A Martial Odyssey Book 3: The Stellar Sanctuary – Chapter 38


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The New Martial Grandmaster!

As Yi Ping and his group entered the shimmering portal into the next level of the Stellar Sanctuary, many of them were still stupefied by the stunning martial display of the Goddess Celestial Alice!

It was because when they had imagined themselves to be in Alice’s position when the Abominating White Ape King’s plummeting fist had come crashing down, they would instantly be flattened on the spot!

Alice had noticed their continuous stares as they appeared in a forested area. She smiled gently, “That is because I didn’t want to waste time dispatching a minor nuisance when there is a bigger menace waiting for us. If there is a hidden opponent that is watching us to take advantage of us then we will really be in fine fix.”

Isa agreed, “Aye!” 

That was exactly what she was thinking as well!

Asura, Xiang, Ye Yin, Lie Qing, Yunzi and Youxue were also nodding as well!

Alice took a quick glance at the black monument that was next to them as she said gently, “It appears that we are on the 56th level now.”

Yi Ping said, “We have traversed eight levels this time. Now we are more than halfway through the Stellar Sanctuary now.”

He took a deep breath as he looked at the airy surroundings. There were high mountains and trees were dotting spaciously everywhere. It was a welcoming experience from the bitter cold environment that they were in earlier!

The Universal Old Man patted his belly, “I have always wondered what the Stellar Sanctuary is like when we are halfway through. Today, I am actually looking at it. It is such a strange feeling…”

The Immortal Saint of Swords said, “Same here. I have never got past the 50 levels before either.”

The Lord Supreme was also nodding as he began to look at his surroundings just like the rest of the group. 

Everyone was already asking the same question in their hearts; which way should they go now? It was because picking a direction to move forward in an open vicinity was unlike that of an enclose passageway. The first thing that everyone was looking at was of course at the terrains and the hidden dangers!

All of a sudden a plummet of upward debris could be heard in the distance! 

Immediately Yi Ping, Alice, Isa, Youxue, Shen Xingyue, Lingfeng and all the others said at the same time, “Let’s go!”

After all they needed a direction to go to and the commotion ahead was just the thing that got them started!

Lingfeng tapped her forehead gently, “Oh heavens! Why is that I am in a company of such daredevils…”

But she was actually one of the first to display her swiftness movement ahead of the others! 

It seemed that she had given up on cautioning them!

The Universal Old Man was smiling bitterly as he panicky called out, “My Heaveness…wait!”

When they had all reached the vicinity where the commotion had started, they were startled by what they had seen. It was because hundreds of celestial and immortal practitioners could be seen gathering in the vicinity and their attentions seemed to be seized by several ensuring duels!

Maybe there were even more than a thousand of them! 

Their expressions were all solemn; they paid no attention to Yi Ping and his group until they were within their visible sights!

What were they watching?

An old man was fighting a middle age immortal practitioner and had appeared to be toying around with him!

Yi Ping did not recognized the old man but he had immediately recognized that the injured immortal practitioner was the Skylord Jun, an Arhat Practitioner and he was also one of the Eight Heavenly Dragon Generals!

He had not expected to see him so soon. It was because there were numerous gates in each of the level of the Stellar Sanctuary and it was almost impossible to encounter each other if the route that was taken was different! 

Yi Ping naturally did not know that after they had parted, this Skylord Jun had actually ascended further up the Stellar Sanctuary, first to the 55th level and later to the 56th level! 

Now that Yi Ping and his group had appeared, almost all the bystanders were now looking and gasping at the same time!

It was because their group was simply too hard to be unnoticed, drawing stares of admirations and awe as they walked quietly into their midst!

Yi Ping naturally knew that he was not the center of the attraction because almost all the crowd was muttering at the same time, “The Goddess Celestial Alice! She is here?! The Goddess Theocracy!” 

And many of them had actually stepped aside out of fear!

But Alice said gently, “Don’t be afraid. I won’t eat anyone. You are all free to explore the Stellar Sanctuary now.”

But instead of greeting her with excitement, the practitioners were quiet and they seemed to looking at her with pleading eyes instead!

The old man kicked Skylord Jun aside as he stared fiercely at Alice, “The Goddess Celestial Alice? The Empress of the Three Known Realms?”

Alice swept quickly with her glances as she replied coldly, “I am the Eternal Goddess of the Three Known Realms. I have never dared to proclaim myself to be the Empress of the Three Known Realm!”

The old man smiled wryly, “What is the difference?”

By now, Yi Ping had already noticed that many of the practitioners were injured and there were even a few corpses!

He clenched his fists angrily as he stared at the old man!

The old man hummed coldly as he said, “Alice, why haven’t you paid your full condolences to me yet? Have you forgotten who I am yet?”

Alice said quietly, “You are the Sovereign Wind Heavenly King…”

Yi Ping was startled that this old man was a heavenly king and he clenched his fists tightly. It was because it was all too obvious to him that everyone was held in fear by him!

There was a sudden laughter behind the Sovereign Wind Heavenly King and a handsome refined man had stepped forward with his silver fan! 

Yi Ping had immediately recognized him as Yong Le, who was the Right Protector of the Martial Deviant Clan!

Yong Le was laughing as he waved his silver fan and behind him were two other old men!

These two men had an equally fearsome aura as the Sovereign Wind Heavenly King!

Aiel gasped as she took a stumbling step backward, “The Sovereign Thunder Heavenly King and the Sovereign Cloud Heavenly King!”

Even Alice seemed to turn ashen when she had seen them!

Yong Le appraised the Goddess Celestial Alice as he laughed aloud, “So you are the Eternal Goddess of the Three Known Realms? You are indeed as heavenly and beautiful as they had claimed!”

Alice hummed coldly, “Insolent mortal!”

If he was not being surrounded by three Heavenly Kings, she would have taught him a lesson immediately! 

Yong Le had also noticed Yi Ping, the Lord Supreme,