A Martial Odyssey Book 2: The Celestial Realm – Chapter 24

The Tranquil City

The grand hall of the Tranquil City was full of Celestials and they were not entirely friendly. They had come from all over the Celestial Realm. Some had come upon learning the death of Domain Lord Ximen Nanqing and to seek vengeance for him, some had come to challenge the new Domain Lord, some had come to learn who the new Domain Lord was and some had come out of curiosity.

Regardless of their exact reasons, they had a pretext today; to attend the grand wedding of the new Domain Lord of the Tranquil City!

To the utter surprise of the Celestials, the new Domain Lord did not stop them from entering the city and had actually invited them into the wedding hall.

Quite a few of the Celestials had been curious on the identity of the new Domain Lord who called himself Yi Ping, a name that no one had ever heard before until recently!

Naturally these lofty Celestials were not the types that would adhere to any rules and many had actually tried to sneak into the palace ground of the Tranquil City.

However, they were startled to encounter a formidable celestial formation and they were repulsed by the formidable masked Celestials that were within the palace grounds! These intruders did not persist in fighting against the guardians for they did not know how formidable the new Domain Lord was and did not want to take any risk.

But today when they saw the new Domain Lord, they were all startled!

A young man with an awe inspiring righteous air had stepped into the grand hall with an old man beside him. He was wearing white and his entourage was equally stunning; eleven alluring maidens walked into view which immediately caused the entire hall to become completely silent!

These maidens were all extremely beautiful and moving but they were all obviously Celestials except for Lingfeng. But some experienced Celestials were already caution of Lingfeng as they immediately suspected that with her air of confidence, she might well be an Ancient Celestial!

But regardless if they were Golden Celestials or Ancient Celestials, they were comparable in their strengths and had to undergo nine heavenly tribulations known as the Divine Wrath before facing the ultimate tribulation known as the Heavenly Wrath.

The nine heavenly tribulations were also known as the Thousand Year Calamity, occurring once every thousand years with majority of the Celestials perishing in the first and the second heavenly tribulations!

Therefore, this ordinary looking maiden could be at least a Sixth Tier Ancient Celestial! It was because only a Sixth Tier Ancient Celestial and above could take on the appearance of the Golden Celestials or as mortals.

Even though the Ancient Celestials had been the Celestial Realm much longer than the Golden Celestials, the Golden Celestials were not less powerful than the Ancient Celestials. It was because the seven stages of celestial divinity that the average celestial practitioners were put through were extremely arduous. So when they had ascended to the Celestial Realm, it put them on par with the Ancient Celestials that were already there.

The power differences between a Golden Celestial and an Ancient Celestial may be slight but in a fight, the difference between a lower tier and a higher tier celestial was more pronounced.

A Fifth Tier Celestial had an upper limit of ninety years of martial power while a First Tier Celestial only had an upper limit of sixty years with the upper limit increasing by a tenth after every tribulation. Even though an Eighth Tier Celestial in theory was twice as powerful as a First Tier Celestial, twice was an improbably imagination for most celestials!

It was because when a physical limit was reached, it required twice as much effort to raise the limit by a little. Even though there was a sixty years limit for the celestial practitioners, most had difficulty reaching even this limit!

Ximen Nanqing was a Fifth Tier Golden Celestial and one of the most powerful celestials in the Celestial Realm. And the young man that had defeated him was just an ordinary celestial practitioner. How could it be even possible!?

But looking at the way that some of the maidens that had golden eyes were looking at him, they were also bewildered! It seemed that these maidens were his followers and not the other way round!

A black bearded Celestial stared at Yi Ping and said coldly, “You are Yi Ping? You are the one that killed Ximen Nanqing?”

This black beard Celestial name was the Northern Tyrant. He was a friend of Ximen Nanqing and it was clear that he was not here to attend any wedding.

Beside him, there were also several celestials that were acquainted with Ximen Nanqing!

Yi Ping took a quick glance at Xiao Youxue before he said firmly, “That’s right! I am Yi Ping and Ximen Nanqing had indeed fallen under my hands!”

Immediately, there were a mutterings of disbelief that filled the hall!

It was obvious that this Yi Ping was just a celestial practitioner and not yet a full fledge celestial yet! How was it possible? Such a thing was unheard of unless it was foul play!

Xiao Youxue was startled as she eyed Yi Ping melancholy as she thought, “Ping’Er, you are taking the rap for me? Do you know that we are facing dozens of super exponents today? And they are all Golden Celestials…”

The Northern Tyrant looked quietly at the four priests from the Holy Ascension Sect. It was because he knew that these four priests were the elders of the Holy Ascension Sect and he was wary. It was because the Holy Ascension Sect was a major celestial clan in the Celestial Realm and was seeking hegemony. Quite a number of celestial clans had already sworn fealty to the Holy Ascension Sect!

Unless they knew the inclination of the Holy Ascension Sect, then most of the celestials was declined to act hastily!

The four priests were surprising solemn and they seemed to be staring intensely at the extremely beautiful maiden in a white gold dress that was inscribed with circular sigil.

A pale young man with golden eyes who called himself the White Ape Scholar smirked at Yi Ping, scarcely believing what Yi Ping had said. The White Ape Scholar was a top exponent of the Celestial Solstice Clan and was representing the Domain Lord of the Celestial Solstice Clan to attend the wedding.

Even though the wedding date had been officially announced by Yi Ping, there were no invitations to anyone whatever so; all the guests today had come unannounced!

The Celestial Solstice Clan had just sworn fealty to the Holy Ascension Sect so naturally the White Ape Scholar had recognized the four priests in white and gray robes. He thought curiously, “There is a young man in their company the last time and he is inconspicuous missing…”

The Celestial Solstice Clan and the Dominating Aura Clan were actually rival clans. He was actually sent by his Domain Lord to gather intelligence on the newly founded Tranquil City.

The White Ape Scholar bowed his hands respectfully at the four priests from the Holy Ascension Sect, “My respected seniors, we are juniors and we dare not make any hasty decisions. May I know where you stand in this matter? This Yi Ping has admitted killing Ximen Nanqing. Even though this is his wedding but my Domain Lord is a friend of Ximen Nanqing. If his friend is killed, then shouldn’t we seek vendetta on behalf of my Domain Lord?”

The Northern Tyrant hummed coldly. No one believed such a white lie of course. But as he was eager to avenge Ximen Nanqing, he kept his cool. It was because the Holy Ascension Sect was one of the major celestial clans in the Celestial Realm. Even if he did not hold these four priests in high regard, he was forced to be humble.

The four priests were Xuan Kong, Xuan Qian, Xuan Wei and Xuan You.

Xuan Kong was the oldest looking and was also the leader of the group.

Xuan Kong said coldly, “If you value your life, you shouldn’t make a move first.”

The White Ape Scholar was startled, “Senior, you are helping this Yi Ping?”

Xuan Kong replied coldly, “On the contrary, we want him dead very badly.”

All the celestials were startled. It was because they had thought that the four priests were trying to help this Yi Ping!

The White Ape Scholar was slightly baffled, “I will lose to him?”

The Northern Tyrant dropped him a hint out of annoyance, “You are so focused on this Yi Ping that you did not notice that there were three Golden Celestials behind him?”

He was of course referring to Shen Xingyue, the Ascension Goddess and the Stellar Heaven Goddess.

The White Ape Scholar laughed aloud, “I will fear them? They are just pretty vases. Whether they can really fight is another matter. And moreover, we have almost one hundred of us here. What do we have to fear from just three Golden Celestials?”

The White Ape Scholar himself was a terrifying opponent. He had been through countless battles and had fought against multiple Golden Celestials at once. Moreover today, there were dozens of his compatriots. If he could not outfight them, surely retreating was not a great deal of an issue for him. Moreover, retreating against multiple opponents was not an entirely dishonorable thing!

Xuan Kong said simply, “Go on. We won’t intervene but you mustn’t hurt the maiden in white gold attire.”

The White Ape Scholar laughed, “Don’t tell me that Reverent Xuan Kong has taken an interest in her and wants to dual celestial with her?”

The White Ape Scholar did not notice that Xuan Kong was staring angrily at him as he was completely mesmerized by the enthralling maiden in white gold dress who laughed softly, “The White Ape Scholar really likes to joke.”

The White Ape Scholar was slightly surprised but pleased at the same time that she actually knew who he was even though he had never seen her before. He felt proud and could sense that a number of celestials in the group were envious of him.

The White Ape Scholar laughed, “Since maiden knows my celestial name, I wonder if maiden can grace me with your name?”

The enthralling maiden who was the Ascension Goddess laughed softly as she looked at Yi Ping coyly, “I am afraid that you have to ask someone else here for permission first.”

The White Ape Scholar looked at Yi Ping and then laughed, “He is just a lowly celestial practitioner who has not even become a true celestial yet. Surely you are not afraid of him?”

The Ascension Goddess sighed softly seemingly with despair, “You are right. I am really afraid of him!”

The White Ape Scholar was baffled, “Oh?”

The Ascension Goddess said gently, “You have come here to attend a wedding. Don’t you know who the groom is and who the bride is?”

The White Ape Scholar was further mystified, “I know who the groom is but you are the bride? But you are a Golden Celestial and he is just a…”

The Ascension Goddess interrupted sharply, “So? He is a lowly celestial practitioner and I am a highly attained celestial. Who says he can’t be my husband? If he isn’t fit, who else is? Are you fit?”

The White Ape Scholar was taken aback by the sharp change in her tone but he quickly composed himself as he said coldly, “We shall see about that…”

Even before he had finished speaking, he had already sprung towards Yi Ping with lightning speed as his eyes turned murderous!

Yi Ping was not slow to react as he shouted, “I can handle him alone…”

It was because he had already noticed that Yixian, Lie Qing, Shen Xingyue, Youxue, Lingfeng, Lele, Yunzi, Yu’Er, Mei’Er, the Stellar Heaven Fairy and the Ascension Goddess had all taken a step forward or was already preparing to confront the attacker!

Yi Ping had leapt forward with a loud shout as he raised his palm to display the Ultrapowerful Force!

Almost instantaneously, there was a thunderous clap and the air exploded thunderously as the two opponents clashed against one another!

The White Ape Scholar was met with a startling force that forced him flying backward. Immediately, he had coughed out blood in disbelief as his golden eyes turned red!

He was immediately afflicted with severe internal injuries as a powerful crackling martial force breeched and entered through him!

If he was not a Golden Celestial and protected by his Sovereign Martial Force, he would have died on the spot!

The White Ape Scholar staggered back as he stared furiously at Yi Ping while on his knees as he began to shiver uncontrollably, “You…! How dare you…”

As he looked up, he was startled and so were many of the celestials that Yi Ping was still standing casually, seemingly without any sign any injuries!

The White Ape Scholar muttered, “How is it possible…”

Even the Northern Tyrant was staring at Yi Ping and he was secretly startled.

It was totally unheard of that a celestial practitioner could take a blow from a Golden Celestial and was could emerge unscathed!

Yi Ping had executed the Ultrapowerful Force that the Universal Old Man had taught him. Unlike the Divine Horizon Hand, the Ultrapowerful Force was a powerful palm technique that focused the entire martial power at the attacking point and was a devastating palm skill. While the Ultrapowerful martial power may not be as powerful as the Asper Horizon Hand which was the ultimate killing technique of the Divine Horizon Hand, it was less demanding on martial power requisite.

Yi Ping was startled that he could knock back a Golden Celestial with such ease too. He did not know that after pushing himself to the limit on numerous times with the Asper Horizon Hand, his martial power was now at a startling power level!

A combination of factors had also contributed to his startling martial power level; he had long cleared his life and death channels, which was a requisite to become a Golden Celestial. His Boundless Force was now so pure that it had long evolved into the Absolute Equilibrium Force, which instantly rebalanced his martial power each time he had used it and it also had the effect of manifolds his martial force!

The White Ape Scholar shouted to the rest, “What are you waiting for? Don’t you want to avenge Ximen Nanqing?”

A Celestial with a ruddy face said coolly, “No thanks. I have really come to attend the wedding uninvited and have no intention of picking a fight.”

It was the truth. Quite a number of Golden Celestials who were previously under the oppression of the Dominating Aura Clan was gleeful and was in fact rejoicing over the demise of Ximen Nanqing. So they had come uninvited to take a look at the hero.

But they had never expected to find Yi Ping to be so young looking and that he was just a celestial practitioner.

The ruby face celestial added politely, “My celestial name is the Deadly Wanderer. So Master Yi Ping, I have come here to attend your wedding. There are so many beautiful maidens around you. So, who is the bride?”

When Yi Ping saw that this Deadly Wanderer was polite to him, he replied politely as well. “They are all my brides today.”

A wave of startled silence greeted everyone, dumbfounding everyone!

Even Yi Ping was thinking that this must be the most ridiculous thing that was happening!

He sighed softly…

That day in the secret chamber, everyone was startled and stunned that Lingfeng was actually proposing that he should dual celestial with the Ascension Goddess!

This immediately sparked off an immediately flurry of protests!

He was stunned and said, “That is impossible and I don’t even know her…”

The Ascension Goddess gave him a hurtful look, “How could you say that after what we have been through…”

He panicky said, “Not that…”

But his voice was quickly drowned out by the bickering maidens!

He was soon shouting, “Stop! Wait…”

Even though his martial shout was powerful but he was no match for the extraordinary internal strength of some of the maidens!

Yixian, Lele, the Stellar Heaven Fairy and many of the maidens were all internal martial experts. They did not have or need to shout; their soft voice would resound in everyone’s ears clearly to the extent of overlapping all other exterior sounds!

He was simply overwhelmed and he was still shouting aloud, “Stop it. Just stop it! Anything, just…”

All of a sudden, all the maidens began to start exchanging blows with one another furiously!

The entire chamber had broken out in pandemonium!

The Universal Old Man was as panicky as Yi Ping and he too was shouting aloud. But he was afraid of directing confronting the furious maidens. When the Heaveness gave him a stern look, he could only smile bitterly!

Mei’Er was pleading, “Stop! Why don’t Yi Ping marry all of us then…?”

“Just…anything…please stop!” He was shouting aloud panicky.

All of a sudden, there was a deafening silence and everyone was looking at him!

He froze in his tracks and turned pale immediately as he looked into their eyes blankly!

What had happened next was so sudden and before he could really come to his senses, a grand wedding had already been planned with exciting anticipation!

Back at the present, Yi Ping was still looking at the stunned silence of the grand hall.

He repeated solemnly, “They are all my brides.”

The Deadly Wanderer muttered in astonishment as he looked at all the maidens that were beside him. They were carrying smiles and did not seem to be forced against their will.

All of a sudden, Northern Tyrant issued a commanding shout. “Seize him!”

Seven Golden Celestials immediately leapt towards Yi Ping at the same time!

Only two of the Golden Celestials were his subordinates. The rest were opportunists and among the seven celestials, was the White Ape Scholar again!

Yi Ping immediately displayed the Asper Techniques of the Divine Horizon Hands, the Asper Continuum Horizon Hand, sending dozens dark shadowy palm images flurrying in all directions in split second!

These shadowy palms were not tricks of the eyes or illusions but the solidification of martial force merging with martial power! Immediately, the seven celestials raised their hands, displaying their extraordinary martial skills and power to dispel the martial force!

They knew that this type of aerial martial force attack required a great deal of martial power from the martial practitioner and was not as powerful as a direct impact. In short, it was weaker and was impracticable against a strong martial opponent. Moreover, there were seven of them and once they had breech this little nuisance attack, then this Yi Ping would have expended most of his martial power and weakened his defenses. Obviously, they would have disabled and torn him like a paper!

That was why even though the Asper Continuum Horizon Hand was the second stance of the Asper Techniques, it was actually weaker than the Asper Horizon Hand which was the first stance of the Asper Techniques.

All of a sudden, their disdainful eyes turned to startled shock when they were turn aside by the flurrying shadowy palm attacks that were flying towards them!

The martial force of this Yi Ping was even greater than they had expected!

Immediately, they slowed down their movements and executed their epitome defensive stances at the same time. But before they could even fight off the dozens of shadowy palm attacks, Yi Ping was displaying hundreds of shadowy flurrying forces sending in all directions as he displayed the Asper Continuum Horizon not twice, but in a startling display had executed five Asper Continuum Horizon Hands!

Yi Ping himself was surprised that he could display the second Asper Continuum Horizon Hand with such little effort. It was because the martial power demand of the Asper Continuum Horizon was even more strenuous than the Asper Horizon Hand! But because he wanted to test his limits and that he knew that his opponents would not give him any chance to retaliate, he had executed five Asper Continuum Horizon Hands one after the other!

Because he had already reached the Transverse level, the speed and explosive impact of his Asper Continuum had also improved by leap and bounds!

There were hundreds of thunderous impact and the windforces from the hundreds of shadowy palm attacks were so startling that the entire hall was actually shaking as everyone began to raise their defense stances as they hurried backward, including the Universal Old Man and the other maidens!

The White Ape Scholar raised his fist as he dispelled one martial force after another. He was stunned that this was no ordinary windforce but was charged with vital energies. As he unleashed his martial power to negate the incoming aerial attacks, he found his martial power draining away with every counter attack. As his martial power weakened, he was suddenly struck by several dozens of these aerial attacks!

When the five Asper Continuum Horizon Hands had finished executing, the seven celestials were all lying on the ground and were trembling nonstop while Yi Ping was panting breathlessly!

Many of the visiting celestials immediately broke into a cold sweat as they witnessed this epitome display! Immediately, they realized that even though his celestial attainment was not as highly as they were, this Yi Ping was not an ordinary martial exponent as well!

The four priests, Xuan Kong, Xuan Qian, Xuan Wei and Xuan You immediately raised their eyebrows at this epitome display but there were no sign of any fears.

Even the Northern Tyrant was humming coldly as he said with disdain, “You have wasted so much of their martial power and strength to tackle these small fries. How are you going to have any strength to fight us later?”

Yi Ping smiled bitterly. He had always fought to the best of his capability regardless of who his opponents were. But the Northern Tyrant was right. He did not have much strength left after this epitome display! If they attacked again, then he would be hard pressed!

The Northern Tyrant, the four priests of the Holy Ascension Sect, the Deadly Wanderer and some of the celestials were actually in a totally different league. When top exponents dual, they had to be in tip top condition for any sign of weakness would always lead to death!

Yi Ping clenched his fist. Even though he looked tired but he was not as drained as these Golden Celestials had thought; his martial power was actually replenishing at a startling rate due to his Divine Revelation Intricacy Skill, which controlled his vital energies and his Absolute Equilibrium Force, which replenished his martial power!

The Northern Tyrant had stepped forward and there was a killing malevolent aura around him!

Yi Ping continued to show no fear as he said coldly, “I have no feud with you. Why are you forcing my hand?”

The Northern Tyrant replied coldly, “It is because you have made a mistake of killing Ximen Nanqing. Do you know that he is my sworn brother?”

Just as Yi Ping was about to say something, Yu’Er and Mei’Er had stepped forth at the same time!

Yi Ping was startled, “Yu’Er, Mei’Er…”

Yu’Er took a quick look at her protégé mistress Yixian who in turn nodded quietly to her. Seeing that her protégé mistress had given her the approval to act, she said aloud to the visiting celestials, “You have all come uninvited and instead of coming in peace, you have come to sought troubles for us.”

Mei’Er nodded and added, “There is no need to trouble our master for small fry like you. We are sufficient.”

The Northern Tyrant was a highly regarded celestial in the Celestial Realm and not many dare to show such disrespect to him.

He was immediately aroused with anger as he said coldly, “Very well. Let me teach you a lesson that you will never forget. Don’t forget who I am next time if there is a next time for you.”

Yu’Er immediately said, “We see!”

Mei’Er taunted him, “Why are you still standing there for?”

The Northern Tyrant stared angrily at them, “I see that you are juniors, that is why I am intending to give you the benefits of three strokes!”

Mei’Er hummed coldly as she took minuscule movement which immediately dazzled quite a number of celestials as she laughed softly, “Even though it appears that you are gracing us with the benefit of three strokes but as a highly experienced exponent, you are actually waiting to observe and exploit our openings. The first to attack don’t really have any benefit. Instead, it can be fatal when top exponents dual!”

Many of the celestials began to mutter and nodded among themselves! It was the truth. Enacting the slow movement against the fast movement and the motionless against the motion; against an opponent that attack first, the last to attack was able to attack with even swifter and more focus attack. That was because when an opponent had attacked first, they would have lost the benefit of counter attacking, the benefit of adjusting their strokes and even their attacking movements would be slower than usual because they could not predict what their opponents’ action would be!

When top exponents fight with one another, they were most reluctant to be the first to attack and they would often taunt their opponents to make the first move.

Yu’Er further taunted, “At first I thought that you are a highly respected celestial in the Celestial Realm but you are just someone who wants to take advantage of two maidens. What a shameful person!”

The Northern Tyrant despite his meditation techniques were immediately moved to anger. He was a hot temper celestial or else he would not be known as a Tyrant. The only reason he could ascend in the past was because of his invincible divine skill, the Divine Meteor Pursuit Skill.

He said angrily, “Junior, don’t blame me for being ruthless then!”

Yi Ping panicky said as he stepped forward, “Yu’Er, Mei’Er be careful!”

But Yixian halted him by whispering quietly to his ears alone, “I will interfere if something is amiss. Don’t worry.”

Yixian was not the only one giving Yi Ping the assurances. Shen Xingyue, the Stellar Heaven Fairy and the Ascension Goddess too, had used the Great Whispering Skill to assure him at the same time!

The Stellar Heaven Fairy whispered, “They are my grand protégé disciples after all. I will interfere when necessary.”

Shen Xingyue whispered, “I will like to teach this Northern Tyrant a lesson too. Let Yu’Er and Mei’Er have a go first.”

Yi Ping nodded reluctantly as he looked quietly at Yu’Er and Mei’Er.

Yu’Er and Mei’Er were both fluttering now when they noticed how concerned Yi Ping was for them.

Yu’Er laughed softly, “We’ll be alright. This Northern Tyrant doesn’t seem to be a strong exponent…”

When the Northern Tyrant had heard how they had belittled him, he was so enraged that he had mustered his martial power and had leapt upon them with a startling explosive speed!

Yu’Er and Mei’Er were not slow to react. They had quickly unsheathed their golden swords as a golden radiance surrounded them!

The Northern Tyrant was startled as he quickly evaded their attacks and counter attack with several explosive punches!

But Yu’Er and Mei’Er raised their sword fingers as they displayed the Divine Emerald Skill as they displayed dozens of cold beaming sword energies in all directions!

This time, the Northern Tyrant was truly startled!

Not only was his explosive punches failed to break down their defenses, he was forced to devote much of his martial power to defend against the sword energies. This of course was not the real reason why he was startled; these two maidens had in their possessions two powerful divine swords!

Yixian was startled too. All of a sudden, she had realized that Yu’Er and Mei’Er swordplay seemed to have improved considerably! Moreover, they seemed to have merged one with their divine swords too, an attainment which was extremely difficult for most celestial who had centuries of attainment and not to mention that they were not even twenty!

The twin sisters had already reached a new level in their Dual Inertness Intricacy. Moreover with the Listening Rhyme of the Eternal Ice Palace and by observing the Ascension Goddess, they were able to merge one with their divine swords!

The Ascension Goddess was secretly startled. The twin sisters seemed to be picking her fighting moves even though it was still not the same and had not reached her expertise but their sword energies display were extremely startling as they executed their beaming cold energies all around them seemingly without any restraint!

Everyone began to step backward and began to parry or evade the extraordinary random bursts of sword energies that were strafing in all directions, sending the marble and stone stabs of the floor to be ripped apart and flying in all directions!

The Northern Tyrant had never expected that these two young celestial practitioners would be able to execute sword energies and with such an unrestrained bursts!

Lie Qing was muttering to herself, “Yu’Er, Mei’Er…they have unleashed at least twenty one sword energy each and they can still maintain the Divine Emerald Skill…how is it possible that they can maintain the vital energy flow of their internal strength?”

Even Yi Ping, Lingfeng and the Universal Old Man were astonished!

Barely had the Northern Tyrant made his attack, he was slashed by Yu’Er and Mei’Er who had completely broken down his defenses and fell onto the ground much to the stunned silence of the visiting celestials!

Yu’Er gave the Northern Tyrant a hard kick as he slammed against the wall with a thunderous impact!

The Northern Tyrant coughed out more blood as his entire face turned white with ashen as he muttered incoherently!

Just as Mei’Er wanted to raise her sword again, Yi Ping said. “Mei’Er, that is enough. He isn’t your match. Just let him off. After all, this is our wedding.”

Mei’Er hummed coldly at the Northern Tyrant before she said affectionately to Yi Ping, “Master…Brother Ping…we have taught him a lesson on your behalf!”

At the same time, many of the visiting celestials were looking at the twin sister’s swords and their hearts were pounding excitedly. Divine swords were extremely rare in the Celestial Realm and they could not believe that they were in the presence of two divine swords!

The covetous celestials were all thinking the same, “They are only celestial practitioners and unworthy of having these divine swords. If only I have these swords, it will certainly benefit me…”

The Northern Tyrant coughed out more blood as he stared angrily at Yi Ping. He had never expected to be humiliated in front of so many celestials today! Even though he too, wanted the two divine swords for himself but he had underestimated the two maidens and had suffered a crushing defeat.

While he was still coughing bitterly out of exasperation, three other celestials had also stepped forward as they raised their precious swords.

These three celestials were from the Immortal Sword Clan and the celestial taking the lead said, “Maidens, if we cannot defeat you then we will leave behind our precious swords. But if you are unable to defeat us, then please leave your swords behind! Will you dare to try our Negative Six Swords Immortal Formation? If you dare not try, then we will consider that you have conceded to us!”

It was indeed a laudable thing. Three precious swords in exchange for two divine swords?

It was because the Immortal Sword Clan was a reputable clan so naturally they could not seize the divine swords in an open manner. But everyone could tell that these three celestials were leaving Yu’Er and Mei’Er with no other choice!

Shen Xingyue was none too pleased with their actions and were disappointed that the celestials in the Celestial Realm were like bullies. So she had immediately stepped forward and raised her palm forward!

Immediately, the air around the ground was crushed by a strong gravity and exploded thunderous forward!

The three celestials immediately raised their swords at the same time but they were simply swept aside by a strong tidal force!

She had just displayed the Big Dipper Hands as she said, “Insolent idiots!”

The tidal shockwave was so great that quite a number of celestials were forced to take a few steps backward!

The Deadly Wanderer gasped aloud, “The Big Dipper Hands! Isn’t this the secret divine arts of the Holy Ascension Sect?”

But while he was gasping, there were another breathless mutterings among the visiting celestials as Shen Xingyue had drawn out her Blue Heavens Divine Sword!

Another Divine Sword!

There were three divine swords!

But the rest of the celestials did not dare to make a false move now because Shen Xingyue was a Golden Celestial. After her epitome display, they were wary now.

Xuan Kong hummed coldly, “What a bunch of losers. You don’t even know who you are dealing with.”

All the visiting celestials froze. It was because they had suddenly remembered what Xuan Kong had reminded them earlier.

The Deadly Wanderer smiled bitterly as he looked at the Ascension Goddess and Shen Xingyue, “May I know who you are and what is your relation to the Holy Ascension Sect?”

The Ascension Goddess gave a faint smile as she said, “Alas! I am just a nobody in the Holy Ascension Sect. My celestial name is the Ascension Goddess and she is my protégé sister, the Dark Enchantress!”

Shen Xingyue protested weakly, “My new fraternity name is the Fiery Phoenix now!”

The visiting celestials had immediately frozen in their tracks! It was because none of them had found their humor to be funny!

Who had never heard of the Ascension Goddess?

She was the Supreme Celestial of the Holy Ascension Sect. No one here had seen her before but her fighting ability alone had ranked her as one of the new seven top super celestial fighters! The fighters of the new seven super celestial fighters were not an empty title that was given out based on their celestial clans and was actually based on their actual battles!

The Deadly Wanderer stammered to the Ascension Goddess, “You…are that demoness that have battled dozens of top celestial fighters from the twelve northern divine peak celestial clans and killed every single of them, just because they refused to submit to the Holy Ascension Sect?”

Even the Northern Tyrant was gasping, “In recent months, I have heard that the Ascension Goddess is in this region, killing and plundering? You are her?!”

Yi Ping stared angrily at the Ascension Goddess as he thought, “You have killed so many people?! I must be really blind to trust you…”

The Ascension Goddess had noticed that Yi Ping was looking fiercely at her so she quickly said coyly. “Ping’Er, I wouldn’t kill unnecessary. You can ask them. If I were to fall into their hands, my fate would be miserable. Do you really want to see me in such a sorry state? You have seen how ruthless these celestials have been…”

She appeared to be melancholy, “You already know I am no angel in the past but I am willing to repent but if you are always remembering my past and not giving me any chance, I will rather die in front of you!”

Yixian immediately comforted the Ascension Goddess, “I understand…I have killed just as many as you too…”

The anger in Yi Ping’s eyes immediately vapored as he said gently, “Alas! As long as you don’t kill unnecessary from now on, let the past be the past.”

The Ascension Goddess lit up and immediately she was smiling happily, “Naturally!”

But many of the visiting celestials were already thinking miserably, “The Ascension Goddess is known as the Vengeful Goddess. Her ruthlessness is legendary and unlike the other celestials, she did not restraint from killing…”

In the Celestial Realm, the Ascension Goddess was known to go after anyone that dared to speak ill of her. There was once a celestial that was ranked fifth in the super celestial fighters ranking while she was ranked seventh. He had spoken ill of her. Out of the blue, she sought him out and had decapitated him with her divine sword and that fight was even witnessed by quite a number of surviving celestials; it was said that she had fought with her eyes closed and finished the fight barely before it had even started!

The Deadly Wanderer looked at the sheathed long sword that was hanging by the side of the Ascension Goddess as he thought nervously, “That sword must be your divine sword then…I have never seen so many divine swords in my life before. Who is this Yi Ping, that old man and who are these maidens? Surely they are no ordinary celestial practitioners and celestials…”

The Ascension Goddess said gently, “So you are all here to attend my wedding, yes or no?”

Immediately, many of the celestials broke into cold sweat as they answered swiftly and humbly, “Indeed we have. We didn’t know that it is the Ascension Goddess. We have good intentions…”

The Northern Tyrant immediately cursed Xuan Kong, “You! You know she is the Ascension Goddess. You know who she is. You know she is the Supreme Celestial of the Holy Ascension Sect and yet you didn’t tell us! If we have known who she is, we wouldn’t have dared to create such a mess…”

But he was immediately interrupted by Xuan You, “We have told you that you can challenge anyone but her. You didn’t listen so don’t blame us. Moreover, we have indeed come to disrupt the wedding. So you are planning to give your blessings to them?”

The Northern Tyrant was startled!

He stammered, “You have come to disrupt the wedding? Why didn’t you give us a hand earlier?”

Xuan Wei said coldly, “It is our internal sect affairs and none of your business.”

Xuan Qian said humbly to the Ascension Goddess, “I hope that you can reconsider your decision and come back to us to the Holy Ascension Sect or we will have difficulty accounting to the Holy Supremacy. Or else don’t blame us from taking actions!”

The Ascension Goddess said coolly, “I have already made up my mind. Do you think you can threaten me just like that?”

Xuan Kong said, “We wouldn’t dare but as elders of the Holy Ascension Sect, we must not allow the divine swords of the Holy Ascension Sect to fall into the hands of the outsiders. Do you need us to remind you that we know of your weakness?”

The Ascension Goddess laughed softly, “My weakness is irrelevant now.”

Xuan Qian asked, “What do you mean?”

The Ascension Goddess pointed at Shen Xingyue before pointing at Yu’Er and Mei’Er, “The three of them are also the Supreme Celestials of the Holy Ascension Sect and in our hands are four divine swords. Even if you know my weakness, it will take at least two of you to subdue me but now, there are four Supreme Celestials here. Moreover…”

She stole a glance at the Universal Old Man, Lingfeng, Yixian, Lie Qing, Youxue and Yi Ping, “We are not alone. Even if you summon our protégé grandmasters, you cannot subdue me anymore.”

The visiting celestials were left gasping with astonishment!

There were actually four Supreme Celestials of the Holy Ascension Sect! No wonder their fighting capabilities were so deadly!

The Northern Tyrant sighed, “I am not defeated by the divine swords…it is not so disgraceful to be defeated by the Supreme Celestials of the Holy Ascension Sect. In fact, I should be honored that I am able to survive a fight with them.”

All of a sudden, he was glad that he had found the perfect excuse to salvage his pride in front of the celestials!

Xuan Kong was startled, “My Ascension Goddess! You…you are really planning to rebel against the Holy Ascension Sect? Have you forgotten your most sacred oaths yet?”

The Ascension Goddess replied coolly, “I have not forgotten about my sacred vows. Go back and tell the Holy Supremacy that I will return shortly to the Holy Ascension Sect with my husband…”

All of a sudden, everyone in the grand hall froze in their tracks as the air around them had turned extremely cold as they felt a killing malevolent aura that was approaching!

It was the supernatural coldness of the sword energies!

And it was not one but three! Before they had made their appearances, their presences were already felt, paralyzing everyone!

Yi Ping stared intently at the entrance of the hall…

The Universal Old Man muttered, “Such a powerful sword energy. He is definitely a super celestial exponent. I wonder who he is…”

Even Xuan Kong, Xuan Wei, Xuan You, Xuan Qian were uneasy as they stared at the entrance.

The Ascension Goddess was already clasping the hilt of her sword while Lingfeng the Heaveness was looking disturbed as they looked to the entrance.

It was not long before they saw three old men in white and purple robes at the entrance. Each of them had three swords on their back. The old man in the middle with a long white beard was the most commanding and there was a terrifying malevolent air around him.

Immediately, Xuan Kong, Xuan Qian, Xuan Wei and Xuan You turned white with ashen.

Xuan Kong said quietly, “What an occasion. Even the Immortal Sword Sages of the Infinity Sword Celestial Clan is here today.”

Shen Xingyue was flinching and trembling. It was because the three Immortal Sword Sages were staring piercingly at her as though they wanted to devour her!

She thought uneasily, “They are here for the Blue Heavens Divine Sword?”