A Martial Odyssey Book 2: The Celestial Realm – Chapter 20

The Forget Affections Wine

The Ascension Goddess smiled bitterly as she said with startled expressions, “You didn’t realize how precious this Forget Affections Wine is in the Celestial Realm, didn’t you? Like martial miraculous divine pills, unlike the Divine Dragon Pill which can only increase your martial power and strength, this Forget Affections Wine is able to further refine a martial practitioner’s internal energy. It is at least three thousand years old and is made of the most precious divine herbs in the celestial realm…”

Yi Ping exclaimed aloud, “No wonder it is so good! It is indeed heavenly!”

The Ascension Goddess smiled bitterly and she was a little afraid now, “It may be a miraculous wine but is advisable to only drink small quantities at a time because it have an aphrodisiacs effect which may be fatal…”

She really did not expect Yi Ping to seize the entire wine jar and finished it in one gulp. It was because at the very start, she could sense that he was still on his guard against her. She really did not expected him to drop his guard so completely and had even prepared and rehearsed a rebuke speech that she had prepared for him if he had rejected her wines!

“Do you know how precious this Forget Affections Wine is? Not even the elders of the Holy Ascension Sect are able to savor it…”

“I am going to reveal a little secret of this wine to you to make you regret your decisions for not trusting me…”

“You think you are smart but it seems you are not! Let me tell you why…”

All her carefully drafted speech was completely undone. She had spent days preparing for it and daydreaming his cute reactions.

She had often pondered, “Will someone with a righteous air like him beg me for a rare opportunity to increase his internal strength? I have seen many men who are willing to sacrifice their pride, dignity and even their love ones to advance themselves…”

But now, it was she who did not know what to say or do now!

Yi Ping laughed softly as he took out two wine cups and started to pour from her wine flask, “Lucky, there is still some more of it. This time we can drink slowly and to slowly savor it…actually you don’t have to worry about me. I have my Absolute Spirits. A little aphrodisiac can’t really affect me. Also it is not possible for me to feel drunk so easily nowadays and moreover, didn’t you drink from your wine flask also earlier?”

The Ascension Goddess quickly seized the wine flask from him as she said panicky, “You are already drunk and trust me; in fact your life is in danger!”

She quickly took his hand, “Come outside with me. The cold air outside may be able to help you! It is not too late yet…”

As she touched his hands, she could feel an electrifying shock that passed through to her and she was startled!

All of a sudden, she had gone weak and wobbly as she looked into his eyes with her Purity Spirits.

She was fluttering and his righteous air was irresistible to her just as the moth was drawn to the deadly flames.

She whispered tenderly, “Tell me who you are, all your past and what you have experienced. Everything, I want to know all about you…”

She sighed softly, “This is not right. I need to save him first. But I don’t really know how to save him…”

She had suddenly flushed deeply. It was because it was not true that she did not know the way to save him. The only way to save him was to get intimate with him but it was something that she did not prepare for it and was at a loss.

She was suddenly panicky as she examined his pulses, “Oh terrible, his vital energy is now reversing…”

Yi Ping was breathless and he was suddenly feeling very hot as he muttered, “I feel so hot and uncomfortable. I am so thirsty…”

Unconsciously, he had started to remove his clothing.

It was because when the Ascension Goddess had grabbed him, he too had felt an electrifying feeling and he was suddenly feeling very hot as he eyed the Ascension Goddess.

He tried to shake his confusion off as he looked at this delicate beautiful maiden that was in front of him. No matter how he struggled to recall what was going on, his mind was a total blank. He could not even recall who he was.

The delicate beautiful maiden seemed to be talking to him but he could make no sense of it. His mind was completely blank and nothing made sense to him now!

He grabbed her and hugged her tightly.

Even though that did not ease his burning sensation and breathlessness when he had touched her, she was like a cooling block of ice that brought a soothing feeling to him!

The Ascension Goddess was startled that Yi Ping had suddenly grabbed her into his embrace.

She began to protest weakly, almost incoherently but she made no attempt to push him away.

All of a sudden, Yi Ping began to rip her dress frantically but he could only rip off her outer garment.

The Ascension Goddess knew that he had totally lost his self-control as she struggled weakly under his weight.

The Ascension Goddess clenched her fingers lightly as she muttered, “I really didn’t expect my first time to be so unromantic…”

She calmly removed her hairpins and earrings as she casted it aside before she said tenderly to Yi Ping, “You are so silly. I am wearing the Celestium Silk. No matter how strong you are, you can’t possible tear it off me. You are just hurting me with your poor attempt and brutish force…”

It was not as though he could understand what she was saying at this moment but she had said it to ease her nervousness and as a cover for her shyness.

The Ascension Goddess said shyly, “Right now, you have been afflicted by a pure positive deviation phenomenon heat. If I do not treat you with the negative pureness of my body then you will surely die when your meridian channels rapture…”

But no sooner had she loosened her silk belt and removed her Celestium Silk, Yi Ping had grabbed her hard and they had tumbled all over the ground together.

The Ascension Goddess seemed to be experiencing a dream and she did not know what was really happening next but they were all over the room, knocking into the tables, chairs, cupboards and other furniture!

In her dream like trance, Yi Ping and her were living an ordinary life but they were also extremely blissful. She would wait for him in the house as she prepared his meals for him while Yi Ping was working in the fields. The beautiful golden harvests of their crops sketched over the sunset horizons. As he returned from the fields, their small children would run to him joyfully…

Very soon, she had overcome her shyness and she was saying tenderly to Yi Ping, “You have come to my life and I am glad to share your destiny. We are one now and our next step should be cultivating as a Dual Celestial together. Don’t you think so?”

But Yi Ping seemed to be in great agony; he was bemoaning weakly as he kissed her violently. It was because he had totally lost his senses.

The Ascension Goddess said softly, “So this is the pleasures between couples. I have given you my chastity. If you don’t like me, I really don’t know what will happen next. Hopefully not. But now today, there is nothing in this world that can separate us now…”

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door and a heavenly voice could be heard.

“Ping’Er, are you alright? What is the noise inside?”

It was Shui Yixian the Celestial Fairy. She could not sleep and was taking a slow stroll in the cold night. But unconsciously, her walk had taken her to the courtyards of Yi Ping’s residence. However, she did not walk inside for she was sighing melancholy.

“Lele and Lie Qing are probably inside already. Or even Lingfeng or Shen Xingyue. I shouldn’t have intruded upon their privacy and quiet moments.”

She was sighing softly as she reminiscence how she had first met Yi Ping.

Back then, she was still the Divine Emerald Mistress of the Eternal Ice Palace and they had met under the most unusual of circumstances at the peaks of the Heavenly Mountains. He had actually saved her life when she was most vulnerable and she had pledged herself as his wife as gratitude.

Just when she had thought that she could escape her fate, an old enemy of hers arrived to deal her a fatal blow. That enemy was Xiao Youxue, who had hatched an elaborate plan to exact vendetta on her on behalf of her grandmother and mother.

She really thought that she was going to die that time.

It was a lucky that she had just achieved a breakthrough to the tenth level of the Icy Heavenly Tears. Even though she had survived the attempt, she was grievous injured. She did not know when she could recover from her injuries and how long she could live. She secretly entrusted her two direct protégés Yujian and Meijian to take care of Yi Ping and to keep the fact she was still alive from him.

But when Yi Ping had secretly left the Eternal Ice Palace to seek vendetta for her, she was startled.

Against all odds and anxious for the wellbeing for Yi Ping, she had actually made a startling recovery.

It was then she had begun to have some doubts on her Emotionless Rhyme Heart Intricacy Skill.

“While I try to suppress my emotions, my internal injuries couldn’t recover. But when I am eager to look for him, I have actually made a startling recovery…”

Later, even though she had finally found Yi Ping again but she was disappointed that he was being surrounded by quite a few lovely maidens.

She felt out of place even though they had already pledged themselves.

She had thought, “Maybe Yi Ping thought that I am dead. This isn’t really his fault. I am to blame. I should have given them their blessings.”

That was her original intention.

Even Xiao Youxue had thought of the same too.

But Lele the Joyful Goddess was simply too insolent and none of the other maidens except for Lie Qing could do anything to stop her. That was when Xiao Youxue and she were forced to reveal themselves.

That was when she realized that Yi Ping had her in his heart all the time.

What was love?

Love was noble and self-sacrificing.

She knew that she was facing the Divine Calamity and if she perished during her divine tribulation, Yi Ping would be grieved and could not concentrate on his upcoming battles with the Honor Manor.

So she did not tell him the truth and just told him that she needed a quiet place to overcome her divine tribulation. With Lie Qing and Lele around to help her, she tried to assure him that she would be perfectly alright.

That was not the truth because she lacked the confident.

Eventually, she was still unable to have any assurances about Yi Ping’s safety and pleaded for Lie Qing to aid Yi Ping and not to tell him anything.

Lie Qing had reluctantly agreed.

But in the end, she was still unable to focus fully on overcoming her divine tribulation so she decided to abandon her mediation to look for Yi Ping.

Lele simply refused to let her go!

But she had pleaded to Lele, “Lele, do you know that Yi Ping is the most important person in my heart? Even if I were to give up my life for him, I am all too willing! All I want is to see him live a full life and be safe.”

Lele reluctantly agreed even though she did not want it. It was because she had remembered that the Celestial Fairy was Revelation Star and she had given up her life for her in the past so that they could meet again.

Lele said melancholy, “Everyone though that I am living in my own world. Only you know me well. Why must you always be the one that is forever sacrificing yourself for us? You can choose to be with the White Sage in the past but instead, you sacrifice yourself for Sister Lie Qing and me so that in this lifetime, we can be together once again. But look what is happening now. We are all your love rivals again but instead of fighting with us, you choose to sacrifice yourself once more? Can’t we just all be together again? You can choose to give up your ascension for all of us but do you know that your actions will only cause us great grief? Have you forgotten that when you have died, the White Sage has also given up his life for you!? Do you really want to drive Ping’Er to his death?”

Yixian said gently, “I don’t have a choice. I have killed too many people in this lifetime. My divine tribulation will be particular harsh. Even a serene place such as this won’t be able to stop the malevolent aura of the Divine Calamity.”

Lele said bitterly, “We never know till we have tried. Sister Xian’Er, please don’t give up yet.”

In the end, she still could not put Yi Ping down from her innermost heart and could not focus on her upcoming battle with her Divine Calamity to look for Yi Ping.

Finally when it was time for her to face her Divine Calamity, it was Yi Ping that had successfully aided her at his own peril.

But when she had successfully become a celestial practitioner, she was forced to separate from Yi Ping again because the divine state of the Celestial Genesis and Celestial Emotion Level was fatal to celestial practitioners.

But Yi Ping could have none of this. No matter how arduous it was and no matter how impossible it was, he was going to train as a celestial practitioner too.

In order to make it a possibility, all the maidens decided to work together and kept a strict celestial pledge not to get emotional attach before they could all ascended to the Celestial Realm.

When they had just arrived in the Celestial Realm, they were immediately attacked by the Dark Celestials.

During the battle with Lian Longba who was a powerful Dark Celestial, she was grievously injured and would have died if Yi Ping did not give up the essence of the Divine Dragon Pill that was within him to save Lie Qing and her.

She was really touched.

Now that they were in the Celestial Realm, she had thought of consummating their marriage but she was really too shy. She may be a prodigy martial exponent but she had zero experiences in the affairs of the heart. She had tried to hint Yi Ping but he did not seem to get it either…

With so many other maidens that were contesting for Yi Ping’s attention, her time with him was really limited.

Everyone had assumed that she was cool to affections because she was practicing the Emotionless Rhyme Heart Intricacy Skill. But the truth was the opposite. She just did not know how to display her affections…

She sighed to herself, “What should I do?”

But when she was about to leave, she had heard a large racket inside. Fearing for Yi Ping, she had immediately entered the residence and knocked on the door.

She asked, “Ping’Er, are you alright? If I am intruding, please tell me. I will leave immediately. It is alright…”

But instead of Yi Ping’s gentle voice that was greeting her, she could hear his agonizing bemoaning and the smashing sound of a porcelain vase!

She was immediately alarmed for Yi Ping would never throw such a racket like this as he was a gentle person. Also, he would never cry out with such heartbreaking agonies for he had extraordinary threshold towards pain.

Sensing something was really amiss and she was wasting crucial moments while waiting, she forced the door opened with her Divine Emerald Skill, which immediately sent the wooden doors shattering in all directions!

As she stepped inside, she was totally stunned to see Yi Ping and the Ascension Goddess entwining together and both of them were completely naked!

The entire room was completely in a mess!

She smiled bitterly, “It seems that I am the one intruding.”

The Ascension Goddess was too engrossed in her activities and trying to ease Yi Ping’s pain that she did not notice that Yixian was at the door.

So when she had heard Yixian’s voice, she was immediately panicky and tried to silence Yi Ping but instead of succeeding, she had only made Yi Ping cried out even louder!

The Ascension Goddess was flushing deeply as she said shyly, “No, you are not. In fact, you have come at the right time…”

She quickly pushed Yi Ping aside as she grabbed her Celestium Silk to cover herself partially, “He is being afflicted by a deviation phenomenon and unless we help him immediately, he will surely die of blood rupturing!”

Yixian had already noticed that Yi Ping was not behaving normally. In fact, he was like a behemoth beast that was lurching himself at the Ascension Goddess!

The Ascension Goddess immediately danced around Yi Ping, evading his clumsy assaults.

Yixian averted her eyes as she caught hold of Yi Ping’s wrist and examined his pulses, “What is happening? What did you do to him?”

She had immediately used her Divine Emerald Skill to hold the enraging Yi Ping on the ground.

The Ascension Goddess said tearfully, “What did I do to him? You should ask him what he has done to me instead…”

Yixian said coldly, “You can stop your pretense. If you are not here, will Ping’Er be in this state? Surrender the antidote. What did you do to him and what have you given to him to cause him to be in this state. If you don’t tell me the truth, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

The Ascension Goddess was a little afraid of Yixian’s chilling cold air which seemed to have turned murderous at the same time. It was because she had expended too much of her internal strength to aid Yi Ping earlier that she was now exhausted.

So she said, “He just had too much of a drink. I did warn him but he refused to listen. Surely you can tell that I am also trying to save his life? But that is really too much even for him.”

Yixian said coldly, “Explain?”

The Ascension Goddess said coolly, “I don’t care if you are to kill me now but I plead to you that you must save him now before it is too late. He has been afflicted by the lustful phenomenon of the deviation fire and only by coupling with a maiden can he be saved. Did I make it clear enough to you?”

She had indeed made it very plain obvious for her to understand.

Yixian was startled and she quickly reexamined his pulses. Indeed, there was no sign of any poisoning but his body was burning and his entire meridian pulses were disorderly.

She looked quietly at the Ascension Goddess, “Quickly, save him…”

The Ascension Goddess was really close to tears for sure. Did she just hear correctly? She asked, “Did you just ask me to save him? Can’t you see that I have already done my best? Unfortunately my internal strength isn’t the cold negative type and there is only so much I can do. Now that you are here, I should be the one that is glad. You are his wife so you should be the one that should save him. So perform your duties.”

Before she revisited Yi Ping, she had already gathered information about him from her spies in the Tranquil City.

Yixian was startled by her boldness. It was not she was unwilling but she really did not know how to start.

So she asked quietly, “I…how do I get start?”

The Ascension Goddess was truly startled, “Don’t tell me you have never…”

Yixian nodded gently.

The Ascension Goddess was stunned but she quickly regained her composure as she said shyly, “Actually it is my first time too. It is easy. But first, you got to remove your clothes…”

She fetched a wine flask and gently gave to Yixian, “There is still some wine leftover here. You can have it to loosen your inhibitions…”

Yixian could tell that the wine from this flask was truly aromatic and was a superior wine just by sniffing it. So she took the flask and gulped some of it.