A Martial Odyssey Book 2: The Celestial Realm – Chapter 50

The New Leader of the Infinity Sword Celestial Clan

The Golden Ascension Hall was even more crowded than the last time that Yi Ping was there. Previously there were just more than a thousand celestial practitioners but this time, there were more than ten celestial practitioners!

This time it did not matter if the celestial practitioners were true celestial practitioners or dark celestial practitioners; they were all allowed inside!

Even though the assembly was numerous but they could all still fit into the Golden Ascension Hall comfortably!

Yi Ping had immediately recognized Lady Snowflake and her clan protégés.

He sighed softly as he walked past her as he walked toward his seating arrangements. It was because Maiden Ziyan was no longer there; he had known that she was not there but somehow he continued to steal a glance in the directions of the veiled maidens of the Erudite Sect hoping that she was there.

The hall was already buzzing with loud activities when he had entered it. There were still many newly arrivals to the Golden Ascension Hall by the time he was seated comfortably. He even had the time to meditate and circulate his vital energies throughout all his energy channels once.

It was because there were still many celestial practitioners that were outside that were overwhelmed by the sight of the gigantic Stellar Sanctuary that were slowly descending from the dark heavens and were reluctant to take their eyes away from it.

Finally the Lord Supreme, accompanied by Old Venerable Vanquisher Sage, Reverend Sword Pilgrim, Xuan Kong, Xuan Qian, Xuan Wei and Xuan You had arrived at the Golden Ascension Hall as nearly three thousands Ascendant protégés began to shout fervently, “Hail the Ascendant Supreme Leader. Long live the Ascendant Supreme Leader! Long live the Lord Supreme! May the eternal flames of the Ascendant Fire never extinguish and all the songs of heavens echo the deeds of the Holy Ascension Sect!”

The Universal Old Man hummed coldly as he looked at Lingfeng the Heaveness, “This old man. He just feels gratified with all these praises. I say; as soon as the heavenly gates of the Stellar Sanctuary are opened, let’s us storm the Stellar Sanctuary as soon as possible before the others can have the chance to grab the immortal treasures of the Stellar Sanctuary!”

Lingfeng smiled gently as she winked at Yi Ping, “You can go by yourself. I can afford to wait.”

The Universal Old Man was stumped for words as he stammered, “My Heaveness! Surely not! We have never fought alone but as always as a group. Now there are only the two of us left. Surely you are not thinking of leaving me alone…”

Lingfeng the Heaveness groaned softly as her alluring eyes flashed with amusements, “Why are you in such a hurry? You have just overcome your major heavenly tribulation and can now afford to wait. You will probably outlive the Lord Supreme now.”

The Universal Old Man wanted to protest something but all of a sudden, he began to stroke his long beard as he began to finger his rosy cheek. “Well, that is true…”

All of a sudden, Mei’Er had given him a step on his foot which caused him to look up to her as he asked. “What is the matter?”

Mei’Er replied gently, “Grandmaster, the Lord Supreme is my father! Why can’t you put aside your rivalries and work together as one?”

The Universal Old Man sighed softly as he looked at the Heaveness and towards the hundreds of celestial clans that were in the Golden Ascension Hall, “Can I? Even if I can, what about these celestial clans? Do you think that they are here willingly? They are just here to partake in the immortal treasures of the Stellar Sanctuary and of course by now, they know very well that the Holy Ascension Sect needs them more than they need the Holy Ascension Sect to avert a major conflict with the Martial Deviant Clan and the Celestial Aiel Sect…”

Suddenly, he muttered. “Let me take a little sip of these fine Ascendant Wines first.”

He gulped a cup of wine before continuing, “You are new to the Celestial Realm. Do you have an idea how powerful the Martial Deviant Clan or even the Celestial Aiel Sect is? They have hundreds of celestial clans under their spheres of influence and have dozens of super celestial fighters. Among them are naturally some of the old and new seven most powerful celestial fighters. That is aside from the top hundred celestial fighters list!”

He smiled bitterly, “These are just the ranked fighters but there are also the unranked fighters who are like the Immortal Saint of Swords whose state of divinities is so secret that there are no survivors to report their current state of attainment!”

The Universal Old Man looked at Mei’Er and Yu’Er as he put forth a question, “And guess what? Even if they know that they will suffer excessive losses by coming here, they will still dare to come! It is all because of the Stellar Sanctuary! It is a temptation that will cause everyone to lose their sanity!”

He took another gulp of wine as he said, “Therefore, we must seize the opportunity to reach the furthest ends of the Stellar Sanctuary before all these people!”

He looked at Yi Ping, “My protégé, this is for your own good and for your future. We must secure as many immortal treasures as possible to prepare for our next ascension!”

Yi Ping began to tremble lightly as he smiled weakly.

Yu’Er nodded slowly as she said gently, “This is a major conflict that cannot be avoided. This is also a major conflict that will put an end to this era and bring forth another new era. I can’t say if the next era will be better than the present but the Holy Ascension Sect at least represents the orthodox celestial clans and cannot afford to lose this battle.”

Lingfeng sighed softly as she said quietly, “The Holy Ascension Sect will not only lose but will be destroyed as well.”

Yi Ping, the Universal Old Man and all the maidens were startled as they all looked at her!

The Ascension Goddess gasped, “My Heaveness, is this your prediction? Is this real?”

In the Celestial Realm, the Heaveness was known for her uncanny divination and Lingfeng had now re-opened her Heaven Eyes, enabling the full potential of her Heaven Eyes Divine Skill again!

Lingfeng smiled weakly, “Don’t look at me like this. It is just a little thought and my own conclusion. If you analyze the strengths of the Holy Ascension Sect, the Martial Deviant Clan and the Celestial Aiel Clan, you will know that they are almost equivalent in strength and influence. That is why none of these three major celestial clans dare to provoke each other openly lest the other major factions take advantage of their situations to overtake them.”

Yunzi gasped, “That is right! If they dare to come to the stronghold of the Holy Ascension Sect, they are virtually courting their own doom but yet they will still dare to come. It is because the Martial Deviant Clan and the Celestial Aiel Sect have already joined hands and made an alliance to attack the Holy Ascension Sect!”

Lingfeng smiled gently, “That is a strong possibility that we must not overlook. Even if the celestial formations of the Holy Ascension Sect are formidable but the combined strength of the Martial Deviant Clan and the Celestial Aiel Sect cannot be underestimated!”

Youxue said quietly, “And with so many celestial practitioners here, we cannot dismiss the possibility that their spies are already here. After all, it is the oldest trick in the books to plant an informant in the opposing clan. And among these hundreds of clans here, there are a few clans here that are already working for the interests of the Martial Deviant Clan or the Celestial Aiel Sect.”

Yunzi laughed softly, “That’s right. It is an outcome that is only too certain.”

All the other sisters and the Universal Old Man were impressed with the analysis of the situation by Youxue, Yunzi and Lingfeng while Yi Ping was smiling weakly as he thought, “This is a common stratagem of the Virtuous Palace? I will never have thought of this…”

All of a sudden, the Universal Old Man interrupted his thoughts as he asked him. “Ping’Er, what do you think? Should we steal a march on them by entering the Stellar Sanctuary first?”

He quickly added, “And of course the Heaveness has to agree too.”

Lingfeng gave a wryly smile, “Why must you always drag me into these misadventures? And why are you in such a hurry to enter the Stellar Sanctuary? The gates won’t open for another thirty days!”

Yi Ping broke into cold sweat as he tried his best not to laugh at his protégé master, exercising his Absolute Spirits as he recited his Emptiness Translucence in his heart while thinking, “Why is that Lingfeng always have the humor to make light of any situations. I should really learn from her and be light spirited as well or I will never attain past my Emptiness Translucence to the Great Emptiness Translucence.”

Mei’Er laughed jovially as she winked at Lingfeng, “You see old man! Even your compatriot refuses to aid you!”

The Universal Old Man lowered his voice into a whisper as though he was afraid of getting overheard, “You know that I need you or I will be lost in the maze of the Stellar Sanctuary…”

Lingfeng interrupted softly as she said to the Universal Old Man solemnly, “That is enough already. If you say some more, you will really be in trouble. Don’t forget, what you see in the Stellar Sanctuary is forbidden to the others.”

The Universal Old Man broke into a cold sweat as he muttered, “That is right. Lucky you have reminded me.”

Yi Ping asked, “What is it that you can’t share with us?”

The Universal Old Man and Lingfeng the Heaveness said at the same time, “It is forbidden.”

It startled Yi Ping and the rest of the maidens as they looked at each other.

Youxue hummed coldly, “Now it is your turn to be mysterious. My dear sisters, these people have so many secrets to hide!”

Lingfeng said gently as she smiled alluringly at Youxue, “Dear sister, you will soon know when you are at the Stellar Sanctuary. If we reveal it to you now, we will only endanger everyone.”

Yi Ping was startled, “It is so serious?”

The Universal Old Man nodded solemnly, “That is right. Extremely serious…”

He quickly changed the topic by asking Yi Ping, “My protégé, answer my question first. Do you want to go to the Stellar Sanctuary?”

Yi Ping nodded slowly before he answered quietly, “No matter what, I will want to reach the highest level of the Stellar Sanctuary…”

He had his own reasons. It was because Maiden Ziyan made him promise her that he would seek her out. Somehow, she was a mystery that seemed to be drawing him and there were still many things that he had not asked her yet. He was worried that she may be in mortal danger and through his Emptiness Translucence, he knew that she was hiding a woeful past and she was afraid of telling him so!

This time, it was the Universal Old Man and the rest of his consorts who were stunned by his reply!

Lingfeng smiled weakly, “It is impossible to accomplish in three months unless you really know the formations of the Stellar Sanctuary intimately. Even for me, it is always a time consuming effort to decipher the formations of the Stellar Sanctuary.”

By now, the Lord Supreme had walked to the throne seat as the shouts of the thousands of Ascendant protégés grew louder and louder with their proclamations, “Hail the Ascendant Supreme Leader. Long live the Ascendant Supreme Leader! Long live the Lord Supreme! May the eternal flames of the Ascendant Fire never extinguish and all the songs of heavens echo the deeds of the Holy Ascension Sect!”

The Lord Supreme silenced the Ascendant protégés with a wave of his hand and then proceeded to silence the rest of the celestial clans with his martial shout via the Thousand Mile Resonate Divine Skill, “The Stellar Sanctuary has descended sooner than we have anticipated but the time is about just right. All the omens have pointed to the Unmoving Mountains. If it is not for the fact that the Holy Ascension Sect is situated at the top of the Unmoving Mountains, we will never have correctly guessed when the Stellar Sanctuary is going to appear!”

All the celestial protégé leaders and elders of the various celestial clans were slowly silenced as they waited for the Lord Supreme to make his announcements. They were not interested in the agenda of the Holy Ascension Sect. Rather, they were more interested in pursuing their own agendas. For most of the allied celestial clans, they were wary that the Holy Ascension Sect would use them as cannon fodders and denied them the opportunities to gain access to the Stellar Sanctuary!

The Lord Supreme knew what they were thinking and knew what they were afraid of as he said, “The Stellar Sanctuary only descends once every few centuries. Most of the celestial practitioners here have never been to the Stellar Sanctuary before, let alone witness the exact appearance of the Stellar Sanctuary. For me, this is the first time too that I am witnessing its actual appearance.”

He waved his hand as he looked keenly at everyone and his hegemony aura were extremely unnerving, “Some of you may be wondering why I am holding you here instead of storming the Stellar Sanctuary right away. You must be wondering why we are holding an assembly here instead. That is because we can still afford to wait. For those that did not know; the celestial seals of the Stellar Sanctuary will only disappear after thirty days. Therefore until the celestial seals have vanished, the twenty-four celestial gates of the Stellar Sanctuary will remain close. There is nothing we can do until then.”

Immediately, there were loud mutterings among the celestial practitioners who numbered in the ten thousands!

“There are twenty-four celestial gates to the Stellar Sanctuary?! Which gate should we go after first?”

“We have to wait thirty days? Is this a trick?”

“So a fight with the Martial Deviant Clan and the Celestial Aiel Sect is now imminent?”

For the majority of the minor celestial clans, they knew that only the major orthodox celestial clans could ask these questions boldly in front of the Lord Supreme.

Old Hare, the patriarch of the Mythical Seal Clan was the first to interrupt, “Do we really have to wait for thirty days?”

The Lord Supreme said solemnly, “That is true. You can ask the Heaveness if she is aware of it.”

Lingfeng the Heaveness hummed coldly but she said via her Thousand Miles Resonant Divine Skill, “It is true. All in all, the Stellar Sanctuary will only stay in the Celestial Realm for a full four months before it vanishes completely. The thirty days are for those that know astrology or for those that possess a certain level of divine attainment to divine the coming of the Stellar Sanctuary!”

The Immortal Saint of Swords said solemnly via his Thousand Miles Resonant Divine Skill as he echoed loudly, “That is the case and is indisputable. I, however have a question for the Lord Supreme.”

Only the Immortal Saint of Swords had the tenacity to question the Lord Supreme for he was an ancient celestial and as powerful as him!

The Lord Supreme raised his hand, “You may ask!”

The Immortal Saint of Swords echoed with his martial shout, “So the plan is to lie in wait for the Martial Deviant Clan and the Celestial Aiel Sect first? After finishing them, the next stop will be the Stellar Sanctuary?”

The Lord Supreme said, “That’s right!”

The Immortal Saint of Swords laughed, “We are all supposed to be allies but in actual fact, that is all in name only. When has the Holy Ascension Sect ever helps the Infinity Sword Celestial Clan?”

He rose up as he pointed to Shen Xingyue, “As you are all aware, the Blue Heavens Divine Sword is the heritage divine sword of the Infinity Sword Clan. But it is now in the hands of a protégé of the Holy Ascension Sect now. You have seized the holy artifact of our clan and killed the Immortal Sword Aegis Sage who is the celestial leader of the Infinity Sword Celestial Clan. This is a blood debt that can’t be forgiven so easily. Yet, you are asking the Infinity Sword Celestial Clan to join hands with you? Is there such an outrageous thing ever?”

The Lord Supreme said, “So unless this blood debt is settled, there is no chance for the Infinity Sword Celestial Sword to join hands with the Holy Ascension Sect?”

The Immortal Saint of Swords replied as he stared piercingly at Shen Xingyue and Yi Ping, “That is right. And I have heard that your daughters have married the Domain Lord of the Tranquil City. This Lord of the Tranquil City, this Yi Ping has stolen another of my divine sword and it is on his back now. With so much grievous on the table, can you still expect the Infinity Sword Celestial Clan to give aid you? Is there such a ridiculous thing, outrageous thing in the entire fraternity?”

He raised his hands towards the heavens as he said aloud, “The Holy Ascension Sect has a saying if I am not mistaken. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth for those that dare to defy the Holy Ascension Sect! If the Holy Ascension Sect has such a rule, do you think the Infinity Sword Celestial Clan did not have a similar rule too? Especially to the thefts of our two divine swords!”

The Lord Supreme replied calmly, “You are right. In that case, you should look for them to settle your clan’s grievous pride and not the Holy Ascension Sect.”

He turned to look at Shen Xingyue, “The Dark Enchantress and the Supreme Celestial of the Holy Ascension Sect. From now onward, you are expelled from the Holy Ascension Sect and free to go. What happens to you afterwards, is none of the affairs of the Holy Ascension Sect.”

Yu’Er and Mei’Er gasped. They had never expected that the Lord Supreme would expel her from the Holy Ascension Clan!

Even the Ascension Goddess was shocked but she quickly regained her composure as she used her Divine Whisperer on Shen Xingyue, “Maybe that is the best thing that can happen to you.”

Shen Xingyue was composed as she bowed with her hands toward the Lord Supreme, “Thank you! I am grateful to the Holy Ascension Sect for my upbringings and years of guidance! This is something that I won’t be able to forget!”

Yi Ping was startled that Shen Xingyue was able to take the blow of being expelled in such a calm manner as he murmured, “Xing’Er, are you really alright?”

Shen Xingyue smiled angelically, “Of course I am. Don’t you worry too much!”

Unknown to everyone, the Lord Supreme and Shen Xingyue had a secret conversation together. The Lord Supreme knew that the Immortal Saint of Swords would not co-operate so readily with the Holy Ascension Sect and the alliance was fragile in the first place.

So he suggested to Shen Xingyue, “This will be hard for you to accept and a loss to the Holy Ascension Sect. But I ask that you regard this matter as crucial to the survival of the sect.”

Shen Xingyue replied coolly, “Whatever it is, I will accept it…”

The Lord Supreme said, “Good! Are you prepared to be expelled from the Holy Ascension Sect?”

Shen Xingyue was startled as she stammered, “Lord Supreme, I…this is…”

But in the end, she had agreed reluctantly to have her name removed from the Golden Ascension Hall of the Holy Ascension Sect!

Back to the present, the Lord Supreme continued as he said to the Immortal Saint of Swords. “Do you agree that this is now between the Tranquil City and the Infinity Sword Celestial Clan?”

The Immortal Saint of Swords hummed coldly, “Not so easy. Do you think that we will aid the Holy Ascension Sect just because of that?”

Shen Xingyue rose up courageous as she smiled to Yi Ping, “So dearest Immortal Saint of Swords, what do you want then? Have you forgotten that we have a past duel to decide the ownership of the Blue Heavens in the Celestial Realm? So why are you still going after me relentlessly. I know I am attractive but seriously, I am already happily married to Yi Ping.”

Yi Ping was flustered all of a sudden as he averted her angelic glance and the stares of the other maidens!

When she had said that, the celestial practitioners in the Golden Ascension Hall were all bursting out with laughter!

The Deadly Wanderer was sighing softly, “A pity alas!”

Ouyang Feipeng the Windy Blade of the Wind Chimes Sect was also sighing pitifully as did many of the celestial practitioners.

It was because each of the celestial practitioners believed that they were better than Yi Ping who gave everyone the impression that he was an impulsive and clumsy fellow!

In terms of looks, clan prestige, knowledge, achievements, fame, and cultural superiority, they were his superior!

The Immortal Saint of Swords asked aloud, “So what do I want? That will be for the Lord of the Tranquil City to say, am I right to say so?”

Yi Ping leapt from the top of the platform, drawing out the Celestial Alice as he thrust it into the ground with a brilliant burst of light and earthshaking shockwave, “This is the Celestial Alice Divine Sword. If you can pull it up, then it is yours to take!”

The Immortal Sword Blitz Sage and the Immortal Sword Zealot Sage immediately jumped down from the platform with a martial shout as they quickly attempted to seize the Celestial Alice!

The Immortal Sword Zealot Sage exercised his entire martial power as he shouted, “Be sure to keep your word!”

But to his utter disbelief, once again he had failed to pull the Celestial Alice from the ground!

The last time he had thought that it was because he was injured therefore he was not able to fully utilize his internal strength. With his level of attainment in the Infinitude Recite and his oneness with the Sword Spirit, he could not believe that he could not even move the Celestial Alice by even an inch with all his martial strength!

The Immortal Sword Blitz Sage too broke into cold sweat as he tried to help the Immortal Sword Zealot Sage but even with their combined martial strength, the Celestial Alice refused to move!

The Immortal Sword Zealot Sage shouted as he raised his sword fingers, “Protégé brother, step aside first!”

The Immortal Sword Blitz Sage nodded as he stepped aside.

At the same time, the Immortal Sword Zealot Sage bombarded the ground underneath the Celestial Alice with bursts of sword energies as he shouted, “If I cannot move you, surely I can destroy the ground underneath you and pull you out then!”

But while he was saying that, the Celestial Alice shone even more brilliantly as it sunk into the ground even further!

Lingfeng had stepped forward with a sudden white flash, instantly creating astonishments from the many celestial practitioners with her sudden reflexes and swiftness movement speed!

She said quietly, “It is futile. Even I am unable to pull the Celestial Alice from the ground. The Celestial Alice only acknowledges her true master and her master is Yi Ping. So what can you do with a sword that you can’t even take away? You must know that I am the Heaveness, the equal to the Immortal Saint of Swords and the Lord Supreme.”

Yi Ping muttered, “Lingfeng…”

Lingfeng continued, “So why don’t we think of a perfect solution and works toward a peaceful end? If the Holy Ascension Sect is destroyed by the Martial Deviant Clan and the Celestial Aiel Sect, I don’t see how it is going to benefit the Infinity Sword Celestial Clan and the orthodox celestial clans at large?”

The Immortal Sword Blitz Sage and the Immortal Sword Zealot Sage looked at each other with a soft sigh before they looked at the Immortal Saint of Swords for an answer.

The Immortal Saint of Swords nodded slowly as he remained standing unfaltering on the platform.

Lie Qing looked at the Universal Old Man as she whispered, “That’s weird, isn’t it? How come they seem to more willing to accede to the Heaveness than to you?”

The Universal Old Man smiled bitterly.

Lele was curious too, “That is right!”

The Stellar Heaven Fairy said, “Perhaps I can answer it. The Heaveness is renowned both in the Celestial Realm and in the Mortal Realm for aiding numerous orthodox celestial practitioners. For that she truly deserves true respect. I…I have never expected that I can be a close sister to the Heaveness even in my dreams. You must have already known that she is one of the seven most powerful ancient celestials in the Celestial Realm?”

The Ascension Goddess smiled weakly, “Actually I have wanted to challenge her some time ago. I find it hard to believe that she is one of the seven most powerful ancient celestials. I think with the Despairing Heavenly Sword in my hands, I am more than a match for her?”

The Universal Old Man laughed jovially, “You can try if you think you may outlast her Divine Invigorate Skill that is. Besides her internal energies replenishing skill, her intellect and her quick wits in combat is not something an ordinary opponent can overcome so easily.”

The Ascension Goddess laughed jovially, “I am not an ordinary opponent for sure…”

The Universal Old Man snorted jovially, “And you really think that she has no divine weapons to aid her?”

The Ascension Goddess asked curiously, “She has? I don’t see her carrying one at all.”

The Universal Old Man realized that he had said something that he should not have said so he pretended to look away as he said sheepishly, “We should pay attention to what going on in front of us first…”

The Ascension Goddess cried out softly, “Hey you!”

But the Universal Old Man had already made up his mind to ignore her!

Meanwhile Shen Xingyue had lifted her angelic eyes to the Immortal Saint of Swords and to the Lord Supreme, “I am no longer a protégé of the Holy Ascension Sect, am I right to say so?”

The Lord Supreme nodded slowly.

Seeing that, Shen Xingyue said to the Immortal Saint of Swords. “I do have a perfect solution to compensate you. What if I hand to you the Divine Harmony Sword Intricate Formula of the Holy Ascension Sect?”

This immediately caused a huge uproar in the Golden Ascension Hall as thousands of Ascendant protégés protested immediately!

The Divine Harmony Sword Intricate Formula of the Holy Ascension Sect was the secret sword art of the Holy Ascension Sect. Needless to say, only a few chosen ones knew of this intricate formula and they were the Supreme Celestials of the Holy Ascension Sect!

Old Venerable Vanquisher Sage stole a glance at the Lord Supreme who seemed to be taking this news calmly and did not seem to regard this as a betrayal!

Was it actually a plan of the Lord Supreme from the very start?

The Immortal Saint of Swords seemed to have faltered as his eyes seemed to flicker!

It was because he had been seeking out a similar Divine Harmony of the Holy Ascension Sect for a long time. While the Infinity Sword Celestial Clan had their own Divine Harmony Intricate Formula but the fact that the Supreme Celestials of the Holy Ascension Sect were able to transmigrate with their divine swords to the Celestial Realm was what made their Ascendant Divine Harmony Sword Intricate Formula so precious. It was because if they could transmigrate together with their divine swords to the Celestial Realm, then they could also transmigrate together with their divine swords to the Immortal Realm!

Like the martial clans in the lower realm, it was taboo for the celestial clans to steal the intricate formula of another celestial clan and to practice it. Doing so will only invite scorns from all the other orthodox celestial clans.

But today, he had been offered such a chance!

The Immortal Saint of Swords looked at the Lord Supreme and knew that it was actually his scheme or else he would have already protested venomously.

So he said, “While the offer is tempting, I am afraid that this won’t be enough!”

Both Shen Xingyue and Lingfeng smiled bitterly. This Immortal Saint of Swords really knew when to seek a bargain.

Thousands of celestial practitioners began to mutter among themselves as they all thought that the Immortal Saint of Swords were pushing his luck a little too far!

But Yi Ping was patient as he asked, “Is there anything that Old Senior wants to propose?”

The Immortal Saint of Swords laughed aloud, “You must be thinking that I am just being greedy and so does everyone here. But you have to agree that you have the better deal in getting two divine swords and the death of a respectable leader of the Infinity Sword Celestial Clan from me, am I right?”

Lele could not resist shouting, “Hmph! Who is the one that says back then that it is to be an honorable duel and no one will be holding accountable for any deaths that will happen! So that is how the orthodox celestial clans behaved here!”

Yixian pulled Lele back to her seat as she said gently, “Sister, I feel your ire but let us observe further first.”

The Immortal Saint of Swords ignored Lele as he lifted a smile, “I want Dugu Yunzi to join the Infinity Sword Celestial Clan as the next protégé leader of the Infinity Sword Celestial Clan. What do you think?”

Yi Ping and Yunzi were equally stunned!

But this time the Lord Supreme flew into a rage, “You wily fox! I will be the first one to protest!”