A Martial Odyssey Book 2: The Celestial Realm – Chapter 1

The Three Celestial Maidens

It was a moonless night and the streets were empty.

The four sentries of the Enchains Sect were looking bored and were casually chatting quietly with each other.

The Enchains Sect was a small clan in the Western Martial Fraternity but in this small town, it was now the most influential clan among several clans.

One year ago, a major conflict between the various martial clans took place at the Holy Amalgamate Mountains. It was a terrifying battle between good and evil that saw dozens of martial clans disappearing overnight and hundreds of martial clans were so badly affected that it would take them a long time to recover.

The Enchains Sect was a small clan then and it was the Septuagint Clan that was the dominating clan in this town. However during the battle at the Holy Amalgamate Mountains, the Septuagint Clan suffered a crippling loss and many of its best fighters were killed or injured. Because of that, the Enchains Sect rose to be the dominant clan in this small town.

All of a sudden, the four sentries froze in their tracks as they could sense something was amiss; there was a light fragrance scent in the air!

The leader of the sentries immediately spoke in a firm voice to the others, “Be on your alert! Someone is here…”

But before he could finish speaking, they were all stunned and one of the sentries even dropped his sword on the ground by what they had seen!

It was because an alluring heavenly maiden in white had just come into view and was taking slow strides toward them!

It was she that had caused them to be startled!

In the dead of the night even if she was the most striking maiden that they had ever seen, she was like a haunting apparition that had totally freaked them out completely! Moreover, they could see that her alluring eyes were crimson in color! Indeed no one had seen anyone with eyes like her!

She may be walking very slowly but she was soon in front of them.

The four sentries were all trembling with great fear and they were convinced that she was indeed a ghost. What else other than a ghost could move so quietly and so swift?

The beautiful apparition gave an alluring smile, “I am looking for someone. Can you open the gate for me to continue my search?”

The sentries slowly relaxed after realizing that she was just human and not what they had feared. Moreover, she was not armed and was alone.

The Sentry Leader grew bold as he looked at his men who were harboring the same thoughts as him; here was a beautiful maiden that had delivered herself to them and it would be foolish of them to let her go just like this.

Therefore the Sentry Leader eyed her lecherously after noting that she was really a rare beauty. As a matter of fact, he had never seen anyone like her and was still in disbelief that such a beautiful maiden was now standing before his eyes. He quickly added, “May we know maiden’s name and who are you looking for?”

The alluring maiden raised her eyebrows as though she could sense their ill intentions as she said with a soft murmur, “I am the Heaveness. I do not know the name of that person but I am sure that they are inside.”

The Sentry Leader nodded quietly to his men even as he laughed aloud, “Since maiden does not want to reveal your true name to us, that’s alright. Why don’t you come with us to the back alley? We know a backdoor that can get you inside without anyone knowing so that you can search for the person that you are looking for?”

This young maiden who called herself the Heaveness may be innocent looking but she had seen through their little tricks immediately. With a wave of her slender hand, she had immediately knocked all four of them onto the ground as they moaned painfully on the ground!

The four men were stunned!

They had never seen anyone strike with such a swift martial move and disabling the four of them at the same time!

The Heaveness looked quietly at the forbidding iron-gate as she hesitated for a while.

The iron-gate only had a protruding iron ring on its gates. Anyone that wanted to enter the iron-gate must grab the iron ring and knocked it against the gate to alert the guards that were inside. It was because the iron-gate was held into place by a large iron bar on the other side!

The Sentry Leader coughed out a mouthful of blood as he muttered weakly, “Who are you? Do you think that the Enchains Sect will let you off just like this? You may have defeated us but there are still hundreds of us more inside!”

The Heaveness turned to him as she smiled coyly, “Is that so?”

She simply raised her right hand and forced opened the iron-gate with the sheer might of her martial force, stunning them as she walked into the grounds of the Enchains Sect!

Barely had she just entered inside, several scuffle cries could be heard inside as she rampaged her way in!

The Heaveness was immediately surrounded by dozens of armed fighters as she stood serenely at the martial platform leading to the interior of the Enchains Sect.

A man with a bushy beard who was wielding a big sabre shouted aloud, “Who are you! How dare you barge into the Enchains Sect?”

The Heaveness sighed softly as she asked, “Just who are you?”

The bushy man roared with anger, “Just who I am? I am the Protégé Leader of the Enchains Sect! I am Wen Zhong! You didn’t know who I am and you have dared to barge into my territory and even injure my men?”

As he roared with anger, he had suddenly halted. It was because he was captivated by her alluring beauty. But at the same time, he was also alarmed; it was because he had noticed that her eyes were unlike others.

But he quickly composed himself and said with a somewhat soften manner, “Just because you have a petite face, do you think I will be soft on you?”

It was because Wen Zhong had already noticed that more than half of his clan protégés were already mesmerized by her beauty and were staring at her blankly.

The Heaveness said coldly, “Beneath the flesh are just blood and bones. I am no different from the rest of you. So you are the Protégé Leader. Good! I am the Heaveness and I am here to look for something. If you are willing to hand it over, I will go immediately.”

Wen Zhong looked a little startled. He had never heard of anyone with the fraternity name of the Heaveness. Because she did not state her clan of origin, he garnered a guess that she may not be from a major clan.

So he roared with laughter, “It seems that I must teach you a lesson first. It is not a place where you can come and go as you please. It is also not a place that you can make your demands! Just who do you think you are? Just because you have learnt some martial moves, you think you can be insolent in my territory?!”

Even though he was raising his voice fiercely, the alluring maiden did not appear to be daunted by him. Instead she scanned her alluring eyes at everyone.

Wen Zhong was already entertaining ill-intentional thoughts on her. Just as he was about to rebuke her further, an old woman walked quietly to his side and asked him. “Son, who is this maiden?”

This old woman had a walking stick and was helped by a frail old steward.

But when the old woman and the old steward saw her eyes, they were also slightly startled.

Wen Zhong managed a weak smile. It was because there was nothing he feared more than his aged mother. He was really afraid that his aged mother would interfere in his decisions.

Even though he was the Protégé Leader of the Enchains Sect but the real controller was actually the Old Matriarch Wen!

Old Matriarch Wen smiled as she looked at her son, “Son, you have been flirting around and now your troubles come knocking on its own accord.”

Wen Zhong smiled weakly, “I do not know her. This is the first time that we have met.”

Old Matriarch Wen smiled at the Heaveness as she appraised her with her keen eyes. She must admit that the maiden that had intruded into the Enchains Sect was indeed extremely stunning. In fact, she had never seen anyone as captivating as her. If she was a man, she would surely fall in love with her but she was not.

However, the alluring maiden that called herself the Heaveness was looking at her sternly and was saying coldly to her instead. “Hand it over. I know that you have it.”

Old Matriarch Wen growled in bewilderment, “Hand what over?”

The Heaveness said coldly, “The Heavenly Relic!”

Old Matriarch Wen and the old steward turned ashen immediately!

The Heaveness had been searching the fraternity for the Heavenly Relics with her innate senses and her search had led her to this small town. There were two more Heavenly Relics more to go before the Celestial Star Formation could be completed for the transition to Beyond, the Celestial Realm.

The Heaveness said unhappily, “Quick hand it over or I won’t be polite anymore.”

After a while, Old Matriarch Wen said slowly. “Just who are you? I don’t know what you are talking about.”

The Heaveness sighed softly, “You surely know what I am talking about and I even know that the Heavenly Relic is on you now.”

Her innate sense had sensed that the Heavenly Relic was in this place and when this old woman had appeared, she immediately knew that the Heavenly Relic was with her. There was no mistaking the spiritual aura of the Heavenly Relic.

Old Matriarch Wen had suddenly turn hostile and there was a malevolent air around her, “I really don’t know who you are but today you are not getting out of here alive!”

Wen Zhong was alarmed. It was because his mother was not someone that gave empty threats. So he panicky said, “Mother…”

All of a sudden, the frail old steward leapt with surprise agility and attacked the young alluring maiden with a startling speed as he displayed half a dozen of forceful fists!

The protégés of the Enchains Sect were stunned and were in awe of the old steward. It was because they had never thought that the old steward was a super exponent and his moves would be so ingenious!

The young alluring maiden was startled and she barely avoided his attacks.

In a split second, she had raised her palm just in time to parry off the old steward’s strokes. But because the old steward was really too formidable and merciless, she was forced to take five steps back!

In a blink of an eye, they had exchanged dozens of strokes, stunning everyone with their speed attacks!

Wen Zhong was stunned. This young, seemingly vulnerable maiden was also a super martial exponent and her swiftness movements were surprising agile!

However, the old steward was the more formidable fighter and in another blink of an eye, he had gained the upper hand and just as he was about to land his fist on her, he was knocked back by two flashes of shadow!

The old steward stumbled five steps backward as he shouted coldly, “Who is that!?”

Right beside the young alluring maiden were another two extremely beautiful maidens in a fine yellow dress and a gray dress!

It was the yellow dressed maiden that had knocked the old steward back with a forceful palm attack. Like the young alluring maiden in white, she was also unarmed.

However, the maiden in gray dress was armed and carried a beautiful adorned long sword.

The old steward’s fists were trembling and he was startled!

He had received a powerful impact on his fists that his entire arm was trembling lightly. He was already thinking, “Who is this maiden? Why is it possible that a young maiden like her will possesses such a powerful internal strength? It is not possible. Is she using a trick?”

The Heaveness laughed softly, “Who takes you all so long to arrive?”

The exquisite maiden in gray dress replied softly, “You should have waited for us before barging in here. Who knows what dangers await you.”

The mesmerizing maiden in yellow dress nodded, “The heretic sect is not something that you think you can handle alone. If something happens to you, Ping’Er would surely be heartbroken.”

The Heaveness laughed softly, “I hope to get his attention and make him worry for me!”

The mesmerizing maiden in yellow gasped exasperatedly, “You!”

Old Matriarch Wen had stepped forward behind the old steward as she caught the old steward’s shoulder, “Old Yang, are you alright?”

She stared coldly at the three mysterious maidens and was furrowing her eyebrows. It was because their martial skills were simply too extraordinary for their age.

Incredulously, all three of them had the same crimson eyes!

The old steward was also staring at them, “Who are you!”

The mesmerizing maiden in yellow muttered softly but her tone was icily cold, “I am the Endor Vixen Fairy!”

The exquisite and demure maiden in gray looked at them with piercing eyes as though she could see their thoughts, “The Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden!”

Old Matriarch Wen groaned. It was because she had never heard of their fraternity names in the martial fraternity.

All of a sudden, she extended out her hands and dozens of shimmering light flew out in all directions as she displayed her secret projectiles!

Immediately, the Heaveness reacted by throwing dozens of secret projectiles at the same time too, deflecting the secret projectiles that were thrown at her.

The Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden was not slow either. She had drawn out her long sword with lightning speed and had parried off the speeding secret projectiles harmlessly.

The Endor Vixen Fairy had simply raised her long sleeves and the offensive secret projectiles simply rebound off harmlessly!

Old Matriarch Wen’s secret projectiles were not targeted at them only. Immediately, all the protégés of Enchains Sect had yelled out with agonies as they fell dead on the ground!

The Heaveness scoffed at Old Matriarch Wen, “How ruthless to kill even your own people!”

Old Matriarch Wen was taken aback. It was because she had never expected these three maidens to evade her deadly Butterfly Projectiles so easily. From the looks of it, the alluring maiden in white was also an expert in secret projectiles and could rival her in skill.

Wen Zhong was startled, “Mother! Some of them are my most loyal subordinates!”

Old Matriarch Wen said coldly, “No one must know anything about the Heavenly Relic. Only dead men tell no tales. They have heard what they shouldn’t hear and if there is someone to blame, then it is all thanks to this maiden here. Son, you got to be ruthless if you want to survive in the martial fraternity. There are many more subordinates and other desirable beauties. Never show any weakness. Don’t forget who you are!”

Old Yang stared at the three maidens as he said coldly, “Who exactly are you? Which clan are you from? How did you know we have the Heavenly Relic?”

The Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden had stepped forward, “How do I not know you? You are an elder of the Sacred Divine Clan.”

Old Matriarch Wen immediately turned pale but she recovered quickly, “You know?”

The Sacred Divine Clan was a heretic sect and was opposed by the orthodox clans and the majority of the unorthodox clans. It was a secretive sect and had a fearsome reputation in the martial fraternity.

On the surface, the Enchains Sect was an orthodox clan but it was actually a secret division of the Sacred Divine Clan!

Old Matriarch Wen said coldly, “Just who are you? Since you already know who we are, why are you not afraid?”

The Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden replied calmly, “I am Dugu Yunzi, daughter of Dugu Zhen. I am Holy Mistress of the Sacred Divine Clan. Now you know who I am, why don’t you pay your respects to me?”

Old Matriarch Wen spat angrily, “It is you! One year ago, you caused the deaths of the Three Evils of the West and you still have the cheek to claim to be our Holy Mistress?! Have you forgotten your oaths to the Sacred Divine Clan and the curse that will follow you if you break the oath?”

Old Yang interrupted coldly, “No matter. Since they have come on their own accord to the gates of hell, we will do them the favor and send them to the King of Hades!”

Yunzi stepped elegantly forward as she said icily, “Have you forgotten who the Matriarch Grandmaster of the Sacred Divine Clan is? It is she that wants the Heavenly Relic and the Heavenly Relic belongs to the Sacred Divine Clan. If you still remember your oaths and hand over the Heavenly Relic quietly, you will be spared the fiery of hell of your broken oath. Or else don’t blame me for not regarding both of you as elders of the Sacred Divine Clan and punishing you.”

Old Yang hummed coldly, “How insolent. Even if our Matriarch Grandmaster the Heavenly Temptress is here today, she will surely stand on our side. The Heavenly Relic is our sect most precious treasure and with it, we will be able to ascend to the heavens as Celestials. We are its guardians. Even if you are still with the Sacred Divine Clan and are our Holy Mistress, you still do not have the right to take it away from us. Why do you want the Heavenly Relic for? You are too young to attempt the ascension…”

All of a sudden, he began to freeze as he stared blankly at their crimson eyes. He began to stammer, “Don’t tell me, you have overcome the Divine Calamity and are now Celestials?!”

Yunzi nodded quietly as she said nonchalantly, “That’s right.”

Old Matriarch Wen began to tremble, “You have discovered how to ascend? How is that possible? What is the secret? What exactly happened one year ago at the Holy Amalgamate Mountains?”

The Divine Calamity was a celestial event that would descend when martial practitioners were able to reach the divine state of martial epitome and they were very close to clearing their life and death channels. It was an event that was to be feared but at the same time to be embraced. Failure to overcome the Divine Calamity would result in instant death. Overcoming the Divine Calamity would mean clearing the martial practitioner’s life and death channel, resulting in extended lifespan not seen in mortals and an elevated state of divinity that gave them an edge.

Old Matriarch Wen and Old Yang exchanged quiet glances quietly. They were the best of friends for many decades and almost knew what was on one another’s mind; if they could eat their hearts then they would be able to become half-celestials. Not only could they prolong their mortal lives, they could even overcome their internal strengths and martial limitations!

Therefore without waiting for Dugu Yunzi to reply them, they had both attacked her at the same time!

Old Matriarch Wen had jumped over and had imbued her hand with a powerful martial force to send a powerful blow towards her forehead while Old Yang had stooped down with surprising agility and had used a despicable underhand stroke to attack between her legs!

A blue wisp of faint blue glowing sphere appeared in Dugu Yunzi’s left hand as she raise her palm to receive Old Matriarch Wen’s attack as a thunderous clap occurred in mid-air. At the same time, she whirled her long sword and sent it flying in a circular spin towards Old Yang!

Old Yang was startled as he changed his attacking stance to an evading stance as he barely avoided the flying sword even as he stammered out, “The Flying Sword technique of the Virtuous Palace!”

Yunzi was not paying attention to Old Yang for she was knocked back by Old Matriarch Wen’s martial power as she was forced to take five steps backward which were followed by dozens of quick strokes that were descended upon her as she was knocked off balance!

Just as Old Yang was about to exploit her critical weakness that was being displayed, the Endor Vixen Fairy had intercepted Old Matriarch Wen’s attacks with her Penetrating Hands martial skill and said anxiously to Yunzi, “Sister Yun, are you alright? Leave this old granny to me!”

Yunzi gasped softly, “Thank you, Sister Youxue!”

She was referring to the Endor Vixen Fairy whose real name was Xiao Youxue.

She had immediately composed herself as she stared coldly at Old Yang, “Despicable!”

In the meantime, the Heaveness who real name was Ji Lingfeng was being encircled by Wen Zhong was heard saying breathlessly, “It seems that we have got ourselves in a fix. They are much more difficult to handle than we have been expecting…”

She paused for a breather before adding, “If we don’t overcome them soon, we will be in serious trouble soon.” It was because she had observed that dozens of fighters were already making their way to the scene and the clanking of loud gongs was already being sounded out throughout the place!

Old Matriarch Wen smiled wryly, “That is your mistake, isn’t it? All three of us have been through hundreds of fights be it big or small. In this aspect, experiences still count.”

Wen Zhong laughed aloud, “Mother, don’t be hasty in dealing them the death blow. Let me have a little fun first before we eat their hearts!”

Old Yang was also laughing wickedly, “There are three of us here and there are three of you there. It will be terrible if there is only one just one heart. It seems that Heavens is simply too kind for the three of us.”

Old Matriarch Wen said coldly, “Indeed. Son! After we have killed Dugu Yunzi and avenged the humiliations of the Sacred Divine Clan, you will definitely be the Holy Master of the Sacred Divine Clan. This is such a rare golden opportunity that has come knocking on its own!”

Yunzi scoffed icily as she mustered her martial force as four wisps of faint hovering blue light surrounded her with a sudden burst as the aftershock ripple around her, “Wishful thinking!”

Old Matriarch Wen turned pale as she took a step backward, “This! This is not the Divine Virtuous Force. This is the…”

Yunzi interrupted coldly, “This is the Invincible Divine Force, a martial skill of the Heavenly Temptress!”

Even Old Yang and Wen Zhong were both taken aback as their confidence level plummeted!

But Old Yang quickly whispered as he reminded them, “Fighting is also a psychology battle. Don’t panic or we will surely lose. From what I can tell, her Invincible Divine Force is only at the intermediate level. With our present martial strength, it poses no threat to us. She should be the one that should fear us.”

Wen Zhong smiled as he regained his composure quickly, “That’s right. Let’s see how long she can maintain her Invincible Divine Force before fatigue overcomes her!”

Youxue hummed coldly, “You can try us!”

Lingfeng smiled alluringly as she looked in a different direction, “Unfortunately, they have no chance now.”

A white figure had descended over the high walls and in just a few blinks of an eye, a young handsome man with an righteous air was already in their midst!

His swiftness movement was astonishing!

Yunzi and Youxue exclaimed excitedly as they called out joyously for him, “Yi Ping!”

Yi Ping did not look pleased at all as he rebuked them gently, “Why didn’t you wait for me?”

Lingfeng winked at him, “I want you to worry for me. I want to know how emotionless you have become after you have become a Celestial!”

Yi Ping ignored her and had turned to face Wen Zhong, Old Matriarch Wen and Old Yang. His glance was piercing but what startled them were his crimson eyes!