A Martial Odyssey Book 2: The Celestial Realm – Chapter 57

The Divine Constellation Sword

Bai Liangong turned to look at Yi Ping with a surprise look, “You don’t know her?”

Yi Ping smiled bitterly, “I have never even seen her before.”

Bai Liangong smirked coldly, “But she seems to be here to help you…”

The mysterious golden hair maiden with the golden jadeite armor interrupted nonchalantly, “I am not here to help him either. On the contrary, if he fails to reply me satisfactory, I will definitely kill him.”

Lele smirked coldly, “I am afraid that it is easier said than done!”

Bai Liangong signaled with his hands as he said to Priest Xun who was the protégé leader of the Brilliant Access Clan, “Priest Xun, will you bring this insolent maiden to me?”

Priest Xun smiled, “It will be my pleasure of course. Remember my share when you get your hands on these divine swords.”

Bai Liangong smiled, “Naturally. There are more than enough for the six majors clans of the Martial Faction.”

Priest Xun laughed heartily as he said, “Good! I will get her heart for you then!”

Immediately Priest Xun gave a martial shout as he charged towards the mysterious golden hair maiden with seven other fighters of the Brilliant Access Clan, “Initiate the Eight Trigram Formless Formation!”

The crowd immediately gasped.

It was because the Brilliant Access Clan was also one of the five major clans that were allied with the Martial Deviant Clan and their Eight Trigram Formless Formation was renowned throughout the Celestial Realm. Once an opponent was trapped in the formation, there was no escape!

The Celeste Wind Maiden gasped silently, “They are going to attack her with the Eight Trigram Formless Formation. In this weather and unsteady ground, it will be extremely difficult for her to maneuver. If she is smart enough, she should turn back and flee first. But with that armor of hers, it is difficult…”

Yi Ping found himself calling out, “Maiden, be careful!”

Lele muttered softly, “You don’t even know she is. What if she is here to take your life?”

Yi Ping was startled but his attention quickly returned to the golden hair maiden who had suddenly dashed forward with startling speed to confront Priest Xun and his protégé brothers!

There were eight brilliant flashes of blinding light as Priest Xun and his protégé brothers quickly organized themselves into an intricate fighting formation as they took aim at the golden hair maiden one after another.

The golden hair heavenly maiden reacted by charging towards Priest Xun.

Only when she had charged and her long hair lifted with the winds did everyone noticed that she had a long sword behind her. This long sword was very unusual. It was slightly curved and a very long sword. Also the scabbard was adorned with many precious stones giving it a glittering glow in the darkness!

Immediately, there were five others who moved to intercept her with their sword strokes and killing techniques as brilliant lights exploded around her!

Priest Xun laughed coldly, “Foolish!”

But the golden hair heavenly maiden continued her charge as she raised her fingers forward and did not seem to make any attempt to draw her sword to fend off the attacks!

Much to the astonishment of the attackers, every single one of their attacks had missed her narrowly and it was only then did they notice that the golden hair maiden was fighting with her eyes closed; that was why she was not affected by the dancing lights of their Brilliant Access Swordplay!

In a blink of an eye, she had appeared next to Priest Xun!

Priest Xun was startled but he did not panic. After all, she was still trapped in their formidable Eight Trigram Formless Formation and in another blink of an eye she would be surrounded by his protégé brothers who were all expert fighters who had defeated countless opponents.

So he raised his long sword to display the Bamboo Piercing Stance, a sword stroke that attacked forward but could waver into multiple sword thrusts at the same time as he thought, “If she don’t back off now, she will be killed…”

At the same time, two others of his protégé brothers had also appeared from the side and were also displaying the Bamboo Piercing Stances!

And right behind her were five others who were also displaying the Bamboo Piercing Stance with startling speed!

Yi Ping cried out, “Be careful!”

He was about to dash forward when Yong Le had suddenly intercepted him with several powerful explosive bursts of martial force from his fingers!

Yi Ping had raised both Celestial Alice in a nick of time to deflect the explosive attacks but he was still being hurled backward!

Just as Yong Le was about to press forward with his attacks as he raised both fingers to fire at Yi Ping, Yixian had intercepted his attacks and dissipating offensive the martial energies with a few flicker of her fingers!

Yixian said quietly, “So the Martial Deviant Clan has decided to fight the Holy Ascension Sect?”

Yong Le was startled as he thought, “Who is she? She can actually counter my Soul Chaining Aerial Fingers with her fingers?”

But he was smiling heartily, “I have never seen such a graceful finger stance in my life or anyone as beautiful as you. What is your name…”

He was suddenly interrupted by a shocking sight…

The golden hair heavenly maiden had charged straight into Priest Xun and shattered his precious sword into several pieces with her fingers!

At the same time she had suddenly turned around as she lifted her long sleeves and shattered the other seven precious swords at the same time too!

In a blink of an eye, she had also gathered the broken blades as she scattered them in all directions, fatally wounding Priest Xun and his seven protégé brothers who had all collapsed painfully on the ground!

Priest Xun and the rest of his protégé brothers were so shocked and overwhelmed by her martial display that they were trembling nonstop!

Yi Ping, Bai Liangong, Yong Le and all the others were also stunned at her martial display!

The golden hair heavenly maiden said coldly, “Is that all you can do?”

Even the Celeste Wind Maiden had turned pale!

Yang Min said quietly, “The precious swords of the Brilliant Access Clan are all made of Silver Celestium and are nearly indestructible. It is impossible to shatter these precious swords with internal strength alone.”

Yunzi looked at the white glove of the golden hair maiden and wondered, “It has to do with her gloves. The effort to shatter even a normal sword requires plenty of focus and a great deal of internal strength from the practitioner. And she can shatter eight precious swords at the same time with her internal strength? This is an impossible feat to accomplish for anyone without aid. Moreover, internal strength is crucial in any fight and most practitioners won’t expend their precious internal strength in a reckless manner.

Internal strength not only maintained the focus of a martial practitioner, it also served to protect against internal injuries and attacks!

Martial power practitioners like Yi Ping and Bai Liangong required plenty of internal strength to convert their martial power to execute their martial techniques.

If the opponents were suffering from internal injuries, their movements would be slower and their breathing would be hard. That was why Bai Liangong did not think Yi Ping as a threat even if he had a divine sword in his hands!

But this golden hair maiden was still able to speak so casually after executing such severe stress on her internal strength, all the celestial practitioners were stunned!

Now they were muttering among themselves, “Who is she?”

Bai Liangong was a little more respectful this time as he asked, “I am Bai Liangong, the Martial Grandmaster of the Celestial Realm. What is your clan of origin? How can I address you?”

The golden hair heavenly maiden hummed coldly and said hypnotically from afar, “You don’t have to know who I am. I only want him. Is that fine with you, yes or no?”

This must be the most outrageous request ever made and the crowd was secretly mocking her for they knew that Bai Liangong would never agree to something like this!

Yi Ping quickly said, “Maiden, leave while you can. They are only interested in us. This has nothing to do with you.”

The golden hair heavenly maiden hummed coldly as she filled the vicinity with her soft gently voice via the Thousands Mile Resonate Skill, “Stop feigning. You know who I am and I know who you are. You may have removed your black armor garb and you seem a little different now but even if you have turned to ashes, I will still be able to recognize you. So you have finally decided to be done with her?”

Yi Ping was startled and he almost choked when he coughed, “Huh? I really do not know you…”

But the golden hair heavenly maiden seemed to be ignoring Yi Ping as she asked Bai Liangong coldly, “This is your last chance. Are you going to make way to me or not?”

Bai Liangong replied calmly, “I will like to but what is it in for me? If I let them off like this, how can I expect to be answerable to the numerous dead and wounded?”

Yong Le was startled as he looked at Bai Liangong as he thought, “He is willing to negotiate with a stranger? Actually they are all within our grasp now and it won’t be long before we subdue them…”

The golden hair heavenly maiden asked coldly, “So you want something to salvage your pride.”

All of a sudden, she unsheathed her slightly curved long sword with a brilliant flash of divine light!

There was a faint glowing light around her curve long sword and everyone could feel the cold piercing sword energies aura that was radiating from the sword!

At the instant that she had drawn her long, many of the celestial practitioners felt a piercing thrust in their hearts!

There was no doubt that this was a divine sword and a really precious divine sword!

The golden hair heavenly maiden held the tip of the long sword and started to bend it more than sixty degrees!

All of a sudden when she had released her hold on the tip, the blade reverted to the middle again. It was as though it had never been bended before!

Bai Liangong gasped, “Excellent sword! This is a very precious divine sword…”

The golden hair heavenly maiden smiled coldly as she sheathed the divine sword back into the scabbard before thrusting the curved long sword into the ground, “And this is yours if you are willing to let them go.”

He was indeed tempted!

If he could take away this divine sword without a single fight then it would be a good thing as he was still trying to gauge her true martial level.

However, he was a little suspicious that she could be giving her divine sword away in such a casual manner as though it meant nothing. A divine sword was priceless especially in a metal rare realm like the Celestial Realm!

Bai Liangong seemed to consider for a while as he looked at Yang Min but he quickly regained his composure to say, “You can take them away but what is the name of this divine sword?”

The golden hair heavenly maiden smiled, “The Divine Constellation.”

Bai Liangong muttered, “The Divine Constellation?”

The golden hair heavenly maiden said nonchalantly, “Under the inner twenty-eight constellations and the outer twelve constellations, there is the Divine Constellation.”

Bai Liangong and the rest of the celestial practitioners were smiling bitterly. She seemed to be saying that this divine sword of hers was the most powerful divine sword in the heavens!

The golden hair heavenly maiden turned to look at Yi Ping before saying coldly, “What are you waiting for? Come with me.”

Yi Ping bowed with his hands, “Thank you for coming to our aid…”

Lele immediately said, “We don’t have to listen to her. That is just between the two of them and none of our business.”

The golden hair heavenly maiden smiled coldly, “That is the true but what other choices do you have now?”

Yunzi smiled weakly, “That seems to be our best choice now.”

Bai Liangong said aloud, “Hold!”

The golden hair heavenly lifted her eyes towards Bai Liangong, “You are regretting?”

Bai Liangong said quietly, “I have given my word and I will keep it. But first…”

He turned towards Yang Min to say, “Yang Min, I will always welcome you back. I won’t punish you. If you come back, we can iron things out together…”

But Yang Min pretended not to hear him and she had already walked towards the golden hair heavenly maiden.

Lie Qing gave Yi Ping a gentle tug, “Let’s us go. I don’t want to stay here. This place stinks!”

Yi Ping nodded as he looked at all the other maidens, “Yes, let’s us go.”

Bai Liangong looked at Yi Ping before he said coldly, “Don’t forget what the Holy Ascension Sect has promised us.”

Yi Ping replied, “I won’t.”

Bai Liangong smiled coldly, “Good. See you in the Stellar Sanctuary then. Next time we met, I won’t be so lenient on you.”

Yi Ping kept quiet as he took a glance at the Divine Constellation Sword that was thrust into the ground. The instant the golden hair heavenly maiden had unsheathed this divine sword, he knew that it was as powerful as the Celestial Alice.

Youxue looked at Bai Liangong coldly, “That is what I am supposed to say to you.”

Bai Liangong smiled coldly at this mesmerizing beauty with cold demeanor but he was only paying scant attention to her. It was because he was still secretly looking at Yang Min as he thought heartbreakingly, “Of all people, why did you betray me? I love you so much. I want to keep you by my side forever…”

He stood on the same spot for some time even after Yi Ping, Yang Min, the golden hair heavenly maiden and the rest of the intruders had disappeared into the darkness.

Finally Yong Le the Right Martial Protector could not keep quiet anymore as he asked, “Grandmaster, why do you let them go like this? They are already within our grasp. It is just a matter of time before we can seize their divine swords. As for that golden hair maiden, she is just one and we are many. She won’t be able to withstand our attacks. Do we pursue them?”

Bai Liangong laughed aloud and a burst of martial force exploded around him. Everyone could see with their very eyes how formidable his Martial Deviant Force was!

When he had stopped laughing, he turned to stare coldly at the hundreds of celestial practitioner and pointing at the badly shaken Priest Xun at the same time, “Do you really think that we can stop her without heavy casualties? If she can break the Eight Trigram Formless Formation with her eyes closed, she isn’t just any ordinary celestial practitioner. Do you think that this Yi Ping and his group will stand idle while we fight that nameless maiden?”

The hundreds of celestial practitioners were quiet but their eyes were full of defiance; it was because they wanted to lay their hands on their divine swords and to avenge their dead!

The five major celestial clans that were allied with the Martial Deviant Clan, the Purple Divine Clan, the Giga Sword Sect, the Brilliant Access Clan, the Heartless Manor and the Divine Shadow had all lost many capable leaders and fighters. Therefore they were not willing to let Yi Ping and his group left just like this without exacting vengeance!

Even if that meant sacrificing more of their fighters, they were also willing!

Bai Liangong seemed to know what they were thinking as he said coldly, “There is always a time to seek vendetta. What most important now is to regroup and organize our forces first.”

A strongly build man stepped forward to say, “The Giga Sword Sect is not afraid of sacrifices. Let me lead my fighters to seize their divine swords and avenge our dead. Just one word from you, we will take action!”

This strongly build man was none other than Shi Tianwang, the protégé master of the Giga Sword Sect!

Priest Xun muttered weakly as he continued to tremble, “My friend, you have better listened to the Martial Grandmaster. You are not near her earlier or you won’t know how terrifying she is. In all my years, I have never been so terrified before…”

It was not only him; the rest of his protégé brothers were still trembling with fright even now!

Shi Tianwang hummed coldly, “I don’t believe.”

Bai Liangong interrupted coldly, “You have better believe. Even though we have hundreds of fighters here and thousands more outside the camp but I can tell you that our numbers do not matter and I don’t want to risk having any internal injury. We have to remember that the Stellar Sanctuary is our main goal.”

Internal injuries were unlike external injuries and often took months to years to recover!

Shi Tianwang was bewildered, “Our numbers do not matter? Surely it matters!”

Bai Liangong added as he looked at the abandoned divine sword that was left behind, “Maybe it does matter but we may not get to see it. Earlier when she is fighting with Priest Xun, she is already subtly warning us that all she has to do is to go after the leaders of our group. However, it seems that I have a very good deal here…”