A Martial Odyssey Book 3: The Stellar Sanctuary – Chapter 28

The Path of Immortality

Yi Ping and his entire group immediately followed Lele’s lead as they entered the golden passage. 

This golden passage was actually a huge cavern and the interior was actually a golden hall. Everything in this passage was made of carefully constructed white celestium walls and golden pillars. 

At the end of this majestic hall was a shimmering gold portal and in the middle of this was a long golden table with chairs along its sides. 

Everyone was stumped for different reasons. 

A shimmering golden portal lied at the end of this hall. A golden shimmering portal was something that was never seen before by anyone!

And there was a large golden table that was enough to seat a hundred people that was in the middle of this hall. But what was the purpose of a table in the middle of nowhere?

The Goddess Celestial Alice was perplexed, “I have never seen such a golden portal in the past before…”

The Goddess Asura was also smiling weakly, “Neither did I. But this is the fortieth level and mysterious happenings can still occur here.”

It was a known thing that the most mysterious things happened at every tenth and thirtieth levels of the Stellar Sanctuary! 

Yi Ping was looking at the golden table curiously, “Who will put such a magnificent table in the middle of nowhere? And there are chairs too. Why will the Stellar Sanctuary creates such an anomaly in the middle of nowhere?”

Lele laughed as she began to seat herself next to the golden table, “Aren’t you all tired? Why don’t everyone sit down first? Maybe there will be servants coming in soon to serve us food after we have all seated ourselves!”

Yi Ping smiled bitterly at that thought. 

The Goddess Celestial Alice was perplexed as she stole a glance at the shimmering golden portal, “I wonder what lies below that golden portal. Should we enter it or shall we find another way? I got an uneasy feeling about this portal.”

Lele called out to Yixian and Lie Qing, “Sisters, come over here. The seats here are so comfortable!”

Yixian and Lie Qing stole a look at each other before walking to Lele; they were more curious in taking a look at the intricate designs of the table and chairs than in resting comfortably. 

Lele winked as she called to the rest of the maidens, “Sister Youxue, Sister Yun, Sister Yu’Er, Sister Mei’Er, Sister Ye Yin, Sister Xingyue, Han Lin…what are you all waiting for?”

Since Youxue and Yunzi were also curious to take a look, they did not hesitate in following Lele’s lead. 

Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Ye Yin and Xingyue had walked to the table together, followed by Yu’Er and Mei’Er!

Yi Ping groaned as he looked at Lingfeng and Asura, “I don’t think this is the time to linger in this place much longer. We should step into that golden portal first.”

Lingfeng smiled alluringly as she winked at Yi Ping and Asura, “What is the hurry? You have already lingered here long enough. Now it is our turn to linger in this place!”

With that, she had also marched to the golden table in the middle!

The Universal Old Man was elated and he was muttering to himself. It was because he had just swallowed the Mystique Core Divine Pill and was starting to experience a wondrous surge in his intricate energy and senses!

He looked at Yi Ping as he patted his belly, “Seems like majority wins. Let’s go and take a look then. No harm in taking a look right?”

The Goddess of Mercy was standing next to them and she was looking perplexed. After she had heard the Universal Old Man, she muttered. “Sometimes curiosity kills the cat.”

Alice nodded, “Some traps are designed to kill the curious.”

Yi Ping was startled as he suddenly remembered the formation that Alice had placed in the Astronomic Stellar Formation so he panicky said, “In that case, we must stop them!”

Alice shook her head gently, “It is already too late. However, I have already scanned this hall with my divine eyes but I cannot find anything unusual about this place. It could be that the trap is well concealed or it has a set of conditions.”

Isa nodded, “This is a most unusual hall. This golden table and that golden portal makes it even more mysterious. Let us check out that table first before we move into the golden portal. This won’t take us long.”

The Goddess of Mercy muttered, “Then we have better hurry. This type of portal doesn’t wait forever. It is either we enter as quickly as possible or we choose not to. If the Stellar Sanctuary starts to shift, then it will be terrible!”

Asura smiled, “Agree.”

The Goddess of Mercy smiled, “We have never agreed upon anything. This is the first time that we are agreeing with each other.”

Asura said shyly as she stole a glance at Yi Ping, “There will be a second time, a third time and more in the future!”

Yi Ping placed Asura gently on a golden seat as they all began to examine the golden table and the golden chairs. 

This golden table was really large, measuring 3 meters by 33 meters long and was enough to seat a hundred people for there were exactly a hundred golden chairs, fifty on both sides of the golden table. 

The golden table had many circular and flowers intricate patterns on it. The intricate patterns had a much lighter golden tone. 

As for the golden chairs, it was patterned exactly the same way and like the golden table, it was rooted to the ground and it was impossible to shift. 

Alice immediately said, “The intricate patterns on the table and chairs are the flowers of life. It represents the highest mysteries of creation.”

The Goddess of Mercy nodded, “But I can find nothing unusual about the table or the chairs.”

The Heaveness Lingfeng had tapped the table with a needle, “The intricate patterns are made of pure gold while the entire table and chair are made of celestium metals. This, I have no doubt about it.”

Asura and Aiel were also nodding as they examined the table with their fingers. 

Youxue and Yunzi were the most curious. They listened intently as they inspected the table and chairs more vigorous than the others. It was because protégés of the Virtuous Palace were trained from young to leave no stone untouched. 

Youxue muttered, “I don’t get it. It is just one solid table. Why should the Stellar Sanctuary places such an unusual table here? Is there a feast or something? Is there a hidden formation inside the table?”

Alice had mustered her internal strength and her fingers had turned sparking gold in color as she began to hit the table, unleashing minute shockwaves one after the other. “Nothing…this is indeed strange But I am sure there is something because….”

She took a look at Asura who quickly nodded as she lifted the Symphony of Destiny to tap the table and all of a sudden the staff was vibrating, “From the reactions of the Symphony of Destiny, we can tell that there is indeed a hidden formation in this table. But it is not revealing itself to us. Therefore we can conclude that this formation isn’t a defensive or an offensive formation but is something else.”

Lingfeng smiled, “We are fortunate to have a couple of immortal practitioners on our side. Or else we won’t be able to know this much. If we can’t find anything unusual, let’s us be on our way. After all, not all mysteries are solvable and not all mysteries will be revealed if we are not fated with it.”

Yi Ping agreed, “Lingfeng is right. If the golden portal closes, then we may even miss out on something even more extraordinary.”

Alice was looking perplexed as she said gently, “Let’s us examine this table a little longer first. Alright? Everyone?”

Lele smiled, “This seat is so comfortable that I don’t want to get up anymore.”

Lie Qing teased her, “Be careful of what you have wished for.”

Lele chuckled softly, “Sister, you should relax first.”

Yixian said to Alice, “There is no harm in waiting a little longer. I will help to keep an eye on that portal. I am sure with our group swiftness movement skills, we may still have ample time to gatecrash it.” 

Yi Ping said, “I guess that is alright then.”

Ye Yin said, “Those that want to take a rest can do so first while the rest of us can also help to look for clues!”

Shen Xingyue smiled angelically as she nodded, “That seems like a good plan.”

With that, everyone began to walk around the golden hall as they searched for clues. 

But after some time, they were all resting on the golden chairs, having found nothing strange about the golden table, golden chairs and even the golden hall! 

Shen Xingyue muttered, “This is indeed weird. Why should anyone put a table in the middle of nowhere and there is nothing unusual about it?”

The Heavenly Temptress Lie Qing was looking perplexed as well as she began to tap the table curiously, “Preciously because there is nothing unusual about it makes it all the more suspicious, especially in a most unusual place.”

Han Lin was already bored from the search and she was now chatting happily with Lele.

As Yi Ping sat wearily on the chair, he was suddenly stunned by what he had seen and he had noticed that his protégé master the Universal Old Man was also secretly looking at the other maidens in stunned silence! 

It was because he had suddenly noticed that all the maidens had their soft bosoms on the table. It was because the distance between the chairs and the table as well as the height of the table was exactly positioned as such for the maidens to lean their moving bosoms on the table!

Yi Ping’s nose was suddenly dripping blood when he witnessed the sight and he was flustering hotly now…

It did not escape the notices the other maidens as they asked panicky, “Yi Ping, are you alright? Yi Ping, you are bleeding…”

But before Yi Ping had the time to assure them that he was alright, the entire hall had turned dark, the golden table and the chairs were all glowing!

Everyone was startled as they tried to stand up but suddenly discovered that they were all glued to the golden chairs!

Yi Ping was startled as he quickly mustered all his martial power to get up but he too, failed in the attempt. He was shocked that he could not even move a single inch even when he had used all his entire strength!

All of a sudden he had noticed that he was now alone in the chair and he could not see anything but darkness!

The golden table had turned into images of stars, suns, moons and whirling stellar clouds!

Yi Ping was startled at this wondrous sight. In fact, he was so mesmerized by it that he had forgotten that he was now in a dire situation and had stopped struggling. 

After some time, he noticed that he was no longer on the golden chair but he was floating among the starry heavens!

All of a sudden a black hole had appeared in front of him and was pulling him into it! 

He was so startled by it that he immediately tried to struggle against it but his minute strength was futile against this dark abyss vortex!

But just as he was about to lose all hope and was about to be sucked into this dark vortex, a bright white sun had burst forth from beyond the starry heavens, instantly scattering this dark vortex and he was once again floating in the endless space!

Almost immediately a white shimmering light began to pull him into it!

Yi Ping was so startled that he immediately woke up in cold sweat and once again, he found himself sitting on the golden chair again!

But what was astonishing was that all the others had also broken in cold sweat and all had a look of confusion in their expressions!

Yi Ping muttered, “What has actually happened?”

Lele looked equally confused and she had turned extremely pale, “I saw the suns, the stars and the moons…”

Han Lin muttered, “And a black hole is pulling me into it. I almost die from fright…”

Yu’Er gasped, “I have the same vision too!”

Mei’Er was startled, “So do I…”

Ye Yin muttered, “You are not the only one.”

The Universal Old Man was also muttering, “What is going on?”

Yi Ping looked at the rest of the maidens as he muttered, “Everyone too?”

All the rest of the maidens nodded at him. All of them had the same visions! 

Asura was smiling discreetly to Yi Ping as she said, “I have regained the use of my legs now and even my golden body!”

Yi Ping was delighted as he said twice, “Good! Good!”

Alice said gently, “Let’s us divine the outcome of this experience first so that we can all know what is it all about.”

With that, Alice, Isa, Asura, Aiel and Lingfeng were all moving their fingers quickly to divine the outcome of this vision. 

Finally Isa, Asura, Aiel and Lingfeng were all looking at the Goddess Celestial Alice for an answer. 

The Goddess of Mercy muttered, “Maybe we shall let Alice tells us the outcome of her divination first and see if it is the same?”

Aiel nodded quietly.

Alice heaved a soft sigh as she looked at everyone with an astonished look, “You won’t believe it but the whole lot of you is now an immortal practitioner!”

This simple statement caused an instant uproar to break out from everyone as they began to talk at the same time!

The Goddess of Mercy nodded, “While this doesn’t affect us who are already immortals, it is still a startling revelation and can help us to further our own attainment.”

Yi Ping muttered, “We are all immortal practitioners now?! How is it possible?”

Alice smiled delightfully, “Truly. Given time, some of you may even attain as true immortals like us.”

The Universal Old Man was so stunned that he stammered, “But where is the Heavenly Wrath? And it is so simple?!”

Alice smiled gently, “You have already encountered it. That black abyss hole is the heavenly wrath tribulation. If your heart isn’t pure then you won’t be able to attain as an immortal practitioner and you would surely have perished!”

The Universal Old Man was stunned, “We will perish if we fail…”

Yi Ping stumped blankly on the chair as a thought crossed him, “I have sent Shi Shi, Yang Min, Jing’Er, Xiao Qian, Lady Winter Plum and Old Reverend Vanquisher Sage to the outside. If they are here then they may be able to attain as an immortal practitioner…my well-meaning intentions have backfired…”

The Heaveness Lingfeng was trembling because this was a dream that had always been elusive to her and the other celestial practitioners, “We are immortal practitioners now? So we don’t have to go to the most upper level of the Stellar Sanctuary anymore to learn how to become an immortal practitioner?”

The Celestial Fairy Yixian said gently, “Maybe we still have to pay a visit to it. We still don’t have the immortal practice yet. It will be fairly long journey before we can become true immortals. Moreover without the immortal practice, we cannot teach the others how to embark on the path of immortality.”

Ye Yin, Shen Xingyue, Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Youxue and Yunzi were shocked beyond words as they looked at each other while muttering, “Is this just a dream? We are all immortal practitioners now?” 

Yi Ping was smiling weakly because he had suddenly noticed their bosoms on the table again. He averted his eyes to ask Alice, “What is going on? So there is a hidden formation here that actually reveals the immortal practice to us? And we are now immortal practitioners now. It is as simple as that?”

Alice smiled gently as she looked at everyone and everyone was also looking at her, “It is not as simple as that. Do you know that there was more than one time that we would have all perished together?”

Everyone was gasping with shock and disbelief!

Alice continued to explain, “I have figured out the conditions of this intricate formation. We all have to be seated on this table to activate this hidden formation. However, this table is the table of harmony. If we are at odds with each other when we sit down, we will all perish at the same time!”

When everyone had heard her, they were all shocked and had turned ashen! 

The Goddess Isa looked at the Goddess of Mercy and at the Goddess Celestial Alice before looking at the Goddess Asura, “It is a lucky thing that we have resolved our differences or else we will all perish together. What a close shave!”

The Goddess Aiel looked at Han Lin with a teasing smile, “I told you not to argue with me all this while. You would have gotten us all killed.”

Han Lin immediately retorted, “I should be the one that is saying that instead!”

The Universal Old Man thought of the Old Venerable Vanquisher Sage as he muttered, “Lucky! If he is here, then we are all doomed!”

As everyone looked at each other, they had all broken into cold sweat once more; it was because in the past they were all fighting with each other and had many differences with each other!

Alice said gently, “This hidden harmony formation is a powerful one that is able to slay us instantly. Even the immortals won’t be spared from it. That is how powerful it is. It is a good thing that our group is able to co-exist in harmony with each other, sparing us from this calamity.”

She paused for a while before continuing, “When the formation is activated, the black hole represents the powerful influence of our hearts and our ambitions. It is a colossal abyssal that will destroy us. Only our goodness within our hearts will be able to save us and that is represented by the white sun that we have seen in the vision. But even then, this was not enough. The size of the white sun represents our group as a whole. If anyone of us perishes to the black hole, then the others will also be at risk. Therefore we have all escaped death twice over.”

Asura nodded, “All in all, we have escaped death a total of three times and that is really not easy.”

Yi Ping began to shudder at how close they were to lose their lives! 

Alice stole a secret glance at Yi Ping quietly. She did not mention that Yi Ping was actually the biggest star in the region of space that they had shared and he alone had contributed to half of the size of the white sun that had pulled them all to safety!

She secretly sighed, “All the true immortals have blood in their hands. Maybe the purpose of the Stellar Sanctuary is a herald of a new age…” 

Asura, the Goddess of Mercy Xiang, Aiel and Isa were all highly attained immortals and they understood the vision perfectly well. Therefore like Alice, they were all looking at Yi Ping with gladness and appreciation in their hearts!

This was followed by the rest of the maidens as they lifted their glances to look upon at Yi Ping one by one!

Yi Ping broke the silence as he muttered reluctantly, “Let’s go.”

He took a last look at their tempting soft bosoms as he sighed softly…

Lele had already sped for the shimmering golden portal delightfully as she called out to the rest, “Let go and have a look at what is beyond this portal!”

Suddenly she no longer felt lonely; it was because Yi Ping and all the rest were now immortal practitioners and with some luck, one day they would all have the chance to meet once again! 

Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Shen Xingyue and Ye Yin were elated too as they sped after Lele. In a blink of an eye, they had already entered the shimmering golden portal!

As the group moved toward the shimmering golden portal, Yi Ping had a jolt in his head as he suddenly called out. “Oh no, wait!”

Alice and Yixian were startled as they quickly to turn to ask him, “What is wrong?”

Yi Ping had turned ashen as he said panicky, “What if this shimmering golden portal is a trap? To test our greed? This golden hall seems to be designed to kill. Everything that is in here seems like a gambit. It is like a hidden trial. We should avoid that shimmering golden portal…”

Alice had turned ashen too, “Yi Ping is right. It is truly a trap. This trap is so obvious that we have all missed it…”

The Celestial Fairy Yixian smiled weakly as she took a step toward the shimmering golden portal, “Alas, it is already too late. We can’t abandon the rest of our sisters that is in there now.”

Yi Ping had already rushed to the shimmering golden portal as he said aloud, “I am going in. Alas! Lele, Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Ye Yin, Xingyue…”

As he passed the shimmering golden portal with a seemingly electric feel, he quickly blinked his eyes to adjust his visions and he found himself in a large but dark walled passage way. Just in front of him were Lele, Ye Yin, Shen Xingyue, Yu’Er and Mei’Er. 

Yi Ping panicky said to them, “This place isn’t safe! We shouldn’t have rushed in just like this. Alas!”

Just as he finished speaking, the rest of the group had also materialized into this dark wall passage!

Lie Qing was asking, “Where are we now?”

Lele smiled weakly as she looked at Yi Ping, “Isn’t that a little bit too late for you to say so? We have already entered the portal…”

Yi Ping smiled weakly as he agreed with her views, “Yes, it is already a little too late. But not too late for us to exercise full caution.”

He quickly turned to Lingfeng and Alice, “Where are we now?”

Lingfeng chuckled softly, “I have forgotten that someone can’t read.”

Ye Yin pointed to a runic craving on the wall on top of them as she asked solemnly, “Is this the one? It is just a X.”

Lingfeng and Alice were startled, followed by Isa, the Goddess of Mercy, Aiel and Asura. 

Finally Alice muttered, “We are at level X the unknown. This is a hidden level of the Stellar Sanctuary where no one has ever seen or known.”

Everyone was gasping nervously and exclaiming between themselves! 

Yi Ping smiled bitterly, “But we have found it…”

Yunzi said all of a sudden, “This passage is dark. In fact, we have never seen any walled passage this dark before.”

Everyone was a little startled. It was because they had all possess dark vision and could adjust quickly to the darkness. But now that Yunzi had mentioned about it, they realized that unlike the earlier walled passages that they had been to, this wall passage was indeed much darker! 

All of a sudden the Heavenly Temptress Lie Qing had turned ashen as she panicky asked, “Where is Sister Xian’Er? She isn’t here…”

Everyone was startled as they quickly looked around for her!

Indeed the Celestial Fairy Yixian was not in their group!

Yi Ping had turned as white as sheet as he muttered with a cold heart, “Xian’Er, where are you…”