A Martial Odyssey Book 2: The Celestial Realm – Chapter 56

The Martial Grandmaster

The dark heavens were continuous lit by the brilliant explosive bursts of purple and white lightning that streaked thunderously with dozens of forks across the heavens and the earth; it thundered so violently every now and then that it seemed like the end times were approaching!

It did not help that the entire celestial mountains were also rumbling nonstop as powerful earthquakes occurred with no signs of stopping.

And suspended in the mid heaven was a gigantic black dome which seemed impervious to the deadly lightning strikes.

Gigantic was not the word to describe the enormous size of the black dome which covered hundreds of mountain peaks. Colossal was more fitting for it!

And this colossal floating black dome that was descending slowly at a snail pace was the mysterious Stellar Sanctuary!

Exactly thirty days or a full moon period from the time of its appearance, the forbidden gates of the Stellar Sanctuary would swing open to reveal its many celestial secrets to the celestial practitioners and rumored to locate at the most upper level was the entrance of the Immortal Realm!

The Gods’ Realm!

The ultimate heaven for the celestial practitioners who had dreamed of becoming one with the heavens since the beginning of time!

But in the mountains below, hundreds of celestial practitioners from the Martial Deviant Clan and her allies were fighting with equally earthshaking fervor against a small band of intruders!

The band of intruders was led by a fine looking young man with a righteousness that was not seen in the Celestial Realm for ages and in his hands were two wondrous white gold divine swords! Following his lead were six beautiful stunning maidens and it seemed that two of the maidens were seriously injured but it did not diminish the fierce determination or their fighting spirits as evidence from their eyes!

The fine looking young man was indeed Yi Ping and at his side were Lie Qing, Lele, the Stellar Heaven Fairy, Yunzi, the Celeste Wind Maiden and the Chaste Lunar Maiden!

Lie Qing the Heavenly Temptress and Jing’Er the Chaste Lunar Maiden had both sustained serious injuries but they were covered well by the rest of their group.

Yi Ping raised one sword strokes after another as he thought, “Xian’Er, Youxue…where are you…”

These two maidens were the first maidens that he had known when he had first stepped into the martial fraternity. They were not entirely good sisters as they were now. When he recalled their feuds back then, he could still remembered how heartbreaking it had caused him. At one point, he had wanted to find Youxue and to avenge against her for ‘killing’ Yixian!

But his thoughts soon returned to the battle; it was because thousands of glittering gold and white secret projectiles were endlessly flying with startling speed towards their group!

Meanwhile, Yunzi had whirled the White Phoenix as a shield around her, instantly deflecting hundreds of speeding projectiles aside while Lele and the Stellar Heaven Fairy were throwing dozens of secret projectiles on their own as well!

The Celeste Wind Maiden raised her sword as she created flurries of windforces, deflecting and redirecting the attacking secret projectiles from her while saying. “Everyone! Maintain the defensive formation!”

Yi Ping was swinging the Celestial Antonym Alice and the Celestial Synonym Alice with startling speed, deflecting and parrying dozens of lethal projectiles that were aimed at him. At the same time, dozens of celestial practitioners were attacking him with their intricate strokes and techniques!

The same scene was repeated for the rest of the maidens as well!

Yi Ping swung the Celestial Alice with a brilliant stroke from his newly improvised Horizon Swordplay as he cut down a Golden Celestial with a purple sword who had suddenly burst in front of him. This new Horizon Swordplay had borrowed the intricate strokes of the Virtuous Swordplay and the Infinity Swordplay. It was particular deadly when Yi Ping had duel wielded the Celestial Antonym Alice and the Celestial Synonym Alice at the same time!

Immediately there was a sudden gasp from the attackers!

That was because this Golden Celestial was not an ordinary exponent! He was also the current protégé master of the Purple Divine Clan, one of the five most powerful ally clans of the Martial Deviant Clan!

It was unbelievable that he could be overpowered so easily by Yi Ping as he stumbled awkwardly on the ground!

He had timed his attack when Yi Ping was fending off several opponents at once. He had assumed that the end of Yi Ping’s sword swing was also his weakest and that the weakness of a dual wield would make it doubly hard for him to control the flexibility of his sword strokes. It was not wrong at all.

But he had assumed wrongly that Yi Ping was using his entire martial power to duel swing his sword strokes or else it would be impossible for him to lift two heavy divine long swords at once. Moreover, he had recognized several of the attackers to be the some of the finest fighters of the Celestial Realm!

But when he had attacked Yi Ping with all his martial power as he imbued his sword with deadly sword energies, he was suddenly startled by the overwhelming martial power that he had encountered by a panicky Yi Ping who had increased his martial strength. This caused him to be slightly off balance but it was a fatal to him for Yi Ping had suddenly slashed the Celestial Synonym Alice at him!

It was not only Yi Ping that was causing panic to the hundreds of attackers.

The strokes of the Celeste Wind Maiden were light yet it was equally deadly and power as she parried the homing secret projectiles and the attacks of her opponents seemingly effortlessly! Those opponents that did not have a weapon in their hands were secretly afraid of approaching her when they saw several fighters that were on their side were cut down by a slash on their necks!

Her sword strokes were even more ruthless than the sword techniques of the Heartless Manor which was also one of the five powerful ally clans of the Martial Deviant Clan!

A seriously wounded celestial practitioner who was part of the pursuers that were hunting Yi Ping’s group earlier but he had managed to escape back here was shouting with all his remaining strength, “That white hair maiden is the Celeste Wind Maiden! One of the newly seven most powerful fighters of the Celestial Realm!”

The weaker fighters that were on their side began to hesitate and were secret alarmed as they started to lose their initial fighting will!

It was because the Celeste Wind Maiden was not only one of the newly seven most powerful fighters, she was also the Celestial Priestess of the Celestial Aiel Sect!

If she was here then there was a possibility that the Celestial Aiel Sect may be in the vicinity too and that this small group was just the vanguard to test their deployments and strength!

Yong Le the Right Protector of the Martial Deviant Clan rallied the fighters, “Don’t panic. They are few and we are many. It is just a matter of time before they are too weak to fight!”

And with that he had punched several explosive martial forces towards the Celeste Wind Maiden who evaded his attacks with great agility as she said coldly, “You are also one of the seven top fighters. I have been waiting to fight you for a long time.”

Yong Le smirked coldly as he deflected her incoming strokes with the martial force of his fingers, “You are in the top fighters ranking simply because you are lucky enough to have a divine sword to aid you. Today, I will crush you with my Soul Chaining Aerial Fingers and seize your divine sword as my own…”

The Celeste Wind Maiden took a step back as she continued to evade and counter-attacking against several fighters at the same time while saying, “Fat hope! If you really as powerful as you say you are, why don’t you ask your lackeys to back off and have an honorable duel with me instead of fighting me from a distant?!”

Yong Le laughed coldly, “That will depends if you are able to come into close melee with me in the first place. But be warned that when you do, you will breathe your last!”

At the same time, Lele had just dissipated several incoming sword energies from her attackers with her Divine Echo Divine Sword as she sent several powerful flurries of shockwaves around her and her group!

The attackers were astonished that such a divine sword that could dissipate sword energies could possibly exist!

This caused the greed and the determinations of the attackers to be strengthened as they all wanted to be the first to seize her sword!

For the sword energies practitioner, a divine sword that could dissipate sword energies was their nemesis. But if they could have such a divine sword in their hands, then it would surely further their sword energies skill as well as giving them a huge advantage over their opponents!

They simply could not understand how an unnamed celestial fighter like Lele would possibly have a divine sword in her hands. Except for her expert movements and dodges, she was also wielding a clumsy long scythe that was unsuitable for melee. There was no way she could have beaten the best celestial fighters or retain a divine sword with her current martial level!

Lele seemed to know what they were thinking, “Know who I am from now on. I am the Joyful Goddess and I will strike fears in your hearts.”

The true reason why Lele’s attacks looked non-lethal was because she was kinder and did not have the heart to kill anyone. Only when she was desperate, she will resort to dirty fighting and hardened her heart to use the lethal sword techniques of the Celestial Palace.

But luckily, the Stellar Heaven Fairy was beside her to lend her a helping hand as she brandished the Fire Emblem Divine Sword with her Melody Swordplay, causing pink strokes to twinkle around her with startling speed and dazzling her opponents!

Shi Shi the Stellar Heaven Fairy was startled at how seemingly easy the Fire Emblem was able to channel her internal strength into offensive martial power. This was something that she had not experienced before when she was the mistress of the Heavenly Earth Sword.

She thought, “Or is it because I am now an ancient celestial practitioner or is it because the nature of this divine sword allows it to amplify the martial power of the internal art practitioner?”

Her thoughts quickly returned to the battle as they were not only trying to fight for their lives but they were also keeping a watchful eye on Lie Qing and the Chaste Lunar Maiden in the middle of their formation!

Lie Qing swung her Perpetual Darkness around her rapidly as she parried the remaining few secret projectiles that Yi Ping, the Stellar Heaven Fairy, Lele and the Celeste Wind Maiden had missed while saying assuring to the Chaste Lunar Maiden, “Don’t worry. I can still fight. Just stay close behind me.”

The Chaste Lunar Maiden was in awe of this group as she thought, “Is she really my protégé, Luminous Star? Her martial skills are so much stronger than I now. And metallic weapons are so rare in the Celestial Realm and yet all of them have a divine sword in their hands. If I never seen with my own eyes, I will never have believed!”

While Yi Ping and his group did not have any numerical advantage but they had organized themselves into a tight defensive formation and were looking out for one another.

As for the attacking celestial practitioners who numbered in the hundreds, as they hailed from different clans and sects they were unable to co-ordinate their attacks and everyone that their own agenda.

What turned out to be a numerical advantage had all of a sudden turned into pandemonium as the attacking celestial practitioners were themselves hit by the secret projectiles from their own side as Yi Ping’s group was too small while their own group was too big!

This was actually the plan of Yi Ping’s group before they had arrived!

It was first proposed by the Stellar Heaven Fairy who asked when they had beaten off the hostile attackers earlier, “We can follow them to their camps. Then we can hope to reach Yixian and Youxue in a nick of time. However, that will be reckless and suicidal. But if we move in fast enough in a tightly held formation, we may have a chance. What do you think?”

Yi Ping had said quietly, “I guess we have to try. No matter what, we cannot leave them there alone.”

Lie Qing nodded weakly as she grasped his arm, “I am going too. Don’t ever think of leaving here alone!”

Lele laughed softly, “We have beaten them off but we didn’t introduce ourselves properly. I really think we should pay them another visit…”

Her soft laughter was suddenly interrupted by a tearful Jing’Er the Chaste Lunar Maiden who had walked towards the the Stellar Heaven Fairy and hugging her emotionally, “Shi Shi? It is really you? I can’t believe it, really! I miss you so much…”

Shi Shi was equally emotional, “Jing’Er, I have never expected to see you again. There was a time when I want to take my own life to join Yang Min and you…”

Jing’Er said excitedly, “Sister Min’Er is still alive too. I have feared the worst for the two of you and have nightmares all this while. But no longer now because my two closest sisters are still with me!”

Shi Shi gasped, “Yang Min is still alive? Where is she now? I really miss her so much too…”

Jing’Er sighed softly, “Actually I only know today that she is still alive and is now with the Martial Deviant Clan…”

At this moment, Yi Ping was coughing weakly.

Jing’Er was suddenly looking shyly at Yi Ping and was flushing. Earlier when Yi Ping had first appeared and charged into the battle, she had already taken notice of him; he was like a dashing hero in white with his spirited and tender eyes!

She smiled shyly at Yi Ping as she teased Shi Shi, “Sister, who is he? I see that he is with you. Is that my brother-in-law?”

Shi Shi smiled weakly when she saw the way Jing’Er was looking at Yi Ping, “Oh well. Let Ping’Er introduce himself to you then.”

Yi Ping immediately bowed respectfully with his hands to introduce himself, “I am Yi Ping. Yi is my family name while Ping is my namesake.”

Jing’Er gasped as she looked at Lele, Yunzi and Lie Qing as she recalled that they were looking for a Ping’Er, “He is your man?”

Lele said coldly, “It is good that you know. So you have better keep away from him!”

At the same time, she had also noticed the Celeste Wind Maiden and was subtly warning her to keep away from Yi Ping at the same time!

The Celeste Wind Maiden scoffed quietly in respond as she looked coldly at her.

Jing’Er continued to look at Yi Ping shyly, “Do you have any celestial name? I am the Chaste Lunar Maiden now. You can call me Jing’Er if you want…”

Yi Ping answered, “Maiden Jing’Er, I don’t have any celestial name…”

Shi Shi interrupted with a soft laughter, “But everyone calls you the Lord of the Tranquil City now after you have won a duel with the Immortal Saint of Swords there.”

Yi Ping smiled bitterly, “That is because they didn’t know my name.”

Jing’Er said shyly, “That is so true. I didn’t know your name until today as well. But I have heard of your exploits. Do you know that you are now so famous in the Celestial Realm?”

Yi Ping smiled awkwardly, “Is it? I didn’t know. It is only a fluke. He has actually stayed his hand. I not sure if I can live if he uses his Inverting Eternal Occurrence.”

Lele cut in coldly, “We don’t have much time left and yet the two of you can still chat happily as though we have plenty of time.”

She pointed to the Celeste Wind Maiden, “Who is she? She is obviously a dark celestial practitioner. She looks like a delicate beauty. Where do you pick her up from, Ping’Er?”

This time the Celeste Wind Maiden was growling as she remarked coldly, “And just who are you? Do you know who I am? I am the Celeste Wind Maiden, one of the newly top seven fighters of the Celestial Realm and also the Celestial Priestess of the Celestial Aiel Sect. Are you afraid now?”

Lele asked coldly, “Who? I have never even heard of you!”

That was the truth!

Lie Qing was cuddling close to Yi Ping and she was laughing softly, “Stop chatting or arguing first. We should be on the move first and if there are any small talks, we can do it along the way. Our enemies won’t be expecting that we will be right behind them.”

Lele looked at the Celeste Wind Maiden as she said coldly, “Don’t expect me to give you a helping hand. I won’t be free later.”

The Celeste Wind Maiden was exasperated as she hummed coldly, “That is what I should say to you…”

Lele interrupted with a cold smile, “Don’t copy me!”

The Celeste Wind Maiden asked coldly, “Who is copying who?”

Yunzi said with a faint smile, “Can’t we all get along?”

Yi Ping tried to intervene by saying, “We should hurry first.”

But he looked at Lie Qing and Jing’Er anxiously, “But I think the two of you should stay…”

He looked at the Stellar Heaven Fairy, the Celeste Wind Maiden, Yunzi and Lele, “All of you should stay. It is far too dangerous. I will go alone.”

Lie Qing protested immediately, “I won’t be a liability!”

Jing’Er said weakly, “I am not staying either…”

Lele gasped softly, “Ping’Er, I won’t let you go alone.”

The Stellar Heaven Fairy said quickly, “Surely you are not thinking of leaving us and go alone…”

The Celeste Wind Maiden said gently, “I will go with you. Isn’t that the reason why I am here with you? Don’t forget that you still have the Aiel Rejuvenation Divine Pill from the Celestial Mistress. I suggest that you take it now for the effects of the divine pill will need some time to take effect. It will be too late if you consume it during a fight or do you think your opponent will allow you to do so?”

Jing’Er was startled as she gasped in her heart, “The Celestial Mistress will actually give him the Aiel Rejuvenation Divine Pill!? That is impossible. Do you know how precious it is to her and she is saving it only as a last resort? If the miraculous properties of that divine pill of hers are made known, it will surely cause chaos in the Celestial Realm…”

Yi Ping muttered, “All of you…”

Yunzi smiled gently as she said quietly, “I don’t think anyone wants to stay behind. Even if Ping’Er refuses to let us go with him, we will insist.”

Yi Ping looked quietly at Yunzi as he gave a soft sigh.

He knew that he could not stop Yunzi and she was not the type that could be scared off by any opponents or by any superior odds. The first time that he had met her was at the Honor Manor and she had actually the tenacity to kill Gongsun Bai the Grandmaster of the Honor Manor in front of the entire assembly!

Moreover, Yunzi was truly a top exponent who had secretly concealed her true skills. She had hidden the fact that she was also the protégé mistress of the Sacred Divine Clan. She had inherited several epitome martial skills from many schools and sects; the Virtuous Palace, the Invincible Divine Clan and the Infinity Sword Celestial Clan.

Who would believe that she was now the protégé mistress of the Infinity Sword Celestial Clan and she was only in the Celestial Realm for only less than a year?

Because of the events of the Astronomic Stellar Formation, Yi Ping’s group was forced to undergo the tribulations that were normally reserved for Ancient Celestials. When they survived, it had the effect of forcefully elevating their state of divinity to a full Golden Celestial!

As for those who were already Golden Celestials like the Stellar Heaven Fairy, the Ascension Goddess and Shen Xingyue, their state of divinities were further elevated to the first level of an Ancient Celestial!

There were seven stages of celestial divinities that were required for the celestial practitioners to overcome before they could ascend as a Golden Celestial; Genesis, Enlighten, Emotion, Transverse, Seventh Sense, Crisis and Ascend.

When a celestial practitioner became a golden celestial practitioner, there were seven Divine Wraths that they had to overcome before they could become an ancient celestial practitioner. Previously none of the golden celestial practitioners knew about it as there were no precedents and each time they had overcome their Divine Wrath, there was actually little improvements or none at all to their martial strength.

The Divine Wrath would increase in its furies each time it was overcome by the celestial practitioner. This forced many of the celestial practitioners to constantly improve the level of their martial skills either by seeking new breakthroughs in their martial arts, gaining powerful new martial arts, gaining inspirations through new martial arts or by acquainting rare celestial items to aid them!

A powerful divine sword would always be useful in overcoming the Divine Wrath!

And right now, Yi Ping’s group was inviting envy looks over their divine swords!

Without storming the headquarters of the Holy Ascension Sect and without going to the Stellar Sanctuary, here was an excellent opportunity for them to seize the divine swords!

The hundreds of celestial practitioners were all experienced and cunning fighters. The moment they knew that Yi Ping’s group was more difficult than they had initial thought, they began to deploy a hit and run tactic to exhaust them!

Victory was a certainty and was just a matter of time for Yi Ping’s group was already showing signs of weariness as more and more powerful fighters started to appear and enter the battle!

And one of the more powerful fighters was none other than Bai Liangong, the Martial Grandmaster of the Martial Deviant Clan as he made a dramatic entry as he raised his silver sword at Yi Ping!

In a blink of an eye, Yi Ping and Bai Liangong had exchanged more than a dozen earthshaking sword strokes before Bai Liangong disengaged gracefully backward with a furious stare at Yi Ping and the rest of the beautiful maidens!

Yi Ping was startled at the intricate sword strokes of Bai Liangong and his right arm was trembling slightly from the short exchange!

He quickly exercised the Absolute Equilibrium Force subtly as he tried to regain the use of his arm.

Bai Liangong was also secretly startled that Yi Ping was able to block his Macross Technique, a deadly sword technique that consisted of eighteen intricate sword strokes. The sixth, twelfth and the eighteenth stroke of the Macross Technique was especially powerful. It was a cumulative of the first five strokes.

Even for his martial attainment, he could only manage till the third level of the Macross Technique. If he could reach the forth level of the Macross Technique then he would be able to display twenty-four intricate sword strokes with a single vital breathe!

It was very difficult to reach the forth level of the Macross Technique but the third level of the Macross Technique was still powerful enough to rank him as one of the super swordsmen in the Celestial Realm. What he was lacking right now was a divine sword to match his powerful sword technique!

But a divine sword was simply too hard to obtain.

He was literally burning with envy at the sight of so many divine swords. He simply could not wait to take possession of all the divine swords for himself!

But he was also curious at the intricate sword movements of his opponent that were so flux and it was so unlike any that he had seen so he asked coldly, “What is the name of your sword strokes?”

Yi Ping answered nonchalantly, “The Perfect Swordplay if you want a name for it.”

The Perfect Swordplay was actually not a sword technique but a continuous flux of sword movements that could block and attack at the same time!

When the hundreds of fighters on the side of the Martial Deviant Clan saw the Martial Grandmaster, they immediately ceased their attacks for they did not dare to make any false move without his commands!

They were afraid that the Martial Grandmaster may think that they were trying to seize the divine swords for themselves even though that was really their intentions to do so!

Bai Liangong stared at Yi Ping and the rest of the maidens as he appraised them quietly. He had recognized some of the intruders but there were three newcomers this time.

The Celeste Wind Maiden was also appraising the Martial Grandmaster quietly to herself, “So that is the Martial Grandmaster? What is that sword technique that he has used earlier? No wonder, he is able to dominate a third of the Celestial Realm; that is just his sword skill and he has not use his Martial Deviant Force yet…”

Even Lie Qing was alarmed as she stole a glance at Lele.

Lele had suddenly grown eerily quiet.

It was the first time that Lie Qing had seen Lele with such a solemn expression. This Martial Grandmaster was very strong and they had known it when they had encountered him for the first time. Without Yixian around, they really had no confident and moreover, they were now being surrounded by hundreds of hostile fighters!

Yi Ping was thinking to himself, “He is the Martial Grandmaster? The attacks have suddenly stopped and they seem to be holding him in high regards…”

Bai Liangong was growling as he stared at them unhurriedly as thunderous lightning strikes flashed nonstop behind him.

He needed not have to for they were like preys that were already trapped in his net. He was just wondering what caused them to charge so foolishly into his arms.

And he was also wondering what had happened to the tens of super fighters that he had sent out.

He had sent more than a hundred top exponents from the various clans including his four Martial Deviant Masters to track the intruders down. The last report that he had received from his scouts were that the intruders were now hopelessly lost in the mountains and it would not be long before they would be cornered.

But to his utter disbelief, only a dozen of the top exponents that he had sent had made their way back without completing their mission and they were being chased by a small group all the way back here!

Along the way, there were at least six outposts that consisted of at least three hundred fighters and yet no one was able to stop such a small group?!

He asked coldly, “Where are the four Martial Deviant Masters?”

Priest Phantom from the Heartless Manor and who was also part of the failed expedition coughed weakly as he pointed weakly at the daring intruders, “They had all perished!”

Bai Liangong was furious as he clenched his fists and there was a burst of martial force exploding from around him as he shouted at the daring intruders, “Just who are you? So that I can at least remember who you are before I send you to the netherworld!”

His martial shout was terrifying and at this range, it was strong enough to cause the Chaste Lunar Maiden to cough out blood!

Yi Ping imbued the Celestial Antonym Alice with his martial power as he resisted the martial shockwave as he thought, “His internal strength are so profound. He is as strong as the Mad Conqueror and the Immortal Saint of Swords…I haven’t recovered my full martial strength yet…is it possible for me to defeat him?”

Yi Ping looked at Bai Liangong and the hundreds of celestial fighters that were surrounding their small group now.

Even though they were all staring fiercely at their group, Yi Ping did not show any fear. Instead, he replied coldly. “I am Yi Ping. Who are you?”

Immediately, the crowd was filled with scorn as they laughed coldly.

Bai Liangong was half amused as he roared thunderously, “Such brave words! You do not know me? Yet you have come to my camp!”

Yi Ping asked weakly, “So you are really the Martial Grandmaster? Just as I have thought.”

Bai Liangong thundered, “Who else do you think I am? You have the guts to come here but yet you do not know who I am!”

Yong Le the Right Protector said coldly, “Grandmaster, let us finish him off. He looks like he is half-dead anyway.”

Immediately, dozens of celestial fighters began to move forward at the same time as they brandished their weapons and fists!

Bai Liangong interrupted coldly, “Hold first!”

At the same time, Lele, Yunzi, the Celeste Wind Maiden and the Stellar Heaven Fairy had also moved forward while maintaining a protective circle around the injured Lie Qing and the Chaste Lunar Maiden!

But Yi Ping raised the two Celestial Alice as he said weakly, “Wait!”

Bai Liangong smiled coldly as he admired Yi Ping’s divine swords, “Excellent divine swords! Soon it will be mine. You can wield two divine swords?”

Yi Ping answered coldly, “I don’t have to answer you. What have you done with Yixian and Youxue?! Return them to me!”

His tone was so cold that many of the celestial fighters, including those that were not beaten up or injured were all unconsciously taking small steps backward!

Bai Liangong knitted his eyebrows, “Yixian, Youxue? I have killed and bedded plenty of nameless maidens. I can’t remember.”

All of a sudden, three heavenly maidens leapt with startling speed from the back and landed gracefully beside Yi Ping!

The hundreds of fighters presented were already enthralled by the loveliness of these maidens who were intruding. The sight of three more peerless beauties were enough to overwhelm their years of emotionless celestial practice and they were even feeling a little pitiful for their sorry fates later!

Indeed, the three heavenly maidens were Yixian, Youxue and the Yang Min!

Yi Ping immediately gasped out, “Xian’Er, Youxue! You are well?”

Lie Qing, Lele and Yunzi had also cried out their names!

At the same time, Shi Shi and Jing’Er called out excitedly, “Yang Min!”

Yang Min muttered as she tried hard to suppress her tears, “Shi Shi, Jing’Er…you are all here…”

Bai Liangong shouted angrily, “Yang Min, why are you with them? You dare to betray the Martial Deviant Clan?”

Yong Le was also saying, “Yang Min, what do you think you are doing? Come over here immediately and ask for forgiveness.”

But Yang Min refused to move as she stared coldly at Yong Le and Bai Liangong!

Youxue interrupted by flipping her long sleeves as she turned to say coldly to Bai Liangong, “I have heard that someone says he can’t remember the many nameless maidens that he had victimized. I will make sure you remember me.”

Yi Ping shivered when he had caught sight of the cold beaming look in Youxue’s eyes. He had suddenly remembered that she had the same exact look when he had first met her.

That was a telling sign that she was about to turn murderous!

He knew that Youxue had also mastered the Absolute Spirits Intricate Formula. Even though the Absolute Spirits was a most intricate formula that could strengthen the will of the practitioner but it could also lead to phenomenon deviation if it was utilized for the wrong purpose.

Yi Ping quickly called out to her, “Xue’Er, step aside first.”

Yixian was also startled when she saw the cold beaming look that she had not seen for a long time. That cold forbidding look of hers was like a cat that had its sight upon a prey and nothing else matters!

Yi Ping said continued to say, “We are here on a peace mission. The Holy Ascension Sect has a message for you. If the Martial Deviant Clan will not ascend the stairs of heavens of the Unmoving Mountains then the Holy Ascension Sect will not stop you from going to the Stellar Sanctuary. Isn’t that what you want in the first place?”

Immediately, there were several mutterings among the crowd!

It was a tempting offer!

If they could get into the Stellar Sanctuary without a confrontation with the Holy Ascension Sect and her allies, then it would be the best option for them!

But the crowd also knew that the divine swords of this small group were now almost in the hands of the powerful Martial Deviant Clan and the Martial Grandmaster would not give up any opportunity to lay his hands on it.

The fierce confrontations with the Celestial Aiel Sect had taken a toll on their mental strength and they were now worried that they may be attacked by the Holy Ascension Sect if there was no sight of a decisive victory anytime soon. The Celestial Aiel Sect and her allies were proving to be much harder to defeat than they had expected. Moreover, they had already lost some of their best fighters when they went in pursue after Yi Ping’s group!

Bai Liangong looked coldly at Yang Min and then at Yi Ping, “Fine but you have to surrender all your divine swords as a token of sincerity and you have to return Yang Min to me. I am also willing to make an armistice with the Celestial Aiel Sect.”

He paused briefly before saying, “Or else I can assure you that you won’t leave here alive.”

“No, you don’t. You can only choose the first option and then they have to come with me.” A mesmerizing gentle voice was heard from the back.

Yi Ping, Bai Liangong and everyone were both equally startled. It was because they had never of this feminine voice before!

A heavenly maiden in white with a golden jadeite armor adorned over her was standing quietly next to a large rock at the back. Even though she was still far behind but her golden eyes were extremely piercing and her eyes had a ring of green around it!

Ancient Celestial? That was the first thought that had come into the minds of everyone when they had seen her eyes!

What was stunning about her was her long golden hair that was fluttering along with the strong winds.

But what was astonishing was that with that armor of hers and under the watchful eyes of so many powerful experts here, none of them knew that she was standing there in plain view!

How long had she been standing there?

What did she want?

And from the look of her golden jadeite armor, it looked like a rare celestial treasure that they had never seen before!

Yi Ping and Bai Liangong had exercised their internal strength at the same time to convey their words to her, “Who are you?”