A Martial Odyssey Book 3: The Stellar Sanctuary – Chapter 20

The Ancient Swords Pool

They had passed through a shimmering red portal that was at the end of the passage and this led them into a white and green hall. 

In the middle of the hall was a pool and thousands of words were engraved around this hall. Toward the very end of this hall was a shimmering blue portal and it was obviously the exit. 

The Universal Old Man, Youxue, Lele, Yixian and many of the maidens were actually secretly delighted when they noticed the rows of words that were in this hall!

It could only mean one thing; martial secrets or powerful intricate formulas! 

But for now, they dare not move to take a closer look. It was because they were watching their steps lest they triggered any traps!

They had to take extra caution because the present strength of their party was not good!

Alice said melodically after carefully looking around the hall, “There are no defense formations in this hall. This, I am sure of it.”

The Goddess of Mercy nodded slowly as she looked around her warily, “I can’t sense any as well.”

The Goddess Isa shook her head, “Neither can I.”

Yi Ping secretly stole a glance at Alice, Isa and Xiang, “I have three real goddess as our guide. This is most fortunate.”

But that did not escape their watchful eyes as they returned an affectional smile to him!

He was startled! 

Alice patted the golden Kirin cub as she whispered gently to it but her expressive eyes were actually upon Yi Ping, “Xiao Ping, what do you think?”

Yi Ping was startled by her and he quickly look in the other direction.

Ye Yin who was in his arms whispered to him, “She has even named her pet after you. If you tell me that she is only fulfilling the prophecy, I really don’t believe.”

Lie Qing chuckled as she teased softly, “And that Isa, Xiang…”

She glanced at the Goddess Aiel and Han Lin who were next to her, “And…”

The Goddess Aiel immediately protested, “I…never say I like him!”

Lie Qing asked with a most solemn expression, “Did I say you like him?”

The Goddess Aiel stammered shyly and her ears were all red, “I…”

Han Lin shook her head as she moaned softly, “Mistress, you really lacking in this area of expertise…”

The Goddess Aiel raised her hand, “Lacking in what? I have eaten more salts than you have eaten grains. Dare you to say it loud again!”

Han Lin laughed softly as she stepped behind the Heaveness Lingfeng, “If you hit me in front of so many then they will all think that you are a shrew. You know what is a shrew, don’t you?”

The Goddess Aiel stomped her foot as she shot Han Lin an upset look, “I am not…”

Yi Ping said gently to her, “You are definitely not.”

The Goddess Aiel was startled when Yi Ping was suddenly talking to her. She began to look coquettishly at him, “I…am not…”

She was at a loss to continue…

She was flustering now and she knew that everyone was looking at her as she thought, “Someone help me. Stupid Han Lin, you got me into a fix. My cultivation isn’t as high as Alice or Isa. I can’t fight them. I don’t even know if I have a place among the eighteen…maybe I should give up and sleep in the comfort of my bed…”

Han Lin asked coolly, “Are you thinking of sleeping in the comfort of your bed?”

Aiel was startled as she said somberly, “Of course not!…”

Han Lin giggled, “Oh really?”

“Han Lin!”

Yi Ping began to laugh spiritedly and his laughter was like a warm sun that lifted the spirits of everyone!

Everyone was looking at him!

Aiel looked at him with a pitiful look, “You are…laughing at me?”

Yi Ping’s expressions began to turn somber as he said gently to her, “Oh no. It is just that I have recalled the first time that I have met Han Lin and you. The atmosphere was surprising lively even though I was entering the tiger’s den. Same as the second time.”

But Aiel shook her head with a melancholy expression, “So this is the feeling that you have for me…a lively atmosphere…”

Lingfeng secretly tugged Yi Ping’s sleeves and she seemed to be saying to him, “Go and say something comforting to her!”

She had restrained from using her Divine Whisperer because she knew that Aiel, Alice, Isa, the Universal Old Man and Xiang all had sharp ears!

Yi Ping caught Lingfeng’s hint immediately as he said firmly, “No Aiel, you are wrong. Without you, we can’t accomplish anything. You are our lifesaver and I know that I can never repay your gratitude enough for saving Yixian and Isa. And without your divine pills, we definitely can’t make our way this far. I can’t say thank you enough!”

Aiel was startled as she looked shyly at Yi Ping…

The Universal Old Man sighed in his heart, “If Yi Ping says one more word then Aiel’s heart will surely melt. I hope he don’t…”

Yi Ping blurted out, “Therefore in my heart…you have a special place…”

Aiel broke into a jovial smile and her eyes were beaming beautifully. Her heart was fluttering and she did not know what more to say…

Lingfeng tugged Yi Ping again as she moaned silently, her alluring eyes flashed dangerous at him. “Hmph! You are overdoing things!”

But to Lingfeng’s surprise, Yi Ping simply stood like a stone as he looked at Aiel!

Han Lin was also tugging Aiel but she seemed oblivious to her surroundings as she lifted her beaming eyes admirably at him…

Han Lin had remembered that the first time she had met Yi Ping, he was also staring at Aiel in this manner!

She moaned silently, “Mistress, don’t tell me that you have fallen into the ocean of love. Have you forgotten that we are supposed to play the fates of men in our palms? And one of the most sacred commandants of the Celestial Aiel Sect is not to fall in love. Arghhh, never mind. You are the mistress and you set the rules…”

All of a sudden Alice interrupted with her divine voice, “Everyone, come over here!”

She was standing next to the greenish pool which was in the middle of the hall! 

Yi Ping was jolted from his stupor by her divine voice. He hastily pulled himself from the enticing Aiel…

Ye Yin who was resting her head on his head dreamily whispered softly to him, “So finally you have looked at her enough?…”

Lie Qing smiled weakly as she cuddled herself in Yi Ping’s embrace, her eyes beaming with love for him. “Ping’Er, let’s us take a look at that pool.”

Lie Qing’s timely intervention saved Yi Ping from giving an explanation as he quickly said aloud, “Let’s go and see what is in that pool first.”

As they went ahead to the pool, Yunzi, Youxue, Yu’Er and Mei’Er were secretly looking exasperating at one another!

Somehow they got the feeling that Lie Qing and Ye Yin were lying in Yi Ping’s embrace far longer than it required them to recover their strength! 

And they were wishing in their throbbing hearts that they were the ones that were in Yi Ping’s embrace right now! 

Alice broke into a smile once everyone had gathered around, “Heaven blessings indeed! Look!”

Yi Ping took a baffled look into the greenish pool but he did not see anything strange about it. 

Isa took a stirred interest in the greenish pool and her eyes had suddenly shone with delight!

She took a glance at the Goddess of Mercy, “Xiang, what do you think?”

The Goddess of Mercy gasped with astonishment as she looked at Alice for an answer, “This is…is it really…”

Yunzi asked curiously, “Can it be that there is a something about this pool? And what is it?”

Lele took a curious look before she giggled softly, “It looks like a good spot to bath in!”

Mei’Er gasped weakly, “Surely not! No one cleans it for thousands of years!”

Yi Ping smiled weakly because he knew that Lele was serious about it. Lele almost rarely passed out an opportunity to take a dip in a pool. He still remembered vividly how she had taken a bath in the Tranquil Pool of the Tranquil Clan, shocking both Priest Liu Qingcheng and Priest Ling Kongquan who had considered the Tranquil Pool to be sacred! 

Alice pointed to the pool as she smiled mysteriously, “This is the ‘Ancient Swords Pool’. This pool is actually a miraculous pool that can not only revive our martial strength but also strengthen it!”

Yi Ping was startled, “Is it really so miraculous?”

Lele laughed daintily, “Quick, let us take a drink from the pool at this very instant! I am dying to expel the intricate energies from the Esper Formation from within me. It is making me so uncomfortable!”

She was about to take a step forward when Alice said sharply to her, “Don’t! Or you will surely die!”

The Goddess of Mercy smiled weakly to the startled Lele, who was blinking her eyes. “Alice is right. I have heard of this Ancient Swords Pool too. This type of pool is used to refine divine swords and is actually toxic to drink, even to the immortals.”

Lele smiled bitterly, “Then how do we replenish our strength then…”

The Goddess of Mercy gave a sly smile, “This, I do not know either! Maybe you want to ask the others who know.”

Isa shook her head, “I wish I know.”

Alice replied coolly, “We definitely can’t drink from the pool at all. Also, we cannot make contact with the pool either. It is because it is highly toxic!” 

If they could not drink or touch the pool, how then could they regain their martial strength?! 

Just as everyone was at a loss as they looked bewilderedly at one another, Alice gave an amused smile, “Don’t be discouraged. I am the Goddess Celestial Alice, the keeper of knowledge. If I am able to identify this as the Ancient Swords Pool then I surely know a way.”

Lingfeng smiled weakly, “Then may the Great Goddess enlightens us!”

Yu’Er said respectfully, “Normally in such a situation, we need to pray to the Gods for guidance but today a living Goddess is standing in front of us and giving us a direct answer…”

Mei’Er chuckled softly, “Four actually…”

Lele chipped in as she winked at Mei’Er, “Four and a half…”

Alice smiled, “We need a key person first.”

Youxue asked, “Yi Ping?”

Alice shook her head as she looked at Han Lin, “Han Lin, can you dip your Green Dragon Sacred Sword into the Ancient Swords Pool?”

Han Lin was startled as she looked helplessness at Aiel, “Me?”

Aiel nodded gently to her, “Go and do as the Goddess Celestial Alice says.”

As Han Lin unsheathed the Green Dragon Sacred Sword and dipped it into the Ancient Swords Pool, Alice had suddenly moved silently to her back and had jabbed her at the back of her neck. “Don’t move!”

Han Lin was stunned from the sudden attack and so was everyone!

She gasped out as she turned ashen, “What are you doing?!” 

Yi Ping panicky called out, “Alice, what is wrong?!”

Alice said quietly to Han Lin as she unsheathed her Astronomic Eulogy Divine Sword to prevent anyone from coming close to her, “You are a Dragon Practitioner, as antique as the Ancient Celestials. Long ago, the Dragon Practitioners and the Ancient Celestials had fought a great war in the lower and upper realm. The totem of the Jade Emperor is a dragon and the Dragon Practitioners are his people…”

Han Lin broke into a cold sweat as she whined panicky, “I…am a peaceful Dragon Practitioner…”

Aiel immediately pleaded panicky, “Great Goddess, Han Lin she is really a peaceful Dragon Practitioner! She is too dense to plot against the Pangu Race…”

Yi Ping was also saying panicky, “Alice, release Han Lin. She is really a good maiden. Don’t harm her!” 

Alice examined Han Lin coldly, “Oh really? Why is that I can sniff the blood of so many Celestials in you?”

Han Lin turned ashen immediately!

She lowered her glance hopelessly but all of a sudden she lifted her head to look at Yi Ping, “Yes! You are right. I am guilty. You can slay me now if you want. I admit. I do have the blood of many of the celestials in my hands!”

Aiel shook her head, “That is because this is a chaotic era. Han Lin only did it because it is I who has asked her to do so. If we don’t defend ourselves, others will have done us!”

Alice said coldly, “Even though I have slept for a long time but I do know the deeds of the Celestial Aiel Sect. It is not entirely honorable and you have already broken several of the most sacred laws of the Immortal Realm. Even the immortals have to obey the natural laws of the Heavens. Aiel, surely you do know about it?”

Aiel smiled bitterly as she looked at Isa and the Goddess of Mercy, “I have actually forgotten that I am an immortal after my Heaven Eyes had been sealed by you, Alice. But I don’t blame you. Because…”

She looked up as she looked tearfully at the Universal Old Man before she lingered her sight upon Yi Ping, “Because I don’t have any regrets. The lower realms are so beautiful. So full of emotions and lively people…”

The Heaveness Lingfeng muttered, “…everyone can choose their loves…”

Aiel nodded, “Compared to the lower realms, the Immortal Realm is a really cold and emotionless place.”

Lingfeng smiled coldly, “I have never been to the Immortal Realm but I find the Celestial Realm to be an equally cold and emotionless!” 

Han Lin said weakly, “You can take away my life. I don’t care anymore!” 

She muttered softly, “Yi…Ping…”

Yi Ping had already stepped next to Alice who surprisingly did not react as he said gently, “Alice, I know you won’t hurt Han Lin, am I right?”

Alice smiled coldly, “You are wrong. I will not only take Han Lin’s life away but I will also take the lives of Lie Qing and Ye Yin!” 

Yi Ping was startled as he stammered with shock, “Alice! What is going on?!”

She hummed coldly, “That is only because of the two Darkswords that are in their hands. Do you know that these two Darkswords once belonged to two of the most powerful Heavenly Kings? They who are the slayers of countless immortals!”

Yi Ping was trembling, “Just because of that so they must die?”

Alice said coldly, “This is because of the destinies of these two divine swords that will lead their masters to go against Heaven and create havoc in the Immortal Realm in the future. Therefore I must put a stop to their destinies first.”

Lie Qing smiled bitterly, “Thanks for telling me why I must die.”

Ye Yin was completely taken by this sudden turn of event as she thought, “Does Alice really wants to kill us? Can she do it alone? Can she even defeat Shen Xingyue or Lele in her current state? Or has she recovered from her injuries already? She is protected by the Heavenly Empress Robe and the Celestium Silk. Moreover for sure she has already attained the Indestructible Golden Body…”

Shen Xingyue, Youxue, Lele, Yixian and all the others had already encircled Lie Qing and Ye Yin in a protective manner!

Isa asked coldly, “Alice, what are you doing?”

The Goddess of Mercy hummed coldly, “Alice, let Maiden Han Lin go now. Or don’t blame me!” 

Alice smiled coldly, “Do you think that the whole lot of you are able to stop me? Don’t forget that I am a Seventh Cosmos Positioning Immortal. Before I kill all of you, I may as well let you know something. The engraved words that are in this hall are the intricacy formulas of the Flawless Sword Techniques and the Martial Emperor Unifying Theorem! These two martial skills are much sought in the Immortal Realm and are not for your eyes.”

Isa and the Goddess of Mercy had turned pale immediately at the mention of the Flawless Sword Energy Techniques and the Martial Emperor Unifying Theorem! 

The Flawless Sword Energy Techniques had only three main techniques; the Fatal Masterstroke, the Slashing Crucifixion and the Exalting Obliteration. The Fatal Masterstroke was an energy imbued sword energy technique, the Slashing Crucifixion was a series of sword bursts and sword energy waves technique while the Exalting Obliteration was a combination of the Fatal Masterstroke and the Slashing Crucifixion! 

The Martial Emperor Unifying Theorem was a superior inner art skill. Only practitioners that could perfectly balance their martial force into the principle of the Absolute Equilibrium Force such as Yi Ping’s Boundless Divine Force could practice this superior inner art skill!

Yi Ping continued to stand next to Alice as he said gently, “I don’t believe that you will kill everyone just because you lust after these two divine skills…”

Alice interrupted coldly, “Why wouldn’t I? A great battle between the Arhat Practitioners and the Zen Practitioners will soon start again. I don’t want to die and I don’t want others to know the weakness of these two divine skills.”

She turned to Han Lin as she whispered coldly, “Han Lin, are you giving up without a fight? Is the Icy Dragon Maiden going to give up without a fight?”

Han Lin was trembling and she was in tears, “From the start, you have already known who I am…”

Alice said coldly, “That is right. I have already known who you are from the very start.”

Han Lin pursed her lips as she said icily, “I have suddenly changed my mind. I don’t want to die anymore…”

All of a sudden the Green Dragon Sacred Sword that was in her hands was enveloping in a green halo and at the same time she had swung her divine sword backward at Alice!

There was a cracking thunderous burst of impact as Alice lifted her divine sword to parry the attack!

Han Lin, Alice and Yi Ping had scurried back by the martial force!

In that split second, Alice was surrounded by everyone! 

Han Lin immediately pointed her divine sword at Alice, “I really don’t believe that with so many of us here we can’t defeat you…”

Yi Ping said quietly, “Han Lin, you can stop now.”

Han Lin was startled, “But she tries to kill us!”

Lele protested weakly, “That is right!”

Lie Qing and Ye Yin were looking at each other…

The Celestial Fairy Yixian said gently, “Alice means you no harm, Han Lin.”

Yunzi was smiling, “That is right!”

The Universal Old Man was baffled, “What is going on?”

Isa and Aiel were exchanging baffled looks…

Alice broke into an amicably smile as she sheathed her divine sword into her scabbard, “Congratulation to you Han Lin, you have now divine harmonized with the Green Dragon Sacred Sword.”

Han Lin stared blankly at Alice before she turned to look at the glowing Green Dragon Sacred Sword, “All this just to force me to my limits so that I can divine harmony with the Green Dragon Sacred Sword? For what purpose?”

Alice laughed gently, “You will soon see. We really need you to divine harmony with the Green Dragon Sacred Sword badly. Pardon me for exercising some extremes. Now thrust your divine sword into the pool and see what happens next!”

Han Lin did as she was told and soon after, furious bubbles could be seen from the pool!

That was not all that had happened; the greenish pool soon became as crystal clear and even gave out a heavenly fragrance!

Han Lin was a little startled as she thought, “Weird. I feel more energetic now…my martial strength is returning?” 

Alice smiled, “I had seen the Jade Emperor dipping the Green Dragon Sacred Sword in the sword pools of the Immortal Realm on many occasions. That is because the Green Dragon Sacred Sword is a sanctified immortal sword that has the ability to purify the sword pools. But only if the owner is able to divine harmonize with it of course.” 

Now everyone finally understood the intentions of Alice! 

Lele sniffed the air as she said delightfully, “So now, we can drink or take a dip in this relaxing pool?”

Alice was amused, “No you can’t and you will surely die.”

Lele was dismayed to hear, “Then how are we going to regain our martial strength?”

Alice smiled as she lifted her glances at everyone, “Only for those that have a divine weapon and have already divine harmonized with it. Follow Han Lin’s lead and dip your divine swords into the pool. Through your divine swords, you will be able to revitalize yourself by absorbing the essence from the Ancient Swords Pool. Not only will you regain your martial strength, the depth of your martial strength will also improve.”

Youxue, Aiel, the Universal Old Man and the others who did not have any divine weapons were not disappointed that they had missed the opportunity to improve their martial strength. 

Yixian, Lie Qing and Lele went forward to dip their divine swords into the pool, followed by Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Ye Yin, Isa, Xingyue and Yunzi. They were all excited and feeling delightful! 

The Heaveness Lingfeng took out a short sword from within her sleeves as she dipped it into the pool. This was actually the first time that everyone with the exception of the Universal Old Man had caught sight of her divine sword! 

Alice noticed that Yi Ping had not dipped his divine sword into the pool yet so she asked him curiously as she smiled enchantingly to him, “The pool has more than enough room for you to dip your sword in it. Don’t tell me you will be shy?”

Yi Ping was staring blankly at the pool when he had heard Alice. He smiled weakly, “It seems that the wondrous effect of this Ancient Swords Pool can only happen once. So I am thinking…”

All of a sudden he had split the Celestial Alice into the Celestial Antonym Alice and the Celestial Synonym Alice as he took broad strides forward, “I wonder if I am able to gain twice as much martial strength with two divine swords?”


Everyone including Alice was stunned by Yi Ping!

Lingfeng gasped and scolded him gently, “You! You greedy pig…”