A Martial Odyssey Book 2: The Celestial Realm – Chapter 2

The Fiery Phoenix

Yi Ping looked at them with clenched fists as he said, “Why did you have to kill your own men? Don’t you have any humane?”

Old Matriarch Wen hummed coldly as she pointed to Lingfeng, “If there is anyone to blame, then it is she. No one must be allowed to know a thing about the Heavenly Relic. Who knows if they are spies of the Celestial Palace or the other clans here?”

Yi Ping sighed as he asked reluctantly, “Let me ask you one more time. Surrender the Heavenly Relic and we will leave quietly.”

Yi Ping was not someone that would take anything from others but this time he had no other choice. It was because without the Heavenly Relics, there was no other way for him to attempt the transmigration to the Celestial Realm.

Yunzi who was also the Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden had suggested to him, “I know that the Sacred Divine Clan also has a Heavenly Relic which is in the safekeeping of a clan elder.”

Lele the Joyful Goddess had also said, “There is also one known Heavenly Relic that is in the Celestial Palace but it is extremely perilous to obtain it. You should know. You can barely even win one Celestial Liege.”

Lele was previously from the Celestial Palace. She knew better than anyone else what kind of a place the Celestial Palace was.

Yunzi had sensed the reluctance in Yi Ping’s eyes therefore she smiled and said to him, “There is nothing wrong with taking what belongs to me.”

She stole a smile at Lie Qing the Heavenly Temptress before saying, “And of course, that Heavenly Relic actually belongs to our Sister Qing’Er in the first place.”

Lie Qing nodded with an enticing smile but refused to say anything.

Youxue added coolly, “It doesn’t matter who it belongs to. If they can’t protect the Heavenly Relic then they shouldn’t be allowed to safeguard it.”

Lingfeng quickly said, “They are evil-doers. If you remember what happens at the Holy Amalgamate Mountains, countless innocents will suffer for their ambitions and for their celestial attempts. Only by taking away the Heavenly Relic from them, can we prevent a martial calamity from happening.”

But because Yi Ping continued to hesitate, Lingfeng, Youxue and Yunzi decided to take their own course of action without informing him.

That was what had brought them here to the Enchains Sect after some difficult searching.

And it was a lucky thing that Yi Ping had found them.

But luck did not have a hand in it. It was Yunzi that had deliberately left behind clues for him to find at each new location that she had been to. Or else in the vast fraternity, it was nearly impossible for Yi Ping to find them!

And that was what brought Yi Ping here today!

Upon reaching, he nearly broke into cold sweat when he saw the situation they were in. If there were opponents that the three of them could not defeat easily then the martial level of those opponents must clearly not be underestimated.

Needless to say, his expression was solemn and he was none the pleased with their reckless bravado.

Lingfeng could see his displeasure for they had shared the Emptiness Translucence and was linked like a mirror image together, whether he willed it or not. But she pretended not to see and remained nonchalance. But of course, Yi Ping did not know of it or else he would be even more displeased.

Yunzi was composed as usual and preferred not to think about it. After all, she was the one that left the clues behind for him and moreover she knew that Yi Ping was always gentle towards her.

Youxue could sense his displeasure and she was feeling a little guilty. However, she disguised her feelings by saying aloud, “There are now four of us now. Hurry and surrender the Heavenly Relic or we won’t be polite anymore.”

The truth was that she was already impolite through her icy threatening tone. If it was the old her, she would not have talk so much and fight them to the very end. But she was a Celestial now and killing anyone without a cause would be detrimental to her divine cultivation and even turned her into a Dark Celestial. In short, she seemed more provoking more than pacifying!

Wen Zhong stared at the unarmed young man who continued to look at them calmly despite their fierce stares and malevolent airs. He brandished his sabre and said fiercely, “Your name is Yi Ping? We may not know who you are but you are pushing your luck too far…”

All of a sudden, he froze in his tracks as he suddenly recalled that one year ago, there was a young man with the same name that had shaken the martial fraternity with his earthshaking deeds!

He stammered, “You are that Yi Ping who calls himself the White Sage?”

Yi Ping nodded, “That’s right!”

Immediately Wen Zhong, Old Yang and Old Matriarch Wen began to take a step back. One year ago, the White Sage had single-handedly fought against the best martial exponents from the major orthodox clans and had survived. At the same time, hundreds of top martial exponents were also defeated by him. Overnight, his renown had spread like wildfire but he had also disappeared from the martial fraternity afterwards.

Lingfeng said coolly, “From your defiance eyes, it seems that you still do not want to surrender the Heavenly Relic to us. Then don’t blame us for not showing any mercy…”

But before she could finish speaking, Wen Zhong had suddenly brandished his sabre as he slashed at Yi Ping. At the same time, Old Yang had executed his hands into claws while Old Matriarch Wen plunged forward with a deadly strike that was aimed at Yi Ping’s face!

If Yi Ping was the White Sage, then he was obviously their first target for he could well be the most dangerous!

Even though they had coordinated their surprise attack with a perfect timing and was extremely quick, Yi Ping reaction was not slow as he retaliated immediately!

In one stance, Yi Ping had already knocked back Old Matriarch Wen onto the ground as she coughed out a bout of blood, Old Yang was already swept aside by his Boundless Force and Wen Zhong was struck directly on his forehead by Yi Ping’s Divine Horizon Hand!

All three of them were on the ground and struggling to get up!

They simply could not believe that with their present martial skills, they could be knocked down so easily with just a single hit!

Youxue knew that martial exponents could not readily surrender any martial treasures even it meant the loss of their lives. Only through sheer force could wrestle it from them. She was not a maiden that resort to diplomacy or else she would not be able to amass such a vast collect of wealth and numerous martial treasures. Of course other than her, no one else knew about it.

But before she could step forward, the Heaveness said aloud. “Who is there?”

Youxue, Yunzi and Yi Ping immediately scanned their surroundings.

The number of torchlights had suddenly disappeared one by one as terrifying agonizing cries were heard in the night.

Before long, an old man was seen walking slowly towards them. His eyes were crimson and his hair was silver. Without a doubt, this old man was a Dark Celestial!

Yi Ping immediately raised his hands forward with the Dividing Heaven Stance of the Divine Horizon as he asked calmly, “Who are you?”

Old Yang and Old Matriarch Wen immediately gasped out, “It is you!”

They had recognized him as one of the elders of the Sacred Divine Clan. He still looked the same but his facial was unmistakably youthful and did not fit his stooping figure.

The old man hummed coldly as he looked at everyone, “Yes, it is me. You must be very surprised that I am a Celestial now. What do we have here? Four Celestials from the Celestial Palace?”

Lingfeng said icily, “You are a Dark Celestial, a Half-Celestial and not a True Celestial.”

The old man laughed wickedly, “Does it matter? Now I am immortal and I have nothing to fear anymore. From now on, I shall dominate the martial fraternity and united all the martial clans under my everlasting dynasty. Obeisance to me; be my concubine and I will spare you.”

Lingfeng said, “Shameless!”

Old Matriarch Wen coughed weakly, “Sikong Zhai! How did…how did you become a Celestial? Without the Heavenly Relic, you can overcome your martial limitations?”

Sikong Zhai laughed aloud, “You must be very surprise, am I right? I have begged you on numerous times to lend me the Heavenly Relic but you have always refused me insolently. To think that I have actually become a Celestial now. If you really want to know, I can tell you.”

He laughed again before continuing, “A maiden claiming to be from the Celestial Palace threatened to eat my heart and drink my blood. Even though I was not her match but she was too inexperienced and too soft-hearted. In the end, I had dealt her a fatal blow.”

Yi Ping was startled and he interrupted panicky, “Is the maiden name Lele?! What did you do to her?”

Sikong Zhai laughed, “I don’t know her name. After I have my fun with her, I ate her heart and drink her heart. She certainly died a slow agonizing death.”

Yi Ping was trembling and he was clenching his fists loudly.

Yunzi called out to Yi Ping with a soft whisper, “Ping’Er, that maiden may not be Lele. Calm down first or you will fall into his tricks!”

All of a sudden, Old Matriarch Wen tossed a silvery metal to Yunzi with great reluctance. “Holy Mistress, I don’t want the Heavenly Relic anymore. Just protect us from this demon here. We are willing to swear allegiance to you!”

Yunzi immediately caught of the Heavenly Relic and flashed it for the Lingfeng to appraise.

Lingfeng nodded and said, “I really can’t believe it when I have sensed that the Heavenly Relic is on her. It seems that this Heavenly Relic has already been purified or else it won’t be possible for anyone to carry it around. This Heavenly Relic must be same one that Sister Lie Qing had used to attempt her Divine Calamity in the past.”

Youxue was in disbelief, “She will give us the Heavenly Relic on her own accord? I can’t believe it!”

Old Matriarch Wen said, “I would rather not be killed by that vile Sikong Zhai or fall into his hands. In the fraternity, he is known as the Venomous Evil.”

Sikong Zhai laughed, “Old woman, so you fear me now?”

He turned and stared coldly at Yunzi, “Maiden, surrender the Heavenly Relic to me quietly. I am someone that cherishes beauties.”

Yunzi looked coldly at Sikong Zhai and Old Matriarch Wen, “It is just her ruse to distract Sikong Zhai from her. She is hoping to take advantage of us when we are all injured or weakened. Then she can retrieve the Heavenly Relic and get rid of us at the same time.”

Old Matriarch Wen was startled that her stratagem could be so easily seen through by this young maiden but she kept quiet as she thought, “It seems that Dugu Zhen has taught her daughter well…”

Yunzi was full of aloofness at Sikong Zhai and her eyes shown no fear, “I refuse to surrender the Heavenly Relic. Come and get it if you are able to!”

Sikong Zhai had mustered his martial power and there was a burst of windforce that fluttered around him as he shouted, “Hand over the Heavenly Relic to me!”

His hands had turned green as he displayed the Venomous Evil Palms!

Old Matriarch Wen, Old Yang and Wen Zhong immediately stepped back as they nodded silently to each other; let these fools fought among themselves and then they would seize the opportunity to strike!

Yi Ping had also mustered his martial power with the absolute equilibrium force as he gave a great shout as three bursts of circular windforce burst from the ground, “Your opponent is me!”

He was truly enraged and was just suppressing his anger. Because his opponent was a Dark Celestial, he dared not be careless too. He had executed his most powerful martial stance, the Asper Divinity Horizon Hand as he leapt forward!

Lingfeng cried out panicky, “Yi Ping watch out! His palm is extremely venomous!”

But it was already too late as Yi Ping and Sikong Zhai smashed their blows at each other!

At their sudden impact, there was a loud explosive thunderclap and powerful windforces swept through the vicinity, forcing everyone to move backward!

Yi Ping was forced by the powerful martial force to take five steps backward before he coughed out black blood!

He was ashen and his hands were black; he was poisoned by the exchange!

Youxue, Lingfeng and Yunzi had immediately surrounded Yi Ping and were calling his name panicky!

Sikong Zhai was not faring much better too. He was flung off and he had fallen dead immediately!

When he had died, he was still in disbelief that this young man’s martial power would overcome him so exceedingly!

Lingfeng, Youxue and Yunzi were also surprised that Sikong Zhai could not take one blow from Yi Ping. But they immediately knew the reason; Sikong Zhai had not taken the tribulations of the Divine Calamity yet. He may have turned into a Celestial through an unorthodox mean but without the tribulations of the Divine Calamity, his martial limitations could not be heightened. Normally, the Divine Calamity would take place within one year for the Dark Celestials when they resorted to this method of turning into a Celestial. Compared to the true martial strength of the Three Sages and the prominent leaders of the major orthodox clans, it seemed that Sikong Zhai was just a little short of making into the league of the super exponents.

Even Old Matriarch Wen did not believe that the Venomous Evil would die in such a quick manner. She thought, “Weird, isn’t he a Celestial now? His martial power didn’t seem to have improved that much?”

But she was nevertheless secretly pleased as this Yi Ping had been severely poisoned and was no longer a threat to them.

She was smiling to herself as she thought, “What a pity that he got poisoned or else we can take his heart and consume it. So that is the secret to be a Celestial! And after we have become a Celestial, we can use the Heavenly Relic to advance our martial limitations! Sikong Zhai, Sikong Zhai. I will surely enjoy savoring your blood!”

Therefore Old Matriarch Wen, Old Yang and Wen Zhong had suddenly mustered their martial force and were striking at Yunzi for she had their Heavenly Relic in her hand!

Youxue and Yunzi were not slow to react for they had already anticipated this treachery as they counterattacked with burning rage!

Yunzi had drawn out a foil sword that was around her waist and she was trying hard to suppress her tears and anxiety for Yi Ping. She knew that now was not the time to worry. She had to buy time for Lingfeng to save Yi Ping!

Lingfeng did not move from her position and was standing beside Yi Ping calmly.

She raised her hand and patted Yi Ping’s back with her Holy Amalgamate Force as she absorbed the venom into her body. She whispered comforting to him, “Yi Ping, don’t move and don’t struggle. Just relax. I will try to to absorb the venom from your body. This type of venom is extremely poisonous and kills in mere minutes.”

Yi Ping was trembling as he said weakly, “Lingfeng no! If you absorb the venom, you will die! It is all my fault. I shouldn’t have exchanged martial force with him. I am too quick-tempered…”

Lingfeng smiled weakly, “Don’t you worry about me. I am the Holy Maiden of the Holy Amalgamate Sect and I have played with poisons all the time. This amount of venom won’t be able to affect me.”

All of a sudden, there was a terrifying scream as Wen Zhong was struck on his forehead by Xiao Youxue with her entire martial power!

Old Matriarch Wen was suddenly screaming at her, “You kill my son! A life for a life!”

Wen Zhong had seen a critical opening against Youxue and even though he was reluctant to lay hands on such a mesmerizing beauty but the temptations of being a Celestial was too great. After all when he could become a Celestial and had advanced his martial skills further, there were no lack of beauties for his want. Therefore he hacked at her with his sabre with totally no mercy!

But to his surprise when he had hacked at her, he was stopped by an invisible force that was seemingly on her. Before he could withdraw his stroke, another irresistible force had pulled him towards her even as her hands had turned golden.

Youxue had deliberately created a feign opening for him. She was protected by the Golden Impervious Skill, also known as the Golden Invincible Body. Before the full blunt of Wen Zhong’s attack could take effect, she had neutralized it with the Divine Emerald Skill, a skill that was imparted to her by Shui Yixian the Celestial Fairy before she counterattacked with the full might of her Golden Impervious Skill and the Penetrating Hands!

Wen Zhong never knew what had overtaken him!

Old Matriarch Wen cursed aloud as she had instantly recognized her martial skills, “You are from the Virtuous Palace or the Eternal Ice Palace? You actually know the Golden Impervious Skill and the Penetrating Hands of the Virtuous Palace but you are also displaying the secret martial skill of the Eternal Ice Palace!”

Old Yang was also cursing as he could not get past Yunzi’s whirling blades, “For years, we have been collecting information and weakness of the Virtuous Palace. I know all your secret techniques and tricks. Surrender the Heavenly Relic quietly and I will still accord you an honorable death as our Holy Mistress. You can’t maintain this martial move forever. In thirty strokes, I will surely defeat you!”

Yunzi hummed coldly but she still maintained her elegant swordplay.

This four person fight was furious as the four martial exponents exchanged blows for blows, strokes for strokes and exchanging attacking positions all the time!

Old Matriarch Wen and Old Yang were not easy to overcome for they had more experiences and were wily in their martial moves. But they were surprised that these two young maidens were like battle maidens that silently greeted their strokes for strokes without panic. Many of their secret strokes were killing strokes that were never seen by anyone else but they had ingeniously neutralized it.

Even though they were in praise of their martial skill despite their young age, they were not particular worry now. It was because they had already noticed that the two maidens were now faltering and had broken into sweat!

All of a sudden, Old Yang displayed the Dragon Claws Skill, a powerful secret martial skill that he had keeping secret until he got an opening as he suddenly torn into Youxue’s arm. If she was not protected by the Golden Impervious Skill then she would have already lost her arm!

Yunzi turned pale immediately as she hacked towards Old Yang in an attempt to aid Youxue. But it seemed that Old Matriarch Wen had already anticipated that and had struck her a heavy blow on her back with a cracking sound.

The attack was so powerful that not even Yunzi’s Invincible Divine Force could protect her from the blow. She was instantly wobbly but she still retaliated by spinning a flying sword attack towards Old Matriarch Wen.

In her weakened state, her flying sword technique was easy to evade and was just a feign to delay Old Matriarch Wen.

Yunzi and Youxue had regrouped together and both were panting breathlessly even as Old Matriarch Wen and Old Yang were approaching them from two sides!

Old Matriarch Wen said coldly, “My son’s death is not going to be in vain. Young lasses, it seems that you have severely underestimated the elders of the Sacred Divine Clan. We may not be as good as the Three Evils of the West but we hold our strength against them. That’s why we are the elders of the Sacred Divine Clan.”

“Good! Then you have better prove it to me fast!”

Old Matriarch Wen and Old Yang were stunned.

Someone had actually walked quietly behind them and they did not notice her at all!

They quickly turned around and saw an enthralling maiden in a long scarlet dress and velvet cloak standing quietly behind them!

She had a piercing gaze and carried a white-blue sword. She was like a ghostly specter. Her face was extremely white and her long black hair was flurrying in the cool night breeze.

Old Matriarch Wen heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that her eyes were not crimson and was gray. She thought, “She is blind? I have never seen anyone with such dull emotionless eyes.”

When Yunzi and Youxue saw her, they immediately gasped and seemed a little afraid!

Old Yang said coldly, “Who are you? What do you want?”

The enthralling maiden in scarlet replied softly, “I am the Fiery Phoenix and I am here for the Heavenly Relic as well. So tell me, what do I want?”