A Martial Odyssey Book 2: The Celestial Realm – Chapter 43

The Goddess Celestial Alice

The Erudite Sect was a minor celestial clan in the Celestial Realm and on numerous times, was on the verge of destruction. In order to survive in the harsh realities of the Celestial Realm, it was forced eventually to become a dark celestial realm.

Lady Snowflake was the present protégé mistress of the Erudite Sect. She was also the high priestess of the Erudite Sect. The Erudite Sect was forbidden to men and their protégés were priestesses of the Goddess Theocracy, a mysterious religion that was dedicated to the Goddess Celestial Alice of the Ninth Heavens. It was a secret celestial religion that most celestials would never have heard of or known.

This must be the most peaceful year that Lady Snowflake had seen in decades. It was because the rise of the Holy Ascension Sect had force many warring celestial clans to come to a truce and to unite against a common enemy, with each celestial clan trying to preserve as much strength as possible.

She was sitting in her throne room and was scantily dressed as she said nonchalantly to her protégés, numbering a dozen. “We need the mines to be functional as quickly as possible. We do need to find as much precious metals as possible to bribe the other powerful celestial clans. Or else our mountains won’t be our mountains and our clan won’t be our clan pretty soon.”

Maiden Ziyue, a golden celestial and who was also her next successor immediately said solemnly. “The miners are working round the clock to clear the collapse mine. Precious metals and celestium rocks are really too rare. I am afraid that our mountains have already been depleted of such precious resources…”

Lady Snowflake hummed coldly, “Then so will be our clan! How do you expect me to be answerable to the past protégé mistress before me? Ziyue, you are the next Erudite Lady. You have to see the wider picture. Give the orders to double the manpower and push to clear the mines within this week. Is that understood?”

Maiden Ziyue sighed softly, “Yes, my protégé mistress…”

“When has the Erudite Sect becomes such a pathetic clan?” A veiled maiden with a three pink petals on her forehead and carrying a white long sword had walked quietly into the hall.

She walked elegantly to them and was extremely composed. There was no doubt about it that she was extremely confident of herself!

Lady Snowflake, Maiden Ziyue and all the other protégés had suddenly turned ashen. It was because there was an intruder in the hall and yet none of them was aware of it until now!

There was no doubt that she was a highly skilled and highly attained celestial practitioner for her to mask her presence so discreetly!

Lady Snowflake managed a weak smile, “Since you have heard us, you must have overheard that we are quite poor now. May we know your clan of origin and your celestial name so that we can pay our dearest homage to you?”

The mysterious veiled maiden pondered coldly, “Who am I? Maybe that is not as important as asking who you are first?”

Lady Snowflake smiled weakly, “Since you are already here. Surely you must have already known who I am. Is there a need for me to introduce myself?”

The mysterious veiled maiden said, “I really do not know. Just who are you?”

Not only Lady Snowflake was smiling bitterly, all her protégés were also smiling bitterly.

Maiden Ziyue and all her fellow protégés had all drawn their long swords as they shouted to her, “How insolent can you be! We may be a small clan but we won’t be cowed by you! Protégé sisters, let teach her a lesson…”

But before she could finish, the mysterious veiled maiden was in front of her, seized her long sword, given her a tight slap in a blink of an eye and had floored her to the ground!

Maiden Ziyue was dumbfounded!

Her movements were simply too astonishing!

Actually her martial skills were not weak and she was a golden celestial. Speed attacks and fast movements were not effective on a golden celestial like her. Only martial power and strength actually counts. But today, she had actually been surprised by such an astonishing speed that she could not even see or sense!

Lady Snowflake smiled bitterly, “I am Lady Snowflake. Just who are you?”

All of a sudden, she gathered her robe and said coldly. “However, this is my sacred abode and the forbidden ground of the past patriarchs of the Erudite Sect. I won’t let you disturb their rest even if it cost me my life.”

The mysterious veiled maiden said coldly, “Maybe on account of that, I will be lenient towards you. On your knees and bow to me.”

Lady Snowflake and Maiden Ziyue hummed coldly at the same time, “No way!”

Lady Snowflake said coldly, “We have our pride and integrity…”

The mysterious veiled maiden interrupted coldly, “From now onwards, I will take charge of here and I will be your new protégé mistress.”

Lady Snowflake said aloud, “Take her out!”

Immediately, all her protégés brandished their long swords towards her!

The mysterious veiled maiden brandished her long sword! Immediately there was a thunderous shockwave that rippled throughout the entire hall as she thrust her sword into the ground!

The imploding shockwaves rippled and floored everyone to the ground with serious internal injuries!

Lady Snowflake coughed out blood as she looked at the mysterious veiled maiden with stunned expression, “This is our Erudite Impact Technique. This is even more refine and powerful than mine. How dare you steal and learn our secret technique!”

The mysterious veiled maiden said coldly as she unveiled herself, “Look closely who I am.”

Lady Snowflake was stunned at her exquisite beauty. This maiden was indeed very beautiful and gave everyone the impression that she was an unearthly maiden. But there was something really familiar about her that she could not remember right away!

Lady Snowflake stammered out, “I don’t know you…”

The mysterious maiden interrupted, “In the secret chamber of the Erudite Sect, there is a statue…”

Lady Snowflake was startled, “No one except the protégé mistresses of the Erudite Sect is supposed to know about the secret chamber. Much less anything about anything inside and not that statue…”

All of a sudden, she had frozen into place!

It was because she had discovered that this unearthly maiden really resembled the statue in the secret chamber!

The unearthly maiden said coldly, “Very good. You seem to have recalled who I am.”

Lady Snowflake gasped, “This is impossible….Even though it is our duty as priestess to continue the practice of the Erudite Sect but….”

The unearthly maiden interrupted coldly, “You must not doubt. It is because you are the high priestess and moreover, I am now standing in front of you. I am a real Goddess and by your finite understandings, you cannot comprehend my infinite existence.”

All of a sudden, the unearthly maiden flickered and everyone felt powerless as they fell onto the ground awed by her presence!

Her aura was completely different from an Ancient Celestial!

Lady Snowflake gasped to her, “You are really…”

She quickly said panicky, “All Erudite protégés, quickly bow down and beg for our apologies!”

Maiden Ziyue coughed weakly, “Protégé mistress, we don’t have to be afraid of her! She is alone and when help comes, we will be able to deal with her…”

Lady Snowflake said sternly, “Shut up! Do you know who she is? How dare you be disrespectful to her! She is none other than the Goddess Celestial Alice!”

Maiden Ziyue and all the protégés stared at the unearthly maiden in disbelief. There were several mutterings, “She is really the Goddess Celestial Alice?”

Lady Snowflake had immediately fallen on her knees, “May the Eternal Goddess forgives us for our insolences! We really do not know the Eternal Goddess is coming!”

When the protégés of the Erudite Sect saw that even their protégé mistress was willing to kneel and bow in front of her, they began to panic too and did the same!

Maiden Ziyue was stammering, “May the Eternal Goddess forgives me. I really didn’t know it is you…”

The priestesses of the Erudite Sect had a belief that was different from the rest of the celestials in the Celestial Realm. They believed that the Goddess Celestial Alice was a true Immortal and that she had descended from the Immortal Realm to aid the true celestial practitioners in the past!

The Goddess Celestial Alice said nonchalantly as she threw a pouch on the ground, “Take these divine pills to treat your injuries. Not only will your injuries will be as new, your martial strength will also see a marked improvement.”

Maiden Ziyue took the pouch and looked at the contents inside. Because she knew herbalism and was well versed with the different divine pills in the Celestial Realm, one look and one sniff was enough to cause her to gasp aloud as she wept emotionally. “This…this! Protégé mistress and everyone! These are really the Negative Core Divine Pills!”

Everyone was stunned!

One Negative Core Divine Pill was rare enough but there were now a handful in their hands! This was enough to spark a full scale celestial war in the entire Celestial Realm!

Lady Snowflake smiled, “I am sure there are many more celestial treasures that the Eternal Goddess will share with us if we are obedient.”

She paused for a while before she asked respectfully, “May we know what instructions the Eternal Goddess has for us by gracing us with your presence?”

The Goddess Celestial Alice said, “Firstly, brief me about the happenings of the Celestial Realm since the founding of the Erudite Sect. Secondly, mobilize some of your protégés to go to the Unmoving Mountains…”

The Lady Snowflake was startled as she quickly explained, “The Holy Ascension Sect now occupies the Unmoving Mountains and is a major celestial clan that is not to be trifled with. We are really going there?”

The Goddess Celestial Alice nodded slowly, “We have to. The next appearance of the Stellar Sanctuary will be there.”

The Lady Snowflake and the other protégés were startled. To their knowledge, no one could predict the coming of the Stellar Sanctuary. This only convinced them that this mysterious maiden that had suddenly appeared here today was really the Goddess Celestial Alice!

They had never been to the Stellar Sanctuary and had only heard of the fabulous treasures that were in there. Their founder, the Lady Aries was an Ancient Celestial and a strong celestial in the Celestial Realm. But she had perished in the Stellar Sanctuary. From that point onward, the Erudite Sect slipped into decline and had even become a dark celestial clan.

Lady Snowflake stammered, “We are really going there? To the Stellar Sanctuary? I have heard that it is really a most dangerous place…”

The Goddess Celestial Alice said casually, “Indeed it is and the whole lot of you will surely perish in there. It is because you will be tempted to push beyond your luck. Only the caution and the skilled may survive there. But don’t you worry about that. My instructions to you will be simple. Just escort me to the Unmoving Mountains.”

Lady Snowflake asked respectfully, “Please forgive your ignorant follower. Is there a reason why the Eternal Goddess wants to go to the Stellar Sanctuary? They are all going to the Stellar Sanctuary to become an immortal being. Surely, the Eternal Goddess does not have to go there?”

The Goddess Celestial Alice muttered softly, “It is because he will be likely be there…if he is, then I just want to have a look at him…”

Lady Snowflake was stunned as she thought, “Who is he? Surely the Eternal Goddess is above all mortal emotions?”