A Martial Odyssey Book 3: The Stellar Sanctuary – Chapter 17

Divine Revelations of the Darkswords

The hallways had stopped rumbling and it was soon dead silence again.

Yi Ping coughed weakly as he stood up. 

He was quickly followed by everyone, one after the other; it was time for them to be on the move again!

The Heaveness Lingfeng whispered softly to him, “Are you alright?”

Yi Ping nodded weakly, “I am alright.”

Lingfeng was aching with heartache for him, “I don’t believe. Look at you. You can’t even walk straight. I bet that you are in pain and every part of your body must be aching.”

Because the two of them were linked together by the Great Emptiness Translucence, they had also shared the same empathy. The two of them did not need words to share their heartfelt sentiments for each other. 

But of course it was also due to Lingfeng’s natural ability to inherently express her thoughts with her expressions. 

Yi Ping was grinning as he offered a suggestion to her, “Maybe you have been kicking me too hard lately?”

That was obviously a tease; her kicks were light and full of affections. Absolutely not painful at all!

Lingfeng raised her alluring eyebrows as she stormed off with a shy smile, “Humph! You certainly look well enough! I am…not going to shower you with my care anymore!”

Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Han Lin broke into soft chuckles and the rest of the group were looking at them with envy. It was because none of them could share this type of intimacy with Yi Ping as the Heaveness.

Yi Ping stared shyly at this stunning beauty with a broad grin. It seemed that Lingfeng always had a knack in touching his soft spot and making him forget his pain.

She was actually the main reason why he was in the Stellar Sanctuary and why he was in the Celestial Realm!

She knew it and he knew it so there was no need for them to spell it out. 

When Lingfeng was within his sight, his heart would always burn fiercely for her and he would not let her come into harm’s way! 

But he was soon asking himself, “I must secure the Immortal Practice of the Dark Chaos Lord no matter how hard it is. With the names of the Immortal Practice now, I am sure we may eventually develop a practice but for my protégé master and Lingfeng, they are running out of time…”

“But even if I manage to find the Dark Chaos Lord’s Immortal Practice, will it be too late?”

It was because breaking through from one state of divinity to the next state of divinity was not an easy thing…

Some practitioners could spend their entire life pondering the divine state of the weaponless practitioner, weapon in the heart and never achieve anything!

So what if the theories behind the names were known? Was it possible for a practitioner to truly grasp the heart and soul of the immortal state?

If it was so easy to become an immortal practitioner then, why was it that none had ever succeeded except for the Dark Chaos Lord? It was not to say that the rest of the celestial practitioners were all lacking in infinity wisdom…

He turned to look melancholy at his group as he thought, “Lingfeng, Yixian, Youxue, Lele, Lie Qing…everyone…I rather that I undertake this journey alone…”

All of a sudden Lingfeng had turned around with a cold smile, “Yi Ping, I know what you are thinking.”

Yi Ping was startled, “You know?”

Lingfeng replied, “Yes I do.”

Yi Ping replied weakly, “I don’t believe.”

Lingfeng sighed softly, “Do you still remember what you have told me when you first step foot on the Holy Amalgamate Mountains? That you will protect us no matter how difficult it is?”

Yi Ping muttered, “I do…”

Lingfeng smiled, “Good that you remember! Don’t think that you are protecting me by wandering off by yourself because you are not. If you would to do that, I will surely kill myself!”

Yi Ping was stunned as he began to tremble. 

That was because he knew that she would do it and she did as the Heaveness…

Even the Universal Old Man was trembling and his eyes had turned teary when he had overheard Lingfeng, “My Heaveness…”

Everyone was stunned at the display of the Heaveness’ resolute will; if anyone had thought that she was just an alluring heavenly maiden with a pretty face then they were wrong!

She could not live without Yi Ping and Yi Ping could not live without her either!

Lingfeng said melancholy, “If we perish then so be it. It is better than filling my days with extreme loneliness. At least we perish together. I can see and feel your pain throughout. It is good enough for me…”

Yu’Er and Mei’Er were both overwhelmed with tears!

The Celestial Yixian and the Heavenly Temptress Lie Qing had lowered their gazes! 

Shen Xingyue clasped her mouth. It was plain that she was in tears as she sobbed, “That’s enough…enough…”

Even Ye Yin, Han Lin, the Goddess Aiel were all looking away!

The Goddess Celestial Alice, the Goddess Isa, the Goddess of Mercy and Lele may have a stoned expression but they were clearly overwhelmed by emotions as evidenced by their sparking golden eyes! 

As for Youxue and Yunzi, their silent tears were already flowing and they were already trembling!

It was because Lingfeng had said what was in their hearts but she had taken one step further than them; she was determined to kill herself if Yi Ping dies! 

Lie Qing muttered to herself, “I…want to be with Yi Ping till the end of time, till the oceans have dried up and till the earth had crumbled to dust. But if any of these maidens is not around, Yi Ping will surely be tormented…especially for Lingfeng…”

The Heaveness Lingfeng lifted her divine voice as she trembled, “So Yi Ping, you listen up! You still owe me a wish. I want to invoke it now. You have better take the whole lot of us to the very top of the Stellar Sanctuary and find the real Immortal Practice!”

Yi Ping muttered, “Lingfeng…I will…I will…”

Lingfeng hummed coldly before she softened to a gentle whisper, “You rascal. I know your every little sly movement. You know you can’t hide from me. You know that I am reaching the very last of my divine wraths and I may not survive the next without the Immortal Practice. Therefore you will rather die trying so that you can join me in the netherworld later. But think it over first. I am not that important to you. You still have so many others that need you. It won’t be long before you have forgotten about me so don’t take it too hard when I am no longer around.”

Yi Ping was stunned into silence. It was because Lingfeng had virtually guessed what was on his mind. With her superb intellect, it was not hard for her to guess what was in the minds of everyone! 

That was also the reason why the Heaveness had also survived far longer than the other Ancient Celestials and even the Universal Old Man had depended on her to navigate through the Stellar Sanctuary!

Yi Ping shook his head, “Lingfeng, you know already…”

All of a sudden Yi Ping laughed maddening as he punched his fist on the wall before he wept aloud, “Everyone…I really have no confidence if I am able to make it. I don’t even know if I will be able to protect everyone till to the very end…”

He turned around as he wiped his tears with his hands, “But I promise all of you! I will surely fight to till to the very end!”

Lingfeng nodded tearfully, “Good!”

Everyone nodded as they quickly surrounded Yi Ping and Lingfeng…

The Goddess Celestial Alice said divinely, “So is it love? It is such a powerful emotion…”

The Goddess Isa stared blankly at Lingfeng, “I…today I have finally realized that I am so wrong in the past. Love is self-sacrificing…”

She took a secret glance at Alice as she thought, “The Dark Chaos Lord really loves you. That is why he has imprisoned you because he did not want you to end your life when he is no longer around. It is only today that I have finally realized it. Alice, sorry…”

But that was her thoughts and in the end, she did not have the courage to say what was on her mind to Alice. This apology was simply too hard for her to swallow…

Her thoughts were interrupted by Yi Ping who had said aloud, “Let’s us go now!”

It was followed by a noisy chuckle by the maidens!

Youxue laughed softly, “It seems that our Yi Ping has finally found himself again!”

Yi Ping smiled gently at her, “Youxue, we may have to rely on you to guide us through the Stellar Sanctuary.”

Youxue flushed shyly, “I will try my very best!”

Han Lin protested weakly, “Yi Ping, why do you trust her so much?”

Yi Ping laughed as he explained, “It is because Xue’Er (Youxue) has the knack in finding conceal passages. Moreover her power of observation is also superior.”

Han Lin raised her eyebrows, “Oh really?”

Yi Ping smiled gently to her, “Yes, really!”

Han Lin asked, “But earlier, I have clearly remembered that it is the two of you that have led us into the Iron Formation?”

Yi Ping was startled as he blinked his eyes, “This…”

Youxue began to lower her gaze and it was clear that she was flustering with embarrassment!

The Goddess Isa said, “That is right. We can trust Maiden Youxue?”

The Universal Old Man was muttering, “It seems to be the case earlier…”

Lingfeng shot him an annoyed look, “Can’t you keep your mouth shut for once? It is not like the choices that I have made are right all the time. Moreover this is the first time that Youxue has stepped into the Stellar Sanctuary.”

Youxue sighed softly, “Indeed! The Stellar Sanctuary is unlike any that I have ever seen. It is really too unfathomable and I am not claiming that the choice that I make will be the corrected one.”

Yunzi smiled, “Sister, you are too humble. If even you can’t make the correct choice then we can’t be expected to make the better choices either!”

Yi Ping nodded, “Then this issue is considered settled. Let us be on the move first.”

Han Lin quickly stepped next to Yi Ping as she smiled sweetly to him, “Brother Yi Ping…”

Yi Ping asked, “Yes?”

Han Lin winked at him, “Have you heard of a skill that is called the Dragon Sense?”

Yi Ping was immediately intrigued by the name of this martial skill, “No but can you tell me more about it?”

Han Lin laughed softly as she clapped her hands, “Of course! It is a special skill of my clan that can help us to find our way.”

Yi Ping was overjoyed, “Really?! Maiden Han Lin, you know this skill?”

Han Lin nodded, “Yes I do know but I can’t promise that it will work as my proficiency in this skill is only elementary…”

The Goddess Aiel was flabbergasted. She knew that Han Lin was trying to hoodwink Yi Ping. What Dragon Sense? Even the Immortals could not tell their way in the Stellar Sanctuary! She was obviously trying to hook up with Yi Ping!

Determined not to lose to Han Lin, she quickened her steps until she was next to Yi Ping. “Yi Ping, have you heard of the Goddess Sense?”

Yi Ping was also intrigued as he asked with great interest, “No but I really like to know. You can tell me Aiel?…”

The Goddess Aiel laughed softly, “Yes of course. One thing for sure, it is superior to the Dragon Sense…”

Han Lin smiled bitterly, “Mistress, what are you trying to do?”

The Heavenly Temptress stared at them in disbelief as she cursed softly, “Two lousy actress…”

Lele had overheard them. She stared at them coldly, “So one of you have the Dragon Sense and the other one of you have the Goddess Sense. But why didn’t it work earlier?”

Yu’Er and Mei’Er began to laugh jovially!

Even Lingfeng, Youxue and Yunzi were also secretly trying to pretend to be solemn! 

Yi Ping began to smile bitterly as he finally realized that he had been hoodwinked.

Han Lin and the Goddess Aiel were so embarrassed that they had lowered their gazes as they had suddenly realized that their little tricks had backfired!

Yi Ping pretended to be dense and said to them, “Good! Then we can have Youxue, Han Lin and Aiel to help us navigate the passages. Three heads are better than one.”

Lingfeng hummed coldly, “Yi Ping, you are not asking me to help out too? After all, I have the most experience here.”

Yi Ping laughed softly, “I want to but I am just waiting for you to volunteer. Thank goodness you have finally volunteered for this task!”

Lingfeng had suddenly realized that she had been played upon by Yi Ping for the first time that she quickly flashed next to him and gave him the hardest kick that he had ever received in his entire life from her!

“Yi Ping, you are dead!”

Yi Ping laughed jovially and he was quickly followed by the Universal Old Man who added, “So the Heaveness will also have this day. Maybe we should celebrate this occasion!”


All of a sudden everyone froze in their tracks!

It was because they had suddenly caught sight of three imposing identical passages in front of them!

Lele asked, “So which way should we pick?”

The Universal Old Man offered a helpful suggestion, “Pick the non-combat one!”

Lingfeng hummed coldly, “Why don’t you pick for us? We can’t know for sure!”

The Universal Old Man smiled bitterly as he asked Yi Ping, “Ping’Er, why don’t you make a choice for us?”

Just as Yi Ping was at a loss to decide, two resounding shockwave began to ripple from the Heavenly Temptress Lie Qing and the Ascension Goddess Ye Yin, startling everyone!

Their divine swords, the Perpetual Darkness and the Despairing Heavenly were shrouded in a dark halo as both divine swords unsheathed on their own accord! 

Lie Qing and Ye Yin were the most startled as they gasped together, “What is going on?”

Lie Qing pulled the Perpetual Darkness completely from her scabbard and immediately it began to point to the middle of the three passages!

Ye Yin did the same with her Despairing Heavenly; her divine sword seemed to have a will on its own and it too, was pointing to the middle passage!

Ye Yin muttered, “It seems that our divine swords want us to go to the middle passage?”

Lie Qing nodded uneasily…

The Goddess of Mercy had walked next to Ye Yin and Lie Qing, “You are right. But the choice is yours to make. Do you have the courage to go the middle passage? Bear in mind that your divine swords are dark swords. It probably won’t be anything good.”

The Goddess Isa said quietly, “No doubt if we take the middle passage, it will surely be another combat trial. I can feel the surge of the malevolent intent of your dark swords.”

Yunzi said quietly, “Our party can no longer fight. We simply cannot afford to take the risk.”

Youxue nodded, “That will be suicide.”

Lie Qing was silent as she stared blankly at her divine sword…

Ye Yin was trembling as she whispered softly, “I understand. I won’t force anyone of you to go with me but I have to go. All my life I have been practicing with the Despairing Heavenly Divine Sword. If I refuse to heed its calling, my own attainment will surely be ruined in the future. Therefore I have to go…”

Shen Xingyue gasped, “Ye Yin, not with your present condition!”

Lie Qing looked at her with a weak smile, “Ye Yin, I am going with you too!”

Yi Ping was startled, “Qing’Er, Ye Yin…”

The Celestial Fairy Yixian could no longer keep her composure, “Lie Qing, Ye Yin. I am going with you too. I know that it is impossible to persuade the two of you so I am going to help you. Surely you need someone to watch your back for you!”

Lie Qing brightened up, “Sister Xian’Er…”

Ye Yin shook her head, “Yixian, Yi Ping can’t afford to lose you. This is what we must do. Lie Qing and I will be able to manage so don’t you worry, alright?”

But all of a sudden she was startled. It was because she had noticed that everyone was looking at her gently!

Alice, Isa, Xiang, Aiel and Han Lin were all nodding at her…

Yixian, Lele, Yunzi, Youxue, Shen Xingyue and Lingfeng were also nodding at her…

Yi Ping and the Universal Old Man were smiling at her! 

Yi Ping patted her, “Don’t be silly. Ye Yin, we are all here together. Combat trial or not, we have no one to blame for our plight. If there must be someone to blame then it must surely be me…”

The Eclipse Heaven Goddess Yujian (Yu’Er) said gently to her, “The Holy Ascension Sect has always fight as one!”

Shen Xingyue smiled angelically, “Well said!”

The Celestial Fairy Yixian smiled, “It may not be as bad as we thought. Let’s us go. Whatever trial it is, we will not cower from it!” 

Lie Qing laughed softly as she looked at everyone, “Am I supposed to be touched by it?”

Yi Ping smiled gently at her, “I suppose so!”

Lie Qing laughed as she danced to the front, “Then oh well, we shall pick the middle passage!”

Ye Yin flashed next to her, “Good! Let’s go!”

Yi Ping walked to them as he sighed softly.

Ye Yin asked, “Yi Ping, what’s wrong? You are regretting your decision so fast?”

Lie Qing was also startled, “Why are you sighing?”

Yi Ping grinned, “No matter what, the two of you shouldn’t have cut the queue, am I right? Lingfeng, Youxue, Han Lin, Aiel and I are the main guides, am I right?”


“Go to hell, Yi Ping!”