A Martial Odyssey Book 3: The Stellar Sanctuary – Chapter 32

Thousand Memory Swords

Lord Judas laughed jovially as he picked up his golden rod with great dexterity before tapping it gently on the ground.

Although it was just a gentle tap but several ringing reverberations could be felt by everyone. This spoke volumes of the internal strength of this Lord Judas!

Yi Ping had a flinch on his expression as he thought anxiously, “So this is his true martial level? Just how powerful is he?” 

The Goddess of Mercy Xiang had raised her Heavens Sundering Mirror and aimed a beam of light at Lord Judas, “Yi Ping, look carefully!”

Her light ray was instantly dissipated by the shimmering golden orbs that were around Lord Judas!

Lord Judas growled softly to Xiang, “You know it won’t work against my Invincible Divine Force…”

Xiang replied as she stole a solemn glance at Yi Ping, “I know that energy techniques are completely useless against you. But I am trying to warn the rest of my group!”

Lord Judas answered unhappily, “Xiang, you should be on my side…”

Yi Ping was startled!

He had expected that her light ray would implode on Lord Judas but instead, it had dissipated simply just like this. He knew that Xiang’s Heavens Sundering Ray was as dangerous as deadly as the sword energies…

The Immortal Saint of Swords was staring in disbelief and he was muttering, “He is a monster. So that is why he was able to avert my Inverting Eternal Occurrence…”

Lie Qing was muttering, “He knows the Invincible Divine Force…he knows the Invincible Divine Force…”

Yunzi said coldly, “He is really a monster. Not only is it impossible to use energy techniques on him, I doubt that even my flying sword will be able to penetrate his Invincible Divine Force…”

Youxue nodded, “And he is still being protected by his martial golden body. It may be a daunting task but is not impossible. We just need to find his weakness.”

Lingfeng smiled bitterly as she glanced at the shimmering golden form of Lord Judas, “By the time we have found his weakness, we will be dead!” 

Meanwhile Lord Judas was laughing and his laughter reverberated loudly throughout the vicinity, “So are you afraid now? Do you all really think that wolf pack tactics really work against me? Alice, what do you think?”

Alice had raised her divine sword and six of the orbs on her sword were now glowing, “Sixth Seal! Lord Judas, surely you know the true power of my Astronomic Eulogy Divine Sword. When the seventh seal of my divine sword is unseal, even if you have the protection of your Invincible Divine Force you won’t be able to escape unscathed!”

Lord Judas laughed, “Dearest Alice, are you threatening me? The seventh seal may be powerful but do you think you can seriously stop me or protect these people?”

Alice hummed coldly as her Heaven Eyes turn golden and her forehead had a burning golden radiance, “I can try!”

At the same time the forehead that was on Yi Ping was also burning with a golden radiance as he said quietly, “I can try too!”

Asura giggled softly as she raised her Symphony of Destiny and her forehead too had a golden radiance, “So this is the Seventh Cosmos Positioning! I feel an elevated advancement in all my martial levels.”

Alice smiled gently to Asura before she turned to Lord Judas, “How about three practitioners that are attained to the immortal rank seven versus your immortal rank six? Our Seventh Cosmos Positioning is one notch higher than your Greater Cosmos Positioning.”

All of a sudden the expressions on Lord Judas dropped as he gasped, “The mythical Seventh Cosmos Positioning! The three of you have actually attained to this level? This is impossible!”

Alice remarked coolly, “But it is exactly as you have seen now and not a bluff. So what do you think of our chances now?”

Lord Judas laughed as he stared at Yi Ping, Alice, Asura, Xiang, Isa, Ye Yin and Shen Xingyue, “It still doesn’t change a thing. I am a supreme immortal practitioner. So what if you have attained to the Seventh Cosmos Positioning? Your martial strength may not exceed me but…” 

He paused for a while. 

Alice asked, “But what?”

Lord Judas laughed as he pointed at Yi Ping, “But for this fellow here, he is something else!”

Alice hummed coldly, “It is so unlike you to praise the martial level of another person.”

Lord Judas laughed heartily as he slammed his golden rod on the ground with a startling shockwave, “Now I am beginning to see why so many of my heavenly goddesses are dogging this fellow…”

Isa interrupted coldly, “Mind your language! And who is your heavenly goddess!”

Asura and Xiang hummed equally coldly! 

Lord Judas laughed it off as he looked at Yi Ping, “How about a duel? If you lose to me then you have to acknowledge me as your protégé master. But if I lose to you then I will acknowledge you as the Great God. What do you say?”

Alice gasped, “You know?”

Lord Judas grinned, “I am not as muddle headed as the other Heavenly Kings. Even though the Essential Righteous Energy is hidden within your Martial Emperor Unifying Force, I have no doubt that is the real Pangu Intricate Energy. That is interesting, am I right? That the true Great God has already appeared before the top level of the Stellar Sanctuary has been reached. I have divined that I may have a chance encounter with the Great God on this trip and I think you are him.”

Alice hummed coldly, “Since the Great God is standing in front of you, why don’t you pay your most humble veneration to him now?”

Lord Judas laughed, “Not yet. I have to test the extent of his martial level further. If he dies then he is not a Great God!”

Alice said coldly, “No one ever says a Great God can’t die.”

Lord Judas laughed thunderously before he asked Yi Ping coldly, “So, do you have the courage to accept my challenge?

Alice quickly said, “Yi Ping no!”

Shen Xingyue and Ye Yin said at the same time, “Don’t accept the challenge!”

Isa was also pleading, “Don’t fall into his trap. We can take him out together.”

Lord Judas hummed coldly, “Dearest Isa, you are overestimating yourself. It seems that you have not grown wiser over the years. You ought to look into things in another perspective.”

Yi Ping looked at all the other maidens that were next to him. He noticed that only Asura had kept quiet so he asked, “Asura, what do you think?”

Asura was startled but she quickly said, “I…I am not sure.”

Yi Ping could sense that something was troubling her via his Great Emptiness Translucence. As he was hesitating if he should accept the challenge, he thought that it may be a good idea to ask a little more.

He asked again, “Asura?”

Asura said quietly as she looked at Lord Judas’ formidable aura, “The Jade Emperor once said to me that there are two aides that he can truly trust. They are the Western Paradise Heavenly King and the Ancient Heavenly Sage King.”

Isa smiled weakly, “The problem is, we don’t know if we can even trust the Jade Emperor himself!”

Asura said quietly, “I trust the…Jade Emperor…”

Other than her, no one else of the relationship between the Jade Emperor and her sister…

Xiang looked at her with disbelief, “You trust him? He is the one that betray the Immortal Realm first and indirectly cause the First Immortal War to start!” 

Yi Ping said coolly to Lord Judas, “I accept the challenge!”

He turned to look at the rest, “I hope that the rest of you will not intervene until it is over. This is my wish.” 

Alice nodded, “Go then!” 

Isa gasped, “Not you too, Alice!”

Asura said coolly, “Let’s wait and see, alright?”

Shen Xingyue almost fainted as she called out, “Ping’Er!”

Ye Yin turned ashen immediately!

Yi Ping replied, “Together, we may not be able to defeat him. But if I take him alone, I may be able to wear him down first. That will increase our winning chance overall.”

Xiang said woefully, “So you are planning to sacrifice yourself for all of us?”

Lord Judas looked a little amused, “Perhaps you should keep your plans to yourself.”

Yi Ping had already stepped forward and the two of them were encircling already each other, “No need!”

Lord Judas laughed, “No need?”

Yi Ping replied coolly as he readied his sword stance, “Because you are the one that offer to challenge me, not the other way round. Actually I should be the one that be the one that asks you why.”

Lord Judas laughed, “I am too boorish and I don’t wish to hurt the others. But don’t worry, I will take care of them on your behalf!”

All of a sudden Yi Ping had crossed his swords together with three bursts of martial shockwave as he mustered the Asper Divinity, “This is my most powerful martial technique the Asper Divinity!”

In the next instant Yi Ping had slammed into the Lord Judas with a thunderous impact as they exchanged dozens of blows in successive blinks of an eye! 

Yi Ping had combined his Asper Divinity together with the Asper Continuum as he displayed intricate strokes one after another and this was accompanied by the Heavens Encompassing Stroke and the Ultrapowerful Force!

The entire vicinity exploded thunderously with their martial shockwaves as swords and rod impacted furiously together! 

So powerful were their clashes that the entire ground in the vicinity began to sink and exploded in an outward direction! 

Lord Judas shouted aloud, “Good! So that is your true strength!”

Yi Ping could feel the startling martial force of Lord Judas as they clashed together and he could feel like he was striking an impassable barrier!

Lord Judas shouted, “Good, you are still able to hold against me! So what about this?”

All of a sudden he swung his golden rod forward as he displayed dozens of attacks in the next instant, “This is my Shadowless Mirage Divine Attack!” 

Yi Ping was startled as he took a hasty step backward and steadied himself with the Martial Emperor Unifying Force. He clasped the two Celestial Alices even tighter as he gave a thunderous martial shout!

Immediately the two Celestial Alices were beaming with two golden globe of light as Yi Ping displayed the sanctorum powers of his divine sword! 

Immediately, the number of attacks that Yi Ping was executing had doubled! 

There were dozens of bright sparks as swords and rods clashed nonstop, sending rippling shockwaves to erupt and exploding the ground with the might of their martial power in all directions!

Yi Ping coughed out blood as he was struck by the martial shockwaves. If he was not for the protection of his Essential Righteous Energy and his profound martial strength, he would have been killed by the titanic shockwaves that had taken place! 

Another reason was that his martial strength had also increased when he had used the two Celestial Alices at the Ancient Swords Pool. 

Lord Judas on the other was not affected by the martial shockwaves as he was being protected by the Invincible Divine Force and his Golden Invincible Body but he was equally startled that Yi Ping was able to withstand his Shadowless Mirage Divine Attack. It was because once his Shadowless Mirage Divine Attack was used; even if it were the other Heavenly Kings, they would find it difficult to withstand it!

He grinned, “It is wiser to avert my direct attacks…”

Yi Ping replied weakly as they exchanged more than one hundred strokes, “Your Invincible Divine Force may be powerful but it drains your martial power and this technique of yours, will also drains your martial power even more. If I can endure to the very last then I have a chance to break your Invincible Divine Force!”

Lord Judas hummed coldly as martial shockwaves exploded thunderous around him as he pressed forward with the Shadowless Mirage Divine Attack once more, “I have plenty of martial power but I can’t say the same for you!”

All of a sudden Lord Judas had broken through the defenses of Yi Ping’s perfect swordplay and had struck him three times with a thunderous impact that sent him slamming onto the side of the cliff!

Yi Ping immediately coughed out blood as he leaned against the cliff. But before he could regain his reflexes, Lord Judas was already upon him as he had raised his golden rod with a shimmering golden ray of light! 

Yi Ping tried to raise his divine swords again but he was alarmed that his response had suddenly become slowed!

There was a furious thunderous impact as the Goddess Celestial Alice and the Goddess Asura had intercepted Lord Judas but they were quickly swept aside by his sheer martial strength after exchanging a few strokes!

Alice was startled as she thought, “Even with my Seventh Cosmos Positioning, I am still unable to match his martial strength…”

Lord Judas roared thunderously and his eyes were raging, “The duel has not ended yet! How dare you intervene in my fight!”

Shen Xingyue had appeared behind his back and was able to slash him with her Blue Heavens when she was struck by Lord Judas’ golden rod at her side, which immediately flung her aside!

She was immediately followed by Isa and Xiang! 

Ye Yin was able to evade the strikes of the Lord Judas as she struck the golden spheres with her Blessed Heavens with an explosive impact before she was knocked aside!

In a blink of an eye, Lord Judas had virtually swept Alice, Asura, Isa, Xiang, Ye Yin and Shen Xingyue effortless aside! 

Yi Ping gasped out, “Wait, don’t hurt them!”

Lord Judas hummed coldly as he slammed his golden rod on the ground with an earthshaking impact, “That is not my intention to hurt them. It seems that you have already lost to me so can you be my protégé disciple now?” 

At this moment, Alice, Isa, Xiang, Ye Yin and Shen Xingyue had already got up weakly and they were looking at each other quietly; it was because they had all noticed that this Lord Judas had only used his rod to strike them on the side instead of jabbing directly at them or else they would have been seriously hurt!

This Lord Judas was now standing very close to Yi Ping but he had made no move. If he wanted to harm Yi Ping, surely he would have made a move to get his heart now? 

But what was he waiting for? 

They knew that this Lord Judas was just a single step from awakening his Seventh Cosmos Positioning and he could even become the next Great God when he had consumed Yi Ping’s heart but instead he was asking Yi Ping if he wanted to become his protégé disciple?

Lingfeng, Yunzi, Youxue, Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Lie Qing, Lele, Aiel, Han Lin, the Universal Old Man, the Lord Supreme and the Immortal Saint of Swords had all turned ashen and they did not know what to do. It was because they knew that Yi Ping would be dead in the next instant if the Lord Judas made another move! 

Yi Ping was staring at this Lord Judas as he thought, “I have thought that I may be a match for a Heavenly King. But despite my best efforts, I can’t even scratch him…”

He smiled weakly, “Unfortunately, I have already got a protégé master and it is not possible for me to acknowledge you as a protégé master…”

Lord Judas said coolly, “But you have lost the duel. Are you thinking of backing out of your promise?”

Yi Ping kept quiet. While he had certainly made no such promise but it was true that he had lost the duel. He was not an unhonorable man that would twist or renegade upon a promise or agreement. 

But he said quietly as he raised his divine swords with trembling hands again, “I have not yet completely lost.”

Lord Judas said coldly, “So you are thinking of continuing the fight? I may not be so merciful with you again.”

Yi Ping rubbed his nose with the back of his hand, “I think I may be able to break your invincibility!”

Lord Judas laughed jovially, “What a great boast. If I don’t allow you to try then won’t I be considered a little petty?”

He jumped three bold steps to the back as he lifted his golden rod, “I shall give you the benefit of ten strokes. Afterwards I will retaliate.”

Shen Xingyue whispered, “Ping’Er, be careful!”

Yi Ping nodded at her and the rest of the maidens who were all watching anxiously. 

Lingfeng was looking at Yunzi as she whispered nervously, “I am afraid that Yi Ping has already exhausted all his attack strokes. If he just going to commit suicide then even if he becomes a ghost, I will never forgive him!”

Yunzi muttered, “Sister Lingfeng, don’t worry…”

Youxue said quietly, “If he did not have that golden rod in his hands then Yi Ping certainly stand a chance to break his Invincible Divine Force. But he is too skillful handling with it and moreover that golden rod is a sanctorum manifest immortal weapon too…”

Lie Qing was muttering, “He is toying with everyone. His ninth level Invincible Divine Force is actually stronger than my eleventh level Invincible Divine Force…”

In the meantime Yi Ping was looking at Alice and Asura, “I know what you are thinking. Give it up.”

Alice and Asura lowered their glances. 

He also looked at Lele who had made several sly moves as he halted her with a glance. 

It was because they had secretly scrutinized the earlier battle and had already found a good opportunity to strike. While Yi Ping may not be Lord Judas’s match but he was still capable of holding him off for a while. That was when they could all strike together and to press ahead with their offensives. Because they did not need to defend against Lord Judas, they would be able to muster all their martial strength and together, they may still stand a winning chance!

But Yi Ping was now discreetly warning them off!

Lele cursed softly, “Dense Yi Ping! Honor does not buy you anything if you are a dead hero!” 

Even though her cursing was almost incoherently and she was still standing quite a considerable distance from Yi Ping, he was able to overhear her!

Yi Ping muttered weakly, “Lele, there are certain things that we must adhere to. Or else we are no different from them! If Xian’Er is here, she will surely be able to understand me!”

He had immediately displayed a sword stance and had imbued his divine swords with the sword energies of the Flawless Energies Techniques!

The Fatal Masterstroke stance! 

Lord Judas laughed when he saw the sword stance that Yi Ping was displaying, “Don’t say that I didn’t warn you first. The sword energies techniques of the Ceremonial Saint Sword Heavenly King are hardly of any use against my Invincible Divine Force.”

Yi Ping replied quietly, “This is indeed the Fatal Masterstroke stance of the Flawless Swordplay.”

Lord Judas laughed, “Ten strokes! Remember I will only give you ten strokes! I like to see how good you are in using the sword techniques of the Ceremonial Saint Sword Heavenly King!”

Yi Ping closed his eyes as he said, “The intricate sword energy formula of the Exalting Obliteration…the dematerialization and materialized of the universal force, the gathering of visualization from the surroundings…I have finally understood it…”

Lord Judas looked at him curiously, “You are mastered the Exalting Obliteration?”

The Exalting Obliteration was the third secret sword technique of the Flawless Sword Energies Techniques and it was both a sword energies technique as well as a sword energies imbued sword technique! 

Yi Ping opened his eyes again, “I am afraid that I am still far from it but the intricate formula of the Exalting Obliteration has aided me to understand the intricate principle of another sword technique…”

Everyone was bewildered. 

Another sword technique? 

When did Yi Ping pick up another sword technique? 

All of a sudden the air around Yi Ping began to sink heavily with the emanating of sword energies!

There seemed to be an invisible saturated wall that was in front of Yi Ping all of a sudden.

Lord Judas was startled for he had never witnessed such a sword technique before!

Even Alice, Isa, Asura, Xiang and Aiel were startled; it was because they had never seen such a sword energies display before! 

Lord Judas’ fingers began to twitch lightly as he murmured, “Is this a sword formation? You can actually initiate a sword energies formation without preparation?”

Almost without a doubt, all the formidable Defense and Attack Formations required divine swords or heavenly relics to prepare. The more powerful a Defense or Attack Formation was, the longer was the preparation time! 

The problem with such formations was that no opponents would walk into it on their own accord! 

Lingfeng was astonished, “Why did he learn a celestial sword formation?”

Lord Judas angrily said, “Hey, wait! I didn’t say I am giving you ten strokes for you to prepare a sword formation on the spot!”

Alice interrupted coldly, “Are you backing off now? If yes, why don’t you pay your obedience to the Great God now?”

Before Lord Judas could say a word of protest, there were now two more divine swords that were hovering around Yi Ping. These two divine swords were formed from the two heavenly relics that were with Yi Ping!

Just as Lord Judas was startled by this sight, the two hovering divine swords had become eight hovering white swords!

He stammered in disbelief, “What kind of sword technique is this!”

Yi Ping began to recall the scene when he was pieced by millions of swords. That piercing experience was so real that he could still remember the pain. Because of that and by combining it with the intricate formula of the Exalting Obliteration, he was now able to create a new sword technique!

He replied firmly, “This is the Thousand Memories Swords!”

As he gasped the Celestial Alice to charge forward, the eight hovering white swords flew ahead of him!

Lord Judas was startled by the speed of the flying swords as he parried with his golden rod. Upon contact with the first flying sword, there was a thunderous explosion violently!

The next thing that Lord Judas knew was that the white sword had completely disappeared! 

Before he could regain his composure, the second and third white sword had exploded thunderous over him when he used his golden rod to block it!

The fourth white sword seemingly went past his golden rod and struck his Invincible Divine Force with another thunderous impact!

Lord Judas was startled as he thought, “This fourth sword is different from the rest and it actually go past my golden rod. These swords are all quasi real?” 

Yi Ping was now upon him in the next instant as he slashed furiously at Lord Judas, displaying dozens of golden strokes in a blink of an eye! 

As Lord Judas raised his golden rod to defend himself, he was startled to see eight of the hovering white swords around him at poising for a strike again! 

He was so startled, “What the hell…eight swords again…”

All of a sudden those eight hovering swords flashed at him and exploded thunderous again! 

There were several outburst of martial force as Yi Ping exploited the opening as he slashed more than two dozen times consecutively at Lord Judas! There was a huge thunderous outburst each time when Yi Ping had dissipated one of the golden energy wisps and he was bloodied by the martial shockwave but still he had continued his attacks relentlessly!

Lord Judas immediately raised his golden rod to display his Shadowless Mirage Divine Attack while Yi Ping had mustered the Martial Emperor Unifying Force as they began to strike each other relentlessly, stroke for stroke and blow for blow without any consequences!

Everyone was startled and found themselves unable to watch anymore!

Lord Judas blurted out after he had struck Yi Ping more than thirty times, “Crap! Why don’t you fall…are you even human…”

Yi Ping had struck his side with a mighty display of the Ultrapowerful Force that pierced through his Invincible Divine Force and had struck Lord Judas’ golden armor with a shattering aftershock, “Why don’t you fall too…”

By the time Yi Ping had burst the sixth golden energy wisps, he was so bloodied that he began to stagger backward!

Lord Judas hastily swung his golden rod as he retaliated with the Divine Iron Pillar technique that sent Yi Ping flying backward with a thunderous burst of martial explosion! 

He was also walking wobbly as he fell onto the ground breathlessly!

Alice and Shen Xingyue had immediately caught hold of Yi Ping as they panicky called out to him, “Yi Ping!”

Yi Ping fell into their embrace as he murmured weakly, “I am sorry…I didn’t…win…I hope that I have weakened him sufficient enough…”

Shen Xingyue wept, “No, you have done well. You can’t see it now but you have already defeated him. He is now on the ground!”

Alice was also beaming with tears, “That is right. Leave the rest to us!”

Yi Ping muttered incoherently before he lost his consciousness, “Good…”

Shen Xingyue kissed Yi Ping gently on his forehead as she whispered to him, “Take a good rest first…”

Isa said hurriedly as she raised her divine sword, “That old freak has astonishing recovery rate. Moreover this is the Stellar Sanctuary. Let get rid of him immediately!”

Asura muttered, “He is already on the ground…”

Xiang said, “This is not the time to be merciful…”

“I am really disappointed with you, Xiang and Isa!”

Everyone was startled!

It was Lord Judas as he wiped away the blood that was on the tip of his mouth. He was stooping and was supporting himself with his golden rod, “What a good fight but a pity, it just isn’t enough!”

Lie Qing had stepped forward as she raised her Eternal Light toward him, “It is enough. Don’t forget that I am also a practitioner of the Invincible Divine Force. Your Invincible Divine Force has already been broken and you won’t be able to muster it again in such a short time. So stop calling your bluff. You may be formidable but we are many. I garner that you have already lost half of your martial prowess now. Am I right?” 

Lingfeng, Yunzi, Youxue, Yu’Er, Mei’Er, the Universal Old Man, the Lord Supreme and all the others had all readied a combat stance and this time, they were much more confident! 

Lord Judas smiled weakly to everyone, “You can try.”

He turned to Alice and Asura, “Alice, Asura. Do we have to fight till to the very end? Have you forgotten how much I favor you in the past?”

Alice replied coldly, “You have never regards us as your equals. Although I am appreciative of your kindness in the past but I have to stop you from reaching the top of the Stellar Sanctuary.”

Lord Judas protested weakly, “I have no desire to become a Great God. You want to eat my heart?”

Alice smiled bitterly, “Who wants to eat your disguising heart…”

“Then you should let him go, am I right?”

Everyone had turned ashen immediately!

It was because there was an intruder here and none of them was aware of it!

Alice, Isa, Asura, Aiel and Xiang had turned extremely pale and they had all gasped out together, “The Ancient Heavenly Sage King…”

A youthful handsome man with white hair and beaming golden eyes had jumped down from the imposing cliff above and landed gently. He had a flute in his right hand as he rebuked Lord Judas gently, “Aren’t you pathetic? The most powerful fighter in the Immortal Realm will actually lose to an upstart immortal practitioner?”

Lord Judas grumbled, “Can’t you see that I am trying my best to restrain myself? Or else how would I possibly lose?”

Alice gasped, “It is really the Ancient Heavenly Sage King…”

The Universal Old Man looked at the Lord Supreme and the Immortal Saint of Swords, “To think that we have been rivals for such a long time and today we will all perish together…”

Lingfeng lowered her glance. The situation now was indeed gloomy! 

The rest of the group was equally dismay too. They were so closed to victory and yet…

The Ancient Heavenly Sage King smiled gently at Alice, “The Goddess Celestial Alice, how have you been? I have heard that you are now the new immortal leader of the Immortal Realm?”

Alice said quietly, “I dare not claim to be the immortal leader of the Immortal Realm.”

The Ancient Heavenly Sage King said, “Surely you are not thinking of stopping us right?”

Alice averted her glances, “I dare not.” 

The Ancient Heavenly Sage King pointed at Lord Judas, “If I want to take this old fellow away, will you stop me?”

Alice bit her lips, “I dare not!”

The Ancient Heavenly Sage King smiled as he said to Lord Judas, “So old fellow, what are you waiting for? Time to leave!”

Lord Judas stared at the Ancient Heavenly Sage King, “I still have an unfinished business here!”

The Ancient Heavenly Sage King asked unhurriedly, “We are all old acquaintances. Let them go…”

Lord Judas smiled mysteriously, “Wait till I tell you something interesting and you will be begging me not to let them go!”

The Ancient Heavenly Sage King smiled, “You are baiting my appetite already. Tell me and I see if I will be interested.”

Lord Judas laughed heartily, “You will surely be interested!” 

All of a sudden, there was a gently laughter from above the imposing cliff and a beautiful voice was heard asking, “What can be so interesting? Why don’t you share with me?”

Both the Ancient Heavenly Sage King and Lord Judas gasped at the same time, “The Sacred Embodied Heavenly Goddess…”

“Right, right! After so many years, you are all still able to recognize my voice. Impressive!” 

Alice whispered to the rest, “She is one of the thirty-three Heavenly Kings…”

Ye Yin was smiling weakly, “I have thought that all the Heavenly Kings are all males…”