A Martial Odyssey Book 1: The Divine Calamity – Chapter 67

The Infinity-Zero

Zuo Tianyi was wrapped in an extraordinary powerful cold piercing sword energy as he looked murderously at everyone.

His aura was so malicious and cold that many exponents began to take frightful steps backward!

Zuo Tianyi was slightly startled to see the Joyful Goddess and the Celestial Fairy. He had recognized them and had borne a hatred for the Joyful Goddess.

It was because while he was at the Great Tranquil Mountains, she had interrupted his duel with Yi Ping by moving into the death zone of their sword energies. If he had been slower by a second, he would be killed by her. As a result of her attack, he had suffered a minor slash across his chest.

He had many puzzling questions that were on his mind.

How did she manage to get close to the killing sword energies that were rippling all around them that day without putting on any defenses? And why did she not get rip apart by their sword energies?

He was also perplexed to see the Celestial Fairy talking to Shen Xinyue, Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong and the Martial Sage.

He could tell that even the insolent Xiao Shuai was talking respectfully to her.

Did Xiao Shuai not know that it was actually the Celestial Fairy that had fatally injured Yuan Shao?

But when he saw the state of condition that Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong and the Three Sages were in, he almost wanted to laugh aloud at their uselessness.

He was dragging Gu Tianle. When he had stopped, he let loose of him.

Immediately, the exponents from the various martial clans were muttering. “Isn’t that Gu Tianle, the Master of the Honor Manor? Is he dead?”

When the Universal Force had imploded and its shockwaves had rippled throughout the surrounding areas, Zuo Tianyi and Gu Tianle were recuperating from their injuries in the safety of the tent.

Zuo Tianyi who had developed a strong innate energy sense due to his superior sword energy level, had sensed a powerful shockwave towards them with a supersonic speed.

He had quickly grabbed Gu Tianle who was startled by surprise as he asked, “What are you doing…”

But before he could finish what he had wanted to say, the Universal Force had struck him directly!

Even though Zuo Tianyi had used Gu Tianle as a shield, he was still struck by the powerful Universal Force as it went past through to him!

He immediately coughed out a bout of black blood.

He had thought he was dead but he was feeling more energetic than ever. The Universal Force had completely forced out the sword energies that were caused by Yi Ping out of his body and had cleared his life and death channels!

As he looked in bewildered at himself, he noticed that his wounds were healing at a rapid rate and his agony pain was now endurable.

When he tried to muster his strength, he found that his internal energy was now very smoothing and he was even more energetic than ever before.

Zuo Tianyi picked out his sword and stared at it.

All of a sudden, he waved his sword as he tried to imbue his sword energy into his sword. But because he was not expecting his martial progression to improve, he was startled to see that the sword energy that he had imbued had flown out of the tent with a rippling slashing force!

Even though he was panting from the effort, he was excited; it was because his sword energies were limited to the length of his sword but now he could actually sent it flying out!

He laughed, “Providence is kind to me. To think that I have finally mastered the Infinity-Zero and can kill invisibly from afar. Now I am truly Invincible. Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong, Yi Ping and Shen Xinyue, I have tolerated all of you long enough. This is the day that the entire fraternity will only know who is Zuo Tianyi and the Infinity Sword Clan will take the leadership away from the Honor Manor!”

That was how he had attained the Infinity-Zero and he was now looking disdainfully at everyone!

Two elders of the Infinity Sword Clan stepped forward as they called out respectfully to him, “Congratulations to our Protégé Leader for mastering the Infinity-Zero Technique! But how are your injuries? Are you well? Master Gu is…”

Zuo Tianyi looked at them coldly, saying. “If I am not well, will I be standing here?”

He pointed his sword towards Yi Ping, “That man has killed Master Gu. If I don’t take vengeance for him, can I still consider myself as a righteous hero?”

The elder on the right, who had a short black beard said weakly, “The Honor Manor and the Virtuous Palace have conceded. The battle is over and the Young Hero Yi Ping has won. Therefore we should also retreat peacefully back to the Central Fraternity. The Holy Hex Sect has given their word that they won’t be pursuing this matter anymore. Too many lives have already been lost…”

Zuo Tianyi said coldly, “Evil can only reign for a time but good will eventually triumph. Look at the number of dead around us. Are we going to let their sacrifices be in vain? Don’t forget that this expedition is to avenge the Old Sword Saint. Even if the other martial orthodox clans are too cowardly to oppose the Holy Hex Sect and the Celestial Palace, the Infinity Sword Clan is not going to put it to rest so easily!”

Han Shaodong said coldly, “This battle is meaningless. Put down your sword…”

Zuo Tianyi interrupted as he looked at the hundreds of orthodox exponents who were still standing, pointing at Han Shaodong and Xiao Shuai. “If the Honor Manor and the Virtuous Palace are unable to uphold the honor of the orthodox clans, maybe it is time for the Infinity Sword Clan to take the mantle of leadership.”

Xiao Shuai appraised him coldly before he said weakly, “So you have the lofty ambition to head the orthodox clans. But I wonder if you are capable.”

Zuo Tianyi was clearly provoked and his murderous intent was evident.

The two elders quickly tried to persuade him, “Protégé Leader, this is unnecessary. Let’s us go now…”

But Zuo Tianyi ignored them and shouted to Yi Ping, “Yi Ping, do you dare to accept my challenge?!”

Yi Ping was startled.

He coughed weakly and was being supported by Lingfeng, Youxue and the rest of the maidens but he replied defiantly, “Tianyi, give it up. This fight is meaningless. What do you hope to achieve even if you have defeated me?”

Zuo Tianyi laughed aloud, “Everything that I have lost, every honor that I have lost will be regained if you are killed by me.”

Yunzi said, “There are certain things that once you have lost it, you will never be able to regain again.”

Zuo Tianyi looked bitterly at them and he had also noticed that for the very first time, all the martial exponents were on the same side and were all staring at him hostility!

But Zuo Tianyi disregarded their hostility for these injured exponents were not a threat to him.

Zuo Tianyi said coldly, “Those who are on my side and willingly to follow me to greater glory, come over to my side. From now on, I will take on the legacy of the Old Sword Saint and will also lead the righteous martial orthodox clans to exterminate all the unorthodox clans.”

Except for the remnants of the thirty odd protégés of the Infinity Sword Clan, no one else made a single move!

Zuo Tianyi said coldly, “It seems that the orthodox exponents are all cowed by the presence of the heretics. In this case, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

All of a sudden, the ‘dead’ Gu Tianle raised a loud shout with the last bout of his strength. “Zuo Tianyi, you despicable man. You try to kill me!”

He had taken a fatal blow from the Universal Force when Zuo Tianyi had used him as a shield. It was only then did he realize that this Zuo Tianyi was an unscrupulous man that would do anything to satisfy his own desires.

Using the last reserve of his internal strength, he had used the basic heart intricacy formula of the Divine Rejuvenation Force which Han Shaodong had imparted to him to halt his heart beat and breathing, faking his own death.

Zuo Tianyi was startled that Gu Tianle was still alive. When he was startled by Gu Tianle, he reacted immediately by slashing him into two!

Immediately the entire congregation of martial exponents were all stunned and they had all broken into incessant mutterings!

Zuo Tianyi was looking at them and he was imagining that they were all scorning him!

Han Shaodong shouted angrily, “Zuo Tianyi, you dare to kill Gu Tianle!”

Zuo Tianyi shouted, “Shut your crap! I am going to use your blood as a sacrificial offering for my newly acquainted Infinity-Zero!”

He drawn out his beaming precious sword and waved in three different directions, stirring out the sand from the ground. Immediately, three rippling windforce energized by sword energies had flown with startling bursting speed towards the martial exponents!

As the rippling windforce swept across the field, it ripped apart everything that the invisible windforce had come into contact with as it shattered weapons, bodies and powdered rocks into dust!

Shen Xinyue, Xiao Shuai and Han Shaodong quickly shouted aloud to everyone, “Run! These sword energies cannot be blocked!”

To the astonishment of everyone, Yixian, Lele and Lie Qing had leapt forward in three different directions with a startling speed towards the three wavering sword energies!

Yixian had raised her fingers forward and had shattered the incoming wavering sword energy apart with a loud implosion using her Divine Emerald Skill!

Lele had drawn out her long black scythe and sliced the ground in front of her with her martial force, creating a wall of inertia force. As the wavering sword energies struck her wall of inertia force, it exploded and she was sent moving back a few steps but she was otherwise unharmed.

Lele exclaimed with a soft relief, “Lucky!”

At the same time, Lie Qing had surrounded herself with her Invincible Divine Force and had drawn out her Perpetual Darkness as she executed her sword technique with a soft shout, “The Seventh Heavens Stroke!”

The Seventh Heavens Stroke was an epitome sword technique that was similar to the Infinity-Zero. It was a sword energy technique that Lie Qing only reserved for her strongest opponents. She had used it in the past against the Celestial Fairy.

As she executed it, seven beaming blue visible blue beams of sword energies flew and clashed against Zuo Tianyi’s incoming sword energy waves.

There was a thunderous implosion as the sword energies imploded against one another!

Zuo Tianyi’s sword energies were dissipated by Lie Qing’s sword energies as seven beaming bluish sword energies continued to fly towards Zuo Tianyi with astonishing speed!

Zuo Tianyi, unlike the majority of the exponents who were astonished that Lie Qing had the same level of energy technique as him was not surprised. It was because he had previously witnessed the duel between the Celestial Fairy and Lie Qing. That had the remarkable effect of helping him to progress his Infinity-Two to the Infinity-One at that time!

Unlike his invisible sword energy, her sword energies were visible and radiated a light hue. But the fact that she could unleash seven beaming continuous sword energies was a feat onto itself.

He immediately raised his sword and circulated his entire vital energies to block her sword energies, via the principle of using sword energy technique to guard against sword energy technique. Only a person of his level could be able to block sword energy with sword energy!

He smiled to himself. This would be a good time that he could prove to everyone that his Infinity-Zero was the most superior sword technique. He had decided that after he had defeated all of them, he would make this Lie Qing surrendered her sword techniques and sword manuals to him. He was particular interested in her sword energy as it may help to advance his future sword energy attainment.

Thereafter, he would demolish all his opponents, destroy the heretic sects and demolished the mysticism of the Celestial Palace! From this day onward, his renown and that of the Infinity Sword Clan would resonate throughout the martial fraternity!

All of a sudden when the seven beaming sword energies were about to approach him, he was startled and began to move backward!

It was because he had suddenly sensed seven extraordinary powerful energy bursts approaching at a terrifying speed. He was suddenly trembling and there was fear in his eyes!

As Zuo Tianyi had raised his precious sword, imbuing it with his sword energy and timed it against the seven flying bluish sword energies, he was ripped to pieces even before the bluish sword energies had even come within twenty paces of his body!

This development stunned the onlookers who were all gasping with startled disbelief!

While the super exponents could roughly guessed the reasons for that, only Shen Xinyue and Lele who had reached the Transverse state of divinity could see Lie Qing’s invisible sword energies!

Zuo Tianyi had ill-timed his defense too late and as soon as he had raised his long precious sword, seven beaming invisible sword energies had went through his body, ripping him apart instantly!

The bluish sword energies that everyone had seen were just the aftermath and trail of Lie Qing’s invisible sword energies; because it was speeding so fast and the intense heat was so great, it condensed the air behind the sword energies resulting in seven bluish trails!

Xiao Shuai muttered as he observed the nine hovering faint glow around Lie Qing, “She has not only mastered the Invincible Divine Force that the Virtuous Palace have been coveting but she has also reached the sword energy level of the Invincible Divine Force. Alas, it is a terrible mistake to fight her in the first place. If we have fought her one at a time, our fates would be the same as this Zuo Tianyi…”

Yixian sighed quietly, “This Zuo Tianyi has progressed too fast in his swordplay and has fought against too few powerful opponents that he has underestimated Qing’Er sword energy bursts and has allowed his eyes to deceive him.”

She took a quick glance at the breathless Lie Qing who had thrust her sword into the ground as she used it as a support.

The execution of sword energies was an extremely exhausting affair for any practitioner. But because Lie Qing still had her Invincible Divine Force around her and that did not dissipated with her Seventh Heavens Stroke, Yixian knew that her martial foundation had shown a marked progression since they had last fought.

She began to wonder if her epitome Divine Emerald Skill would be able to withstand her Seventh Heavens Stroke?

Shen Xinyue looked at the three Celestial Star Sisters of Fate with a startled expression. These three sisters had just stopped the Infinity-Zero and their martial skills were startling.

She sighed softly, “It is going to be interesting in the future…”

Yi Ping had taken a few steps forward as he sighed weakly, “Zuo Tianyi, this shouldn’t be your fate if you have repented of your past wrongdoings…”

The two elders of the Infinity Sword Clan and the three dozen protégés of the Infinity Sword Clan threw their long swords on the ground before walking towards Yi Ping, Xiao Shuai and Han Shaodong respectfully.

The black beard elder of the Infinity Sword Clan sighed as he said, “I am Zuo Ziya, elder of the Infinity Sword Clan. I hope the heroes of the fraternity will forgive our clan transgression and let this matter rest.”

Yi Ping took a quick glance at Lie Qing who was stroking her long hair before he replied weakly, “If the Infinity Sword Clan does not pursue Maiden Lie Qing for your protégé leader’s death and our transgressions over the deaths of your martial clan, I am naturally happy to let matters rest.”

Zuo Ziya sighed, “This entire expedition is but a mistake in the first place…”

Han Shaodong said regretfully, “The mistake is mine too. Go in peace. My protégé disciple’s death has nothing to do with the Infinity Sword Clan.”

Xiao Shuai nodded weakly, “The mistake is mine as well. I only hope that we can make amends for the wrongs that we did…”

Zuo Ziya bowed respectfully before he shouted to the protégés of the Infinity Sword Clan, “Let’s us go now!”

But before they could depart, there were columns of dust in the horizon!

Everyone was startled as they looked nervously at the horizons.

Had the heretic sects returned?

Or had a new enemy arrived to take advantage of the situation?

Ji Wuzheng shouted to his protégés, “Get ready for battle!”

He turned to address the orthodox exponents, “This is the territory of the Holy Hex Sect. Let us deal with the intruders. Evacuate all the wounded people behind our battle lines!”

Immediately, the injured martial exponents began to move to the back.

Xiao Shuai coughed weakly as he gripped his long sword, “Xiao Fei, Xiao Ao can you still fight?”

Xiao Fei said coolly, “I can still kill a few enemies.”

Xiao Ao said, “The same goes for me!”

Xiao Shuai laughed aloud, “Good, good! You have not disgraced the Virtuous Palace. Even if we all perish today, the honor of the Virtuous Palace shall still remain for all posterity!”

There were also scores of orthodox exponents that despite their injuries had also stepped forward and shouted, “We are willing to be deployed by the Master of the Holy Hex Sect and to fight alongside you!”

Yi Ping too had gripped his swords and had stood beside Ji Wuzheng, “Elder Brother, let me fight with you.”

Ji Wuzheng said, “Brother Yi Ping, you should take a rest first. You are in no condition to fight. No matter who the enemy is, the Holy Hex Sect has more than enough men to handle it…”

Lingfeng said coldly, “He wants to court his own death so fast, brother. So let him be.”

Yi Ping smiled bitterly at her.

Lele closed her eyes for a second before she said solemnly, “The approaching enemies are numerous, probably in the thousands!”

Ji Wuzheng, Yi Ping, Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong, Yan Nanfei, Shangguan Qingyun and the Three Sages were startled.

The Sword Sage coughed weakly, “Thousands? Who else could muster so many fighters?”

Yi Ping looked at everyone.

Yixian smiled gently at him as she held his hand tenderly, “Life and death is predetermined. I am content enough to know you and to listen to your voice. Ping’Er, are you afraid?”

Yi Ping looked tenderly at her, “Xian’Er, with you by my side I am not afraid. I just wish that I have my strength now…”

Shen Xinyue sighed softly, “Even if I have to destroy my attainments today, I would be willing.”

She looked at Lele and Lie Qing who were also looking intently at the horizon and knew that they were also thinking the same because she could feel their disguised killing intent, however slight it had been.

Yu’Er said melancholy to Yi Ping, “You know I don’t care about being a Celestial.”

Mei’Er blinked at Yi Ping, “Master, you should take a step back to rest. You have been fighting nonstop all this while. How about this? Let’s us form the Celestial Star Formation and you can watch in the middle while we fight off the intruders?”

Dugu Yunzi said demurely, “Mei’Er, this is an excellent idea!”

Youxue said coldly, “It doesn’t matter how many they are. They are not getting past me.”

Xiao Shuai laughed faintly, “That is my good daughter!”

Lingfeng said coolly, “Don’t be alarmed. Things may not be as bad it looked.”

Yi Ping nodded as he stared at the horizons.

They could see thousands of men with martial banners approaching in the horizon now.

All of a sudden, Ji Wuzheng and Yi Ping stared blankly at each other!

It was because they had quickly caught sight of Huo Fu who was leading his protégés, Nangong Le, Qiu Wufeng, Gongsun Jing, Sufeng, Suxin, Suyue, Priest Ling Kongquan, Priest Liu Qingcheng, Priest Bai Chongzhen and many other martial clans that were from the Western Fraternity!

Huo Fu, Nangong Le, Qiu Wufeng, Gongsun Jing, Sufeng, Suxin and Suyue were worried for Ji Wuzheng and Yi Ping. Despite their injuries, the four sworn brothers were determined to offer whatever aid they could to Yi Ping and Ji Wuzheng. The daughters of Ji Wuzheng were worried for their parents and they were also worried for Qiu Wufeng, Gongsun Jing and Nangong Le. Therefore, they had forced them to bring them along.

When they were at the foot of the mountains, they had met Priest Liu Qingcheng and Priest Bai Chongzhen who had led more than thirty other martial clans of the Western Fraternity to aid Yi Ping and to fight against the dominating ambitions of the Honor Manor!

Priest Bai Chongzhen was startled to see Yi Ping and Xiao Shuai standing on the same side, “Young Hero, whose side are you on now?”

Yi Ping smiled as he bowed respectfully with both his hands, “The battle is already over. We have made peace. There are no more feuds.”

Immediately, the fighters that had just newly arrived shouted thunderously; their shouts shook the ground with excitement and joy!

Everyone who could move was hugging one another in joyous exclamations at the announcement, regardless of their clan and fraction affiliations!

Priest Bai Chongzhen was relieved, “That’s good to hear…all men from four corners of the fraternity are brothers…”

Lele laughed heartily, “Yi Ping, you should thank me for this.”

Yi Ping was startled, “Why should I?”

Lele was not happy that Yi Ping was questioning her so she replied, “Why do you think there are so many reinforcements coming to aid you?”

Yi Ping was surprised, “You have a help in mustering them?”

Priest Bai Chongzhen bowed respectfully to the Joyful Goddess, “The Joyful Goddess is the envoy from the Celestial Palace. With her token, we manage to persuade a large number of martial clans that were still neutral in the Western Fraternity to join our cause.”

He turned to Yi Ping to say, “Young Hero, you must know that in the Western Fraternity, the Celestial Palace has a powerful presence.”

Lele blinked at Yi Ping, “Now you know who you should thank?”

Yi Ping smiled bitterly at her.

Priest Bai Chongzhen saw that Yi Ping did not know what to say so he laughed aloud, “The credit naturally belongs to the Joyful Goddess. We are just doing our part to help.”

Lele clapped her hands delightfully as she said to Priest Chongzhen, “The Celestial Palace will definitely reward you handsomely for accomplishing this task so well!”

Priest Chongzhen said humbly, “We are honored that the Joyful Goddess has appointed me as the Celestial Messenger and the Traverse Clan as the guardian clan of the Celestial Palace…”

Priest Liu Qingcheng quickly interrupted, “The Tranquil City also plays a major role in this. Why is that all the credits now belongs to the Traverse Clan?”

Priest Bai Chongzhen smiled, “Why didn’t you ask the Joyful Goddess for a reward then?”

Lele said delightfully as she clapped her hands, “Both of you will be rewarded handsomely!”

Lie Qing almost fainted from the scene as she thought miserly, “She seems to be enjoying herself as she makes a fool out of them. She is a fake Celestial Envoy…”

Yixian, Youxue and Lingfeng were sighing…

Yi Ping could only smile bitterly…

When Ji Wuzheng saw the awkward smile that was on Yi Ping, he thought that Yi Ping did not believe in the far reaching influence of the Celestial Palace, so he said. “Brother Yi Ping, do you still remember the Celestial Liege? He…”

He was suddenly interrupted by Lele who exclaimed with surprise, “What?! You have seen my bro…the Celestial Liege?”

Ji Wuzheng said respectfully, “Indeed. The Celestial Palace has paid us a visit not too long ago.”

Lele had turned ashen as she whispered softly, “He didn’t take anything from you or ask for anything? What did he say to you?”

While Ji Wuzheng was explaining to the Joyful Goddess, Priest Liu Qingcheng said to Yi Ping, “Brother Yi Ping! I have also come to warn you to be wary of the seven maidens! Do you still remember the silver scroll that I have shown you?”

Yi Ping smiled bitterly, “Which seven of the maidens are you talking about?”

Priest Liu Qingcheng was also smiling bitterly as he looked at the hostile stares of the maidens that were standing behind Yi Ping.

Youxue said coldly, “Be wary of who? Do you want to say that again?”

Priest Liu Qingcheng broke into a cold sweat as he stammered, “Nothing…”

Nangong Le suddenly clapped him on his back, “I think you are in trouble, brother…”

Priest Liu Qingcheng stared at him, “Brother? I thought that I am your protégé teacher and master now.”

Nangong Le laughed, “I haven’t mastered your Dual Inertness Intricacy Skill yet…”

Priest Ling Kongquan hit him on his head, “Stop being so slippery and accept your fate!”

Suyue looked at them shyly, “Why are you bullying Brother Nangong Le?”

Priest Ling Kongquan and Priest Liu Qingcheng looked at each other before they roared with laughter!

Suyue was startled, “Why so funny about that?”

Yi Ping quickly tried to change the conversation as he turned to Yixian and Lele with an earnest sigh, “Xian’Er, Lele. I am so sorry…”

Lele asked curiously, “Why are you sorry?”

Yixian smiled at him gently, “Ping’Er, what’s wrong?”

Yi Ping sighed, “I have promised Lele to find a miracle pill to help her grandpa. I have got a Divine Dragon Pill…”

He looked at Yixian with a sad expression, “But my heart wants to give this Divine Dragon Pill to you first. This may be the only thing that can help you…”

Lele was startled, “You have the Divine Dragon Pill…where did you find it?”

Yixian smiled gently, “Ping’Er, you can give it to Lele. Life and death is predetermined. Even if you have given me the Divine Dragon Pill, I may not be able to overcome the Divine Calamity. Rather than let it be wasted, it is better that you give it to Lele.”

When Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong and the Three Sages heard that Yi Ping had the Divine Dragon Pill with him, they were startled and they were already drooling to see it. In fact, they wished they could take it from him and swallowed it immediately!

The Martial Sage was the most impatient, “Young Hero Yi Ping, can you show it to us? I am really curious to see what it is like.”

Xiao Shuai was trembling, “This pill is a legendary martial treasure…those who can consume it are able to become a Celestial Being…”

Shangguan Qingyun said, “Young Hero Yi Ping, do you still remember that I am the one that gives you this Divine Dragon Pill? I don’t regret giving it to you but I hope that you can give it to Xian’Er instead. I don’t want her to die…”

Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong and the Three Martial Sages were shocked.

Han Shaodong interrupted him, “You have the Divine Dragon Pill all the time and you have actually given it away?!”

But Shangguan Qingyun ignored them.

Yi Ping said to Shangguan Qingyun, “The one that you have given me, I have actually given to Maiden Lie Qing to save her life. I have since found another one.”

Shangguan Qingyun was startled as he muttered, “You really found another one?”

Ji Wuzheng said, “My wife and I can be the witness!”

Gongsun Jing and Qiu Wufeng said at the same time, “We can vouch for Brother Yi Ping as well!”

Yi Ping sighed as he reached into his garment to take out the Divine Dragon Pill that he had carefully concealed, “This is the only one Divine Dragon Pill now. I wish that there are two in the world…”

Yixian smiled gently at him, “Ping’Er, do the right thing and give it to Lele. Don’t worry about me.”

Lele looked tearfully at Yixian as she fell into her embrace, “Sister! I don’t want you to die either! I…don’t know what to do…”

Lie Qing moved quietly next to Lele and held her hands…

All of a sudden, Yi Ping had turned ashen as he searched panicky. He muttered aloud in alarm. “Where is it? I can’t find it!”

Lingfeng had turned around and looked away…

Yunzi and Youxue were quiet too. They had witnessed how Lingfeng had stolen the Divine Dragon Pill and giving it to Yi Ping to save his life…