A Martial Odyssey Book 2: The Celestial Realm – Chapter 17

The Ascension Goddess

The Ascension Goddess commanded, “Xingyue, come over my side.”

Shen Xingyue pursed her lips lightly as she looked at Yi Ping.

Yi Ping was looking at her with pleading eyes as he muttered, “Xingyue…”

As Shen Xingyue looked into his eyes, all of a sudden she remembered something!

She turned and looked icily at the Ascension Goddess and said, “I refuse to.”

The Ascension Goddess was somewhat startled as she said coldly, “Have you forgotten about your celestial oath?”

Shen Xingyue said coldly, “No, I didn’t. But you are not the only Supreme Celestial in this place.”

The four men in priestly garb were laughing at the same time, “If there are other Supreme Celestials from the Ascension Sect here, how come we do not know?”

The Ascension Goddess asked, “Explain?”

Shen Xingyue looked icily at them, “Do you acknowledge that I am now also a Supreme Celestial?”

The priest with a curly beard interrupted, “Not everyone can be Supreme Celestial. They are picked even before they are initiated into the Ascension Sect.”

The other priest with a broad face smirked, “That’s right. Mere claims are pointless.”

But the Ascension Goddess said coolly, “That’s right. She is a Supreme Celestial.”

The four priests were startled, “She is a Supreme Celestial? How can it be?”

Even Yi Ping was startled as he thought, “Xingyue is a Supreme Celestial. I didn’t know about it…”

Shen Xingyue pointed towards Yu’Er and Mei’Er, “Earlier, you seem to have recognized them too from your startled expressions. Maybe there are still doubts in your heart but I am going to clear your doubts for you. You are not mistaken at all. They are the Eclipse Heaven Goddess and the Axis heaven Goddess.”

The Ascension Goddess and the four priests were startled. These two maidens were the Supreme Celestials of the Ascension Sect?

The Supreme Celestials were highly attained celestials in the Ascension Sect. They were very mysterious and were rarely ever seen by the other Ascendants, preferring to cultivate their state of divinity alone.

It was because the Supreme Celestials were all Golden Celestials who had almost ascended or waiting to ascend but had chosen to linger in the lower realm. The reasons that the Supreme Celestials had chosen to linger was not because they could not forsake the lower realm but because they could not ascend!

They had taken a more arduous and more perilous divine practice that was a secret even in the Ascension Sect. Through occult divination, the few Ascendants that were chosen to be a Supreme Celestial were told that they could only ascend if they had a divine sword to aid them. That was their destiny.

But in order to transmigrate together with the divine swords and ascended together, they must first attain the Divine Harmony.

Needless to say, the Dark Enchantress, the Eclipse Heaven Goddess and the Axis Heaven Goddess were all ordained Supreme Celestials.

When the Ascension Goddess had just transmigrated to the Celestial Realm, Shen Xingyue had just joined the Ascension Sect. She was given the Perpetual Darkness and was told that she could be a future Supreme Celestial once she had successfully cultivated as a Golden Celestial. As a Golden Celestial, she had the right to claim to be a Supreme Celestial!

By the time the Divine Descendant had struck, Shen Xingyue the Dark Enchantress was already a highly attained First Celestial. But when she tried to look for the White Sage to warn him, she was almost killed by the Eclipse and Axis Heaven Goddesses as she plunged into a deep ravine. Even though she had survived the fall but she had also lost her divine sword. This caused her state of divinity to remain almost in stasis for a thousand years! Without the Perpetual Darkness, even if she could reach the Ascend Level, she could not ascend; her path of practice was very different from the other celestial practitioners!

However a thousand years later, she chanced upon the Blue Heavens Divine Sword and the characteristics of this divine sword were almost similar to the Perpetual Darkness. However, it was in the hands of Zuo Tianyi the Protégé Leader of the Infinity Sword Clan. Divine Swords were rare enough but divine swords with similar characteristics were even rarer!

As she did not know the whereabouts of the Perpetual Darkness, she took possession of the Blue Heavens Divine Sword from Zuo Tianyi.

As for the Eclipse and Axis Heaven Goddesses, they were among the first Ascendants of the Ascension Sect and they were also some of the first celestials in the lower realm to be awakened. Their divine swords the Axis Heavens and the Eclipse Heavens, for reasons that were only known to them were sealed in a forbidden sanctuary. Because of that, they could not ascend and had to endure countless tribulations until they could find two suitable divine swords that were identical to the Axis Heavens and the Eclipse Heavens!

The Ascension Goddess looked at Yu’Er and Mei’Er crimson eyes, scarcely believing that it was the true.

But she soon smiled, “My greetings to my protégé sisters then. Congratulations on obtaining your divine swords.”

It was as though she could see through their scabbards and identified their divine swords that were sheathed within.

Yu’Er hummed coldly as she adjust her black velvet dress, “That is the past now. I am now the Jade Sword Fairy and my divine sword is called the Harp Whisperer.”

Mei’Er said nonchalantly, “Like my sister, I am no longer any Axis Heaven Goddess. My fraternity name is Beautiful Sword Fairy and my divine sword is named the Lyrical Whisperer.”

The Ascension Goddess smiled, “No matter. Can I see your divine swords?”

Yu’Er said coldly, “Your malevolent air is too heavy and my divine sword reacts badly to evil. You are supposed to be a highly attained celestial yet you have killed so many today. Aren’t you afraid of getting your retributions and suffers during your tribulations?”

Mei’Er looked at Ascension Goddess and at the four priests, “You are all highly attained celestial. Are you going to throw away all your hard earned attainment just like that? Just because you want to dominate over the others?”

Yi Ping said solemnly, “You shouldn’t kill them. Is it worth it? There is a saying, it takes a thousand years to cultivate to a new state of divinity but it only takes a day to destroy all that you have achieved. It is never too late to repent.”

The Ascension Goddess appraised Yi Ping for a while before she broke into a slow smile, “I am your enemy and you are actually showing concern for your enemy? Isn’t this laudable?”

Yi Ping remained unmoved by her taunts, “This is not laudable. Surely a highly attained celestial like you will surely understand that evil will never triumph over good.”

The Ascension Goddess seemed to have softened the glare in her golden eyes as she gave an almost invisible soft sigh, “You don’t have to worry about me. These men that we have killed deserved their sorry fates. Their deaths are just a small retribution for them. My Purity Spirits Heart Intricacy is able to cleanse the taint of their impure spirits from us. So don’t you worry alright?”

She winked at Yi Ping.

Yi Ping caught her wink and he had noticed that many of the maidens were actually looking at him. With so many stares, he was stammering, “I…I not worrying…for you…”

The Ascension Goddess turned and said to Shen Xingyue, “So you are adamant to be in this group?”

Shen Xingyue said coolly, “Isn’t this obvious?”

The Ascension Goddess smiled wryly, “This fight is inevitable, it seems. I have never expected that I would have made such a fruitful trip in this desolate place. This group really intrigues me. Three Supreme Celestials of the Ascension Sect, two Ancient Celestials and seven divine swords. This must be something unprecedented!”

Ximen Nanqing, She Weilun, the four priests and the two division clan leaders of the Dominating Aura Clan were startled when they heard her proclamations!

Ximen Nanqing and She Weilun looked at each other silently. There was another Ancient Celestial? This group possessed seven divine swords!?

The Ascension Goddess glanced at the Universal Old Man, saying. “You are not an ordinary old man for sure. You are an Ancient Celestial? When I unsheathe my divine sword, any ordinary mortal would have been injured by my sword energy already. But you didn’t flinch at all.”

The Universal Old Man pretended to cough as though he was afflicted by a sickness.

She glanced at Lingfeng and winked, “The same goes for you too. Am I unlucky or what to have encountered two Ancient Celestials?”

The four priests stared at the Universal Old Man and Lingfeng.

Ximen Nanqing and She Weilun had already known that the Universal Old Man was an Ancient Celestial. They were surprised that the alluring maiden that they had seen was also An Ancient Celestial! No wonder she looked so confident and was not cowed by the martial display of the Ascension Goddess!

Lingfeng stole a glance at the Universal Old Man, “So what are you waiting for? She has already discovered your identity.”

The Universal Old Man smiled and pointed in the direction of Ximen Nanqing, “Someone has to watch over him right? That group looks like the perfectly sneaky type.”

Lingfeng knew that he was trying to conserve his martial power for his tribulations and for the Stellar Sanctuary. But when they were in trouble, he would surely intervene. So she nodded gently in approval.

But she shot a taunt at the Ascension Goddess, “So you are afraid now and is thinking of backing off now? Good, it is not a disgraceful thing to admit defeat.”

The four priests were alarmed and they quickly said, “Ascension Goddess, we are willing to lay our lives for you. There is no need for someone as esteem as you to take any unnecessary risks…”

The Ascension Goddess interrupted them gently, “The Dark Enchantress is a Supreme Celestial. The whole lot of you may not even be her match even if she is new to the Celestial Realm. Even among the Golden Celestials, there are different tiers. If I am to put a tier to her, then her attainment and martial skills are on the same class as me.”

She paused briefly before smiling at Lingfeng, “And this maiden is obviously an Ancient Celestial…”

Lingfeng hummed coldly in return.

The Ascension Goddess smiled wryly, “I know my physical limitations and there is no real cause for alarm.”

The four priests sighed secretly for they knew that the Ascension Goddess had already made up her mind!

The Ascension Goddess put her foot gently on the stone pavement. Immediately, the stone stabs beneath crackled in a forty foot radius! Her internal strength was astonishing!

At the same time, she had already removed her hairpin that was tied into bun on top of her head and removed her priestly garb to reveal a beautiful golden silk dress with circular insignia underneath!

Lingfeng and the Universal Old Man immediately gasped shockingly, “The Celestium Silk!”

It was because they had recognized the only known place where the Celestium Silk could be found was in the Stellar Sanctuary! This material was impervious. No wonder she had no fear of them!

There was only two known Celestium Silk that was ever found in the Stellar Sanctuary and the celestials had fought bitterly over it. That included the Heaveness and the Universal Old Man. The last time a Celestium Silk was found in the Stellar Sanctuary, more than one hundred of the most powerful celestials perished as they fought over it.

Two of the lucky survivors of that bitter fight were the Heaveness and the Universal Old Man. The Universal Old Man did not know that the Heaveness had secretly obtained it and had hidden it.

The current whereabouts of the two known Celestium Silk was never known, until now.

The only difference between the two Celestium Silks was that the one the Heaveness had was white while the one that the Ascension Goddess had was golden.

The Universal Old Man could not resist asking, “Did you get it from the Stellar Sanctuary or someone else has given it to you?”

Ximen Nanqing was startled too. Even though this was the first time that he had heard of the Celestium Silk but judging from the startled expressions of both the Ancient Celestials and at the mention of the Stellar Sanctuary, he immediately knew that it must be a highly sought divine artifact!

Therefore his eyes began to look greedily at the Ascension Goddess as he began a hatch a plan to bring her to his arms. After all, she was an extremely attractive celestial maiden and there was no need for him to hesitate at all or feel unbearable about it.

Ximen Nanqing had a way with the ladies. Those that he could not charm, he could seize them by force or trickery. Many celestial maidens, including the Stellar Heaven Fairy had fallen into his clutches. He had never failed to get what he wanted.

After all, he was a powerful celestial in his own right and he was careful to not to reveal his secret martial arts. This was his celestial domain and he did not become the lord of this domain through his kindness. He was really an unscrupulous man and he was proud of it.

But the Ascension Goddess ignored the Universal Old Man and instead she looked curiously at Yi Ping as she said spellbindingly, “Since you have already known who I am, maybe you should at least introduce yourself first. Am I not right to ask so? I heard them calling you Yi Ping. So your name is Yi Ping?”

She looked intently at Yi Ping, expecting him to show fear but he had continued to stand up heroically to her when she had displayed her extraordinary martial feat.

Lele muttered almost incoherently, “Stop calling his name so sweetly.”

Yi Ping could not believe his eyes. In a single transformation, she had transformed into a spellbinding maiden with an extraordinary beauty. He fortified his will with the Absolute Spirits as he calmed himself down before replying, “Yes, I am Yi Ping.”

The Ascension Goddess smiled, “Good. Do you have a celestial name?”

Shen Xingyue quickly warned, “Yi Ping, be careful and don’t look into her eyes.”

Yi Ping nodded and said rudely, “I don’t have a celestial name. If you want to kill us, why bother to ask so much?”

The Ascension Goddess was somewhat startled by his insolence. It was because she was almost irresistible to men and few had dared to be rude to her. Those who were rude pay heavily for being disrespectful to her.

The Ascension Goddess was not upset by his rudeness. In fact, she was intrigued that he could resist her spellbinding charm given that he was just a lowly celestial.

She smiled at Yi Ping, Shui Yixian, Lie Qing, Lingfeng and Shen Xingyue, “Five versus one. That is truly interesting. So what are your names?”

Yi Ping, Shen Xingyue, Lingfeng, Lie Qing and Yixian had already spread out as they encircled her slowly. The duel had already started!

Before the physical strokes had started, they had already begun with the invisible strokes; contesting with their state of divinity, willpower and mental aura!

This was as much dangerous as the physical strokes. A slightest mistake and distraction would mean instant death!

The Ascension Goddess said to Lingfeng, “Perhaps our esteem Ancient Celestial will like to introduce yourself first?”

Lingfeng said coldly, “You are not fit to know my name.”

The Ascension Goddess was not offended by her reply. Instead she looked at Lie Qing, “I see that you have the Perpetual Darkness Divine Sword. Do you know that it has the same origin as my Despairing Heavenly Sword? Your name?”

Lie Qing smiled enchantingly, “Interesting to know a history on the Perpetual Darkness. You can call me the Heavenly Temptress.”

The Ascension Goddess looked at Shen Xingyue as she rebuked her gently, “The Perpetual Darkness is a divine relic of the Ascension Sect. You actually give it to an outsider?”

Shen Xingyue hummed coldly, “I have lost it long ago. She has found it so it is hers now. Some things are pre-destined. I am not the Dark Enchantress anymore. My new celestial name is the Fiery Phoenix and the divine sword in my hand is the Blue Heavens Divine Sword.”

The Ascension Goddess nodded, “Magnificent divine sword! This divine sword of yours is a conqueror sword and is difficult to control. However you will have no problem controlling this difficult divine sword given the state of divinity with the Perpetual Darkness that you have in the past. Perhaps, it is really your destiny to be the mistress of the Blue Heavens.”

She looked at Shui Yixian and said, “I didn’t expect that anyone can possibly bring the Heavenly Earth Celestial Sword to the Celestial Realm. What is your name?”

Shui Yixian the Celestial Fairy said gently, “Good. You recognize my divine sword. So you know what you are up against. I am the Celestial Fairy of the Eternal Ice Palace.”

The Ascension Goddess looked at Yi Ping’s divine swords and again at Yixian’s divine sword, “The Heavenly Earth Celestial Sword, the White Phoenix and the Divine Echo are divine swords of the Melody Palace and it is a major celestial clan in the lower realm. I don’t know how you managed to bring these divine swords to the Celestial Realm.”

All of a sudden, Yi Ping remembered something and he asked aloud, “Since you say that your Despairing Heavenly Sword has the same origin as the Perpetual Darkness, how did you manage to bring your divine sword to the upper realm?”

The Ascension Goddess smiled, “That is my destiny. If you really want to know, you have to pay a price to know. Do you really want to know? I will only tell you.”

Yi Ping was startled by her enigmatic reply.

Shen Xingyue interrupted her, “Shameless!”

Lele was flabbergasted as she exclaimed aloud, “Do you know that he is already someone else husband?!”

Youxue grabbed Lele’s left arm as she stepped forward, saying. “Now I really want to slap her!”

Yu’Er quickly called after them, “Wait sisters! She is only trying to taunt you! Don’t fall into her trap!”

Mei’Er had already stepped in front of them, “Wait! It is just her ruse!”

Through their Dual Inertness Heart Intricacy, they were aware of the intentions of the Ascension Goddess who was trying to turn her disadvantage into her advantage. The more attackers there were, the greater the confusions were!

Yu’Er said, “We should observe her martial moves first. It is not too late to intervene. If we all attacked at the same time, we are only hindering and distracting the rest.”

Lele and Youxue pursed their lips. Their martial skills were not weak but they were aware that without any divine weapons in their hands, it was going to cost them a great deal of effort just to approach her. It was because they could hear the divine reverberating of her Despairing Heavenly Sword and it was casting a heavy sense of despair on everyone. Unless they could overcome this despairing aura, it was true that instead of being helpful they would be more of a hindrance!

Yi Ping’s martial strength and power was not weak but they had noticed that throughout the fight with Yi Ping, she had never moved from her position and had repulsed him with total ease.

Dugu Yunzi said quietly, “Let’s observe first.”

Youxue sighed softly and nodded reluctantly.

The Ascension Goddess smiled coldly, “You better not try. Against my divine sword’s despairing aura, you don’t stand any chance. Maybe the Eclipse and Axis Heaven Goddess will like to try with your divine swords.”

She raised the brilliant tip of her divine sword that was being surrounded by a bright halo, “So which of the five of you will attack me first or all five of you will attack me at the same time?”

Lie Qing wanted to be the first to challenge the insolent Ascension Goddess but Shen Xingyue had already vanished from where she was standing and was raining dozens of sword strokes in all directions on the Ascension Goddess!

Her speed attacks were even more astonishing than the last time Yi Ping had seen her displaying it! In a blink of an eye, she could be attacking from four different directions and raining dozens of rapid strokes!

Yi Ping was in awe as he thought, “How did she move this fast? It is not just her movements that are astounding fast, even her sword strokes are beyond belief as well! Co-coordinating swiftness movement skill and speed attacks are hard enough but she can perform these two feats at the same time…”

But the Ascension Goddess simply parried all the sword strokes with equally unbelievable speed; no matter in which direction Shen Xingyue had appeared and slashed at her, she simply parried all her attacks effortlessly with her sword arm without batting an eyelid or turning back.

The Ascension Goddess gave a wryly tease, “You got to do better than this to even hit me. Your attacks lack strength…”

But barely had she said that, Shen Xingyue had stopped immediately and had displayed her Starlight Divine Fingers and five beaming scarlet lights flashed in front of the Ascension Goddess!

The Ascension Goddess was startled as she quickly raised her left hand to deflect the attacks as she gasped, “Such speediness!”

Shen Xingyue had been secretly mustering her martial power. The instant that the Ascension Goddess had deflected her Starlight Divine Fingers, her fingers stance had become a palm stance as she displayed the Big Dipper Hands!

There was a heavy gravity force that had suddenly descended upon the surroundings as Shen Xingyue displayed the Big Dipper Hands! Even the ground beneath them started to crack!

Yi Ping was startled, “Xingyue, you…”

It was because the Big Dipper Hands were a powerful martial force skill. It was not just powerful but it was also earthshaking too! If Shen Xingyue was willing to use this skill then that could only means she was bent on eliminating her target!

Before he could finish what he had to say, the Ascension Goddess had changed her stance just as fast as she displayed her Denunciation Force while murmuring, “You! Master has actually imparted the Big Dipper Hands to you, how prejudice!”

There was a thunderous impact as the air exploded with a bursting windforce that ripped up the surrounding stone stabs and materials from the ground, sending it flying in all directions like deadly projectiles!

Yi Ping, Shui Yixian, Lie Qing and Lingfeng immediately displayed their martial skills to parry and evaded the speeding projectiles as they closed in to the Ascension Goddess!

Even before the Ascension Goddess had recovered from her thunderous exchange with Shen Xingyue, the cold beaming sword energy coming from the Celestial Fairy was already on her!

The Ascension Goddess immediately counterattacked and was startled that the Celestial Fairy was not only as quick as Shen Xingyue but her sword strokes were even more lethal!

In just a blink of an eye, there were dozens of blinding flash as the Celestial Fairy and the Ascension Goddess exchanged their attacks with astonishing speed!

The Ascension Goddess was startled by the martial display of the Celestial Fairy as she secretly thought, “I seem to have underestimate her. This extremely beautiful maiden isn’t just a beautiful vase. Her martial skills are just as startling.”

It was because she had not expected the Celestial Fairy to be able to tackle even three strokes from her. When she counterattacked, she had met with her strong resilience force that seemed to be nullifying her attacks!

Before the Ascension Goddess could recover from her initial surprise, Shen Xingyue and Ji Lingfeng were on her!

She quickly parried off the Celestial Fairy, Shen Xingyue and Ji Lingfeng at the same time and retaliated with a dozen strokes against them in a blink of an eye.

Ji Lingfeng raised her hand as she deflected the attacking sword strokes gentle with just a flicker of her fingers. She was puzzled. She had fully awakened her Heaven Eyes and was now the Heaveness. But no matter how fast her attacks were, that Ascension Goddess would always evade or parried at the last moment!

The Ascension Goddess was equally startled that Lingfeng was not affected by her despairing aura, her deadly sword energies attacks and the combination of her Denunciation Force. It was because she had no divine swords to protect her. Even an Ancient Celestial would not be able to hold so many attacks against her so effortlessly without any divine relics for protection.

She thought, “She has a divine skill that is similar to my Denunciation Force?”

Her Denunciation Force was a martial power divine skill that could nullify forces. It could be used offensively or defensively!

Yi Ping wanted to rush forward to attack as well but he had hesitated at the last moment. It was because he did not feel comfortable in grouping together to fight against a lone maiden even if she was the enemy. In fact, he was secretly worried that she may not be able to handle the combine attacks of Shen Xingyue, Lingfeng, Yixian and Lie Qing!

Shen Xingyue said aloud, “Yi Ping and Lie Qing, what are you doing? Hurry and help us!”

Lie Qing had already mustered her Invincible Divine Force and there were eight wisps of faint bluish hues that were hovering around her. But unlike Yi Ping who was hesitating as he looked on, she was not attacking or seemed to have the intention of helping!

It was because she had already noticed that the combined attacks of Shen Xingyue, Shui Yixian and Ji Lingfeng were simply too dazzling and were simply beyond belief! But the most startling thing was that the Ascension Goddess was even more unbelievable; she was countering, parrying and evading all at the same time without being forced to shift from her original position!

It was something that not even the most powerful Celestial could possibly do!

No matter how many attacks Shui Yixian, Ji Lingfeng and Shen Xingyue had suddenly increased in a blink of an eye, the Ascension Goddess would surely followed up with the same number of counters as she linked her attacks to simultaneously take everyone at the same time!

Was there such a thing in the world? It was as though she had no physical limitations or because she had not reached her physical limits yet? Either way, it was scary to think of it!

Not only Lie Qing was stunned, Yi Ping was stunned too! It was because he had never seen such martial display before!

The air around the Ascension Goddess began to explode thunderous and the martial force had even increased several tens of folds when the Celestial Fairy displayed her Divine Emerald Skill and Shen Xingyue had displayed executed her Big Dipper Hands again, combining with her Divine Rejuvenation Force!

Ji Lingfeng had also attacked with her Divine Invigorate Force, invigorating the martial power of the Asper Horizon Hand and the Holy Amalgamating Force as she attacked the Ascension Goddess with both hands displaying two different martial power skills at the same time!

But the result was the same and was almost surreal as the Ascension Goddess took their martial power attacks at the same time and repulsed their attacks!

All the onlookers, including the four priests, Ximen Nanqing, She Weilun, the Universal Old Man, Yi Ping and Lie Qing were staring at the martial display with a sense of disbelief! It was not only the counters of the Ascension Goddess that was abnormal but the speed attacks of the Celestial Fairy, Shen Xingyue and Ji Lingfeng were simply out of the world!

The attacks and counters were so astonishing that the martial exchanges of the four maidens were a total blur and a powerful martial windforce was sweeping maliciously to knock everyone off the ground and slamming them backward!

All of a Yixian stepped backward as she said coolly, “I know her martial secret. It is pointless for us to attack her at the same time.”

The Celestial Fairy was a martial prodigy. After exchanging briefly with the Ascension Goddess, she had discovered her martial secret.

It was because she had noticed that the Ascension Goddess martial origin was the same as her. Both were defensive skills in nature. Her Divine Emerald Skill was the nemesis of secret projectiles and was able to deflect force where else the Denunciation Force of the Ascension Goddess was able to nullify offensive force.

Therefore, it was very clear that she had managed to nullify their attacks partially so that she could use minimum efforts to deflect their attacks while maintaining her own attacks at optimize!

The weaknesses of her Divine Emerald Skill and the Denunciation Force were apparent to her; both martial skills were defensive skills and the best position to utilize these skills for the practitioner was by not moving at all!

Of course that was not all. She knew that by now that the Ascension Goddess did not really “see” their attacking strokes but had in fact sensed their forthcoming attacks before it happened. She had used minimum efforts to counter all their attacks and had even used the principle of borrowing their own martial power against one another!

That were why she was not afraid of fighting against multiple opponents!

While Lie Qing did not know any nullifying skills, she understood the principle of applying the motionless against the motion perfectly well when she fought with the speed opponents. That was the reason why she did not join in the battle immediately. Also, she had not figured how the Ascension Goddess was still able to counterattack with such ease against multiple opponents.

When the Celestial Fairy had suddenly stepped aside and had declared that she knew the secret of the Ascension Goddess’ fighting secrets, Shen Xingyue and Ji Lingfeng were not slow to catch on.

They had suddenly switched their tactics, slowing down drastically as they encircled the Ascension Goddess once again!

Shen Xingyue said coolly to Shui Yixian and Ji Lingfeng, “Applying the formless against the form! Let’s see how she coped with our attacks!”

The Ascension Goddess smiled weakly, “Do you think that will work against me?”

All four of them were sweating but their eyes were full of stubborn determination!

Ji Lingfeng said coldly, “Look at you. You are tired already. I just don’t believe that your martial power is unlimited.”

Shen Xingyue said coldly, “Master had taught you the Denunciation Force. You may be able to nullify my attacks partially but don’t forget my Divine Rejuvenation Force is also able to steal the martial power of your Denunciation Force at the same time.”

By now, the Ascension Goddess had already realized that she had made a mistake in fighting them at the same time.

She said weakly, “Don’t forget that I still have my Celestium Silk. All three of you are equally tired as well. The physical toil of using speed attacks is extremely taxing to the body.”

The four priests had already sensed that the Ascension Goddess was being put in a disadvantage so they called aloud, “Don’t forget we are still around too!”

But the Ascension Goddess did not seem to be looking at them for help. Instead she stole a glance at Yi Ping before saying, “Yi Ping, help me please.”

Yi Ping was stunned at her request. He muttered, “We are opponents and you are asking me for help?”

The Ascension Goddess was in front of him in a blink of an eye, “You must help me because I have decided to surrender to you. If you do not protect me, who else will?”

Yi Ping was stunned completely as he muttered, “You…are…surrendering?”

The Ascension Goddess replied convincingly, “Yes!”

Seeing that Yi Ping was still full of doubts, she quickly added. “And you will also be the new lord of this domain!”

Ximen Nanqing was startled as he replied coldly, “What about us then? Don’t forget we have an agreement. Don’t tell me that a major sect like the Holy Ascension Sect will actually go back on their words.”

The Ascension Goddess rebuked him coldly, “Did the Holy Ascension Sect promise you anything? It is only between you and me!”