A Martial Odyssey Book 2: The Celestial Realm – Chapter 29

The Inverting Eternal Occurrence

Yixian gasped weakly as she regained her conscious after Lingfeng had used her Divine Invigorate Force to resuscitate her.

Shen Xingyue was thinking as she looked at her, “Even though Yixian has not cultivated as a Golden Celestial yet but her martial attainment is already so high. She is really a martial prodigy. There are different tiers even for Golden Celestials and she is on par with the Ascension Goddess and I…”

Her thoughts were quickly interrupted by the Ascension Goddess who had suddenly attacked the Immortal Sword Aegis Sage!

Shen Xingyue gasped softly, “You…wait!”

The Ascension Goddess had barely attacked the Immortal Sword Aegis Sage when she was forcibly swept aside by her opponent’s sword fingers attacks. As she stumbled several steps backward, the ground beneath her cracked and sunk into splitting fragments!

Everyone was gasping and was holding their breath!

When they saw the solid white celestium stone slabs giving way at her mere steps, everyone was secretly startled at her martial power display!

It suddenly dawned to many of the celestials that the Ascension Goddess was after all one of the new seven most powerful celestials!

And they were now witnessing a duel between one of the most powerful elder secular celestials and one of the most powerful new generation celestials. It was a duel that no one wanted to miss now, even at the risk of their life!

How powerful were they? Their martial strengths, their secret strokes, their weaknesses and how far were they from these two top celestial exponents?

Of course, part of the reasons was that the Holy Ascension Sect and the Ascension Goddess had become a common enemy to many. The more they could know about the martial origins of the Ascension Goddess, they could eventually find a way to defeat or counter her in the future!

The Immortal Sword Aegis Sage was a little startled with the martial strength of the Ascension Goddess even though he was unconcerned with her as a threat. There were many powerful challengers in the past. They had even more powerful dominating aura than her and he had defeated them all.

He thought, “That is the strength of her divine sword? Or that is the strength of the Supreme Celestial of the Holy Ascension Sect?”

The Ascension Goddess was secretly alarmed of the martial strength of the Immortal Sword Aegis Sage as well. But when she secretly saw the anxiety on Yi Ping as she battled the Immortal Sword Aegis Sage, she was secretly pleased.

She forced a smile as she said coldly to the Immortal Sword Aegis Sage, “Is that what you got? Can you get much better than that?”

The Immortal Sword Aegis Sage hummed coldly, “You call yourself an elder of the Holy Ascension Sect and yet you have attacked without giving any warning. What an uncultivated celestial practitioner!”

The Ascension Goddess swung her divine sword backward as she stood casually, “I didn’t give you a warning? I just issue you a formal challenge. Or are you deaf?”

The Immortal Sword Aegis Sage said coldly, “A formal challenge requires both sides to give a formal introduction…”

The Ascension Goddess laughed softly, “Formal Introduction? Everyone knows you are the most eminent celestial in the entire celestial realm and everyone knows who I am. As an eminent celestial, you will surely want to give me the benefit of a first strike. Moreover, I am an uncultivated celestial.”

She had admitted that she was an uncultivated celestial and that immediately invited several amusements from the visiting celestials.

Far from being an unsophisticated celestial, the Ascension Goddess in her white gold celestial long dress outfit was the most refined and sophisticated celestial maiden that most of the celestials had ever seen. Her spectacular beauty, beautiful igniting golden eyes and long braided flowing hair was so stunning that she was simply a delight to watch.

The Immortal Sword Aegis Sage said coldly, “I have three martial principles. One, I won’t duel with the opposite gender. Two, I won’t duel with someone beneath me. Three, I won’t duel with an uncultivated person.”

The Ascension Goddess laughed softly, “I see. That’s interesting.”

Yi Ping was smiling unwittingly. It was because she had suddenly made light of an otherwise solemn atmosphere. He began to see a side of her that he had never noticed before.

Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Lele, Lie Qing and Lingfeng were giggling!

That was because the Ascension Goddess had just broken all three of the Immortal Sword Aegis Sage’s martial code and her only remark was that it was interesting!

It was obviously she was mocking the Immortal Sword Aegis Sage!

Even though all the other maidens were all smiling but they were also consciously wary of the intentions of the Ascension Goddess who was a complete enigma to them. Would she lose intentionally or she had another intention in mind by challenging the Immortal Sword Aegis Sage? But then, none of them had any confident against him and even the Heaveness had not recovered her true martial strength yet and was using an empty scheme known as the ‘Vacant City Strategy’ to disguise her martial weakness by feigning an essential loftiness.

Lingfeng was secretly afraid that the Ascension Goddess and Shen Xingyue would see through her feint given their state of divinity…

The Immortal Sword Aegis Sage continued coldly, “But today, I am going to make an exception of my martial code to duel with you.”

The Ascension Goddess smiled, “You are welcome!”

There were many visiting celestials that wished for the death of the Ascension Goddess for various reasons. But today after witnessing so many of their compatriots that were killed, their alignments began to shift towards Yi Ping’s faction instead. It was because the Three Immortal Sword Sages were simply too insolent!

Another reason was that the Ascension Goddess looked so affable in real life and not the demoness that they had imagined. But of course the main reason was that no one was expecting that the Ascension Goddess was able to defeat the Immortal Sword Aegis Sage!

The Immortal Sword Aegis Sage hummed coldly, “I see how you are going to laugh when I have stripped you naked and parade you in the streets.”

The Ascension Goddess causally laughed softly, “I see how you are going to react when I do the same to you too but then, it won’t be a slightly.”

Yi Ping was afraid that the Ascension Goddess might provoke the Immortal Sword Aegis Sage too much and that would result in a ruthless retaliation so he called out panicky to her, “Be careful!”

The Ascension Goddess beamed back with a smile, gesturing empathically. “I…I will! Ping’Er, you haven’t asked me for my name yet!”

Yi Ping was flustering awkwardly all of a sudden at her sudden flirt as everyone was looking at him in envy!

The Ascension Goddess was secretly flushing too as she recalled the night with Yi Ping. She distracted herself by calling aloud to the Immortal Sword Aegis Sage, “What are we waiting for?”

She had lurched herself at the Immortal Sword Aegis Sage, almost giving Yi Ping a heart attack!

Almost immediately, the sword energies aura of the Immortal Sword Aegis Sage and the despairing aura of the Ascension Goddess could be felt in all corners of the grand hall!

The Immortal Sword Aegis Sage had raised his sword fingers against the divine sword of the Ascension Goddess as they began to exchange hundreds of furious shadowy flurry strokes!

The Immortal Sword Aegis Sage was striking with dozens of sword energies bursts against the Ascension Goddess, mixing his attacks with tens of intricate sword energies like the Ley Negative Sword Energies which was also known as the Six Extreme Energy Pulses!

His Ley Negative Sword Second Stroke was even more intricate and powerful than the Immortal Sword Zealot Sage, releasing four blue energy bursts at a time until there were now a dozen of these bluish sword energies circulating around them, lashing and destroying everything in its path!

These twelve blue sword energies were his limits as he used in combination with his other Ley Negative Sword Energies.

The Immortal Sword Aegis Sage seized an attack opportunity as he shouted, “Ley Negative Sword Third Stroke!”

Immediately, a golden arc burst forth from his sword fingers. The Ley Negative Sword Third Stroke was unblockable and no martial force in the entire fraternity could defend against it!

But the Ascension Goddess did the unthinkable!

She had actually evaded it at such close proximity!

The Immortal Sword Aegis Sage strafed her a dozen of short energy bursts even as she evaded the Ley Negative Sword Third Stroke. Again, she did the impossible again as she evaded every single of the sword energy bursts once again even when two returning blue sword energies flux from the Ley Negative Sword Second Stroke flew suddenly towards her and missing her narrowly! It was as though she had eyes on her back!

Dozens of attacks simply just simply went past her for no apparent reason!

Everyone was stunned and their expressions turned to disbelief, including the Universal Old Man, Lingfeng, the other two Immortal Sword Sages and the four Elder Priests of the Holy Ascension Sect!

It was because the Ascension Goddess did not evade with her swiftness movement skill and all her movements could be seen clearly! In fact, she looked like she did not even attempt to evade at all even as dozens sword energies bursts simply went past her, most of it were extremely precariously close!

The Immortal Sword Aegis Sage raised his sword fingers as he shouted, “Ley Negative Sword Six Stroke, Ley Negative Fifth Stroke!”

But again, all his epitome attacks were futile! His attacks all had the illusion of going through to the Ascension Goddess and simply missed! It was as though he was fighting against a solid defensive wall!

Yi Ping was still recovering from his stunned look as he thought, “When I have fought against her, I also have the impression that I am fighting against a non-entity. It is like I am fighting a shadow. What is going on?”

Actually the Ascension Goddess was not having an easy time and facing the same situation too. She was defending more rather than attacking. No matter at which directions that she had initiated her attacks, the Immortal Aegis Sword Sage would always block her sword attacks with his sword fingers or his martial force. That caused her to be very much troubled and she had already lurched more than three hundreds epitome strokes at him but he was like an impassable wall with no martial weakness!

In another blink of an eye, the Immortal Sword Aegis Sage and the Ascension Goddess had exchanged dozens of strokes at point blank, exchanging their entire martial force and power as they clashed furiously!

Altogether, the Ascension Goddess had evaded more than three hundred energy strokes and intercepted another three hundred melee strokes!

That finally forced the Immortal Sword Aegis Sage to consider the use of his most secretive and most powerful killing technique, the Inverting Eternal Occurrence!

He shouted aloud, “Are you able to intercept my next attack? The Inverting Eternal Occurrence?”

When he had mentioned the Inverting Eternal Occurrence, many of the visiting celestials including the Universal Old Man and Lingfeng were startled and stunned; it was because the Inverting Eternal Occurrence was known as the most powerful sword technique in the Celestial Realm!

The Inverting Eternal Occurrence was a powerful sword technique of the Immortal Saint of Swords. In the past, there were many Ancient Celestials that had fallen victim to it and that was what had propelled the Immortal Saint of Swords to the top seven fighters list. Even though no one had never really witnessed it before, they had long heard of this mysterious swordplay! It was because those that had seen this swordplay were no longer living!

Lingfeng and the Stellar Heaven Fairy panicky called out to the Ascension Goddess, “Be careful!”

The air around the grand hall was suddenly electrifying as all the Ley Negative Sword Aura of the Immortal Sword Aegis Sage intensified all of a sudden. Immediately, there was a circular speeding mirage with intrinsic arrays hovering on the ground and in the air!

As soon as it had appeared, the entire grand hall began to shake violently again!

And before anyone could react to the mirage and what was going on, beams of intrinsic sword energies numbering hundreds shot up from the ground and from the top, pulverizing everything in its path and the Ascension Goddess was caught in the middle of the crossfire!

Yi Ping was stunned as he shouted panicky, “Wait!”

Even Xuan Kong, Xuan Qian, Xuan Wei and Xuan You were all shouting the same!