidence of the Dark Chaos Lord. And that arrogant confidence had come from the innate fighting prowess of the Dark Chaos Lord! 

Alice was also gasping secretly, “Their body languages are virtually the same now…”

There were instant mutterings among the hundreds of practitioners as they all looked at Yi Ping who was a mere Celestial that had killed one of the Heavenly Kings and who had advanced his Heavenly Eyes to the Seventh Cosmos Positioning!

They could not help feeling in awe of this Yi Ping! 

Skylord Jun had already known that Yi Ping had attained the Seventh Cosmos Positioning in their previous encounter. But still he was still in awe of Yi Ping. Seventh Cosmos Positioning or not, Yi Ping was after all just a Celestial who had only just began to cultivate as an immortal practitioner. He had never expected Yi Ping to have killed a Heavenly King effortlessly right in front of them!

It was because the Heavenly Kings were protected by their impervious golden body and even if they had received a fatal wound, the wound would heal just as quickly!

Actually even Yi Ping himself was surprised by it. Before he had known it, the Sovereign Thunder Heavenly King was killed by his relentless sword strokes! 

Skylord Jun was muttering incoherently, “Just who are you…really…”

Alice had heard him and proclaimed with her divine voice, “He is an Immortal Hero! Yi Ping the Immortal Hero of the Three Known Realms!”

Everyone was gasping as they repeated after Alice, “Yi Ping…the Immortal Hero…of the Three Known Realms?!” 

Yi Ping felt uneasy at his new title so he said quickly, “So which of the two Heavenly Kings will be my next opponent?”

All of a sudden, the Sovereign Wind Heavenly King, the Sovereign Cloud Heavenly and Yong Le were all laughing and their martial laughter rippled throughout the vicinity!

Yi Ping asked, “What’s wrong?”

Yong Le waved his silver fan as he said coldly, “Immortal Hero Yi Ping, have you forgotten that this is a five versus five fight and not an individual fight? You have already taken your place to fight so naturally your group has to select another candidate to fight us! If you are unable to select another candidate then we will have to consider that you have given up on this duel!”

The Sovereign Wind Heavenly King smirked coldly, “I don’t mind if you want to give up the duel. Because you very well know that we will not let you off for killing the Sovereign Thunder Heavenly King.”

Yi Ping was stunned. Indeed this was a five versus five duel! 

Alice, Isa, Asura and the Goddess of Mercy said at the same time, “Yi Ping, let us be the next to fight. We may not lose…”

Alice was looking at Yi Ping’s with pleading eyes as though she was saying quietly to him, “I have already awakened my Seventh Cosmos Position. I may still stand a chance!”

She looked at Yong Le, the Sovereign Wind Heavenly King and the Sovereign Cloud Heavenly King, “I will be your next challenger!”

Yong Le clapped his hands, “Good!”

Yi Ping sighed miserably. It was because he was reluctant to let Alice took any risk but there was nothing he could do, “Maiden Ziyan, you ought to be careful…”

Even though he had seen Alice’s level of martial expertise but he could not help being anxious! 

Alice said quietly, “Don’t worry. I will not lose…”

Isa was anxious for Alice so she said quietly to her, “Be careful…”

Alice had never expected her one time rival to say this to her and knew that she had already put aside their differences. She smiled gently, “Don’t worry…”

Yi Ping sighed bitterly as he thought, “Why am I letting her taking the risk…because of honor or for righteousness? There are two other Heavenly Kings here. Even this Yong Le is on the level of the Heavenly Kings now. Must I lose any of them before I would regret my decisions?”

He clenched his hands tightly as he continued to think, “Now I feel like the White Sage now, despite his wisdom, he had lost everyone…despite all my martial skills, I am helpless to take part…”

Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Ye Yin and Lingfeng were looking quietly at Yi Ping. How could they not know his most innermost sentiments? They had only known him too well. He would rather take it all by himself than exposing them to dangers…

At the same time Lie Qing whispered to Yi Ping, “Ping’Er…”

Yi Ping smiled weakly as he looked at Lie Qing…

Lie Qing flashed her fingers at him and nodded at him!

Yi Ping was stunned; it was because he had recognized her hand gestures. She had indicated to him that she would be the next challenger after Alice. She was silently telling him that at her current 12th level in the Invincible Divine Force, she would be the best person after Alice to be a challenger! 

Ye Yin muttered almost inaudibly, “Lie Qing, you are sure? Maybe let me go. I am a more nimble fighter…”

Shen Xingyue said firmly, “No! Let me go instead! I have never really contributed anything to our group…”

Isa said quietly, “I am the Battle Maiden. No one else is more suitable than me actually.”

Yi Ping looked at these maidens and his heart felt like breaking! 

The rest of the maidens, Lele, Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Lingfeng, Asura, Han Lin, Aiel, Youxue and Xiang were all looking at Yi Ping too. In their hearts, they would surely volunteer to be the sacrificing lambs as all of them had long reached a common consensus with each other. Unless they had the confidence to volunteer, they would not because it was for the better good of their group!

They could not afford to lose each other in this battle! 

Even if they would lose each other then it must be a noble sacrifice and they would only select the best among them!

That was why Lie Qing, Shen Xingyue, Isa and Ye Yin were volunteering! 

Asura had restrained from volunteering because she knew that she got to protect her unborn baby at all costs! 

Meanwhile, Alice had already walked to the dueling ground as she looked coldly at Yong Le and the two other Heavenly Kings, “Who is going to be my opponent?”

The Sovereign Wind Heavenly King laughed as he stepped forward while looking at Yong Le, “I will be your next opponent and naturally I will be extra merciful to you!”

Yong Le smiled, “The Goddess Celestial Alice is going to be my future consort. Be careful when you are handling her!”

Yi Ping immediately clenched his fists when he had heard Yong Le!

But Alice simply shrugged his comments off as she walked to the dueling ground. It was because she knew that her opponent was simply trying to provoke her to lose her cool. 

As Alice walked forward, she had failed to noticed the lecherous stares that she was inviting from the numerous onlookers; it was because her dress was too short and her dress material was simply too revealing! 

Ye Yin felt a little guilty for taking her outer garment…

Now that Yi Ping had seen the expressions that were on everyone, he was suddenly flushing as well. It was because after spending several days with Alice, he had overcome gotten used to seeing her in this manner…

The Universal Old Man was virtually salivating…

Alice said to the Sovereign Wind Heavenly King, “Shall I make the first move then?”

The Sovereign Wind Heavenly King smiled coldly, “You are my junior therefore I should let you have the first move!” 

Alice said coldly as she lifted her divine sword, “Very well then…”

The Sovereign Wind Heavenly King mocked with a jeer, “Come one, show me the best what you can do. Hehe!” 

As Alice squared off the Sovereign Wind Heavenly King, the surge of their divine aura began to instill a sense of suffocating grasp on all the onlookers!

All of a sudden her forehead began to glow a bright golden, revealing her immortal attainment as that of the Seventh Positioning and at the same time, Alice had displayed her Mystic Stratosphere Divine Force as flurrying martial force began to encircle rapidly around her! 

The Sovereign Wind Heavenly King turned ashen immediately as he stared coldly at her, “You…have already elevated to the Seventh Cosmos Positioning?!”

All the onlookers were gasping with shock!

It was already a miracle to find out that Yi Ping had attained to the mystical Seventh Positioning and now even the Goddess Celestial Alice had already attained this mystical immortal level!

Yong Le and the Sovereign Cloud Heavenly King appeared to be startled as well as they exchanged quick looks at each other; it was because Alice was on another level than Yi Ping. She was a true Immortal. If she was able to attain to the Seventh Cosmos Positioning then she was almost on par with the first generation immortals. Almost was still a far thing even by their immortal standards but the divine sword that was in Alice’s hand was another matter entirely!

The Sovereign Cloud Heavenly King divined whispered to Yong Le, “The Seventh Seal, the Ultimate Destruction!” 

Alice smiled wryly, “That is right! You are on the Sixth Positioning while I am on the Seventh Positioning. Your divine state may be higher than me but coupled with my Seventh Positioning and my immortal sword, we are more or less equal. Therefore the outcome of this fight is still uncertain!”

The Sovereign Wind Heavenly King hummed coldly, “Hmph! I have long mastered the divine state of being weaponless while possessing the weapon in my heart! Alice, you have really underestimated me! You don’t have to call your buff anymore!”

Alice lifted her white golden long sword that was patterned with intricate designs of seven Golden Kirins along its white blade as she displayed a heaven stance. 

Five of the eyes of the Golden Kirins along her sword appeared to be glowing and all of a sudden Alice had burst forth with startling speed at the Sovereign Wind Heavenly King as she displayed five explosive sword bursts as rippling martial force began to lash across the vicinity like a hurricane had just landed!

The Sovereign Wind Heavenly King laughed aloud as he displayed several explosive sword fingers, “Is that what you got?”

Immediately as the two practitioners fought, the entire ground began to break apart and everyone was forced to exercise their martial power to steady themselves even though they were all standing far away!

Alice shouted, “Sixth Seal!”

The Sovereign Wind Heavenly King roared thunderously, “Good! Armor Piercing Sword Energies!”

Immediately the two practitioners were surrounded by dozens of explosive impacts that flashed all around them! 

Yi Ping gasped anxiously but he could not see the extent of their fight; it was because he could only see two shadowy forms in a whirl of hurricanes and stirring a dust storm!

Just as everyone was holding their breath and were watching the fight nervously, a heavenly maiden with snowy white hair and purple eyes had walked quietly into the fighting ground!

Everyone was startled because Alice and the Sovereign Wind Heavenly King were fighting in the middle of a furious vortex with deadly speeding projectiles and lethal sword energies in all directions that made it impossible for anyone to come near them!

But this unearthly maiden had suddenly appeared out of the blue and was standing in the middle of the furious vortex seemingly minding her own business!

Yi Ping was startled as he muttered, “Her eyes are scarlet? Who is she?”

Han Lin said playfully, “Your future consort, who else!”

Yi Ping was not amused as he smiled bitterly. He was really in no mood for any jokes so he turned to ask Asura, Xiang and Aiel, “Who is she?”

But Asura, Xiang and Aiel all gave him a most bewildered look as they all said at the same time, “I have no idea!” 

All of a sudden this unearthly maiden was at the corpse of the Sovereign Thunder Heavenly King and to the horror of everyone, she had ripped the heart of the Sovereign Thunder Heavenly King from his body!

Almost everyone had the same thought in their minds, “Dark Practitioner!” 

The Sovereign Cloud Heavenly King was enraged and it did not escape the notice of the Sovereign Wind Heavenly King too!

Almost immediately they had displayed their maddening strokes at this unknown unearthly maiden at the same time!

All of a sudden the forehead of this unearthly maiden began to glow with a purple radiance! 

Purple radiance?!

The Goddess Celestial Alice was staring at this unearthly maiden. She was wondering should she use her Seventh Seal when this unearthly maiden had suddenly appeared! 

Like the others, she was shocked at her appearance as she thought. “Purple radiance? Don’t tell me that is the Eighth Immortal Positioning?!” 

To the stunned astonishment of everyone, this unearthly maiden returned dozens of earth shattering intricate strokes that immediately floored the Sovereign Wind Heavenly King and the Sovereign Cloud Heavenly King with a thunderous impact!

The Sovereign Wind Heavenly King was stunned with her speed as he shouted immediately, “Just who are you!…”

The Sovereign Cloud Heavenly King was about to ask the same too when he had suddenly noticed that his Fantian Sovereign Sword was missing from his grasp and it was now in her hand!

Before they could even recover from their senses, she was gone from their sight!

Just as Yi Ping was wondering where she had gone to, he had heard a quiet but beautiful divine voice from behind him!

He quickly turned around and was shocked to see that this unearthly maiden had appeared in their midst and was talking to the golden Kirin Cub, “Did you see? They have human forms but they are worse than dogs. Since they are worse than dogs then you are allowed to eat their hearts. So little one, don’t you want to become a divine beast? Here is your chance!”