A Martial Odyssey Book 2: The Celestial Realm – Chapter 42

The Astronomic Eulogy Divine Sword

When the Immortal Sword Zealot Sage saw the three pink petals that were on Maiden Ziyan’s forehead, he was slightly taken aback.

Many of the powerful celestials in the golden section of the Golden Ascension Hall immediately rose to their feet to take a curious look!

Many of the celestials were also muttering at the same time, “She has already opened her Heaven Eyes but her protégé mistress has not. Isn’t that a strange thing?”

Normally, the celestials that had their Heaven Eyes opened were the founders or the protégé masters of their clans due to higher attainment. That were what the majority of the celestial practitioners had thought when they saw a large number of powerful celestial lords had suddenly rose to their feet!

However, even though the opening of the Heaven Eyes were a rare occurrence, it was still not enough to cause so many of the highly attained celestials to take an interested look. Even some of the celestials that were still closing their eyes had suddenly opened their eyes!

Yi Ping and his group were startled for an entire different reason!

It was because everyone had their own unique aura and it was something that most celestials would not forget even if they had not met for a long time or even when their present state of divinity had changed!

So precise was the Ascension Goddess aura sensing ability that she could differentiate attacks and anyone even if she was blind-folded.

As for the Universal Old Man, Shen Xingyue, Lingfeng, Yu’Er and Mei’Er, their celestial sense was highly attuned so it was not possible for anyone to mask their unique aura from them either.

This sense of identification applied to most of the highly attained celestials!

But the forbidding heavenly maiden was able to hide her aura so completely that she was able to fool the formidable celestials that she had encountered before.

But Yi Ping seemed to have recognized her…

The forbidding heavenly maiden asked softly while her head was still lowered, “How do you know?”

Yi Ping muttered, “Your eyes…I can never forget your eyes…”

Not only the auras of each individual were unique, the eyes of each individual were also unique!

Except that it was a lot more difficult to tell from eyes alone!

The forbidding heavenly maiden slowly raised her head and looked into Yi Ping’s eyes. It was because she could not forget that day either in the epicenter of the Astronomic Stellar Formation as they looked at each other in the same way…

When the Astronomic Stellar Formation was breaking apart, she had not only sustained a huge blow to her attainment strength as she shared a soul link to the Astronomic Stellar Formation, she had to face her long due heavenly tribulation.

At that time, she had stumbled into the dark abyss and the black hole underneath was sucking her into it.

All of a sudden, a strong hand had grabbed her and that was Yi Ping!

All of a sudden, her heart had skipped a beat as she could feel the warmth of his hand and his passionate desire to save her. This had the effect of warming her heart and changed her death wish.

“The warmth of his hands. Is it really him!?”

All of a sudden, she felt that life had a purpose and that she did not want to die anymore and her resolute was strengthened!

However, she did not want Yi Ping to perish along with her so she pushed him off; she had already felt his faltering strength and if Yi Ping did not let go soon, he too would be dragged into the dark abyss.

That was also the last time Yi Ping had seen her…

In the dark abyss, she had descended slowly until she had reached the ground.

The gravity of the black hole drained her already weak physical body while she was inside the dark abyss. She popped a Negative Core Divine Pill into her mouth before she closed her eyes in the dark abyss as she meditated quietly while she waited for the worse of the heavenly tribulation to arrive.

She had to recover as quickly as possible!

Her will may be resolute but her body was weak.

She thought, “This is the end of me. It is too late for regrets now…”

Suddenly, she opened her eyes. It was because her hyper sense detected a familiar approach!

Very soon, two Golden Kirins had approached from the dark recess of the darkness and they were bellowing for their mistress!

The forbidding heavenly maiden could only sighed softly, “I am too weak to even stand…”

One of the Golden Kirins had a white long sword in its jaws and dropped it gently on the ground in front of her.

This white long sword was a divine sword in the immortal class type of the Celestial Alice and the Heavenly Earth Sword. Even the raging powers of the black hole vortexes were not able to lift it from the ground even though nothing was holding the divine sword in place!

The forbidding heavenly maiden was startled as she touched her sword with trembling fingers as she said to the Golden Kirins, “You have actually brought my Astronomic Eulogy with you…”

“How long has it been? How many millenniums now? I am sorry that I have sealed you for so long but it is essential that I used you. This powerful Astronomic Stellar Formation requires a divine sword to be used as the heart of the Astronomic Stellar Formation. Now that the Epicenter Eye is destroyed, you are freed now. Do you blame me?”

The Astronomic Eulogy responded by glowing brilliantly!

The forbidding heavenly maiden gasped softly, “You are not angry with me? You are willing to fight alongside with me?”

The Astronomic Eulogy responded by reverberating soundly and its halo was even brighter than before!

The forbidding heavenly maiden was moved as she smiled weakly, “Good!”

She looked at the Golden Kirins, “I have a rude request. It is alright not to accede to it. You have met the group of intruders am I right? The breaking up of the Astronomic Stellar Formation will surely invite the Divine Calamities. You have seen the group that I have brought in earlier. I want you to aid them. But no matter what, you must escape from this dark abyss as quickly as possible. It is because an Immortal Wrath will strike soon and it is extremely dangerous even for divine beasts like you.”

The two Golden Kirins bemoaned for a while and one of the Golden Kirins had suddenly departed!

The forbidding heavenly maiden gasped, “Why don’t you leave?!”

The Golden Kirin that had stayed behind howled melancholy!

The forbidding heavenly maiden was so moved that she wept, “You! Do you know that it is a certain death if you stay here? You are freed! Why don’t you go? Go back to the Fifth Heavens where you belonged!”

But the Golden Kirin howled even more woefully, refusing to move a single inch!

The forbidding heavenly maiden nodded tearfully, “Since you have already made up your mind, it is futile to say more.”

The Golden Kirin howled loudly and stomped its claws on the ground!

The forbidding heavenly maiden laughed softly, “Stop poking fun at your mistress? Did I really cry just now? I am a highly attained immortal that is above all mortal affections. It is just the sands. This place is really dusty…you know…”