A Martial Odyssey Book 2: The Celestial Realm – Chapter 7


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The Prime Celestials

They were seated in two rows and were facing the Jade Emperor.

There were beautiful wines and aromatic food but Yi Ping’s mind was preoccupied with many questions.

Yi Ping was curious why the eyes of the Jade Emperor were crimson now but was not earlier. And of course, what was going on around here? Earlier, he had expected a deadly duel with the Dark Celestials but now he was actually sitting with them in the same hall!

Now that Yi Ping had found Lele, he was relieved that she was safe but at the same time he was feeling awkward. It was because he had found himself sitting face to face with the Celestial Liege, an opponent that he had fought twice against.

At the same time, this did not help him at all when Shen Xingyue, Youxue, Lie Qing and Lele were all giving him the cold shoulders. It was because Yu’Er and Mei’Er were deliberating sitting beside him and not giving anyone else the opportunity to get close to him!

Lele was overheard muttering, “I don’t mind at all. I am a highly attained Celestial.”

However, she was chilly and she was cold towards Yi Ping.

Shen Xingyue and Lie Qing never even took a glance at him and they were deliberately chatting happily with each other as though he was not there!

Youxue was wrapped in her cold demeanor, not talking to anyone except Yunzi.

The Celestial Liege was also looking at Yi Ping in an awkward manner.

It was because both Lie Qing and Youxue refused to look at him and had also pretended he was not there.

Ye Ling whispered to him, “You seem to mind the two maidens a lot.”

The Celestial Liege smiled bitterly, “I am not.”

Ye Ling turned away quietly, “You lying…”

As when she was about to rebuke him further, the Jade Emperor had interrupted her and was saying to everyone. “Welcome to the Celestial Palace. I hope that this banquet is pleasing for everyone.”

The banquet of the Celestial Palace was more than magnificent. In fact, none of them had ever seen another grand feast such as this. There were all types and kinds of aromatic food that were being laid on the table one by one by dozens of serving attendants!

Only Yixian and Shen Xingyue were unmoved.

They were content with simple food and were vegans so they were not tempted.

Even though Yu’Er and Mei’Er were also vegans, their eyes were glowing at the aromatic honeys and wines that were being displayed!

Lingfeng was quiet and was lamenting softly to herself but nobody knew what was in her mind.

The Jade Emperor said to the guests, “By now, you should have already been acquainted with three of the Prime Celestials of the Celestial Palace, the Joyful Goddess, the Celestial Liege and the Confession Lady.”

The Confession Lady of course was referring to Ye Ling.

Ye Ling gave a smile as she winked coyly at Yi Ping, “I am new as a Prime Celestial. My experiences and martial skills are not as plenty as my predecessors.”

Yi Ping had noticed her wink and was smiling bitterly as he thought, “Lele has told me before that in order for one to be appointed as a Prime Celestial, they have to be extraordinary martial exponents and have the backings of the elders or else it will be hard for them to keep their appointments within the Celestial Palace. She isn’t from the same clan as Lele yet she is a Prime Celestial. Does it mean that she must have extraordinary skills or else that wouldn’t be possible?”

The Jade Emperor looked wryly at Yi Ping as he said, “There are many others here but they are in a slumber. When there are opportunities, I will introduce you to them. You must have many questions to ask me, am I right? Perhaps I can clear the doubts in your mind.”

Yi Ping asked quite bluntly, “Why aren’t your eyes crimson? Are you a Dark Celestial? Are all of you Dark Celestials?”

The Jade Emperor laughed, “Practitioners of the internal martial arts are able to suppress their internal strength and even their state of divinity. Therefore this is not a real surprise at all.”

Lingfeng nodded.

Shen Xingyue was silent. It was because it was easier said than done. Even though her Divine Rejuvenation Force was an epitome internal skill, it was unlike the absorbing skill of the Celestial Force which could suppress even the practitioner’s own martial strength. Moreover, to be able to do so was an indication of the practitioner’s level. Even for the Celestial Liege and Lele, they were not able to accomplish that.

Yi Ping could only groan quietly at that.

The Jade Emperor added a smile after noticing Yi Ping’s expression, “Am I a Dark Celestial? What do you really think?”

Yi Ping turned to look at the Celestial Liege and Ye Ling before he sighed, “I really do not know.”

He was not sure either and dare not make quick judgments!

The Jade Emperor gave a soft sigh before saying, “I have almost become a Dark Celestial if it wasn’t for the timely arrival of Huan Lie.”

Huan Lie was the real name of the Celestial Liege.

The Jade Emperor said solemnly, “In order to become a Celestial, first know how to cultivate as a human sage. That is what Huan Lie has said to me…”

He stole a glance at Lie Qing who nodded discreetly at him before saying, “Without the timely advice of Maiden Lie Qing to Huan Lie, I would have turned into a Dark Celestial. The Celestial Palace and the Invincible Divine Clan have been sworn enemies for a long time…”

Lie Qing interrupted casually, “That is in the past.”

She pretended not to be concerned but she was in fact was still grieving for her clan demise or else, she would have forgiven Huan Lie already.

The Jade Emperor could sense that she did not want to bring up the past so he said, “That requires a lot of willpower. I have almost perished in my Divine Calamity a year ago and that advice sustained me to the very end. But I can’t say the same for many of us here.”

The Jade Emperor was suddenly grave and his eyes were melancholy.

In the past one year alone, more than half of the protégés of the Celestial Palace had perished and many of them were in fact killed by him!

One year ago, the Jade Emperor had said to them. “From now on, I will no longer aid you in your Divine Calamities or else it will be detrimental to your future cultivations. Everyone has to die eventually. Many of you have already prolonged your lives long enough at the expense of others. What we did cannot be forgiven so easily. We should turn back now and right the wrongs that we did.”

That caused a furor and immediately the Celestial Palace was split into two warring factions.

The Dark Celestials of the Celestial Palace that refused to turn over a new leaf was eventually defeated. Most were killed and quite a few had escaped.

These Dark Celestials that had escaped would one day stir new troubles for the martial fraternity; their secret martial knowledge would make them formidable foes!

The Jade Emperor explained to Yi Ping