A Martial Odyssey Book 1: The Divine Calamity – Chapter 63

The Birth of the Two Celestial Swords

Even as Xiao Shuai had raised his hand for his side to prepare to attack, Ji Lingfeng had whispered to Yi Ping and her group. “Execute the Celestial Star Formation. Yi Ping, Yu’Er and Mei’Er will be in the inner perimeter while Yunzi, Youxue and I will be in the outer perimeter. Lie Qing and Shen Xinyue try to hold as much as you can and fall back to us…”

Yi Ping and the rest of the group nodded.

Shen Xinyue had already visualized the entire battle in a blink of an eye now that she got the time to refocus, grasping the attacking and movement speed of all her opponents!

She was already channeling her intricate energies through to her right fingers as she made a full recovery from her earlier disability. Her Divine Rejuvenation Force had an accelerated healing recovery effect. With her present attainment, this was just a slight injury similar to a short momentum knock!

She had decided that when Han Shaodong had moved forward, she would use her Big Dipper Hands to attack him and to force him back. At the same time, when the Sword Sage, the Element Sage and the Martial Sage had leapt forward, she would do a turnaround speed attack and displayed the Starlight Swordplay with the Blue Heavens to blind and disable them. As for Xiao Shuai, as soon as he had attacked her or anyone, she would move to intercept him and striking him with her Starlight Fingers!

All of her main opponents would either be injured or lying on the ground in a blink of a second!

But her plan had a flaw. That would leave her vulnerable to the rest of her opponents. But she did not care less as long as she would injure these main opponents, then Yi Ping, Lie Qing and the rest would eventually find an opening to overcome them!

Lie Qing was also thinking of the same thing.

She had already observed that Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong, the Sword Sage and the others were already panting or breathing heavily after using the Dark Mono Swordplay.

If her guess was not wrong, even though the Dark Mono Swordplay and Formation were formidable, it was a physically demanding swordplay to display and required a great deal of physical stamina to execute the precision strikes. That was why even though it was formidable, if the practitioners of this Dark Mono Swordplay could not defeat their opponent in a timely manner, then the risk would be on them instead!

The Heavenly Temptress Lie Qing was protected by her defensive Invincible Divine Force. She soon discovered that although the Dark Mono Swordplay was extremely deadly, she had succeeded in exhausting their martial power with her impregnable defense and skill.

Therefore she had decided to take a gambit and lowered the martial power of her Invincible Divine Force and transferred it to her sword as she prepared for her ultimate sword technique, the Pandora Merciless Seven Strikes!

She was wondering, “I am going to treat Xiao Shuai and that arrogant Han Shaodong some of my Pandora Candies. Since the two of you are the leaders of this group, my targets will naturally be you!”

Like Shen Xinyue, Lie Qing’s plans had the same flaw. She would be exposed to several openings and put herself at risk. However, she too was prepared to sacrifice herself so that Yi Ping and the rest of her sisters would live…

In the meantime, Yi Ping was looking intently at his opponents as he raised the Divine Halo and the White Phoenix. He had already seen how powerful the Dark Mono Sword Formation was and with the maidens caught in the midst of this deadly sword formation, he was extremely worried.

He said in a low voice, “Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Lingfeng, Youxue, Yunzi…stay behind me. Their sword energies are formidable and you lack Qing’Er and Xinyue sword skills…”

Lingfeng smiled alluringly, “I guess, we may all die today…”

Yi Ping looked at her and smiled weakly, “We will not die…”

All of a sudden, he froze when he was looking at her. He had actually regained some of his most precious memories from his previous incarnation and was startled to know that all these maidens were all in one way or another acquainted with him in the past except for Lingfeng…

But now, he had suddenly remembered who Lingfeng was and he was startled…

The Heaveness was Lingfeng’s previous incarnation. She was also the one that had taught him the Emptiness Translucence!

She was also the protégé mistress of the Universal Old Man, the old priest that had coerced him to abandon worldly desire to be a Celestial Sage. In short, she was actually his grand protégé mistress!

When he had first met her, he was in awe of her for he was only sixteen. He had expected the protégé mistress of his protégé master to be an old lady but instead, she turned out to be the most beautiful lady that he had ever seen…

The Universal Old Man had laughed at him then, “You didn’t expect this, am I right?”

The Heaveness smiled alluring at him, “You look like a bright young man. Alright then, I will accept you into the clan and impart to you the most forbidden divine skill of our clan the Great Emptiness Translucence. Whether you can become a Celestial and overcome the Divine Calamity is up to Providence. But you must swear never to reveal our names to anyone, alright?”

He had nodded eagerly and he was totally overwhelmed by her smile that reached into his heart…

The Heaveness looked at him alluringly, “You can address me as the Heaveness and I am your grand protégé mistress, the protégé mistress of your protégé master who is the Universal Old Man.”

He looked at his protégé master, the Universal Old Man as he thought. “So he is the Universal Old Man. He only allows me to address him as Old Priest Master when there are others around and I can’t even call him my protégé master…”

He stammered as he mustered his courage, “Protégé Master never reveals the name of our clan, telling me that it is forbidden. Even his name and your name are under wraps. Did I accidentally join a cult or something? Why can’t I tell others my clan and yours?”

The Heaveness laughed softly as she explained patiently, “We are not exactly a Celestial Clan or a Martial Clan. So there isn’t any official name for us yet. Moreover, there are just three of us only.”

He was startled as he stammered, “There are only the three of us? What is the unofficial name of clan then?”

The Heaveness said with an alluring and mystifying look, “It-Is-Forbidden.”

He was disappointed that the Heaveness did not reveal the name of the clan to him and his disappointment was showed on his face.

The Heaveness rebuked him gently, “Why are you feeling so downcast? Just because you cannot know the name of the clan? Names are but an illusion. How are you going to overcome all the mysteries of the divine state to become a Celestial in the future when you can’t even handle a small disappointment? Let me tell you, the name of our clan is called ‘It-Is-Forbidden’.”

He was stunned as he stammered, “That is our clan name?”

The Heaveness laughed softly, “Precisely. In state of divinities, there will be many things to ponder and many obstacles to overcome. Sometimes the texts of the heart intricacy formulas will mislead you and took you to the wrong deviation when you are confused. The name of the heart intricacy formulas have never changed in the first place, so never deviate from your exact purposes. You just need to know that the Great Emptiness Translucence is to teach you to be absolute peaceful and still, only then can you see through the illusions of things.”

He was very much enlightened as he bowed down hastily on the ground, “Grand Protégé Mistress has indeed enlightened me!”

The Heaveness gave an alluring smile at him as she helped him up.

The Universal Old Man took a curious look at the Heaveness and was slightly startled. It was because he had never seen the Heaveness smiled before. When she smiling, it was as though the entire atmosphere had been changed to a gentle and moving alluring scene!

He had asked again, “What about your name? Is there any reason why you do not want others to know?”

The Heaveness sighed deeply, “Actually by knowing our names, in the future you will surely know a little about us. I will tell you a little more in the future but not today, alright?”

He nodded and did not argue. It was because he could sense the sorrows that were within her…

The Heaveness smiled again, “I am sensitive to others calling me by my name whether good or bad. So don’t do that, alright? It is because in my time, names are sacred and that is the original language.”

He looked at her in awe again as he said, “I won’t call you or tell others that you are the Heaveness…”

Immediately, there was a tinged in her eyes as she quickly said. “Don’t!”

He immediately kept quiet as he flustered with embarrassment at the gentle rebuke.

Time passed…

The Universal Old Man taught him the Emptiness Translucence patiently as he explained, “There are five stages to the Emptiness Translucence, which is called the Five Conducts of the Divine Ascendants which is the Spirit, the Void, the Enigma, the Absolute and the Great Ultimate. These are the stages of the Absolute Tranquil and beyond these five staging is the Great Emptiness Translucence. The Great Emptiness Translucence is a divine state that we may never possible reached…other than the Heaveness…”

The Universal Old Man taught him for a whole year while the Heaveness would occasionally appear but only at night to give him some guidance.

Even though the Heaveness had never appeared to him except at night but there were times he would encounter her in the most unexplained situation in nearby cities and towns; she would be a maiden that was selling textiles and clothes as she stood alluringly in the shop, a beautiful humble weaver attracting a great deal of attention, a singer with a beautiful voice and quite a few other roles. But each time when he tried to approach her, she would shake her head in a subtle hint and refused to talk to him!

But the Heaveness was secret startled. The numbers of coincidences were too many. There were many cities and towns in this region; something unexplained was drawing them together.

The Heaveness was sighing to herself, “This will be your undoing in the future. Perhaps it is better than you leave this place altogether…”

One year later, the Universal Old Man had suddenly disappeared and left him a note, giving him some advises and encouraged him to continue pursuing his attainment.

That was the last time that he had ever seen the Universal Old Man and the Heaveness again…

Years later after he had overcome the Divine Calamity, he would return to the Great Tranquil Mountains and had visited the Tranquil Clan which he had secretly founded. Among the intricacy heart formulas that he had left behind were the Emptiness Translucence and a description of the Divine Calamity that he had faced!

But Priest Liu Qingcheng had actually misunderstood the message in the Silver Scroll and had warned him to be wary of the Seven Maidens!

Back to the present, Yi Ping had unconsciously recalled this scattering fragment of his memories. As he looked at Lingfeng, he muttered in an almost inaudible voice. “Heaveness…”

All of a suddenly, Lingfeng’s eyes began to twitch and there were beaming tears in her eyes as she muttered softly. “Look at me, I am feeling emotional again…”

At this moment, Xiao Shuai had finally turned his left flickering fingers into a forward fist!

It was because he had been waiting for the majority to recover their regular breathing first and the bright halos of Yi Ping, Shen Xinyue and Lie Qing swords were also causing their visions to blur as well as a feeling of nausea, slowing the pace of their recovery!

Immediately, Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong, the Three Sages, Xiao Fei and Xiao Ao, altogether there were seven of them. They began to dash forward at the same time and their swords were colored with a purplish color!

They had only three targets; Yi Ping, Lie Qing or Shen Xinyue!

It was because even though they did not say it loud, they had known that their swords were not just any ordinary precious swords. Judging by the resonating vibrations and the halos of their swords, it had to be divine swords!

They were determined to seize their swords at the same time and to prevent others from seizing it. The most obvious target was Yi Ping and he looked to be an easy target!

Lie Qing and Shen Xinyue had immediately raised their divine swords and lifted their martial power as they braced for the incoming attack. They had already visualized all the possible outcomes and were just waiting!

Yi Ping too, had raised the Divine Echo and the White Phoenix as seven beams of purple sped towards him!

Yu’Er and Mei’Er were already secretly nodding at each other when the seven beams of purple light sped towards Yi Ping! They had already made up their minds to sacrifice themselves for Yi Ping as they bade him a silence goodbye. They had already figured out that the outcome would be unpredictable with their Dual Inertness Intricacy Skill.

Therefore, they had already decided that before Lie Qing, Shen Xinyue, Yunzi, Lingfeng and Youxue had a chance to intervene and possibly sacrificing themselves in the process, they were determined to intercept their opponents first and slowed down their speed attacks, sacrificing themselves first so that the others would find an opening…

So when the seven purple beaming of light had flashed towards Yi Ping, they had made the first move and had deliberately blocked Lie Qing and Shen Xinyue as they raised their precious long swords towards the seven purple beaming lights!

Shen Xinyue gasped as they sped past her all of a sudden as she called out loud, “Don’t! It is too dangerous!”

It was already too late to stop them as seven beams of light clashed with two golden lights as it quickly developed into dozens of purple lights as it hovered around one another!

But when the purple and golden lights made contact with one another, the air around them exploded thunderous in a large blinding flash as the deadly martial force exploded into a wave of deadly pure energies, knocking and sweeping everyone aside!

Almost instantaneous, everyone including the onlookers was rolling and crying out aloud on the ground as the entire ground trembled continuously as though an earthquake had just struck!

The explosive martial wave was so deadly that scores of onlookers including those that were watching at the furthest end were killed in that single moment!

And immediately, cries of agonies were heard everywhere!

It was as though they had just been visited by the infernos of hell!

Shen Xinyue had raised her Blue Heavens and wrapped the Divine Rejuvenation Force around her when the extraordinary martial force struck her. She was stunned that the martial force simply rippled through her and tearing her Divine Rejuvenation Force apart. Immediately, she coughed out blood in disbelief as she gasped, “No, this can’t be. This martial force is the energies of the Divine Calamity…why am I so unlucky whenever I see these two sisters…”

Lie Qing was also coughing weakly as she used up half of her martial power to counter the extraordinary martial force!

When Yi Ping had seen the rippling effect of the extraordinary martial force that were ripping towards him, he gave a mighty martial shout as he raised the Divine Echo and the White Phoenix, executing the martial power of the Asper Divinity as a white burst of white light wisped around him!

At the same time, this white burst of light that was formed from his Boundless Divine Force created a wall of buffer as the extraordinary powerful martial force swept across him!

Yi Ping was startled secretly!

It was because it seemed that the martial power of his Asper Divinity had increased several folds in strength all of a sudden!

However, although the newly attained Asper Divinity was extraordinary and he had already buffered much of this deadly martial force, he was still swept backward!

Lingfeng had mustered her entire martial power as she displayed the Great Dissolution Skill to deflect the bursting energies of the weakened deadly martial force!

At the same time, Yunzi had mustered her Invincible Divine Force while Youxue had displayed the Golden Invincible Body and also the Divine Emerald Skill, startling Yunzi and Lingfeng as they gasped. “When did you learn the Divine Emerald Skill?!”

Youxue did not reply them as she was training her entire focus to maintain the circular motion of the Divine Emerald Skill!

She had of course learnt it from the Celestial Fairy who had already decided that she would be her successor. However, the Celestial Fairy had also told her not to use this secret technique unless she had no other choices for overtly dependent on it would be detrimental to her martial progression and using it too early against a dangerous foe would lose the element of surprise for her.

But now, she had no other choice!

She gasped softly, “Sisters, get behind me immediately!”

As soon as Yi Ping had coughed out a bout of darken blood, he picked himself up weakly as he turned around panicky to take a look at Yunzi, Lingfeng and Youxue who had all gave a startled cry when they were struck by the deadly energy of the sweeping martial force!

He was somewhat relieved when he saw Yunzi, Lingfeng, Youxue, Lie Qing and Shen Xinyue were all already on their feet and struggling to stand feebly.

Shen Xinyue angelic voice was already warning them, “Everyone don’t stand up first. Quickly meditate and try to put the erratic energies into order first. Don’t try to exercise any martial power for the time being. You are injured by the Universal Force. Unless you can purge it out of your body, you will soon lose your life and your martial skills!”

Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong, the Three Sages and many others were already sitting in a mediation pose as they coughed out bouts of bad blood. From the look of it, their internal injuries were extremely serious!

At the same time, everyone was staring at Yu’Er and Mei’Er in complete disbelief as they stood in the middle of the carnage and the pandemonium!

Yu’Er and Mei’Er were now surrounded by two bright golden halos as bright as the sun that were radiating from their golden swords!

It was because as they had intercepted the sword strokes of the Dark Mono Sword Formation and when their long precious swords had struck against each other in their attempt to overcome their opponents’ martial strength by combining their swordplay together, their swords had suddenly turned into a golden hue permanently and a bursting burst of light that were created from the impact of their swords exploded into all directions!

As unbelievable as it could sound, in that instant, Yu’Er and Mei’Er had brought all the exponents to their knees!

No one had an idea what had happened except for Shen Xinyue!

The Sword Sage had just thrown out another bout of black colored blood as he struggled to speak in trembling fear, “What kind of combine swordplay is that? In my entire life, I have never seen such a destructive swordplay…”

Even Xiao Shuai had a look of fear in his eyes for he had never seen anything like that. His Divine Virtuous Force was scattered instantaneous and his martial power was completed drained by the blinding unstoppable force!

He stared blankly at Xiao Ao who had been knocked unconscious for he was caught in the direct blast…

Han Shaodong was not faring too well either. His powerful Divine Rejuvenation Force was completed drained by the extraordinary martial force and it was only his sheer fortitude that had preserved his martial skills.

He was now looking at the surrounding carnage in stunned horror; he had estimated that at least two thousand exponents from all the martial clans were instantly killed and several hundred had lost their martial skills permanently. It was like a nightmare scene and extremely appalling…

The Sword Sage, the Element Sage and the Martial Sage had closed their eyes and were already trying to treat their internal injuries as much as possible…

Almost immediately at the same time, they had popped in a pill that was made by the Element Sage to speed up their recovery…

Xiao Fei was seriously injured and he was barely conscious…

There were hundreds of loud wailing and moaning as the exponents moaned the fallen…

A number of surviving exponents were exclaiming in great shock as they queried weakly, “What is that martial skill that is displayed earlier? If I die, at least I ought to know the name of this epitome divine skill that has brought me to my grave…”

Xiao Shuai muttered solemnly, “You have won. We admit defeat. What is the name of this divine skill?”

Han Shaodong laughed weakly, “That’s right. We are totally defeated. Our dream of ascending as a Celestial is now completely shattered. If we can’t even defeat two maidens here, what hope have we got to defeat the Celestial Palace?”

The Sword Sage had opened his eyes as he muttered, “If Maidens can enlighten us to the divine skill that has defeated us, I will be gratuitous to you when I go down under the earth!”

Even though they were all admitting defeat but it was actually a delaying tactic so that they would have enough time to calm down the erratic energies in their bodies!

Yu’Er and Mei’Er were sobbing inconsolably as they looked at the terrible carnage that they had caused. They did not know even know what was going on at all!

They were still looking at Yi Ping, Shen Xinyue, Lie Qing, Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong and everyone in bewilderment and in shock…

It was because Yi Ping, Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong, Lie Qing and Shen Xinyue were the main characters of this battle and now when the twin sisters were suddenly cast as the main characters, they felt lost and was terrified!

Shen Xinyue was muttering, “This is the first time that I have heard of and witnessed the birth of two divine swords through the use of the Universal Force. And these two golden swords are as potent as the Heavenly Earth Celestial Sword that is said to be created at the beginning of time…how is it possible…”

Yu’Er and Mei’Er did not know that they had just generated the creation energies of the Universal Force by sheer coincidences!

It was because they had consumed the Divine Dragon Pills but because they lacked the internal strength to digest it and that they were not even seriously injured in the first place, the potency of the Divine Dragon Pills remained in their bodies. If they had not learnt the Dual Inertness Intricacy Formulas and suppressing their discomfort by using the vital energy exchanges but not the body and exchanging it with the essence of heavens and earth as their vitality, they would have been engulfed by the burning potency of the Divine Dragon Pills!

However, they could only delay the potency of the Dragon Divine Pills from reacting, delaying the harmful effect through a slow and painful process that was detrimental to their health…

The Dragon Divine Pills happened to be created from the meltdown of the power release of Yi Ping’s Emptiness Translucence as it transformed his Aspire Invocations to the Boundless Divine Force (See Chapter 56), creating the Divine Dragon Pills from the broken pieces of the Heavenly Relic as a spark of the accidentally generated Universal Force was created and was stored in it.

The Dual Inertness Intricacy Divine Skill was a skill that balanced the vital energies of the inner force and the outer force in a delicate manner. In short because the twin sisters were unable to digest the Universal Force of the Divine Dragon Pills and at the same time, they were unable to purge it out, the Universal Force remained in equilibrium in their bodies for the time being.

So when they had cross swords with one another by channeling all their martial power, they had unconsciously power released the Universal Force that were in their bodies by exchanging the Universal Force with each other via the concept of the divine state of heavens and earth as their divine state!

As the Universal Force revived and clashed with each other, the power release was exactly that of the Creation Universal Force. It immediately tampered its way through their precious long swords, transforming it into two celestial weapons that were capable of absorbing the Universal Force as these two Universal Forces clashed against each other in total equilibrium!

As the creations of the two celestial weapons were completed, the remaining Universal Force shattered its force all around them, exploding all around with a huge big bang!

In that single moment, everyone was knocked or swept aside as the Universal Force was the ultimate force in the entire universe, killing and injuring everyone in the vicinity!

Yu’Er and Mei’Er were still looking at each other when a rainbow halo had descended around them; they were like celestial fairies that had visited the mortal realm and were extremely beautiful to beholden.

Shen Xinyue coughed weakly as she walked towards them as she said, “This is a celestial omen, indicating the creation of these two celestial weapons. Congrats!”

Yu’Er and Mei’Er were in tears.

Mei’Er asked in a frightened voice, “What has just happened? We seem to be surrounded by a glowing light…”

Yu’Er was still staring appalling at the numerous dead and injured.

They seemed to be glowing with a soft white light as they held onto their golden long swords…

Shen Xinyue smiled mysteriously, “Don’t worry. Only Celestials and those that have attained a high level in their state of divinity can see it. Right now, you should give a name to your celestial swords.”

Yu’Er suddenly gasped, “Mei’Er, your eyes! Your eyes have turned crimson! What is going on?”

Mei’Er was startled but when she saw her sister’s eyes as well, she was gasping aloud too. “Sister, your eyes are red too!”

“Yu’Er and Mei’Er, are you alright?”

It was Yi Ping and he was being supported by Yunzi, Youxue and Lie Qing.

Yu’Er and Mei’Er had immediately flown to his embrace as they cried aloud…

Yi Ping comforted them weakly, “It is alright now. Everything is alright now. Let’s leave this place immediately…”

Lie Qing asked quietly, “What has exactly happened?”

Shen Xinyue sighed softly as she looked at the appalling carnage all around her, “It seems that somehow these two maidens have just released the Universal Force that only exists from Beyond. I can’t explain it too but what we are witnessing today are the rare occurrences of the birth of two celestial weapons. And they have also just been elevated as Celestials too.”

Lie Qing was stunned as she quickly asked, “They can be elevated as a Celestial without experiencing the Divine Calamity?”

Shen Xinyue nodded, “I find it hard to believe too but that is what has exactly happened. What did they actually do…”

She had immediately raised and moved her right fingers rapidly as she seemed to be deep in thoughts!

Yi Ping muttered as he embraced Yu’Er and Mei’Er, “The big bang that has just struck us is indeed the Universal Force. It is a lucky thing that it is the benevolent Universal Force or else all of us would have perished just now.”

Shen Xinyue nodded lightly as she looked tenderly into Yi Ping’s eyes…

She was not the only one doing the same. All the maidens except Lingfeng were all looking tenderly in his direction.

Yi Ping looked at them one by one with an uneasy feeling and a feeling of guilt overwhelmed him. When he looked into Xiao Youxue’s eyes, all of a sudden his nose began to bleed again. It was because he could not shake the image of the Endor Vixen Fairy from his mind and the scene when Youxue had ‘given’ him her chastity…

Immediately the maidens seemed to forget that they were still in the middle of a battle and were all panicky when Yi Ping had started to nose bleed; they began to take out their handkerchiefs to help him wipe his blood and sweat as they murmured all manners of concern for him!

It was such an enviable sight. All of a sudden, the surviving exponents felt a great sense of loss and they were all reminiscing to a point of time when they were with their loves ones or when they were in happier times…

Yi Ping said, “Somehow it seems that Yu’Er and Mei’Er have exchanged and absorbed the Universal Force as their own vitality energies. That act alone would have killed them but it didn’t and instead they are elevated as Celestials…”

Shen Xinyue smiled softly, “It seems that there are moments that the White Sage can be wrong. The Divine Calamity did happen but it only appeared very briefly before it got extinguished by the Universal Force. The shockwaves that we have all experienced were the result of the clash between the Divine Calamity and the Universal Force. These two maidens have a heart of gold and that is why the Divine Calamity didn’t last too long for them. This must be the shortest Divine Calamity that I have ever seen and also one that had arrived without any prior warning. If I am not wrong, creations of divine and celestial weapons can also brought forth the Divine Calamity. If they fail their Divine Calamity, not only would they die but their celestial weapons would also be destroyed.”

Yi Ping smiled, “You are right…”

Ji Lingfeng had walked quietly to their side. No one seemed to have noticed her quiet expressions…

When the Universal Force had struck her, she had experienced a headache and was feeling nauseous. The Universal Force had reawakened a familiar feeling within her…

All of a sudden, there were hundreds of black ironclad fighters that that had appeared in the horizon.

Yi Ping had recognized that the man leading these fighters was Ji Wuzheng and the lady next to him was the Lady Dugu Zhen!

Yunzi was delighted as she said with a smile, “Mother is here!”

The orthodox fighters were alarmed that the Holy Hex Clan had arrived with their reinforcements and they were grim. It was because none of them had the strength to fight with the unorthodox fighters now. Out of five thousands orthodox fighters, only less than five hundred had remained…

Ji Wuzheng was appalled at the sight as he walked towards Yi Ping as he muttered, “What is going on here?”

As Ji Wuzheng turned and looked at Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong and the Three Sages, they pretended not to see him as they focused on regaining their martial strength.

Xiao Shuai was startled when Xiao Fan walked silently besides him and said, “Father, forget it. It is all over. We should go back peacefully. Ji Wuzheng has promised me that they will not be pursuing any vendetta. Let bygones be bygones.”

Xiao Shuai was startled, “Son, you are still alive? Who beat you up in this horrid manner?”

He was comforted that Xiao Fan was alive because among all his sons and daughters, he was his favorite…

Xiao Fan grinned as he looked at Dugu Zhen, Dugu Yunzi and Lingfeng, “This is the work of the heretic sects. We have all fallen into the stratagems of the heretic sects. It is Ji Wuzheng and that Yi Ping who has actually saved my life.”

Xiao Shuai was startled.

Xiao Shuai said grimly, “Even then, have you forgotten that we are all so close to becoming a Celestial?”

Xiao Fan sighed, “Father, look around you. So many lives have already been lost. Is it worth it?”

Xiao Shuai said with a cold determination as he got up as he spat out the last bout of bad blood, “It is worth it, my son!”

His recovery rate was startling!

At the same time, Han Shaodong and the Three Sages had also recovered as they all stood up one by one!

Han Shaodong said aloud, “This is not over yet. I have thought that this two maidens have learnt some epitome divine Skills. So it is just a freak celestial manifestation. But if you are all willing to surrender your swords, you can leave here immediately. I will give you my honor for that!”

Shen Xinyue said softly, “Han Shaodong, Han Shaodong. I have thought you are a good man and that is why I take you in as my protégé disciple and even imparted to you the Divine Rejuvenation Force and the Big Dipper Hands. Why are you acting so malicious?”

Han Shaodong said solemnly, “It is because the Celestial Palace left us with no other choices! Do you know how many exponents were killed by the Celestial Palace over the years? If we miss this Seven Star Alignment, goodness know how long must we wait again for another favorable sign to ascend as Celestials?”

Yi Ping interrupted, “You can never overcome the Divine Calamity because…”

“Who wants to challenge the Celestial Palace?” A beautiful and mesmerizing voice was heard.

Yi Ping was startled. It was because he had recognized her distinctive voice!

Even Lie Qing was smiling, “I didn’t think I am beginning to miss her at any moment but now I do.”

Shen Xinyue was the first to catch sight of her as an extremely beautiful maiden appeared in their midst via her traverse speed, brandishing her wicked long black scythe!

She was slightly startled because she not only resembled Melody Star; her swiftness speed was also comparable to her!

Indeed, it was Lele as she laughed softly. “I am the Joyful Goddess, Prime Celestial of the Celestial Palace. Who is looking for a fight with the Celestial Palace? I am here now.”

Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong and the Three Sages were startled at her sudden appearance and when they saw her crimson eyes, they were alarmed and knew immediately that she was a Celestial!

All of a sudden, the Joyful Goddess had noticed Shen Xinyue and gasped. “Aren’t you a Celestial too? Your eyes are gray…”

Shen Xinyue nodded and said, “Yes, I am a Celestial too…”

The Joyful Goddess began to encircle around her rapidly as she seemed to be pondering something, “Why is that I find your scent so familiar? Have we met before?”

Shen Xinyue refused to answer her but smiled angelically.

Han Shaodong was stunned as he thought, “My protégé mistress is a Celestial?!”

Xiao Shuai interrupted coldly, “There are five of us now. Pick five of you to be our challengers…”

A soft gentle voice said, “I will be your first challenger then.”

Everyone turned and saw an extremely beautiful maiden in light blue long dress walking silently into view. When she had appeared, she was like a beautiful goddess whose beauty had no comparison!

It was Shui Yixian the Celestial Fairy!

Even though her cold demeanor was colder than ice as she gazed at everyone but the hearts of everyone was warm!

Yi Ping was trembling as he muttered, “Xian’Er…you are still alive?”

Xiao Shuai was startled, “Xian’Er…”

Han Shaodong was muttering, “Xian’Er, is that you? I have grown old but you have not changed at all…”

The Martial Sage was in tears as he ran towards her, “Xian’Er, is that really you? I didn’t expect to see you after so many years!”

Even Shangguan Qingyun and Yan Nanfei who were not interested in the outcome of the battle were trembling with excitement as they ran towards her with joyful tears, “Xian’Er, is that really you? You have not changed at all!”