A Martial Odyssey Book 3: The Stellar Sanctuary – Chapter 27

The Mystique Core Divine Pill

Yi Ping and Asura were cuddling in each other’s embrace for a long time but the time passed so quickly for them that they were reluctant to let go of each other. 

After some time Yi Ping murmured, “Alas! I have told you that I am nothing but a lecherous man…”

Asura was glancing coquettishly at him, “I won’t regret it. Do you regret it?”

Yi Ping shook his head, “Of course I won’t! But alas…I am so messed up now…”

Asura looked at him endearingly, “You have better now. Do you know that because of you, I have really screwed up my secret destiny?”

Yi Ping was startled, “What secret destiny?”

Asura smiled shyly, “I am not telling you now. If you really want to know, let us survive through the Stellar Sanctuary first and I want you to look for me in the Immortal Realm. Only then will I tell you!”

Yi Ping smiled bitterly, “Isn’t it a little too hard?”

It was because Yi Ping knew that there was a huge tumbling barrier between the Celestial Realm and the Immortal Realm. 

The mythical Ninth Heavens or the Immortal Realm where the immortals dwelled was the ultimate goal of all the celestial practitioners. It was because it was the only place under heavens which offered protection from the deadly divine calamity! 

Asura smiled shyly, “To the others maybe it is hard. But you are different. I have faith in you. You must know that I have descended forcibly to the Celestial Realm and can’t remain here for much longer. It is only because of the immortal nature of the Stellar Sanctuary that we can actually stay here indefinitely. But once we leave the Stellar Sanctuary or until the Stellar Sanctuary cast us out, we can’t remain in the Celestial Realm for too long. Do you get me?” 

Yi Ping was immediately saddened when he had heard her. It was because he knew that he had to be separated from her, from Aiel, from Isa, from Alice and even Lele when the times come!

But he quickly asked, “Are you feeling better now?” 

Asura lowered her glance dolefully as she replied shyly, “I am no longer affected by the pains of the fire deviation…”

Yi Ping was guilty as he muttered, “That is good. I am really such a beast and have taken advantage of you…”

Asura rebuked him lightly, “You really think that I will be actually be under the influence of that accursed pill?”

Yi Ping was startled as he blushed redly, “You are not?”

Asura smiled shyly, “I am not. Never underestimate the willpowers of the immortal goddesses. Given time, the effects of the drug will wear thin. Worse come to worse, I can always enter a state of animate dead. By then the effects of the drug will already fade off and my internal injuries would have been healed.”

Yi Ping smiled weakly, “So why didn’t you?”

Asura laughed softly, “Because there is a beast that is next to me and I don’t want to be his prey!”

Yi Ping smiled weakly as he held her even tighter, “Don’t you think that it is the time for you to take the Negative Core Divine Pill now?”

Asura moaned lightly, “Do you think that the Negative Core Divine Pill is going to be useful to me?”

Yi Ping nodded, “The sooner you regained your internal strength and the use of your legs then we would have a better rate of survival…”

All of a sudden Asura was kissing him and they were tumbling and rolling together again as she whispered shyly, “Right now, the only thing that I have in mind is just you alone. I want to Dual Celestial with you…”

Yi Ping muttered, “It will affect your attainment. Moreover, it will also be unfair to the rest of my consorts…”

Asura chuckled, “Don’t worry about my attainment and who cares about your other consorts?”

Yi Ping protested weakly but he was already on fire as he pressed upon and fondled her arousing body, “I…it is my moral responsibility…I hope that they will be safe and steer clear of Yun Dingzhong and Old Man Xuantian…alas!”

Asura moaned with delighted pleasure as she silenced him with a kiss, “You…let’s put it aside first…”

Yi Ping sighed softly. The Goddess Asura was really too tempting and enticing. He scolded himself for not being able to restraint himself. But he could not help himself. He had to admit that at first he did not have much fondness for the Goddess Asura especially when she had pushed him down the cliff on purpose, causing him to be separated from his group. But after he had realized that she was only protecting her chastity, he began to develop an admiration for her unbending will. 

He had come to conclude that the reasons that she had bowed to him, was because she had pledged him a promise and not because she was under the intoxicating influence of the drug that she was forced to swallow. 

He had a fault. The more lofty and admirable a maiden was, the more he could not resist them. He was like a moth that was attracted to their fires…

But he did not know that the Goddess Asura was also drawn to him because she had disdained despicable men and that she had never seen anyone as honorable as him. She was like a delicious pie that was in front of him yet he had not taken advantage of her and had protected her all this while. 

Finally she could not suppress her forlorn admiration for him any longer when she realized how close she was to losing him!

Again time passed…

At long last Yi Ping pleaded with her as he once again tried to put the Negative Core Divine Pill into her hand, “Now you can be a good girl and take the Negative Core Divine Pill now?”

Asura nodded reluctantly as she took the Negative Core Divine Pill from his hand. As she pulled her eyes away from him to the pill, she gasped all of a sudden. “This is not the Negative Core Divine Pill!”

Yi Ping was startled, “It is not? Then what is it?”

Asura shook her head as her eyes beamed, “No, it isn’t. I am sure of it…”

All of a sudden she gasped with shock as she sniffed at it, “Isn’t this the Mystique Core Divine Pill…”

Yi Ping was about to ask her what it was when he had suddenly heard howling sounds behind him. He was startled and quickly turned around. It was ‘Xiao Ping’ the small golden Kirin cub and it was now leaping around him!

Before they could regain their composure from this little visitor, more than a dozen figures had poured into the passage calling, “Yi Ping!”

Asura and Yi Ping were so startled that they had all started pulling their clothing to cover themselves panicky! 

The newly arrivals were Alice, Isa, Yixian, Youxue, Lingfeng, Aiel, Lele and all the others that were in Yi Ping’s group and when they saw the scene, they were totally flabbergasted! 

The Universal Old Man was the first to mutter, “I think we have found them but at the wrong time…”

Lingfeng was so flabbergasted that she immediately censored Yi Ping, “We are so worried for you and yet you are having so much fun here. Do you even know the difficulties that we have to face while making the search for you?”

Youxue was also unhappy as she hummed coldly, “Hmph! Yi Ping, you are good! Very good!”

The Goddess Isa and the Goddess of Mercy were staring coldly at Yi Ping!

The Celestial Fairy Yixian, the Heavenly Temptress Lie Qing and the Joyful Goddess Lele were all speechless at the scene and they were looking at one another for an explanation…

Alice said coldly, “You actually in such a good mood.”

No one knew if she was saying it to Asura or Yi Ping!

Asura was utterly shocked as she took a quick look at Yi Ping as she thought, “He really did not lie to me at all. Alice is really with Isa and the Goddess of Mercy. I have wronged him…”

But at the same time she was elated. It was because she knew now that he had been honest to her!

Aiel had walked quietly next to them and her enchanting face was blushing shyly, “Yi Ping, the Goddess Asura and you…”

She stole a quick glance at the left forearm of the Goddess Asura and noticed that her chastity mark was gone, “The two of you…”

Lingfeng looked at the other maidens, “I told you so. We mustn’t let him be alone or else with his endless peach blossom luck, he will surely end up with another maiden!”

Yu’Er and Mei’Er were smiling. They did not seem to mind and instead they had said at the same time, “Welcome to the family!”

Yunzi smiled too, “Welcome to the family!”

Asura was startled by their reactions. It was because she knew that she had broken one of the most sacred principle laws of the Goddess Theocracy. Yet they were welcoming her as though the Goddess Celestial Alice was not around! 

She took a panic and hurried look at Alice as she muttered, “I…”

But in the end, she could find no words!

Alice walked to her gently as she placed the Symphony of Destiny in her hands, “This is the symbol of the Goddess Theocracy. You must retain it at all times by your side.”

Asura gasped, “…the Eternal Goddess is willing to pardon me?”

Alice said gently to her, “Why shouldn’t I? You did nothing wrong.”

Asura was staring in disbelief at her, “But I…”

She stole a look at Yi Ping, “But I…”

Alice smiled gently at Yi Ping, “You must take good care of Asura in the future or else I won’t forgive you. She is a most passive maiden and that is why I have entrusted the Goddess Theocracy to her.”

Yi Ping solemnly said, “I will for sure…”

Asura hummed coldly, pretending to be cold. “It is more likely that I will be the one that is taking care of him instead!”

Alice smiled wryly, “Shouldn’t it be the opposite? After all, he is the incarnation of the Great God.”

Asura was shocked as she looked at Yi Ping and she was covering her mouth with her hands, “He is the Great God?!”

Alice asked, “It is so unlike of you. You didn’t sense the Pangu Intricate Energy that is within him?”

Asura was now blushing redly as she thought silently to herself, “He is the Great God. He is the Great God…the man of my destiny. I didn’t lose my destiny at all…”

She quickly regained her composure as she replied Alice hesitantly, “I did suspect briefly but I have later concluded that it is the intricate energy of the Martial Emperor Unifying Force.”

Isa was also puzzled as she interrupted her, “What makes you think so? It is really unlike you to draw the wrong conclusion.”

Asura began to fluster as she protested weakly, “Isn’t the Pangu Intricate Energy supposedly only obtainable at the highest level of the Stellar Sanctuary? So how is it possible for Yi Ping to possess the Pangu Intricate Energy then?”

Alice, Isa and the Goddess of Mercy and Aiel began to look at each other nervously. It was because she was right!

Aiel muttered, “If the Pangu Intricate Energy has already been obtained by Yi Ping then what are the immortals fighting for in the Stellar Sanctuary?”

Alice muttered, “Maybe the Pangu Intricate Energy that Yi Ping has is on borrowed time. If he doesn’t reach the top level of the Stellar Sanctuary then the borrowed Pangu Intricate Energy may dissipate at the same time that the Stellar Sanctuary has vanished?” 

Isa said quietly, “It is possible. Or it is possible to have more than one successor to the Great God Pangu?”

The Goddess of Mercy smiled weakly, “No matter, we will find out once we have reached the top. Moreover Yi Ping is our future spouse now so we ought to see him through the very top.”

Asura was even more startled, “What?! Yi Ping is your future spouse?”

Alice, the Goddess of Mercy, Isa and Aiel all nodded at the same time, startling Asura!

The Goddess of Mercy smiled at her, “Now you know why Alice didn’t punish you? We have already bowed on our kneels to the Great God, so you don’t have to try anymore.”

Asura was even more startled as she looked blankly at them…

Yi Ping muttered, “What if I am not the Great God? I…”

Alice smiled at him, “That isn’t important.”

Yi Ping was startled when he noticed that Alice was looking enticingly at him.

Alice turned to say to Asura, “Congratulations. You have got yourself the Mystique Core Divine Pill. What a rare find.”

Yi Ping asked curiously, “What is this Mystique Core Divine Pill?”

At this moment all the other maidens and the Universal Old Man had also gathered around them as they were all trying to take a look at this mysterious Mystique Core Divine Pill.

Aiel was looking in envy at the Mystique Core Divine Pill as she muttered, “If only I have one…alas!”

Lie Qing asked curiously, “What is this Mystique Core Divine Pill? Is it precious?”

Aiel nodded, “Extremely. It looks similar to the Negative Core Divine Pill but it is actually more potent than that. It actually has the divine properties to advance the Heaven Eyes of the practitioner. For those practitioners that have not awakened their Heaven Eyes yet, the Mystique Core Divine Pill is able to awaken their Heaven Eyes without any ill-effect.”

Youxue, Yunzi, the Universal Old Man and all the others began to gasp…

Isa was smiling weakly, “If I have one Mystique Core Divine Pill, then there is a possibility that I may be able to reach the Seventh Cosmos Positioning. This divine pill is only heard of but unseen even in the Immortal Realm. That is how rare it is.”

The Goddess of Mercy was smiling to Yi Ping, “I wonder how you got it?”

Yi Ping quickly explained, “I got it from the two Demon Bull Kings that I have fought earlier.”

Everyone was gasping!

Lingfeng, Yixian, Lie Qing and Yunzi were so startled that they quickly examined Yi Ping for signs of injuries as they asked panicky, “Are you alright? You have fought the two Demon Bull Kings alone?”

Yi Ping was touched by their gestures as he assured them, “I am alright.”

Asura was still holding the Mystique Core Divine Pill in her hands as she muttered with heartfelt appreciation, “This divine pill is really extremely precious and he has given it to me…”

She secretly stole a glance at Yi Ping to check his expressions for any signs of regrets but Yi Ping composure was calm and was even delighted. She thought, “He has two Mystique Core Divine Pills and he has given one to me…”

All of a sudden Yi Ping bowed respectfully to the Universal Old Man as he said, “Protégé master, your protégé will like to present this Mystique Core Divine Pill to you!”

This kind gesture of his stunned everyone, including the Universal Old Man!

The Universal Old Man was stunned as he muttered, “You are actually giving me such a rare divine pill?”

Yi Ping said, “I still remember how protégé master, you have given us your Negative Core Divine Pill in the past. That is something that I would never be able to repay to you! I know that protégé master is trying to unravel the mysteries of the Heaven Eyes. I really have nothing to repay you for your kindness and mentoring.”

Asura was stunned that Yi Ping had actually given away the last Mystique Core Divine Pill simply like this!

This Mystique Core Divine Pill had other divine properties too, such as advancing the practitioner’s internal strength, divine attainment and was also miraculous in treating injuries too. Such a divine pill was simply too precious to be given away! 

The Universal Old Man was so startled that he was actually shedding tears, “Alas, I have almost forgotten about it. That is nothing…”

Lingfeng smiled alluringly, “Old Man, you have taken a good protégé. Aren’t you glad?”

The Universal Old Man took the divine pill from Yi Ping as he muttered, “Ping’Er, I am really grateful. But I still need to give you an advice. As celestial practitioners, we must try to avoid sexual relations. Alas, I don’t want to lose you. The path to immortality is really too hard. Alas, you should keep this divine pill for yourself just in case…”

Yi Ping shook his head, “No, protégé master. I insist. I can well imagine how you had felt when you had parted with the Negative Core Divine Pill to help Yixian back then. A hero should remember his benefactors and be without any guilt. Only then can he stand tall under the heavens!”

Because Yi Ping insisted, the Universal Old Man reluctantly took the divine pill with trembling hands, “Then I have to accept it. Many thanks…”

Lingfeng laughed softly, “That is enough already. Look, what is that golden passage ahead of us? It looks unusual. Want to go take a look? Anyone?”

At this, there were many jovial mutterings among the group as they all nodded eagerly!

Lele said delightfully, “We have finally found Yi Ping and the Goddess Asura. We are all finally together again. What a relief! Let us go and check that golden passage immediately. Who knows, that may just be the entrance to the next level!”

Yixian smiled gently, “Lele, you are already getting impatient.”

Lele had already flown to the entrance of the golden passage! 

Yi Ping said quietly to the Goddess Asura, “Let me carry you first. The effects of the Mystique Core Divine Pill may not be acting so soon.”

Asura nodded shyly as she raised her right hand for Yi Ping to lift her, “Then may the Great God assist me. By right, it should be your humble servant that attends to you.”

Yi Ping smiled bitterly, “I prefer that you will continue to call me Yi Ping…”

All of a sudden Lele returned from the golden passage as she called out panicky to everyone, “Come over here immediately! There is something unusual in this passage!”