A Martial Odyssey Book 2: The Celestial Realm – Chapter 45

The Holy Ascension Sect

As the Goddess Celestial Alice raised the Astronomic Eulogy, bursting martial windforce began to whirl all around her!

She muttered softly to Shen Xingyue, Lie Qing and the Ascension Goddess, “I am using my Divine Whisperer Skill. Therefore only you can hear me. Don’t worry about me. The state of surging divinity that you saw is actually my true state of divinity and not the Astronomic Eulogy…”

Shen Xingyue and the Ascension Goddess heaved a soft sigh of relief. It was because if the divine sword gained control of the practitioner, then she would not stop until everyone or she was dead!

Lie Qing looked at her curiously, “Why does she have to insist that she is the Dark Lord of the Chaos Cosmos? She is not. Has something in the past, something that she can’t get over it? She can’t fight everyone…”

At the same time, dozens of brilliant beams of light flashed across the Golden Ascension Hall as dozens of celestial practitioners began to arm themselves with their divine swords and other potent weapons!

The Lord Supreme asked solemnly, “How did you get the Sacred Sword of the Seven Stars?!”

Even Yu’Er and Mei’Er were both gasping, “The true name of the Sacred Sword of the Seven Stars is actually the Astronomic Eulogy?”

The Goddess Celestial Alice replied coolly to the Lord Supreme, “She has always been with me. What do you mean by how did I get the Sacred Sword of the Seven Stars?”

The Lord Supreme asked solemnly, “Then you are the…”

Yu’Er added, “Then you are not the Dark Lord of the Chaos Cosmos. You are the…”

Mei’Er continued, “…the Goddess Celestial Alice?”

The Goddess Celestial Alice raised her delicate eyebrows.

Yu’Er muttered softly, “There is an old legend. The wielder of the Sacred Sword of the Seven Stars is the Goddess Celestial Alice. And…”

Mei’Er continued, “…in the lower realm, there are numerous underground remnants that are dedicated to the Goddess Celestial Alice. These remnants are extremely ancient and even more ancient than the Ancient Celestials. The Divine Unison Rhapsody, the secret sword practice of the Supreme Celestials of the Ascension Sect is found in one of the ancient remnants.”

The Lord Supreme looked at the Goddess Celestial Alice as he thought secretly, “No wonder she looks familiar. A long time ago, I have seen her monument statuette in the lower realm…”

The Immortal Saint of Swords looked quietly at Lady Snowflake from the golden platform as he thought, “The protégés of the Erudite Sect are priestesses of the Goddess Theocracy dedicated to the Goddess Celestial Alice of the Ninth Heavens. The Goddess Theocracy is a belief that the Goddess Celestial Alice is the true immortal. But that is only a myth among the Ancient Celestials…”

Yi Ping was startled as he muttered, “More ancient than even the Ancient Celestials?! Is that possible?”

Yi Ping continued to mutter as he looked at his divine sword silently, “Who is she? She is not the Dark Lord of the Chaos Cosmos? My divine sword is named the Celestial Alice…it carries her name?”

Hundreds of celestials had suddenly become very tense as they shared Yi Ping’s thoughts! The Golden Ascension Hall was in an uproar!

“The Goddess Celestial Alice?!”

“Who is the Goddess Celestial Alice? I have never heard of her…”

“That is a long time ago, a legend…”

The Goddess Celestial Alice was thinking, “It will be terrible if these celestials are able to recognize me…”

She took a quick look at Yi Ping as she tried to think of a way out of her predicament.

When she saw that Yi Ping and his group were offered the golden seating position, she was overcome with envy and wanted to sit as near to him as possible. And when these celestials had tried to provoke her and had shown disrespect to her, she had retaliated and unsheathed her divine sword!

She did not expect that some of these celestials were still able to recognize her divine sword and through it, her celestial name!

Lady Snowflake laughed all of a sudden, “You say that my protégé is the Goddess Celestial Alice? Based on what? Based on a sword that I lend my protégé? Why don’t you conclude that I am the Goddess Celestial Alice instead? And Ziyan is not any Dark Lord of Chaos Cosmos. Don’t you all have any sense of humor?”

She paused for a while before she issued sternly to the Goddess Celestial Alice, “Ziyan! That is enough already. Quickly retract your sword. We are not here to fight. Or else…”

She smiled at the Lord Supreme, “Or else if we provoke the Lord Supreme, our small clan will not exist tomorrow.”

The Goddess Celestial Alice nodded and bowed respectfully as she quickly sheathed the Astronomic Eulogy into her scabbard, answering regretfully to Lady Snowflake, “Yes, High Priestess. I apologize for my actions. This is the first time that I am using the Astronomic Eulogy and I am afraid that the divine sword has gained the better of me for a while. I am just too inexperience to wield the divine sword of the Erudite Sect.”

She had secretly thought, “I have just expended a great deal of my internal strength for him. This is not the right time to let pride be my controller…”

Old Reverend Vanquisher Sage thought bitterly, “My foot! She is just a protégé?! Her level of divinity is on par with me. An ordinary celestial will never be able to force my hand, force me to use the Green Dragon Sacred Sword…”

The Immortal Sword Zealot Sage was also thinking the same, “Rubbish! The Erudite Sect has a divine sword? Why is that I have never heard anything about it until today. She obviously knows that she can’t handle all of us and therefore is having second thoughts now!”

Yu’Er took a quiet look at the Lord Supreme before she asked, “Why don’t everyone sit down and be comfortable first?”

To the utter surprise of everyone, the Lord Supreme seemed to agree with that suggestion as he said coldly, “Back! Everyone back to their seats. No matter what agendas the Tranquil City and the Erudite Sect have, it can’t threaten the Holy Ascension Sect. If they are not enemies then they can certainly sit down with us.”

Lady Snowflake smiled weakly, “We are definitely not enemies and are on your side naturally. After all, we are just a small clan only and will not dare to do otherwise.”

Old Reverend Vanquisher Sage and the Immortal Sword Zealot Sage had immediately withdrawn their swords when they had heard the Lord Supreme.

However Old Reverend Vanquisher Sage stared coldly at Lady Snowflake and the Goddess Celestial Alice, “I will be watching all your little moves!”

Immortal Sword Zealot Sage hummed coldly as well!

The Goddess Celestial Alice fingered the Astronomic Eulogy while she stole a glance at Lady Snowflake. She was trembling lightly and was resisting the attempt to draw her divine sword once again.

Lady Snowflake laughed softly, “That’s right. Let’s us all sit down quietly first and cool down first.”

The last sentence was actually meant for the Goddess Celestial Alice!

Old Reverend Vanquisher Sage said, “Since you know this Yi Ping, you can all sit with them in the golden section.”

Lady Snowflake laughed softly, “Why, thank you.”

She turned and said sternly to her protégés, “Follow me!”

The Goddess Celestial Alice looked at Yi Ping shyly, “Let’s go!”

Yi Ping was about to about to follow her when he had noticed that the Ascension Goddess, Shen Xingyue, Yu’Er and Mei’Er did not move from their positions!

The Ascension Goddess said quietly, “My respects to the Lord Supreme. I have returned…”

Yu’Er waved at the Ascension Goddess and Shen Xingyue, “These are my friends. This is the Dark Enchantress. She is now the Fiery Phoenix. She is also a Supreme Celestial of the Ascension Sect.”

The Lord Supreme looked coldly at the Ascension Goddess and Shen Xingyue, “My Ascension Goddess, I have heard of your transgressions and of your betrayals. You have disappointed me. I have put great faith in you and that is why I have gifted you the Celestium Silk. But…”

He looked coldly at Yi Ping, “But you have chosen to betray me because of a stranger? Among all my aides, you are the most obedient and have never questioned my commands. Therefore I have placed my trust in you and have great faith in you. You have really disappointed me with your actions.”

The Ascension Goddess was silent.

The Lord Supreme looked at Shen Xingyue, “That is the divine sword of the Infinity Sword Celestial Clan. The Blue Heavens does not belong to the Holy Ascension Sect. You have lost your Perpetual Darkness to other. What if I ask you to return the Blue Heavens to the Infinity Sword Celestial Clan?”

Shen Xingyue laughed softly, “I refuse! Moreover, they have willingly conceded the Blue Heavens to me six months ago. I am sure the Immortal Saint of Swords will honor his pledge, am I right to say so?”

The Immortal Saint of Swords kept quiet while the Immortal Sword Zealot Sage hummed coldly.

The Lord Supreme said coldly, “As a Ascendant, you dare to disobey my commands and forsake your ascendant oaths?”

Shen Xingyue sighed as she replied softly, “I dare not…”

Yu’Er gazed coldly at the Lord Supreme as she repeated, “These are my friends. They have done nothing wrong.”

Mei’Er nodded and added, “They are all my sisters too.”

Shen Xingyue was startled, “Yu’Er, Mei’Er. Do you know what you are doing?”

The Ascension Goddess smiled bitterly, “Be careful, Yu’Er. No one can dictate the Lord Supreme once he has decided on a course of action…”

Yu’Er replied with a faint smile, “That’s alright. Mei’Er, follow me.”

Mei’Er responded with a light nod.

To the astonishment of everyone, Yu’Er and Mei’Er had followed the Lord Supreme to his throne seat as they stood beside him; the Old Reverend Vanquisher Sage and Reverend Sword Pilgrim were also beside them!

Yi Ping was startled as he called out, “Yu’Er! Mei’Er! What are you doing?! Come back!”

As he was about to rush forward, Yixian said gently. “Wait Ping’Er! Wait and observe.”

Lingfeng said, “Let wait first. It doesn’t seem that Yu’Er and Mei’Er are in danger…”

Yu’Er soon reverberated herself throughout the Golden Ascension Hall, “I am the Eclipse Heaven Goddess and this is my sister, the Axis Heaven Goddess!”

Barely had the celestials calm themselves down, this announcement shook the entire Golden Ascension Hall and the many celestial practitioners were taken by surprise again!

It was because there were few golden celestial practitioners that had never heard of the Eclipse and Axis Heaven Goddess! It was no wonder the Lord Supreme was not upset with these two beautiful maidens in black translucent velvet dress!

Immediately, the entire hall broke into loud commotions again!

“It is really the Eclipse and Axis Heaven Goddess?”

“I have heard that they are unable to ascend as they have broken their divine swords…”

“They have finally ascended?”

“I have heard that the Eclipse and the Axis Heaven Goddess have a special position within the Ascension Sect…”

Yixian muttered, “Yu’Er, Mei’Er…”

Yi Ping was also muttering, “Yu’Er, Mei’Er. Why are you there?”

Yunzi said, “Ping’Er, you have to trust them.”

Youxue said coldly as she lifted her mesmerizing eyes, “I remember that they have said that they will a plan when we are here. So that is their plan? To join the enemy?”

Yi Ping muttered, “That is the plan? I don’t get it…”

Lele pondered mischievously, “Hah! That is a good plan. If they join with the enemies, then naturally the enemies will be their friends! Do you think it will be alright if we swear fealty to the Holy Ascension Sect too?”

Lie Qing groaned, “Lele! This is not the time to joke…”

Lele protested unhappily, “It is Joyful Goddess! These celestials here have sharp ears. You are not supposed to let them know my name!”

Indeed, she was right.

Since they had seated themselves at the golden section, hundreds of celestials were secretly looking in their way and were all paying attention at their every single move!

Ouyang Feipeng the Windy Blade waved his fan as he smiled at Lele. He was seated near them, separated only by a stair that acted as barricade.

Lele said coldly, “Aren’t you shameless? I am the consort of Yi Ping and am happily married to him. So don’t you look at me in this vile manner!”

Ouyang Feipeng was startled. He was a renowned as a dashing celestial and was greatly admired by many of the celestial maidens. Even if a maiden had shown no interest in him, it was unlikely that she would rebuke him so harshly in front of so many!

This caused him to be embarrassed and he was smiling weakly.

But he was secretly thinking, “Since this maiden here is a consort of this Yi Ping, so does this means that the other maidens here are unattached?”

He secretly looked at Yunzi, Youxue, the Stellar Heaven Fairy, Lie Qing and others as he thought happily. “Oh well. Except for the Ascension Goddess and that Maiden Ziyan, I guess I shouldn’t have a problem handling them…”

It was not that he was not interested in the Ascension Goddess and Maiden Ziyan. It was because he was afraid that they may be too much for him to handle and he would be in a bad receiving end!

Lele was rebuking the other celestials as well, “What are you all looking at?”

Immediately, many of the celestials became flustered and had averted their eyes!

In the meantime, the Stellar Heaven Fairy was muttering, “This is the Golden Ascension Hall? I have only heard of this place but have never been here…”

Shen Xingyue was also thinking, “For many years, I have dreamed that I will be able to step into the Golden Ascension Hall of the Ascension Clan one day. Today I have finally realized my dreams but why is that I am feeling nothing now?”

The Goddess Celestial Alice handed over the Astronomic Eulogy to Lady Snowflake as she looked at Yi Ping secretly before she closed her eyes to meditate. She had expended a great deal of her internal strength for Yi Ping and needed rest.

As Lady Snowflake received the Astronomic Eulogy, she was trembling lightly as she thought. “This is the Sacred Sword of the Seven Stars and it is in my hands now…”

She had never expected that she would be holding a divine sword of such a divine caliber in her hands one day!

She had a sudden thought as she looked at the meditating Goddess Celestial Alice, “Is this the legendary divine sword of the Goddess Celestial Alice, the Celestial Alice? According to the Thousand Memories Sacrosanct, it is said that the Celestial Alice Divine Sword is the only thing under the heavens that can control the Goddess Celestial Alice and revealed the secrets of heavens. If this divine sword is really the Celestial Alice, does it mean that I can use it to control the Goddess Celestial Alice?”

Her eyes beamed, “Then I will be the most powerful celestial in the entire Celestial Realm…”

Her thoughts were soon interrupted by the thunderous voice of the Lord Supreme as the entire Golden Ascension Hall resounded loudly, “You must all be wondering why the Holy Ascension Sect is holding such a congregation. A gathering of such magnitude has never been held before in the entire Celestial Realm. Hundreds of celestial clans, thousands of you now stand in this place!”

The Lord Supreme continued solemnly, “As all of you are aware, the Ancient Celestials are the first generation celestial practitioners to have ascended the Celestial Realm. There used to be thousands of us…”

He looked at the Immortal Saint of Swords, the Universal Old Man and the Heaveness with a soft sigh, “Time passed. There are not many of us that are left now. Most are killed by their divine tribulations or in the Stellar Sanctuary. The few of us that are left now are the most powerful of the Ancient Celestials and the last of the Ancient Celestials, having survived numerous cycles of divine tribulations or the death traps that are in the Stellar Sanctuary.”

He looked up melancholy, “Why the Stellar Sanctuary? Most of you have come to the Celestial Realm when most of the Ancient Celestials are no longer here. All of you must have already know why the Ancient Celestials are obsessed with the Stellar Sanctuary and why countless number of second generation celestial practitioners are the same.”

Yi Ping was thinking, “Why? Because they want to be immortal practitioners?”

The Universal Old Man sighed softly as he muttered, “The last tribulation of the celestial practitioners is the Heavenly Wrath. Without the artifacts that are inside the Stellar Sanctuary to aid them, very few celestials are able to survive their first Heavenly Wrath. We are like moths that are drawn to the fire…”

Lingfeng muttered softly, “The three major tribulations of the celestial practitioners…the Divine Calamity, the Divine Wrath and the Heavenly Wrath…”

The Stellar Heaven Fairy was trembling as she recalled her Divine Calamity before she ascended to the Celestial Realm.

She said quietly, “Every one hundred years, we have to suffer the divine retributive fire from the heavens above. Failure to overcome it will turn us to ashes…that is our divine tribulations…”

The Ascension Goddess recalled her first Divine Wrath that she had in the Celestial Realm, “The cleansing fire of the divine tribulations will only get stronger each time and tested the celestial practitioner to the limit. Therefore, the celestial practitioner has to better themselves or be consumed by the Divine Tribulations. However, that is not really an easy thing to do and to overcome…even with the aid of the Celestium Silk and my divine sword. Sixty percent of the celestial practitioners are not able to survive their first Divine Wrath.”

Lingfeng said quietly to her group using her Divine Whisper, “Ninety percent of the first generation celestial practitioners can’t survive their first Divine Tribulation in the Celestial Realm. Because the second generation celestial practitioners have to face the Divine Calamities in the lower realm and are better prepared than the first generation celestials, they have a better survival rate than the first generation celestial practitioners. Celestial practitioners in the Celestial Realm must face the Divine Wrath nine times before they can attain the indestructible soul stage. Then they can consider as one with the Ancient Celestials. Even the oldest second generation celestials have not gone through more than five Divine Wrath cycles…”

The Goddess Celestial Alice had heard her as she discreetly whispered to her ears only, “And even the oldest first generation celestials have not gone through more than five Heavenly Wrath too. It seems that the limits for the Ancient Celestials are the Sixth Heavenly Wrath Tribulation.”

When Lingfeng had heard that, she was secretly startled and looked at meditating ‘Maiden Ziyan’ who had her eyes closed!

All of a sudden, she had a thought. “What if someone manage to overcome the Ninth Heavenly Wrath? What happens afterward?”

One Divine Wrath and Heavenly Wrath Tribulation was a hundred years in the Celestial Realm or a thousand years in the lower realm!

Shen Xingyue was also thinking quietly as she looked at Yi Ping with a soft sigh, “Ping’Er…but you are not him…he is the only person that I know that has an easier time in overcoming the Divine Calamities than any of us. In fact, it seems very apparent to all of us at that time that he would surely overcome all the tribulations and reached the Celestial Realm. But are you him? Till now, all the divine calamities that you have encountered are shared with us. But what if you are to overcome your own divine calamity alone? What if it is the same, then are you really him?”

Her eyes were beaming with fears, “That auspicious rainbow that we saw in the Astronomic Stellar Formation is the same one that I saw when I met him again when he had just overcome his Divine Calamity and had become a celestial practitioner. Given the divine enlightenment of the Heaveness, the Eclipse Heaven Goddess and the Axis Heaven Goddess it is possible that they have already attained the indestructible soul stage and can be reborn. But he has not…”

Yunzi and Youxue had suddenly noticed that Shen Xingyue was melancholy. But they did not dare to ask her. They guessed that Shen Xingyue and Ye Yin must have mixed feelings when they had set foot here; it was because they were the Supreme Celestials of the Holy Ascension Sect and they had pledged themselves to the Ascendant Fire, the divine symbol of the Ascension Sect!

Yi Ping had a sudden thought so he whispered to Lingfeng, “But at the Astronomic Stellar Formation, we have faced the Heavenly Wrath and have almost lost our lives. Because we have faced the Heavenly Wrath and have survived, are we considered to be Ancient Celestials now?”

Lele laughed softly, “You think too simple. You didn’t listen properly. We have to survive nine Divine Wraths in order to awaken as an Ancient Celestial. These nine Divine Wraths get increasing more powerful each time…”

Lingfeng used her Divine Whisper as she did a rapid calculation with her fingers, “I have recalculated many times. That is when you are wrong, Lele. The moment that you have managed to overcome the Heavenly Wrath, you are already on the same level of divinity as the Ancient Celestials!”

Lele protested with a soft mutter, “The Joyful Goddess…”

Yi Ping and everyone were startled as they gasped out!

Many of the other celestials around them turned a curious glance in their direction and were wondering what the commotion was about!

Even the Ascension Goddess was muttering, “How is that possible? I don’t feel it…”

Lingfeng used her Divine Whisper on the group again as she sighed softly, “I find it hard to believe too but it is the truth. It is just that none of you have the state of divinity to awaken as Ancient Celestials yet. The powers of the Heavenly Wraths that have befallen on us are so terrifying that I can’t believe that we have actually survived it that six hours ordeal. Even with the aid of the Golden Kirin, it is really improbably that we can survive. But always at the most crucial moment, the terrifying powers of the Heavenly Wrath seem to have withdrawn just as quickly and did not persist for too long. Maybe it is because of that auspicious celestial rainbow. We are really very fortunate. I will say too fortunate to be true. The number of Divine Calamities that we have to overcome is really too many. It is like a dream that we have all survived.”

In fact, none of them really had any lasting memories of the Divine Calamities that they had overcome. They had fallen unconscious during the battle so many times and were always at their physical limits…

“But…” She looked at everyone with a solemn expression, “Hmm, it is most intriguing. If that is the case, if all of you manage to awaken then this will be the first time that second generation celestials are able to become Ancient Celestials. The first time in ages that there are new Ancient Celestials…”

Lele was elated but Yixian said gently to her, “Don’t be too happy yet. I have paid the price for quick escalation in the past. By skipping nine Divine Wraths at a single outcome, our mortal bodies will be unprepared for the next forthcoming divine tribulation which is the evolved Heavenly Wrath. The purposes of the Divine Wraths are also there to prepare and to fortify us until we are ready for our next divine tribulations and prepared for the next level of divinity. That won’t be good for us.”

Lele was startled as she had a sudden realization, “We will die the next time…”

The Ascension Goddess nodded slowly as she closed her eyes while muttering a soft sigh, “That is right. That will be our fates and there will be no escaping.”

Lele was petrified as she muttered, “We…will die…”

Yixian smiled gently. Having come close to dying many times, she was unconcerned.

Lingfeng looked at Yixian quietly. She may be the only one in this group that may awaken to become an Ancient Celestial. However, she was unsure if Yixian may survive her next divine tribulation which was the terrifying Heavenly Wrath which caused fear to even the most powerful Ancient Celestials!

Yixian smiled gently to Lele, “Nothing is immortal forever. Only the heavens are everlasting. I think that is a good thing. Tyrants can only rule for a time and not forever. The new generations are able to succeed the mantle of the wise and to uphold it. If the older generations do not give way to the next generation then there will be no opportunities for the newer generation.”

Lie Qing sighed softly, “I do not agree. That is how conflicts always start. If the rulers are wise sages and they are able to rule forever, then there will be no more conflicts.”

The Stellar Heaven Fairy whispered softly, “I disagree with you, Qing’Er. If the newer generations are not respectful to the achievements of the older generations, then conflicts will still arise.”

Youxue was amused as she said, “Maybe we should pay attention to the Lord Supreme first rather than engage in a debate. The last time that all of you had a debate, it takes a full three days for anyone of you to be pacified!”

Yi Ping smiled bitterly at that. When these maidens had any disagreements, the arguments that they had often took a long while to die down, often settled when another new argument had started!

Yunzi said quietly, “I am more curious about the real identities of Yu’Er and Mei’Er. The Lord Supreme seems to be more forgiving towards them than our Sister Ye Yin and Sister Xingyue here.”

The Ascension Goddess said quietly, “I do not know either…”

The Lord Supreme thundered throughout the Golden Ascension Hall, silencing everyone and forcing everyone to look in his direction. “You must all be wondering why you are all here today. Why the leaders of hundreds of celestial clans, big or small is here today. If you observe the starry heavens, you must have observed that the Pinnacle Star has grown dim…”

Many of the celestials had all of a sudden become tense…

The Lord Supreme continued; his thunderous voice trembled throughout the hall. “For those that are knowledgeable in astrology, you must have already noticed that the dimming of the Pinnacle Star is also related to the Unmoving Mountains. An earth shaking astrology event is about to befall the Unmoving Mountains. And anything that affects the Unmoving Mountains has to do with the Holy Ascension Sect!”

The ground beneath the Lord Supreme burst with martial force as he thundered, “The Holy Ascension Sect is one of the three major factions in the Celestial Realm. The demise of the Holy Ascension Sect will surely plunge the entire Celestial Realm into chaos and the dark celestial clans will be the ones that will come to dominate the entire Celestial Realm! When that time comes, hundreds of orthodox celestial clans will be destroyed!”

The Lord Supreme added solemnly, “For the past hundred years, how many new golden celestials are have ascended from the lower realm to the Celestial Realm? Very few! The lower realm is now dominated by conflicts and most of the celestial clans in the lower realm no longer exist, including the once influential Ascension Sect!”

Yu’Er nodded quietly to the Lord Supreme.

Once again, the celestials broke into thunderous uproars and mutterings!

Yi Ping was startled, “The demise of the Holy Ascension Sect? But isn’t the Holy Ascension Sect one of the most powerful celestial clans? The entire Celestial Realm will be purged into chaos? What can possibly destroy the Holy Ascension Sect? They are all super celestials…”

The Immortal Saint of Swords closed his eyes as he muttered quietly. But still, his soft murmurs could be heard clearly in the ears of many, “What have previously destroyed the Ancient Celestials in the lower realm will now happen to this generation too…”

Immortal Sword Zealot Sage was asking the same as the other celestial practitioners too, “Grand Patriarch, what is going on? Who is able to oppose the Holy Ascension Sect? Not even the Martial Deviant Clan and the Celestial Aiel Sect will dare to attack the Unmoving Mountains…”

An old man had stood up from the golden section and he was immediately recognized as Old Hare. Even though he had an ordinary celestial name but he was the grand patriarch of the Mythical Seal Clan and was also an Ancient Celestial!

Old Hare said solemnly, his voice resonated clearly amidst the outbursts of the other celestial practitioners. “The Martial Deviant Clan and the Celestial Aiel Sect are already on the move here!”

If it comes from Old Hare, then this news must be true! Many of the celestial practitioners were stunned at this proclamation!

“Even if we are not here, they cannot get past the defense formations and the many super celestials of the Holy Ascension Sect!”

“These dark celestial clans will be so bold?”

“These dark celestials are also led by highly attained Golden Celestials but they have already turned to the dark side.”

“Why will they want come here? We are all here now. Isn’t that foolish for them to do so?”

The Lord Supreme continued thunderously, “It is because the Stellar Sanctuary will soon descend on the Unmoving Mountains. We are not the only ones that know that the Stellar Sanctuary will make its next appearance here. Only the next appearance of the Stellar Sanctuary have the power to destroy the Holy Ascension Sect!”

This time, thousands of celestial practitioners were dazzled by this earthshaking announcement!

It was because seeking out the Stellar Sanctuary was the life goals of virtually all the celestial practitioners!

They were actually so close to the next appearance of the Stellar Sanctuary which would only appear briefly for only three months! This was something unheard of and a most excellent opportunity!

Most of the celestial practitioners here had never stepped into the Stellar Sanctuary and were eager to experience the trials that were in it.

However, that was not the only reason. The martial treasures that were rumored to be in the Stellar Sanctuary were the most tempting reason and an opportunity to be stronger than what they were now; the celestial practitioners that had entered the Stellar Sanctuary emerged stronger and possessed fighting experiences that could not be learnt by the other celestial practitioners that had never experienced the Stellar Sanctuary!

Once the news of the Stellar Sanctuary had descended on the Unmoving Mountains spread, all the celestial practitioners regardless of factions or whether they were neutral celestial clans were be rushing to reach the Stellar Sanctuary. Even if the powerful Holy Ascension Sect was in these mountains, the combined numbers of all the celestial clans could not be underestimated!

The Lord Supreme continued, “That is why you are all here. You are here to share in the spoils of the Stellar Sanctuary. However before that can happen, we must battle the hostile celestial clans that will be making their way here first…”

He laughed aloud, “They will think that we will be in the Stellar Sanctuary but in actual fact, we will still be waiting outside the Stellar Sanctuary while we anticipate their approach.”

Many of the celestials shifted uncomfortably. It was not because they felt uncomfortable to ambush their opponents. Rather, they were afraid that they would be felt behind while only the selected celestial clans would be allowed into the Stellar Sanctuary!

The Lord Supreme seemed to read their thoughts as he thundered mightily, “I can assure you that none of you will be left behind. We will only enter the Stellar Sanctuary once we have eliminated our opponents. In this way, we can avert this forthcoming crisis, deny the dark celestial clans the chance to enter the Stellar Sanctuary and bring down some of their most powerful exponents!”

His golden eyes began to flicker as he continued, “Even if we lay in wait for them for one month, I can assure you that we will not have wasted time. Even if you think you are good enough, you are certainly not good enough to break through the many levels of the Stellar Sanctuary without my guidance and will only throw your lives unnecessary in there. There are certain floors in the Stellar Sanctuary that are so confusing that you can spend weeks moving in the same level. Am I right to say so, the Universal Old Man and the Heaveness?”

He looked at the Universal Old Man and Lingfeng with a mocking look.

Lingfeng hummed coldly while the Universal Old Man grumbled, “I didn’t come here to help you…”

The entire hall burst into another thunderous uproar when the names of the Universal Old Man and the Heaveness had been announced!

Some of the more experienced celestials had already know that Yi Ping’s group had two Ancient Celestials but they had never expected that it would be the Universal Old Man and the Heaveness who were two of seven most powerful celestial fighters from a long time ago!

“They are the Universal Old Man and the Heaveness!?”

“This alluring maiden is actually the Heaveness?”

“No wonder they have no divine swords. Maybe it is because they have already reached the divine level of using anything as their weapons…”

Yi Ping was not happy. It was because there was going to be further bloodshed!

Therefore he stood up with the intentions of confronting the Lord Supreme; this startled his consorts!

The Ascension Goddess turned ashen as she quickly whispered, “Ping’Er, where are you going?”

Shen Xingyue said panicky, “Ping’Er, wait! Surely, you are not thinking of…”

But Yi Ping reflexes were too quick and as he got up to leap down from the platform, he saw the meditating Maiden Ziyan who was sitting in a cross legged position and was startled to accidentally see what he should not see from his position!

At the same time, the Goddess Celestial Alice had just opened her eyes and sighed softly. “It is done! I have finally regained the crux of my internal strength…”

All of a sudden, Yi Ping became panicky; he was so flustered that he forgot that he was about to leap down the platform to confront the Lord Supreme that he tripped and fell headlong into the Goddess Celestial Alice!

The Goddess Celestial Alice was also panicky when she had saw Yi Ping tripping and falling onto her!

She could have easily pushed him away but because she did not want to hurt him and because she was panicky, she lost her natural reflexes momentarily!

And Yi Ping had fallen into her face, he had accidentally kissed her on her lips! As they both reacted panicky at the same time, they were tripping over each other until Yi Ping was lying on top of her!

Yi Ping was stunned and he panicky apologized, “Maiden Ziyan! I didn’t do it on purpose! I trip…”

All of a sudden, he had realized that his hands were on her bosoms that he became even more flustered. As he got up, the Goddess Celestial Alice Goddess was doing the same too and they both tripped over one another again!

The Goddess Celestial Alice felt an electrifying sensation pulsing through her and she felt weak as she struggled to free herself, thinking at the same time. “This feeling…the same feeling as the last time…”

But she quickly rebuked him shyly, “What are you doing? Hands off me immediately!”

Yi Ping was stammering, “I didn’t do that on purpose really…”

At the same time, Yi Ping’s consorts were horrified and the other celestial practitioners were all looking in their direction!

Even the Lord Supreme was stunned for words and the entire Golden Ascension Hall was suddenly extremely quiet!

Yi Ping could only smile awkwardly as he muttered, “That is not what you all think…I have just accidentally tripped…as simple as that…”

Ouyang Feipeng the Windy Blade hummed coldly, “Lies! That is the oldest trick in the book! You have actually used such a dirty trick in the presence of so many eminent celestial practitioners to dishonor a maiden. Despicable!”

Many of the celestial practitioners were also burning with anger against Yi Ping as they all rose up!

The Northern Tyrant was also shouting, “Does the Lord of the Tranquil City so belittle all of us here that he thinks that he can get away from outraging the modesty of a maiden in our presence? Even if they are acquaintances, this place is a public place and is the Golden Ascension Hall of the Holy Ascension Sect! This is such an insolent disrespect to the host!”

Lady Snowflake hummed coldly, “The Erudite Sect may be a small sect but do you think you can get away with such an action in broad daylight?”

Lele had grabbed Yi Ping aside as she looked at him woefully, “What do you think you are doing?!”

Lingfeng was in disbelief, “You clumsy oaf!”

Yi Ping stammered for words but there were none as he looked all the celestial practitioners that were looking in his direction and at all his consorts who were looking at him with a stunned expression, “I…I…no…that…I…I….not…what…you…all…think…I saw her…I fall…”