A Martial Odyssey Book 3: The Stellar Sanctuary – Chapter 11

The Divine Practice

The atmosphere was tense as everyone was looking intently at the Goddess Celestial Alice and waiting eagerly for the secrets of the divine to be revealed!

Everyone was feeling excited and they had crowded around the Goddess Celestial Alice in a circular seating arrangement!

Yi Ping, the Universal Old Man and Old Reverend Vanquisher Sage were suddenly feeling hot despite the level of their internal strength training. It was because they had found themselves jostling next to so many extraordinary beautiful maidens! 

Lady Winter Plum was clinging close to the Universal Old Man as she murmured softly, “Excuse me…”

The Universal Old Man was flustering because he had suddenly noticed that he had body contact with her bosoms and he was looking at the same target as Old Reverend Vanquisher Sage! 

Old Reverend Vanquisher Sage was not only cuddled by these heavenly maidens, he had also a good eye view of the Goddess Aiel who was cladded revealingly. 

He found himself drooling…

Yi Ping was not faring better than them; he was cuddled tightly by Yu’Er and Mei’Er but by now he had already gotten used to it. The reason why he was flustering was because he was looking at Alice up close. Even her extremely pale complexion that was caused by her grievous injuries could not hide her astonishing beauty and peerless elegance!

Lingfeng and Ye Yin were obviously displeased to see the current expressions on these three men!

Lingfeng said coldly, “I wonder what is going on in the minds of these three dirty old men?”

Lele protested immediately, “Yi Ping isn’t old!”

The Goddess Aiel gasped as she quickly closed up her legs and crossed her arms over her bosoms, “Don’t look…”

Her skirt was really too short and her silken bodice was too transparent!

Shen Xingyue said coolly, “Don’t put Ping’Er in the same league as them. If he thinking dirty, he would surely have nosebleed but he is not…”

But no sooner had she said that, Yi Ping had a sudden nosebleed when he had noticed Aiel! 

Ye Yin was displeased, “It seems that someone has his imagination ran wild too.”

The Universal Old Man and Old Venerable Vanquisher Sage quickly made a feeble quick protest, “We didn’t…”

The Universal Old Man said with a straight face, “I am a highly cultivated Ancient Celestial…”

Old Venerable Vanquisher Sage smiled weakly, “Same here…”

Yi Ping was flushing so red that he began to stammer, “I…I…”

Youxue said coldly, “Why are all the men here turning into eunuchs all of a sudden?”

Mei’Er laughed jovially, “Because….because they are all so simple minded!”

Yu’Er joined in the tease merrily, “Um! I got it. Men are simple minded!”

Ye Yin muttered softly, “I never have fondness of men, you know. I have seen too many men who are willing to sacrifice their pride, dignity and even their love ones to advance themselves. They only know how to bully women…”

Lie Qing almost choked when she had heard that, “Like real. I remember that you have used the Forget Affection Wine on Yi Ping. Just who is bullying who?”

Old Venerable Vanquisher Sage was startled, “What? You have given the Forget Affection Wine to him? Is there any leftover…”

The Forget Affection Wine was extremely precious and had the added effect of refining the practitioner’s internal energy. It was so precious that not even the elders of the Holy Ascension are able to savor it.

Ye Yin the Ascension Goddess was suddenly flushing shyly, “Go ask Yi Ping and the Celestial Fairy. They have finished it!”

Old Venerable Vanquisher Sage gulped his own saliva as he turned to look at Yi Ping and Yixian who had suddenly turned extremely rigid when they had remembered that embarrassing night…

More so for the Celestial Fairy because she had lost her first time to Yi Ping that night. But she was also beaming with happiness when she had recalled that night…

She turned to smile at Yi Ping, “Ping’Er…”

Yi Ping quickly answered gently, “Xian’Er, yes?”

But Yixian simply continued to smile gently at him, “Ping’Er, Ping’Er, my Ping’Er…”

Everyone could see from her sparking golden eyes, all her love and affections for Yi Ping…

Ye Yin the Ascension Goddess was grinning at him, “We didn’t have any private time for a long time. Do you think you want to have a little drink with me?”

Yi Ping was already flustered and only more so now when he noticed Yixian and Ye Yin were looking at him. But at the same time, he was also delighted even though he knew that this was not the appropriate time to think about the matters of the heart. 

But he was human after all…

Lie Qing laughed shyly as she noticed that Yi Ping were completely mesmerized by Yixian and Ye Yin, “I guess…I have to work harder now. What do you say, Sister Youxue and Sister Lingfeng?”

Youxue simply smiled, “I think that is a lovely thing…”

She was thinking of her own time with Yi Ping…

The Heaveness Lingfeng gave an alluring look before replying, “Don’t drag me in. I just want to kick him! Or else he would feel he will feel too lucky and forget his place! Hmph!”

Yi Ping had heard her and he quickly replied, “Lingfeng, you have been kicking me since day one. You forget that you are the Heaveness now. How unbecoming of you…”

Lingfeng raised her thin eyebrows as she expressed a pretended shock look, “Hmph! Holy Maiden or Heaveness, I will never grow tired of kicking you. Not now, not ever!”

She lifted her fingers to snap once before she broke into an alluring smile at Yi Ping which caused him to sudden go wobbly, “You…since day one, you have been following me like a pest. If you are not asking for a kick then why are you following me?”

Yi Ping knew that he would never be able to win an argument over her. So he just smiled bitterly!

All of a sudden the Goddess Celestial Alice was giggling and there was hint of tears in her eyes.

Her laughter was infectious that even the Goddess Isa and the Goddess of Mercy were also smiling!

She asked, “Are you all always like this? It is so interesting. You must really share with me all your interesting stories. I will like to know all the tiniest details!”

Yi Ping said awkwardly, “I will surely tell you if you really would like to know. But maybe not down to all the tiniest details…”

He was now flushing so red that all the maidens, including the Universal Old Man and Old Reverend Vanquisher Sage were all laughing jovially much to his embarrassment! 

All of a sudden Alice became solemn as she said, “I really want to experience this love…”

But she quickly changed the conversation by saying, “You know, it is really unthinkable for any immortal maidens to share the same man yet all of you seem to be able to get so well? That is because the Dual Celestial is between one man and one woman. There is no multiple Dual Celestial. Or else I would not have fought with Isa…”

The Goddess Isa smiled weakly, “That is all in the past now.”

Yunzi looked tenderly at the Goddess Celestial Alice, “Thank you! Or else I would not be able to be reunited with Yi Ping in the Stellar Sanctuary. But I have a question. Didn’t the Goddess Aiel says that the Great God Pangu will have three consorts to share the Three Known Realm with him?”

Yang Min was about to ask the same question too but since Yunzi had taken the initiative to ask, she was glad.

The Goddess Celestial Alice smiled shyly, “That is the flaw with this prophecy because it is unthinkable for most of the immortals. Whoever the Great God Pangu chooses to Dual Celestial with, that maiden will be very lucky. But come to think of this…”

She began to look tenderly at Yi Ping as she continues, “…who knows what the Great God Yi Ping has for us?”

Yi Ping immediately protested weakly, “I…am not a Great God!”

She smiled, “Maybe not now but in future, you will be.”

Shen Xingyue hummed coldly, “Like father, like son!”

The Goddess of Mercy immediately asked curiously, “What do you mean?”

Shen Xingyue said angelically, “Maybe the Immortal Realm don’t practice polygamy but it is common in the Mortal Realm. Take the father of the White Sage for example, he has three wives and nine concubines!”

Shen Xingyue was the only one that knows the White Sage family history intimately. It was because they were supposed to be engaged to each other…

Yi Ping smiled bitterly, “My real father, is faithful to my mother…”

Shen Xingyue whispered, “But you don’t really look like the faithful one…”

Yi Ping smiled even more bitterly, “I have thought that we are hearing about the Divine Practice…”

All of a sudden he had noticed that Alice/Ziyan was looking extremely weak so he panicky said, “Maybe we can let Maiden Ziyan have a little rest first…”

The Goddess Celestial Alice smiled weakly, “No, I am alright. You don’t have to worry.”

She inhaled softly before saying, “As celestial practitioners, there are altogether nine tribulations to overcome…”

Immediately there were mutterings from the group as puzzled looks were exchanged!

It was because they were all taught that there were just seven celestial divinities to overcome before they could ascend as full Celestials!

Genesis, Enlighten, Emotion, Transverse, Seventh Sense, Crisis and Ascend…

Yunzi was the first to say, “No, she’s right. There are indeed nine tribulations to overcome. We have forgotten about the first tribulation which is the Divine Calamity that we have to first overcome…”

Yixian nodded gently as she said woefully, “And the ninth tribulation is just after the Ascend, just after we have ascended to the Celestial Realm!”

At the same time there were many woeful expressions from the group as they recalled their own experiences when they had ascended to the Celestial Realm…

Shi Shi and Yang Min were particular upset when they remembered their own experiences when they had finally ascended. They had thought that it would be just the start of a whole new celestial experience in the Celestial Realm but instead the Celestial Realm was to become their nightmares…

Yi Ping was trembling lightly when he had recalled their hallowing experiences and how he had almost lost everyone…

The Goddess Celestial Alice continued, “Some practitioners have it easy for the first and the ninth tribulation while some others have it hard. It doesn’t change the fact that it is still a divine tribulation to be overcome. All the nine heavenly tribulations are equally perilous. Any misstep along the way is fatal!”

Yi Ping nodded at this understanding as he absorbed this knowledge eagerly!

She continued with deliberate, “The real celestial practice will only begin after a practitioner has first overcome the Divine Calamity. Basically a practitioner has to prove that they would be worthy to be a celestial practitioner. This may be the first of the heavenly tribulation but many who have failed are also the strongest in their generation.”

Yi Ping sighed softly, “That is right. Strength has nothing to do with overcoming the Divine Calamity.”

The heart intricate skills of the various clans were an initiation to be a celestial practitioner. If they fully grasped the higher state of divinity present in their intricate heart formula skills then they would have overcome their Divine Calamity after a short time. 

In that forgotten time before the Great Descendant, numerous celestial clans had thrived in the Mortal Realm. In that forgotten time, Yi Ping’s previous incarnation the White Sage was from that era! 

But after the Great Descendant which witnessed the destruction of the majority of the celestial clans, the few remaining celestial clans had chosen to cut their ties with each other and from the rest of the mundane fraternity or disguising their clans into martial clans. 

In time, the secret celestial clans were to embark on their own limited knowledge to overcome the Divine Calamity.

Without interaction with the other celestial clans, many of the practitioners embarked on a false belief that might were right, triggering their Divine Calamities only when their martial levels reached the peak. 

Without fighting other worthy exponents, without killing, without bullying…how many of the hopeful celestial practitioners could reach the peak of perfection of their martial skills? 

But they did not know that it took great restraint not to abuse their martial skills. The Divine Calamity was a heavenly wrath that too, would restraint if they restraint. But if they did not, not many would be able to overcome the Divine Calamity.

Many had perished in this manner without understanding the reason why…

Or they were turned into Dark Celestials…

The Celestial Fairy Yixian and the Heavenly Temptress Lie Qing were thinking of their own experience when they had first faced the Divine Calamity for the very first time…

Shen Xingyue the Fiery Phoenix managed a weak smile as she eyed Yi Ping while thinking, “Ping’Er do you know that when you are the White Sage, you have overcome the Divine Calamity effortlessly?”

The Goddess Celestial Alice calmly explained the Divine Calamity to them.

She added, “There is another Divine Calamity called the Great Descendant; it is when the opposite is true. It is the only time that Dark Celestials can hope to ascend to the Celestial Realm and when celestial practitioner can kill another celestial practitioner without incurring Heaven’s wrath and without turning into Dark Celestial.”

Yi Ping heaved a long sigh…

It was because many of the maidens that he had known now had actually perished during this dark period…

The Celeste Wind Maiden said quietly, “In the Celestial Realm, even without any Great Descendant, the Dark Celestials and the Golden Celestials have been fighting for supremacy for an unknown time. Nowadays, many of the celestial clans are actually a mix group.”

She shivered a little.

It was because the Golden Celestials had always been wary of the Dark Celestials. But the Celestial Mistress alias the Goddess Aiel had taken her in.

She used to be a Dark Celestial and she had often wondered about her fate, “Can a Dark Celestial cultivates as an immortal practitioner?”

She smiled coldly. From what she could see now, the Immortal Realm was equally as messy as the Celestial Realm with its own intrigues. 

Alice said quietly, “In whatever divinity a practitioner will choose eventually, be it as a Golden Celestial or a Dark Celestial, they would be able to attain as an immortal practitioner. But it is better to cultivate as a Golden Celestial than a Dark Celestial. It is because the path of a Dark Celestial is far too hard and not many can hope to ascend to the Celestial Realm.”

Yi Ping nodded, “Indeed…”

But he was thinking, “Unless the timing is wrong…”

It was because the Heavens balanced between good and the dark continuously. During the Dark Descendant, it was the Dark Celestials that were thriving. Woes to the orthodox celestial practitioners that found themselves on the wrong side during this time…

Alice nodded as she continued, “After the first heavenly tribulation of the Divine Calamity is overcome and the practitioners transcend as Celestials, they would be able to overcome the limitation of life and death. And as Celestials, they have to overcome seven stages of celestial divinities, Genesis, Enlighten, Emotion, Transverse, Seventh Sense, Crisis and Ascend in order to transcend to the Celestial Realm. Each of these divine stages has a lower, medium and upper tier.”

Yi Ping and his group nodded as they muttered among themselves. Indeed that was what they had known. 

“Genesis is the initiate awakening and the start of your Divine Practice.”

“Enlighten is when you finally realized the separation between heaven and the earth, reaching enlightenment and opening yourself to further cultivation.”

“Emotion is cosmos loneliness and it is the stage that is the most difficult to overcome for the emotional mortals.”

“Transverse it the limitation of your physical body. Overcoming it gives you enhance speed and endurance.”

“The Seventh Sense is the awakening of your seventh sense and your innate sense. It is also difficult. A long period of peaceful meditation is required to overcome it and it can also drive many practitioners to insanity.”

Shi Shi, Jing’Er, Yang Min, Lady Winter Plum, Ye Yin and Shen Xingyue nodded slowly. 

They had witnessed many of their fellow celestials succumbed to a change of personality or insanity in this stage. This was a divine stage that opened the practitioners to hallucinations as they tried to awaken their seventh sense…

“Crisis is the time when the practitioner has to overcome the Divine Calamity again. But this time, the Divine Calamity is many times more powerful and it will occur three times. It is because at this point of time the practitioner is attempting to overcome Heaven’s limitations on them to ascend to the Celestial Realm. At this point of time the Divine Calamity will find any opportunity to stop the practitioner. After overcoming the divine stage of Crisis, the eyes of the practitioner will turn to gray. It is the sign of the darkness before the light.”

Again many in Yi Ping’s group that had overcome the divine stage of Crisis previously began to shudder. Many of the high level celestial practitioners had actually perished at this point because they had expended their martial strength or were injured during a confrontation; it was because their enemies would surely come to disrupt them during this divine crisis and to prevent them from reaching the Ascend Level! 

Therefore most of the practitioners would rather live in isolation and be on their alert for any sign of the Divine Calamity. Once this divine sign had taken place, they knew that they had only seven days to prepare for it! 

“After overcoming the Crisis Level, the practitioner will finally attain the Ascend Level. At this point of time, they will be very close to ascending as True Celestials to the Celestial Realm. At the middle tier of the Ascend, the eyes of the practitioner will slowly lit up and finally become golden at the upper Ascend Level. After overcoming a final Divine Calamity, only then will the practitioner began the final ascension to the Celestial Realm!”

Everyone shuddered when they had recalled the Divine Calamity. It was never easy and no matter how powerful they were, the Divine Calamity would always test them to their limits! 

She added, “The heavenly tribulations for these seven divine stages can take many forms and the practitioners have to exercise caution at all times. Finally the last major heavenly tribulation will take place after the celestial practitioner has transcended to the Celestial Realm.”

Yi Ping suddenly asked, “So there are nine major heavenly tribulations? But if we discount away the first and the ninth heavenly tribulations, there are actually twenty-one tribulations to overcome because each of the celestial stage has three tiers.”

Alice smiled, “That may be right for the celestial practitioners. But we the immortal practitioners are looking at time from a different perspective. To us, we consider the celestial stage as one major heavenly tribulation to overcome over a period of time.”

Yi Ping was enlightened as he clapped his hands, “I got it!”

Everyone was excited now because they knew that the Goddess Celestial Alice was going to explain to them the Immortal Practice soon enough!

The Universal Old Man however had grown impatient as he stammered, “The Immortal Practice is the next thing that all the True Celestials are seeking all these years but it had remained elusive. We don’t even know if we are practicing it the correct way. Only a hundred or so of the Ancient Celestials are left in the Celestial Realm now…”

Alice gave him a comforting smile before saying, “To become an immortal practitioner, you have to reach the Pure Golden Eyes stage. Before the Ascend, the eyes of the celestial practitioner will turn grey. After the Ascend, the eyes of the celestial practitioner will turn golden. That is the sign of attainment.”

Old Venerable Vanquisher Sage stammered, “Does it mean that the Ancient Celestials have been practicing wrongly?…”

The Universal Old Man was also stammering, “There are five to the divine stages of the Ancient Celestials; the Crimson Level, Gray Level, Golden Level, Green-Golden Level and the Red-Blue Level!”

Old Venerable Vanquisher Sage, the Universal Old Man and the Heaveness were all at the Red-Blue Level now.
In normal circumstances, the Ancient Celestials had normal golden eyes but they were able to use their internal strength to change the colors of their eyes. By doing so, their martial strength would also increase. 

After the Green-Golden Level, they were able to revert the colors of their eyes to their original self and could disguise their own divinity. That was something that the current Golden Celestials were not able to accomplish. 

However even so, they knew that this special latent ability of the Ancient Celestials was not the real Immortal Practice! 

Alice nodded gently but she had an amused smile, “Judging by the names of the divine stages, it seems that the Ancient Celestials have found a secret way to initiate the secrets of the Heaven Eyes.”

The Universal Old Man gasped, “So that is the purpose…I didn’t know…”

Alice stole a glance at the Goddess Aiel, “Aiel, is that you who leak the Unifying Mystical Intricacy Eyes Formula of the Goddess Theocracy to the celestial practitioners?”

The Goddess Aiel turned ashen immediately as she fell on her knees in fright, “Forgive me! At that time I have accidentally revealed the Unifying Mystical Eyes to the celestial practitioners. Because I don’t want to let them know that I am an immortal practitioner, I have taught them the Unifying Mystical Eyes. In no way did I ever reveal any other immortal secrets…”

Han Lin, Jing’Er and the Celeste Wind Maiden turned pale immediately!

Han Lin panicky defended her, “Our mistress only knows how to nap, drink, eat…she has never taught us anything useful…”

Yi Ping quickly pleaded to Alice panicky, “Alice, please don’t punish Aiel. She doesn’t mean it…”

The Goddess Aiel was moved by Yi Ping’s gesture but she insisted, “No, I know that I really shouldn’t have done that…”

At the same time the Universal Old Man and Old Venerable Vanquisher Sage were also saying panicky, “Forgive Aiel. She only meant well…”

Alice said coolly to Aiel, “Indeed. You really shouldn’t have done that. But who says anything about punishing you?”

Yi Ping was relieved to hear that as he helped Aiel up. 

Aiel heaved a soft sigh of relief…

But Alice said coolly, “But do you know that because you have taught the Unifying Mystical Eyes to the Ancient Celestials, it actually does more harm than good? It is because it is after all, still an immortal skill. It will be a difficult skill to begin for many and those who have problems having breakthrough in this skill may find their future attainment affected…”

The Goddess Aiel was flushing now. It was because she had never thought of that before. She was original an immortal practitioner and her Heaven Eyes was awakened by default. The Unifying Mystical Eyes Skill was just a mean for her to understand her Heaven Eyes better and to advance it!

When she was banished to the Mortal Realm, she had found it convenient to use the Unifying Mystical Eyes Skill to gain temporary burst of martial strength to compensate her loss of her Heaven Eyes…

The Goddess Isa was staring blankly at the Goddess Aiel in disbelief, “You…oh heavens! I can’t believe that you have actually ruined the entire generation of celestial practitioners…”

Even the Goddess of Mercy almost fainted from shock at what the Goddess Aiel had done!

Aiel whined softly, “I…but I did help so many of the Pangu Race to ascend as Ancient Celestials…”

Alice said quietly, “What is done cannot be undone. It is a lucky thing that the present generation of celestial practitioners is generally weaker than the Pangu Race or it will be disastrous if they were to attempt the Unifying Mystical Eyes on their own.” 

Aiel muttered, “Sorry…it is my terrible mistake…I don’t know how I am able to atone for it…I cause the deaths of so many…”

All of a sudden Yi Ping said with an arousing righteous air, “Aiel, it may not be a bad thing.”

Aiel looked up to him tearfully, “You don’t have to comfort me. I know I have committed an unforgiven thing.”

But Yi Ping smiled, “If you have the heart to repeat and realized your mistake then why think so much? Others may not forgive you but you can start by forgiving yourself first and to make amends.”

Aiel looked up at him as her lovely eyes widened…

Yi Ping continued to smile at her as he pointed to Lingfeng, “Through your mistake, some of the Ancient Celestials like the Heaveness and among others have aided many others to reach enlightenment.”

Lingfeng smiled alluringly, “Finally for once he is talking sense. That is right. So Aiel, there are many others that you have indirectly aided. So you don’t have to feel too terrible.”

The Universal Old Man was also comforting her, “I may not have awakened my Heaven Eyes yet but I have frightened off many opponents with the Unifying Mystical Eyes!”

Han Lin, Jing’Er and the Celeste Wind Maiden were jousting around her as they comforted her, “Mistress, cheers up!”

Yunzi, Shi Shi, Yang Min, Yu’Er and Mei’Er had also joined in to comfort her!

Aiel took a heartfelt appreciative look at everyone before she muttered, “Everyone…”

All of a sudden she laughed jovially, “Thanks! But first…”

She began to look sternly at Han Lin, “Just now, did you just say that I only know how to eat, drink and sleep?”

Han Lin started to protest weakly, “You meanie! I am just trying to help you…you are so ungrateful!…”

Everyone was laughing jovially along with them…

Alice, Isa and the Goddess of Mercy Gusu Xiang had also broken into jovial laughter. This was the first time that Yi Ping had seen them laughing so jovially and he was completely captivated by their mesmerizing expressions but he was not the only one; because their states of divinities were much higher than Yi Ping and his entire group, all their little movements were extremely enthralling to behold to everyone. 

But soon everyone became tense again when Alice had suddenly coughed weakly.

She smiled weakly, “That is fun…I have never experienced such joyful thrills before. Perhaps it is not a bad thing after all…”

Yi Ping smiled, “There will be plenty of time next time.”

Alice nodded gently but her tone soon became solemn, “Before I reveal the divine names of this Immortal Practice to you, you must use your wisdom to discern its validity. It is because this Immortal Practice is left behind by the Dark Chaos Lord who is the first mortal to transverse to the Ninth Heavens, which is what is also known as the Immortal Realm.”

The Goddess Isa nodded melancholy at the thoughts of the Dark Chaos Lord…

She stole a glance at Yi Ping who had noticed that she was looking at him.

Yi Ping muttered, “Isa…”

She immediately turned shyly away! 

In the meantime all the others were gasping excitingly. This was the moment that they were all waiting for!

“Like the Divine Practice, the Immortal Practice also has seven staging level. They are the Intricacy Focus, Linker Spirits, Revelation, Heaven Eyes, Primordial Core, Divine Crisis and Celestial Unison.”

Everyone began to mutter among themselves. Finally they had a clue to the various names of the Immortal Practice!

“Intricacy Focus!”

Intricacy Focus was the first of the immortal stage. But what did it mean?

The Heaveness Lingfeng was the first to suggest, “Hmmm, it seems like it is a clue to channel all the intricacy energies into one?”

The Celestial Fairy Yixian agreed, “It appears to be so!”

The Universal Old Man and Old Venerable Vanquisher Sage were beaming to each other.

The Universal Old Man laughed jovially, “What do you think?”

Old Venerable Vanquisher Sage was laughing too, “I think I got it but you may not get it!”

The Universal Old Man grumbled unhappily, “Who says so? I am more afraid that you have not got it!”

He began to smile at the Heaveness as though he was hinting her something.

Lingfeng flashed him an unhappy look, “Why are you always looking at me for answers? Why don’t you use your brain for once?”

The Universal Old Man began to fluster, “I do the experiment and you do the thinking. Isn’t that the norm for us?”

Lingfeng smiled weakly and so did Old Venerable Vanquisher Sage!

Lele had already committed the names of the Immortal Practice into her memory and she was already trying to make sense of the Immortal Practice…

Lie Qing began to stroke her long braided hair, “The Heaven Eyes is the fourth stage of the Immortal Staging. What happens to those that have already awakened their Heaven Eyes?”

Alice replied coolly, “They can begin at the Primordial Core immediately. But I will advise that they spend some time to meditate upon the lower immortal stages first. It is because it will lessen the risks for the higher immortal stages.”

Aiel immediately apologized again, “I’m really sorry…”

Lingfeng smiled gently at her, “Don’t keep apologizing or we will be upset!”

Yixian gave her an affectionate smile, “Cheers up, alright?”

Aiel heaved a soft sign…

Lie Qing made a quick analyze, “So we now have two groups. One group will start with the Intricacy Focus and another group will start with the Primordial Core.”

She smiled enchantingly at Yi Ping, “So I guess that those who are in the Primordial Core are Yi Ping, Lingfeng, Yixian and Lele…”

Lele was so happy that she was in the same divine staging as Yi Ping that she had clapped her hands, “Ping’Er, let me guide you!”

Lie Qing laughed softly, “Sister, I hope that you don’t lead Yi Ping into deviant phenomenon first!” 

Lele laughed gleefully, “He is in safe hands with me.”

The Goddess Isa said quietly, “Only Yi Ping, Lingfeng and Yixian are in the Primordial Core stage. Lele is not.”

Lele was flabbergasted as she panicky asked, “What do you mean?”

The Goddess Isa smiled weakly, “Don’t you know? Don’t you feel it? You are almost a True Immortal now.”

Lele was startled, “I…what?”

The Goddess Isa explained, “You have already overcome the Divine Crisis and you are now at the very last stage of the Celestial Unison. If nothing goes wrong, you will be able to transcend to the Immortal Realm very soon.”

Indeed Lele had accidentally overcome the Divine Crisis earlier when they had stepped into the Inner Stellar Sanctuary!

The Goddess of Mercy nodded as she said weakly, “That is right. Moreover she has absorbed the Universal Harmonic Chain into her. This immortal artefact has also aided her to overcome her last hurdle, the Celestial Unison. At most she has only three months left in the Celestial Realm. It would be much quicker if she is not in the Stellar Sanctuary. It is because transcending to the Immortal Realm can’t take place here.” 

Yi Ping smiled, “That is a good thing for Lele!…”

But to his utter surprise, Lele had suddenly stood up and walked away tearfully!

Yi Ping and many others were stunned!

Yi Ping muttered, “Did I say anything wrong?”

Yixian said quietly, “No you didn’t. But Lele does not want to leave you or anyone of us behind. She had already left her baby daughter behind. Once is already enough. Twice is too much.”

Yunzi muttered, “Lele…”

Shen Xingyue said as she disappeared into the darkness of the passage way, “Wait here. I will go after her. It is too dangerous for her to be wandering on her own!”

Lie Qing and Ye Yin immediately exclaimed after her, “I am going too!”

Yi Ping, Yu’Er and Mei’Er had also disappeared in the direction of where Lele was last seen without saying a word! 

Yi Ping tried to suppress the emotional tears in his heart as he thought anxiously, “Lele, do you know that you are equally important to me? I know that you are scare, scare of loneliness. I understand, I really understand how you feel…alas…”

Lingfeng was sighing melancholy in her heart as she took a forlorn look at his back, “I have realized that long ago that I don’t wish to be an immortal anymore. I just want to be with you, Yi Ping…”

Alice said quietly to the Goddess Isa and the Goddess of Mercy, “Isa, Xiang, tell me more about Maiden Lele.”

Isa muttered, “Why do you want to know about her?”

Alice replied quietly, “Her advancements are simply too rapid. Don’t you feel that it is all too strange? And why did the Harmonic Universal Chain chooses her? I have an uneasy feeling that something is about to be happened in the Immortal Realm soon.”

The Goddess Isa and the Goddess of Mercy began to exchange weakly.

Finally the Goddess Isa smiled weakly, “I think you didn’t know about the Jade Emperor and the Great Ascetic Heavenly King yet. We saw Yun Dingzhong…”

The Goddess Celestial Alice was startled but she soon regained her compose as she smiled weakly, “And I saw the Dark Primordial Heavenly King with Chu Mingfan…”

The Goddess Isa and the Goddess of Mercy were startled as they exclaimed together, “Old Man Xuantian is also alive?”

They had turned completely ashen! 

It was because if the Great Ascetic Heavenly King and the Dark Primordial Heavenly king were in a group then then it would be extremely difficult to beat them!

The Goddess Isa said panicky, “Then the helper that Yun Dingzhong is waiting for must be the Old Man Xuantian!”

The Goddess Aiel smiled bitterly, “Our influence in the Celestial Realm is weak. Moreover these two are high level immortals. Where are our helpers…”

All of a sudden the Goddess of Mercy, the Goddess Isa and the Goddess Celestial Alice said at the same time as they all thought of one immortal practitioner that may be help to them, “The Goddess Asura!”

The Goddess Isa smiled bitterly, “I never expected that I want to see her again so soon. But first let us hope that she is not killed first.”

The Goddess of Mercy was smiling weakly of that irritating opponent of hers, “I have never expected that I will be praying for her safety…”

Alice turned to look at everyone, “A major fight on the way soon. In our present condition, we are incapable of protecting you. Therefore I have a request that I hope that you can accede to…”