A Martial Odyssey Book 2: The Celestial Realm – Chapter 6

The Jade Emperor

For the first time ever, Yi Ping had lost his fighting spirit and he was trembling. He was weeping and crying out aloud, “Child, you have lost your mother at such a tender age. Soon you will lose your father too…”

He was dazed and despite Lingfeng, Yunzi, Youxue and Xingyue calling out aloud to him, he did not seem to have noticed them.

He had been though several hardships and misadventures together with Lele, Yixian, Lie Qing, Yu’Er and Mei’Er but now he had lost them forever. This was a huge blow to him!

Shen Xingyue sighed sadly but she knew that this was not the time for sorrows. Unless they could overcome their opponents today, none of them would be able to survive today. She raised her Blue Heavens Divine Sword as she stared coldly at the Jade Emperor.

The Jade Emperor said, “It seems that he can no longer fight. What a pity. I will really like to see how profound the Asper Divinity Horizon Hands really is but it seems that I no longer have the opportunity to witness it today.”

Yunzi cried out emotionally, “You can witness the flying sword techniques of the Virtuous Palace instead when your head is rolled on the ground!”

Shen Xingyue, Youxue, Yunzi and Lingfeng had already stepped forward with defiant expressions against both the Jade Emperor and the Celestial Liege!

The Jade Emperor said coldly, “Go on, I am willing to give you an advance of a hundred strokes before I retaliate.”

The Celestial Liege was smiling, “Then I shouldn’t be less generous as well. I am also willing to give an advance of one hundred strokes.”

Shen Xingyue whispered, “Leave the Jade Emperor to me. If possible, try to delay the Celestial Liege as much as possible until I have dealt with the old freak.”

The rest of the maidens simply nodded silently.

It was because Shen Xingyue had noticed that they too, had lost their fighting spirits!

Xiao Youxue eyes were melancholy. She was really close to Yixian the Celestial Fairy who had taught her the Divine Emerald Skill and the advance levels of the Icy Heavenly Tears. Without her instructions, she would never be able to overcome her Divine Calamity. Yixian was not only her protégé mistress but her sister as well!

The same thing went for Yunzi as well who had regarded Lie Qing the Heavenly Temptress in a similar fashion as Youxue.

Lingfeng who was emotional attached to Yi Ping through the Emptiness Translucent was trembling uncontrollably as grief overtook her.

Asking them to delay the Celestial Liege was really not an easy thing to do in their present state!

Just as Shen Xingyue was about to launch an attack on the awaiting Jade Emperor, a familiar feminine voice said unhappily. “Forget about the hundred strokes in advance. This is not funny at all.”

Yi Ping was startled and his heart was pounding very excitedly. It was Lele’s voice!

A beautiful enticing maiden had just walked into the garden. She was Lele the Joyful Goddess! She was breathtaking to beholden and it was as though the atmosphere had suddenly become alive with her entrance!

Yet, right behind her was four other equally beautiful maidens that were equally beautiful to behold; Yixian the Celestial Fairy, Lie Qing the Heavenly Temptress, Yu’Er the Eclipse Heaven Goddess and Mei’Er the Axis Heaven Goddess!

Just as Yi Ping was still recovering from his daze, Mei’Er and Yu’Er had already surrounded him as they called out excitedly to him. “Master! You have finally come!”

Yi Ping was dumbfounded, “Yu’Er, Mei’Er…you are not dead?”

Mei’Er laughed merrily, “Do I look like I am dead to you?”

Yi Ping smiled weakly, “No. What is going on?”

Shen Xingyue, Yunzi, Youxue and Lingfeng were already embracing Lele, Yixian, Mei’Er, Yu’Er and Lei Qing joyfully!

Lele said coolly, “Welcome to the Celestial Palace.”

Yi Ping was startled, “This is the Celestial Palace?”

Everyone had assumed that the Celestial Palace was deep inside the Nirvana Mountains. It was no wonder it was never found by anyone…

Lele said with a mesmerizing smile, “Indeed this is the Celestial Palace! And this is my grandpa, the Jade Emperor himself!”

Yi Ping was startled as he stared blankly at the Celestial Liege and the Jade Emperor. He muttered, “But they tried to kill us and they even threaten me with our baby…”

Lele stroked her long hair as she sighed softly, “This is a long story. To put it briefly, my grandpa wants to know how you feel for me. That is why he wants to set a test for you.”

The Jade Emperor roared with laughter, “I just don’t understand. Why are there so many beautiful maidens that are willing to lay down their lives for you? Now I have finally understood a little.”

Yixian had also walked quietly besides Yi Ping as she looked gently at him, “Yi Ping, are you well? Are you painful?”

When Yi Ping saw her gentle eyes, all his pain vanished immediately!

Lie Qing was also besides him as she said softly, “I didn’t agree to it but the Jade Emperor insists on it. I hope that you are not angry with us.”

Yi Ping shook his head as he smiled weakly, “It doesn’t matter. As long as everyone is fine, I am content!”

The Celestial Liege had extended out his hand towards Yi Ping as he smiled, “You didn’t think that I will really hurt my dear niece, didn’t you? I hope you are not angry with me for beating you up.”

Yi Ping gave a broad grin as he shook the hand of the Celestial Liege firmly, “It is a good fight. I may not lose the next time.”

The Celestial Liege laughed, “We see about that later.”

The petite attendant was also smiling, “I am one of the Prime Celestials of the Celestial Palace and my name is Ye Ling!”

Lele winked at the Jade Emperor, “So grandpa, did he pass your test?”

The Jade Emperor growled, “His martial skills are still too weak. How can I give him the Heavenly Relic? How can my mind be put to rest if I allowed him to take you to the upper realm with his current martial skills?”

Lele said coolly, “I am not worried. We have so many martial skills in the Celestial Palace. Just let him have them, won’t it solve the problem?”

The Jade Emperor said, “The martial treasures of the Celestial Palace aren’t for the eyes of strangers…”

Lele hugged her grandpa, “Thank you, grandpa! Tomorrow I show him some of the epitome skills of the Celestial Palace…”

The Jade Emperor was exasperated, “I didn’t say I am allowing it…”

But before the Jade Emperor could protest further, there was a loud slapping sound as the Celestial Liege was slapped hard by Youxue!

Youxue said with cold demeanor, “I say the next time that I see you, I will surely slap you.”

The Celestial Liege smiled bitterly as he looked at her with interest before he gave a soft sigh.