A Martial Odyssey Book 2: The Celestial Realm – Chapter 70

Trials of the Stellar Sanctuary

The passage was dimly lit but Lingfeng and Youxue had moved swiftly in front of them.

All of a sudden Yi Ping could see an entrance but Lingfeng and Youxue had stopped suddenly in their tracks.

Yi Ping and the rest of his group were immediately greeted by howling windblasts that were making its way through the imposing passage!

Yang Min was startled as she asked, “Where does the wind come from?”

The Universal Old Man smiled weakly, “Nothing is improbable inside the Stellar Sanctuary. This is one part of the trials. You shall see it soon enough!”

Lele was startled, “This is part of the trials?”

The passage had led them into a gigantic chamber with a stone platform at the end of it!

It was because the path had suddenly ended into a bottomless abyss!

Yi Ping was startled when he had caught up with Youxue and Lingfeng, “There is no path in front of us?”

Youxue said breathlessly as she turned around, “Not quite. There are two paths as a matter of fact.”

Yi Ping gasped softly as he nodded slowly.

Indeed there were two paths that were in inconspicuous view!

Yi Ping stepped to the edge of the platform as he peeked into the darkness of this gigantic chamber.

That was the first path!

Even though it was a bottomless abyss that was in front of him but he could see rows of towering pillars that stood in the middle of the abyss.

The pillars were separated by a distance of five meter each and in the darkness at the other end was a stone platform with a gigantic towering heraldry gate!

When Lingfeng saw the expressions in Yi Ping’s eyes, she smiled gently. “It is exactly what you have thought. To reach that gate over there, we must leap over the top of the pillars. If we miss a step then we will drop into the abyss.”

Yi Ping muttered, “This requires not only a good lightness swiftness skill but also courage…”

Youxue nodded, “And luck too. It is the strong winds here that are making the jump difficult and dangerous…”

Yi Ping looked to look at the second path which could lead them to the other side of the platform.

The second path was not so obvious for it began at the edge of the platform and was narrow. In order to walk this path, a person must lean against the wall and tread carefully.

Yi Ping furrowed his eyebrows as he stared blankly at the second path. Finally he said, “The second path seems to be the most dangerous.”

Jing’Er looked nervously at the two paths before she muttered, “The winds that are on the edge seems to be blowing stronger than the middle…”

The Universal Old Man said solemnly, “Indeed! Even though the second path looks less dangerous, it is as difficult as the first path! The winds are indeed much stronger on the second path than the first. This place is a test of the practitioner’s martial skills no matter which path we will eventually choose. Unless of course if you decide to give up at this point.”

The Goddess Aiel said solemnly, “Jing’Er, you have never been to the Stellar Sanctuary before. Maybe this is too difficult for you. If you want to give up, that is perfectly alright. Live to fight another day…”

Jing’Er smiled.

She took a quick look at Shi Shi, Yang Min and Yi Ping before smiling, “Mistress, it is all too easy to give up. But do you know that if there are others that come along the way here, I may not be safe either. I will come with you no matter how perilous it is. Let destiny decides my fate instead!”

The Goddess Aiel stared blankly for a while.

Even though she had an emotionless expression on her, her heart was sorrowful!

It was because she did not want to lose Jing’Er. The Stellar Sanctuary was not meant for most celestial practitioners. Originally her intentions were to delay the advance as much as possible. It was entirely possibly to be lost for months in the first ten levels of the Stellar Sanctuary…

Han Lin sighed softly for she knew what was troubling her heart but she said nothing…

Lie Qing smiled, “So all of us will have to choose one of the two paths, am I right? It does seem to be a difficult choice to make but it is actually a really simply decision…”

Yi Ping looked nervously at Lie Qing and the rest of the maidens, “The first path requires extremely good swiftness skill while the second path requires a strong foundation in internal martial arts…”

Youxue continued softly, “If a practitioner is either good with lightness swiftness skill or internal martial arts then this route is actually impassable. I wonder if there is another alternate way to that sealed gate?”

Lingfeng shook her head, “No my good sister. It is exactly as you see it now. We are lucky that we are able to find the entrance to the eleventh level so soon. It is exactly as you can see it now. The entrance will change once every full moon, Even though the trial will also change but there is no promise it will be any easier.”

Yi Ping nodded slowly as he said, “I guess that we have no other choice but to attempt it then but first let us ask the others first…”

There was an outburst of windforce that suddenly struck everyone as the Goddess Isa leapt over on top of ten pillars in a single breathe and had reached the other end of the platform in a blink of an eye!

Yi Ping was stunned as her astonishing swiftness skill!

He smiled weakly, “We are here as a group. We ought to ask if everyone is comfortable with the attempt first.”

The Goddess Isa flushed shyly. When she had heard Yi Ping muttered, “I guess that we have no other choice…” She had immediately taken off!

She was all too eager to prove to Yi Ping that she would not be a burden and could be a most valuable aide!

The Goddess Isa muttered as she took a step forward, “At most I will leap back…”

Lingfeng immediately shouted panicky, “Hold! Don’t move!”

The Goddess Isa was startled by her and asked curiously, “Yes? Why?”

Lingfeng immediately said, “There is a deathtrap in the middle of this chamber! Many a practitioner has perished on their way back. It is because the winds in the middle are blowing in the opposing direction!”

The Goddess Isa had a sudden realization as she muttered gratefully, “Thanks…”

If she had attempt the backward leapt then she may risk falling into the bottomless abyss!

She was grateful to Lingfeng but she had actually forgotten to remember her name!

She cursed softly to herself, “I must remember her name. After all, she is my benefactor. If she did not warn me then I may really fall…”

The reason why she did not remember most of the maidens’ names because she deemed it too unimportant!

She had been too disdainful for most of the maidens. As long as they were not immortal practitioners, she did not think their names were worth remembering!

But now she was beginning to have a second opinion!

Yi Ping heaved a soft sigh of relief as he said to Lingfeng, “Thanks…”

Lingfeng smiled alluringly, “Why are you thanking me for? Don’t expect me to help you on this!”

Yi Ping smiled gently. He knew that Lingfeng was teasing him. Whenever Lingfeng was teasing him, he was surprising light hearted and was even aroused in spirits!

Since the first time that he had met Lingfeng, she had always been like this. He was actually more afraid that after she had regained her memories as the Heaveness, she would actually ignore him!

Lingfeng tapped her foot as she looked at everyone, “So who is next?”

Yi Ping quickly asked, “Is there anyone who is uncomfortable or unwell…”

Lingfeng stepped on Yi Ping’s foot as she whispered softly, “What are you doing? You are deliberately going against me!”

Yi Ping rubbed his nose as he looked gently at her, “I know that you will ask the others the same next so I am just helping you to ask.”

Lingfeng was flushing all of a sudden when she had noticed Yi Ping’s gentle look!

She muttered, “Whatever!”

Lie Qing smiled broadly, “What an enviable pair!”

Lele said unimpressed, “Let’s get going!”

Yi Ping quickly looked away from Lingfeng was flushing and he too began to flush lightly!

Lele added, “Let me try next!”

Lele had already leapt to the top of the first pillar that was in front of her and in just a few blinks of an eye she had reached the other end!

She appeared to be slowing down and even falling backward at the last two pillars which were the ninth and tenth pillar respectively!

Lele said breathlessly, “Lucky!”

Yi Ping broke into cold sweat and was relieved that Lele had managed to make it across the platform. If something happened to Lele, he really was at a loss to explain to Lele’s grandfather the Jade Emperor and his daughter in the future!

Youxue said emotionlessly, “That is really such a close call. I will suggest that unless the others have the lightness skill level of the Joyful Goddess, it is better to take the second path!”

The Universal Old Man shouted amidst the howling winds, “Let me take the lead for the second path first so that you can all know what it is like. There is still time to give it up.”

As he went to the side of the platform, everyone could immediately see the winds at the edge was indeed blowing very hard that even the robe of the Universal Old Man was flurrying strongly!

The Universal Old Man gave a loud martial shout, “The Thousand Weight Fall!”

Immediately a burst of martial force exploded outward!

While everyone could see that the Universal Old Man had quickly gained control of his balance but he was still taking extremely slow step forward!

They knew that the martial power of the Universal Old Man had to be astonishing for he was an Ancient Celestial and ranked in the records as one of the seven top ancient fighters. But even he was now taking slow steps!

So they could imagine the furies of the winds that were at the edge. Moreover, the Universal Old Man had not reached the narrow path that was at the edge of the wall yet and in order to reach the other end of the platform through this second path, at least three hundred steps on the second path were required!

Jing’Er smiled weakly and she could feel her knees growing weak, “This is…like taking the Divine Calamity and I am not prepared…”

Han Lin said solemnly, “It is not too late to give it up yet. The Stellar Sanctuary is extremely perilous especially at the higher levels. It is not just the traps and trials that we have to face. There are also divine beasts and abyssal monsters. We can all get kill with just a fluke bad luck.”

Yi Ping broke into cold sweat again upon hearing Han Lin!

It was not because he was afraid!

He was never afraid of getting killed but he was fearful for all his love ones!

He muttered, “I am sorry, I shouldn’t have brought you all here…”

Yixian smiled gently, “Ping’Er, it is we who insist on coming. The Stellar Sanctuary is indeed one of the most mysterious places in the Celestial Realm. If we have missed it then I am afraid that we may have to wait for centuries for its next appearance!”

Lingfeng added, “Yi Ping, you are hesitating now. I know what you are thinking. Be strong and don’t let us distract you.”

Yi Ping could only smile bitterly because he was not able to do so!

Lingfeng continued coolly, “Now you know why the Immortal Saint of Swords and the Lord Supreme will rather take the challenges alone? While numbers give courage at the beginning of the trial especially for the unknown but for every death that you have witnessed, courage and willpower are lost. Many celestial practitioners have emerged from the Stellar Sanctuary with broken spirits!”

This was the firsthand experiences of the Heaveness. It was because she had indeed lost many friends and companions in the Stellar Sanctuary!

It was only fortunate that she had been alive till now!

Yi Ping was staring blankly as he muttered, “Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Ye Yin, Xingyue, Yunzi…I wonder how you are now…”

The Goddess Aiel murmured softly, “The Stellar Sanctuary is extremely perilous not just for the celestial practitioners. Over the years, countless immortal practitioners are also killed in here…”

Yang Min gasped, “Immortal practitioners are also killed in here?!”

This revelation was not only startling to Yang Min but to the rest of them too!

The Goddess Isa immediately warned the Goddess Aiel with the Thousand Mile Resonant Mile, “Aiel! It is forbidden! They are not ready for this knowledge yet and telling them more than necessary will be detrimental to their future attainment!”

The Goddess Aiel immediately kept mum leaving everyone to look at one another with a curious look!

Youxue said as she pointed at the Universal Old Man, “Look!”

The Universal Old Man had finally reached the edge of the platform after taking twenty slow steps!

On the edge of the platform was a small ledge and the small ledge was indeed the second path!

The Universal Old Man had cautiously treaded on the small ledge with his back was facing the wall!

It looked like he could topple and fall any time!

Jing’Er was gasping, “He is so big…will he fall?”

Lingfeng said solemnly, “Not to worry. Even though his pot belly is big but he will be alright. He has gone through this trial countless times.”

Lie Qing gasped softly, “No wonder the second path is not as easy as the first. It is not only an internal art and martial power test, it is also a test of sheer perseverance and endurance! If the practitioner cannot perseverance throughout the entire path, then they will fall into the bottomless abyss below and looking at it now, it is going to be difficult.”

Shi Shi nodded slowly, “I garner that a practitioner has to overcome at least the fifth Divine Calamity to stand a chance…”

Youxue added coolly, “Even if the practitioner is able to reach the other end of the platform, they will surely be exhausted or wholly drained. Any hostile encounters in the midst of treading the path or shortly afterward will surely spell the end of the practitioner…”

The Celeste Wind Maiden continued, “…and moreover we do not know what waits behind that seal gate yet…”

Han Lin said, “But no matter what, we got to make our choices now. This is now time to put our life time martial arts to the tests.”

Yi Ping said, “I will go last. Everyone be careful…”

Yixian asked, “Ping’Er, be careful too. Which path will you take?”

Yi Ping said quietly, “I have not decided yet…”

It was true.

But he quickly added, “Don’t worry for me. I will surely make it across. I just want to take a closer look at the surroundings first.”

Lingfeng nodded as she looked quietly at Yi Ping. Surely Yi Ping would have no problem making it across to the other end. She knew that Yi Ping was worried for them. If they did not make it across first then his spirit would not be able to quiet down. If his spirit cannot be quieten down then there is a big chance that Yi Ping would fail to make it across!”

The state of the mind was equally important in a duel. Skill, fighting spirit, courage and willpower played an equal role in it. If Yi Ping’s willpower and fighting spirit suffered a setback then his concentration would be terrible and he would fail in this trial!

The rest of the maidens were all highly skilled martial practitioners and only knew it all too well!

If they want Yi Ping to be well then they must all do their best to reach the other end of the platform first!

Lie Qing laughed softly, “I will take the second path.”

Lie Qing immediately took a gentle step to the side of the platform. As she inhaled deeply, five bursting blue halo burst around her!

Immediately there was a pressuring gravity around her as she executed the Invincible Divine Force!

She laughed softly and in a much less time than the Universal Old Man, she had reached the ledge!

The Universal Old Man said solemnly to her, “Don’t say I didn’t warn you. You should conserve as much martial strength as possible. The winds will only get stronger as we approach the end…”

Lie Qing winked at the Universal Old Man, “Hurry, I am getting bored already. The winds here are only so and so only. It doesn’t seem difficult at all. I am almost fooled earlier.”

The Universal Old Man was startled as he observed her. While it took him all his effort just to speak, Lie Qing was indeed looking extremely casual!

He immediately thought, “The Invincible Divine Force is able to nullify the martial winds here?”

These martial winds were no ordinary winds and could disrupt the intricate energy channels of the practitioner and the practitioner must maintain a constant defense against it…

He was all too familiar with Lie Qing’s Invincible Divine Force by now but now he was being surprised by it?

Yi Ping heaved a soft sigh of relief when he saw that Lie Qing had little trouble with the second path. He was worried that Lie Qing had not recovered from her injuries yet.

He had felt much stronger than before and was bursting with vital energies after he had consumed the Aiel Rejuvenation Divine Pill. Similarly, Lie Qing had also consumed it and may have received a boost to her martial level.

Youxue said coolly after she took an enticing look at Yi Ping, “Oh well! Which one should I pick?”

In terms of lightness swiftness movement and internal martial art, Youxue was equally good. She looked at Yixian and Shi Shi, “Sister Xian’Er, Sister Shi Shi, shall we all take the second path? Sister Shi Shi, you can ask your sisters to come along with us too!”

Shi Shi smiled gently at Yang Min and Jing’Er as she said, “Let’s go together!”

Yixian smiled and her smiles were like peach blossoms that were extremely beautiful to behold!

Yi Ping was drunken simply by beholding her!

Yixian turned to ask Jing’Er and Yang Min politely, “Maiden Jing’Er and Maiden Yang, I know that you are equally capable of making your way through to the other side. However I still like to propose that we all take the second path so that we can all take of each other? What do you say, my protégé mistresses from my previous life?”

Jing’Er and Yang Min were startled that Revelation Star was taking the second path and even offered to go together with them!

They were not fools especially for Yang Min. It was obvious that Yixian and Youxue were subtly offering to help them. They had seen their lightness swiftness skill. Especially for Yixian, her lightness swiftness skill was simply extremely astonishing and she could simply have taken the first path!

Jing’Er smiled, “Yes, why not?”

Yang Min smiled, “I am afraid that we aren’t fit to be address as your protégé mistresses anymore. But yes, we can certainly make a move together!”

Yi Ping was relieved that Yixian and Youxue were offering to help Jing’Er and Yang Min…

As they moved together, Yixian and Youxue immediately displayed the Divine Emerald Skill as they contested against the martial windforce with flurries of martial windforce of their own!

In no time, they were all beside the Universal Old Man and Lie Qing as well as they lined in a single file on the ledge!

The furies of the lashing martial windforce seemed to be abated considerably!

This had the effect of lessening the pressure on the Universal Old Man. He looked at Yixian who was constantly displaying the Divine Emerald Skill with her right fingers as he thought, “The range of her Divine Emerald Force can be extended this far? It is hard to believe or it is because of the martial power of her Heaven Eyes?”

Jing’Er and Yang Min were really afraid that they may not be able to make it but when Yixian had displayed her Divine Emerald Force, they felt a soothing force that was constantly holding them and protecting them as they displayed the Thousand Weight Fall.

Yang Min’s lightness swiftness skill was not weak. In fact, it was even better than Shi Shi and Jing’Er but her confidence had suffered a huge dent when she was enslaved by the Martial Deviant Clan.

Shi Shi the Stellar Heaven Fairy was now an Ancient Celestial due to a freak incident in the Astronomic Stellar Formation. Her Thousand Weight Skill was sufficient to get her across as long as she could maintain her focus.

As for Youxue, the depth of her internal strength was startling and even absurd. She could probably rely on her Thousand Weight Skill to get her across and did not have to display the Divine Emerald Skill. Like Yixian, she was only using the Divine Emerald Skill to aid Shi Shi, Yang Min and Jing’Er!

For that, Yi Ping was extremely grateful to both of them!

The Celeste Wind Maiden said quietly, “I will take the first path.”

Yi Ping called out, “Be careful!”

The Celeste Wind Maiden smiled quietly. She dared not look into his eyes!

There was a flurry of winds as the Celeste Wind Maiden displayed her epitome lightness swiftness skill as she leapt gracefully from pillar to pillar and finally to the other end of the platform seemingly effortlessly!

Her lightness swiftness skill was one notch better than Lele!

Even though Yi Ping had witnessed her lightness swiftness skill before, he was still in awe. The ravine that she had taken them across was even harder than this…

The Goddess Aiel said, “I will take the second path.”

As she walked down the second path, she had immediately executed her Inverting Universe as she calmed down the conflicting martial windforce around her.

She was soon by the ledge but all of a sudden the Universal Old Man and Yi Ping were flustered!

Yi Ping nose was suddenly dripping with blood as he muttered the intricate heart formula of the Absolute Spirits, “See no evil…evil can’t penetrate my pure heart…”

It was because the dress of the Goddess Aiel was too little and skimpy. When the winds blew, this caused her dress to lift upward!

The Goddess Aiel quickly said shyly, “Don’t look please…”

The Universal Old Man was sighing softly. It was because he did not have a good view…

Lingfeng said coldly, “Ai, I will help you to dig out the eyes of the offenders…”

The Goddess Aiel smiled weakly, “How vicious you are. One is your husband and the other is your close companion.”

Lingfeng smiled alluring as she took a quick look at Yi Ping, “No matter!”

Yi Ping smiled bitterly as he said, “Really so vicious…”

Lingfeng stepped on his foot before aloud, “I will pick the first path then!”

The Heaveness was renowned for her unique swiftness skill and her present incarnation Lingfeng was exceptional gifted in it too!

Before Yi Ping could say a word more, Lingfeng had already made her way quietly across to the other end of the platform as she joined the Goddess Isa, Lele and the Celeste Wind Maiden!

Yi Ping heaved another sigh of relief.

Yang Min muttered softly as she looked at the other end of the platform, “So that is the swiftness level of the Heaveness…”

After witnessing the epitome lightness swiftness skill of the Heaveness, the Goddess Isa, the Joyful Goddess and the Celeste Wind Maiden, the martial difference between them were all too apparent to her and she was secretly afraid of the trials that were in the higher levels of the Stellar Sanctuary…

Han Lin said aloud as she walked toward the second path, “It seems that it is my turn next. I will take the second option of course…”

Yi Ping called out, “Maiden Han Lin, be careful!”

All of a sudden he found himself looking silly!

It was because like the Goddess Aiel and Lingfeng, Maiden Han Lin had been to the Stellar Sanctuary on a number of occasions. Maybe to her, it was really not a big deal.

Han Lin began to blush a deep red as she smiled at Yi Ping, “I…I will be alright!”

She began to take slow steps toward the ledge.

But unlike the other maidens and the Universal Old Man who had displayed the Thousand Weight Skill, Han Lin was just taking slow steps!

This immediately got Yi Ping curiosity as he muttered, “I wonder what skill she is displaying now?”

The Goddess Aiel laughed softly as she used her Thousand Miles Resonate Skill, “This is the secret internal art of the Dragon Practitioners, the Unifying Divine Force. While not quite like the Thousand Weight Fall of the celestial practitioners, the Unifying Divine Force is able to synergy the practitioner’s internal strength to that of the external force…”

She quickly added after noticing that Yi Ping seemed to be a little lost, “In short, it is a skill that is able to minimize the impact of external forces by replicating it.”

Lingfeng was laughing alluringly, “He probably requires at least ten years to understand this martial guiding principle.”

Yi Ping smiled weakly, “It does sound like an awesome skill.”

Han Lin who had reached the ledge of the second path had overheard Yi Ping, said delightfully. “It is! Next time, let me show you more of my other secret arts!”

The Goddess Aiel interrupted, “Don’t be careless and focus on getting across to the other side first.”

Han Lin hummed coldly, “At this level, I will probably get across with just my eyes close…”

All of a sudden she gasped when she had missed a footing!

Everyone was startled and their hearts had skipped a beat as Han Lin fell from the ledge; they could do nothing but watched in horror as she plunged into the bottomless abyss!

There was a sudden flash of white blur as Yi Ping plunged into the bottomless abyss along with Han Lin, shocking everyone as they cried out for his name panicky!

Yi Ping caught hold of Han Lin and raised the Celestial Alice as he stabbed the walls with the Celestium Alice causing flickering of bursting light as they continued to fall into the bottomless abyss. The walls were impervious to his attempts even though he had used his entire martial strength!

Han Lin had turned extremely pale as she muttered weakly, “You foolish! Why did you make the jump? Now we are both goner…”

Yi Ping did not seem to hear her as he gave a loud bellowing martial shout. All of a sudden his forehead began to glow a deep golden color as he pierced through the walls with the Celestial Alice as thunderous shockwaves ripped throughout the vicinity!

The Goddess Aiel gasped, “The walls of the Stellar Sanctuary are made of Star Celestium and this type of material is only found in the Immortal Realm. He can actually pierce through the walls with his martial strength?”

Yi Ping said weakly to Han Lin, “Maiden Han Lin, are you alright?”

Han Lin replied weakly, “You shouldn’t have jumped down just like this. So what if you have caught hold of me? The martial winds here are so powerful that it is like a vortex. Now both of us have to die…”

Yi Ping pulled Han Lin to her and lifted her up to his shoulders as he muttered weakly, “Maiden Han Lin, you will be alright. I will surely save you…”

Han Lin was gasping aloud and she was flushing shyly!

It was because she was sitting on top of Yi Ping’s shoulders and she could feel her thigh rubbing against his neck!

She muttered, “How embarrassing…”

Yi Ping had broken into cold sweat as he continued to focus above him while saying, “I am going to push you to the top…”

Han Lin panicky said, “What about you then? Surely you don’t intend to sacrifice yourself? Is it worth it to sacrifice yourself? Just for me? There are so many people that are waiting for you on top…”

Yi Ping said weakly, “I will think of a way…are you ready? I can’t hold on much longer…”

He had mustered his entire martial power just so that he could pierce through the walls and he had to support Maiden Han Lin; he was almost completely spent of his strength now!

Han Lin nodded as she said tearfully, “I…I am ready!”

Yi Ping said, “Pardon me…”

He grabbed hold of her bottom and used his last remaining martial strength to push her upward!

Aided by Yi Ping, Han Lin had mustered her entire martial power at the same time as she scaled up the wall!

The truth was that her martial strength was insufficient to go all the way up as the powerful martial windforce was soon pulling her downward again!

Yixian quickly intervened by displaying flurries of windforce all around Han Lin!

Even though there was a limit to what Yixian could do and she could only neutralize the powerful martial windforce only briefly but that blink of an eye was sufficient for Han Lin to muster her martial strength again and for Youxue to lift her up again with her Divine Emerald Skill as she landed on the narrow ledge again!

She was quickly caught by the Goddess Aiel who muttered, “Han Lin, are you alright?”

But Han Lin did not seem to hear her as she cried out tearfully, “Yi Ping! You badass! You must come up at this very instant!”

She tried to see where Yi Ping was but could not. It was because the bottom was engulfed with a supernatural darkness and their voices were quickly drowned by the howling winds!

Han Lin cried out hysterically, “He is still at the bottom and is clinging onto the wall. Everyone, do something!”

The Universal Old Man shouted panicky, “Ping’Er, hold on! We will think of a way!”

Yixian, Youxue, Shi Shi, Yang Min, Lie Qing and Jing’Er were crying his name aloud as well!

And so were Lingfeng, the Goddess Isa, the Goddess Aiel, Lele and the Celeste Wind Maiden!

Han Lin gasped, “I didn’t hear from anyone of you earlier but now, it is all too clear. That only mean that Yi Ping is not able to hear from us…”

While Yi Ping was not able to see or hear what was happening above him, he was relieved that Han Lin was now safe. That had to be the only conclusion because Han Lin had not fallen down again!

He closed his eyes as he inhaled deeply, “Is this the end of me already?”

All of a sudden he could hear the voice of the Goddess Aiel who was using the Great Whispering Divine Skill, “Hopefully you are able to hear me. I am going to use my Inverting Universe Divine Skill at the count of three. Muster whatever strength you can and leapt upward as fast as you can!”

Yi Ping’s eyes were beaming!


He could feel some of his strength returning as his hopes renewed!


He had two options.

One was to use the Celestial Alice as a spring board and dashed upward with his lightness swiftness skill…

“…three! Now!”

But he decided to choose the second option…

Yi Ping gave a great shout as he summoned all his strength. He pulled the Celestial Alice out as he mouthed a vital breathe with the Divine Revelation!

It was not because he was unwilling to part with the divine sword but because this Celestial Alice had already become part of his soul!

“The Asper Divinity!”

Three martial outburst of martial force exploded around him and temporary neutralizing the extreme hostile martial windforce that was lashing against him!

“The Celestial Antonym Alice, the Celestial Synonym Alice!”

A divine echo sung from the Celestial Alice as it split into two divine swords and two tranquil rainbow halos were radiating brightly!

The double golden circle mark that was on Yi Ping’s forehead began to burn fiercely as Yi Ping divine harmonized with the Celestial Alice!

There was a vision of two golden suns that had suddenly appeared of him! And below the two suns were an endless ocean of clouds that seemed to be stretching for infinity!

But before he could ponder further, he had burst forth to the top again and landed gently on the ledge!

All the maidens were all rejoicing with bliss when they had suddenly seen him burst forth from the darkness!

The Goddess Aiel had turned extremely pale but she was smiling weakly, “You have made it…”

Han Lin was smiling too and she was shedding tears of joy, “I am sorry. It is all my fault…”

Lie Qing’s eyes were fluffy as she said tearfully, “You! You have given me a good scare. Don’t forget that we have vowed to be together till the oceans dried up and the rocks crumbled to dust!”

Yixian had turned extremely pale. It was because her heart intricacy formula was the emotionless rhyme. In her anxiety for Yi Ping, her vital channels had reversed upon itself!

Yi Ping muttered weakly as he looked at the forbidden looking sealed gate that was in front of him, “I am alright now…we should make haste…”

An ominous feeling awaited him behind that sealed gate!

And what was that feeling when he had divine harmonized with the Celestial Alice earlier?

What was that supernatural strength that he had suddenly felt and what was that vision of two golden suns that he had seen earlier?

Somehow he knew that the real Stellar Sanctuary only started at this point!