A Martial Odyssey Book 1: The Divine Calamity – Chapter 59

The Number One Swordsman in the Fraternity

Yi Ping’s arms and hands were now trembling as he deliver blow after blow.

Even though it appeared that he had the upper hand but there were simply too many exponents; out of five hundred, only a hundred odds had actually fallen. The rest of the exponents were the best of their generation and they were now encircling Yi Ping as they looked for a weakness to deal him a death blow!

These exponents were not weak. Among them were several exponents that were even more skillful than the Four Young Masters of the Martial Fraternity. These exponents also consisted of many experienced elders of the various martial clans!

Many of the exponents were at first taken by surprise by Yi Ping’s tremendous martial force. Even though many had fallen to the ground with one hit, they soon picked themselves up and adjusted their fighting strategies accordingly. This was because Yi Ping did not really used all his entire martial force to deal any fatal blows; he was just content to knock the attacking exponents aside as he moved on to fight the other standing exponents!

The protégés of the Zen Sect had organized themselves into their Seven Stars Illusionary Sword Formation, with each formation consisting of seven protégés and they had formed seven waves of the Seven Stars Illusional Sword Formation as they descended upon Yi Ping on all sides!

The Seven Stars Illusionary Sword Formation emphasized on feigns and sudden attack movements to trap and assault the opponent. The effectiveness of this type of sword formation was especially deadly against a lone opponent!

The Infinity Sword Clan was also executing the massive attacking movement of the Infinitude Sword Formation now. This type of formation was dependable on the changes of the Infinity Swordplay. Each of the fighters in this formation was an individual as well as a part of the Infinitude group.

Yi Ping was dazzled by the wavering display of the Infinity Swordplay in all directions. It was a lucky thing that he was quite familiar with the Infinity Swordplay as he had fought with Zuo Tianyi on a number of occasions and had the Absolute Spirits to fortify his willpower or else he would have panicked and had been killed by now!

As the five hundred exponents were all from different martial clans, there were also many other formations and extraordinary martial skills that were being displayed at the same time against him.

In additional to these five hundred exponents, an additional two hundred exponents that could still fight could not resist the temptation to join in the fight against Yi Ping as well!

All the onlookers were gasping and muttering among themselves as they watched some of the most intrigue strokes that they had ever seen being displayed right before their eyes!

Lingfeng, Lie Qing, Yunzi, Yu’Er, Mei’Er and Youxue were watching the fight keenly as they were concerned for Yi Ping’s safety.

Gu Tianle had just coughed out a mouthful of blood and was struggling to stand when Zuo Tianyi had said suddenly, “Let me take care of him. I just happen to know his fatal weakness.”

Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong, the Martial Sage, Shen Xingyue and all the exponents that were on the side of the Honor Manor had overheard Zuo Tianyi was intrigued by his statement and their curiosity were aroused.

Gu Tianle was muttering, “I didn’t use my full strength because that Yi Ping is my junior. Now I am not going to show any mercy…”

Han Shaodong raised his hand in front of him as he whispered, “Don’t be hasty first. Let see what this Zuo Tianyi can do. He seems to have a vendetta with this Yi Ping.”

Gu Tianle sighed as he stared fiercely at Yi Ping. He was the Master of the Honor Manor. For him to suffer such a humiliating defeat in the presence of his protégés and the heroes of the fraternity was a great loss of honor.

Shen Xingyue was also startled by the claims of Zuo Tianyi and she was looking curiously at him now.

Chi Zhengqi had noticed that she was eyeing Zuo Tianyi and he was overcome with envy so he said to her, “He sure knows how to boast. I say, my martial skills are even better than him!”

Xiao Ao who was also pursuing Shen Xingyue said quickly, “When we are alone, I will show you the intrigue swordplay of the Virtuous Palace and you will know that the Virtuous Swordplay is the best in the entire martial fraternity!”

Xiao Fei was rubbing his nose as he looked inquisitively at Shen Xingyue. It was because he was also interested in her but was too shy to say so. When he knew that his nephew Xiao Ao was interested in her, he was at a loss! It was something that he had never experienced before!

He found himself turning red in front of her and he was even stammering in front of her. Somehow he knew that this Shen Xingyue was a very special maiden but he had no way to prove it nor was he interested to do so. Her extreme calmness and brilliant eyes impressed him greatly. Earlier when everyone was startled by Yi Ping’s martial shout and had rushed out in alarm to investigate, she walked unhurriedly and was not even startled. It was as though she was not afraid of death or dangers…

In the Virtuous Palace, Xiao Fei was renowned for his keen perception. That was why he could figure out where Xiao Yuanjia had hidden his thirteen secret swords and could warn Youxue!

When he noticed that she had Zuo Tianyi’s sword, he was secretly alarmed and thought that it could be Zuo Tianyi betrothal gift to her. That very night, he had drunk himself silly…

Shen Xingyue nodded gently but did say anything. She knew that they were just trying to get her attention and that they had been doing so ever since the first day that they had met.

She patiently tolerated their incessant talks because she did not want anyone to know her true martial levels. So far, she had only revealed herself to Zuo Tianyi and Lu Baiyun because she had recognized the Blue Heavens as a divine sword of the Ascension Sect and it was her duty to retrieve it back.

The Blue Heavens was actually a heavenly sword that was owned by the Lord Almighty who was the Celestial Leader of the Ascension Sect. This heavenly sword was also the foundation artifact of the Ascension Sect!

The Lord Almighty and dozens of Celestials from the Ascension Sect were killed by the deadly Celestial Annihilation Star Formation created by the Three Star Sisters of Fate when they had attacked the Melody Palace.

No one had known how deadly the Celestial Annihilation Star Formation was when they first confront it. The Lord Almighty and several of the Supreme Celestials had seen many kinds of celestial formations and by the time they had become Supreme Celestials, formations of any kinds were useless against them.

No one was also expecting a strong resistance from the Melody Palace. When the Melody Palace was on the verge of defeat, the timely arrival of the dozen Star Celestials from the Melody Palace and their sacrifices saved it from total annihilation.

In the end, they were deterred by the legendary Celestial Annihilating Star Formation which was put up by the Three Star Sisters of Fate. However the Lord Almighty was not willing to withdraw without putting a good fight and he did not believe that with the intellect of so many Celestials, they could not destroy the Celestial Annihilating Star Formation.

The Celestial Annihilating Star Formation was a defensive formation that was created by the Ascended Star Celestials long ago. Even before the Divine Descendent event, it was already a well-known Celestial Formation in the Celestial Realm. It had only one purpose, to kill all the Celestials that were trapped inside!

The Lord Almighty knew that the Celestial Annihilating Star Formation was held into place by nine Heavenly Relics in its outer formation and the inner formation was held by three divine swords as its pillars. If they could break the Celestial Annihilating Star Formation, then they could obtain the three divine swords and the nine Heavenly Relics. One of the divine swords was the much coveted Heavenly Earth Sword that exuded the Universal Force!

And so driven by their greed, they had entered the formation to confront the surviving Celestials of the Melody Palace. In the end, more than eighty Celestials, including the Lord Almighty could not escape the formation and they were all killed by the Universal Force of the Celestial Annihilating Star Formation.

That event marked the beginning of the end for both the Celestial Ascension Sect and the Celestial Melody Palace.

That was how the Blue Heavens had been lost until now!

Shen Xingyue’s thoughts were interrupted by Zuo Tianyi who was now shouting, “Everyone move back first! I will challenge this villainous Yi Ping!”

Immediately all the exponents made a hasty withdrawal.

Dugu Yunzi hummed coldly as she said with cold demeanor, “Don’t you slander Yi Ping. You know what you did.”

Zuo Tianyi said, “Yunzi, you know my feelings for you. But you have strayed on the wrong path and even collaborated with the heretic sects. Even though in my heart, I have sympathies for you but I am also the protégé master of the Infinity Sword Clan. The Infinity Sword Clan is one of the major righteous orthodox clan in the fraternity…”

Dugu Yunzi interrupted, “You are right to say that the Infinity Sword Clan is a righteous orthodox clan but you are definitely not. You are just a wolf in sheep clothing, despicable and evil!”

Zuo Tianyi had imbued his sword with his sword energy and he was exuding fearsome burst of piercing cold sword energies in all directions as he walked in front of Yi Ping, “Yi Ping, do you dare to duel with me?”

Yi Ping had immediately displayed the Heavens Horizon in a defensive stance as he said, “Why will I not dare?”

Zuo Tianyi said, “But you know, I am a swordsman and my honor requires that I shall not fight an unarmed person. Moreover against an unarmed foe, I am restrained and cannot give my very best. Even if you have won, there is nothing for you to be proud of for it is not a true victory.”

By now, everyone knew what Zuo Tianyi was hinting at. Swordplay was Zuo Tianyi’s expertise but to Yi Ping, he was more familiar with the Divine Horizon Hands than the Horizon Swordplay.

Yi Ping and Zuo Tianyi had crossed swords previously but Zuo Tianyi had since progressed greatly in his swordplay. He could now imbue his internal intricate energies to his sword and releasing it as killing sword energy. That was the energy form of the Infinity-First Swordplay, the ability to kill invisibly from afar; sword energy could be sense but it was invisible and could not be block!

Even though Yi Ping possessed extraordinary martial power but he could not transfer the extraordinary martial power to his swords! It was because he was not trained in utilizing internal strength as a pure form. The very act of harnessing it was called sword energy and that required decades of hard work and constant practice. Even for the Old Sword Saint, it took him some four decades before he could attain the level of the Infinity-Two to finally transfer his internal intricate energies into sword energy!

Also as a purest form of intricate energy, sword energies could dissipate the martial power of even the strongest opponents and went right through their bodies!

Zuo Tianyi was a prodigy and had reached the Infinity-Two when he was in his twenties. When he had witnessed the fight between the Celestial Fairy and the Heavenly Temptress, he was inspired and finally figured out a way to reach the Infinity-One, which was the Old Sword Saint level!

Moreover, the Heavenly Divine Dreams Pill that Shen Xingyue had given to him actually had the effect of boasting his internal strength and had helped him to refine the pureness of his sword energy!

Zuo Tianyi was secretly thinking, “After I have killed Yi Ping, I will make Shen Xingyue my woman. This is to a lesson for you for messing with me. I will let you know how a man will treat a woman. After that, I want you to quietly hand over your clan two divine skills to me, the Big Dipper Hands and the Divine Rejuvenation Force. And of course the secrets of your Heavenly Divine Pills will also be mine. I will use it for a better use for the domination of the entire fraternity!”

When he had thought of that, he secretly took a lustful look at the beautiful angelic Shen Xingyue and imagined her begging him for mercy on the bed…

Lingfeng was secretly sighing in her heart but she had interrupted, “Strange, then for you to defeat Yi Ping, it is considered a true victory?”

Zuo Tianyi replied coldly, “The Horizon Swordplay is also renowned in the martial fraternity. Yi Ping can choose not to accept the challenge though.”

Yi Ping said, “I will accept the challenge but…”

Zuo Tianyi laughed, “But? Swords are blind. If you want to surrender during a battle, I can try my best to grant you your request. You only need to say the word ‘surrender’ and I will stop. But your friends will have to make to surrender as well.”

Yi Ping eyed Zuo Tianyi coldly, “I have no intention to surrender or use my companions’ life to exchange for my own. I have yet to settle my feud with you for your despicable act. I have only one request and that is to fight Lu Baiyun, Gu Tianle and you at the same time!”

Lingfeng, Yu’Er and Mei’Er gasped.

Lingfeng was rebuking Yi Ping quietly in her heart, “One Zuo Tianyi is more than what you can handle and you want to fight these three super exponents at the same time?”

Yu’Er was muttering, “Master…”

Youxue whispered coldly, “If he wants to be a hero, let him be…”

Even though her voice was cold but she was actually extremely worried for him!

Shen Xingyue’s fingers were trembling!

When he had declared that he would challenge Zuo Tianyi, Gu Tianyi and the Lu Baiyun at the same time, her heart skipped a beat; there was an air of righteousness around him when he made the challenge. It was not arrogance but a demand for justice for the wrongs that had been given through injustice. It was because as a Celestial that had already attained past the Emotion State of Divinity, she could sense the burning righteousness in his heart!

She was secretly startled. It was because the White Sage of Emptiness that she had known was a Celestial with a high attainment. There were many times that she had secretly wished that she could sense his emotions and know what he was thinking…

From his righteous eyes and burning heart, she could sense that he wanted to protect these maidens. But it caused her to be even more confused as she secretly thought, “These maidens are previous incarnations of the Celestials that are all killed by him. They should hate him and shouldn’t be together with him. Even if they have no memories of their previous self but the memories of their hatred for their killer would never vanish and this instinct would become a natural mistrust.”

There was a hint of a tear in her angelic eyes as she secretly sighed, “So whether it is the White Sage of the Emptiness or you now, you really can’t remember who I am or because you never have me in your heart?”

Lu Baiyun was heard laughing, “Do I have a feud with you?”

Yi Ping said, “That is for my sworn brother Qiu Wufeng and all those that you have tried to harm weeks ago at the Tranquil Mountains.”

Yuan Shao interrupted hummed coldly, “You seem to forget about me. I was there at the Tranquil Mountains too.”

Yi Ping said solemnly, “I can tell that you have not recovered from your injuries. I can wait until you have recovered before we can settle our feud.”

Yuan Shao hummed coldly but he gave no indication whatever so of what he was thinking.

Lu Baiyun was secretly thinking, “If Gu Tianle, Zuo Tianyi and I are to fight this Yi Ping together, our odds of winning are high. This is my chance of gaining even more fame and impressed Shen Xingyue. If I can win her hand, then I will not only gain myself a rare beauty as a wife, I will also gain the Big Dipper Hand Divine Skill and the Divine Rejuvenation Force. With the powerful Master Hao Shaodong as my backer, the entire Honor Manor and even the martial fraternity will soon be mine!”

So he smiled and said to Gu Tianle, “What do you think?”

Gu Tianle said, “Even though all of you will be fighting with your swords, I will stick to my fist. After all, I am a senior pugilist and the Master of the Honor Manor. I don’t mind giving this young man a handicap.”

Yi Ping said, “Good! No matter who is the winner of this duel, no one in the fraternity must pursue Gongsun Jing, Qiu Wufeng and Nangong Le ever again! I will settle their feuds with the martial fraternity on their behalf.”

Gu Tianle took a hurried glance at Han Shaodong who nodded silently at him.

Gu Tianle laughed, “The crimes that they have committed are simply too heinous to be forgiven. But on account for your bravery, I will promise you that the Honor Manor would not pursue their heinous crimes. But only if you are able to win the three of us at the same time!”

Many of the martial exponents on the side of the Honor Manor were now incessantly muttering that this Yi Ping was simply too insolent and arrogant to challenge Gu Tianle, Zuo Tianyi and Lu Baiyun at the same time and they were debating the outcome of the fight even before it had begun! But of course, the end result of the debate was that which one of the three would be the first one to take Yi Ping’s head!

All of a sudden, an angelic voice interrupted Gu Tianle. “Master Tianle, is it alright for you to show some restraint?”

It was Shen Xingyue!

Lie Qing, Lingfeng and the rest of the maidens that were on Yi Ping’s side were startled to hear her interceding for Yi Ping!

When she had spoken, everyone was instantly seized by her angelic voice even though she was soft spoken. It was as though her quiet angelic voice could immediately sent their hearts to pace rapidly!

But Shen Xingyue quickly laughed softly, “He is so insolent that even I feel like dueling him as well. If you killed him, then I have no one to test the new sword that Master Tianyi has given to me, am I right Master Tianyi and Master Baiyun?”

Gu Tianle nodded and said, “I won’t be too hard on him then.”

Zuo Tianyi laughed, “On Maiden Xingyue’s account, I will definitely show him some mercy!”

Lu Baiyun laughed as well, “Don’t worry, he won’t die.”

Even though they had all given Shen Xingyue’s their assurances, their smiles were full of malevolent. It was obvious that they had no intention of showing any mercy!

Zuo Tianyi was secretly pissed off and his heart was burning with jealousy. He had already noticed that Shen Xingyue seemed to have given Yi Ping a great deal of attention from her alluring eyes!

He thought, “Why is it that all the maidens seem to like this nameless and poor Yi Ping? What is so good about him?”

All of a sudden, he raised his sword and pointed malevolently at Yi Ping.

Immediately there was a cold and terrifying piercing aura that could be felt by everyone!

Even Yuan Shao and Xiao Shuai were startled. They had never seen such terrifying sword energies before!

Even Yi Ping was startled as he took a step backward and his hands were trembling; the cold piercing sword energy waves had already penetrated through his body even before Zuo Tianyi had attacked!

Lingfeng whispered in alarm, “Oh dear! Yi Ping had lost the protection of his Icy Heavenly Tears internal force. At that close proximity, Zuo Tianyi’s sword energies have already enveloped him and restrained him…”

Xiao Youxue, Yu’Er and Mei’Er who had been practicing the Icy Heavenly Tears were alarmed at the piercing cold waves that were emitting from Zuo Tianyi. Even though they were standing far away but the paralyzing sword energy waves had already paralyzed them and caused numbness to them!

Lie Qing was solemnly as she looked at Yi Ping with watery eyes. She was clutching her long sword now. It was obvious that she had no intention to just standing at the back anymore as she said in a low voice, “After displaying five hundred and sixty strokes, Yi Ping’s fingers can no longer hold his swords steadily. That Tianyi, I am sure is aware of it.”

Dugu Yunzi said quietly, “That’s five hundred and sixty-one strokes. There is an extra stroke that he had used to stabilized himself after he had beaten off Gu Tianle. That is the Thousand Weight Fall skill that Lele has taught to him while we are in the valley.”

Youxue said coolly, “I have actually lost count after the four hundred strokes. I was distracted by that young maiden on the other side. Did you notice that she is looking at us from time to time? It is definitely not a friendly look. Did you see her fingering the long sword beside her? It is obvious that she has the intention to draw that sword into battle anytime.”

Lingfeng, Mei’Er and Yu’Er were all startled that Lie Qing, Youxue and Yunzi were able to keep track of every single movements made by Yi Ping while keeping themselves alert!

Lie Qing whispered, “Sisters, if I die in battle. Please flee with Ping’Er as fast as possible…”

Lingfeng was startled. For Lie Qing to say that, that maiden must be really a formidable opponent!

Dugu Yunzi looked quietly at Lie Qing and said, “Sister Qing’Er, I have no intention of fleeing. I will fight on your side, whether you like it or not.”

Youxue said coolly as she arranged her sleeves, “I don’t have that intention too. You seem to have forgotten that we are all from the New Virtuous Palace.”

Lie Qing sighed softly as she looked at Yunzi and Youxue, “All of you…”

Lingfeng whispered with an alluring smile, “Didn’t we defeat the Celestial Liege together? Didn’t we overcome many difficult fights together? Do you think we can flee with so many exponents around us?”

Yu’Er said with a determinate look, “That’s right! We have no intention of going back alive anyway. I am willing to lay down my life for Yi Ping!”

Mei’Er nodded as she said melancholy, “If protégé mistress is here, these men would not dare to bully us!”

Lie Qing laughed softly, “Even if your protégé mistress is here, these men would still dare to bully us.”

Mei’Er protested indignantly, “Then my protégé mistress will kill every single one of them!”

Lie Qing whispered sadly, “It is precisely because your protégé mistress has killed too many exponents, her Divine Calamity will be extremely difficult…”

Yu’Er was startled as she said, “What did you just say and what do you mean?”

Lie Qing sighed softly, “I don’t want to hide it anymore from any one of you now. It is because I may not survive this battle and after all, we have been through a lot together. I shall tell you then. The Divine Calamity of the Celestial Fairy will be one of the most malevolent Divine Calamity ever. It is because she has simply killed too many exponents in the past. Even though we have helped her find a most spiritual spot to prepare her but most likely it is futile. That is why your protégé mistress wants me to be here to help Yi Ping because she knows that she is going to die soon.”

Yu’Er and Mei’Er were startled and their eyes were teary.

Mei’Er cried out, “No, that is not the true. Our protégé mistress will never leave us alone…”

Lingfeng interrupted, “The fight is beginning soon…”

Indeed, Yi Ping was clutching the hilt of his two swords with trembling fingers as he said aloud to Zuo Tianyi, “What are you waiting for?”

Zuo Tianyi smiled bitterly, “You can’t even pull your swords now. Are you so scared now that even your fingers are trembling? Don’t tell me you lack the strength now to pull your swords from your scabbard? Or are you thinking of using your fists and forgot about the duel condition?”

Yi Ping clutched the hilts of his swords even tighter when Zuo Tianyi pointed it out. He quickly said, “Enough say already. Are you fighting or not?”

Lu Baiyun was already swinging his sword strokes, “You have not yet drawn your weapons.”

Yi Ping hummed coldly as he explained, “I know that my swordplay isn’t as good as the both of you. So I will wait for an appropriate time to draw my swords so that the drag of my swords would not slow down after I have executed my swiftness movement…”

Gu Tianle laughed aloud, “You mean your evading movement skill? What an idiot. Now we all know your strategy!”

Lu Baiyun whispered to Zuo Tianyi, “He is trying to weaken the strength of your sword energies so that he can display his Horizon Swordplay. Don’t waste any more time with him anymore!”

Lu Baiyun had immediately displayed his Heartless Strike Technique. This secret technique had three killing technique, each one more powerful than the previous execution!

Gu Tianle was not slow to react either. He quickly move to Yi Ping’s back and displayed his Ultrapowerful Force!

Zuo Tianyi had broken through the air with his long sword with a startling burst of speed, sending waves of cold piercing sword energies upon Yi Ping!

Yi Ping knew that he was trapped by the superior air of the Infinity-First swordplay and his steps had suddenly become extremely heavy. He raised his fighting spirit with the Absolute Spirits and drew the Divine Echo and the White Phoenix at the same time!

At that single point of time, Yi Ping had a new awakening in his perception of the Absolute Spirits and had merged the heart intricate formula of the Absolute Attack, Absolute Speed and Absolute Reflexes of the Absolute Spirits into one, becoming one with his swords!

There was two brilliant flash of light and a low humming echo as Yi Ping drawn the Divine Echo and White Phoenix. All of a sudden, the cold bursting sword energies that were formed from the Infinity-First sword stance had dissipated and Zuo Tianyi, Gu Tianyi and Lu Baiyun were lying on the ground in great agonizing pain; their abdomen had all been sliced by Yi Ping at precisely the same time!

Everyone was startled!

The speed of Yi Ping quick draw technique was too fast that the moment that Yi Ping had drawn out his swords, only a few exponents could actually see what had actually happened!

Xiao Shuai was not happy as he muttered, “Yunzi, you have actually taught him our secret quick draw technique?”

Yi Ping himself was startled that he could actually be faster than the Infinity-One swordplay, the Heartless Strike Technique and the Ultrapowerful Force combined. He did not want think of anything except that in order to survive, he had to be even faster than them!

But that was not what everyone had seen that had caused them to be in awe!

The moment that Yi Ping had drawn out the Divine Echo and the White Phoenix, there was a resounding echoes from the two swords that pierced everyone and removing the paralyzing effect of the deadly sword energy aura of the Infinity-One. At the same time that Yi Ping had swung his two swords in a slash, two beaming halo of lights enveloped his two swords, dazzling everyone!

Shen Xingyue was startled as she gasped secretly, “Isn’t that the Divine Echo and the White Phoenix divine swords, the divine swords of the Star Sisters of the Fate? He can actually use both swords at the same time? No one can use two divine swords at the same time, not even the Celestials…”

After the spiritual awakening of the divine swords, the mental strength of the practitioner would also be consumed by the divine swords, causing extreme fatigue with every use! Using two divine swords at once, even if it did not awakened yet, were already mentally and physically draining enough!

Moreover, a divine sword had its own self-awareness and would reject the other divine sword.

From the halos of the two swords, she could also tell that Yi Ping had already become one with the swords and were in full control of the two divine swords!

There was a sudden confusion among the exponents!

It was because no one actually knew what had happened. Were Zuo Tianyi, Lu Baiyun and Gu Tianle defeated by the divine swords as the swords lifted the cold piercing sword energy aura or did Yi Ping really defeat them with his own skill?

Yi Ping muttered to the fallen Gu Tianle, Zuo Tianyi and Lu Baiyun who were still wriggling on the ground. “Remember to keep your promises.”

Lie Qing smiled happily as she thought, “He is a good man. He didn’t kill them.”

Unless Yi Ping had no other choice, he would never take a life unnecessary. That was his principle.

Han Shaodong quickly commanded his protégés, “Take them away and take good care of them.”

Immediately, several exponents from the Honor Manor and the Infinity Sword Clan took Gu Tianle, Zuo Tianyi and Lu Baiyun away.

Yi Ping said, “So who is going to be next and if there are no more challengers, I hope everyone would go back to their own clans peacefully!”

Xiao Shuai asked, “What do you all think of his skills?”

The Martial Sage said, “He is nothing. I have just defeated him a few days ago and he was crawling on the ground as a matter of fact.”

Xiao Shuai said coldly, “Then why don’t you fight him now?”

The Martial Sage said with a straight face, “I don’t have a weapon and his swords look terribly sharp. I am afraid that my iron fists will hurt.”

Xiao Shuai hummed coldly.

The Martial Sage said, “Don’t be angry. I am just waiting to see your famous Dark Mono Sword Formation.”

Xiao Shuai said, “This is not the time yet.”

The Sword Sage dashed past them as he croaked in his old voice, “Young man! How about fighting against me?”

Immediately, the Sword Sage had unsheathed his heavy broad sword and he had leapt above Yi Ping in a flash and had hacked down towards him!

The sword of the Sword Sage was made of chromium alloy, an extremely rare metal in the martial fraternity. The process of making chromium alloy was lost after the warring states period and the few swords that were made of chromium alloy were highly regarded as precious swords in the martial fraternity!

Aside from the Sword Sage’s sword, which was called the Brave Frontier Precious Sword, the swords held by Beautiful Sword Fairy and Jade Sword Fairy were also made of chromium alloy.

As the Sword Sage came crushing down onto Yi Ping with his heavy sword that was imbued by his martial power, it had the added effect of causing the weight of the sword to increase by many manifold!

Yi Ping was startled that the Sword Sage could wield such a heavy sword in such an agile manner!

He immediately raised the Divine Echo and the White Phoenix in a cross shape above him as he received the blunt of the Sword Sage’s attack!

Immediately the ground around Yi Ping exploded into a thunderous circular shape as the full impact of the Brave Frontier came crushing onto Yi Ping!

The Sword Sage was surprised that Yi Ping could take his direct hit and in that split second, rebounded by the martial force from the clashes between them, he had somersault in mid-air again and hacked at Yi Ping again with a series of sword strokes as he shouted, “The Three Strokes of the Dragon Descending!”

All in all, the Sword Sage had unleashed three strokes upon Yi Ping, with each stroke even heavier and more powerful than the previous!

Immediately after the first stroke had exploded thunderous above him, Yi Ping had coughed out blood while a dust storm began to fly in all directions!

Before the second stroke of the Dragon Descending had landed, Yi Ping had raised his martial power as he shouted. “Asper Divinity!” But instead of displaying the Asper Divinity Horizon Hand, he had mustered the tremendous martial power of this forbidden technique to receive the incoming sword blow!

Immediately after Yi Ping had used the Asper Divinity, a blue ring of white fire burst out in all directions with such tremendous force that all the exponents were struck by a burning forceful windforce that caused them to move back unsteadily that was made worst by the dust storm!

But even before all the exponents had recovered, the Sword Sage had already executed the second and third strokes of his Dragon Descending, which immediately exploded thunderous in mid-air as Yi Ping parried with his two divine swords, sending martial shockwaves so powerful that the weaker exponents that were too near or those that were unable to resist the martial energies, to sustain serious internal injuries or were killed on the spot!

Yu’Er and Mei’Er had immediately displayed the Divine Emerald Skills with their swords in front of Lingfeng, Youxue, Yunzi and Lie Qing!

Lie Qing had immediately thrust her sword scabbard onto the ground in front of her, creating another shockwave that deflect the multiple forceful incoming shockwaves that trembled in all directions!

Chi Zhengqi, Xiao Fei and Xiao Ao immediately drawn out their swords in front of Shen Xingyue and parried with all their strength to defend her from harm!

Shen Xingyue said nonchalantly, “Thank you all!”

Barely had the dust storm and windforce had died down, Yi Ping was swinging his swords ambidextrous at the Sword Sage who responded equally as fast!

Their attacking movements were so fast that their swords were now shades of grey as they stirred up the dust in the surrounding into walls of wavering windforce!

In every split second, they had exchange more than a dozen strokes with seeming no advantage!

It was only then the exponents of the fraternity knew that the exploits of the Sword Sage were not something that was made up even though he was not seen for many decades in the martial fraternity!

All of a sudden as Yi Ping and the Sword Sage had dash past one another in another attack, both had suddenly halted and were coughing out mouthful of blood!

They had used so much martial power that their blood had reversed itself and they were both coughing out their bad blood!

Yi Ping had already been injured at the onset of the first stroke of the Dragon Descending and he had forcefully used the Asper Divinity, causing his internal injuries to worsen!

The Sword Sage sighed and walked back to where he had first come from as he said, “Young man, you have won!”

Yi Ping bowed respectfully with his swords still in his hands as he said humbly, “Senior, thank you for showing mercy to me!”

Xiao Shuai said coldly to the Sword Sage, “You have not lost yet, so why are you staying your hand? If you have persisted longer, you would have won.”

The Sword Sage laughed as he began to sit down on the ground to meditate as he said aloud, “Win or lose, is there a need to be so clear about it? This young hero has broken the invincibility of the Infinity-One Swordplay and fights me to a standstill. At first I thought Zuo Tianyi has been defeated by him is because the sword that he is holding could dissipate the sword energy of the Infinity-One. But this is not the case. He is really a remarkable swordsman. I like him.”

Xiao Shuai turned and said to the Element Sage, Shangguan Qingyun, Han Shaodong and Yan Nanfei, “What are you waiting for?”

Yan Nanfei smiled coldly, “I have long neglected my martial progression in pursue of martial attainment. I am afraid I am not his match.”

Shangguan Qingyun said aloud, “The Divine Sword Martial Clan will not be an enemy of this young hero.”

Xiao Shuai had already raised his long sword, “Yan Nanfei and Shangguan, have you forgotten about our brotherhood?”

Yan Nanfei said, “We didn’t but our honor refuses to let us take advantage of this young hero at this moment.”

Han Shaodong said coldly, “So you are all honorable heroes while we are not?”

While they were talking, Yi Ping had thrust the Divine Echo and the White Phoenix onto the ground as he coughed another bout of blood!

Han Shaodong had raised his martial power as he prepared to step forward when there was a sudden flash in front of Yi Ping!

It was Lie Qing and as she raised her Perpetual Darkness, there was a black halo around her and no one can see her clearly except for a black figure!

She said coldly, “I don’t care for honor. If anyone wants to take Yi Ping’s life, then they have to fight me first!”

Yi Ping caught hold of Lie Qing’s hand as he muttered, “Qing’Er, go back please. There are too many of them…”

All of a sudden, Yi Ping was startled! It was because there were tears on his hands; it was Lie Qing’s silent tears!

She said woefully in his ears, “If you have died, I would not want to live either…do you understand?”

Han Shaodong shouted, “Step aside if you value your life. My target is only the young man. We have an agreement. If he can triumph over us, then all of you are free to go. But if he would to lose, then all of you have to come with us!”

All of a sudden, he had leapt into battle and the air around him exploded thunderously as he raised the extraordinary power of his Great Dipper Hands as a powerful gravity force attempted to crush onto Yi Ping and Lie Qing!

All of a sudden, there was a shadow flash as Youxue and Lingfeng had displayed their extraordinary swiftness movement skill in mid-air as they raised all their martial power at the same time to display the Penetrating Hands and the Asper Horizon Hand at Han Shaodong!

There were a thunderous explosion as Xiao Youxue and Lingfeng coughed out blood as they fell onto the ground!

Han Shaodong was knocked back but he was otherwise unharmed but he was startled that the combined martial power of these two maiden could actually halt his Great Dipper Hands!

Xiao Shuai was expecting Youxue to be killed on the same spot when Lingfeng and she held one another up, even as Yunzi, Yu’Er and Mei’Er flew to their side to support them!

Han Shaodong was secretly startled, “How is it possible for them to be still alive? If any practitioner fails to take the full impact of the Great Dipper Hand, the backlash of martial power will cause them to be killed instantly!”

Yi Ping was shouting, “Youxue and Lingfeng! Please go back…”

Yi Ping had already raised his divine swords and was taking dragged steps forward!

Xiao Shuai knew very well how deadly the Big Dipper Hands was. Even for him, he dare not risk facing the full impact of the Big Dipper Hands in such an open manner. He could not resist asking, “Child, are you well? Quickly turn back now and recuperate. Your injuries are not light!”

Youxue hummed coldly as she said weakly, “You don’t have to worry for us. We won’t die so easily. After all, Sister Lingfeng and I have consumed the Divine Dragon Pills.”

This immediately created uproar among the exponents at the mere mention of the Divine Dragon Pills!

Even Xiao Shuai was so startled that he was muttering, “You have actually consumed the Divine Dragon Pill and the Golden Rejuvenation Pills…”

Yuan Shao whispered to him, “If you were to eat her heart, it is as good as consuming the Divine Dragon Pill and the Golden Rejuvenation Pill too. Your internal strength will receive a tremendous boast and mastery of the Divine Virtuous Force is also a piece of cake. Maybe that Yi Ping has also consumed the Divine Dragon Pill, that is why his martial progress has been so speedy and his martial force so unfathomable.”

Xiao Shuai’s eyes had suddenly turned murderous.

Han Shaodong, Xiao Shuai and the Element Sage had stepped forward at the same time!

The Element Sage said, “Surrender the Divine Dragon Pill or don’t blame me for being nasty!”

Xiao Shuai said, “I am tired of toying with you already, young man.”

Han Shaodong said to Lie Qing, “Step aside maiden or don’t me for being nasty.”

Lie Qing said melancholy and her voice was sorrowful, “You know very well that he cannot win. You know very well that you are all the top exponents of the martial fraternity and each one of you is his equal in martial strength. Very well, I shall be your opponent and be your darkness. Even if I have used up my last breath, I will fight all of you to a bitter end!”

Xiao Shuai hummed coldly, “Foolish girl! Then don’t blame me for not showing any mercy and seize your divine sword!”

Shen Xingyue smiled softly, “Is that so?”

She had already stepped forward as she adjusted her violet red feathery dress.

Xiao Shuai said, “Young lass, step aside. You don’t have to take any risk. We can handle this troublesome girl ourselves.”

Xiao Ao and Chi Zhengqi had both surrounded her as they said, “Maiden Xingyue, it is far too dangerous for you to be out there.”

Xiao Fei stammered, “Maiden Xingyue…I think…you have…better stay put…”

Xiao Shuai said to Han Shaodong, “Ask your granddaughter to step back now. I won’t be responsible if anything happens to her.”

Shen Xingyue smiled modestly, “Young lass? Is that so? Too dangerous for me? Seems so.”

All of a sudden, she had vanished from sight right in front of everyone!

The only telling sign where she had disappeared to next was a brilliant blue halo when she had drawn out the Blue Heavens as she exchanged a dozen resonating sword strokes with Lie Qing!

The black halo and the blue halo were zapping and hovering around each other so fast that the onlookers were dazzled with near blindness!

But as soon as they had exchanged the sword strokes, Shen Xingyue was standing with the blue glow of the Blue Heavens beside Chi Zhengqi, Xiao Fei and Xiao Ao again. All these took place in just a blink of an eye!

Xiao Fei was totally stunned. He was sure that no one else knew how fast his speed technique skills were. Even that Yi Ping may not be able to surpass him. But when he had just seen Shen Xingyue and Lie Qing’s speed attacks, he was completely in shock!

Lie Qing had broken into a cold sweat; she was stunned at the attacking and movement speed of this young maiden. If she had been slower, she would have been killed by her! But she quickly composed herself as she thought, “Very well, then I shall remain stationary and I would like to see how you can break down my defense with your speed. I shall overcome you with motionless versus your motion, countering you with my prepared martial power versus your weakened martial power as you move!”

Even Yunzi, Youxue, Yu’Er, Mei’Er and Lingfeng were gasping in astonishment at the astonishing speed of the young maiden! Indeed, they had never seen anyone moving with such startling speed except for the Celestial Fairy and the Joyful Goddess. Even then, this young maiden’s speed was simply out of the world and was superior to them!

Yi Ping was also startled that this young maiden could turn up to be such a difficult opponent! But he soon calmed himself down as he raised his two divine swords beside Lie Qing as he muttered, “Qing’Er, this is my battle. Don’t you worry for me, alright? Take a rest first. I can still fight.”

Shen Xingyue looked at everyone before she gave a bemused soft sigh, “Look at me. I must be getting old. I have forgotten to introduce myself first. I am Shen Xingyue the Fiery Phoenix and also the Supreme Celestial of the Celestial Ascension Sect.”

Even before Xiao Ao, Xiao Fei and Chi Zhengqi could recover from their initial surprise, they were again stunned at her revelations!

Xiao Shuai looked at Han Shaodong as he muttered in shock, “Isn’t she your granddaughter, Han Xingyue?”

Han Shaodong stunned everyone when he replied with a deep sigh, “She is actually my protégé mistress. Don’t look at me with those eyes. I didn’t know my protégé mistress is a Celestial either and that her martial skills are this stunning.”

While they were talking, they had overheard Shen Xingyue saying to Lie Qing, “You must be Luminous Star, am I right to say so? What is your name now?”

Lie Qing said coldly as her crimson eyes flared up, “If you say so, then I am. You can address me as Lie Qing if you want to.”

Shen Xingyue said, “Maiden Lie Qing then, why are you on his side? Do you know that that he had killed you in the past? Do you know that he is actually a cold and heartless man? You should join me instead. It is not easy for you to become a Celestial again. Do you really know the odds of surviving the Divine Calamity and becoming a Celestial is so remote that I am really astonished to see you as a Celestial again?”

All the other exponents were startled once again!

This Maiden Lie Qing was also a Celestial!

Yi Ping said firmly once again, “Your opponent is me and not Qing’Er!”

Somehow, he seemed to be ignored by Shen Xingyue once again as she asked Lie Qing, “Prepare yourself. I am coming for you!”

Lie Qing was perplexed. It was because this Shen Xingyue had chosen to interfere at exactly the wrong timing when victory was almost theirs to take; she had stopped Han Shaodong, Xiao Shuai and the Element Sage to challenge her. It was almost as though she was deliberately giving Yi Ping a chance to recuperate and to regulate his vitality energy flow?

Yi Ping was shouting at Shen Xingyue, “You can come after me first!”

Shen Xingyue pretended not to see Yi Ping or to hear him.

Instead she said to Lie Qing, “Since you have refused to join me and is my opponent, then I have to mention this to you first. Your sisters and you have the blood of eighty of my fellow Ascendant Celestials in your hands so I have no other choice but to seek vengeance on their behalf to appease their angry spirits. So don’t blame me for not showing you any mercy.”