A Martial Odyssey Book 2: The Celestial Realm – Chapter 12

The Stellar Heaven Fairy

Yi Ping kneeled on the ground and was smashing the ground in front of him furiously until his fists had turned bloodied. He was lamenting woefully and his tormenting pain reached the hearts of everyone that was standing behind him!

Lying in front of Yi Ping were Lie Qing and Yixian; their faces were serene but no matter how much Yi Ping had grieved aloud to them, they would not hear him anymore. It was because they were now in a suspended state of animation!

They had grievously overextended their limitations and broke their meridian channels.

Yunzi covered her mouth as silently tears fell as she said tearfully to Yi Ping, “They have sacrificed their lives for us. The Icy Heavenly Tears is able to protect Sister Yixian’s vital channels while Sister Lie Qing has the protection of the Golden Invincible Body. If we can find a miracle herb, one day, we can surely revive them…”

Yi Ping caressed Yixian and Lie Qing with trembling hands as he muttered coarsely, “Xian’Er, Qing’Er, how can you bear to leave me on my own? Xian’Er, didn’t you promise to be with me through weal and woes? Qing’Er, didn’t you say, you would want to be with me till the oceans dried up and the earth crumbled to dust? After we have been through so much together, you leaving me on my own?”

Yi Ping threw the two Heavenly Relics furiously to one side as he laughed aloud, “Why Heavens is so unjust to me? Why did Heavens allow us to acquaint once more but only to separate us once again?! Why is that I can’t turn these two Heaven Relics into the Divine Dragon Pills? Is it because my internal strength isn’t enough?!”

Mei’Er said melancholy, “Master, it was divine occurrence that the Heavenly Relic was able to transmute into the Divine Dragon Pills the last time. But that was entirely a chance occurrence that may never happen again. That is already considered a great miracle the last time…”

Lele’s eyes were bleary red and had kept to herself even though the other sisters tried to comfort her as well. It was because she was closest to Yixian and Lie Qing, both who had shared the same fate as her.

Lele finally muttered and her voice was sorrowful, “If Sister Yixian and Sister Lie Qing did not try to protect me during the divine ascension, they would not possibly sustain such severe internal injuries and allowed that Lian Longba to seize his chance. Among the three of us, my martial skills are the weakest. I didn’t train hard when I have the opportunity. It is my entire fault. I…I don’t deserve any forgiveness!”

Yi Ping banged his fists on the ground in great misery, “Lele, it is not your fault. It is my fault! If only I am stronger. If it isn’t for my weakness, Xingyue won’t sustain her internal injuries and she may be able to contribute to the fight…”

Shen Xingyue said quietly, “Ping’Er, don’t blame yourself please. No one would have known this would happen.”

Lingfeng cried out softly, “It is because the middle formation is the weakest link. If only we are stronger, everyone would not need to put on such a terrible struggle!”

Youxue broke down tearfully, “We are just trying to take on a ride to the Celestial Realm but we aren’t strong enough on our own.”

She looked tearfully at Yixian as she wept uncontrollably, “Long ago, I try to kill you. But you have not only forgiven me but have even taken me in as your protégé as well as a dear sister…”

She turned and looked tearfully at Lie Qing, “Lie Qing, do you still remember how we have met? Do you still remember the fights that we all had with each other?”

She paused for a while before lamenting aloud, “Do you all know how much I wish that I am the one that is lying down now and not you?!”

Yi Ping muttered, “Youxue…”

Yu’Er sobbed, “Enough! Do you think my protégé mistress will be happy if she knows how depress everyone is now? We should be strong, for their sake. If we want to avenge protégé mistress and Sister Lie Qing, we must quickly recuperate from our injuries and take vengeance on the Dominating Aura Clan!”

The Stellar Heaven Fairy said quietly, “Lian Longba isn’t the only strong Exalted Celestial in the Dominating Aura Clan. His protégé master Ximen Nanqing and advisor She Weilun are terrifying opponents as well. If Ximen Nanqing found out that we have killed his direct protégé, no matter where we go he will surely seek vengeance upon us. We should flee as far as possible while we can.”

When she had mentioned Ximen Nanqing, her body began to tremble; she was genuinely afraid of him!

Yi Ping said bitterly, “With their dark deeds, they are obviously Dark Celestials and do not deserve to be Exalted Celestials. As long as they live, more innocents will come to harm.”

The Stellar Heaven Fairy gasped, “Surely you are not thinking of going to the Dominating Aura Clan? Don’t go, you are not their match! None of you are. Or else…”

She was silent but she forced herself to say aloud as she wept, “Or else…I won’t fall victim to them and ruin my state of divinity…”

Yunzi understood her miseries and the shame that the Stellar Heaven Fairy was facing as she embraced her arms quietly.

The Stellar Heaven Fairy wept, “Do you understand my innermost sorrows? My shame will never go away and nothing that I do can ever cleanse my spirits…”

Yunzi said quietly, “I understand. I surely understand. It is because I have gone through the same thing as you. Maybe not as hurtful as what you have felt but nevertheless, it is a stigma that refused to go away. Your heart is pure and you should put the past aside.”

The Stellar Heaven Fairy smiled bitterly, “My heart is not as pure as you thought.”

She took a quick glance at Lele as she wept aloud, “In the past before I had ascended here, I was Melody Star’s protégé mistress. But do you know that her close sisters and she aren’t our only successors? The Celestial Star Formation is a difficult formation for many of the celestial practitioners of the Melody Palace. If they fail to gain control of the Celestial Star Formation, then they would be killed and another group from the Melody Palace will be there to take their place. This will repeat until a group eventually succeeds in gaining control of the Celestial Star Formation and gain mastery of the three divine swords. If you want to know, I am the ninth group myself. I was there when I witnessed their deaths…they were all my older protégé sisters…”

She could not continue anymore. She had completely broken down when she recalled how her protégé sisters had died as they failed to direct the Celestial Star Formation one by one.

This was the tragic secret of the Melody Palace!

Lele said coolly, “This is to ensure that only the best protégés could inherit the three divine swords and eventually ascend to the Ninth Heavens. Most will die anyway even before they could even reach the Crisis Level. Since they have to die anyway, so you don’t have to feel sorry or guilty.”

The Stellar Heaven Fairy glanced at Lele bewilderedly as she trembled lightly as she thought, “She is not Melody Star but why is that her mannerism is the exactly the same as her?”

She knew that she was only trying to comfort her. By now, she had known that Lele was not Melody Star. But she could not help feeling that the way Lele acted was exactly the same as Melody Star!

Yi Ping cried aloud, “Xian’Er, Qing’Er. Wait for me. I will join you…”

All of a sudden, there was a loud slapping sound as Shen Xingyue gave Yi Ping a resounding slap as she said hurtfully, “You are so selfish. There are still so many of us. If you are gone too, do you think we will want to live in miseries alone?”

Yi Ping muttered, “Xingyue…”

Lingfeng lowered her glances as she said quietly, “We may still have the chance to revive Sister Yixian and Lie Qing.”

Yi Ping’s heart skipped a beat as he said hurriedly, “Lingfeng, why didn’t you say so earlier?! Why wait till now?!”

Everyone stared at Lingfeng and were all wondering the same too!

Lingfeng said melancholy, “I have only just thought of this. It may or may not work. The possibility of it succeeding is very slim and it requires great sacrifices.”

Yi Ping panicky said, “Please say it. No matter how slim it is, I am willing to try it!”

Yu’Er and Mei’Er had both cried out at the same time, “We are willing to try! Please tell us!”

Yunzi said quietly, “Lingfeng since you know the means, why don’t you reveal it to us? No matter how slim the chance is, we are not afraid!”

Youxue added anxiously, “That’s right!”

Shen Xingyue said, “My Heaveness, hurry and tell us!”

The Stellar Heaven Fairy was startled. She was unclear if she had heard it right as she thought, “Heaveness?! One of the seven most powerful Celestials in the Celestial Realm?!”

She looked at Lingfeng but no matter how keenly she had observed from her state of divinity, she did not look like an Ancient Celestial, much less an Exalt Celestial!

Lingfeng looked panicky at everyone before she composed herself and said solemnly, “I will need the internal strength of seven willing maidens to open my Heaven Eyes. I can use the absorbing skill of the Holy Amalgamate Skill and through the use of the Seven Stars Formation to accomplish that. But that is just a chance.”

Everyone was stunned and looked at each other.

Shen Xingyue was the most distrustful as she said quietly, “Surely you are not thinking of stealing our internal strength so that you can overcome your own state of divinity?”

Youxue was trembling, “Good sister, if you think that may help then I will be willing to sacrifice my internal strength.”

Mei’Er cried out, “I am willing no matter the price. My protégé mistress is also my benevolent mistress…”

Yu’Er cried out too, “I am willing too!”

Yunzi did not say anything but looked quietly at Yi Ping…

Yi Ping was silent. If they gave up part of their internal strength, their state of divinity may suffer and even their next Divine Calamity would be difficult to overcome!

So he said, “I don’t see how it is going to help. No matter how much internal strength a person has, it can’t be used to revive anyone. Lingfeng, what good is your Heaven Eyes?”

Lingfeng replied softly and her alluring eyes were full of affections, “I can’t save them at all…”

Even though Yi Ping was expecting it but he was nevertheless disappointed with the reply as he murmured, “That’s alright. You are only trying to give us a hope…”

Lingfeng said solemnly, “But I am not joking. I am not the one that is able to revive them. It is you, Yi Ping.”

Yi Ping was startled as he looked at her, “I can?”

Everyone was equally startled as they looked at Yi Ping.

Yu’Er asked Lingfeng, “What does opening your Heaven Eyes have to do with master? He is not the one that we are transferring our internal strength to.”

Lingfeng looked up silently into Yi Ping’s eyes as she said, “I have previously used my Great Emptiness Translucence to transfer the essence of the Divine Dragon Pill that I have consumed to you. Yi Ping, you have taken two Divine Dragon Pills. If you are willing to give up the essences of the Divine Dragon Pills inside you, then Yixian and Lie Qing may have a hope of reviving.”

Yi Ping said excitedly, “Lingfeng, do you mean that if we can open your Heaven Eyes then through me, you are able use the same skill that you have used on me to revive them?”

Lingfeng nodded, “It is a gambit but is worth a try.”

Lele protested immediately, “I refuse to allow it! Do you know what this will mean? Yi Ping may die!”

Xingyue looked away tearfully, “Or become an idiot even if he does not die…”

Yu’Er covered her face with both hands as she sobbed, “Master…”

Yunzi said quietly, “What if it didn’t work? Then all of us will lose our precious internal strength for nothing. I don’t mind losing some of my internal strength but if Yi Ping loses the essences of the Divine Dragon Pills, his cultivation will surely suffer a tremendous decline. Either way, Yi Ping is putting himself at risk.”

Youxue said melancholy, “Yi Ping, you may die if you give up the essences of the Divine Dragon Pills that you have consumed. Do you know?”

Yi Ping was silence for a moment before he said, “I am willing no matter what.”

All of a sudden, Yi Ping became quiet. It was because the truth had finally dawned upon him.

He looked at Youxue, Yunzi, Xingyue, Lele, Yu’Er and Mei’Er before sighing, “But there are only the six of you here. We still need one more maiden to help Lingfeng opened her Heaven Eyes…”

In the end, they could do nothing about it.

Everyone looked downcast.

The Stellar Heaven Fairy was greatly moved by Yi Ping love for Yixian and Lie Qing that she had stepped forward quietly as she said, “If you still need one more helper, I am willing to help.”

Everyone was startled!

Yi Ping stammered, “You are really willing to help?”

The Stellar Heaven Fairy nodded, “I am willing.”

Yi Ping could not believe his ears as he asked again, “You are willing to sacrifice your precious…internal strength?”

The Stellar Heaven Fairy smiled gently, “I am willing but the other six maidens have to be willing as well, am I right? Some may not be too willing.”

Lele was startled that the Stellar Heaven Fairy was willing to sacrifice her internal strength for Lie Qing and Yixian as she muttered, “You don’t have to do so for a gamble. This doesn’t concern you.”

The Stellar Heaven Fairy smiled gently, “I am willing. It is not because you resemble my former protégé disciples. But rather, I am touched by everyone’s willingness to sacrifice for one another. This…”

She was suddenly melancholy as her eyes became watery, “This selfless love is supposed to be the law of practice for the protégés of the Melody Palace. It is what it means to be a Celestial. It is exactly why we aspire to be a Celestial in the first place. But this is something that it is difficult to achieve in the Celestial Realm. I have long been disillusioned with living here. I want to do something good to feel human again. I wish I have never ascended to the Celestial Realm…”

Lingfeng lowered her glances and her heart was throbbing with heartfelt memories. She understood her feelings perfectly. That was the reason why she had forsaken her celestial practice to be a human…

Youxue looked at the Stellar Heaven Fairy, “You are really serious?”

The Stellar Heaven Fairy smiled gently as she nodded.

Yunzi and Shen Xingyue smiled at her, admiring her courage and self-sacrifice.

Shen Xingyue knew that if the Stellar Heaven Fairy did not have this self-sacrificing spirit, she could never have ascended in the first place. In the past, she must be a highly attained Exalted Celestial…

Yu’Er and Mei’Er were embracing the Stellar Heaven Fairy happily as they introduced themselves, “I am Yu’Er, she is Mei’Er. What is your name? Your real name?”

All of a sudden, Yi Ping realized that he had not asked for her namesake and yet she was doing them a great favor. He was immediately ashamed of himself as he stammered out, “I offer you my profuse thanks on behalf of everyone! May I know maiden name so that I can remember your good deed in my heart?”

The Stellar Heaven Fairy replied, “Shishi. That’s my name. Shi as in poetry.”

Yi Ping said, “Maiden Shishi, thank you…”

The Stellar Heaven Fairy smiled, “You can thank me afterward. It is still too early for that. You are Yi Ping?”

Yi Ping answered, “Yes indeed that is my name…”

Lingfeng interrupted coldly, “If I don’t keep a watchful eye on you, you will be off chasing skirts!”

Even though Lingfeng was just teasing Yi Ping, Lele, Xingyue and Youxue all gave Yi Ping a cold stare.

Yi Ping panicky said, “Lingfeng, look at what you have done!”

Lingfeng said, “What did I do? I am only stating the obvious. If that is not your intentions, you shouldn’t really worry.”

Yi Ping sighed to himself, “I know that Lingfeng is trying to lighten the atmosphere up. She meant well…”

He quickly composed himself as he asked solemnly, “Xingyue, Lele, Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Youxue, Yunzi…are you willing to…”
But before he could finish, the seven maidens had all grouped around Lingfeng as they said at the same time. “Tell us what to do!”

Lingfeng cautioned solemnly, “The seven of you will form the Seven Star Formation and act as a funnel to transfer your internal strength through me while I use the Holy Amalgamate Skill to gather your internal strengths with mine to force open my Heaven Eyes.”

Lele said, “The Holy Amalgamate Skill is a variation of the Celestial Force Skill. I can give you the intricate formula to offset the risks.”

Lingfeng smiled with gentle appreciation, “No need. I am just using the Holy Amalgamate Skill in tantamount with the Great Emptiness Translucence. There is no risk in that. However, whether my Heaven Eyes can be forced open, it is hard to say …”

The Stellar Heaven Fairy still had a doubt, “I have heard of this Heaven Eyes before. You are really the Heaveness?”

Lingfeng nodded lightly.

The Stellar Heaven Fairy was startled as she staggered back as she muttered, “That’s impossible…”

Lingfeng said quietly, “I will explain later.”

Yi Ping asked, “Lingfeng, is there anything I can do?”

She turned and looked at Yi Ping, “Yi Ping, meditate first and try to recuperate as much as you can. I…never mind…”

Yi Ping asked curiously, “Lingfeng, yes?”

Lingfeng sighed softly, “Don’t you turn into an idiot or die. If you dare to die, I will follow you. Do you understand? If you become an idiot, I will care for you forever.”