A Martial Odyssey Book 2: The Celestial Realm – Chapter 65

The Eternal Goddess

At an unknown location of the lofty peaks of the Ninth Heavens, there were crimson rainbows everywhere except for a dark spot in the sky.

That dark spot was the darkness of the Stellar Sanctuary and it had descended from the Immortal Realm!

On this lofty peak there was a huge palace and it was constructed by huge blocks of white celestium stones. Even the stairs that led to the white palace of this place was made entirely of white celestium blocks!

If anyone had been to the epicenter of the Astronomic Stellar Palace before, this place was eerily similar but was much grander!

And this white palace had a name and it was called the Eternal City!

A forbidding heavenly maiden with three pink petals on her forehead, dressed in a golden phoenix and green peacock silken robe was standing quietly on the gigantic white platform. She was tapping gently on her long white sword scabbard and she was overlooking the vast horizon.

The white celestium stones here were even more exquisite than the epicenter of the Stellar Sanctuary and were engraved with elegant images of Kirins, Phoenixes and Peacocks!

She was holding a small golden Kirin cub in her arms and was looking at the dimming Pinnacle Star and was sighing melancholy, “Xiao Ping, you have sensed it as well? The Stellar Sanctuary is about to open soon. But this time, he is finally here.”

Xiao Ping was a newly born Kirin cub and he was curbing playfully in her arms. The mother of this newly born cub was also the same Golden Kirin that had escaped from the Epicenter of the Astronomically Stellar Formation with this extraordinary stunning maiden.

And this forbidding heavenly maiden was none other than Maiden Ziyan. But Ziyan was not her real name. It was a name that she had picked to suit the occasion.

She muttered softly, “I am the Goddess Celestial Alice of the Ninth Heavens. This is the Ninth Heavens Realm that no ordinary celestial practitioners are able to traverse…”

Suddenly she was smiling to herself, “Well, almost no ordinary celestial practitioners except…”

She closed her eyes as she whispered gently to the winds, “Come…”

A golden flare had suddenly burst forth from the clouds!

It was a gigantic golden phoenix!

She patted the playful Kirin cub as she said gently, “The time has come for me to make amends for my mistakes…”

As she looked up in the heavens and awaited the golden phoenix, she began to recall that day fondly…

There were two intruders!

Two celestial practitioners had actually dared to ascend the stellar steps that led to her Eternal City.

She was a startled.

Not only was it near impossible for any ordinary celestial practitioners to reach the Ninth Heavens, the stellar steps were also guarded by nine heavenly Black Kirins!

Out of curiosity she decided to take a look at the intruders herself.

After she bade her two guardian Golden Kirins to remain invisible, she walked calmly to the top of the stellar stairs as she observed the battle below.

A fine looking and white hair man in black garb was fighting ambidextrous with two black swords and another maiden that wielded a long curved sword were fighting seven Black Kirins at the same time!

The other monstrous two Black Kirins were howling in pain on the ground!

She had of course recognized the maiden with the long curved sword as the Goddess Isa of the Eighth Heavens.

She whispered softly to command the Black Kirins to halt their attacks and to move aside.

She was annoyed naturally so she said coldly, “Isa, you dare to bring a stranger to my forbidden sacred ground? How dare you break the sacrilegious laws of the Goddess Theocracy Sect? Moreover, you have dared to bring a dark celestial practitioner to my presence?”

The Goddess Isa panted breathlessly as she said to the man next to her, “She is the Goddess Celestial Alice. Be respectful to her. She is the one that you want to see!”

The fine looking man seemed to be startled at the golden shimmering aura of the Goddess Celestial Alice who had appeared to them in a white robe that was adorned with intricate designs of nine golden phoenixes!

The Goddess Isa answered respectfully, “Sister, he is a good man. He needs to seek your audience so hear him out first.”

The Goddess Celestial Alice hummed coldly, “Whatever it is, he has no edict or right to come to this place nor he has the right to say anything.”

The fine looking man rubbed his nose as he smiled awkwardly, “So you are the Goddess Celestial Alice…I am the Dark Lord of the Chaos Cosmos. My respects to the Eternal Goddess…”

But the Goddess Celestial Alice pretended not to hear him as she continued to add coldly, “Isa, have you forgotten what happens to the Goddess Aiel, the Goddess Ishtar and Goddess Astarte?”

The Goddess Isa replied coldly, “The Goddess Aiel is banished to the lower realm for breaking the sacred laws of the Goddess Theocracy while the Goddess Ishtar and Astarte they are…gone for good.”

The Goddess Celestial Alice said coldly, “It is good that you have not forgotten.”

The Goddess Isa answered equally coldly, “You don’t have to remind me. All I request from you is to hear him out first.”

The Goddess Celestial Alice replied, “What if I refuse?”

The Goddess Isa hummed coldly, “Don’t forget that you are not the only one with an immortal sword. My Divine Constellation Sword may not lose to you!”

The Goddess Celestial Alice asked gently, “You are threatening me?”

The Goddess Isa said coldly, “Just because you are lucky enough to be the Goddess of the Ninth Heavens doesn’t mean that I am inferior to you.”

The Goddess Celestial Alice said, “That is my destiny and destiny does not reverse. It is a fact and you have to accept it.”

She smiled coldly, “The ultimate celestial wrath isn’t as easy as you think it is to overcome. We should meditate to further our divine state. Mortals should also cultivate themselves and depend on their own state of divinity to reach the Ninth Heavens. There is no room for dark celestials in the Immortal Realm.”

The Goddess Celestial Alice aura had turned to a killing malevolent!

She said coldly, “It is our duty to destroy all evils and all heretics.”

The Dark Lord of the Chaos Cosmos interrupted with good humor, “You are much more stunning that I have been expecting.”

The Goddess Celestial Alice hummed coldly, “Flattery will not get you anywhere.”

The Dark Lord of the Chaos Cosmos smiled, “Look, I have even named my swords after you! This is the Celestial Antonym Alice and this is the Celestial Synonym Alice…”

There was a sudden burst of martial startling martial outburst that radiated from the Goddess Celestial Alice when her eyes flickered deep golden as she said coldly, “How dare you!”

The Dark Lord of the Chaos Cosmos said, “And one more thing. I am not a dark celestial despite my white hair. It just turned white when I surpassed the Greater Cosmos Position.”

The Goddess Celestial Alice was in disbelief, “You manage to surpass the Greater Cosmos Position?”

The Dark Lord of the Chaos Cosmos answered casually, “I was just lucky.”

The Goddess Isa said shyly as she looked at him, “He has made his way alone to the Ninth Heavens. I was surprised as you do when he has made it to the Eighth Heavens. Like us, he is an immortal practitioner.”

The Goddess Celestial Alice asked in a mild tone this time, “What is it that you want?”

The Dark Lord of the Chaos Cosmos said, “I want to enter the Stellar Sanctuary and I seek the Universal Force. And also a way back to the lower realm. I have heard that the Pangu Clan and the Dragon Clan are now fighting with each other. I need to stop them…”

The Goddess Celestial Alice smiled coldly, “You seem to have a lot of requests and all these requests are all forbidden knowledge. If you are already here, you are not supposed to know what happens to the lower realm. Isa, do you know that you have broken our sacred commandants by telling him? This will also affect your future attainment. How foolish you are!”

She added, “You have better forget all of it. Today, you are not going to leave here. No one else is allowed to know about the Stellar Sanctuary and its secrets…”

In an instant she had summoned the Astronomic Eulogy Divine Sword as it flew down from the heavens with a thunderous impact!

The Dark Lord of the Chaos Cosmos gasped, “Wait!”

The Goddess Isa said panicky, “There is no time no lose. Quickly take her down before she starts to unseal the seven seals of her Astronomic Eulogy Divine Sword! Her seventh seal is the Celestial Wrath…”

The Dark Lord of the Chaos Cosmos smiled weakly, “I don’t want to hurt her…”

The Goddess Isa replied with a great sense of urgency, “Then we will surely die! Hit her with everything you got before she exploits your weakness. She is protected by the Phoenix Emblem, Peacock Eyes Golden Silk Dress and is impervious to most martial forces. Be wary of that! And watch out for the two invisible Golden Kirins behind her!”