A Martial Odyssey Book 2: The Celestial Realm – Chapter 49

The Stellar Sanctuary

In his dreams, Yi Ping found himself surrounded by beautiful rolling hills and he was lying in the lush green grasslands as the cool winds blew gently.

The skies above were a bright golden and not the blue skies that he was accustomed to. The air was extremely cool and there were rainbows from one rolling hills to the other!

He was dressed in a black robe embroiled with intricate golden dragons with five claws. And beside him was an enticing breathtaking maiden in partial nudity; her white gold lingerie was adorned with golden phoenixes and she had a shimmering faint golden aura around her.

When he turned around to look closely at her face, this enticing maiden had turned around too.

His curiosity turned to shock when he had suddenly recognized this enticing intriguing maiden as Maiden Ziyan!

Her face was Maiden Ziyan but her long silvery hair was not!

And even her eyes were a purple crimson and not pure golden!

This caused Yi Ping to break into cold sweat and he was somber all of a sudden.

He found himself in a soft feathery bed and his mind was in a blank as he thought, “Why is it her?”

All of a sudden, he was even more startled when he found himself surrounded by all his consorts who were all calling out joyous to him at the same time!

Yi Ping was in a daze as he muttered, “What is going on. Why are you all?”

Lele immediately said, “You have been unconscious for three days. We are so worried for you!”

Yu’Er added, “When we come into your bed chamber, the entire chamber is in a mess. At first we have thought that something terrible has happened to you…”

Youxue nodded tearfully, “And there is blood on your neck and body too! I wonder who the vicious person that did that to you…”

Yunzi said anxiously, “When we tried to wake you up and couldn’t, we have thought that you may be poisoned. Even the Lord Supreme can’t do a thing. We are worried sick for you…”

Yi Ping was startled as he asked, “I have been unconscious for three days? What is going on?”

Mei’Er clapped happily, “Master Yi Ping, you have finally woke up! Who is the one that assault you? We will settle the score with the assailants for you!”

Yi Ping stammered, “No one. I have a fall…”

Lie Qing raised her eyebrows, “No one? You had a fall? Then who was the one that gave you a bite on your neck and scratched you?”

The Ascension Goddess yawned, “And that Maiden Ziyan seemed to have disappeared at the same time when we had discovered you. Isn’t that a weird thing?”

Youxue said coldly, “I say, she must be the one that have bitten Yi Ping!”

Yi Ping became flustered and smiled bitterly, “Xue’Er, you mustn’t say…”

But he was soon stammering and could not continue!

Youxue retorted, “Mustn’t what? You mean I mustn’t mouth rubbish? Look at you! You can’t even lie properly!”

Yi Ping became even more flustered!

Yu’Er smiled weakly, “So it is really her! Sisters, so you all know now! How vicious of her!”

Mei’Er was almost closed to her tears, “She has left you with such a bad scar. She is like a vampire with fangs like this!”

Yixian was got up quietly as she headed towards the entrance!

Lele was startled, “Sister Xian’Er, where are you going?”

Yixian stopped at the doorstep as she lowered her glance, “I…I am going to find her! Surely there must be some misunderstandings that have caused her to disappear just like this.”

Lingfeng and Shen Xingyue got up at the same time as they said together, “Sister Xian’Er, I will go with you…”

Lingfeng and Shen Xingyue looked at each other in surprise. They were both pondering quietly earlier and had spoken out together at the same time when they had heard of Yixian’s intentions!

The Ascension Goddess raised her eyebrows, “Hmph? I have thought that you are going to find her to settle a score with her. Why are you looking for her…”

Yixian replied gently as she looked at Yi Ping, “Since Ping’Er did not raise a ruckus I don’t see it as my duty to do the same. However, I see no reason to cast doubt on Maiden Ziyan at all so I am going to look for her to clarify things. She didn’t harm us while we are at the Astronomic Stellar Formation, am I right to say so? At most, we can only accuse her of hiding things but everyone have their own secrets. It is not for us to force others to reveal their secrets to us.”

Lingfeng sighed softly, “That is right…”

Shen Xingyue said quietly, “Let’s go and find her now.”

The Ascension Goddess lifted her arms as she looked at Shen Xingyue in bewilderment, “Have you forgotten what the Lord Supreme has said to us? If she is the one then she will surely cause an upheaval in the Celestial Realm!”

Youxue interrupted coldly, “Who is she? I thought we are sisters and the two of you are hiding something from us?”

Shen Xingyue lifted her eyes slowly as she answered softly, “The Lord Supreme forbids any one of us to reveal that the suspect is the Goddess Celestial Alice. But so what if she is the Goddess Celestial Alice?”

The Ascension Goddess muttered to herself, “So what if she is the Goddess Celestial Alice?”

Lele was curious, “She is really the Goddess Celestial Alice huh? I have thought she has denied it?”

Lie Qing was in disbelief, “She is really the Goddess Celestial Alice? Her name is the same as the divine sword that Yi Ping is holding?”

Even Yunzi was startled and was looking at Shen Xingyue for answers…

The Stellar Heaven Fairy gasped, “The Goddess Celestial Alice…the Sacred Sword of the Seven Stars…so the legends are real? She really is the Goddess Celestial Alice?”

Yu’Er said, “We have no real proof that she is the Goddess Celestial Alice and she didn’t acknowledge it either. That is just our suspicious.”

Mei’Er sniffed, “We are not supposed to mention anything about the Goddess Celestial Alice at all lest it brings disaster upon us.”

Youxue hummed coldly, “So that is what you have been hiding from us. Now that you have become the Supreme Celestials of the Holy Ascension Sect, your status is different now and you don’t feel like sharing with us anymore.”

Mei’Er quickly tugged Youxue as she tried to pacify her, “My good sister Youxue! You know we don’t mean to hide anything from the other sisters. We are only suspecting and have not gotten any proof yet. Moreover, that is only a legend.”

Yu’Er quickly nodded, “That’s right…”

Yi Ping said all of a sudden, “Who she really is, is not important. She is free to do whatever she is entitled to. That is her freedom. We have no right to interfere…”

Yixian muttered, “Ping’Er…”

All of a sudden, the entire room began to shake violently as though it had been struck by a violent earthquake and the skies outside seemed to have turned extremely ominous dark even though it was noon at this hour!

Yi Ping and the other maidens were startled!

The Ascension Goddess was the first to recover as she called out panicky to everyone, “Come! Everyone, to the outside!”

Lingfeng lifted her fingers to divine the sudden happening as she moved her fingers rapidly, “Earth changes! Heavens is in upheavals. A major celestial event is going to happen soon!”

Yi Ping immediately nodded as he hurried picked up the Celestial Alice as he called out loud, “Everyone, out of the room!”

All the maidens immediately nodded or replied their approvals to him as they immediately bolted out of the room!

The outside of Yi Ping’s resting chamber faced a gigantic stone platform that was overlooking the majestic Unmoving Mountains. It was one of the best viewing places to view the scenic Unmoving Mountains at the Holy Ascension Sect and it was only reserved for honorable guests.

But today, the scenic view of the Unmoving Mountains had become gloomy and covered with dark clouds. A gigantic black dome that was shaped like a bell was descending slowly from the dark clouds above as nebulous filaments of effulgence created by circular lightning bolts crackled and rained around it!

Thousands of celestial practitioners were already bolting out from the dozens of buildings that were along the mountain perches to witness the arrival of the Stellar Sanctuary, an event that was so mysterious that no one was able to predict its actual coming!

The entire Unmoving Mountains was shaking violently as rocks crumbled down the steep cliffs even as the Stellar Sanctuary began its slow descend!

Yi Ping was stunned as he looked into the dark heavens above as he muttered, “This is…the Stellar Sanctuary?”

The Ascension Goddess was awestruck as well as she muttered, “Yes, this is the Stellar Sanctuary!”

Lingfeng the Heaveness gasped softly as she began to tremble lightly, “Even though I have been to the Stellar Sanctuary a few times but I have never witnessed its actual descend from the Immortal Realm. This is my first time…”

Yi Ping was muttering as he stared in disbelief at the massive dome that was descending slowly. It was as huge as a mountain and the ends could not be seen!

He stammered out, “This…the Stellar Sanctuary is so massive…”

Lingfeng nodded as she turned pale, “That is right. If you think that the Astronomic Stellar Formation is huge and that this Stellar Sanctuary looks massive on the outside, then you will be surprised how vast the inside is!”

The Stellar Heaven Fairy asked curiously, “How big is the inside?”

Lingfeng muttered softly, stunning and causing disbelief from everyone as she announced it. “As big as the entire Celestial Realm. It is a world within a world inside. Whether it is a hallucination or a reality, I really do not know…”

Yunzi was expressionless as she looked at the floating Stellar Sanctuary while muttering, “Or we shrink when we are inside.”

Yu’Er said quietly, “Or the Stellar Sanctuary is actually a gateway to the Immortal Realm. Once we step inside, we are actually already entering the infinity realm of the Immortal Realm…”

Lie Qing sighed softly, “Somehow I got an uneasy feeling…”

The Ascension Goddess looked at Lie Qing and she looked at her Despairing Heaven Divine Sword, “Is that my imagination or I am feeling the same as you?”

Lie Qing looked at her Perpetual Darkness as she looked at her, “This sense of uneasiness seems to have come from our divine swords…”

The Ascension Goddess nodded slowly but before she could continue further, the Universal Old Man was shouting for them as he came into view.

He was shouting excitedly amidst all the commotions from the thousands of celestial practitioners as he ran towards them from afar, “Did you see that?! That is the Stellar Sanctuary! We are finally going to have a head start!”

Lingfeng gave him a sharp look as she whispered softly, “Keep your voice low. You don’t want the Lord Supreme to hear that especially we have his daughters and Supreme Celestials here with us.”

The Universal Old Man looked at Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Shen Xingyue and the Ascension Goddess as he laughed, “I know that they won’t betray me.”

He quickly looked at Yi Ping with a sly look, “My protégé. This is our callings. This is the day that we can fulfill our destiny. Imagine the head start that we can have…”

Yu’Er hummed coldly, “Grandmaster, the Lord Supreme forbids anyone to enter the Stellar Sanctuary on their own accord. We should wait and listen to the views of the assembly first…”

The Universal Old Man said unhappily as he raised his voice in the strong winds, “Your father, the Lord Supreme wants to deal with the Martial Deviant Clan and the Celestial Aiel Sect first. But that is their affairs and not mine…”

He had purposely said it aloud because he had caught sight of the Lord Supreme, Old Venerable Vanquisher Sage and Reverend Sword Pilgrim on the platform that was opposite them and knew that they could hear him!

At this moment, the winds were blowing so strongly that small trees were being uprooted and the massive earthquakes were shaking the earth so violently that the cracks along the imposing white celestium structures of the buildings were spreading fast!

Only a few hundred of the celestial practitioners with the martial foundation could still dare to stand near the edge of the platform even as the lightning bolts were that encircling the massive Stellar Sanctuary were zapping the edge with powerful explosive strikes!

Yixian had just raised her Divine Emerald Skill as she deflected a lightning bolt with her martial force as she cried out softly, “Watch out!”

At the same time, Yi Ping, the Ascension Goddess, Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Youxue and Yunzi had also exercised their martial force to assist Yixian to deflect the incoming lightning bolt.

Lie Qing, Shen Xingyue, Lele, the Stellar Heaven Fairy, Lingfeng and the Universal Old Man combined their martial force together as they deflected another lightning bolt!

Yixian said softly, “We can’t stay here anymore. It has become too dangerous!”

Yi Ping said aloud as he increased his martial power to steady himself, “Let move back to a safer place.”

At the same time, the Lord Supreme was resounding with his Thousand Miles Resonant Divine Skill to all the celestial practitioners, “Gather and assembly everyone to the Golden Ascension Hall now!”