A Martial Odyssey Book 2: The Celestial Realm – Chapter 14

The Celestial Fairy and Heavenly Temptress

Yi Ping was alone with Shui Yixian and Lie Qing in a forested glade.

The trees here were beautiful with pink blossoms and delicious fruits were hanging from its branches.

Yi Ping, however was not in the mood to savor its fruits or was here to admire the grandeur of these beautiful trees whose leaves were like willow trees.

Shui Yixian was looking at Yi Ping tenderly with heartfelt affections while Lie Qing was stroking her long flowing hair unhurriedly as she looked affectionately at him.

Yi Ping finally broke the silence as he was feeling awkward, “Xian’Er, Qing’Er, why don’t you say something instead of looking at me like this?

But they just smiled at him idiocy and said nothing.

Yi Ping asked, “Is there something on my face? Is something wrong?”

Shui Yixian lowered her glance but she was soon looking at him again, gently smiling at him.

Lie Qing was swinging her legs to and fro slowly and she too, was smiling. All of a sudden, she flew to Yi Ping’s embrace and gave him a gentle kiss on his face.

Yi Ping immediately become fluster as he said, “Qing’Er, we are not alone…”

Shui Yixian said gently, “I don’t mind. So why are you minding?”

Yi Ping was startled but he quickly regained his composure as he said, “Qing’Er, we are not married yet. We are Celestials now and you have yet to overcome the Emotion Stage yet. We should put aside mortal emotions aside first. Do you still remember that is the reason why you have allowed me to tag along?”

Lie Qing said enchantingly, “Ping’Er, I don’t want to be a Celestial anymore. I want to be with you always. You have saved my life once again. Do you know how silly you are? The other sisters have told me how you are willing to give up your life for Sister Yixian and I. Silly, silly, silly!”

Yi Ping smiled weakly, “This is nothing.”

Lie Qing looked at Yi Ping tenderly before sighing softly, “Do you think anyone will give up their only Divine Dragon Pill to save a dying stranger. Do you think anyone will give up even their own life for a “friend”? Ping’Er, are you fooling yourself or I am fooling myself? Are you trying to tell me that I am now just your own sister? Because I can’t help but fall in love with you!”

Yi Ping quickly looked at Yixian panicky and wanted to say something but he was so flustered that his mind was a complete blank now!

Yixian smiled gently as she too, looked tenderly at Yi Ping, “Ping’Er, you have saved my life previously. That is why we are bonded as a couple now. Now you have saved my life again, I really don’t know how to repay you. I wish I can do more for you…”

Yi Ping said, “Xian’Er, you are my wife. I should try to protect you. There is no need to repay me. Are you still treating me as an outsider till now?”

Yixian lowered her gaze and said shyly, “We are not true man and wife yet because we have not consummate our marriage yet…”

She had deliberately lingered for a while.

Immediately, Yi Ping was so flustered that his nose started to bleed!

He was also stunned at the same time!

It was because he had not expected Yixian to be so bold and moreover in Lie Qing’s presence!

Lie Qing laughed softly, “Oh mine, don’t tell me my sister is thinking of pledging herself to repay her benefactor! Do you need the Heaveness Temptress to teach you a trick or two?”

Yixian said shyly, “You! I don’t need lousy tricks from you especially not from someone that is bending to steal my husband!”

Yi Ping was completely stunned that these two maidens were being so bold in front of him that his ears were burning. Needless to say, his face was completely flustered and his breathing became hard!

Lie Qing winked at Yi Ping before saying, “Ping’Er, if you are to choose between Sister Xian’Er and I, who you will choose?”

Yi Ping smiled bitterly as he rubbed his nose awkwardly as he stammered, “I…I don’t know.”

Lie Qing took a quick glance at Yi Ping before adding, “What if you are to choose between Sister Xian’Er and me tonight, who you will choose to be with then?”

Yi Ping was completely defeated by her question that he was looking at Yixian for answers. But Yixian was tapping her fingers on her cheek and was whistling softly. It seemed that she too, was waiting for Yi Ping’s reply!

Lie Qing pretended to be upset, “Why don’t you say aloud? Are you afraid of upsetting either one of us? Or is it because Sister Xian’Er is here and you are afraid of telling her that you like me more?”

Yi Ping just smiled bitterly and his mind was a complete blank!

Lie Qing looked at Yixian and smiled, “It seems that I am right!”

Yixian giggled gently, “No, you are wrong, very wrong! Ping’Er will surely pick me. That is why I am not worried at all. You better admit defeat and leave now or else you will be left in an awkward situation. Don’t ever say, I didn’t warn you at all.”

Lie Qing muttered as her cheeks had turned rosy, “No, that is not true. He will pick me for sure.”

Yixian noticed her flushes and said softly, “The Heavenly Temptress will feel shy? This is really intriguing and a surprising thing that is happening now.”

Lie Qing hummed coldly, “Why are you bend on stealing my man? Do you know that I am trying to help you? The Emotionless Rhyme that you are practicing makes you unsuitable to fall in love and can be detrimental to your future progression if you persist in your wrongful ways.”

Yixian said gently as she looked intently at Lie Qing, “My wrongdoings are my choices. Who I fall in love with is really my business. Moreover, Ping’Er is my husband.”

Lie Qing flipped her long sleeves and stirred up a strong windforce that flurried outward as she looked at Yixian, “Regardless of who Ping’Er decides to choose, you must agree that he will surely pick a living maiden and not a dead maiden. Am I right to say so?”

Yixian had raised her sleeves in front of her and her beautiful fingers were bursting with martial force, “Indeed! The dead doesn’t need to be included. We are both from the martial fraternity. There is no better way to decide than a martial contest to determine it.”

Lie Qing brushed her long hair slowly as she smiled coldly, “Indeed, indeed. The Heavenly Temptress won’t concede to the Celestial Fairy.”

Yixian said, “As do I.”

Yi Ping was stunned. All of a sudden, these two maidens decided to fight against each other!

He was panicky as he quickly urged, “Qing’Er, Xian’Er! Please don’t fight! You have both just recovered from your internal injuries and need to recuperate. This is not the time for infighting. Both of you are sisters and shouldn’t fight…”

Yixian interrupted coldly, “She is not my sister. I don’t have a sister that wants to steal my husband.”

Lie Qing said with equal coldness, “Neither did I.”

Yi Ping had already stood in their midst with outstretch hands as he said panicky, “Please stop! I beg of you!”

Lie Qing said nonchalant, “Then you have to choose from one of us if you don’t want us to fight.”

Yi Ping stammered, “I…I really don’t know…”

Yixian sighed softly, “I am your wife and yet you didn’t pick me?”

Yi Ping panicky said, “Xian’Er, I don’t mean it. Of course, I will pick you…”

Lie Qing said hurtfully, “Then you mean to say, you won’t pick me?”

Yi Ping was startled and he tried to explain panicky, “It is not that too…”

Yixian asked quietly, “You already have me and yet you are still thinking of another maiden?”

Lie Qing added coldly, “Maybe not another maiden but one, two, three, four others!”

Yi Ping was beginning to feel wobbly but he had suddenly grown solemn, “I…yes…I don’t deserve any of you.”

He was muttering, “Lingfeng the Heaveness, Youxue the Endor Vixen Fairy, Lele, Xingyue…I can’t erase those memories that I have inherited from the White Sage. I…am sorry…”

He turned around and walked away.

Lie Qing called out, “Ping’Er, wait!”

Yi Ping sighed softly as he stopped in his tracks.

He dared not turn and look at her but he replied almost incoherent, “Yes Qing’Er?”

Lie Qing was looking at his back quietly, “You really going off just like this?”

Yixian asked demurely, “Ping’Er, you are leaving just like that?”

Yi Ping really did not know what to answer so he continued to keep mum.

All of a sudden, there was a loud laughter. “If he doesn’t want to choose, then may I choose?”

Yi Ping was startled as She Weilun came into view!

Yi Ping immediately drew the Divine Echo and the White Phoenix from its scabbard as he said coldly, “What are you doing here?”

Lie Qing and Yixian secretly looked at each other as they gave a faint smile that was unnoticed by anyone.

It was because they had already known that there was an intruder earlier and was role playing with each other to lure him out. They also knew that if Yi Ping was presented with a choice, he would not know what to choose. They were hoping that Yi Ping would leave the scene first while they sought out this intruder. However, they were secretly afraid for this intruder was very caution and from his stealth skills, was also a super exponent. They knew that he was around because he had accidentally given away his presence because of a soft sigh but they still could not pinpoint his location.

She Weilun looked at Yi Ping as he laughed but only after he had stolen a glance at the two maidens, “Why shouldn’t I be here? I suppose to be hunting for you. I have been searching for you for 2 whole months in these mountains!”

He looked at Lie Qing and Yixian as he admired their beauties, “You have these two wondrous beauties and yet you simply just walk away? How foolish you are. Maybe I should teach you a thing or two about cherishing beauties.”

Yi Ping said coldly, “Despicable. You have been eavesdropping on us?”

She Weilun laughed, “You must be joking. This place is not owned by you. I just happen to be here and overheard you. Where are the Stellar Heaven Fairy and the beautiful maidens that are with you the other day?”

But he added after he had pretended to look around, “Good. Today that old man isn’t here. The three of you will be a fitting substitute for my anger. You have no idea how upset Ximen Nanqing is when I have reported to him that the Stellar Heaven Fairy has betrayed us and that his protégé disciple Lian Longba is dead.”

When he had just said that, She Weilun had vanished in a flash from his standing position and was upon Yi Ping in a blink of an eye as he displayed dozens of quick attacks!

He had expected Yi Ping to be knocked down on the ground with such a single hit but he was surprised that his first attack was quickly counterattacked and he was forced to continue his assault with dozens of attacks more!

After exchanging more than two dozen blows with She Weilun and in a blink of an eye later, Yi Ping had counter-attacked with the Horizon Swordplay and executed two sword energy arcs in close proximity against She Weilun!

She Weilun was startled for he had never seen anyone who was able to execute sword energies with such a short breathing space and in the midst of a furious exchange.

He gave a loud martial shout as he increased his martial power and smashed the incoming sword energy arcs to nothingness!

But no sooner had he dissipated the sword energies, Yi Ping had struck him on his forehead with a tremendous hit!

She Weilun was stunned and he could not believe that this was happening! It was because two months ago, this young man was not even his match!

He recovered quickly enough and this time, he launched himself at Yi Ping with his swiftness skill and had readied his best fighting technique, the Godspeed Thunder Hand as he cursed loudly, “You will pay for this!”

But no sooner had he took a step forward, Yi Ping had struck him thunderously on his forehead again!

This caused She Weilun to stumble backward wobbly and he could not believe that this was even happening!

How did this young man improved so fast in two short months?!

But before he could recover, Yi Ping had raised his palm outward and had struck his chest with the Asper Horizon Hand!

She Weilun immediately coughed out blood as he fell on his knees on the ground and he was muttering, “What is going on…”

Even Yixian and Lie Qing were dazzled by Yi Ping quick counter-attack!

There were two reasons for Yi Ping’s increased attack speed. First, he was badly injured during the divine ascension to the Celestial Realm and could not display his full speed. Secondly, he had consumed the Negative Core Divine Pill and that had pushed his state of divinity to the Transverse Staging! What was previously a blur to Yi Ping, he could now see every single attack that was being displayed by She Weilun, enabling him to counter attack with ease!

The Transverse Stage was a level that improved the reflexes and the ability to see fast movements clearly!

She Weilun tried to stand up weakly, “You are just a lowly celestial and you dare to lift your finger against me…”

Yi Ping interrupted coldly, “Now leave or I will hit you again.”

Yixian said coldly, “No wait. You can’t let him go just like this. He must be exterminated.”

She Weilun was startled as he coughed out another bout of blood, “Do you lowly celestials know the rule of the Celestial Realm? If you kill me, then it will affect your future progression. So you better think twice about that.”

Yixian replied coldly, “You are just one more opponent that I am going to take down. I am going to take down the entire Celestial Realm if they are all like you.”

While they were talking, She Weilun was secretly using his own vital energies to heal his internal injuries at a rapid pace as he thought, “These lowly celestials. They did not even know that a superior celestial is able to treat their own injuries. I have already reached the Divine Stage of the Golden Body. I am careless just now but once I have treated my injuries, I will teach them a lesson that they will never forget!”

So he laughed, “Beauty, you must be joking. You have no idea how many powerful celestials there are in the entire Celestial Realm. There are the seven most powerful Ancient Celestials and each one of them can move entire mountains…”

Before he could finish, Yixian had flashed her Heavenly Earth Sword and a beaming sword energy had rippled through She Weilun, causing him to fly backward and breaking several of his vital energies channels!

She Weilun coughed out more blood as his eyes began to stare blankly!

He had seen the sword energy but he was still unable to dodge it. At the last moment, he could feel a powerful energy dissipating all his martial force and even his protective divine skill offered no defense against her sword energy!

Ever since he had mastered the Golden Body, sword energies attacks were just a nuisance to him and were not something to be feared. But today, he had sensed a powerful energy attack that was beyond his comprehension and it was similar to the martial force of the Ancient Celestials!

“No,” he thought. “It was more powerful than any force that he had known. Could it be the Universal Force?!”

He tried to look at the sword that Yixian had just flashed to him but she had already kept the sword into its scabbard in a blink of an eye!

He thought, “Who is this maiden? Why are her reflexes and martial moves seemingly to be the Golden Celestial level? But her divine state seems to be only the Transverse Level? Her attacking speed is even more phenomenon that this Yi Ping…”

Yi Ping said, “Let him go, Xian’Er. He is already defeated.”

Yixian said quietly, “Ping’Er if we let him go, he will go on to harm more innocents with his sinister bullying. I believe that we have a divine mission in the Celestial Realm and that divine mission is to punish all the evil-doers. We are the balance that the Celestial Realm needs and that is the reason why destiny has arranged for us to ascend at the same time.”

Lie Qing nodded but she was smiling enchantingly, “But we should exercise more mercies too or else the evil-doers do not have a chance to repent.”

Yi Ping smiled bitterly. It was because sometimes when Lie Qing said something, she would do the exact opposite. When he had first met her, she virtually broke all her promises to him not to use her Invincible Divine Force to drain her opponents’ internal strength. Like Lele, Lie Qing was totally unpredictable. The more enchanting her smiles were the more wily her schemes she had in mind!

He still could remember how vividly how Lie Qing had faked her own death in collaboration with Yunzi and how he was duped by Lie Qing!

So Yi Ping quickly said, “Since he has already lost to us, just let him go. If he doesn’t repent the next time then we can wait for the next time to deal with him…”

But Lie Qing smiled as she winked at She Weilun, “How about this? We let you pick between my Sister Xian’Er and myself. If you can defeat either one of us, we will let you go. How about that?”

She Weilun immediately smiled as he spat out the bad blood in his mouth. If it was a duel, then he still had the confident to win. After all, he still had many secret martial techniques that he had not used yet. But he was also caution that his opponents may be experts in sword energies techniques so he said, “I am injured and may not be able to hold up against sword energies. If the two of you agree not to use your swords, then I can consider accepting this challenge.”

Lie Qing said, “I am alright.”

She looked at Yixian who nodded at her so she said, “We have all agreed to your terms. So who shall you pick then?”

She Weilun immediately mustered his entire martial power with his Golden Thunder Force as a faint golden aura surrounded him!

Yi Ping turned pale immediately. He knew that She Weilun was trying to muster his martial power first before the confrontation and if he could complete the entire augment then Yixian or Lie Qing would find it difficult to even break through his defenses!

So he quickly said, “Xian’Er, Qing’Er, let me challenge him instead. This is too dangerous.”

She Weilun laughed, “It is too late now. Even if the three of you join hands together, it is impossible for you to break my Golden Thunder Martial Force. Even a practitioner with a hundred and twenty years of martial power may not be able to do that, moreover the three of you are just lowly celestials who have not even reached the Crisis Level yet.”

Yixian was quite annoyed with his description of the lowly celestials that were used on them all the time. Even though she was a practitioner of the Emotionless Rhyme but there was only one way to be peaceful in her mind mediation again and that was to silence him so she said coldly, “Then let me be your first challenger then!”

She had immediately raised her fingers and attacked She Weilun!

Yi Ping shouted, “Xian’Er, no!”

Yixian said gently as she stepped forward gracefully, “Ping’Er, step aside.”

She Weilun smiled. Surrounded by his Golden Thunder Martial Force, it would not be easy for his opponent to strike him even if they were faster. Moreover, he was confident of his superior attack speed because he was a superior celestial while she was a lowly celestial!

But no sooner had he raised his palms, Yixian had already struck his palms with dozens of beautiful stabs. Each of her strikes was swift, precise and the impact that was delivered was also tremendous powerful!

They did not even exchange more than one hundred blows when She Weilun could feel that he was being afflicted by cold negative energies!

He was startled that his pure positive martial force, which was the anti-nemesis of negative energies, could not block her negative internal strength energies!

He gasped, “What skill is that?”

Yixian had displayed her Jade Icy Fingers to the tenth level! It was a level that she had attained just before she had become a celestial.

She answered softly, “Jade Icy Fingers Level Ten.”

Just when She Weilun was about to step backward to muster his martial power again to purge out the cold energy pulses that were afflicting him, Yixian had appeared gracefully on him again and struck his palms with a thunderous impact with her fingers as she said gently, “This is my Jade Icy Fingers Level Eleven.”

She Weilun was immediately flung backward as he coughed out several bouts of blood!

His internal injuries were not light!

He was totally bewildered as he tried to stand firmly on the ground, “How is it possible that a lowly celestial have such a strong internal strength?”

Two months ago when Yi Ping had passed on to her the essences of the Divine Dragon Pills that were in his body and saved her life, Yixian had a breakthrough in her Icy Heavenly Tears which propelled her martial level from the tenth to the eleventh! The tenth level was previously a difficult skill for her to use at short notice but now she could use it at ease. Needless to say, through her understandings of her Icy Heavenly Tears, her Divine Emerald Skill and Jade Icy Fingers had also increased from the tenth to the eleventh, doubling the martial power of both skills!

Yixian was a natural prodigy. If it was another person in the same situation as her, they may not be able to grasp the tenth or even the eleventh level of the Icy Heavenly Tears at all even with the aid of the Divine Dragon Pill.

But she had. That was why she was able to overcome her Divine Calamity with the tenth level of her Divine Emerald Skill and become a True Celestial. It was something that her past protégé mistresses had failed to.

Yi Ping sighed in relief. At first he was so worried that Yixian may come to harm. It was because two months ago in the fight with Lian Longba, Yixian had sustained serious internal injuries and was overpowered by him.

But Yi Ping did not know that with Yixian present attainment and her martial level, her tenth level of Icy Heavenly Tears was a match for Lian Longba. Unfortunately, before the fight she had already sustained severe internal injuries and could not muster all her internal strength. Therefore the highest level she could forcefully muster was actually the ninth. The martial strength in difference between the ninth and the tenth was doubled, as did the tenth and eleventh!

That was why She Weilun was suddenly overpowered by Yixian when she had displayed the eleventh level Jade Icy Fingers even though he had successfully blocked all her strikes!

She Weilun immediately shouted aloud as he pointed at Lie Qing, “Hold! Wait! I pick the other maiden as my opponent!”

Lie Qing smiled enchantingly, “Oh yes?”

She had mustered her Invincible Divine Force as eight blue faint wisps surrounded her but the air around her had exploded thunderously as her martial display!

She Weilun was startled!

He had recognized the Invincible Divine Force as one of the top epitome skills in the Celestial Realm to exist. Seven blue wisps represented the depth of her Invincible Divine Force level and it was considered to be a superior martial force skill and was a difficult level to muster for the practitioner. But his seemingly enchanting innocuous maiden had displayed eight blue wisps!

He was panicky shouting, “No wait…”

But before he knew it, Lie Qing was already upon him as she struck him many times!

Lie Qing was not known for her speed attack or her swiftness movement skill but when she used her full martial force, she had virtually ripped apart her opponent’s defenses as though it was like paper!

She Weilun screamed aloud as Lie Qing sent him flying backward as she disabled his martial skills as she said, “I have been looking for someone who is strong enough to take my Invincible Divine Force for a long time. You must be real fortunate today.”

She Weilun coughed out more blood as he immediately sealed off several of his accupoints to save as many of his vital meridian channels as possible. His eyes were red and teary.

He murmured, “How ruthless. Do you know that trying to disable my martial skills are crueler than death…”

Lie Qing interrupted coldly, “That is for the Stellar Heaven Fairy that you have ruined. If you still treasure your life, now scram!”

When She Weilun heard that she was actually letting him off, he immediately took off without hesitation!

Yi Ping sighed softly.

Lie Qing asked, “Why are you sympathizing with people that are your enemies?”

Yi Ping said, “There are no real enemies. I remember that Gongsun Jing and Qiu Wufeng are also my enemies in the past but they have now become my sworn brothers…”

Lie Qing laughed softly, “And you got betrayed by Zuo Tianyi!”

Yi Ping tried to change the topic by saying, “Qing’Er, I can see that you have gained another improvement in your Invincible Divine Skill. When can I spar with you?”

Lie Qing giggled shyly, “It is all thanks to your Divine Dragon Pill. If you are not afraid of getting killed by me, you can try. But now it is still not the time.”

Yi Ping said, “The last time that I have lost to you is when you have mustered the sixth Invincible Divine Force. I think I can manage the seventh now…”

Lie Qing smiled gently, “You have no idea how fearsome the seventh is. Forget about it.”

Yi Ping looked a little disappointed.

All of a sudden, Yixian said. “They are here.”

Who were they?

Lingfeng, Lele, Youxue, Yunzi, Mei’Er, Yu’Er, Xingyue, the Stellar Heaven Fairy and the Universal Old Man had appeared in sight and from their tired eyes; they must have rushed here as soon as possible!

Lele quickly asked, “What happens? We have detected a malevolent air earlier.”

Shen Xingyue scanned the surroundings keenly and said, “It seems that there is a fight.”

Lingfeng asked gently, “Is everyone alright?”

Yu’Er and Mei’Er had already surrounded Yi Ping and were checking him for signs of injuries.

Yi Ping said, “We just saw She Weilun. He was here just now.”

The Stellar Heaven Fairy was startled, “Where is he now? We…we must flee…”

Yi Ping said, “No need. He has fled.”

The Stellar Heaven Fairy was even startled as she looked at him with admired eyes, “You…have defeated him?”

Yi Ping nodded but he quickly said, “Qing’Er and Xian’Er have a hand too. I didn’t really do much actually.”

The Stellar Heaven Fairy was trembling lightly as she said, “Thank you again…”

Yi Ping was startled, “Why thanks me?”

The Stellar Heaven Fairy said, “Nothing…”

Youxue as sighing, “If this old man can run a little faster, we can witness an exciting fight.”

The Universal Old Man laughed, “I am really an old man. How fast can I run?”

Youxue hummed coldly, “You are the one that have detected the malevolent air and yet you run so slow. This is frustrating. If something happens to Yi Ping, I will never forgive you!”

The Universal Old Man scratched his head and said, “But isn’t he alright now?”

All of a sudden, the Stellar Heaven Fairy said. “It is time for me to leave. My injuries have almost recovered. I bring nothing but troubles to your group. I am really grateful to meet all of you but I got to go now.”

Everyone was startled that the Stellar Heaven Fairy was leaving without prior notice.

Yi Ping stammered, “Maiden Shishi, where are you going? It may be dangerous for you to travel alone.”

The Stellar Heaven Fairy sighed as she took a longing glance at Yi Ping, “I will be alright. I have grown wiser during my time in the Celestial Realm. I will stay out of trouble and continued with my cultivation on my own…”

She had completely recovered from her internal injuries and that included her dead meridian channels which caused her internal strength to shrink to just a third of her original. However, Yi Ping had cleared and revived her channels at the same time with Lie Qing and Yixian. Her martial strength had not only been restored but had also improved!

She was obviously been very grateful to Yi Ping but now, she had suddenly declared that she was leaving?

Yi Ping looked at Yunzi, Youxue, Lingfeng and Lele as he asked, “I hope that someone here can persuade her to stay. It is still dangerous for a lone maiden in the wilderness. I have thought that this place was safe but She Weilun has managed to find us after all.”

Youxue said coldly, “She is a rival. Do you think I will ask a rival to stay?”

Yi Ping replied awkwardly, “She is a friend. You think too much…”

Lingfeng said coldly, “You may think of her as a friend but she may not think of you as a friend.”

The Universal Old Man knew that the Heaveness was jealous and he was a little afraid of her wrath. So he quickly said, “I think I see some delicious fruits over there. Let me go and take a look first.”

And no sooner had he finished speaking, he was gone!

Youxue cursed softly, “Now he can really run…”

Yunzi said quietly, “I really hope that Sister Shishi can stay with us.”

Yu’Er and Mei’Er nodded too but they were afraid of the other sisters to say anything. Moreover they usually let their protégé mistress Yixian decided things for them.

Yi Ping turned to Yixian and Lie Qing, “Why do you think?”

Yixian smile gently, “Why don’t you ask her to stay yourself instead of asking us?”

Yi Ping was stunned by her reply.

He was stammering, “I did ask but she has decided to leave…”

Lie Qing said, “Why don’t you ask, you hope for her to stay instead of asking if she wants to stay?”

Yi Ping was stunned by Lie Qing’s reply.

The Stellar Heaven Fairy sighed softly and she had already taken a few steps but her steps were slow and deliberate.

Everyone except Yi Ping could tell that she did not want to leave.

But Yi Ping did not say anything because he was confused. If anyone was in his situation and had to face nine beautiful maidens that were all looking at him at the same time, they may be even be more confused than Yi Ping himself!

So the Stellar Heaven Fairy took another seven steps before she paused and said with her back facing everyone, “If Yi Ping is willing to let me stay I will be willing to stay…”

This time, Yi Ping did not hesitate anymore for she had spelt it so directly so he quickly said, “I am willing…”

But the Stellar Heaven Fairy quickly added, “…with Yi Ping forever…”

Yi Ping was stunned and the rest of the maidens were also caught off-guarded!

None of the maidens had expected the Stellar Heaven Fairy to be so bold!

Lie Qing saw that Yi Ping was dumbfounded so she teased him, “Ping’Er, you still has not picked a choice between Sister Xian’Er and I. Have you decided yet?”

Shen Xingyue was intrigued, “What is it? Can I know?”

Yixian looked at Lie Qing, “That is only a bait to lure the intruder out. Give Ping’Er a break…”

Lie Qing laughed enchantingly, “I am sure you did not joke about consummating with Ping’Er earlier…”

Yixian was startled. Even her Emotionless Rhythm did not protect her from developing slight flushes on her face this time!

Lele quickly asked, “No way! Sister Xian’Er won’t say that!”

Lie Qing stroked her long hair as she laughed merrily, “Yes she did.”

Youxue had turned slightly away because she too was flushing shyly when she recalled the night that she had lost her “chastity” to Yi Ping…

Yi Ping was wishing that there was a hole on the ground now so that he could jump in and covered himself!