A Martial Odyssey Book 2: The Celestial Realm – Chapter 31

The Celestial Alice Divine Sword

The hegemony air of the Immortal Saint of Swords was all too overwhelming. Even powerful celestials like Xuan Kong, Xuan Wei, Xuan Qian, Xuan You, the Northern Tyrant and the Universal Old Man felt uneasy in his presence.

Only Yi Ping, the Heaveness and Lele were not affected by his hegemony air and they were staring defiantly at him!

The Immortal Saint of Swords stared back coldly at Yi Ping, Lele and the Heaveness to unnerve them. His cold stares were like piercing daggers but still they did not budge and their stares were equally chilling!

With his celestial state of divinity, a lesser opponent would have become uneasy or became awkward but not them!

Yi Ping was enveloped in an air of righteousness. Everyone seemed to be looking in his direction for answers or leadership. He was like a beacon of steady light, full of courage and was like a towering tree.

The Immortal Saint of Swords secretly groaned. It was because he had thought that this Yi Ping was an Ancient Celestial in disguise. But after looking at him up close, he dispelled that notion. It was because all the Ancient Celestials had a way to identify one another and he was definitely not one of the original celestials.

As for this lofty maiden in white dress, she was a lowly celestial practitioner like Yi Ping but there was something in her that was different and he could not place a finger yet. Unlike the Heaveness and Yi Ping who seemed to be defying his powerful hegemony air, she seemed to be able to disregard him completely!

The Heaveness he could understand. Her Great Emptiness Translucence was said to embodiment the highest state of mediation. Her imperturbability was renowned throughout the Celestial Realm; her indifference and apathy were known to all the Ancient Celestials. Her heart was like a solid rock. He could scarcely believe that she was going to marry this Yi Ping today…

The Heaveness smiled coldly, “You haven’t changed at all, still as disdainful of others as ever. You seem to have made a remarkable progression.”

The Immortal Saint of Swords sighed softly, “It has been a long time…”

The Universal Old Man interrupted coldly, “We have always stayed steered of one another. You know very well that we are here and yet you still come knocking. If you really want to pick a fight with us, we may not lose to you!”

Yi Ping held the Ascension Goddess in his arms and there were hot tears in his downcast expression. He said coldly, “I may be an oaf but I understand what is honor. It is obviously that both have fallen at the same time. Yet you have shamelessly declared your side to be the victor. And when we tried to protest, you decide to intervene. Now that the Immortal Sword Aegis Sage is dead, do you still want to shamelessly declare that you are the victor now?”

Lele added coldly, “That’s right! It is obviously that both have fallen at the same time. Now that the Immortal Sword Aegis Sage is dead, can you still say that your side is the victor? Are all the celestial practitioners of the Infinity Sword Celestial Clan this shameless? ”

All the visiting celestials were startled that Lele would dare to be so disrespectful to the Immortal Saint of Swords. It was because in the Celestial Realm, there was a power pecking order. Only those who were in positions of powers were able to have their own voice. Those who dared to go against this pecking order would only bring forth their own destruction!

But Lele seemed to have completely disregarded the cold piercing stares of the Immortal Saint of Swords as though he was not there.

Unknown to everyone, that was actually Lele innate aptitude. That was the reason why she was able to approach her grandpa seemingly without any sign of fear or awe when they met for the very first time.

The Immortal Sword Zealot Sage interrupted angrily, “Young maiden, mind your manners! The Infinity Sword Celestial Clan is an orthodox celestial clan. You have killed our protégé brother and leader. Yet you have the cheek to lecture us. A duel is a fight to the finish. Unless one side is dead or admit to losing then the duel will not ended! That is the unbroken rule of the martial fraternity!”

The Immortal Saint of Swords hummed coldly and the entire air began to reverberate with his martial force, “This is the rule of the martial fraternity, who dares to go against this unbroken rule? The Ascension Goddess is the first to die, yes or no?”

All the visiting celestials were silent.

It was because the Immortal Saint of Swords was right. No one could go against this martial rule!

The Immortal Saint of Swords turned to look coldly at Yixian all of a sudden, “I have never expected to see a force deflection skill as refine as yours. You are able to attack and defend simultaneous at the same time. I wonder what will happen if you have drawn out your divine sword? How about this. I will give your group another chance. If you duel with me, I won’t use my swords or my Inverting Eternal Occurrence. In fact, if you are able to exchange thirty strokes with me, I will consider your group to have won. For an opponent like you, it will be a fair duel and thirty strokes will pass by in a blink of an eye.”

He raised his voice and his martial force resonated throughout the grand hall, “However if you are unable to exchange thirty strokes with me, I will take your Heavenly Earth Celestial Sword for safekeeping for ten years!”

Everyone was startled that the Immortal Saint of Swords would offer the Celestial Fairy a second chance and were looking at her.

Yixian was now in a tight spot as she stood quietly as everyone was looking at this epitome beauty as they awaited her reply.

Her delicate features were without any expressions as she pondered quietly and with much unease. It was because if she refused to accept this challenge then it was as good as admitting defeat. But if she had lost, she would have lost the Heavenly Earth Sword!

She was really tempted for she was thinking, “Thirty strokes will pass very soon. If I can evade his attacks, perhaps…”

Shen Xingyue murmured softly to her, “Xian’Er, please don’t. Don’t ever try. You are not his match. Moreover, you are serious injured and your martial strength is impaired. I will surrender the Blue Heavens…”

Yunzi added quietly, “This is a trick. He simply wants you to accept his terms and take the Heavenly Earth Celestial Sword.”

The Immortal Saint of Swords interrupted coldly, “For ten years. I will surely keep my word and return the Heavenly Earth Sword to you after ten years. If you do not try, then how do you know you will not win?”

Everyone was smiling bitterly at his humorless cold joke. Even though it seemed that thirty strokes were not a lot but an epitome super celestial opponent like him was capable of utilizing multiple strokes within a stroke.

But to Yixian and those who was in a similar shoe, it was the most tempting offer ever!

Even the Heaveness was shaking her head as she said softly, “Yixian, no please. Don’t ever consider it!”

Yu’Er and Mei’Er were already freaked out! They had almost lost their protégé mistress earlier and they were really afraid of losing her. The death of the Ascension Goddess delivered a deep gap in their hearts.

When the Ascension Goddess was killed earlier and when they saw her crumbled body, they were so badly shaken that they were actually shaking uncontrollably.

Yu’Er found herself sobbing uncontrollably until she could cry no more. Even her divine sword was discreetly trembling nonstop as though it was trying to comfort her.

Mei’Er had a blank expression on her face. She was thinking to herself, “I don’t even know the Ascension Goddess but why am I feeling so grief? It is as though I have known her for a long time…is it because my previous self has known her? I am not the Axis Heaven Goddess…”

They were reminded that they were the First Celestials of the Celestial Fraternity and the Supreme Celestials of the Ascension Sect by Shen Xingyue.

Shen Xingyue had said to them in secret shortly after they had overcome the Divine Calamity after the battle at the Holy Amalgamate Mountains, “If Yu’Er is not the Eclipse Heaven Goddess and Mei’Er is not the Axis Heaven Goddess, why do you think that the two of you are able to overcome the Divine Calamity in such a short period of time? And two golden divine swords are also ordained to you at the onset of your Divine Calamity. All these can’t be coincidences.”

Yu’Er tried to protest but Shen Xingyue said firmly, “The Eclipse and Axis Heaven Goddess are highly attained celestial practitioners. They cannot ascend because they have shattered their divine swords.”

Mei’Er replied, “Even though we have overcome the Divine Calamity earlier than our protégé mistress and our master, this is not what we want. We are content just to be with our protégé mistress and master forever…”

Shen Xingyue sighed softly and her angelic voice tried to sound them out, “I don’t know if I am able to ascend to the Celestial Realm in the future but the two of you will surely be able to. Unlike the other celestial clans, each of the Supreme Celestials of the Ascension Sect has their own unique skills. The fact that the two of you have overcome your Divine Calamity earlier than the Celestial Fairy and the fact that you have not used any of the martial skills of the Eternal Ice Palace to do so is a strong indication that your inherent celestial abilities are re-awakening.”

Mei’Er smiled weakly, “What are the inherent abilities of the Eclipse and Axis Heaven Goddess?! We don’t even know a thing!”

Shen Xingyue said solemnly, “The Eclipse and Axis Heaven Goddess are one and two body at the same time. During my time, even without any divine swords in their hands they are already extremely powerful. If you think I am already a super opponent, think again. Their martial strength is equaled to a true Celestial! I have heard that if they can ascend, then they will be in the pinnacles of the Celestial Realm almost immediately. That’s how strong they are!”

Yu’Er laughed softly, “Sister! I am flattered but we are not any Heaven Goddess! Moreover, the Eclipse and Axis have their own unique divine skills to be able to go that far. But we don’t have and they have thousands of years to refine their divine arts. And that is something that we don’t have too. I am not foolish enough to believe that there is a martial shortcut. Everything has to be earned or else it won’t take you a thousand years to ponder the next stage of divinity.”

Mei’Er nodded, “That’s right. That is a freak accident that the Divine Calamity has descended on us all of a sudden. I still have nightmares over the hundreds of exponents that were killed by us on that day. But still, I am curious. What are the divine arts of the two Heaven Goddesses?”

Shen Xingyue raised her fingers to do a rapid divine calculation before she said quietly, “It is not a freak accident. That is your destiny. Do you know that the Eclipse and Axis Heaven Goddess are also twins? The divine art of the Eclipse and Axis Heaven Goddess is the Midheaven Epiphanies, an intricacy heart formula of the Significant Insight through the Divine and the Enlightening Realization. It is not a martial art that anyone can pick up and practice. Not even in a thousand years! It is a natural inherent ability and I can already see that the natural abilities of the Eclipse and Axis Heaven Goddess is already manifesting in you. Do you think that it is a mere coincidence that you are able to pick up the Dual Inertness Intricacy Skill so quickly? It is the latent Midheaven Epiphanies that is in you that is at work here!”

Yu’Er and Mei’Er reacted with silence to her assertions.

Shen Xingyue looked at them for a while before saying quietly, “Unless you are able to reawaken to your true self, you will find the Celestial Realm to be a not so pleasant place. When Yi Ping or your protégé mistress is in great need then, will you want to be able to help him?”

At this moment, Yu’Er and Mei’Er had recalled what Shen Xingyue had told them and they were feeling totally powerless…

They were not the only ones who were feeling powerless.

Lele, Youxue, Yunzi, the Stellar Heaven Fairy, Shen Xingyue, Lingfeng and Lie Qing too, were feeling powerless for Yixian. It was because the gambit was for her Heavenly Earth Sword and it was not their decision to make!

Everyone was waiting for Yixian to reply to the Immortal Saint of Swords while she was still pondering regally…

Yi Ping was pleading, “Xian’Er, quickly reject the duel!”

Shen Xingyue emphasized again, “I don’t mind losing my divine sword, really!”

Lele brushed her long pony hair aside as she stepped forward as she said coldly, “I’m completely and utterly outrage! I am the Joyful Goddess, the Prime Celestial of the Celestial Palace.”

Yi Ping interrupted hurriedly, “Lele! You are not his match. I should be the one that is challenging him!”

But Lele raised her long scythe and pointed coldly at the Immortal Saint of Swords, “I don’t think he is as powerful as he looks. Do you dare to accept my…”

Lie Qing too, interrupted panicky, “Sister, wait!”

Lele was about to say something more when Lingfeng, Shen Xingyue and Yixian gave a startled cry!

Even the Immortal Saint of Swords, the Universal Old Man and the other two Immortal Sword Sages had suddenly turned ashen!

What could have caused them all the super celestial exponents to undergo such a sudden change!?

It was because their paranormal hearings and senses had picked up a faint heartbeat!

Yixian, Shen Xingyue and Lingfeng had immediately flew to the startled Yi Ping and said to him with a trembling voice, “Ping’Er, the Ascension Goddess…”

Almost immediately, the Ascension Goddess coughed out more blood as she gasped weakly, “Ping’Er, is that you…I can’t see anymore…I thought that I would die before I could say my last words to you. You are holding me…now?”

Yi Ping and everyone were stunned!

Yixian, Shen Xingyue and the Heaveness immediately examined her pulses!

It was because the Ascension Goddess had no more vital pulses anymore. It was already a miracle that she was able to talk!

Xuan Wei and Xuan You wanted to rush to the Ascension Goddess immediately but Xuan Kong halted them as he said quietly, “Alas brothers…leave them alone…”

Everyone could see that Xuan Kong was trembling.

Xuan Qian muttered, “Protégé brother…”

He had never seen his protégé brother in such a sorrowful state before…

Yi Ping sobbed uncontrollably and his entire body was trembling, “Don’t say anymore! You will surely live…I haven’t got to know your name yet…”

The Ascension Goddess smiled weakly, “I know my own limits…I can hear your voice just now…Ping’Er, my name is Ye Yin…that’s my name…”

Yi Ping wept aloud, “Ye Yin! Ye Yin…”

The Heaveness was suddenly trembling and she was clasping her mouth, trying extremely hard to withhold her tears.

The Immortal Saint of Swords was secretly startled as he thought, “The Heaveness actually has emotional attachments?”

The Heaveness was not the only one who was weeping; all the other maidens including Shen Xingyue were all trying to hold back their tears…

Shen Xingyue was shivering as she muttered softly, “Protégé Sister Yin…”

It was because they had all recognized that this was the sign of an impending death, a phenomenon when death was imminent, a person would suddenly be awake.

Lingfeng was startled that the Ascension Goddess was not killed instantly. Even though she was still grievous injured and was at death’s door but granted the startling power of the Inverting Eternal Occurrence, anyone will surely be torn apart!

She immediately gasped to herself, “The Celestium Silk! She is wearing the Celestium Silk underneath her. No wonder!”

The Ascension Goddess was about to say something when Yixian the Celestial Fairy seized her from Yi Ping’s arms, startling Yi Ping!

Yi Ping gasped tearfully, “Xian’Er, what are you doing. Return her to me…”

But Yixian ignored him as she struck the Ascension Goddess in her heart pulse and immediately, the Ascension Goddess was knocked out cold!

Yi Ping had turned completely ashen!

His expressions became stone as he called out hurriedly, “Xian’Er…”

But Xian’Er said gently, “Ping’Er, if I don’t do anything now she will surely die.”

Yi Ping and the rest of the maidens were startled!

Yi Ping asked panicky, “The Ascension Goddess has a hope?”

Yixian said solemnly, “I am using the Eternal Heavenly Tears Energy on her now to protect her heart. Yichi once told me that the Eternal Heavenly Tears is able to stall the inevitable. I don’t know if it works but it is worth a try.”

All of a sudden, Yi Ping froze in his tracks. It was because he had suddenly recalled that his mother had once saved his life with the Eternal Heavenly Tears when he was little!

Yixian stole a glance at Shen Xingyue and the Heaveness before she said gravely, “My internal strength alone is insufficient. I need the Divine Rejuvenation Force and the Divine Invigorate Force at the same time too.”

Shen Xingyue and Lingfeng said together without hesitation even though they were reluctant to leave the rest here, “Let’s take her to the inner chamber first.”

Lingfeng took a glance at Yi Ping, “Ping’Er, stay calm please.”

Yi Ping smiled awkwardly, “I will…”

She flashed a look at the Universal Old Man, “Old friend, be careful…”

The Universal Old Man knew that she was worried for them all so he forced a smile, “Not to worry. I still have several tricks up my sleeves.”

Shen Xingyue took a forlorn look at Yi Ping as she said melancholy, “Ping’Er, it takes us a thousand years to be together. I want to fight alongside with you but if the Ascension Goddess were to die, I know that you will never forgive yourself.”

She looked hatefully at the Immortal Saint of Swords before saying angelic, “The Ascension Goddess has the last breath. So that means we have won the duel. Don’t forget what you have just said earlier!”

Immediately there were many mutterings among the visiting celestials!

Xuan Kong mustered his courage to say coldly, “The Immortal Sword Aegis Sage has died before the Ascension Goddess so there is no doubt that the young hero Yi Ping’s group has won.”

Even the Deadly Wanderer stammered out nervously, “That’s right!”

Yixian quickly interrupted, “Protégé Mistress, Qing’Er, Lele, Youxue, Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Yunzi, I am leaving Ping’Er in your hands…”

Without waiting for anyone of them to reply, Yixian was gone in an instant! She was immediately followed by Shen Xingyue and Lingfeng at the same time!

All of a sudden, Yi Ping called out. “Xian’Er, wait!”

Even the Immortal Sword Zealot Sage was shouting, “Where do you think you are going?!”

But Yixian, Shen Xingyue and Lingfeng had already taken the Ascension Goddess to the inner chamber. Given their epitome swiftness movement skills, few could stop them from coming and leaving freely.

Yi Ping was exasperated!

It was because he had suddenly recalled that his mother had lost her life by attempting the Eternal Heavenly Tears to save his life but it was already too late to stop them!

The Immortal Sword Zealot Sage asked the Immortal Saint of Swords, “Grand Patriarch, you are not stopping them?”

The Immortal Saint of Swords simply said, “Let’s us go.”

He had immediately turned around, much to the relief of the visiting celestials!

If another fight broke out, then more of them would surely perish! Most of them were now too severely injured to take any evasive action!

The Immortal Sword Zealot Sage and the Immortal Sword Blitz Sage clenched their fists in anguish. How could they not be upset? They had known of the Immortal Sword Aegis Sage for a long time and moreover he was the protégé leader of the Infinity Sword Celestial Clan!

The Immortal Sword Zealot Sage said coldly, “The Infinity Sword Celestial Clan won’t forget this slight…”

Lele immediately scoffed after him, “We see about that first.”

The Immortal Sword Zealot Sage hummed coldly before he turned around.

All of a sudden Yi Ping shouted coldly, “Wait! Immortal Saint of Swords, do you dare to accept my challenge?”

The Universal Old Man was stunned at his request that he panicky said, “That is only a joke! Don’t mind an ignorant fellow like him…”

But the Immortal Saint of Swords had already turned around, “No one jokes to me in my presence. Young fellow, I will make an exception for you and accept your challenge but I won’t stop until you are dead!”

Lie Qing, Youxue, Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Yunzi, the Stellar Heaven Fairy and Lele almost fainted on the spot as they looked panicky at Yi Ping!

Yi Ping looked coldly at the Immortal Saint of Swords and he was trembling. It was not fear that caused him to tremble but a deep throttling distress! He was anxious for the Ascension Goddess. He wanted her to pull through. He wanted her to live. But there was something that he got to do first…

The maidens were panicky! Knowing Yi Ping, they had already known his intentions!

Lie Qing came to his side and tugged him, “Ping’Er, no please! If you die, do you still I will be able to live alone?”

Yunzi nodded disquietly, “Ping’Er…”

Youxue said melancholy, “That’s right…”

Lele pleaded at the same time, “Ping’Er, at least allow me to fight along with you. I am sure that given the martial skills of the Immortal Saint of Swords, he doesn’t mind us fighting him at the same time!

The Stellar Heaven Fairy said firmly to Yi Ping, “My life is saved by you. If you die, I will surely follow you. Just do what you think is right.”

Yu’Er and Mei’Er were trembling nonstop.

All of a sudden, Yu’Er had already drawn out her divine sword the Harp Whisperer and she was immediately surrounded by multiple golden halos!

She said despondently, “Master, at least allow me to join you too!”

Her voice was soft but it could be heard clearly by everyone. In fact, it seemed to be reverberating in everyone’s ears!

Mei’Er did the same and had displayed her Lyrical Whisperer and a golden light was also enveloping her!

She seemed to be muttering, “I remember now…”

Even Yi Ping was a little startled by Yu’Er and Mei’Er. The golden lights of their divine swords were stunning. It seemed that Yu’Er and Mei’Er had been transformed!

The Universal Old Man immediately said and there were surprise in his eyes, “The Divine Harmony! They had divine harmonized with their divine swords!”

All the visiting celestials could felt a powerful martial force that was in motion and it seemed to be pulling them gently towards the identical sisters.

Yunzi was the first to notice as she stammered, “Yu’Er, Mei’Er…their crimson eyes have turned golden!”

Everyone was stunned. These two lowly celestial practitioners had suddenly turned into Golden Celestials and judging by their reverent divine auras, they were in the echelons of the Golden Celestials!

The Immortal Sword Blitz Sage and the Immortal Sword Zealot Sage were also exchanging stunned looks with each other. Given their celestial attainment, they could easily have gauged their lesser opponents’ state of divinity. These two maidens had suddenly skipped five states of divinity, transforming them instantly!

The most bewildered thing was that there seemed to be no divine calamities!

Even the Immortal Saint of the Swords was taken aback as evidenced by his startled expressions. He was actually thinking, “Only Ancient Ancients like us can conceal our own state of divinity and there are so few of us left now but these two maidens are not Ancient Celestials. They can overcome their own state of divinity without going through the cleansing fire of the Divine Wrath? How is it possible?”

The Immortal Saint of the Swords turned ashen immediately as he said coldly to Yu’Er and Mei’Er, “Just who are you?”

The Universal Old Man quickly did some rapid calculations but he was quickly distracted by two freaks of brilliant light that imploded thunderously across the entire grand hall!

It was Yi Ping!

He was oblivious to the celestial transformation of Yu’Er and Mei’Er. All his attentions were on the Immortal Saint of Swords. He was troubled by the motionless stance of the Immortal Saint of Swords which was like an impervious giant with no weakness…

All of a sudden when he had seen a slight change of state in his opponent stance, he had seized the opportunity to attack! It was because Yi Ping knew that this little initiative was extremely precious!

Indeed, the Immortal Saint of the Swords was momentarily distracted by Yu’Er and Mei’Er. When Yi Ping had suddenly attacked him, he quickly regained his composure. An epitome super opponent like him was difficult to be caught off-guarded.

But Yi Ping’s sudden attacks combined with his Horizon Swordplay and the two divine swords, Divine Echo and the White Phoenix were so hasty and powerful that the Immortal Saint of the Swords was forced to drawn out his white precious sword to counter Yi Ping!

That was what caused the two freaks of imploding brilliant lights that had resonated thunderous throughout the grand hall!

The Immortal Saint of Swords shouted mightily, “Good! You are a worthy opponent! You have actually forced me to draw my sword for the first time in centuries!”

Even as he had said that, he had already displayed the Infinity-Zero Swordplay and his Ley Negative Sword Energy Aura, sending forth bursts of martial energies swirling in all directions and sending everyone to scurry backward in a hurry; that included the two Immortal Sword Sages!

Yi Ping was not an energy practitioner. Therefore he could only suppressed his agonizing pain when the aftershock of the Immortal Saint of Swords piercing cold sword energies struck him as he used his martial force to dissipate as much of the sword energies onslaught as possible while maintaining his attacks!

Yi Ping had displayed his divine swords with a roaring fury as he swung the Divine Echo and White Phoenix in the same direction, arcing from left first and right!

The golden eyes of the Immortal Saint of Swords were burning furiously and there were a faint blue and red tears diaspora at the side of his eyes as he displayed the intricate stroke of the Negative One Infinity Sword Art towards Yi Ping!

Many of the celestials began to gasp aloud and exchanged mutterings even before the sword stroke of the Immortal Saint of Swords had landed on Yi Ping! It was because while they had heard that the most powerful Ancient Celestials were able to reach the divine state of the Blue and Red Eyes Level, even long time celestials of the Celestial Realm had never seen it before!

The Northern Tyrant and Xuan Kong upon seeing the red and blue hint at the corners of the Immortal Saint of Swords’ eyes were astonished, “So that is what it meant by the Blue and Red Eyes Level!”

Ancient Celestials were undistinguished from the other Golden Celestials. Only their superior state of divinity marked them differently from the rest but only a superior Golden Celestial who had similar state of divinity was able to tell them apart!

There was a titanic burst of martial energy and force shattering in all directions as Yi Ping caught his Negative One Infinity Sword Technique by crossing his divine swords one over the other!

Immediately, Yi Ping coughed out blood and he was bended over, inundated by the titan martial energies of the conflicting martial forces but at the same time the Immortal Saint of Swords was also repulsed from Yi Ping!

The Immortal Saint of Swords was startled, “You can actually take a blow from my Negative One Infinity Sword Technique?!”

He looked up to see that Yi Ping was enveloped by two bright halos! One from the Divine Echo and one from the White Phoenix!

He hummed coldly, “The Boundless Martial Force! The Divine Harmonies! You can actually harmonize with the two divine swords at the same time!”

In less than a blink of an eye, Yi Ping had mustered his martial strength again as he attacked with his sword arcs, displaying his Horizon Swordplay together with the sword techniques taught by Dugu Yunzi and Lele, sending furious strokes one after another at the Immortal Saint of Swords!

But even Lele and Yunzi were stunned at his ambidextrous display which seemed to defy conventions!

Yi Ping was shouting weakly, “This is…for Yunzi. This is for Yixian…and this is for Ye Yin!”

It was because the Immortal Saint of Swords was simply too strong and every stroke that was parried or blocked by the Immortal Saint of Swords was causing Yi Ping to cough out blood and was sapping his martial strength!

The Immortal Saint of Swords was startled that Yi Ping had continued to persist. He began to execute the Ley Negative Sword Energies, the Negative Two and Three Infinity Sword one after another!

In a few blinks of an eye, more than a hundred strokes had been exchanged and the destructive furies of the martial exchanges were ripping everything that was near them apart!

All the celestial practitioners had already steered clear of the two duelists where the martial exchange had started!

The Universal Old Man was shaking his head and he had displayed his martial force with an explosive force to shield the maidens from the onslaught of the furious martial forces as the ground beneath him cracked wider and wider, “Get back quickly!”

Even Yu’Er, Mei’Er and the Stellar Heaven Fairy were stunned at the onslaught of the martial forces as all their martial forces were nullified, forcing them to take several steps backward!

Yu’Er gasped as she raised her sword fingers in front of her with her divine sword, “The sword energies of the Immortal Saint of Swords are tens of times more powerful than the Immortal Aegis Sword Sage…”

Mei’Er was parrying off volley after volley of the incoming sword energies with her Lyrical Whisperer as she smiled weakly, “At this rate, we cannot get to the center!”

The Stellar Heaven Fairy smiled weakly, “Trust me, there is no way you can get to the center without getting killed. The Ley Negative Sword Energies Aura of the Immortal Saint of Swords is too overpowering. Our martial differences are simply too great. We can only pray…”

Youxue had displayed the Divine Emerald Force with her entire martial power but she too could not persist longer than a few seconds before she too, was forced backward!

Lie Qing took the hands of Yunzi and Lele as she displayed her Invincible Divine Force while whispering gently to them. “Sisters, behind me!”

She had raised her Perpetual Darkness and a dark halo could be seen. Together with her nine hovering bluish spheres around her, her dark halo had a spatial ring of bright light that instantly dissipate all the incoming sword energies!

That was immediately noticed by the Immortal Sword Zealot Sage and the Immortal Sword Blitz Sage amidst the destructions and the confusions; they were secret startled at her martial level!

But even though Lie Qing was able to nullify the martial energies that were ripping everything apart in all directions, she was not at the center of the martial exchange which was ten times more dangerous! Even then, she was secretly trembling, not knowing if she could be able to hold on much longer.

It was because in a few blinks of an eye, the Immortal Saint of the Swords had already attacked Yi Ping with the Ley Negative Second Sword and there were now twenty bluish sword energies hovering and flying all over at an alarming speed. Even the white celestium walls were ripped and exploded into smithereens by the speeding sword energies!

That was something that Lie Qing was not confident in as she asked herself, “Can my Invincible Divine Force protect me from these sword energies?”

Even Youxue was sighing melancholy, “Can my swiftness skill evade and my Golden Impervious Body protects me from these sword energies?”

Like Lie Qing, she wanted to barge into the middle to lend Yi Ping a helping hand!

Yunzi was disquiet and she was clenching her mouth. She was actually crying as she sobbed, “I am just too weak. Ping’Er, do you know I am willing to take your place? Heavens…”

Even Yu’Er, Mei’Er and Lele were holding back tears as they tried to battle their way to the middle but each time the destructive energies forced them backward once again!

The Universal Old Man was shouting exasperating to the maidens as he stumbled backward, “I say step back! You will surely die if you intervene in the fight!”

The Universal Old Man had guessed what were in their minds already!

The Immortal Sword Blitz Sage used his Thousand Mile Resonant Skill as he echoed with his martial shout, “If anyone dares to intervene in this duel, don’t blame the Immortal Sword Zealot Sage and I for stepping in too to avenge our protégé brother the Immortal Sword Aegis Sage!”

In the meantime…

In a blink of an eye, Yi Ping and the Immortal Saint of Swords had already exchanged dozens of strokes as evidenced by the speeding globes of light that were blurring in the middle of the grand hall!

Yi Ping had coughed out more blood as he willed with his Absolute Spirits intrinsic heart formula to continue fighting as he attacked the Immortal Saint of Swords faster and faster while repeating, “This is for…Yunzi, this is for Yixian and this is…for Ye Yin!”

The faster he swung his divine swords, the faster his vital energies reversed onto himself and that only worsened his internal injuries. But Yi Ping did not care anymore as he launched one frenzy stroke after the other!

Even the Immortal Saint of Swords was startled by Yi Ping’s resolute. He had expected that Yi Ping’s attacks would be weakened by now but instead, Yi Ping had continued to empower his sword strength and speed!

Their reflexes and attacking speed was so fast and were getting faster all the time that the onlookers could not follow their sword strokes anymore!

The Immortal Saint of Swords was shouting while executing one intricate stroke and technique one after another, “Ley Negative Fifth Stroke, the Inception Hit! Ley Negative First Stroke! Sixth Infinity Swordplay, Bursting Forces! Negative One Infinity Swordplay, Piercing Sword Energies! Second Infinity Stroke, Returning Strokes!”

Yi Ping was not slowed to make his returning attacking strokes as he synchronized his two divine swords as one to display his sword techniques but asynchronous his attacking strokes when required!

The Immortal Saint of Swords had not gotten even a single scratch or injury yet while Yi Ping was almost at his breaking point but he was still startled that his opponent was able to block his epitome strokes with such martial strength.

He secretly exclaimed, “This is the divine strength of his two divine swords?!”

In between his thoughts, he had knocked back Yi Ping again but Yi Ping had quickly steadied his footings as he lurched himself at the Immortal Saint of Swords in a blink of an eye while shouting, “This is for Yunzi!”

But he was quickly knocked back again as a cold sword energies pierced right through his chest!

But Yi Ping did not fall as he sped towards the Immortal Saint of Swords, striking at the Immortal Saint of Swords with half a dozen of strokes while muttering weakly, “This is for Yixian!”

Immediately, dozens of deafening powerful martial energies shockwaves rippled throughout the grand hall as several thunderous implosions took place!

In just a few blinks of an eye, they had exchanged dozens of rapid strokes!

Many of the onlookers, including the Immortal Sword Sages, Xuan Kong, Xuan Qian, Xuan Wei, Xuan You, the Northern Tyrant and the Deadly Wanderer were stunned at Yi Ping’s persistent as they thought, “Why didn’t he fall down yet? He has already taken so many fatal direct hits…and what this ambidextrous sword technique style that he is using? I have never seen anything like that before…”

They had already observed that while Yi Ping had an opportunity to attack, he could attack the Immortal Saint of Swords with the Divine Echo followed by the White Phoenix. But that was not the intricate part! After the White Phoenix had attacked, it was immediately followed by the Divine Echo! To the naked eyes and to the majority of the onlookers, it seemed that Yi Ping was attacking with a flurry of sword strokes!

As the Divine Echo and the White Phoenix were being enveloped by a bright halo; it seemed to everyone that while Yi Ping was attacking furiously, there was a great multitude of dazzling globe of lights which were extremely blinding to the eyes of the onlookers!

Yi Ping coughed out more blood as he continued to murmur to himself, “This is for…Ye Yin!”

As the Immortal Saint of Swords raised his long sword coolly in a furious defense to his right, Yi Ping had incorporated the power of his most powerful technique, the Asper Divinity Horizon Hands into his attacking strokes as the entire air imploded thunderous with the martial power of this technique as six rings of martial force burst around him!

There was a thunderous thunderclap and immediately the precious sword of the Immortal Saint of Swords was shattered into a thousand fragments, flying in all directions!

Both the Immortal Saint of Swords and Yi Ping was both caught in this thunderous mishap, flying backward and sustaining severe injuries at the same time!

All the maidens shouted panicky for his name at the same time as Yi Ping crumbled onto the ground! He was very pale, his mouth was full of blood and there were multiple sword wounds and injuries all over his body!

Lele and the Stellar Heaven Fairy covered their mouth in shock while Lie Qing was so stunned that she had nearly fainted in Lele’s embrace!

Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Yunzi and Youxue cried his name aloud!

The Immortal Saint of Swords had taken several steps backward as he parried most of the shattered fragments. But there were some visible wounds on him.

He clenched his chest and he was looking at his hand that was full of blood. He was extremely pale. That was because it was taboo for energy practitioners to be injured while they were channeling the sword energies. The backlash to himself was not light!

The Immortal Sword Zealot Sage and the Immortal Sword Blitz Sage reacted with stunned shock too!

The Immortal Saint of Swords was trembling as he stared at his broken precious sword in his hands. He was muttering, “My Egress, my precious sword…you have been with me for the past thousand years…imagine my joy when I have first forged you but now you are broken…”

The visiting celestials understood his pain. That was because precious metal was extremely rare in the Celestial Realm and even harder to forge into precious swords…

The Immortal Saint of Swords stared angrily at the fallen Yi Ping as he took a step forward, “I will cut you to pieces!”

His Ley Negative Sword Energies Aura had suddenly turned malevolent and his murderous intent was evidenced. Almost immediately, the martial windforce that was generating unabated around the grand hall grew in intensive and the sword energies in the area were speeding like lightning bolts pacing up and down, exploding the ground and everywhere that it contacted!

To the astonishment of everyone, a trembling Yi Ping had picked himself up as he supported himself with the Divine Echo and the White Phoenix. What was even more astonishing was that the Divine Echo and the White Phoenix were reverberating on its own accord, forming a large divine rainbow halo in front of Yi Ping!

Yi Ping’s face was not visible but he could be heard muttering, “…This is for Yixian…and for Ye Yin…”

The Immortal Saint of Swords hummed coldly, “So you are still able to stand. Good! I don’t want to kill a fallen man lest I am ridiculed by the others for bullying a junior. But I will give you a rare honor…”

All of a sudden, he had reached for the black sword on his back and had drawn it in front of him. “This sword is also a divine sword, the Celestial Alice. You have depended on the two divine swords to carry you this far. This is really a surprise to me but the differences in our martial levels are simply too vast. You have been lucky. I don’t want anyone to know that I have a divine sword but today, I am going to execute you with the Celestial Alice…”

The Universal Old Man was startled! He had not expected that the Immortal Saint of Swords would have a divine sword in his possession. Moreover he had recognized this divine sword that was in his hand as a divine sword that had come from the Stellar Sanctuary!

Unlike the other divine swords, there was no evidence that the Celestial Alice was a divine sword saved for its extreme sharpness!

Long ago, the Ancient Celestials had fought over this divine sword and many had perished. He had never expected that the Celestial Alice was actually in the hands of the Immortal Saint of Swords!

As the Immortal Saint of Swords raised his divine sword towards Yi Ping, all the maidens had made use of the lull of the dissipating sword energies to gather all around Yi Ping, showering him with concerns…

Lele was appalled at the sight of the bloodied Yi Ping and her silent tears fell uncontrollable as she gasped, “Ping’Er…”

Yu’Er cried, “Master Yi Ping, are…you alright?”

Yi Ping face was covered with his blood but he was muttering weakly, “Yu’Er, Lele…leave quickly. The duel isn’t over…”

Lie Qing interrupted melancholy, “Good! Then we shall fight this demon together…”

Mei’Er, Youxue and Yunzi nodded at the same time as they said resolutely, “That’s right!”

The Stellar Heaven Fairy added gently, “Don’t forget me as well!”

Even the Universal Old Man had stepped in front of Yi Ping as he shouted angrily at the Immortal Saint of Swords, “That is enough isn’t it? My protégé Yi Ping has already lost. Can you give me a little face and quit the duel? You don‘t think that I cannot break your Ley Negative Sword Energies Field? I am just simply conserving my strength!”

The Immortal Saint of Swords said coldly, “You know my rules. Anyone that interrupts my duel is fair game to me. No one can break my rules or bend my rules!”

He laughed coldly at Yu’Er, Mei’Er and Lie Qing, “It seems that I will have three more divine swords to my collection…”

All of a sudden, the Immortal Saint of Swords swung the Celestial Alice at the Universal Old Man as he thundered. “Get lost!”

The Universal Old Man retaliated with his Ultrapowerful Force as the air broke into a series of several thunderclaps but still, he was flung off aside by the martial energies of the Immortal Saint of Swords!

At the same time, the Immortal Saint of Swords had already raised the Celestial Alice to display the Ley Negative Third Stroke to cut down the Universal Old Man!

But a bloodied Yi Ping had dashed forth and intercepted the Ley Negative Third Stroke with his double divine swords, resulting in a thunderous brilliant light that imploded with such a powerful energies shockwave that Yi Ping immediately coughed out more blood on the spot!

Because all the maidens were too near to the martial implosions, they were all knocked back with varying degrees of internal injuries despite their best efforts to deflect the energies shockwaves!

The Immortal Saint of Swords hummed coldly, “It is useless to resist…”

Yi Ping was muttering, “This is for…Yunzi, Yixian, Ye Yin!”

All of a sudden, the Immortal Saint of Swords was stumbling backward in disbelief as he dropped the Celestial Alice!

It was because there was a cross that was slashed across his chest and his blood was dripping on the ground nonstop!

Yi Ping had actually successfully slashed at the Immortal Saint of Swords!

He was looking at the Celestial Alice that was thrust into the ground in utter disbelief!

He was muttering in shock and disbelief, “Impossible…Why did you betray me…”

He was not the only one that was stunned too!

All the others were stunned by this sudden change of event! It was because given the sword skills of the Immortal Saint of Swords, it was extremely easy for him to block Yi Ping’s attacks.

But they had seen Yi Ping slashed at the Immortal Saint of Swords who seemed to react with a retarded reflex at the very last moment!

No one seemed to know what was happening as they shared the disbeliefs in their eyes!

As for Yi Ping, he was not able to savor this moment of victory; he had fallen on his knees and was gripping the two divine swords for support but he had completely lost his consciousness!

He was not even aware that right now he was now being surrounded by Yunzi, Youxue, Lele, Yu’Er, Mei’Er, the Stellar Heaven Fairy and Lie Qing as they sought to resuscitate him…

Even the Divine Echo and the White Phoenix seemed to turn dull and had lost their luster!

The Immortal Saint of Swords turned around as he staggered forward while muttering incoherently to himself, “Let’s go…I have lost…”

The Immortal Sword Zealot Sage and Immortal Sword Blitz Sage were stunned as they looked at the fallen Yi Ping and the Celestial Alice that was still being left behind!

The Immortal Sword Zealot Sage panicky called out, “Grand Patriarch, you have not lost. That Yi Ping has fallen! And the Celestial Alice is still here!”

But the Immortal Saint of Swords did not seem to hear him as he staggered to the entrance…

The Immortal Sword Zealot Sage was stunned at his grand patriarch’s reaction. He took a look at the Immortal Sword Blitz Sage who was also looking at him with a stunned look while carrying the Immortal Sword Aegis Sage on his back.

The Immortal Sword Zealot Sage finally said as he reached out for the divine sword, “The Celestial Alice is a divine sword of the Infinity Sword Celestial Clan…”

But to his utter surprise, the Celestial Alice refused to budge from the original spot!

He proceeded to use his entire martial power to lift the Celestial Alice. All of a sudden, he began to cough out blood and went wobbly backward!

The Celestial Alice did not even budge at all and his vital energies had even reversed when he tried to his entire martial strength to lift it!

The Immortal Sword Zealot Sage was stunned and was in disbelief!

It was as though the Celestial Alice had a will of its own!

When the Immortal Saint of Swords reached the entrance, he coughed weakly. “Leave it. The Celestial Alice has found its true master…we have utterly lost…”