A Martial Odyssey Book 2: The Celestial Realm – Chapter 74

The White Sage

But before Yi Ping could contemplate further Lord Tian Zhong had swung his long scepter at him!

Yi Ping took a quick glance at Lele, Lie Qing, Lingfeng and Yixian as he shook his head before he raised the Celestial Alice to say aloud, “I am alright. I have recovered half of my martial strength already!”

Everyone was astonished!

Lingfeng had quickly recovered up to thirty percent of her martial strength but that was only because of the effects of her Divine Invigorate Skill and that she had not been fighting at her full strength.

As for the Universal Old Man and the rest of the maidens, they were all battle weary and could barely muster their full strength to oppose this new threat!

Yixian nodded slightly as she took a step back as she closed her eyes in deep meditation. If she wants to help Yi Ping then she had to recover her martial strength as quickly as possible!

Lingfeng whispered softly, “Be careful!”

Lele cursed softly while Lie Qing was smiling weakly.

The Goddess Aiel whispered anxiously, “Yi Ping no please. Lord Tian Zhong is one of the super exponents of the Immortal Realm. You are not his match…”

Han Lin almost fainted but there was nothing that she could do!

There was a thunderous impact when Lord Tian Zhong had swung his long scepter and struck the Celestial Alice.

Yi Ping immediately coughed out blood as he was forced to take three steps back as he thought, “His martial prowess is like an unstoppable tidal wave…”

Yang Min, Shi Shi and Jing’Er gasped out at panicky the same time when Yi Ping had coughed out blood!

Youxue and the Celeste Wind Maiden were muttering, “Yi Ping…”

But Yi Ping murmured, “I am alright. He is not that strong…”

But before Lord Tian Zhong could swing his long scepter again, the Goddess Isa had displayed several wide cutting strokes to intercept him!

And at the same time Yi Ping had made a quick dodge as he separated the Celestial Alice to attack ambidextrously!

Lord Tian Zhong was taken aback as he exclaimed aloud, “Your divine sword is actually two divine swords?!”

Yi Ping answered coldly, “That is right!”

In a blink of an eye, Yi Ping had turned and slashed a dozen times at him!

Lord Tian Zhong was startled, “What is this swordplay?”

Yi Ping answered, “The Perfect Swordplay!”

Immediately bursting dust clouds flew out from the ground!

And everyone could only see three flashing shadows in the midst of the dust cloud as weapons and palms impacted thunderous from within!

Yi Ping had shouted as he slashed with the Celestial Antonym Alice, “Heavens Encompassing Technique!”

The Goddess Isa had also displayed her secret sword technique at the same time, “The Omega Constellation!”

Lord Tian Zhong had also shouted, “Dragon Subduing Demon Destroyer Stroke!”

Immediately there was a thunderous impact that ripped with such an earthshaking impact that everyone was swept off their feet, including the two other Arhat Practitioners!

When the thunderous impact had ended, Yi Ping and the Goddess Isa were both flung off and slammed onto the ground with a thunderous impact!

The eyes of the Goddess Isa turned gray immediately as she muttered weakly, “I…I have actually lost…I guess that I have slept for really too long and maybe this time…I can’t awake anymore…”

The Goddess Aiel forced out a bout of black blood from her mouth as she witnessed the grisly sight of the Goddess Isa whose forehead was bloodied. She exercised all her internal strength to call out, “Isa! Be strong! Other than the Goddess Celestial Alice, you are the strongest Goddess! You have lost only because we have been through three exasperating trials earlier!”

Such was the powerful impact of their clash of martial energies that the Universal Old Man and the rest of the maidens were exercising their internal strength to purge the external energies out or it would be fatal to them!

Yi Ping was convulsing as he coughed out black blood but he quickly mustered all his strength to crawl next to the Goddess Isa to say to her, “Isa!”

Lord Tian Zhong took a deep breath as he circulated his vital energies to restore his vital energy channels but he was otherwise unharmed, “I have won. Dead or alive, the Goddess Isa and the Goddess Aiel must come with us…”

“I won’t forgive you!”

It was Yi Ping!

He had risen to his feet and he was shivering, not with fear but with teething rage!

Lord Tian Zhong was startled, “You are still alive? After getting hit by the martial forces of my Subduing Dragon Demon Destroyer Stroke?”

“I won’t allow you to take Isa away. Or Aiel.”

The Goddess Isa was deeply touched by Yi Ping’s gesture that she murmured tearfully, “Silly you! I am so glad that you have survived the impact…but…that is enough. If you don’t provoke him further…then he won’t bother with a junior like you…”

Lord Tian Zhong hummed coldly, “But if he wants to die then it is my duty to fulfill his wish too!”

Yi Ping turned to say gently to the Goddess Isa, “I won’t let you die. I won’t let anyone take you away…I won’t….”

Lord Tian Zhong interrupted coldly, “Such brave words! Such foolhardy words! Stupid!”

Yi Ping turned to Lord Tian Zhong to smile weakly, “I may be silly but I am not stupid. I believe that there are goodness in this world and that is what we are all thriving for all the time, am I right to say so?”

All of a sudden Lingfeng began to shudder as she opened her eyes in shock!

It was because this was the same words that a mortal used to say to her!

Much later after he had overcome his Divine Calamity to become a celestial practitioner, he had taken the celestial name of the White Sage of Emptiness!

Lele’s fingers were trembling!

The White Sage had said that to her all too often!

Unlike Yixian or Lie Qing, Lele had remembered her past memories as Melody Star when she had accidentally stumbled into the deadly Celestial Annihilating Star Formation and in just a blink of an eye she had undergone a hundred years of celestial practice. Because of that she had even reversed her dark celestial state at the same time too!

But she had concealed this secret deep within her heart!

She was extremely close to Revelation Star (Yixian) and Luminous Star (Lie Qing) in the past. But they could no longer remember her as Melody Star…

She had felt extreme loneliness because everyone that she knows did not remember her anymore…

Yi Ping had turned around to look gently at Lingfeng and Lele!

Yi Ping said quietly, “This time it seems that my Great Emptiness Translucence is here to stay.”

Lingfeng gasped to herself, “Is that a hint that he remembers everything?”

Yi Ping turned to look at Lord Tian Zhong as he said weakly, “Our fight is not over yet. But I am warning you first, don’t force my hands or you may die!”

Lord Tian Zhong laughed aloud, “You must have received quite a hard knock on your head. Look at you, you are half-dead already!”

Yi Ping said quietly, “It seems that you have already reached the Lesser Cosmos Position.”

Lord Tian Zhong was startled but he soon composed himself to say, “You can tell? Since you can guess my state of divinity, surely you are well aware you have no hope against me.”

Yi Ping said slowly, “I didn’t guess it. I can sense the emanations of your divine aura. Just to let you know, I am at the Seventh Cosmos Position now.”

Lord Tian Zhong laughed, “What a joke. Do you even know how arduous it is even to reach the Heaven Position or even the Cosmos Position? Even if it is true but with your current injuries, I can crush you like an ant effortlessly!”

Yi Ping raised the Celestial Antonym Alice and the Celestial Synonym Alice as he said quietly, “But first, can we invite our two friends to come out of their hiding place first?”

Lord Tian Zhong hummed coldly, “Not this trick again…”

But no sooner had he muttered it, there were two flashes as two heavenly maidens, one in white and one in black appeared at the opposite ends of the horizon!

Everyone was stunned!

Yi Ping had been right!

There were two others that were secretly watching them!

Lord Tian Zhong and the two other old Arhat Practitioners were also stunned and they had turned ashen!

Who may they be that they could even cause the Lord Tian Zhong to be fearful?

Even the Goddess Isa and Goddess Aiel had completely turned as white as sheet!

The Universal Old Man muttered to the Goddess Aiel, “They are friends or foes?”

The Goddess Aiel began to tremble as she whispered anxiously, “Either way, we are in a big trouble. The maiden in white used to be a Zen Practitioner but she has since joined the side of the Arhat Practitioners. The maiden in black used to be an Arhat Practitioner and is also one of the Eight Heavenly Dragon Generals. However she has since defected and joined the Goddess Theocracy.”

Everyone was stunned!

So that means that these two heavenly maidens were not on the same side?

Slowly Lord Tian Zhong turned to the heavenly maiden in white who was fingering a long willow branch, “Our respects to the Goddess of Mercy. I didn’t know that the Goddess of Mercy is here today…”

He stole a glance at the heavenly maiden in black before continuing, “It seems that we have an extra company today. The Goddess Asura is actually here. I wonder if the Goddess of Mercy will be able to aid us against her?”

The Goddess Asura!

No wonder the Goddess Isa and the Goddess Aiel had both turned ashen!

It was because the Goddess Asura was said to be the current Eternal Goddess of the Goddess Theocracy!

The Goddess of Mercy replied coldly, “On account of what must I aid you? After all, we are from a different immortal clan. I am not interested in wasting my strength to fight one of the strongest practitioners in the Immortal Realm!”

Lord Tian Zhong was stunned as he stammered, “You are not helping us?”

The Goddess of Mercy answered coldly, “No! Why don’t you ask if your opponent is interested to fight you first before asking for my aid?”

Lord Tian Zhong smiled weakly, “The Goddess Isa and the Goddess Aiel are both from the Goddess Theocracy. If she doesn’t help then I will really be surprised!”

The heavenly maiden in black said serenely, “Oh? Actually I don’t intend to aid them at all…”

She seemed to stare at the Goddess Aiel, “But I am really annoyed when someone has suggested that the Goddess Isa is the second best fighter in the Goddess Theocracy…”

She added coldly, “…therefore I have decided to punish them myself.”

Yi Ping interrupted coldly, “Then you have to get past my sword first!”

But instead of getting angry with him, the Goddess Asura began to smile alluringly to him instead. This caused Yi Ping to be startled!

The Goddess Asura smiled gently, “You are Yi Ping? That is your divine sword the Celestial Alice? No wonder the Goddess Celestial Alice thinks of you day and night.”

Yi Ping was even more startled as he muttered, “Maiden Ziyan…”

Lord Tian Zhong gasped, “The Celestial Alice Divine Sword!”

All of sudden the Goddess of Mercy raised her eyebrows as she resonated with a surprise expression, “What? That is the Celestial Alice Divine Sword? The divine sword of the Dark Cosmos Lord?”

She had all of a sudden interrupted coldly as she walked forward, “I have decided to enact my great mercy by showering my compassions for my fellow Arhat Practitioners…”

Lord Tian Zhong and the other two old monks were speechless!