A Martial Odyssey Book 3: The Stellar Sanctuary – Chapter 33

The Ancient Heavenly Sage King

The Ancient Heavenly Sage King immediately said to Lord Judas, “I will wait for you at that place.”

Lord Judas muttered weakly, “Hey, wait!” 

In the next instant, the Ancient Heavenly Sage King had jumped up to the side of the imposing cliff and began to climb upward at an incredible speed! 

The Sacred Embodied Heavenly Goddess hummed coldly, “It seems that you are not interested to share with me…”

The Ancient Heavenly Sage King was shouting, “Why is that you are always following us? Are you so free? It has been so many years already. Aren’t you tired?”

The voice of the Sacred Embodied Heavenly Goddess echoed as it slowly faded, “…because I like…”

Soon Lord Judas was alone again!

Isa smiled bitterly, “It seems that your friend has left you all by yourself. Are we lucky or you are lucky?”

Lord Judas began to laugh heartily and his laughter reverberated loudly, “It is because he knew that I have no problem handling all of you.”

Xiang was smiling, “But without your Invincible Divine Force now, you don’t seem to be as formidable as just now. I will like you to try my Heavens Sundering Mirror again.”

Lord Judas had suddenly flashed next to Alice and Shen Xingyue as he laughed, “You can try!”

Alice immediately displayed several epitome master strokes while Shen Xingyue immediately retaliated with a sword stroke and with her Starlight Divine Fingers!

But to their surprise, Lord Judas was just putting on a feign attack as he withdrawn his attack stances immediately and he had suddenly picked Yi Ping up onto his shoulder!

In the next instant he had displayed his swiftness movement skill and was running away while shouting heartily, “The heart of the great god and the prospect of evaluating my Heaven Eyes to the seventh positioning are just too tempting to give up. If you want to have his corpse back, let see if the whole lot of you are able to follow my pace!”

Everyone had turned ashen as Lord Judas had already vanished behind the cliffs. His swiftness movement skills were better than any of them! 

Alice immediately called out, “Don’t let him get away!” 

Yu’Er panicky said to the Lord Supreme, “Father! Yu’Er will go ahead of you first…”

Mei’Er was also saying to the Lord Supreme, “Mei’Er is going too!…”

Lingfeng, Shen Xingyue, Lele, Asura, Ye Yin, Isa, Xiang and all the others were already on the trail of the Western Paradise Heavenly King even before Alice called out to them to give chase…

They were all praying that nothing would happen to Yi Ping!

Han Lin asked Aiel quietly, “Why is that the Goddess Celestial Alice and the rest of the immortals seem to fear this Ancient Heavenly Sage King more than the Western Paradise Heavenly King? He is stronger than him?”

Aiel shook her head as she smiled weakly, “The Western Paradise Heavenly King is the stronger of the two for sure. They are not more fearful of the Ancient Heavenly Sage King but are more respectful.”

Han Lin asked, “More respectful?”

Youxue leapt next to them as she asked curiously, “More respectful?” 

Lie Qing asked, “What a surprise. So far, all our encounters with a Heavenly King had turned up to be a bad experience.”

It seemed that the exchanges between Han Lin and Aiel were also picked up by the rest of the group except for Shen Xingyue, Alice, Xiang, Lele, Asura, Yu’Er and Mei’Er and Lingfeng who had already gone far ahead! 

Aiel took in a vital breath without slowing down her swiftness movement pace, “The Ancient Heavenly Sage King is a gentleman and he is always polite even to those beneath his station. You can tell that he is trying to persuade Lord Judas to let us go without being rude.”

Han Lin had just leapt over a boulder ahead of them as she turned her head to ask Aiel, “So you are saying that he is a good guy?”

Aiel flushed, “I don’t know…”

Han Lin laughed softly, “Or is it because he has a pretty face huh?”

Youxue smiled, “He really has a pretty face!”

Aiel quickly whispered, “Han Lin, Youxue, don’t say it aloud. The walls have ears….”

Lie Qing asked curiously, “We are praising him and not saying anything bad…”

Aiel smiled bitterly, “Don’t let the Sacred Embodied Heavenly Goddess hears you. If anyone is to mutter any good or bad things about the Ancient Heavenly Sage King, she is bounded to turn a nasty surprise on them. That has happened so many times in the past that her exploits has long become legendary!”

Lie Qing smiled weakly, “But it seems that the Ancient Heavenly Sage King seems to be troubled greatly by her?”

Aiel smiled, “That is because this Sacred Embodied Heavenly Goddess always disrupts his plans and is always on his opposing side!”

Lie Qing was startled, “If you didn’t say that, I will have thought that she likes him. They are enemies?”

Aiel smiled bitterly, “Everyone in the Immortal Realm knows that she likes him except for the two of them. She is only trying to get his attention but she has really messed up his plans since the beginning. That is why whenever the Ancient Heavenly Sage King sees her, he is more afraid of what she is trying to do and they almost always fight when they encounter each other…”

Lie Qing smiled awkwardly, “I see…”

Aiel continued, “I didn’t expect that to this day the Sacred Embodied Heavenly Goddess will continue to thwart the Ancient Heavenly Sage King whenever he goes.”

Han Lin smiled bitterly, “But no matter what. These Heavenly Kings are all cold blooded practitioners especially that Lord Judas. More than ten immortals now lay dead because of him…”

The Immortal Saint of Swords said quietly, “Not true. I know that these ten immortals were actually killed from infighting.”

The Lord Supreme said without slowing down his swiftness movement, “That is true. I have met the Immortal Saint of Swords on this level when we are set upon by a group of Zen Immortals and Arhat Immortals. What has followed next is a messy fight between these two groups. It is only later when this Lord Judas has appeared and he has challenged all of us.”

The Immortal Saint of Swords nodded as he coughed weakly, “After seeing his fight with Yi Ping, it seems that he is merely toying with all of us earlier. Alas, I didn’t expect that the martial level of an Immortal Heavenly King will be so intimidating!” 

Yunzi quickly whispered, “Protégé master, are you alright?”

The Lord Supreme was also saying weakly, “That we are on the verge of overcoming him is just a ruse to fool us to display our martial techniques but we have never even come close to overcoming him…”

Yunzi said quietly, “I am really worried for Yi Ping. I hope that he is alright…”

Aiel smiled weakly, “Don’t worry too much. I think Asura may be right. Lord Judas may be weird but his nature isn’t that bad. In the Immortal Realm, even though Lord Judas is fond of playing tricks on everyone but he will never go overly overboard. But most of the immortals will stay steer of him to avoid headaches. Moreover he has a high ranking in the Immortal Realm for he is the one that creates the immortal hierarchy. Let’s hope that he has not become a dark immortal…”

Lie Qing said quietly to herself, “It is impossible not to worry…”

The Lord Supreme said weakly as he stared at her, “Ai, you have awakened your Heaven Eyes? What do you mean by ‘we’? You have been to the Immortal Realm? Are you an immortal?”

Aiel smiled weakly, “I am not the Sagess Ai. My true immortal name is the Goddess Aiel! And yes, I am an immortal!”

Han Lin chipped in, “She is a sleeping immortal because she likes to sleep so much.”

Aiel said none too pleased, “I am just entering into my meditation state. What do you know, Han Lin?” 

Han Lin laughed softly, “Yay! As though I believe you! Especially when you are snoring like a pig!”

Aiel began to flush, “Han Lin! I get you!…”

The Immortal Saint of Swords began to look quietly at everyone, “And the whole lots of you are immortal practitioners now? What is going on?”

The Universal Old Man patted his stomach as he laughed heartily, “I am an immortal practitioner now!”

For once, he could show off in front of them! 

The Lord Supreme asked him, “You…have found the Immortal Practice?”

The Universal Old Man smiled weakly as he looked at Youxue who was in front of them and she was pointing to a trail that she had picked up, “Not exactly. Tell you later. First, we have to find Yi Ping first…”