A Martial Odyssey Book 2: The Celestial Realm – Chapter 33

Destinies Reunited

The white blue lofty view of the hundreds of mountain peaks, misty clouds and celestial birds was breathtaking, if not awe-inspiring. The inspiring picturesque scenery was as though it had come straight from a scroll painting!

Yi Ping was lying on the grassy meadows on one of the lofty mountains. Beside him were eleven enchanting maidens who were chatting excitedly and there was one old man…

Lele tapped the Universal Old Man on his shoulder, “What did you come here for? You are spoiling our wedding ceremonial!”

The Universal Old Man smiled bitterly as he looked at the Heaveness, “It is you maidens that want me to be your witness here today…”

Lele waved her fingers, “It is them, not I. Why, you are thinking of barging into the bridal room later?”

When Yi Ping heard that, he began to cough aloud and he was suddenly flustered but he was not the only ones; all the other maidens were all flushing!

Lie Qing quickly said, “Sister, you….you are the one that has suggested it…”

The Universal Old Man was smiling bitterly…

Youxue said shyly, “This place seems deserted enough and far from prying eyes. I hope that this time there is no one else to disrupt our wedding.”

Yu’Er and Yunzi nodded quietly, followed by the Stellar Heaven Fairy.

The Stellar Heaven Fairy took the hands of Youxue, “Little Sister, this place is remote enough. Don’t worry.”

Yi Ping got up and glanced at Lingfeng, Yixian, Shen Xingyue and the Ascension Goddess. The last battle had taken a toll from them and their internal strength was spent. They would not be able to fully recovery in short notice.

The Ascension Goddess smiled weakly, “Why the look? You don’t trust me? Have I not proven my loyalty to the group…”

Yi Ping panicky said, “More than enough. You have nearly lost your life for us all. You shouldn’t have done so…”

The Ascension Goddess lowered her head shyly as she said weakly, “As long as you understand, that is enough for me!”

Yi Ping looked tenderly at her for a while before he said, “I don’t really understand. How did you manage to evade all the attacks of the Immortal Sword Aegis Sage and how did you manage to break through his defenses at the final moment?”

Shen Xingyue broke into an angelic smile, followed by several of the maidens that began to giggle. “Finally! We are all wondering when you will ask me this! Of all time, you have chosen to ask on our wedding day? Such spoiler!”

Yi Ping protested weakly, “I…You know that since that last battle, we are all injured and we haven’t got the time to talk. I am sure that you are all curious as well, right?”

All the other maidens broke into giggles and Mei’Er exclaimed aloud, “Why should we? We already know…”

Yi Ping was startled, “You have already queried Ye Yin?”

Yu’Er laughed softly, “That is right!”

When Yi Ping saw the transformation that was in Yu’Er and Mei’Er, he could hardly believe his eyes. He had only noticed a comforting golden glow when he had launched himself at the Immortal Saint of Swords but he had failed to notice that they had transfigured into Golden Celestials!

Their transfiguration was not just their eyes and state of divinity, Yi Ping could feel a comforting and soothing feeling when he was near them. It was this reassuring feeling that pulled him back from the brink of death!

He could scarcely believe that they were highly attained Heaven Goddesses of the Ascension Sect even though they were still calling him, “Master Yi Ping.” But sometimes they were heard calling him the, “White Sage.”

The Ascension Goddess gave a playful look before she said teasingly, “What is in for me if I tell you? Will I be the first one to enter the bridal chamber tonight?”

Yi Ping began to have a deep flush as he rubbed his nose with a sniff and a trickle of blood could be seen as he remembered her sensual body.

He began to stammer, “I…I…” but in the end, his mind was in a blank!

The Ascension Goddess laughed softly as she ended her tease, “The Inverting Eternal Occurrence may be a most epitome sword art but it also demands the full focus of the practitioner. That is the opening that I need to place my stroke!”

Yi Ping smiled bitterly.

That was because the way that she had phrased it was simply too casual and easy but in practice, it was almost impossible to execute!

Before anyone could do that, they would have been killed by the near impossible to evade sword energies of the Inverting Eternal Occurrence. If even the Ascension Goddess could not evade it, could anyone else have possibly evaded it?

Yi Ping muttered, “That is really too difficult.”

But the Ascension Goddess said solemnly, “If you have met the Immortal Saint of Swords again and you have to face his Inverting Eternal Occurrence, what are you doing to do about it?”

Yi Ping was momentarily stunned.

When the Universal Old Man saw that Yi Ping was stunned for words, he quickly said. “My protégé, don’t you worry too much. That old freak has suffered serious internal injuries. I say, he will need ten years to fully recover and I doubt that he will be able to use his Inverting Eternal Occurrence at any time soon!”

Lingfeng nodded as she gave Yi Ping an alluring smile, “You are already very impressive. I wish that I can witness your duel with the Immortal Saint of Swords.”

Yi Ping sighed softly to himself, “What if the Immortal Saint of Swords has a miracle pill or have powerful martial practitioners to aid him?” He knew that this would not be the last time that he had heard of him…

The Ascension Goddess knew that Yi Ping was troubled and she tried to cheer him up, “That’s right. I heard that…”

She gave him a smile, “That when you are challenging the Immortal Saint of Swords, you are calling my name?”

Yi Ping was suddenly very flustered.

The Ascension Goddess reprimanded him lightly, “That is so foolish of you to challenge the Immortal Saint of Swords alone. He is someone above our league.”

She looked at the Celestial Alice on his back quietly before saying, “I still don’t understand how you manage to overcome an opponent such as the Immortal Saint of Swords…”

The Ascension Goddess and Lingfeng were not the only ones feeling pitiful on missing the duel. Even Yixian and Shen Xingyue were secretly sighing softly!

They would not understand how a martial practitioner was able to withstand a powerful energy practitioner like the Immortal Saint of Swords, one fatal hit after another!

While Lie Qing had witnessed the duel, she felt regretful that she was not the one that had challenged the Immortal Sword Sages or else her name would be one of the three that Yi Ping would call out!

Yi Ping had taken out the Celestial Alice to examine it. This divine sword felt amazing light in his hands. He swung the Celestial Alice casually in his hand and immediately a powerful windforce flurried through the air, duplicating the effects of his Horizon Swordplay and Divine Horizon Hands except that he did not use much of an effort!

Yixian smiled gently at Yi Ping. In her eyes, there was only him!

As Yi Ping swung the Celestial Alice, he switched to hold it with both his hands before splitting the Celestial Alice effortlessly into the Celestial Antonym Alice and the Celestial Synonym Alice; at the split there were two rainbow halos enveloping the two divine swords!

The Celestial Synonym Alice was as light as the Celestial Alice in its original form. It did not become lighter while the Celestial Antonym Alice was surprising twice as heavier than the Celestial Alice and also twice as powerful!

As Yi Ping swung the Celestial Antonym Alice, the windforce that was generated had suddenly increased tremendously!

Lingfeng looked quietly at the Universal Old Man before saying, “I have heard of the Celestial Alice in the past. It was found in the thirty level of the Stellar Sanctuary. However, I didn’t know that it is actually two divine swords in one. Only you are able to divide the Celestial Alice and wield it.”

It was true.

When Yi Ping had shown them the Celestial Alice, none of the maidens and the Universal Old Man were able to separate the Celestial Alice, mystifying everyone!

But somehow Yi Ping was able to separate the Celestial Alice effortlessly!

The Universal Old Man laughed, “That is because Ping’Er has already divine harmonized with the Celestial Alice. Even the Immortal Saint of Swords did not have that level of attainment to divine harmonize with the Celestial Alice.”

He seemed particular happy that the Immortal Saint of Swords was not able to utilize the full potential of the Celestial Alice. That was because he was a powerful opponent that they did not want to encounter in the Stellar Sanctuary. Also, the Immortal Saint of Swords and the Lord Supreme had made the full use of their powerful positions in the Celestial Realm to seize the most number of artifacts from the Stellar Sanctuary each time while he was miserably picking up the pieces!

However, he had secretly taken a glance at the Heaveness. It was because there were still many things that they did not understand. For example, when Yi Ping had lent them the Celestial Alice and when they used it to duel with him, the Celestial Alice would become extremely heavy and would drop to the ground!

That was not the weird part if Yi Ping had divine harmonized with the Celestial Alice beforehand. But the same thing had happened exactly to the Immortal Saint of Swords! It was as though the Celestial Alice had recognized Yi Ping. But how was that possible? The Celestial Alice was a divine artifact of the Stellar Sanctuary and neither Yi Ping nor his previous incarnation, the White Sage had been to the Stellar Sanctuary or the Celestial Realm before!

Even the Heaveness had also told him, “I cannot enter his Emptiness Translucence anymore. His level of attainment seems to have been elevated and has shut me out.”

But that was not the most mystifying part!

The Celestial Alice was truly an Immortal Weapon!

When the Celestial Alice was split, the Universal Old Man and the Heaveness had recognized the true divine aura of the Celestial Alice as that of the Universal Force!

Other than the Heavenly Earth Sword, there existed an Immortal Weapon in the Celestial Realm!

The Universal Old Man was lamenting, “So we have sacrificed so many divine artifacts and our dear friend for nothing. All along, the key to the Gods‘ Realm may be still in the Stellar Sanctuary…”

But the Heaveness had pointed out, “So what if you know that the Celestial Alice is the key? Are you able to divide the Celestial Alice? Are you able to divine harmonized with the Celestial Alice? If we had not gone down to the lower realm, would we have met Yi Ping and found the Heavenly Earth Sword?”

Back to the present…

The Universal Old Man had proceeded to ask, “My protégé, do you know that each divine weapon have their own special characteristics and unique traits?”

Yi Ping nodded but he was not able to give a firm answer.

The Universal Old Man explained, “Take the Divine Echo, this divine sword is able to counter piercing sound waves. And the White Phoenix, this divine sword epitomized speed…”

Lie Qing interrupted of a sudden as she smiled, “I almost forget.”

She took a look at the Heaven Stellar Fairy who nodded in return before walking towards Yunzi, “Sister Yunzi, I have discussed with my ex-protégé mistress…”

She took out the White Phoenix, “You are also a protégé of the Virtuous Palace. So sister, therefore I have decided to pass the White Phoenix to my successor. It is a pity that given your high attainment in swordplay, you do not have any worthy swords to aid you.”

Lie Qing was the founder and grand patriarch of the Virtuous Palace! And she had picked Yunzi as the inheritor of her Invincible Divine Force too!

Yunzi gave a startled surprise, “This is too precious a gift…”

Lie Qing smiled gently, “We are not outsiders but close sisters. The next battle will be tough and we are going to need plenty of luck and help.”

Yunzi hugged Lie Qing tearfully…

The Ascension Goddess interrupted curiously, “Sister Yunzi, some of us have noticed that the Immortal Sword Blitz Sage is quite lenient towards you. Can you tell us the reasons?”

Since the Ascension Goddess had already asked, Shen Xingyue asked as well. “That’s right. Is it possible for you to tell us the reasons?”

Yunzi said quietly, “Actually I do not know too.”

She raised the White Phoenix and glanced at herself through the reflective blade before saying disquietly, “They…the Immortal Sword Blitz Sage have actually imparted to me the full intrinsic formula of the Infinitude Divine Skill and the energy practice of the Infinity Swordplay…via the will of their Sword Intentions. I still got much to go before I can reach the energy level though.”

Yi Ping and the rest were startled. They had never expected that the Immortal Sword Blitz Sage and Infinity Sword Celestial Clan would do such a thing!

The Universal Old Man was full of disbelief, “That crafty fox must have a purpose for sure.”

He turned to look at the Heaveness to affirm his suspicious but all of a sudden, he gave a long sigh. It was because the Heaveness was not even paying any scant attention to him but was looking dreamily at Yi Ping!

And she was not the only maidens that were doing the same!

Yi Ping had quietly walked to the edge of the lofty mountain and he seemed to be looking at a faraway place.

He did not seem to be enjoying the cool breezes and after a while he said quietly, “We are going to the Unmoving Mountains next. The Holy Ascension Sect is a major celestial clan on par with the Infinity Sword Celestial Clan. But after the battle at the Holy Ascension Sect, do we still have the strength to enter the Stellar Sanctuary?”

The Ascension Goddess had walked quietly beside and held his hand, “The Holy Ascension Sect has more than a hundred Golden Celestials and several Supreme Celestials. Indeed, the fight won’t be easy. Ping’Er, I got something to tell you. The Astronomic Stellar…”

Lingfeng sighed softly, “Maybe we shouldn’t go to the Unmoving Mountains at all. That is as good as a suicidal undertaking…”

Yu’Er laughed softly, “Oh no, we are going to the Unmoving Mountains! Not to worry, when we are there, everything will be resolved on its own.”

Mei’Er nodded mysteriously, “That’s right. We have a plan.”

Yi Ping and the rest of the maidens were startled.

Yi Ping was astonished, “You have a plan?”

Mei’Er nodded as she held Yi Ping gently, “Yes, we have a plan but that is not the most important thing we ought to do now, isn’t it?”

Yi Ping asked curiously, “Is not?”

Lingfeng laughed as she rebuked him gently, “You dense oaf!”

Yu’Er and Mei’Er exchanged laughter as they looked at the other maidens before Yu’Er smiled shyly, “We….we have to complete our wedding ceremonial first!”