A Martial Odyssey Book 1: The Divine Calamity – Chapter 61

The White Sage and the Three Star Sisters of Fate

Yi Ping countenance was emotional as he cried aloud and his entire body was trembling, “How is it possible for me to forget you? You are the one that I have been searching for all along. You are my fiancée…it is only when we have parted that I have realized who you are and your real name from another Celestial but no matter how hard I have searched, I cannot find you…”

Shen Xinyue was trembling, “Is that why you have purposely said all those cruel words to me that day so that I would kill you?”

Yi Ping was weeping emotionally, “I am really so happy to see you that day but there are two other maidens that day that have also decided to sacrifice themselves for me. I know that you are planning the same or else why of all times, you have to decide to come during the Divine Descendant?”

The Ellipse Heaven Goddess and the Axis Heaven Goddess were not the only ones. The Three Star Sisters of Fate, the Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden and the Endor Fairy Vixen did the same as well…

Shen Xinyue muttered as she sobbed in his embrace, “Maybe I have come to take your life as well…”

Yi Ping had walked quietly to her and had brought her into his embrace as he placed his arms around her tightly, “No, you won’t. Your eyes have betrayed you. If you hate me, you won’t look at me with such concern. That day when you have left, your eyes have the same expression. If you really hate me, then you would have rebuked me or beat me up that day and not left in sorrows…”

Shen Xinyue was crying inconsolably, “I have thought that I would never see you again…” She was suddenly startled as she looked up curiously at him, “How did you know…are you really him? No, that can’t be…”

She began to break free of him and took a step back as she stared at him with a shocked realization. It was because it was impossible for anyone to carry memories of their past incarnations. Moreover, Yi Ping was not the White Sage.

But Yi Ping said, “I am the White Sage. It is a long story…”

He turned and looked at Lie Qing, who was staring at Shen Xinyue and him with utter disbelief and shock.

Lie Qing could not believe what she was seeing when Yi Ping and Shen Xinyue had suddenly embraced each other. She had lowered her long sword and her eyes were bleary…

She was not the only one.

Everyone was stunned and bewildered.

But as the windforce and martial shockwaves of Lie Qing and Shen Xinyue were still continuing unabated, everyone continued to adopt a wait and see attitude, not that they could do anything at the moment…

Han Shandong was shouting, “Mistress, don’t believe this Yi Ping. Don’t forget we still have a greater enemy to face…”

Shen Xinyue was only paying scant attention to Han Shandong as Yi Ping had already pulled Lie Qing close to him as he put their hands together. He sighed deeply as he muttered, “We only have Qing’Er and her sisters to thanks for it…”

Lie Qing broke into a soft laugh, “Tell me about it then.”

She looked at Shen Xinyue with tendering eyes as she smiled, “Shall I call you dear Sister Xinyue then?”

Shen Xinyue was startled at the sudden change in Lie Qing’s attitude; the sudden animosity that was displayed by her was replaced with an approachable and receptive friendliness!

She did not know that Lie Qing was also a smart maiden that did not like to go hard against a more powerful opponent unless she had no other choice. That was why she could turn Xiao Youxue and Dugu Yunzi on her side eventually, proving that she was worthy of their trust with her sincerity.

Others who did not know Lie Qing may think of her as an opportunist but that was not true!

She could tell that Yi Ping and Shen Xinyue already had something going on between them. She knew that if she wanted to be with Yi Ping, she must ready to be accommodating. After all, it was common for many men to have many consorts and it was not a too big issue to her; her father, uncles and brothers too had many consorts.

Shen Xinyue nodded slightly and smiled gently at her but she did not let down her guard, maintaining her Divine Rejuvenation Force…

She was secretly glancing at her surroundings and looking secretly at Xiao Shuai, Yuan Shao, Han Shaodong and the Three Sages. She was in an awkward situation and was thinking how to resolve it for she knew very well that the Virtuous Palace and the Honor Manor were determined to gain the secrets of immortality.

The irony was that even Han Shaodong was not aware that his protégé mistress was a Celestial; it was because she had deliberately hidden this knowledge from him. She did not know that he had conspired with Xiao Shuai to attack on the Celestial Palace and the Holy Hex Sect so that he would be a Celestial himself. He had revealed his plans to her recently because he had hoped that his protégé mistress would retire out of her reclusion to lend him a helping hand.

Alarmed and intrigued by the prospects that there were other Celestials, she had agreed…

When Lie Qing saw that Shen Xinyue had nodded, she took it as a hint of silent approval and greeted her happily. “Dear Sister Xinyue! You can call me your Sister Qing’Er!”

Shen Xinyue said softly, “Sister Qing’Er, sorry for giving you a scare…”

Lie Qing whispered, “That’s alright, Sister Xinyue. But we are being surrounded by our enemies and we need a plan fast.”

Yi Ping said quietly as he held their hands, “Qing’Er, Yue’Er…hold my hands and look into my heart…”

Earlier when Yi Ping looked into Shen Xinyue in her eyes, his Emptiness Translucence had suddenly overwhelmed him and he could remember his past vividly!

In that one single instant, his Emptiness of the Absolute broke freed of his present state of divinity and reached the highest level of the Emptiness Translucence, the Emptiness of the Great Ultimate, transforming his Emptiness Translucence to the Great Emptiness Translucence!

Because Yi Ping previous self was the White Sage and the Great Emptiness Translucence was also a divine skill that could transverse as a mirror, keeping precious memories until he could finally reawakened once more as he progressed through it once again. This of course was not enough for a theoretical divine skill to really happen but at his moment of death, he had in a divine coincident collided with the Divine Universal Force, blurring time and space as he gave up his divine life force into the Celestial Annihilating Star Formation!

Lie Qing and Shen Xinyue were startled as they seemed to enter a dream…

Yi Ping had now remembered vividly that that day when he had first met the Three Star Sisters of Fate…

He had blundered into their Celestial Annihilation Star Formation in the mountains by a mistake when he saw a series of intriguing celestial lights in these desolation mountains.

Intrigued by it, he moved to investigate and it was then that he had chanced upon three beautiful heavenly maidens in white…

He was astonished at the intriguing and moving sight of Revelation Star (Yixian) when he first caught sight of her though it was not exactly a friendly welcome. It was because he could sense a great tranquil peace within her and instantly knew that she must be a highly attained Celestial Maiden!

She had said coolly, “There is an intruder and he must be after our divine swords. Activate the Star Formations and let the formation deal with him!”

The White Sage was startled as he quickly said, “I am not a thief. Are you all Celestials too?”

Revelation Star smiled gently, “Isn’t it obvious?”

The White Sage said, “That’s great! I am a Celestial too…”

Revelation Star interrupted gently, “We know. Or else, you will not have the ability to break into the sealing circle that we have setup and talk to us now.”

Luminous Star (Lie Qing) was smiling at him, “Such a cute young man. Do we really want to kill him?”

The White Sage quickly apologized, “Erm…I will leave immediately. I didn’t know that this is a Celestial Formation setup and didn’t mean to intrude. I am just looking for a celestial sect to join…”

Luminous Star laughed softly, “Then you are looking at the wrong place. The Celestial Melody Palace only permits celestial maidens and you are obviously not.”

Revelation Star added gently, “It is already too late. The formation has already been activated.” And she had faded into the Celestial Star Formation!

The White Sage stammered out after her, “Isn’t it forbidden for Celestials to kill one another?”

But it was already too late to call after her; walls of dust, sand and flying stones had whirled around him as his surroundings erupted into thunderous hovering burst of flying projectiles …

Luminous Star laughed softly as she answered him, “That’s not true and there are several exceptions.”

The White Sage broke into a cold sweat, “Killing a Celestial will be detrimental to your divine progression, isn’t it?”

Melody Star (Lele) winked at him and laughed jovially, “So we have an ignorant Celestial in our midst right now. Judging from his expression, he must be a new Celestial. Let me tell you then. You will soon be killed by the renowned Celestial Annihilation Star Formation and not by us so therefore it doesn’t affect our divine progression at all.”

The White Sage asked gently, “Is there a difference? Getting killed by your Celestial Annihilation Star Formation that you have created and getting killed by you directly?”

Melody Star was laughing softly, “Actually there is no difference at all.”

The White Sage was startled, “And then?”

Melody Star replied with an amusing soft laugh, “We have the celestial right to kill anyone that attempts to break into the Celestial Annihilation Star Formation and we have already killed quite a number of Celestials already. Do you know why this is called the Celestial Annihilation Star Formation? It has only one purpose, to kill all intruding Celestials!”

The White Sage laughed softly, “Now I see. May I ask how do I get out of here?”

Melody Star winked at him, “Shameless! You suppose to figure out yourself!”

Luminous Star quickly said, “Sister Melody, that’s enough talks already. We don’t know if he is alone or there are still many others.”

Melody Star nodded and she quickly turned around and faded into a wall of hovering projectiles!

Luminous Star smiled at the White Sage, “So you are afraid now?”

The White Sage rubbed his nose and replied, “Not really.”

Luminous Star was startled, “You are not?”

The White Sage said, “This is the first time that you are setting up this Celestial Star Annihilation Formation?”

Luminous Star was startled, “How did you know?”

The White Sage said coolly, “I saw nine celestial lights and a hint of the Universal Force in the mountains aligning constantly. If I am not wrong, you are experimenting with this Celestial Star Annihilation Formation for the very first time. I am plain unlucky to blunder into your Celestial Star Formation so you have decided to use me as a live subject to test your Celestial Formation?”

Luminous Star laughed softly, “It seems that you have guessed correctly but that doesn’t help you in your predicaments. But no matter what happens, don’t try to break into the inner formation or you will surely die. Just get out as soon as you can.

After warning him, she faded into a wall of furious sandstorm!

The White Sage immediately leapt forward to where she had disappeared and instead of fading into the wall of sandstorm, he was knocked back onto the ground by a powerful rebounding force and was badly bruise by it!

Even though he was badly bruised by it and sustained a minor internal injury, he was smiling. “So she is just waiting for the wall to move into her position so that she can fade into the other side. As I made the leapt a few seconds later than her, I have encountered a solid force blocking me. This small amount of force can injure me? If I am not wrong, this entire celestial formation is held into place by the Universal Force. But how is it possible?”

He began to look at his surroundings for a way out…

Revelation Star was touching the Heavenly Earth Sword, the White Phoenix Sword and the Divine Echo that were thrust in the middle of the Celestial Annihilation Star Formation gently as she had a melancholy look in her eyes.

Melody Star was stroking her long hair, “Don’t tell me that our aloof sister will actually take a liking to him?”

Revelation Star was startled, “Rubbish!”

Melody Star laughed, “He is cute and fine looking isn’t he? I can’t believe he is a Celestial. It will be a pity to kill him then.”

Revelation Star hummed coldly, “It seems that you are the one that likes him.”

Melody Star winked with a playful expression, “If Sister does not like him then he is mine then?”

Luminous Star sighed, “Why are you only asking Eldest Sister? I didn’t even say I don’t like him. Why didn’t you ask me instead? Don’t forget I am your Second Sister.”

Melody Star was woeful, “You…like him?”

Luminous Star laughed softly, “Why not? He looks like a fine looking young man and I am unattached.”

Revelation Star was solemn, “Sisters, we don’t know his background. There are many treacherous Celestials around that wants obtain the Heavenly Relics and secrets of the Celestial Annihilation Star Formation. The Melody Palace has entrusted us to protect these three divine swords from falling into the wrong hands. In the wrong hands, a celestial calamity could happen.”

She looked woefully at the golden halo of the Heavenly Earth Sword as she said, “This celestial sword is the only sword in the entire universe that contain vestiges of the Universal Force. The only place that it can be used without disrupting the order of the universe is in this Celestial Annihilation Star Formation. We must not give the Dark Celestials any opportunities to bring chaos into the world…”

Melody Star was sorrowful too at the mention of the Dark Celestials, “During the last battle with the Dark Celestials, many of the protégés of the Melody Palace had perished and we had almost lost the Heavenly Earth Celestial Sword.”

Luminous Star said to Revelation Star, “Earlier when we had lost control of the three divine swords, it was his sudden appearance that had stabilized the Celestial Annihilations Star Formation or else given our predicament earlier, we would have almost all been killed. Are we really too harsh with him?”

It was their first attempt in trying to recreate the deadly Celestial Annihilation Star Formation after their protégé mistress the Stellar Heaven Fairy had ascended. Just before she had attempted the divine sojourn, she had revealed the secrets of the Celestial Annihilation Star Formation to them, warning them that the first attempt was always the most difficult as they may not be able to control the celestial force within this huge celestial formation. That was why there were nine others celestial maidens watching nearby and ready to take their place should they failed in their attempt!

Revelation Star smiled gently, “Don’t worry. The killing celestial force of the Celestial Annihilation Star Formation is not activated and no real harm will happen to him. I just want to warn him off so that he will be mindful to get out of here as soon as possible.”

Luminous Star was relieved, “Thank you Eldest Sister!”

Revelation Star asked, “Thanks me for what?”

Luminous Star giggled, “You obviously know…”

Melody Star laughed lightly, “But you know it is pretty scary that we have almost turned to star dust earlier and now we are making light of our situations.”

Revelation Star was once again solemn as she said, “We need to recollect what has gone wrong and what we ought to do so that we will not cause a repeat of what had happened earlier.”

Luminous Star was solemn too as this concerned their life and death destiny as she sighed sadly, “We may not have the celestial attainment to control the divine swords and the Celestial Annihilation Star Formation yet. There are many who are chosen but they were all killed during the confrontation with the Dark Celestial Sects not long ago. We are one of the youngest…alas…”

Revelation Star was quiet, “It is too late now for regrets. We need to regain control of these divine swords before the more powerful celestials took notice of us. We can’t just leave these three divine swords, especially the Heavenly Earth Sword here.”

Melody Star was muttering, “What has actually gone wrong? There are at least twenty-one parameters that can have gone wrong or waiting to break apart earlier. Without our protégé mistress to guide us, I am really afraid of attempting the Celestial Annihilation Star Formation again.”

Revelation Star sighed, “Is it the end of our destiny today?”

All of a sudden, there was a startled expression on her face, followed by Melody Star and Luminous Star!

It was because the young man that they had encountered earlier had just popped into the innermost of the Inner Formation of the Celestial Annihilation Star Formation while they were all talking!

It was not possible for anyone to enter the innermost inner formation without any one of them knowing…

The White Sage was sweating profusely as he said excitedly, “I have finally found the three of you!”

Melody Star stammered as she had raised her long sword in front of her, “What do you want? If you are thinking of seizing the three divine swords, then you have better forget it!”

Revelation Star and Luminous Star were too stunned for words as they muttered unintelligently…

The White Sage said, “I forget to introduce myself. My name is the White Sage. That’s my celestial name now. I forget to ask for maidens’ names and the directions to a reputable celestial sect so that I will be able to advance in my divine progression. Erm, I am new to the Celestial Realm.”

Melody was asking, “You are really just asking for directions?”

Revelation Star looked at him curiously as she asked, “I am Revelation Star Maiden. You can call me Revelation Star. How did you come here?”

Melody Star quickly interrupted, “I am Melody Star Maiden. You can call me Melody Star and this is my other sister the Luminous Star Maiden!”

Luminous Star was looking at Revelation Star. Both of them were thinking of the same thing! This young man did not barge into the Celestial Annihilation Star Celestial and stabilize the formation by accident. He actually knew what he was doing!

Revelation Star smiled gently at him, “We believe you then. I actually know the Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden from the Great Quiescent Sect. I am sure that if I were to recommend you to her; she may make an exception for you to join the Great Quiescent Sect. But first you need to tell us how you circumvented this Celestial Annihilation Star Formation.”

The White Sage was still panting breathlessly, “It is not an easy thing to do. If I am not wrong, this Celestial Formation consists of eighty-one star formations on the outside and nine more on the inside. But the deadliest part of this Celestial Annihilation Star Formation is actually on the inside. I nearly died of sheer exhaustion as I made my way through.”

Revelation Star immediately took out her handkerchief as she helped him to wipe away his sweat on his forehead as she said gently, “It is a lucky thing that we have not activated the Celestial Star Formation in full or else you won’t be able to make your way here.”

Not to be outdone by Revelation Star, Melody Star and Luminous Star also took out their handkerchiefs as they helped him to wipe away the beads of sweat on his forehead!

Melody Star was coy as she said, “How did you enter the Celestial Annihilation Star Formation in the first place? Do you know that it is dangerous for you in the first place?”

The White Sage explained, “There were plenty of mysterious inertia forces around. When I first enter this celestial formation, I was profound by its astonishing changes. However, I was curious at the same time. I also took the liberty of channeling part of the misalign forces away with my Mirror Reflection of the Emptiness Translucence. I hope that I didn’t cause any damage?”

The three Revelation Star Sisters were startled and they were exchanging knowing glances at one another!

Revelation Star laughed gently, “On the contrary, you have been a great help and even save our lives. You can really detect the motion of the changes of the Celestial Star Formation? How did you do that?”

The White Sage nodded as he said, “If I focus hard enough, then my Emptiness Translucence is like a clear crystal lake on top. Any outside disturbances will create ripples on it. That is how I can sense the flow of the inertia forces.”

Luminous Star laughed softly, “We are forming this Celestial Annihilation Star Formation for the very first time. I hope that you can guide us as we lay the changes of the Celestial Annihilating Star Formation one by one, telling us which area of the Celestial Star Formation is imbalanced.”

Melody Star looked at him with pleading eyes, “It may take a long time but I hope that you can stay to help us…”

The White Sage said, “I guess I can. I am free anyway. But I hope that after this formation is completed, it won’t be used to kill anyone…”

Revelation Star laughed softly, “This is a defensive formation. Usually it is formed to protect an area. There is no way we can use it to harm anyone if they don’t want to harm us in the first place. Moreover we are from the Celestial Melody Palace, one of three most orthodox celestial clans in the Celestial Realm.”

The White Sage was startled as he said, “Oh really! I didn’t know. That’s great to know. What about that Great Quiescent Sect then?”

Luminous Star laughed softly, “The Melody Palace, the Great Quiescent and the Ascension Sect are three of the most powerful celestial clans.”

The White Sage was clearly impressed as he said, “I have heard of the Ascension Sect before. Melody Palace and the Great Quiescent Sect…I guess I am in luck…”

That was how they had met and remained as friends for centuries…

The White Sage did not know that since then, the Three Star Sisters of Fate had already fallen in love with him. Throughout the centuries, they had all tried to give him several hints but it was obvious that the White Sage had only one thing in mind, overcoming through the various divine progressions and eventually ascended as a Celestial Sage.

The three normally dormant and slacken Three Star Sisters of Fate were all astonished at his divinity progression every time that they had met him that they began to spend more and more of their time in their divine progression; they did not want to lose to him. Also as the White Sage progressed further and further, he was attracting plenty of unwanted attentions from the other celestial maidens, causing panic among the Three Star Sisters of Fate yet they did not have the courage to profess their likes for him openly as the Melody Palace had strict rules on celibacy.

When the Divine Descendant had struck, the Three Star Sisters of Fate had already made great advancements in their divine progression and had joined the ranks of the First Celestial, including the White Sage and Shen Xinyue.

The Divine Descendant was a major celestial catastrophe that pitted the celestials among one another. Because the Three Star Sisters of Fate had caused the deaths of too many Celestials, they were beginning to feel guilty and somehow knew that their ascension as Celestial Sagess were doomed in the first place.

And so they had decided sacrifice themselves for the White Sage…

It was because Revelation Star had stumbled upon the secrets of the Divine Descendant by accident; most of the Celestials did not know that they were actually dooming themselves after the seven years period of the Divine Descendant. That was when the Greater Divine Calamity would occur!

The Greater Divine Calamity would fall on those that had the bloods of the other Celestials in their hands. It was an even worse calamity than the Divine Descendant itself, seven folds of all the Divine Descendant combined, with virtually no survivors except the pure hearts.

In the end, Revelation Star and the White Sage seemed to be only survivors in the dawn of the new celestial realm.

As much as the White Sage and Revelation Star had secretly liked each other since then but their hearts were heavy with the deaths of Luminous Star, Melody Star and the other Celestials. Since then, they had silently gone on their separate ways as they tried to seek atonements for their sins.

Revelation Star did not attempt to ascend as a Celestial Sagess as the White Sage had secretly hoped. Instead, after she had overcome the Crisis state of divinity, she had spent much of her time pulling the threads of fate into the Celestial Star Formation so that one day, she would finally be united with her other close sisters and they would start all over again…

Her celestial plans were flaw from start as no one was able to accomplish what she was going to do. Even if she gives up her entire celestial life force, this was not going to help.

The White Sage was reawakened once again and he immediately came to the aid of Revelation Star. But it was too late. In that last moment, he could see her tears and her innermost feelings for him. It was only then he realized that all along, the Three Star Sisters of Fate was only trying to provoke him to kill them so that he may live, just like all the other celestial maidens.

His heart was in great agony and he felt that as a Celestial, he had actually lost much. He was the one and only Celestial Sage. But that was pointless to him. In that single instant, he too sacrificed himself and reworked the balance of Revelation Star’s imperfect Celestial Star Formation with his Great Emptiness Translucence. No matter how small the odds were, how vain his sacrifices were, he had decided to extinguish his life for this gamble…

Lie Qing was trembling and she was crying. She did not know that they had such a past together! No wonder Lele was always calling her Luminous Star and dear sister. She did not lie to her and to think she had actually fought with both Lele and Yixian…

She took a quick glance at Yunzi, Lingfeng, Yu’Er and Mei’Er…

Lie Qing said quickly, “Yi Ping, let’s go and help Sister Yixian now. She is in mortal danger…”

Xiao Shuai, Yuan Shao, Han Shaodong and the Element Sage had suddenly encircle them as they shouted, “You are not going anyway!”

They had seized the opportunity to attack them when they were all distracted!

Xiao Shuai had already thrown his flying sword at Yi Ping even as he was shouting!

Yunzi had already seen it coming as she readied her own flying sword against Xiao Shuai’s flying sword but her flying sword was no match for Xiao Shuai’s martial power; it got deflected while Xiao Shuai’s flying sword went through into Yi Ping’s body!

Immediately Yi Ping fell down onto the ground, startling Shen Xinyue and Lie Qing!

“Yi Ping!” all the maidens almost cried out at the same time!

Without waiting for Lie Qing and Shen Xinyue to react, Yuan Shao had thrown his flying sword sped towards Lie Qing, striking her with a thunderous and forceful impact! As she was still being protected by her nine hovering Invincible Divine Force, the flying sword was deflected and she was knocked slightly off balance.

In that split second when Yuan Shao’s flying sword had temporary broke through the martial force of Shen Xinyue’s Divine Rejuvenation Force, the Element Sage had struck Shen Xinyue’s on her right shoulder with a thunderous impact even as she tried to avoid it!

Shen Xinyue coughed out a mouthful of blood even as she muttered, “Despicable!”

She had barely knocked the Element Sage backward when the crushing force of Han Shaodong’s Big Dipper Hands came weighing and crushing onto them as he shouted, “You are not going anyway. Surrender your divine swords!”

Shen Xinyue said weakly, “Do you know that I am your grand protégés mistress?!”

Han Shaodong shouted coldly as his martial force came crushing down onto her, “Step aside, Protégé Mistress if you are still on our side!”

Even as Shen Xinyue and Lie Qing raised their swords in defense of this tremendous force that were raining upon them, Xiao Shuai, Yuan Shao and the Element Sage had immediately regrouped behind Han Shaodong with their raising swords glowing in purple hues!

The Martial Sage, Shangguan Qingyun, Yan Nanfei, the Sword Sage, Xiao Fei, Xiao Ao and Chi Zhengqi were shocked that Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong, the Element Sage and Yuan Shao would actually launched a secret attack at Yi Ping, Lie Qing and Shen Xinyue!

Dugu Yunzi was startled that the Element Sage was also displaying the Dark Mono Swordplay as she shouted out panicky, “Be careful! That is the Dark Mono Sword Formation!”