A Martial Odyssey Book 2: The Celestial Realm – Chapter 53

Goddess Aiel the Heavenly Tears of the Melody Palace

Lie Qing inhaled deeply, “We are safe now? Can we take a breather first?”

Yixian the Celestial Fairy nodded gently as she slowed down her pace. She loosened her Divine Emerald Force as she put the unconscious maiden that they had rescued earlier gently on a comfortable patch of grass.

Yunzi was inhaling deeply as she had a hard time catching up with the pace of Yixian, Youxue and Lele!

Youxue sighed softly, “Sister Yixian, I didn’t know how you can carry her so long with your martial force through these mountains. It is really such a difficult feat!”

Lele asked casually, “So how is she?”

Yixian had to restore the delicate balance of her intricate energies channels first so that was why she was not able to reply them.

But after she had renewed her vital energies with her Eternal Heavenly Tears intricate energies while taking a quick breather, she said gently. “Her internal injuries are serious but I have already sealed her most crucial accupoints with my Eternal Heavenly Tears. She will be able to recover.”

Lele was impressed as she took the pulse of the unconscious maiden, “The celestial practitioner that had injured her had ensured that she was not able to recover her full martial strength even if she has somehow survived. But your Eternal Heavenly Tears is now able to mend her broken channels. But I am wondering if it is a good thing that you have expended your intricate internal strength for a complete stranger.”

Youxue said, “That is right. We don’t know if she is a foe or friend yet. Maybe she is not a foe today but she will be in the future. Who knows?”

Yixian heaved a soft sigh as she replied gently, “I don’t know. But when I see the look in her eyes earlier, I had a familiar feeling…”

Lie Qing said, “That is because our good Sister Xian’Er is too soft hearted…”

Yixian smiled gently, “That is what you think. Don’t forget that I am the Heartless Celestial Fairy. I have probably killed more martial exponents that you can imagine. That is why…”

Her eyes became melancholy, “That is why my divine tribulations have always been more difficult than the rest.”

Yunzi offered an assuring comfort to her, “It is not too late to change. Do you still remember the intricate formula of the Immortal Practice that you have told us? The virtue of Heaven is compassionate. It is not too late to change now.”

Lele sighed softly, “I was a dark celestial practitioner in the past. I don’t know how it happens but somehow I have become a true celestial practitioner now…”

Lie Qing laughed softly, “That is because despite your self-insolent, you have a kind heart. That is why.”

Lele muttered, “Forget about the praise. What do you mean that I am self-insolent?”

Youxue said gently to Yunzi, “Sister, are you still able to continue?”

Yunzi smiled weakly as she nodded, “I am alright…”

Even though she had taken the Negative Core Divine Pill, causing her internal strength to boost tremendously but the run was taking a toll on her.

Yixian, Youxue and Lele were three of the best swiftness movement experts and they had not reached their limits yet.

However, Yunzi and Lie Qing were feeling the fatigue.

That was why Lie Qing had asked for a breather.

Lie Qing smiled coldly, “I say, let’s us take them out…”

Yunzi smiled quietly, “In our group, only Yixian and you are our best fighters while our enemies numbered in the hundreds. In fact, they are pursuing us now.”

Lele interrupted as she pointed to the heavenly mark that was on her forehead, “Excuse me! I don’t remember a time that Sister Xian’Er and Qing’Er have ever defeated me! Moreover, I have opened my Heavenly Eyes now while they have not. Also my state of divinity is the highest among the five of us here.”

Youxue, Yunzi, Yixian and Lie Qing said at the same time, “Yes, yes…”

But they were secretly thinking, “Lele may be very good in her martial achievements but when it comes to dealing with numerous martial exponents at the same time, she may not be a consistent fighter …”

Having been with Lele for some time, they had already known that while Lele was rarely injured in a fight, she was prone to flee when things got out of hand. Moreover, she had rarely taken her opponents into account before a fight; it was always a fight first, talk later approach.

In short, she was a reckless fighter!

Yixian looked at her surroundings keenly while Youxue did the same before she said gently, “We should be safe for a while.”

But Youxue cautioned, “There may not be anyone within range that is following us. But I got a feeling we are being tracked and followed.”

Earlier when they had barely fled the camps of the Martial Deviant Clan, they were pursued immediately by hundreds of celestial fighters!

There were a few times when they were almost been set upon by them in these unfamiliar terrains!

It was through the combined efforts of Yixian and Youxue that the group was able to avoid direct confrontations except for a few minor skirmishes.

Yixian was impressed by Youxue sharp innate sense and knew that she must have her reasons for saying so!

Even Yunzi was nodding quietly, “I have uneasy feeling also. It is like someone is waiting for an opportunity to strike us.”

Youxue closed her eyes to ponder quietly while the group looked at her quietly.

They knew her past. Youxue was pursued and tracked by the Virtuous Palace for years and naturally, she had developed an innate instinct to evade her pursuers!

Youxue opened her eyes before saying softly, “There should be more a group. At least three. But I can’t be certain. They seem to be taking their time.”

Yunzi analyzed as she looked at the Stellar Sanctuary in the dark skies above, “That is because we have already fallen into their encirclements. They must have mapped our escape.”

Lie Qing nodded, “Any fools know we are heading towards the direction of the Stellar Sanctuary and the Unmoving Mountains.”

Youxue looked at Yunzi and Lele, “Funny. I thought that we are supposed to be peace envoys and now we are being attacked by a great multitude of celestial clans before we even explained our intentions.”

Yunzi smiled weakly…

Lele protested weakly as she pointed at the unconscious maiden, “They are trying to do something funny her. Isn’t that the martial code of the orthodox martial fraternity to help someone…”

Lie Qing giggled, “Someone from the Celestial Palace will actually say that…”

But Lele ignored her as she continued, “I didn’t know they will turn so hostile! Well, we did explain afterwards to some of the pursuers but they refused to listen and insist we surrender our divine swords and blaming us for the death of the Gold Deviant Master!”

She immediately looked at Youxue, “Look what you have done! You have completed screwed up this peace mission!”

Youxue replied casually, “I didn’t know that he is the Gold Deviant Master and I didn’t know he can’t take a beating. I am sure that when I have left, he is still breathing.”

Yixian was smiling bitterly…

Lie Qing was sighing, “My good sisters! I can’t believe we really mess up big this time and we have promised Ping’Er we will surely accomplish the mission!”

Lele asked, “Do you think that we can go back to explain?”

Yixian shook her head, “Better not. I have an uneasy feeling now and their killing malevolent are everywhere in these mountains. We should have changed our plans when we saw them fighting. They are all overcome by blood lusts and won’t stop until they have obtained their objectives.”

Yunzi had turned ashen as she looked at Yixian, “That is right…”

All of a sudden, she said panicky. “If we are having such a difficult time here, then Yi Ping and Sister Shi Shi must be having a more difficult time than us! And there are only the two of them! This peace mission is doomed to fail from the start because they have decided to wipe each other from the start and we are caught in the middle!”

Lie Qing was startled as she took a step backward while muttering, “Ping’Er…we really shouldn’t have split. Now it is too late. Quick, we must head towards Ping’Er direction and aid him!”

Youxue lowered her gaze as she said quietly, “We have been separated for more than a day and this route that we are taking now is not the original route. Our enemies are goading us to an ambush point…”

Lele said suddenly, “Well, don’t let them led us. Let’s us fight our way through the route of own choosing!”

Yunzi was smiling bitterly, “There are more than twenty thousand celestial practitioners from the Martial Deviant Clan and the Celestial Aiel Sect that are fighting in these mountains. All the possible routes are where the fighting are the fiercest. It is even a more unwise choice.”

Lele raised her thin eyebrows, “So there is nothing we can do?”

Yunzi replied, “We can only adopt a wait and see tactic, changing our course of action accordingly to each situation.”

Lie Qing could only nodded as she turned aside. She was trembling while saying, “Ping’Er, please don’t die before we do…”

Yixian murmured, “Qing’Er…”

Lele sighed softly, “Weird. Suddenly I don’t dislike the Ye Yin and Shen Xingyue anymore and wished that they are here. Maybe even Lingfeng…”

Youxue nodded, “The Ascension Goddess has a fear factor around her. Even if we can’t fight with all these difficult opponents, with the aid of the Ascension Goddess and Shen Xingyue we can probably fight our way through and rejoin Ping’Er in no time.”

Lele said coldly, “That is if they are joining Ping’Er group in the first place. Do you think that the Ascension Goddess will give up any chance to follow Ping’Er?”

Yixian said gently, “The Ascension Goddess isn’t that bad…”

Lele said to her, “Sister Xian’Er, look into my eyes. Surely you don’t expect me not to know what has happened that night. That is why you are so defensive of the Ascension Goddess?”

Youxue and Lie Qing asked at the same time, “That night? What is going on?”

Yixian said gently, “Lele, I don’t know what you are trying to say…”

Lele stroked her long hair that was at her bosoms, “Sister Xian’Er! You are pretending to be ignorant. Where are your chastity mark? Do you dare to show it to us? The Ascension Goddess and you have actually…”

Yixian gasped and she was immediately flustered. She panicky pulled Lele aside, “My good sister! Please don’t say anymore…”

Lele protested, “You don’t need to deny. I was there and heard it. You are not the only one that is sleepless that night…”

Lie Qing asked coldly, “What is going on?”

Youxue was asking the same, “That is right. What is going on?”

Yixian panicky said, “Lele, please no more. I…”

Lie Qing asked again and she was really direct, “Sister Xian’Er, do you still have your chastity mark?”

Yixian quickly regained her composure as she looked at Lie Qing and Lele sternly, “Don’t forget that I am Ping’Er first consort. Is something wrong with you people?”

Lie Qing and Youxue were muttering incoherently while Lele was trying to say something when Yixian had suddenly pulled her aside with an icy look!

Yixian said gently, “We are all sisters, am I right? And we are in it together. We should be trying to find a way out of this crisis first instead of having infighting. Isn’t it as good as falling into the trap of the enemy?”

Yunzi nodded, “When fear and anxiety overtakes us, it is time for our enemies to strike. We must not give them any opportunity!”

Yixian said gently with a soft sigh, “The Ascension Goddess Ye Yin is one of us. The same goes for Sister Xingyue too. As you all know, we won’t be married to Ping’Er if it is not for Ye Yin. It is because we do not trust her to keep the appearance of the Stellar Sanctuary a secret to the Holy Ascension Sect. That is the only way…”

Lie Qing said quietly, “I am sorry. We should have more trust in one another. But I still can’t believe that she gets to Dual Celestial with Ping’Er instead of anyone of us! Just because we want her to keep the appearance of the Stellar Sanctuary a secret? Now that we know that Yu’Er and Mei’Er are actually the daughters of the Lord Supreme, that agreement should be voided. Really, she has too much of an advantage over us!”

Youxue sighed softly, “Sister Xian’Er, I am also sorry. After all that you have done for me, I should have more faith in you. But really, we are all victims. The Ascension Goddess is really too much.”

Yunzi smiled, “Actually we just need to get along and to know each other better. Don’t forget she had aided us too in the aftermath of the Astronomic Stellar Formation. Without her, we cannot pull through too.”

Yixian nodded gently as she casted her heavenly eyes at the lightning storms ahead, “Right now, I am most worry for Ping’Er. I wonder if he is able to cope without us…”

Lele was guilty, “I am sorry for bringing all this up. It is all my fault.”

Yixian held Lele’s hands gently, “This is nothing to be worried about. Don’t forget that we are sisters in our past life too.”

Lele nodded with bleary eyes.

Yixian gave an assuring gentle smile, “Let’s keep it this minor squabble among ourselves and not give Ping’Er a cause to worry.”

Lie Qing tried to put on a brave front as she gave a wryly smile, “Let’s see if we can survive first!”

All of a sudden, there was a moan from the maiden who was unconscious earlier!

Yixian and Youxue were immediately by her side as they examined her pulses!

The Chaste Lunar Maiden gasped aloud when she saw them. But when she had recognized them as the group that had suddenly appeared to save her, she began to lower her guard.

Yixian asked, “Are you alright?

The Chaste Lunar Maiden gasped aloud, “Revelation Star! Melody Star, Luminous Star, is that you? And the Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden?”

This time, Yixian, Yunzi, Lele and Lie Qing were all startled that she was able to call out the names of their previous incarnations!

Lele looked at her, “Who are you…”

But before she could finish asking, the Chaste Lunar Maiden was in her embrace tearfully. “Melody Star, it is you! I know it is you…”

When she saw the startled expressions on Lele, she exclaimed. “You don’t remember who I am? Maybe it has been too long. I am your protégé mistress the Lunar Heaven Fairy!”

Lele blinked her eyes rapidly as she asked, “I don’t know any Lunar Heaven Fairy but if you ask me who the Stellar Heaven Fairy is, I do know.”

The Chaste Lunar Maiden was startled and her heart skipped a heart as she thought, “Shi Shi is still alive?!”

Yixian, Yunzi, Youxue, Lie Qing and Lele exchanged confused looks before Yixian said gently to her, “Maybe we are who you know in the past but that remains the past. I am Shui Yixian the Celestial Fairy. This is Lele the Joyful Goddess, Lie Qing the Heavenly Temptress, Dugu Yunzi and Xiao Youxue.”

The Chaste Lunar Maiden was in disbelief, “But you have the Heavenly Earth Sword, the Divine Echo and the White Phoenix…”

She looked at Lie Qing and Yunzi with a soft sigh, “Maybe you are telling the truth. The White Phoenix is now in the hands of the Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden and Luminous Star now wields a different divine sword that I did not recognize.”

Yixian, Lele and Lie Qing looked at each other. She could actually recite the divine names of their divine swords!

Lie Qing could tell that she was not lying so she asked curiously, “Maybe you can start by telling us about yourself first and what has caused you to be in this circumstance?”

The Chaste Lunar Maiden casted a woeful look at them, “I am originally from the Melody Palace and my original celestial fraternity name is the Lunar Heaven Fairy. After I have ascended to the Celestial Realm, I have joined the Celestial Aiel Sect. Since then, I am now known as the Chaste Lunar Maiden. If you want to know, I am also one of three Celestial Priestess of the Celestial Aiel Sect.”

This time, the maidens were startled and exchanged astonished looks!

The Chaste Lunar Maiden’s eyes were melancholy as she recalled the day that she had forsaken the vows of the Melody Palace to join the Celestial Aiel Sect…

The Celestial Mistress had said to her, “You look down on a dark celestial clan?”

She had replied coldly, “I will never forsake the vows of the Melody Palace and join another celestial clan. Even if I traverse the entire Celestial Realm on my own, I will seek out my clan protégés and the whereabouts of the Melody Palace!”

The Celestial Mistress replied coldly, “Then you can forget about seeking for the Melody Palace. It is because the Melody Palace no longer exists. It is forever gone. It is destroyed many centuries ago!”

She was startled but she had asked, “Why should I believe you?”

The Celestial Mistress said nonchalantly as she unrolled her sleeve to reveal her chastity mark, “This is the unique chastity mark of the Melody Palace and you have it too. Because you have encountered me first in the Celestial Realm, consider yourself lucky. Or your fate will be extremely cruel.”

She was startled, “Just who are you?!”

The Celestial Mistress answered said nonchalantly, “I am the first Heavenly Melody Mistress of the Melody Palace, Goddess Aiel the Heavenly Tears.”

She was shocked as she quickly bowed her respect, “Forgive me, I didn’t know…”

The Celestial Mistress halted her, “You did nothing wrong. The Melody Palace did exist here and was founded by the Second Heavenly Melody Mistress but she had perished in the Stellar Sanctuary. Therefore afterward, I have renamed the Melody Palace into the Celestial Aiel Sect. No one knows about it.”

She gasped, “Why did you…”

The Celestial Mistress said quietly, “I have a secret. What you are seeing is not my true state of divinity but my suppressed divinity. I have used my Inverting Universe Force to suppress my true state. It is because I have a great enemy and I don’t want her to find me. You mustn’t tell the others…”

She asked, “Mistress, who can possibly be your contender?”

The Celestial Mistress said nonchalantly but there was a glittered in her eyes, “A true Goddess…”

Her thoughts were interrupted when Yixian asked her, “You are really from the Celestial Aiel Sect? And a Celestial Priestess? We are actually envoys that are sent by the Holy Ascension Sect to argue peace with the Celestial Aiel Sect and the Martial Deviant Clan. Do you think that you will be able to help us?”

The Chaste Lunar Maiden replied ruefully, “Envoys from the Holy Ascension Sect? So you have joined the Holy Ascension Sect?”

Yixian replied gently, “Actually we are just helping the Holy Ascension Sect. Except for Yunzi who is from the Infinity Sword Celestial Clan, we are all actually from the Tranquil City. Have you heard of this small celestial clan before?”

The Chaste Lunar Maiden gave a startled cry, “The Tranquil City?! The celestial clan that has defeated the Immortal Saint of Swords?”

Lele asked, “You know?”

The Chaste Lunar Maiden nodded, “Who has never heard of such a startling battle? In fact, the Celestial Mistress had wanted to send an envoy to the Tranquil City to bring the new Lord of the Tranquil City under her sphere of influence but has decided against it when she had heard that the Ascension Goddess was also there.”

She looked at Yunzi, “You are a protégé of the Infinity Sword Celestial Clan. Why are you travelling with the Tranquil City? Surely the Infinity Sword Celestial Clan is not going to forgive such a transgression. Because you are friends?”

Yunzi smiled faintly, “I am the new protégé leader and master of the Infinity Sword Celestial Clan.”

The Chaste Lunar Maiden gasped in disbelief, “You are…really? Really, you are the protégé leader of the Infinity Sword Celestial Clan?”

Yunzi nodded as she replied quietly, “Before that, actually I am also from the Tranquil City. It is a long story. I tell you the next time.”

The Chaste Lunar Maiden sighed softly, “Alright…”

She added, “So it is true that the Lord of the Tranquil City has joined the faction belonging to the Holy Ascension Sect. If I am able to get back to the camps of the Celestial Aiel Sect, I may be able to help you. What is it that the Holy Ascension Sect wants?”

Yixian sighed softly, “The Holy Ascension Sect hopes that the Celestial Aiel Sect will not ascend the heaven stairs of the Holy Ascension Sect. In exchange, the Holy Ascension Sect and her allies won’t stop the Celestial Aiel Sect from entering the Stellar Sanctuary.”

The Chaste Lunar Maiden had a faint smile, “Actually, it is not the intention of the Celestial Aiel Sect to storm the Stellar Sanctuary.”

Yixian asked, “The Celestial Aiel Sect intends to attack the Holy Ascension Sect?”

The Chaste Lunar Maiden smiled weakly, “Not that. Besides the Stellar Sanctuary, there is still the Astronomic Stellar Formation. The weird thing is that we have been encircling the Unmoving Mountains for days but there is still no sight of it.”

She had already revealed more than she should but maybe they really resembled her ex-protégés from the Melody Palace, she had felt a sense of familiarity with them. Moreover, they had saved her life.

Lie Qing asked, “Why did the Celestial Aiel Sect wants to challenge the Astronomic Stellar Formation?”

The Chaste Lunar Maiden replied weakly, “It is because there must be a purpose for the Astronomic Stellar Formation. Because it is such a rare occasion to gather so many hundreds of celestial clans to the Unmoving Mountains, the Celestial Mistress has decided that the best way to make full use of such an occasion is to try our luck in the Astronomic Stellar Formation. It is because unlike the trials of the Stellar Sanctuary, numbers are needed in the Astronomic Formation.”

Youxue and Yunzi exchanged secret looks as they thought, “So that means numbers are actually useless in the Stellar Sanctuary. No wonder the Holy Ascension Sect is allowing their adversaries to go ahead first. Is it a ploy to finish off the Celestial Aiel Sect and the Martial Deviant Clan?”

Yixian said gently, “Sadly, the Astronomic Stellar Formation will never appear again.”

The Chaste Lunar Maiden was startled, “What do you mean?”

Yixian replied, “It is because the Astronomic Stellar Formation has already been destroyed. It will never appear again.”

The Chaste Lunar Maiden was astonished, “How is it possible?”

Yixian smiled weakly, “It is a long story.”

The Chaste Lunar Maiden lowered her gaze, “I know I shouldn’t have said this. In the Celestial Realm, partial secrets and any celestial secrets are highly classified and forbidden to share. Do you think you will be able to tell me more?”

Yixian nodded gently, “It is not a great secret anyway. I can tell you as we move along. Is that alright? If this direction is the camps of the Martial Deviant Clan, then we need to hurry to the camps of the Celestial Aiel Sect. If there is any delay, Ping’Er and the Stellar Heaven Fairy will be in danger.”

The Chaste Lunar Maiden gasped expressively, “The Stellar Heaven Fairy is with your group? Shi Shi…”

She recomposed herself as she asked curiously, “This Ping’Er, he is the Lord of the Tranquil City?”

When she had mentioned, all the other maidens were silently looking at the brilliant lightning storms in the heavens. Their eyes were melancholy and their hearts were heavy as they prayed to the heavens that Yi Ping would not come to harm at all; in their hearts, Yi Ping occupied a pivot position!

She was slightly startled. She could tell from their expressions that these cold and forbidding maidens actually had a soft side. In order for any celestial practitioners to ascend to the Celestial Realm as true celestials, they must first put aside their mortal affections but these maidens seemed to be the affectionate types which made them unusual!

It was because in order for true celestial practitioners to continue their celestial practice, they must first overcome the Emotion State of Divinity. Those celestials that could not overcome this staging will turn to dust or be afflicted with such serious internal injuries that it would only be a matter of time that they would perish!

Yixian composed herself as she said with a soft gentle sigh, “That is right. We need to hurry to them and hope that we are not too late.”

Lie Qing cast her long raven dark hair aside as she said with beaming eyes, “Let’s go! I have recovered my vital breath already!”

Yunzi said quietly, “Don’t worry about me. I will surely catch up later. Just go ahead of me!”

Lele looked at the other sisters with woeful eyes, “Maybe allow me to distract our enemies for everyone. Then we can have a chance for survival and save Yi Ping too. Forgive my past antics. I have to admit that I did it on purpose. I can get bored easily with nothing to do. If you have slept in the coffin like I do for centuries, then maybe you will understand how I feel. I am…just trying to get everyone attention. Good or bad reactions, I don’t really care…”

Youxue, Yixian, Yunzi and Lie Qing were startled. They had never expected Lele to be the self-sacrificing one!

Yixian flashed Lele a cold piercing look and the air around her turned extremely cold, “No, you are not going. I should be the one that should be the bait. If I go, there may be a chance I can shake them off and survive. No one else has my rich experiences in dealing with these martial exponents…”

Lie Qing hummed coldly, “Speaking of experiences, don’t forget about me. Only I am able to buy enough time for everyone.”

Youxue flashed her mesmerizing eyes, “I go with you Sister Qing’Er. After all, you are my clan ‘grand matriarch’!”

Lie Qing laughed softly, “If you go, then the Virtuous Palace will really have no successor in the Celestial Realm!”

Youxue smiled faintly, “There…is still Sister Yun!”

Lie Qing replied, “She is a protégé leader of the Infinity Sword Celestial Clan now and can’t be qualified as my successor!”

Yunzi smiled with a quiet demeanor, “That is true. Youxue, you should simply stay. Be good and listen to me!”

Lele interrupted, “No, no! What about me?”

When the Chaste Lunar Maiden saw the close bond between them, she was reminded of her bond with the Stellar Heaven Fairy and the Exalt Heaven Fairy. She felt a heartbreaking pain in her heart as eyes swelled in her eyes!

So she beamed melancholy, “Please. I plead with the lot of you. Can you please return to the camps of the Martial Deviant Clan? And help to save the Exalt Heaven Fairy? She is the maiden that you have seen earlier with Grandmaster Bai Liangong. We need to help her…”

Yunzi gasped, “Grandmaster Bai Liangong! That man that we have dueled with earlier is the Martial Grandmaster?”

Youxue said coldly, “Let us not forget we have screwed up the peace mission with the Martial Deviant Clan and are on the way to aid Yi Ping. Ping’Er or a stranger, who is more important? You decide!”

Yunzi analyzed quietly, “It does seem to me that this Exalt Heaven Fairy belongs to the camps of the Martial Deviant Clan and won’t be in mortal danger anytime soon.”

The Chaste Lunar Maiden pleaded again, “Please. I know that I am asking for too much…”