A Martial Odyssey Book 2: The Celestial Realm – Chapter 51

The Celestial Aiel Sect and the Martial Deviant Clan

The skies were covered with dark thunderstorms. For the past few weeks, the thunderstorms lingered and covered the entire heavens. That was not all; the entire mountains in the vicinity were all rumblings nonstop as earthquakes struck one after another, leveling the mountain paths and creating new ones!

And if one was to look at the horizon, a gigantic black dome that was shaped like a bell could be seen in mid-air. It was so gigantic that the size of this gigantic black dome seemed to span endlessly for miles due to its circular shape to the onlookers that were viewing from below!

In the mountains below, powerful vortexes of winds were uprooting small trees and threatening to sweep anything that could not hold firm to the ground!

In the thick forests that were below, it may appear that on such occasion it should be voided of lively activities but it was the opposite!

Thousands of celestial practitioners had in fact gathered at the forest below and they were all watching from the distant at the floating Stellar Sanctuary and in the direction of the Unmoving Mountains!

Even at this distant, the circular lightning arcs that were surrounding the Stellar Sanctuary was still terrifying. It was as though the black dome that was called the Stellar Sanctuary was like a lightning rod that was drawing the thunderstorms and causing brilliant lightning bolts to appear and explode relentlessly in colors of white, blue and amber!

It seemed that approaching the Stellar Sanctuary seemed like an impossible thing with the furious lightning strikes but the thousands of celestial practitioners that were below were not deterred!

Approaching the Stellar Sanctuary was one thing but could these celestial practitioners actually fly? It was because the Stellar Sanctuary was suspended in mid-air and was separated from even the tallest peak of the Unmoving Mountains by at least ten miles!

But for the thousands of celestial practitioners in the forest below who had segregated according to their celestial clans and ally clans, the lush forest below was filled with the sounds of intense battles and numerous dead!

It was because a fierce battle for supremacy had started between the Celestial Aiel Sect and the Martial Deviant Clan, dragging hundreds of celestial clans into their battles when they had stumbled on one another in the same vicinity!

The brutality and horrors of this battle was not something that most celestial practitioners were able to imagine from the start. What started out as a small melee between the scouts of the Celestial Aiel Alliance Clans and the Martial Deviant Alliance Clans quickly embroiled into a fight between multiple clans that belonged to both major celestial factions!

Because most of the exponents from the two factions were dark celestial practitioners, they did not wait for the battle to end first and they were feeding and devouring the hearts of their opponents in the midst of battle, drawing disgust and condemnation from the true celestial practitioners.

Because both sides did not want to suffer the fates of the dead and did not want to be their opponents’ tonic, they were all fighting desperately and with all their martial strength with no bars on hold!

In such circumstances, the battle was naturally extremely brutal and difficult to stomach even for those that were fighting but it was a reality for the continued survival of the dark celestial practitioners!

The Martial Grandmaster, Grandmaster Bai Liangong who was also the protégé leader of the Martial Deviant Clan was watching the battle keenly from the rear with more than a thousand celestial practitioners from a hundred over celestial clans!

He was very handsome and young looking. Even though he was a dark practitioner celestial, he actually looked more like a true celestial practitioner saved for his white hair and crimson eyes.

Even though the numerous trees and the thick mists were blocking their views, the thunders from the skies, the tremors from the nonstop earthquakes were also hindering their hearings; they were fully aware of their surroundings and the situations at hand.

Beside the Martial Grandmaster were his two second-in-commands, the Right Deviant Protector and the Left Deviant Protector. Unlike the Martial Grandmaster, they were also true celestial practitioners as marked by their golden eyes.

Grandmaster Bai Liangong used to be a true celestial practitioner a long time ago but he had forsaken the orthodox path to practice the Martial Deviant Divine Skill. That explained why as a dark celestial practitioner, he had maintained his youthful appearance and was unaffected by the passage of time.

It was true celestial practitioners never age and could even rejuvenate their old self once they had ascended to the Celestial Realm!

However, many of the true celestial practitioners like the Lord Supreme and the Universal Old Man continued to keep their beards and even allowing their long beards to grow to denote their seniority in the Celestial Realm. It was because, the disadvantage of being a true celestial practitioner was that unlike mortals, their beards took an extremely time to grow. That was why many of the male celestial practitioners were extremely reluctant to shave their beards!

There was a saying; those with beards were the seniors of the Celestial Realm while those who did not have one were the newcomers of the Celestial Realm!

However, Grandmaster Bai Liangong did not care for this.

He was not only the Martial Grandmaster of the Martial Deviant Clan but he was also the Supreme Leader of hundreds of celestial clans in the Celestial Realm!

Who would dare to mock him?

Yong Le the Right Deviant Protector said, “I have thought that the Celestial Aiel Sect is a formidable clan but it is just so and so only. What a joke!”

Yang Min the Left Protector said to Yong Le with a soft sigh, “The Celestial Aiel Sect excels in poisons and uses poison to control the celestial clans that are under its sphere of influence. Even if the Celestial Aiel Sect is a formidable clan but I can’t really say for the same for the celestial clans that are under its influence; they have all lost their indomitable spirits. Therefore, using poisons to control these celestial clans are not necessary a good thing. Moreover, most highly attained celestial practitioners are protected by their golden bodies and are naturally immune to poisons.”

Even though her soft sigh was soft but it was also deliberately loud enough so that the leaders and elders of the other celestial clans would be able to hear her. Her explanations were clear enough; the Martial Deviant Clan ruled with their might and those that dare to oppose the Martial Deviant Clan would be given no quarters!

Grandmaster Bai Liangong laughed aloud as he grabbed Yang Min by her waist and lifted her chin, “No wonder you are my most trusted advisor. You have correctly analyzed the situation correctly. By destroying the Celestial Aiel Sect first, we can seize their divine weapons and fulfill our appetite for their blood. Not only that, we can also force the celestial clans that were under the Celestial Aiel Sect to switch their allegiances to us. This will pave the path for our eventual domination of the Celestial Realm.”

He laughed aloud before continuing, “However, if we join forces with the Celestial Aiel Sect, we may be able to overcome the Holy Ascension Sect and its allied clans but it may be a risky move for us as well. The Lord Supreme and the Immortal Saint of Swords are not easy opponents…”

Yang Min the Left Protector nodded, “We do not know how many secret immortal artefacts that the Lord Supreme and the Immortal Saint of Swords possess from their many trips to the Stellar Sanctuary. For them to survive the trials of the Stellar Sanctuary, we must not underestimate them.”

Yong Le the Right Protector said, “Right now, two of the most powerful ancient celestials are at the Unmoving Mountains. It is good that we exercise caution. My main worry is the Immortal Saint of Swords. Our spies have seen his Inverting Eternal Occurrence Sword Technique. This sword technique is extremely powerful according to the eye-witnesses. How is it possible for such a powerful Inverting Eternal Occurrence Sword Technique to exist in the entire fraternity?”

Grandmaster Bai Liangong seemed to be disturbed by it and he was saying bitterly, “Naturally, that sword technique is developed to kill the monstrous denizens of the Stellar Sanctuary. However since we have not seen it with our own eyes, we must not completely trust the accounts of our scouts. After all, I have heard that the Ascension Goddess was able to survive the outcome of the fight with the Immortal Saint of Swords when he used his Inverting Eternal Occurrence Sword Technique.”

Yang Min laughed softly, “It is a pity that the Ascension Goddess is not killed or else we will have one less powerful rival to oppose us.”

She had restrained from saying that the Ascension Goddess was also not an easy opponent to deal with or else it may weaken the faith and resolute of the other celestial clans that had sworn fealty to the Martial Deviant Clan.

All of a sudden, Grandmaster Bai Liangong laughed when he had caught sight of the Gold Deviant Master, one of the five Deviant Masters and third-in-command in the hierarchy of the Martial Deviant Clan. “Xu Zheng has returned!”

Xu Zheng the Gold Deviant Master was a short but bulky man, spotting a short beard and he was accompanied by four of his men and he was carrying a maiden in white on his shoulder. He was the only true celestial practitioner among the five Deviant Masters and was a trusted lieutenant of Grandmaster Liangong.

The Five Deviant Masters were the Gold Deviant Master, Wood Deviant Master, Water Deviant Master, Fire Deviant Master and the Earth Deviant Master.

Xu Zheng laughed merrily as he thrown the beautiful maiden in white on the ground. Her dress was tattered and she was pale.

Grandmaster Bai Liangong noticed the gushing wound that was on Xu Zheng’s chest so he asked, “You are injured? Who injured you? I will take vendetta for you.”

Xu Zheng laughed aloud, “Just a minor wound. I will recover in a day or two. Look what I have got for you to feast. I know that you will only eat the hearts of maiden and not any filthy men!”

Grandmaster Bai Liangong laughed, “Only you know after my heart as he looked at the beautiful maiden with savory eyes. Who is she?”

Xu Zheng laughed jovially, “You won’t believe my catch. She is also the one that has injured me. She is none other than the Chaste Lunar Maiden, one of the three Celestial Priestesses of the Celestial Mistress!”

Immediately, almost all the celestial practitioners that were behind Grandmaster Bai Liangong gasped aloud and began to step forward to take a closer look!

The Celestial Aiel Sect was ruled by the Celestial Mistress and her second-in-commands were the three Celestial Priestesses!

And Xu Zheng had captured one of the leadership of the Celestial Aiel Sect!

The Chaste Lunar Maiden muttered weakly as she looked at the ground blankly, “Since I have fallen into your hands, I have nothing more to say. If you don’t kill me, you will surely regret it!”

Grandmaster Bai Liangong laughed as he flipped her over and began to tear off her clothes, “So you are the Chaste Lunar Maiden? Such a delicate beauty. You want a quick death? Not so easy. I have heard that the Chaste Lunar Maiden of the Celestial Aiel Sect valued her chastity and refusing to dual celestial with anyone. Very soon, you will be the Impure Lunar Maiden then I will drink your blood and feast upon your beating heart while you are alive!”

As soon as he flipped her over, the Chaste Lunar Maiden saw Yang Min and the both of them reacted with startled shock as she called out, “Sister Min’Er? Is it you? You…have joined the Martial Deviant Clan?”

Yang Min was so startled that she took a small step backward, “Sister Jing’Er, it is you?”

Grandmaster Bai Liangong was also startled, “You know her? I hope that you don’t disappoint me and don’t interfere with my meal. I need to be fully replenished for my next battle.”

Yang Min soon regained her composure as she said emotionlessly, “She is just someone I have known in the lower realm in the same protégé clan. But after I have ascended, I have not seen her or know her whereabouts. I didn’t know that she has changed her celestial name to the Chaste Lunar Maiden. Her previous celestial name was the Lunar Heaven Fairy. You can do whatever you like with her. That is none of my concerns.”

The Chaste Lunar Maiden was teary as she cried out, “Min Min! How the Celestial Realm has changed you! Have you forgotten about celestial vows…”

Yang Min interrupted coldly, “Our celestial vows are voided now. The Melody Palace no longer exists and the Exalt Heaven Fairy is dead now.”

She quickly lowered her head as she muttered incoherent to herself, “Forgive me. You cannot imagine my hardship.”

Shortly after she had arrived in the Celestial Realm, she had been defiled by Bai Liangong and had since followed him. She had thought of taking her life but transmigrating to the Celestial Realm was her lifetime goal and now that she had reached it, the realities were much different from what she had been expecting. So she suppressed the distresses in her heart and vowed to transmigrate to the Immortal Realm so that one day, she could put aside all her hurts and past!

The Chaste Lunar Maiden was in shock after hearing what she had heard. She simply could not believe that the Exalt Heaven Fairy would actually be capable of saying such a thing to her. Just as she was about to plead to her, Grandmaster Bai Liangong had laughed aloud as he grabbed her by her throat. “Enough! I will make an example out of you from the Celestial Aiel Sect…”

All of a sudden, a flying sword burst from the forest with a startling speed homed at his back!

Grandmaster Bai Liangong was startled as he turned around to parry the flying sword away with his Silveron Gauntlet.

He was confident of course of his martial strength. But as soon as he deflected the flying sword aside, he received such a startling amount of martial force that he was forced to take three steps backward much to his astonishment!

What kind of a sword technique was this flying sword technique? He had never seen such a flying sword display before!

The flying sword was deflected but an unfortunately dark celestial practitioner who was nearby was incapacitated by the flying sword who shown no sign of slowing down!

Instead as soon as it struck the ground with an explosive burst of martial shockwave, it rebounded back at Grandmaster Bai Liangong again!

But this time, Grandmaster Bai Liangong was much prepared and he exercised his entire martial power on his Silveron Gauntlet as he smashed the flying sword onto the ground!

As the flying sword thrust itself into the ground, the Chaste Lunar Maiden and the Yang Min the Left Protector was so shocked that they muttered at the same time, “The White Phoenix!”

The White Phoenix was a divine sword of the Melody Palace and a divine sword that was once used by Yang Min who was once the Exalt Heaven Fairy!

Yang Min was stunned to see the White Phoenix, a divine sword that she had once carried for centuries!

Before Grandmaster Bai Liangong, Yong Le the Right Protector, Xu Zheng the Gold Deviant Master and the hundred celestial practitioners could seek out the intruder, an extraordinary beautiful maiden with icy cold demeanor had come between the Chaste Lunar Maiden and Grandmaster Liangong muttering as she swung her long scythe with such powerful martial windforce that Grandmaster Liangong was forced to take a further three steps backward, “Yunzi, you must be the first person that throws divine swords as though it is freely available. You must know that you are now the protégé grandmaster of the Infinity Sword Celestial Clan now. Luckily, Sister Xingyue did not give the Blue Heavens to the Infinity Sword Celestial Clan or it will surely be thrown away in the next instant!”

No one knew the identity of this extraordinary beautiful maiden but they immediately knew that she was an extremely dangerous exponent because her state of divinity marked her differently and the faint glowing mark on her forehead indicated to everyone that she had indeed opened her Heaven Eyes!

No one was able to identify her maybe except for two, the Chaste Lunar Maiden and Yang Min! They had turned pale immediately and were thinking in their hearts, “Is she Melody Star?! She has managed to ascend? She is the chosen mistress of the Divine Echo? What about the White Phoenix? Luminous Star is here too? But how is it possible for them to bring the divine swords to the Celestial Realm?”

Grandmaster Bai Liangong, Yong Le the Right Protector, Xu Zheng the Gold Deviant Master and a dozen of the celestial practitioners were all super exponents who could react in split second. But this maiden was able to appear in their midst and muttered such a lengthy self-conversation in less than a wink of eye and still maintain her breathe. This already spoke volumes of her current internal strength level!

They immediately retaliated against her with all their martial skills, attacking her in all directions!

Xu Zheng was shouting, “She is using a clumsy long weapon. Once we are near her, she is a goner!”

Grandmaster Bai Liangong exercised his Martial Deviant Divine Skill, creating a martial tidal wave that was as powerful as the Shen Xingyue’s secret martial technique the Big Dipper Hands as he shouted, “Just who are you!”

There were bursts of powerful martial windforce that were like tidal wave coming from all around Lele as she laughed jovially but her voice was extremely icy, “Just who I am? I am your executioner. I am the Joyful Goddess, Prime Celestial of the Celestial Palace…umm…Tranquil City!”

Yong Le shouted, “Never heard of you!”

These super exponents had already surrounded her but all of a sudden, she had brandished out the Divine Echo with her left hand!

There was a brilliant flash of light and halo, immediately counterattacking martial energies exploded outward furiously. Unlike sword energies, this type of martial energies was more subtle and would cause internal injuries if the opposing opponents did not have a good internal strength foundation!

Grandmaster Bai Liangong shouted hurriedly, “Back! Sound wave attack!”

Yang Min gasped, “She can actually completely divine harmonized with the Divine Echo. This is the Melody Energies Shockwaves of the Divine Echo!”

But it was already too late as four other celestial practitioners had immediately coughed out blood as they fell onto the ground!

Grandmaster Bai Liangong did not put her attacks as a threat to him and he had already mustered his martial power to its zenith, rendering her sonic attacks useless against him. “I let you have a taste of my Martial Deviant Divine Force!”

Lele was startled as she flung her long scythe aside to the ground as she raised her right hand to receive the blow!

There was a thunderous explosive impact that rippled throughout, forcing all the celestial practitioners to take several steps backward as they readied a defensive stance!

Lele was startled at how powerful this man’s attacks were that she was immediately forced to take seven steps back in a hurry!

Even then, she was saying panicky to the Chaste Lunar Maiden. “What are you waiting for? Run! I didn’t come into the midst just because I am bored!”

The Chaste Lunar Maiden could only smile weakly. It was because she was severely injured and was immobilized. Also, she was also afraid of her modesty. That was why she did not even attempt to move!

Grandmaster Bai Liangong was startled; he was expecting this maiden to be injured by his Martial Deviant Divine Force. Even though his martial force was stronger, he had suddenly discovered that when they had exchanged martial power with each other, there was a strange force that was exuding from her that seemed to absorbing or negating his Martial Deviant Intricate Energies!

All of a sudden he had turned slightly ashen, “Did she just say she is from the Celestial Palace? Then her martial arts of origin must be the Celestial Force!”

There were thousands of internal martial arts and all the martial arts had a way of opposing and negating one another. The Celestial Force happened to be able to negate the Martial Deviant Intricate Energies and hence could weaken his powerful Martial Deviant Divine Force!

But before Grandmaster Bai Liangong could recollect his thoughts as he continued to raise his powerful Martial Deviant Divine Force against Lele, four other extraordinary heavenly maidens had sped towards him and had intercepted him!

Indeed, they were Yunzi, Youxue, Yixian and Lie Qing!

Their appearances immediately froze the rest of the celestial practitioners on their tracks! They were so breathtaking and it was as though they had just stepped out of a beautiful painting and looked unreal!

The Chaste Lunar Maiden and Yang Mi were even more startled! They had immediately recognized the Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden, Revelation Star and Luminous Star!

And Luminous Star was holding another divine sword that they did not recognize!

But what was startling was their level of divinities, which seemed to be very different and profound!

Grandmaster Bai Liangong was no stranger to beautiful maidens as he smirked coldly, “All these delicious meals that comes delivery to my doorstep on their own accord. Wonderful!”

He raised his powerful Martial Deviant Divine Force again, exploding the air with his powerful martial force and expecting these beautiful maidens to be startled and in awe of him.

Lie Qing hummed coldly as she raised her martial power at the same time as seven hovering faints blue wisps burst from behind her, “Fat hope!”

Grandmaster Bai Liangong was startled as he stammered out, “The Invincible Divine Force!”

There was a thunderous thunderclap as multiple martial shockwaves exploded outward, sending pebbles and dust flying in all directions!

Grandmaster Bai Liangong was forced to take several steps backward as he lifted his sleeves to cover himself from the bursting dusty windforce but he was otherwise unhurt.

It was not because his martial power was weaker than the enchanting maiden that had just engaged him but it was because he had suddenly sensed a cold beaming blade that seemed to be hovering on his back that had caused him to move aside and another icy cold martial force that seemed to be secretly aiding the maiden that he had exchanged blow with!

That cold beaming blade had come from that maiden that claimed herself as the Joyful Goddess!

He spat, “Despicable! She is trying to sneak on my back. Then they must be from the Celestial Aiel Sect and not the Holy Ascension Sect. Only the Celestial Aiel Sect won’t hesitate to use such despicable and sneaky attacks!”

The dusts had quickly settled but the intruders and the Chaste Lunar Maiden were all gone, carried away by someone with superb lightness skill!

Even the White Phoenix was no longer in the same spot and was taken away!

Yang Min was left standing on the same spot as she murmured with shock, “Revelation Star…the Heavenly Earth Divine Sword…Luminous Star…they are all here…how can it even be possible… the Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden…”

But the most shocking thing that caused Grandmaster Bai Liangong and Yong Le the Right Protector to be in complete shock was that Xu Zheng the Gold Martial Master was lying on the ground in a pool of blood!

All the others celestial practitioners had broken into cold sweat as they knew how fearsome the martial level of Xu Zheng was. In the Celestial Realm, he was known as the Unkillable Fighter who could overcome opponents that were stronger than him. If he was not formidable, how was he able to overcome the Chaste Lunar Maiden while in the midst of their formidable battle arrays?

But now, he was now lying on the ground weakly!

Grandmaster Bai Liangong was trembling as he bended to inspect Xu Zheng’s injuries, “Who did this to you, my brother?”

He had caught a glimpse of a mesmerizing maiden in yellow that had intercepted Xu Zheng earlier.

Xu Zheng muttered weakly, “… Be careful! The Dominating Force…”

Grandmaster Bai Liangong replied coldly as he choked Xu Zheng, “I will avenge you, my brother. In your present state of injuries, you are no use to the Martial Deviant Clan. I need my meal to unleash my full martial power. You may as well donate your heart to me and I will avenge you! ”

Xu Zheng stared in disbelief and could not believe that Grandmaster Bai Liangong would do this to him!

He could only cried out weakly, “Bai…Lian…Gong…you!”

At first, he wanted to warn him to be wary of the secret hand techniques of the yellow dress maiden and that was what had caused him to be careless. But before he could do so, he was betrayed by his own protégé master, brother and friend!

Grandmaster Bai Liangong hummed coldly but at the same time, he looked at Yang Min and asked. “What’s wrong? Why are you standing there so still for?”

Yang Min quickly regained her composure as she smiled weakly, “Nothing. I am thinking these intruders are not ordinary opponents. Firstly, I can’t read their state of divinity. They are not yet Ancient Celestials but their state of divinity far exceeded the ordinary celestial practitioners. They may be even on par with us in terms of martial levels. Moreover, have you ever seen a group as small as this and they have four divine swords on them?”

Grandmaster Bai Liangong nodded as he replied coldly, “I want their divine swords for our sect.”

He turned to face the rest of the celestial practitioners, “Listen up! I want you to order your clan protégés to hunt them down and bring their divine swords to me!”

The leaders and elders from these celestial practitioners were cowed by the hegemony aura of Grandmaster Bai Liangong as they quickly bowed one after the other as they barked to their protégés and messengers to search for these maidens in the vicinity!

Yong Le the Right Protector issued an edict to the protégés of the Martial Deviant Clan, “You have heard the Martial Grandmaster. I want all the protégés to search for the divine swords. It doesn’t matter if the intruders are dead or alive. The divine swords must be found at all costs before the Celestial Aiel Sect did. Also recall the Four Deviant Masters from the battlefront immediately. I want them to lead their protégés to hunt for the divine swords as our main priority!”

Grandmaster Bai Liangong interrupted coldly, “Second priority will be their still beating hearts. With their state of divinities, their blood and hearts will be able to aid me to further my attainment tremendously.”

He walked to Yang Mi as he caressed her chin, “After my meal, come to my tent. I need some venting.”

Yang Mi could only nod quietly as she pursed her lips…

In the meantime, where was Yi Ping?

Yi Ping was with the Stellar Heaven Fairy and he had lost his way as he tried to fight through the messy battles that were everywhere. He had no way of knowing who was who as more than ten thousand celestial practitioners were fighting everywhere!

In the Golden Ascension Hall, Yunzi had boldly stepped forward to assume the leadership mantle of the Infinity Sword Celestial Clan hence resolving a tricky feud.

But at the same time, Yi Ping did not feel comfortable about an open confrontation with the Martial Deviant Clan and the Celestial Aiel Sect as he knew there would be many dead afterward.

So he said aloud, “Why don’t we simply let the Martial Deviant Clan and the Celestial Aiel Sect enters the Sanctuary Stellar first? We don’t really have to fight to the death, am I right?”

The Lord Supreme paused for a while before he smiled, “That may be the best solution. Why don’t we send you as a special envoy so that we can resolve this conflict amicably? But this mission may be dangerous and we have no way of knowing how these dark celestial clans may react. Do you think you may still want to go?”

Yi Ping replied and his resolve was firm, “Even if the chance is slim, I want to try my best to try to bring about a peaceful solution. Or else many more will be killed. This is something that I don’t want to see!”

Lingfeng smiled gently at him, “What you are doing is right. Ping’Er, I will go with you!”

The Lord Supreme said solemnly, “The Heaveness and the Universal Old Man must not go. If you go, then this peace mission will surely fail. Sending the two of you to these wolves is like dangling a tempting piece of meat to them.”

Lingfeng protested immediately, “Dangling their divine swords in front of them has the same results too, am I right?”

The Immortal Saint of Swords echoed, “We need someone who isn’t too weak or too strong for this mission to succeed. If they don’t have their divine swords, then they cannot make them pay attention to them.”

The Lord Supreme nodded as he proclaimed, “Then that is final. Yi Ping, you will attempt the peace mission first before we decide things further.”

That was how Yi Ping had set off with Yunzi, Youxue, Yixian, Lie Qing, Lele and the Stellar Heaven Fairy to intercept the Martial Deviant Clan and the Celestial Aiel Sect first.

Ye Yin the Ascension Goddess, Shen Xingyue the Fiery Phoenix, Yu’Er the Eclipse Goddess and Mei’Er the Axis Goddess did not join them as they had decided to go for a quick retreat to perfect the Four Aggregates Sword Formation which may be crucial to aid them in the Stellar Sanctuary.

As for the Universal Old Man and Lingfeng the Heaveness, they continued to remain in the Holy Ascension Sect.

Lingfeng was sad and worried to let Yi Ping went off by himself. But he had already made up his mind to do so.

But Yi Ping was not expecting that the factions belonging to the Celestial Aiel Sect and the Martial Deviant Clan to be fighting among themselves in the vicinity of the Unmoving Mountains!

Knowing that they had to stop the fighting as soon as possible in order for the peace mission to succeed, Yunzi proposed a plan to separate the group into two.

However, they soon broke into strong arguments as all the maidens wanted to be in Yi Ping’s group to keep ‘an eye on him’ for his safety. In the end, it was decided for the neutral Stellar Heaven Fairy to accompany Yi Ping instead!

Even though Youxue was still unhappy with this arrangement and had protested but she was sensible to know that they had to stop these two rival factions from fighting first!

So they randomly set off in two directions by taking a detour to avoid the heavy fighting!

But there were simply too many celestial practitioners everywhere even in the areas that they had thought was safe!

The Celestial Aiel Sect had carefully deployed numerous celestial clans at strategic points so that their true numbers would not be obvious to the scouts of their opponents.

Yi Ping had mustered his martial power, executing the Divine Horizon Hands and the Ultrapowerful Force as he just knocked ten celestial practitioners that were lying in wait in this part of the forest as he took in a deep breath as he said to the Stellar Heaven Fairy, “We have been encircling the woods and the mountains for ages yet there are no sight of either the Martial Deviant Clan and the Celestial Aiel Sect.”

The Stellar Heaven Fairy took in a deep breath as she looked at the ten celestial practitioners who were moaning on the ground, “I really think we are lost.”

She kicked the moaning celestial practitioner that was nearest to her as she asked, “Hey! Which clan are you from? Are you from the Martial Deviant Clan or the Celestial Aiel Sect?”

The moaning celestial practitioner smiled bitterly, “We are Thousand Arms Clan…”

The Stellar Heaven Fairy interrupted coldly, “What Thousand Arms Clan, Hundred Arms Clan. I am asking you where the Martial Deviant Clan or the Celestial Aiel Sect is?”

The moaning celestial practitioner smiled most bitterly, “You know very well that they are all here in the vicinity. Why bother to ask us…”

Yi Ping was also smiling bitterly as he asked, “We need the exact directions. Can you lead us to either one of them?”

Directions were actually meaningless in the infinity mountains of the Celestial Realm. It was because the path from peak to peak, mountain to mountain was never a straight line!

The moaning celestial practitioner asked, “Just who are you? On which side are you? If we lead you to our leaders, we are also courting death ourselves.”

The Stellar Heaven Fairy asked him, “Which faction do you belong to? The Celestial Aiel Sect or the Martial Deviant Clan?”

“They are the ally of the Celestial Aiel Sect.” A gentle voice resonated from afar!

The moaning celestial practitioners that were on the ground had all broke into cold sweat as they stammered, “The Celestial Mistress is here!”

Very soon, Yi Ping and the Stellar Heaven Fairy found themselves surrounded by hundreds of celestial practitioners from all sides!

These celestial practitioners were all top exponents and their swiftness movement skills were all very light!

But they made no move against them and were simply surrounding them; seemingly to wait for the Celestial Mistress to arrive!

It was not long before tens of maidens in white, accompanied by a dozen sedan carriers were seen carrying a large sedan that was shaped like a veiled bed was seen!

The scantily dressed maiden was seen lying sideway behind the bed veils. Judging from the veneration looks of the other celestial practitioners, she seemed to be someone with a high status.

That conclusion was quickly confirmed when the hundreds of celestial practitioners began to shout frantically, “Praises to the Celestial Mistress! May all Heavens sing the praises of the Celestial Mistress! Her glories shine forth to the Ninth Heavens and to Beyond!”

Yi Ping quickly bowed respectfully with his hands, “I am Yi Ping. I mean no offense or hostilities. In fact I am representing the Holy Ascension Sect as a peace envoy…”

The scantily dressed maiden interrupted softly, “Oh really? I don’t believe. I can give you one more chance to make your case before I set my men on you…”

Just then, there was a strong wind that accidentally lifted the curtain veils of the bed, swaying it to one side!

And Yi Ping could see her face clearly now!

The Stellar Heaven Fairy nearly fumbled. She had never seen anyone this beautiful and heavenly!

But Yi Ping was even more startled as his eyes widened as he stammered out, “Mother!”

The scantily maiden that was behind the curtain veils really resembled his late mother Shui Yichi!

Only that this scantily maiden was a golden celestial and a true celestial practitioner in the Celestial Realm!

The scantily dressed maiden seemed to be amused as she sighed softly, “Good try but I am afraid that it won’t work on me. You got to be more original than this…”

The hundreds of celestial practitioners around immediately burst out into loud laughter and Yi Ping was immediately flustered!