A Martial Odyssey Book 2: The Celestial Realm – Chapter 37


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The Epicenter of the Astronomic Stellar Formation

All of a sudden, Yi Ping gasped aloud. “Lele, your forehead?!”

Everyone had noticed that there was a pink mark on her forehead!

Lele immediately unsheathed her Divine Echo as she looked at her reflection with a surprise gasp, “What is this?”

The Stellar Heaven Fairy immediately said with a trembling voice, “That is because Lele’s cosmos channel has been cleared. She has now broken through her Heavens Way accupoint, a hint that she is oneness with the heavens now. In short, she has now awakened her heaven eye and attained perennial perfection!”

Even the Ascension Goddess was startled, “Perennial perfection?!”

Yu’Er nodded slowly, “That is right. Only one-tenth of the practitioners that cleared their cosmos channel are able to attain perennial perfection as evidenced by a perennial mark on their forehead. This has to do more with luck than attainment itself.”

Lele was delighted as she laughed softly, “Really? I am so lucky…”

Lingfeng said quietly, “It is more than lucky. It is just freaking lucky. These sort of good things rarely happen to the lowly celestial practitioners! There is only one try and never a second chance. Therefore most celestial practitioners will rather wait until they are readied to clear their cosmos channel.”

The Universal Old Man added, “You must know that even for me, I am unable to open my heaven eyes even though my cosmos channel has already been cleared. The Heaveness is renowned for her Heaven Eyes Divine Skill in the past…”

He immediately kept quiet for he had suddenly realized that he had said the wrong things.

Lingfeng smiled gently, “That’s alright. I don’t mind.”

The Universal Old Man’s expressions had suddenly become sorrowful. It was because even though Lingfeng could remember her past but unlike the Heaveness of old, she had not cleared her cosmos channel yet. Even if she were to clear her cosmos channel, there was also no guaranteed that she may awaken her heaven eyes. And without awakening her true heaven eyes, she was not able to fully utilize even a tenth of her Heaven Eyes Divine Skill!

The forbidding heavenly maiden turned around to hum coldly at them, “You better worry about following my pace first than engage in meaningless chat, if you value your life of course.”

Yi Ping smiled weakly, “Yes, of course…”

When they had reached the top of the white celestium platform, the grandeur of the white monument palace became more apparent and they were all in awe but at the same time, they were also taken aback at the two gigantic Golden Kirins that were standing on top of the platform; the two gigantic Golden Kirins were much larger, twice as huge as the Kirin that they had encountered earlier and much more terrifying than they had been expecting!

But the two Golden Kirins did not move an inch and was surprising docile as the forbidding heavenly maiden stopped in their midst!

The white celestium platform was extremely broad. At the end of it was a gigantic golden gate that was engraved with white dragon and phoenix heraldries.

Yunzi said all of a sudden, “Did you all notice that we can no longer hear the vibrations of the earthquakes?”

Lingfeng nodded, “That is because we have reached the formation eye of the Astronomic Stellar Formation. The eye of the storm is always calm…”

The Universal Old Man stammered in awe, “This…this is the true center of Astronomic Stellar Formation? We are finally here?”

All of a sudden, the forbidding heavenly maiden had turned around as she reverberated softly, “Hmph…One hundred!”

She appraised everyone coldly, “Good, you have all reached here at the count of a hundred…”

It was obvious that she had delayed the count until they had all reached the top!

Yi Ping muttered with startled expression, “Thanks…”

But the forbidding heavenly maiden did not even look at him as she said coldly to everyone, “The next part won’t be easy. I can’t be held responsible if you cannot follow me tight…”

At this moment, Yi Ping thoughts were in a state of confusion. “Who is she? She is really an Immortal Being? Why did she stay her hand? What is she up to? Surely she is not oblivious to the divine swords that we are carrying? And she knows the name of the Celestial Alice…”

There were many unanswered questions that Yi Ping had wanted to ask her. Where was she taking them? Was she really the mover of the mysterious Astronomic Stellar Formation?

But the heaviest thing that had weighed his heart was that he should not have raised his hand against her. After all, she had not harmed Lele and she was probably also the one that had called the Kirin off…

Yi Ping sighed softly…

Yi Ping was not the only one who was baffled. All the other maidens were all looking at one another secretly as they hinted their anxieties with their eyes. It was because they dare not use the Great Whispering Skill or even discussed their reservations openly lest they gave the forbidding heavenly maiden a hold over them.

They were all thinking the same; when Lele had tried to attack her, she had retaliated instinctively. However when Yi Ping had raised his hand against her, she did not even move an inch of a finger and had allowed herself to be slapped by him!

Yunzi was thinking, “Something isn’t right here. I can’t place a finger yet but it seems that we are walking into a trap…”

Yu’Er was also silently thinking as she stole a glance at Mei’Er, “My Midheaven Epiphanies can’t be wrong. If Mei’Er you can sense my thoughts, do you have the same feeling as me?”

Mei’Er nodded slowly but like Yu’Er, she dared not raised her suspicious. She could only ponder silently to herself, “Either something is very wrong with this place or her actions…”

Lingfeng was also quiet as she stole a glance at Yunzi, “Yunzi, among all the sisters you are the most intelligent. Can you tell me what is wrong? There is something amiss in this but I simply cannot pinpoint it. Am I overreacting? Or is she luring us to somewhere?”

She stole a glance at Yi Ping secretly. But when she caught sight of the Celestial Alice, she had suddenly turned ashen as she had a frightful thought. “The Celestial Alice! She did say that she is awakened by the Celestial Alice…No one except Yi Ping can carry the Celestial Alice…definitely not his enemies. Is she trying to lure and trick Yi Ping into taking the Celestial Alice to a place of her choosing?!”

But nevertheless, they were all forced to put their suspicious aside first. Even though some of them were already doubting if following her remained to be a correct choice but at the same time they did not want to lose sight of her; since she may be the only one that could show them a way out of the Astronomic Stellar Formation, they were forced to move quickly accordingly to her pace!